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soulflakes By Michael Cuomo
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Discover Michael Cuomo's original Soulflakes designs, while exploring the healing properties of color as you make them your own.
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College Tour Companion By Nicholas Card
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The College Tour Companion is the perfect workbook for anyone getting ready to hit the road and check out potential colleges. Jam packed with over 35 key questions to ask on each college visit, and... More > room to record information on up to 20 different colleges. The College Tour Companion will ensure that you make every visit count!< Less
Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability By Aris Papadopoulos
Paperback: $19.00
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This pioneering book by a career industry insider and 9-11 survivor spotlights why the multi-trillion dollar US built environment is increasingly failing. His analysis exposes policies and interests... More > that to this very day are the root causes of vulnerability. It discusses why the green movement has fallen short in addressing sustainable building development. The book extracts 30 lessons for nations aiming to build a more disaster-resilient future. Guaranteed to stir building, policy and sustainability circles, it signals a time for change.< Less
Find an Old Gorilla: Pathways through the Jungle of Business and Life By Bert Thornton
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Navigating the jungles of business and life is tricky business, but there are old gorillas out there that can help. They are the ones who know where all the pathways are—as well as the... More > quicksand that can bring you down. Bert Thornton, the vice chairman emeritus of Waffle House Inc., is one of those gorillas: He joined the company as a manager trainee and helped it become an iconic restaurant chain, retiring as its president and chief operations officer. In this guidebook to success, he shares how to: use basic techniques to effectively focus on business and life success; evaluate and confront problems in an orderly fashion; find and work with the right mentor at the right time; follow time-proven Basic Laws of Success; capitalize on the strategies and secrets of effective leadership. Find An Old Gorilla is an essential guide for the rising high achiever.< Less
Spanish for Absolute Beginners By Berges Institute
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The Graf Method for Spanish Language, vol. 1: The effective Spanish language method successfully used by thousands of New Yorkers in their classes at Berges Institute. Learn all the basic Spanish... More > language sentence-building skills with this comprehensive course for beginners from Berges Institute. This program covers all the complete present tense along with a very solid foundation of basic vocabulary, motivating texts and clarifying examples.< Less
Csárdás Dance Company: A History By Richard Graber
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In Csárdás Dance Company, author Richard Graber provides an engaging twenty-year retrospective on the story of how an ethnic dance company served as a vehicle for preserving his... More > cultural heritage through dance. Founding the dance company that would give birth to many unique experiences that would last him and others a lifetime, Graber shares what sparked his motivation, how the company began and later transitioned into a school, and why he eventually suspended operations. Highlighting the most memorable experiences—and also the many individuals who helped the organization achieve success along the way—explore how Graber navigated the challenges of running a nonprofit organization in today’s economic climate, and discover how these experiences have helped an individual with a vision continue his work with nonprofit arts organizations today.< Less
Stockholm Syndrome 17 By Kathleen K. Lohnes
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"we are souls unhinged- letting the idea of daybreak hold us whilst we sob; and that is okay. the men across the street are whispering- something about peaches and cider: no matter. we have... More > greater issues at hand. come closer, bubble like champagne and kiss your fingertips. because you and I: we are children gone caroling- and it is still midsummer." We are men and women searching for the reason behind our emptiness. Could it, in fact, be our own faults? Have we trapped ourselves? Are we victims of our own Stockholm Syndrome? This collection of poetry and drawings examines those very questions. Open up and read the truths you have tried so long to ignore.< Less
Piercing The Veil By David Carlson
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Piercing The Veil exposes the illusions we accept as true, where success is defined by commas left of a decimal point. Illusion is revealed with God's reality. Accept the challenge to seek the truth... More > and embrace God's call. Seek God's will, hear His voice, follow His lead and go and make a difference in the world around you. God's calling.< Less
Wheelchair World By STEPHEN STANLEY
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Imagine a world where everyone and everything is in a wheelchair. Witness the first wheelchair on the moon. See how a medieval castle can be taken by an army in wheelchairs. Would wheelchair-bound... More > Vikings still be fearsome? And what special skills would a wheelchair-bound ninja warrior possess? There's a wonderful world of wheelchairs waiting to be explored if you suspend belief. Here are 69 full page drawings with no text. This is a little book but one to get you thinking.< Less
A Dragon in the Church By Michael A. Riegler
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Today's Christian church is mired in a culture of personal preferences, consumerism, turf wars and top-heavy, self-perpetuating hierarchies. Can God's church be freed from this unseeable quagmire of... More > opposing forces--this 21st century dragon? Pastor Nathan Martin is ready to try. Can he identify his dragon? Can it be slain? His quest exemplifies the quandary of God's willing but stuck heroes and heroines everywhere, who ask themselves, "Where's my dragon?"< Less
Out of Practice By Carol Margaret Tetlow
Paperback: $19.99
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Clare Jennings is a popular, hardworking general practitioner. A perfectionist, she puts her patients and work above all else, including her psychiatrist husband, David. The arrival of Sam Curtis, a... More > young doctor whose training Clare is responsible for adds to her already enormous workload and as they grow closer, Clare finds that her life, both professional and private is beginning to fall apart. Arguments at home, bad clinical judgements, complaints and betrayal compound Clare's guilt and feeling of worthlessness as she spirals deeper and deeper into depression. Will she be saved before it is too late?< Less
Faith Hope and Clarity By Carol Margaret Tetlow
Paperback: $18.35
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Few people realise that Faith Faber, seemingly an accomplished doctor is really a shy and insecure person. Her lack of confidence is not helped by the fact that she lives with her critical and... More > overbearing mother, who has never come to terms with her own divorce and who does not approve of Faith’s engagement to the gregarious Jonty. Faith is delighted to be offered a post at Teviotdale medical centre, one of the partners is on sick leave and soon she meets Pollyanna Smith, a hugely overweight young woman who yearns to be slim, something Faith can sympathise with as she herself has had a constant battle with food for most of her life. But nothing they try seems to help.... well, not Pollyanna anyway. Will the course of love run smoothly? Will Faith accept who she really is? While her relationship explodes and she is faced with one of the biggest and most difficult diagnoses of her life, Faith discovers who her real friends are makes a huge decision of her own.< Less
Five Finger Discount By Tavius Aiton
Paperback: $15.03
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"It is one thing to take a walk on the wild side, it is quite another to live on the edge and write from a precarious perch. Tavius Dyer is such a writer. He manages even in the darkest and... More > stormiest parts of his life to share the irrational and dangerous, as much as the raw beauty. More importantly, he captures this in words as it emerges from all that has been trampled, abandoned and taken. Often he finds himself whistling in the dark and walking a tightrope after a long bout with the mental torture and insidiousness that arises from modern culture and the diaspora of ruined relationships, yet he convinces his readers that even failure has a way of creating meaning; even sex, meds and dupstep have a way of bringing truth into the lies most have hidden inside. If you can handle the insane, naked truth, that comes across with both self assurance and arrogance then you are ready to read this book. After all, what arrives second hand is broken in, unpretentious and oddly comforting for its wear." Zayra Yves< Less
Finding the "CAN" in Cancer By Nancy Emerson, Pam Leight, Susan Moonan,Terri Schinazi
Paperback: $13.72
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A compelling handbook for cancer patients, their families, and friends. Four long-term survivors, with more than 70 years of collective experience dealing with cancer, have put together a guidebook... More > to help others who face this illness. The authors combine personal stories and experiences with practical tips for coping with side effects, information on tests and procedures, emotional and spiritual encouragement, and advice on how to let others help during this difficult time. "This book is many things: a pragmatic and practical handbook on dealing with the details of cancer treatment; a book with helpful and inspirational vignettes; and most of all, a story of friends...each exemplifies a depth of resourcefulness and optimism that has sustained them through the roughest of times." P. Kelly Marcom, MD Director, Breast Medical Oncology and Hereditary Cancer Clinic Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center< Less
The Drama of Redemption By Joel Wingo
Paperback: $14.98
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This is a concise survey of the Bible focusing on the theme of redemption in Jesus Christ, which ties all of the books of the Bible together.
Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing: Second Edition By David Vick
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $14.99 | You Save: 25%
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Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing by author and financial planner Dave Vick, captures the essence of conservative investing with his colorful stories and impassioned insights into the... More > world of retirement planning. The book illuminates a conservative investment strategy called the ABC Model of Investing, which gives the average investor the ability to know with confidence how and what types of assets they need to accomplish their goals. With chapters like, "Santa & Six Wall Street Myths," the author makes the case that Wall Street is a broken, Greed is Good culture which functions solely for it's own benefit while leaving the conservative investor wondering where to go for advice.< Less
C.O.A.C.H.: The Final Act of Leading is Leaving By Kelley Freeman, Ph.D., Rick Jernigan, Ph.D.
Paperback: $12.95
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Players (and employees) flourish—and teams win more games—the more self-sufficient they become. Not dependent on others to tell them where to run. Not waiting for someone else to... More > motivate them to try harder. Not unaware of themselves and their situation. That’s where coaches come in.< Less
Rites of Holy Week in the Extraordinary Form By Fr. Frederick McManus
Paperback: $15.00
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The Venerable Pope Pius XII issued his restored order for Holy Week in the 1950’s. To help priests in parishes to celebrate these intricate and beautiful ceremonies of Classic Roman Rite during... More > this most sacred week of the liturgical year, Rev. Frederick R. McManus wrote a marvelous guide to the restored order of Holy Week in 1956 entitled “Rites of Holy Week.” For the parish or chapel wanting to offer the ceremonies of Holy Week with the 1962 Missale Romanum (Extraordinary Form), this will be an indispensable guide to help the clergy and altar boys accurately rehearse the ceremonies, the sacristan to attend the needs of the sanctuary, sacristy and church, and the musicians to prepare the proper liturgical music.< Less
Indecision Now! A Libertarian Rage By phillip andrew bennett low
Paperback: $14.00
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It's time. It's just the time for an irreverent collection of stories, jokes, sketches, rants, poems, and essays by libertarian activist and internationally touring storyteller phillip andrew bennett... More > low! It's time for you to pull up a chair, down some whiskey*, laugh, get angry, and tip your servers**. He'll be sprawled out on your bookshelf as long as you let him stay. It's time for some verbosity. It's time for some rage. It's time for some Indecision Now. * whiskey not provided ** not necessarily in this order< Less
Twelve Mindless Zombies By David and Stephen Stanley
Paperback: List Price: $6.00 $5.40 | You Save: 10%
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Twelve mindless zombies have escaped the grave and are on the hunt for brains. Count down as they each meet a grizzly end in this illustrated counting book in verse. Complete with a 'documentary' of... More > how the artist lost his brain while illustrating the book (a real risk when working with zombies.) this is a fun, little book.< Less
Why Not Me? My Battle With Leukemia By Todd Oakes
Paperback: $17.99
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Why Not Me? My Battle With Leukemia will take you through my experience with cancer, and how it made me a better Christian, man, father, and husband.
Wake Up Little Sleeper By Brandi Fill
Paperback: $16.99
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Wake Up Little Sleeper will guide your little one through the motions of the morning and prepare them for nap time in a very subtle manner. With whimsical and fun imagery your child is sure to feel... More > happy and excited.< Less
Do+Make: The Handbook for Starting Your Very Own Business By Angela Lussier
Paperback: $18.49
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Do+Make: The Handbook for Starting Your Very Own Business is the second book in a two-part series. Following up book 1, Who’s With Us? From Wondering to Knowing if You Should Start a Business... More > in 21 Days, readers get the opportunity to build their very own business as they journey through the pages of each interactive chapter. While millions of people are thinking about starting a business each day, brave and curious dreamers who read this book will be given the tools and steps needed to make their vision a new way of life. In these pages, Angela Lussier expertly shares her experiences, teaches you what you need to know to get started, and leaves you with an entire business blueprint created by, and for, you. No longer wonder what business ownership might be like. Stop waiting and start creating your new future by picking up this book.< Less
A Forester's Son and Other Poems By William Baldwin
Paperback: $11.95
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"A Forester’s Son and Other Poems" is a follow up the slightly earlier "Village Lives and Other Poems" and also deals with the poems written in recent years by Wm. Baldwin. ... More > William (or Billy as he’s usually called) is a lifelong resident of the South Carolina Low Country and at 71 a pretty good student of both life and the country. Before retirement he had worked as a commercial fisherman and residential contractor while still finding the time to write dozens of well received books, each a treatment of “the complex beauty, apparent turmoil, and downright mystery” he sees around him. This collection is no exception. He presents the poems here in the order written—"A Forester’s Son" drawing on roughly the second half of those composed. As in "Village Lives" the result is a diary like collection that will take the reader by surprise, make him or her laugh, shake their head, sigh, perhaps cry, for its nothing less than a full, human experience.< Less