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Bootstrap Student Workbook By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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Bootstrap - a curriculum for Math and Computer science, aligned to the Common Core. Bootstrap teaches students how to program their own videogames using purely algebraic concepts, and is designed for... More > students ages 12-16. Based in part on work by Program by Design. This workbook is required for use with the Bootstrap curriculum. A free PDF of this book, along with the full lesson materials (links and all) can found at This is the student binder used in the 2014-2015 Bootstrap curriculum.< Less
Fitness Blender's 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast - Round 5 By Daniel Segars, Kelli Segars
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Round 5! This 5th edition of the 8 Week Fat Loss Program uses all new workout videos in a detailed, day-by-day plan to change your body quickly. Cardio, strength training, HIIT, plyometrics, Pilates,... More > circuit training, stretching, yoga, balance & agility training come together to help you get fit as fast as possible. Many people who complete these programs see weight loss - often 16-24 lbs in just 2 months - reduced body fat, drastic improvements in body tone, endurance, strength, & flexibility gains. Includes a Guide to Clean Eating that gives you a general but incredibly effective rundown on how to eat during this program for better health & faster results. Each day you get a Calorie Burn estimate. The vast majority of fitness levels have been able to partake in these programs as you are encouraged to go at your own pace - in this 5th edition, we have also included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks. All you need is dumbbells. Note: These programs can be done in any order.< Less
Leadership At the Front Line: Lessons Learned About Loving, Leading, and Legacy from a Warrior and Public Servant By James L Capra
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James L. Capra, the former chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, captures the essence of leadership as he shares his personal story about a lifetime serving the public.... More > Filled with real-life examples of leadership in action as well as lighthearted humor, he explores how some employees can love their profession but hate their respective organizations. He also delivers tips and strategies so you can: • transform your organization from good to great; • make a difference in the lives of others; • get the best out of your people; • maintain focus and accountability. There are no magical steps to take to become a great leader, only a genuine concern from the heart for the development and welfare of those you’re entrusted to lead. While many books about leadership focus on theory, there is no substitute for learning from a warrior who placed himself in danger and earned everything he had by demonstrating Leadership at the Front Line.< Less
The Second Best of Stan Levco By Stan Levco
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A compilation of columns drawn from author Stan Levco’s personal experiences, The Second Best of Stan Levco offers a social commentary on the realities of everyday life. With humor and sarcasm,... More > he shares a plethora of essays, some based on his career as an attorney and special prosecutor. Among the anecdotes, he tells about learning to play “Rhapsody in Blue” one note at a time, offers suggestions for airlines, and discusses his lack of holiday spirit. Praise for The Second Best of Stan Levco “Stan Levco inspired me to write silly stuff—and still does. When I was a teen, I looked forward to his columns in the Evansville newspaper. … Stan’s satirical column always made me laugh. More importantly, it made me want to write a column of my own. … This new collection verifies that Stan is still a wonderful smartass—albeit, an older, wiser one …” —Scott Saalman, Humor Columnist, The Herald (Jasper, Indiana); Author, Nose Hairs Gone Wild; Founder, Will Read and Sing for Food< Less
Retold By Sarah Stadler
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Retold is a heart felt collection of stories gathered from the Bible, starting with creation and going all the way to the early church in Acts. Each chapter holds trial and redemption and is woven... More > together with true life feelings and challenges. Like any good story the objective is to bring the reader into an emotional place of connection and understanding with the protagonist. Sarah has taken the narratives of ten women found in the fine paper pages of the Bible and given them flesh and passion while holding true to their integrity. This book can be read individually or in a small group setting; complete with discussion questions tucked near the back to help conversation flow. For those of us who grew up in church hearing classic character stories told from thick children’s Bibles, poster boards, flannel graphs and the nativity play at Christmas, you’re in for a treat because there is so much more to be told.< Less
The Step 1 Method: A Step by Step Guide to Success on the USMLE Step 1 Exam By Dan Gebremedhin MD, MBA
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This book is a strategy based guide to reaching your potential on the USMLE Step 1 exam. The book covers effective study methods, optimal resource selection, strategy specific to answering USMLE... More > style questions, self-performance analysis and weakness targeting, and subject-matter mastery. After reading this concise volume, the student should be able to create a targeted study plan that will enable them to reach their potential on the challenging USMLE Step 1 exam.< Less
Beautiful Chaos By Robert M. Drake
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Chaos is not pretty. It’s like feeling a hundred things. Hearing a hundred voices, and somewhere in the riot we tend to lose ourselves. And as we depart reality we find the truth. This book is... More > the truth, it's everything we've been feeling for so long.< Less
Home By Clementine von Radics
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Home is the second book of poetry by Clementine von Radics Widely known for her eponymous blog, von Radics explores fearlessly the revelations and pain of youth and love.
Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
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Lose 16-24 lbs, burn body fat, tone up, build lean muscle, gain cardiovascular endurance, & become more flexible in 8 weeks with this home workout program. has created over 90... More > free full length workout videos online. In this program we have meticulously fused together the best combination of our workout videos for fat & weight loss. You will be able to use all of our free workout videos, but instead of randomly selecting which routine to do each day you will have a clear cut, defined plan to follow. We use all kinds of different training styles to whip you into shape fast. Pilates, plyometrics, weight training, HIIT, low impact cardio, stretching, jump roping, & bodyweight exercises are just a few of the strategies these workouts employ. Program bonuses; workout calories burned estimates, daily motivation tips, nutrition advice, weight loss guidance & healthy living recommendations. All profits go directly back into funding more free workout videos for our viewers.< Less
The Vegan Muscle & Fitness Guide to Bodybuilding Competitions By Derek Tresize, Marcella Torres
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Not just for physique competitors, this guide can help anyone meet their goals with a whole foods, plant-based, vegan diet. You will learn how to: - Calculate the time to reach your goal - Apply... More > strategies to build muscle and lose fat - Assess your progress - Create workout routines - Design meal plans that hit your targets In addition to these customizable tools and formulas, this book includes eight sample menus, three weight-lifting routines, eight cardio workouts, recipes, and more! Derek Tresize and Marcella Torres are the husband and wife team of competitive vegan bodybuilders behind Vegan Muscle and Fitness at Owners of Richmond, Virginia’s only plant-based personal training studio, Root Force Personal Training, the pair seeks to promote a fit and active plant-powered lifestyle and shatter the perception that strength and athleticism can’t be achieved with a plant-based diet.< Less
Identity Redeemed By Travis J. Bond
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This short, readable book offers a concise yet helpful review of cultural trends and Biblical teaching surrounding the topic of sex ethics and same-sex attraction. It is designed to offer practical... More > guidance for living out gracious, Christ-rooted love in a rapidly evolving, 21st century.< Less
Fitness Blender's 4 Week Meal Plan and Nutrition Guide By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
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Built with registered dietitians and nutritionists, this healthy, clean-eating meal plan details 3 meals, and 3 snacks, every day for four weeks. There is a corresponding grocery list for each week,... More > and there are 5 different calorie allotments to choose from so that you can customize this plain to meet your exact goals (weight loss, gain, or maintenance). Includes suggestions for modifying for food allergies, intolerance, and availability, as well as food costs, cooking for a family, and more. Couple this 4 Week Meal Plan with our 8 Week Fat Loss Programs for foolproof results.< Less
Sett i gang I: Textbook (color) By Kari Lie, Nancy Aarsvold
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Sett i gang I consists of 15 chapters organized around five main themes. The textbook is 229 pages and suitable for the first semester of a university course or during the first year of a community... More > education class.< Less
The Surprising Way Study By Michael and Amy Smalley
Paperback: $17.52
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The most significant act of love we can do for our spouse is the single act of personal responsibility.  You will never reach happiness in your relationship until you first look at yourself, and... More > address what you can do differently. Personal responsibility is the fuel that drives the actions of a healthy marriage. Marriages can be transformed overnight when even just one person makes a genuine change...this study leads you to change.< Less
The Aerial Yoga Manual Volume 1 By Rebekah Leach
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With over 300 detailed pictures, this step-by-step manual covers all the basics of a first course in aerial yoga. Pigeon, bow, frog, plank and more than forty other moves are described using the... More > fabric as an assisting tool. Moves are done both in conjunction with the ground and suspended in the air. Designed for both teachers and students, this manual is the perfect reference handbook to have on hand.< Less
The Keys to Family Business Success By Aspen Family Business Group
Hardcover: $29.95
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The Keys To Family Business Success offers readers a comprehensive guide to understanding family businesses and how to address the unique challenges they face.
Remembering Florida's Forgotten Coast By J. Kent Thompson
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Come experience the beauty of North Florida's beaches, attend a womanless beauty pageant or ride on a twelve car ferry to one of Florida’s barrier Islands. Drive the beach in search of a... More > loggerhead turtle laying her eggs late at night and tell ghost stories around a campfire. This book focuses on a little known area of North Florida’s coast. These are stories of the people and events that make up one of Florida's hidden secrets--it's crown jewel called the Forgotten Coast.< Less
The Story of Baby Rabbit: A Resource to Help You Talk to Young Children About Miscarriage or Stillbirth By Graeme Smith et al.
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Graeme Smith, MD, PhD is a Professor and Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Queen’s University. He works with many families who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. He has developed a... More > website ( as a resource for women during pregnancy and after delivery. Sian Phillips, PhD is a Child Psychologist who is an adjunct professor at Queen’s University who specializes in working with interpersonal trauma and attachment issues. Jerri Oehler, PhD is a pediatric nurse/psychologist at the Carteret Clinic for Adolescents and Children affiliated with Duke University. She has a long history of working with families who have had a loss during pregnancy or postpartum. Malia Murphy is a PhD student at Queen’s University studying complications in pregnancy and their impact on maternal outcomes.< Less
Poems of Love and Life By C.R. Waldock
Paperback: $9.99
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These poems are written over 92 years of life on this earth by Clarence Waldock. They draw on his everyday experiences. Many of the poems are inspired by and written to the love of his life, his... More > wife of 68 years, Irene. Other poems were based on other events and people in his life. We have seen portions of these poems on and off over many years but it was not until they were brought together and read in entirety that we realized how poignant these poems are. Perhaps you will find a reflection of your own life in them as well. Enjoy.< Less
JSEA Presidential Transitions: Experience and Best Practices By Jack Peterson
Paperback: $6.13
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A handbook to guide Jesuit schools in preparing for a presidential transition, searching for a new president and on-boarding the school's new leader. The book is based on a study of presidential... More > transitions at Jesuit Secondary Education Association member school and provides a process based on best practices of these schools. A compilation of forms, sample letters and process descriptions is also available in a separate volume of Appendices.< Less
Flesh Crawling Tales of Old Japan By Jonatha And Harold Wright
Paperback: $9.95
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Japan has over two thousand years of ghosts, monsters and changlings of over one hundred different types. These original stories, based on many oral and written versions, were translated by Harold... More > Wright, professor emeritus of Japanese Language and Culture at Antioch College, and adapted by Harold and wife, Jonatha, specifically for storytelling.< Less
The Book of the Wook: The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus Coloring Book and Guide to the Cult of the Sacred Drunken Wookiee! By Ryan Ballard
Paperback: $9.99
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The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is a New Orleans based Mardi Gras Parade Organization devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Krewe also operates as a satirical pseudo-religious space... More > cult that celebrates Chewbacchus Himself, the Sacred Drunken Wookiee, a mashup of the Roman god of wine Bacchus and Han Solo's furry companion Chewbacca the Wookiee. This coloring book is a krewe-sourced collection of drawings, poems, songs and jokes full of joy and irreverence. All Hail Our Sacred Drunken Wookiee! Compiled, Enhanced and Edited by Ryan S. Ballard and Martin Childs< Less
What's Brewing in the Finger Lakes By Theresa Hollister
Paperback: $19.95
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New York State is home to over 150 craft breweries, over one-third of which are located in the Finger Lakes and surrounding regions. This picturesque region, traditionally known for its wines, is... More > experiencing astounding growth in the craft brewing industry, increasing three-fold in the number of microbreweries in just three years. Compiled by the Finger Lakes Beer Trail, What’s Brewing in the Finger Lakes is the most comprehensive guide to the region’s 75-plus craft breweries and brew pubs. It is the ideal resource for anyone interested in craft beer, whether you're a local interested in learning more about our area’s rich beer culture or a tourist planning a trip to the Finger Lakes region. Packed with information about each of the breweries and brew pubs, interesting nuggets of knowledge, and local food recipes that incorporate beer, this book has everything a craft beer lover needs to navigate the best of what the Finger Lakes craft brewing scene has to offer.< Less
PERMIAN BASIN beyond 2014 By Permian Basin Poetry Society
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POETRY LIVES! An anthology featuring written and visual artists for positive change. Peace. Sustainability. Justice. 100tpc and others for Positive Change. GLOBALLY.
Fayette County Medicine: A History of Quality Health Care in Rural Alabama By Harold Reed
Hardcover: $27.76
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When B. W. McNease arrived in Fayette on June 24, 1926, he was soon called the Fayette's father of modern medicine. As he began his private practice, he made significant improvements in the quality... More > of health care available at that time. Later, the addition of the McNease-Robertson-Hodo clinic-hospital expanded and improved greatly health care services in Fayette County. Fayette has always had exceptional, very passionate health care professionals who were dedicated to their professions, and, due to their commitment, Fayette has had constant growth in facilities and improvement of health care services.< Less