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The Real Deal Inside the Car Business: Car Buying Made Simple By Brian Giblin
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HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE This book will provide you with valuable insight into the methods and practices used by car dealers today. It will teach you the art of... More > car buying in a simple concise manner including the step-by-step sales process that new and used car dealerships use in today’s information age. It will help you understand how the dealers think and the way in which they conduct business. You will sharpen your negotiation skills and your confidence will be beaming when you arrive at the dealership for your next car shopping adventure. It will give you an inside look at the auto industry. This useful and informative book will save you time and money, resulting in an enjoyable car buying experience. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and learn about The Real Deal inside the Car Business.< Less
Qu: a literary magazine Issue 2 By Qu Lit Mag
Paperback: $8.00
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Qu is a literary magazine at Queens University of Charlotte.
Mosquito Madness By Marcia Canter
Paperback: $15.99
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Becca Williams is living the life of a bored 5th grader until she receives a mysterious postcard from her aunt in Africa. When Becca learns that children and others are dying from a disease called... More > malaria, she knows she has to do something to help. With the help of her friends and some people she doesn’t even know or like, Becca is able to raise money that will save lives.< Less
The Bathroom Wall 2014-2015 By LNE Literary Magazine
Paperback: $17.50
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The 2014-2015 Literary Magazine created and curated by the students of Lincoln Northeast High School. The Bathroom Wall.
Prealgebra Textbook By College of the Redwoods Department of Mathematics
Paperback: $20.00
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This is a prealgebra textbook, used by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California, in their Math 376 course. Errata and Individual chapter and solutions are... More > available at:< Less
Real Love II By Beverly Broadus Green
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Real Love is the detailed journey of celebrity mom and extraordinary woman, Beverly Broadus Green, mother of four sons, including rapper/hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg. If you have ever wanted a behind... More > the scenes look at the life of the mom of a high profile world-renowned rap artist, this book will give you what you are looking for. With its highest highs and lowest lows, Beverly Broadus Green intimately shares her journey from her roots in the deep south to the bright lights of Hollywood. She gives an exceptional glimpse into what it really takes to live a life you truly love. It's more than a sharing of her experiences, but it's her story about how she learns just how deep God loves her and that it is His love that is truly the real thing.< Less
The Squad Leader's Bargain By Timothy Payne
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Deployed to the birth place of the Taliban. A birth of evil, I volunteered to cleanse that evil after 9/11. Driven by the values of a soldier and the mentality of an Infantry Squad Leader, the... More > battle wages physically and mentality. How I overcame my injuries and push myself through the most difficult times I could not even imagine.< Less
Aircraft Wiring Guide By Marc Ausman
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The practical guide to planning, wiring, and enjoying the electrical system in your experimental aircraft.
Your Handbook of Personal Finance By James Wiley
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In this road map to long-term financial success, Wiley and Riley guide the reader through each phase of an investor's life. Whether you are fresh out of college, and starting a new job, approaching... More > retirement and beyond or anywhere in between, Your Handbook of Personal Finance can help you make informed decisions about not only where you are going, but also a way to get there.< Less
Some Mommies By Tori Ladner
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Take a journey through the many decisions mommies have to make. "Some Mommies" is the author's attempt to encourage all mommies that they are good mommies. It's all too often that through... More > the many decisions mothers have to make for their families and themselves, they compare, second guess, and think other mommies are great mommies, but they don't believe it about themselves. This book takes the reader on a journey through the many decisions, but no matter which choices a mommy makes, the bottom line is that she loves her children and is doing the best she can and making decisions that she thinks is best! Being a mommy is hard work, but all mommies are good mommies because they love their kids!< Less
Think. Magazine 2015 By Kickapoo High School
Paperback: $10.00
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Think. Magazine is an annual publication of notable student work and photography created by students and teachers at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri.
In Losing We Gain By Talia Gushchina et al.
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“Damn smart folk,” Mark grumbled, “That’s why I like you, Daryan. Smart, collected—no wonder you’re a doctor!” Daryan laughed softly, replying,... More > “I’m no doctor, Mark. Just your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist." Everyone has issues. Some are easily defined, easily treated, or easily swept under the rug. Others, like the patients of Doctor Daryan Locke, face issues that lie deeper under the surface than they may appear. Doctor Locke has certainly seen his share of patients—everyone from troubled teenagers to master thieves and wedding planners—but their cases always come to a conclusion. And while Daryan is adept at handling his patients, his own troubles may not be so easy to diagnose.< Less
The Wandering Child By Linka Nikolova
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The Wandering Child is an epic poem, a modern myth, and an allegory. It tells the story of a child's journey of discovery and self-reliance. It is for children with old souls and adults who are... More > children at heart, for lovers of poetry, and for explorers, adventurers, and travelers of all kinds.< Less
J.Tuffy Kennedy By Duane L. Petersen
Paperback: $4.25
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Jewell “Tuffy” Kennedy gained a solid reputation as a fierce protector of his family and his property among the Indians in the Wyoming Territory. They knew him well as one who would... More > never back down from a fight. Over the years their respect for Jewell helped fuel the growth of a huge cattle ranch providing a rugged backdrop for the raising of his daughter and grandson in a territory where others came and failed. This is a story of one tough man’s struggles and hardships to be a successful rancher and family man in the early days of an unforgiving early western frontier.< Less
Complexity Is Free By David Hartmann
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The ability to create, an ability deeply embedded into every individual on the planet, is about to be set free by a powerful new technology, 3D printing. To Jack Einarsson, the reclusive founder of a... More > subculture aimed at revolutionizing how people create, 3D printing promises to empower mankind to solve the many challenges that civilization faces. But when 3D printing is threatened the impact is felt from Singapore to San Francisco, from Mumbai to Brussels and conflict ensues between power networks who fear the potential of 3D printing and those who wish to unleash it. Reluctantly returning to the world he’d left behind, Jack sets out to counter the governments and corporations fighting the spread of 3D printing and on the way discovers how rich the concepts and applications of 3D printing have become. A whirlwind journey through the varied perspectives of the future of 3D printing, ‘Complexity Is Free’ inspires you to imagine where 3d printing will take your world.< Less
Never Fear: The Life & Times of Forest K. Ferguson Jr. By Bob D'Angelo
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The story of Forest K. Ferguson Jr. is one of athletic greatness at tiny Stuart High School in the late 1930s and at the University of Florida in the early 1940s. "Fergie" was a World War... More > II hero who won the Distinguished Service Cross on D-Day, and paid dearly for his bravery as his promising athletic career -- and life -- would be cut short by his sacrifices. Longtime Florida sports journalist Bob D'Angelo digs into the past and presents a fresh look at a man whose skills and courage were evident on the playing field -- and on the field of battle.< Less
Spring of Water By Apostles of the Interior Life
Paperback: $5.99
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A collection of meditations by the Apostles of the Interior Life on the gospel passage of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman compiled into a book on the occasion of their 25th anniversary as a community.
Early wood frame and stone structure plans By Pat Harriman
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Forty four original structure plans with construction notes, designed to fit your layout! Drawn by Master Model Railroader and Architect Pat Harriman for model railroaders, these wood frame and stone... More > structures will fit in minimal space and enhance the realism of your model railroad. Pat includes notes on how to modify the structures to get the period look you want. Pat's motto is, "If it looks right - it is right". These structures look right because they're designed specifically to fit the limited space of a model railroad layout. Conveniently spiral-bound so it lays flat for easy use of the structure plans.< Less
CMS 2015 By Shay Bocks
Paperback: $35.00
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2014-2015 Chesapeake Montessori School Yearbook for infants through 6th grade.
Keep The Faith By John Kelley
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I wrote this book to reach an audience that may possibly be struggling in life, or witnessing someone else struggling, hoping this book would bring hope to the situation. I would like to urge the... More > youth to follow their hearts, be creative, and don't allow anyone to dictate their destiny. This book is dedicated to those who may have lost their way, the hopeless. and anyone who is interested in reading the book. This book in no way is advocating violence, in support of racism, the book Is only an attempt to get individuals to critically think about their situations. I wrote this book from words out of the pit of my soul, and it is my prayer that you enjoy it. Create the future, keep the faith, keep working hard, and one day we will make it. Peace, Love, and Unity is all we need to improve humanity.< Less
From Chains of Hell to Change of Heart By Melanie Ann Moore
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From Chains of Hell to Change of Heart is a personal success story intended for those seeking peace by overcoming life’s challenges. Being faced with trial after trial, Melanie turns to the... More > Savior for guidance and discovers truth. Unlike other self-help books, it does not dwell on negative behaviors or teach mechanical approaches to change. As Melanie overcomes personal doubts and fears she loses all desire to think and act in old ways. By accepting the blessings of the atonement, she finds peace through repentance and forgiveness, making progress and no longer living in darkness. As the reader journeys through this compelling story, they are introduced to inspired insights that stimulate personal introspection, as Melanie builds her house upon the rock of truth, recognizing and overcoming Satan’s lies.< Less
Pegasus Spring 2015 By Daniel Keefe
Paperback: $25.90
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Arts and literary magazine that is produced by the Haverford School.
Glory and Heartbreak: The History of Men's Intercollegiate Basketball in the San Francisco Bay Area By Bernie Schneider
Paperback: $22.99
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This book recaptures the exploits of the San Francisco Bay Area's intercollegiate men's championship teams, coaches, and players. These championships included teams from Stanford, Cal, and the... More > University of San Francisco and featured Hall of Fame players such as Bill Russell, K.C. Jones, "Hank" Luisetti, and Jim Pollard. The coaches featured are Hall of Famers Pete Newell and Phil Woolpert. USF was also a racial pioneer. Then the book describes the winning seasons of the "Best of the Rest" from almost a hundred years of college basketball in the San Francisco Bay Area from the 1920's to 2014. Players featured are Bill Catwright of USF, Steve Nash of Santa Clara, and Jason Kidd of Cal. Coaches include Mike Montgomery of Stanford and Cal, Randy Bennett of St. Mary's, and Carroll Williams and Dick Davey of Santa Clara. Lastly, the book includes an appendix of interesting facts including all of the Bay Area's Hall of Famers and the names and ranking of the all-time best players divided by sides of the Bay.< Less
Middle & High School Voices 2015 By National Writing Project in New Hampshire
Paperback: $9.21
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An anthology of writing by New Hampshire middle and high school students.
The List (What the Top Fitness Models Don't Want You To Know) By Bryan Hawn
eBook (PDF): $19.99
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Bryan Hawn's best seller "The List" is catching the attention of fitness enthusiasts all over the world, sharing top fitness model secrets, and exposing the truth behind how to get a... More > perfect physique.< Less