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Championship Basketball Plays By Brianna Finch, Brian McCormick
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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Championship Basketball Plays is a collection of over 50 Quick Hitters, Out of Bounds plays and Box Sets used by college and professional teams in the United States and Europe. These plays work at... More > the highest levels. Each play includes multiple diagrams and an explanation.< Less
MaGui BaGua manual, parts 1,2, 3,4 By Andrea Falk
eBook (PDF): $22.00
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Training manual for MaGui Bagua. Written by Andrea Falk from the teaching of Li Baohua. This is the four parts currently available, and includes Part One: Circle-walking, Part Two: Dragon, Single... More > Hook, and Lion Changes, Part Three: Training Drills for sixteen skills, Part Four: the 88 Routine, Part Five: partner training drills, Part Eight: organization and links, and a training log. New November 2012, 152 pages See< Less
Celtic Paranoia: The Laptop Loyal Diaries By Anthony Hamilton
Paperback: $20.35
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E-TIMS REVIEW The author ridicules the "Old Firm bad as each other" myth which is propagated by... More > the Scottish media agenda with an acerbic wit and humour. From 'Thugs and Thieves' to the Chris Sutton witch-hunt, the apologists for the disgraceful treatment meted out to Lennon and McGeady, through to Extension-gate in 2008, no hack or media lickspittle escapes the author's derision. His synopsis of the 2008 Extension fiasco alone is unmissable reading for any Celtic supporter. The Lickspittle Archives will also leave you incredulous at what has been passed off as credible sports journalism in Scotland. At nearly 400 pages of insightful and merciless ridiculing of "the Laptop Loyal" this is a must read for Celtic fans everywhere.< Less
What The Trainer Saw... By Peter Douglas Bent
Paperback: $42.80
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The reason most punters fail to win consistently is because they do not understand the form guide. I came to this conclusion after any number of long priced horses that I thought had no chance of... More > winning did just that. This realisation prompted me to interview a number of successful trainers and equine veterinarians in my quest to understand the thoroughbred racehorse. This knowledge and the subsequent experience gained by owning racehorses is contained in this book. This book documents the history of a horse from yearling to older horse, its early training and subsequent preparations. It explains why and when trainers will use a race simply to prepare their charge for a future event. It explains the different preparation of the sprinter and stayer why some horses are sprinters and some are stayers and why some horses race better in the wet than others. It explains in detail the months of preparation and training undertaken by these equine athletes and what the trainer sees in the form guide.< Less