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All About Seth 2010 Calendar By Dave Jackson
Calendar: $20.00
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It's just all about Seth in this one.
Atomic Armory 2010 Ray Gun Calendar By Brian Stillman, Karl Tate
Calendar: $16.99
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The future is now, but what day is the 12th? With the Atomic Armory 2010 Ray Gun Calendar, you'll know for sure! Featuring full color photos of fantastic ray guns from the 1930s through the 1960s,... More > it's not only practical, but it's also a stylish addition to any discerning Space Cadet's decor. Representing the pinnacle of mid-century futuristic design, these visually dynamic toy guns are both playful and subtly sinister, evoking a time when Martians lurked around every corner, and creatures from venus would gladly have you over for dinner -- literally! They also represent a high point in toy manufacturing, when plastic was new and pesky child safety laws were as much a part of science fiction as ray guns themselves. Whether you're a science fiction fan, a designer looking for inspiration, a toy collector, or just someone who needs to know what day Mother's day falls on, this calendar is for you! Another fine product from Futurious Press!< Less
Calendar: $20.71
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2010 art calendar by Antonio Seijas
2010 Calendar (standard format) By Mark Patterson
Calendar: $16.50
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Fund raiser in support of Habitat for Humanity and Mama's Kitchen