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Liberating Genius By Angela Maiers, Mark Moran
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Imagine a classroom where passion-driven genius work is not extracurricular, but is a part of the routine. Students are invited and expected to collaborate to support each other’s genius; to... More > experiment with ideas, discover new possibilities and make epic things happen. Genius Hour is a nearly unprecedented opportunity for teachers to guide students in how to be effective learners and citizens, by helping them connect what they do in school to the broader community. It's our job to nurture our geniuses so they can change the world. Join us today to unlock a world of genuine curiosity and wonder.< Less
Christ from Creation By Sam Kastensmidt
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Christ from Creation will reveal how Jesus Christ and His Gospel are exalted in the major stories of the Old Testament. You will never read the Old Testament the same.
Prophecies Of Pale Skin By D.S. Phillips
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The true story of a young couple barely out of their teens who stumbled across a fierce, murderous, stone-age people group in the remote jungles of Indonesia only to find that they were the... More > fulfillment to prophetic dreams given to the tribe long before their arrival.< Less
The First Questions: Coaching Your Way to Leadership Success By Ron Hurst
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Most of us enter our first leadership positions unprepared for the overwhelming scope of what effective leadership involves. To manage, we dig in, experiment, do our best, make mistakes and... More > corrections, and hope that we have made a difference for our organization. But what if there were a better way? In The First Questions, author Ron Hurst, the president of a training and development company with a vision of growing leaders, presents a practical workbook designed to help you understand some of the challenges you may face as a leader. Taking an inside-out approach to help you see who you are as a unique leader, it examines the core aspects of leadership, such as purpose, motivation, leading change, relating to others, and creating hope. It’s important to find your own answers to the critical questions that you must answer through your action or inaction. Through this guide, you can explore who you are, leader.< Less
FREEDOM By Derek Wilder
Paperback: $14.95
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Derek Wilder, author of “Minds On Fire,” “Changing Your Mind,” “Discovering Our Worth,” and one of Americas Top Life Coaches, shows you how to navigate through the... More > mental mind fields we all find ourselves in from day to day. Real life situations with real tools to help you transform your thoughts, emotions and actions from the inside out! You Will Discover 1. Freedom From Other People’s Opinions 2. Freedom From Failure 3. Freedom From Being Used… Even By God 4. Freedom From Wanting What We Don’t Have 5. Freedom From The Past And Future 6. Freedom From Difficult Circumstances 7. Freedom From The Need To Fix Others< Less
Paperback: $17.99
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A collection of poems sharing stories of life, love and faith.
Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, the Cure Doesn’t Have To By David Dillard, Mayoor Patel
Paperback: $15.99
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Obstructive sleep apnea quietly destroys memory, motivation, and even marriages. Jobs are lost, promotions delayed, and relationships strained. Performance and workplace safety is threatened, as is... More > the ability to excel where the now-sleep-deprived once thrived. In Freedom from CPAP: Sleep Apnea Hurts, the Cure Doesn’t Have To, authors and doctors David Dillard and Mayoor Patel have teamed up to provide a uniquely comprehensive overview of sleep apnea from both an ENT and a dental perspective.< Less
Death Embraced: New Orleans Tombs and Burial Customs, Behind the Scenes Accounts of Decay, Love and Tradition By Mary LaCoste
Paperback: $18.50
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Death Embraced is like no other book you have ever read. Fascinating and entertaining, it leads readers to ponder issues that should not be avoided. Some may want to use it as a guide to visiting New... More > Orleans graveyards . . . or as a guide to life. “An amazing book by an even more amazing writer, historian and educator with vast knowledge of the Crescent City’s history and an intimate understanding of many of the Big Easy’s lesser-known cultural traditions and customs. A must-read for anyone who is serious about learning the true history of New Orleans. I dare you to try to put it down after reading its first few pages.” -Edmund W. Lewis, Editor,The Louisiana Weekly “A gem of a book, full of little things you didn’t know you wanted to know. With subtitle wit and serious depth of knowledge, Mary LaCoste shares the down and dirty of one of New Orleans most mysterious institutions.” -Liz Scott, New Orleans Magazine< Less
Daisies in the Rain By Deborah Reed
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Anna Bremer hasn't had an easy life - but she does have Sierra. Suffering a stroke while still in the womb means Anna has a lifetime of physical limitations to overcome. With her best friend Sierra... More > by her side, Anna feels as if she can take on the world. But when tragedy suddenly strikes, Anna is left with overwhelming doubts and uncertainties. Daisies in the Rain is a story of heartbreak and triumph in the lives of a group of teenage friends. Sickness, death, and heartache land squarely in the lives of Anna, Sierra, Pieter, and Darcy, testing them in ways they could never imagine. With tragedy comes a choice. Will Anna do whatever it takes to save her best friend? Even if it means her own life may never be the same?< Less
StudyShelf Book Catalog By Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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Study Shelf Biblical Literature Rescource Catalog - Study Shelf is your source for rare and hard-to-find Bible study materials for the serious minded, hungry-hearted students of Scripture
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Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not?! By Joseph Templin
Paperback: $27.99
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MDRT is the elite of the life insurance and financial services world. "Begin with the end in mind" and start your financial services career with the plan to be elite.
Dr. V (3) By Sophia Hanson
Hardcover: $16.46
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The Story of the first African American, female transplant surgeon
The Jewish Mafia By Carlos Porter, Hervé Ryssen
Paperback: $29.95
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FRONT COVER Top: Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, gangster, responsible, as head of “Murder Inc.”, for up to 700 contract killings. Highest-ranking mobster ever to die in the... More > electric chair. Crude; lacks refinement. Bottom: Russian-Jewish “gangster capitalists” Vladimir Gusinsky (left) and Boris Berezovsky (right) drink to the “free market” (an economic fad) after scooping up trillions of dollars worth of natural resources for pennies on the dollar in crooked “privatization” schemes with copious assistance from Chechen gunmen and assassins, destroying the economy of the country, reducing over a hundred million people to abject poverty, with a crash in the birth rate, mass homelessness, hundreds of thousands of suicides, murders, “disappearances” and premature deaths through malnutrition and alcohol poisoning. Much better.< Less
The Silent Epidemic: A Child Psychiatrist's Journey beyond Death Row:Understanding, Treating, and Preventing Neurodevelopmental Disorder Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure By Susan D. Rich, MD, MPH
Hardcover: $44.99
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This book addresses a critical public health problem in America - the leading preventable cause of birth defects, neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual disability: prenatal alcohol exposure.... More > Dr. Rich provides insight into the prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (ND-PAE) among juveniles accused of violent crimes, in neighborhoods where America’s “least valued” citizens reside, and even in upper middle class communities. The problem develops as early as the first three weeks of pregnancy, when many women are unaware that they are pregnant. With appropriate diagnosis and treatment, affected individuals can avoid a lifetime of lost potential from substance use disorders, incarceration, unemployment, and homelessness. From her broad psychiatric, forensic, and public health experience, Dr. Rich has crafted a reasoned, passionate argument for communities and professionals to unite in ending an epidemic that currently affects one in twenty American children.< Less
Keep It Together Man By Rick Daynes
Paperback: $19.95
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Marriage, children, money, and everyday battles take their toll on any parent. This book navigates a clear path through the roller coaster of life. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be motivated by... More > author, Rick Daynes, the keeping-it-real father of five, three of whom have special needs.< Less
Soaring Mind Power By Larry Dea Judd, Irene W. Hunt
Paperback: $14.95
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The Soaring Mind Power Guidebook is a no-nonsense helping hand to goal achievement, solution finding, and personal, family, and organizational growth and development. A hit or miss journey through... More > life is unacceptable. The soaring eagle has incredible vision of the vistas far below as it soars aloft. Like the eagle, we must have a focused vision of what we want to do and what we want to become. In this book, you’ll find colorful characters who are easy to relate to, looking for solutions to their challenges and a way to accomplish their dreams. Unlike many self-improvement books, Soaring Mind Power is easily read and incorporated in a short time. It provides the tools for potential success. These tools include asking questions, setting goals, generating ideas, and analyzing concepts. It is based on theory but focused on practical and easy-to-understand methods and procedures. Start using this book today to let your mind soar to the amazing heights of what can be.< Less
Arise, Lord! Scriptural Prayer for the Persecuted Church By Betsey Kodat
Paperback: $12.00
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A one-of-a-kind resource, Arise, Lord! makes praying for the suffering church easier by identifying needs and then offering Scripture-based prayers to cover them. Praying Scripture is powerful... More > because God's character is poured into His Word; praying from His Word brings all of His nature to bear on problems. Using this book as a guide, you will pray in a balanced, intentional way both for the larger picture of persecution (strategic prayer) and for immediate needs (specific prayer).< Less
Percy Guthrie and The MacLean Kilties By Paul E. Belliveau
Paperback: $16.99
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In June 1915, while lying in No. 2 Canadian Stationary Hospital in France recovering from multiple wounds received at the Battle of Festubert, Major Percy Guthrie heard the pipes and drums of a... More > Scottish battalion as it passed on its way to the front and the idea of forming a kilted battalion in his home province of New Brunswick was conceived. This is the story of the political, military, and financial trials and tribulations Percy Guthrie had to overcome to form his all volunteer Highland Battalion in Fredericton, New Brunswick, which became affectionately known as the “MacLean Kilties”. The book details Guthrie’s innovative and imaginative clarion “call to arms” to all those with Scottish roots throughout Canada and in the American New England States. The story unfolds with the Kilties’ transition from an untrained military unit in Fredericton to a highly skilled military battalion in Camp Seaford, England.< Less
Keeping Kyrie By Emily Christensen, with , Nathan Christensen
Hardcover: $34.99
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How much can a life change in just five years? For Emily Christensen, that span began with conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and ended with the adoption of six children... More > with special needs. In KEEPING KYRIE, she shares the equally astonishing events in between: cochlear implant surgeries, marrying the man of her dreams, the loss of both of her parents, ovarian cancer, and fostering more than seventy children. At the heart of the story is her heroic efforts to save the life of her youngest daughter, Kyrie, who was born with Pierre Robin Sequence, a disorder where her lower face and airway were not properly formed. As a foster mom and then adoptive mother, Christensen has fought red tape and made tremendous sacrifices to help her daughter breathe. A real-life page-turner, this memoir abounds with tears and laughter, surprising insights into our relationship with God, and hope for surviving those seasons of trial that come to everyone.< Less
College Algebra Workbook 2016-2017 By Lisa Kirsch
Paperback: $11.62
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This is the workbook that will be used in Mrs. Kirsch's college algebra class
The Holy Trinity By Carl L. Beckwith
Hardcover: $39.99
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The Holy Trinity, volume 3 of the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series, explains the difficulties we face in confessing the Trinity in our world today and how we overcome these challenges by... More > placing Christ and the Gospel at the center of our preaching and teaching. The Holy Trinity returns us to Scripture and shows how the Old and New Testaments carefully and decisively present the indivisible oneness and irreducible threeness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Finally, The Holy Trinity introduces readers to the sound pattern of words used by the Fathers and Lutheran reformers to clarify and defend the trinitarian witness of Scripture. We confess, worship, and glorify the Holy Trinity rightly when we boldly proclaim the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Carl L. Beckwith is professor of church history and doctrine at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.< Less
17 Reasons By No man knoweth
Paperback: $6.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
17 Reasons Why the Rapture Is on September 22, 2017. An update of the old "88 Reasons Why".