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The Power of Our Relationships: Better Friends Make Better Friends By Denise Watts-Wilson
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What a wonderful book! . . . well written, an easy read, one would have a hard time putting it down. The questions in each chapter cause one to think & apply what’s being read. An... More > excellent hands on book. — Mike and Diana Lehman, Pastor and Wife, United Methodist Church The Chapter on Spouses is dealt with creatively and it will be of great benefit to all who read and apply these points. The Chapter on God is handled concisely and yet encompasses the main points which should be covered in a book of this type. — Regina Ruegg, Retired Pastor, United Methodist Church This book will cause you to look deep within yourself to evaluate the relationships you have with those around you. To see the power of those relationships, both for good and bad. To search out relationships with those that can help me grow as well as those I can invest my life in.…I really enjoyed it. — Ed Berry, Pastor, Christian Church< Less
A Flight Through Life - An Aviator's Memoir By Albert J. DeGroote
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“A Flight Through Life” begins with a boy growing up during World War II, and records his youthful fascination with aviation. It follows his career in aviation from becoming a private... More > pilot through his eventful life as an Aviation Cadet and his careers in both the Air Force and commercial aviation. Al DeGroote’s captivating descriptions of his experiences give both pilots and non-pilots a feel for the excitement and wonder of flying while sharing with them the experience of being part of aviation’s transition from the piston to the jet age. While aviation is the central theme of the narrative, Al’s wide ranging experience in command and staff positions brings the non-flying reader into his life as a war planner, accident investigator and international affairs specialist. As the U.S. Air Attaché at the embassy in Laos he and his family experienced the tragedy of the fall of Southeast Asia first hand and he provides a ringside seat for the reader to observe the many blunders and few triumphs of that debacle.< Less
Bittersweet Is An Acquired Taste By Ellen Pickus
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A Poetry Collection by Long Island Poet Ellen Pickus. Published by Local Gems Press
C.O.A.C.H.: The Final Act of Leading is Leaving By Kelley Freeman, Ph.D., Rick Jernigan, Ph.D.
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Players (and employees) flourish—and teams win more games—the more self-sufficient they become. Not dependent on others to tell them where to run. Not waiting for someone else to... More > motivate them to try harder. Not unaware of themselves and their situation. That’s where coaches come in.< Less
In Our Words volume II By Bayside Community School
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This is the second volume of collected poetry and art from students at Bayside Community School.
Drug Names Decoded: How to Study Pharmacology By Tony Guerra
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Why is pharmacology hard? It's tough to memorize words you can't pronounce, it's not often clear what needs to be memorized, and most pharmacology books are not written in plain, accessible English.... More > This book provides pronunciations for generic and brand name drugs, mnemonics for each drug in an easy to memorize order, and a plain English summary of each pharmacologic concept. Drug Names Decoded: How to Study Pharmacology breaks down learning pharmacology into small bite-sized, digestible pieces of memorable information to help students quickly improve their pharmacology knowledge base.< Less
Simple Fat Burn: Three Steps to Becoming Fit & Lean By Cathryn Marshall
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Become fit and lean for life with three simple steps. This book explains the concepts for success and helps you create your personal plan with ease.
Fissie for Short By Jaclyn Goodpaster
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The story Fissie for Short begins in the womb and continues well beyond the classroom. This heartwarming, inspirational story is told in verse as it chronicles Felicity Goodpaster’s life... More > journey so far. It shares Fissie’s ultrasound pictures, professional and everyday photos, and some very special moments in her life. In addition to Fissie’s story, Fissie for Short also includes frequently asked questions about Down syndrome, Felicity’s favorite cookie recipe, and a series of compassion-building activities for children and parents to share. Educating everyone about Down syndrome helps to support the fresh perspective that people with special needs still have talents and abilities and that, as humans, we are more alike than different. Certainly, we should do our best to love and understand each other better. Fissie reminds us to be joyful in difficult circumstances, be content and happy with our lives, and love people for their inner beauty.< Less
Light unto My Path: Forty Biblical Reflections By Fr. Victor Abimbola Amole
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Christians are those who listen and hear the Word of God. In Light unto My Path, author Fr. Victor Abimbola Amole offers forty clear and engaging essays based on biblical themes that directly reflect... More > on the word of God. Drawing inspiration from forty years, ten of those in the priesthood, Amole presents profound thoughts and spiritual wisdom regarding some of the most important topics that challenge the faithful today. He offers clear and engaging ways of relating to what is at the heart of the gospel. These reflections, interwoven with anecdotes and stories, focus on making a simple, systematic, and practical exposition for the spiritual enrichment of all Christians. They are suitable for use either by the lay faithful who desire to deepen their communion with the Lord who is the Word, or by ministers and clergy who need ready and apt ideas to speak on different biblical themes.< Less
Nerves on Fire: World War II Pacific Paintings By George Klauba
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World War II cast a long shadow. Virtually every family had a member who was carried by the wings of history over the oceans into worlds of danger, boredom, and mind-wrenching emotion, toward the... More > prospect of maiming or death. To American children of the early 1940s, war was part of daily life—as it was for George Klauba. Today, as an artist, he looks back on that history. The work featured in Nerves on Fire is not standard imagery glorifying war; instead, it presents powerful and moving artwork reflecting scenes from World War II. In eighteen startling and empathetic paintings of the Pacific War, Klauba offers glimpses into the emotions of both sides—Allied and Japanese—as he captures the pathos and brutality of war as well as its valor and heroism. Nerves on Fire speaks to many generations, not just the ever-shrinking roster of World War II vets. Within it are lessons for all, including young people of today who live in a world beset by violence and wars around the globe.< Less
Elizabeth’s Trials By Barbara Wilhelm
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Elizabeth’s saga continues….. In 1498, Duchess of Bedford Elizabeth Smithfield Holt and her husband, Lord Andrew Holt, heir to the Earl of Northampton, are happily raising their three... More > children. They rejoice in their present calm. The following year is filled with one tragic event after another. When Andrew leaves to lead a band of knights to defend the crown, Elizabeth banishes her frustrations by imagining herself as Sir Quinn, serving with Sir Phillip again. The men return to Northampton, bearing a coffin. They tell her Andrew is dead and their friend Vincent is in a monastery. When “Sir Quinn” investigates, she finds reason to question whose body lies in Northampton. Before she can act, a messenger delivers a summons from a church council. The charges are serious indeed, and Elizabeth stands to lose all. She is sent to the Bedford dungeon. Will she ever clear her name? Will she learn her husband’s fate?< Less
A Red Pine Sunday By Lex Larson
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Sam lives a simple, quiet existence in his remote, Canadian cabin. Sure he might be bored, sure he might talk to trees sometimes, sure he spends the majority of his time just trying to survive the... More > brutal winters, but he's happy. Pretty much. That is until all the animals around him start killing themselves. And that is until he befriends a talking, 600 pound Canadian Grizzly bear, and together they set out on a booze fueled adventure that starts as an escape across the Canadian wilderness but quickly devolves into drunken brawls with coyotes, golfing with opossums, a healthy dose of arson, and finally they find themselves in a quest to save the world from a second apocalypse.< Less
College Algebra, 3rd Corrected Edition By Carl Stitz
Paperback: $12.61
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This is the corrected 3rd edition of Stitz and Zeager's College Algebra Textbook, July 4th 2013.
Tamiko: A Family History By Tamiko Shimoyama, Masako Glushien
Paperback: $8.99
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A poignant memoir that tells Tamiko’s remarkable life journey in Japan. Following the sudden death of her mother, she continued to endure struggles throughout childhood and financial ruin while... More > raising her own family during post-war Japan, her unwavering faith helped her overcome the many challenges she faced during a time when the country was trying to rebuild itself.< Less
Chemistry: A Novel (Textbook) - Volume 1 By R. Mark Matthews
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The first of a two-volume textbook for college General Chemistry students, this book takes a “novel” approach on two fronts. It’s written and formatted in a way that encourages it... More > be read just like any other book, while also eschewing many of the traditional tropes of traditional chemistry textbooks. Figures, graphs and tables are embedded within the text itself, usually without labels or captions, in an attempt to keep the “narrative flow” going. Similarly, sample calculations are presented in a step-by-step fashion to mimic how an instructor would guide a student through a problem if he or she were doing it in person.< Less
Remembering Florida's Forgotten Coast By J. Kent Thompson
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Come experience the beauty of North Florida's beaches, attend a womanless beauty pageant or ride on a twelve car ferry to one of Florida’s barrier Islands. Drive the beach in search of a... More > loggerhead turtle laying her eggs late at night and tell ghost stories around a campfire. This book focuses on a little known area of North Florida’s coast. These are stories of the people and events that make up one of Florida's hidden secrets--it's crown jewel called the Forgotten Coast.< Less
Lab Manual for First Semester Calculus-Based Physics By Patricia Robbert, Elaina Rodriguez, Garret Wassermann
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This laboratory manual is intended to accompany the first semester of a university level course in physics that uses a calculus-based textbook. Some of the experiments make use of Vernier sensors... More > and software, while others use traditional laboratory equipment, for a variety of interesting learning experiences. The topics covered include vectors, kinematics, mechanics, friction, gravity, collisions, centripetal force, torque, simple harmonic motion, Archimedes' Principle, standing waves, and sound waves. Each experiment consists of an explanation, a detailed procedure, data pages, a report form, and homework. The manual contains an extensive appe