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OpenCL 2.0 Quick Reference By Khronos Group
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This is the quick reference for the OpenCL 2.0 API. OpenCL™ is the first open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors found in personal computers,... More > servers and handheld/embedded devices. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) greatly improves speed and responsiveness for a wide spectrum of applications in numerous market categories from gaming and entertainment to scientific and medical software.< Less
APRHF Junior Rail Rangers Activity Book By Kandace Tabern, Karri Cox
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This is the official activity book for the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation (APRHF) Rail Rangers program. Join "Ranger Kandace", "Bob the Bear", and "Engineer... More > Carl" on a journey to learn more about railroading in the Midwest and railroad safety. The 30 activities featured in this book are appropriate for any age range (from coloring to history games). Those who complete the book become eligible to purchase a "Junior Rail Rangers Activity Pack" for $5.00 extra, which includes a custom-made gold colored Junior Rail Rangers badge, patch, sticker, and a story book.< Less
Introductory Human Physiology By Emma Jakoi, Jennifer Carbrey
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Physiology is an integrative science which considers the function of each organ and organ system and their interaction in the maintenance of life. This book is designed to provide the foundation for... More > understanding the normal function of the human body. Each chapter emphasizes the basic concepts that apply to each organ and organ system as well as their integration to maintain homeostasis and proper responses to perturbations such as exercise, illness, and trauma. The organ systems covered include: nervous, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and urinary. Examples from daily life activities and clinical scenarios as well as review questions are presented to illustrate basic science principles, to facilitate integration of the course content and to foster problem solving skills.< Less
Standards Manual By Manual Committee
Paperback: $15.50 (excl. taxes)
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A manual of concise statements of orthodox Baptist beliefs and practices and practical points for congregational church government
How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers By Lisa Louise Cooke
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This book gives you a proven newspaper research process, and is stuffed with everything you need for genealogical success: Step-by-Step Instructions, Worksheets and Checklists, Tons of Online... More > Resources and Websites,A Case Study that Puts It All to the Test. "Read it. Study it. Absorb it. But above all, use Lisa Louise Cooke’s new book as the guide and instructional tool that it is meant to be. As a veteran of research and libraries, I found all sorts of nuggets and new resources. Beginners will find an embarrassment of riches, including an impressive appendix with a comprehensive list of online routes to national, international and local newspapers. This is as close as you’ll get to one-stop shopping for learning about historical newspaper research." --Steve Luxenberg, Washington Post associate editor and author of Annie’s Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret< Less
Keys to Loving Relationships Workbook By Dr. Gary Smalley
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The workbook for the best-selling marriage videos of all time from Dr. Gary Smalley.
Faith and Courage in a Time of Trouble By France Pruitt As Told to Judy Priven
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This book tells the story of a nominally Jewish Belgian family who spent more than four years during the Second World War as refugees in the south of France. The narrator was five years old when the... More > family left Brussels and ten when they returned. At first, the family lived openly in a rented farm, supporting themselves as farmers. But they eventually had to go into hiding and were sheltered by families in the region who risked their lives by doing so. In June of 2005, several members of the family returned to the region to dedicate a granite bench in honor of the courageous efforts of its people. Speeches and pictures from the dedication ceremony are presented at the end of the book.< Less
The Art and Science of Project Management By Roger Warburton, Vijay Kanabar
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The Art & Science of Project Management. This is the second edition, which is updated for the PMBOK 5th edition. Master project management with this book from authors experienced in practice,... More > teaching, and research. Learn: The foundations of Project Management, explained with dozens of examples. What works and what doesn't. The PMBOK processes and knowledge areas, with critical analyses. Dozens of templates to use for your project. How the latest research applies to your project. Advanced cost and schedule estimation methods to monitor and control projects. The second edition includes a Microsoft Project tutorial. Version 2.1 adds the latest in Schedule Estimation.< Less
The Jew Who Missed The Bus: Will You Accept the Challenge? By Evangelist Thomas M. Duncan Jr.
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Are you ashamed of the gospel of Jesus? I hope you just answered, NO! If you're not, I'm going to ask you to accept a challenge & become part of the BIGGEST witnessing of the gospel to every... More > believer in Judaism. I’ve written this book because I received a revelation from GOD. This book will have every believer in Judaism talking & many seeing Jesus as the Messiah for the first time ever. It's a very interesting story, how I received the revelation & the two different challenges I pose to believers in Judaism & Christianity. To becoming part of this biggest witnessing. All you need to do is buy the book read it & PASS IT ON to a believer in Judaism. Now if you're not ashamed of the gospel that shouldn’t be a difficult task & in doing so you will fulfill these 2 commandments from Jesus. Mark 16:15 Go into all the world & preach the gospel to every creature. Acts 1:8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; & you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem< Less
Like Sparrows By Joanna Morey
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Abbie Peterson, ready to spread her wings at twenty-two years old, leaves her home in southern Georgia and moves to a small town in North Carolina. It isn’t long before she meets and falls in... More > love with Michael Hammond, a handsome local bachelor. But when a terrifying tragedy strikes, Abbie must make a life-changing decision that separates her from Michael—possibly forever. In the midst of chaos and grief, Abbie meets Jackson Wells, a handsome law enforcement officer with a tragic past of his own. Jackson immediately falls in love with her and does everything in his power to protect her, including risking his own life for hers—but Abbie, lost and wounded by her own troubles, doesn’t notice his advances until it’s almost too late. Will Jackson’s love be enough for Abbie to pick herself up and carry on, or will fate lead her back to Michael? In this romance, when a young woman’s new life and love are torn apart, she struggles to determine what path leads to her true destiny.< Less
Restore Us! By T. M. Moore
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Restore Us! is a call for serious prayer for revival in our day.
The Agony of Betrayal By Monsignor Dino Lorenzetti and Barbara Stoyell-Mulholland
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At some point in our lives, most of us have been touched by betrayal and have suffered the devastating consequences of its impact. Monsignor Lorenzetti reveals the source of this betrayal, the Lie,... More > and points us toward healing and wholeness. This book provides consolation, hope, and understanding to the painful experience of being deceived by someone in whom we believed and trusted. 100% of the profits from the sale of this book are donated to Catholic Charities of Buffalo, New York< Less
Puttin' Out Fires By David Griffith
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Book of Cartoons that depicts workplace events and humor in the Durham Fire Department.
MAE 206 Coursepack By Anna Howard
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Coursepack for MAE 206, Engineering Statics, at NC State University with Anna Howard
Fun in the Dark: A Guide to Successful Night Photography By Beth Ruggiero-York
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Have you ever wanted to know how to use your camera at night to capture those exciting images you’ve seen? Beth Ruggiero-York, who teaches night photography, will show you just what needs to be... More > done. The concepts and techniques for capturing all types of night images are explained and illustrated. From landscapes with star trails or stars as points, and moonlit landscapes to creative light painting and more, you will learn how to plan and realize your creative vision for long exposures after dark. Beth then goes on to introduce post-processing for night images. When you come home after shooting, you will be confident knowing how to optimize and manipulate your photographs. Color correction, noise reduction, sharpening and other essential adjustments in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw are discussed. Beth Ruggiero-York delivers insights that will help novices and advanced photographers alike in this guidebook that celebrates the beauty of taking pictures in the dark.< Less
50 Inspirational Nuggets of RDG By Ralph Graves
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Inspirational thoughts from wisdom, experience, and divine illumination that encourages and equips how to handle life challenges.
Isn’t It?: Poems About Children’s Feelings and Dreams By Bud Wolf
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This collection of poems expresses the wonderment, hilarity and fears of children in order that they may better understand the everyday happenings of life. It is written from the experiences of the... More > author, the father of three and grandfather of four, and from observing children’s behavior for more than seventy years. The delights and humility that children provide to ones life by their expressions of their feelings, dreams and concerns are to be experienced by all through each child’s art work. This book is dedicated to all the children of the World, and specifically to those who have been tragically abused. Society depends on healthy and prospering children. As the Masai people of Africa so aptly express as they greet each other: “How are the children?” It is the indigenous people’s belief that the welfare of all the people can be gauged by the well-being of the smallest among them. Conversely, if the children are not well, then the community is also not well.< Less
Transactions 16:2 By Transactions TJBL
Paperback: $14.00 (excl. taxes)
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Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law was founded in 1998 by a group of law students at the College of Law with the assistance and support of Professor Carl Pierce, then the Director of... More > the Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law. The first issue was published in May 2000. Since that time, the Journal has evolved into the form of a traditional law review. Transactions aims to publish articles that are both scholarly and practical, addressing issues of importance to those working in the field of business law in the Southeast and nation-wide.< Less
Jeremy Void's Sampler By Jeremy Void
Paperback: $3.00 (excl. taxes)
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This is only a taster. It carries material featured in Derelict America, Nefarious Endeavors, Smash a Lightbulb: Poetry for Lowlifes, Just a Kid, Sex Drugs & Violence: Incomplete Stories for the... More > Incomplete Human, and An Art Form: The Crass Poetry Collection.< Less
Summer to Fall By Nessa Burns
Paperback: $12.95 (excl. taxes)
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SUMMER TO FALL is a romance novel in the New Adult genre, set in the 1980s. A classical pianist and devoted student, Lara Czerny is preparing to leave her Manhattan home for college, and feeling... More > disconnected after high school ends. Then Lara meets Bryan in Queens, and everything changes. A lonely NYC summer heats up with romance, beach days, wild nights, and live music. A girl who always followed the rules begins breaking them, spectacularly. College plans loom ahead and Lara strains to block them out, savoring every minute with the rock guitarist who loves her. Younger than she, Bryan seems wiser in many ways. They share a passion for music, a deep connection to their city, and challenging family lives. What they learn together is heartfelt, life-changing, and painfully fleeting. Contains some strong language, sexual themes, and scenes depicting alcohol consumption.< Less
BABEL-BY-THE-BAY By Benjamin De La Selva
Paperback: $10.00 (excl. taxes)
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This book describes Benjamin De La Selva's 35-year career with the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI), beginning as a language student (French and Polish), then as language... More > professor, supervisor, chairperson, course developer, faculty developer; and dean of every DLI school for 20 consecutive years. Includes his tour in Vietnam as Prisoners of War Interrogator with the 173rd Airbone Brigade. Narrates the Institute's history from 1941 to 2005, with the most important milestones from a small school of 60 Army "nisei" students to more than 5000 Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force students. An extraordinary reference book for those interested in the Defense Language Institute< Less
Looking Out From Within: Poems, Essays, and Stories From the Wayne Writers Guild By Wayne Writers Guild
Paperback: $11.00 (excl. taxes)
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Herein you will delight in Stories, Poems and Essays created by The Wayne Writers Guild, a congenial group of published and unpublished writers. Our shared work inspires us to produce wonderful... More > stories, poems, essays, and memoirs and challenges us to continually improve our writing prowess. Whether your fancy is prose, poetry or essays of note, you will find a plethora of enjoyment in these pages thanks to our many diversified and talented writers.< Less
Creating the Outstanding School By David E. Lynch, Jake Madden, Tina Doe
Paperback: $49.99 (excl. taxes)
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From three of Australia’s leading teaching and teacher education researchers comes a book about creating the outstanding school. Lynch, Madden and Doe provide an easy to read text that is all... More > about ensuring every student gets a quality education. Each chapter explains, in easy to read terms, a set of ideas and research-based strategies that schools and their teachers can employ to reform their school. The book identifies for the reader and then explains the key research-based elements that lie at the heart of creating the outstanding school. The book features the Collaborative Teacher Learning Model and the elements of ‘teaching,’ ‘leadership’, ‘coaching’, ‘mentoring’, ‘feedback’, ‘data driven decision-making’, ‘high impact instruction’ and the idea of ‘teachers as researchers’ as the embodiment of a school-based strategy for creating the outstanding school. This book is compulsive reading for teachers and school leaders and those who care about our children’s education future.< Less
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Artist, author and activist John A. Wedda was greatly inspired by the civil rights demonstrations in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Shortly after, he created SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, a powerful work of art... More > and politics, which contrasts the reality of African American experience with soaring promises from our national songs. Fifty years later, little has changed. As civil rights activist Bob Zellner states in his Introduction: "We were far from equality in 1965 and John Wedda captures the complexity of Selma and all the passion, faith, hope and suffering that it continues to represent for so many." Mr. Wedda died in 2014 at age 102. Realizing that the human condition was little improved, shortly before his death he expressed the hope that Sweet Land of Liberty might return to print to remind people what was at hand. This edition reissues John’s original work along with contemporary commentary, historical context and a biography of the author.< Less
Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
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Lose 16-24 lbs, burn body fat, tone up, build lean muscle, gain cardiovascular endurance, & become more flexible in 8 weeks with this home workout program. has created over 90... More > free full length workout videos online. In this program we have meticulously fused together the best combination of our workout videos for fat & weight loss. You will be able to use all of our free workout videos, but instead of randomly selecting which routine to do each day you will have a clear cut, defined plan to follow. We use all kinds of different training styles to whip you into shape fast. Pilates, plyometrics, weight training, HIIT, low impact cardio, stretching, jump roping, & bodyweight exercises are just a few of the strategies these workouts employ. Program bonuses; workout calories burned estimates, daily motivation tips, nutrition advice, weight loss guidance & healthy living recommendations. Profits go back into funding more free workout videos for our viewers.< Less