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Eden and Her Happy By Tracy Schlepphorst
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One day Eden wakes up and thinks her Happy is gone. Her emotions take over as she searches in all of the wrong places for her Happy. You will never guess where she finally finds it!
Emporium Workbook 3rd Edition By Salah Abed et al.
Paperback: $16.12
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This project was made possible in part by a federal STEM-HSI grant under Title III part F and by the generous support of Big Bend Community College and the Math Department. Copyright 2012, Some... More > Rights Reserved CC-BY-NC-SA. This work is a combination of original work and a derivative of Pre-algebra Workbook, Beginning Algebra Workbook, and Intermediate Algebra Workbook by Tyler Wallace which all hold a CC-BY License. Cover art by Sarah Adams with CC-BY-NC-SA license.< Less
PRICELESS - A Successful Organizational Culture By Raj Singh
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The expert reveals the secrets to develop a high skilled, focused, driven and high performing workforce.
Morning Radio Revisited: A Guide To Developing On-Air Superstars By Tracy Johnson
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A guide to developing on-air on-air radio personalities. Morning Radio Revisited is perfect for managers, programmers and air talent. The book is a practical, direct guide designed to train and help... More > radio talent reach their potential.< Less
SurvCE 4.0 Reference By Carlson Software, Inc
Paperback: $15.00
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The Carlson Software SurvCE version 4.0 user manual provides details and tricks for how to use the thousands of powerful features in SurvCE and SurvPC. See the companion Instrument Setup Manual for... More > even more information on how to configure SurvCE and SurvPC with different hardware.< Less
Walking on Higher Ground and Awakening the Spirit Within By Miguel Viera
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This Christian autobiography talks about the dream of a small boy to follow in the footsteps of his childhood role model to earn a full scholarship in college football. Everyday children are... More > influenced by athletes in high school, college and professional sports. This book offers insight into the world of a high school and college student athlete. It shows that it is possible to make the right decisions along the way and encourages student athletes to become the role models this society desperately needs. College is a time when many student athletes "soul search" to find that balance to juggle life's complex load involving serious questions about future aspirations. This spiritual journey addresses thought provoking questions involving Christianity that student athletes have been longing to have answered. It also talks about how to effectively play for Christ, while witnessing to others and giving all the glory to God.< Less
A Taste of Ink By High Tide Poets
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An anthology of poetry written by ten women, The High Tide Poets, in Midcoast Maine. They went to Monhegan Island with the vision of creating a book of poems that reflected their unique voices.... More > "We were all so taken with the physical place (Monhegan) that we began writing “Monhegan poems” most evenings, sharing them and editing them as they were being written, a dynamic form of work-shopping none of us had ever encountered before. Thrilling to say the least. At some point, it was suggested a selection of poems written there, our Monhegan poems, be included in the anthology. Voilà, for your reading pleasure, the "Monhegan poems" are presented as a prologue to the anthology." Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco describes the book: "A Taste of Ink is a wonderful savoring of Maine's words, rhythms, rhymes, and imagery served up by these honest poems infused with the powerful nuances of the heart that make a place, a home."< Less
The Best of Trent By Trent Loos, Teresa Platt
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An insightful collection reflecting the values of rural America, The Best of Trent movingly expresses the hopes and fears of those living and working in rural America. If you love animals, if you... More > love the countryside, you'll love The Best of Trent.< Less
Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook 2015 By Seth Stohs, Jeremy Nygaard, Cody Christie
Paperback: $14.99
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The 2015 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook goes in-depth and provides player bios, scouting reports, statistics and much more on almost 160 Twins minor leaguers. From Abreu to Zoquiel, from Baez to... More > Williams, learn more about some of the Future Minnesota Twins.< Less
Level 2 Clinical Case Collection: Internal Medicine and Surgery By Lori A. Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $29.95
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Level 2 Clinical Case Collection: Internal Medicine & Surgery is a challenging and thought-provoking collection of cases designed to augment one's learning and study experiences in preparation... More > for Level 2 COMLEX and Step 2 USMLE. The entire collection provides focused cases on a wide variety of Internal Medicine and Surgery topics, fields critical to boards success. Furthermore, the cases are created to ensure coverage of high-yield concepts plus comprehensive comparison and contrast between answers commonly confused with one another. The answer explanations are extremely thorough, providing textbook-level explanations for all answer options. The book includes over 100 challenging cases and questions, with 80 pages of answer explanations!< Less
The Holy Bible, Catholic Public Domain Version By Ronald L. Conte Jr.
Paperback: $27.50
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A new English translation of the Bible from the Clementine Latin Vulgate, using the Challoner Douay Version as a guide. This fairly literal translation does not impose inclusive language or political... More > correctness on the text. This version was translated in accord with Roman Catholic teaching and Vatican norms for Bible translation, with the goal of making the Catholic understanding of the text more accessible to devout members of the faithful. This is the whole Bible in one large volume, paperback, 8.5" x 11" format, 10 point type.< Less
Diagnostic Protocols: An Algorithmic Approach By Lori A. Dolinski, MSc, PhD, DO
Paperback: $34.95
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Diagnostic Protocols: An Algorithmic Approach is an excellent synopsis of the work-ups, diagnostic steps, and clinical tests appropriate to ascertain a diagnosis. It utilizes the most up-to-date... More > protocols in an easy-to-read algorithm format, allowing one to determine the next step of patient assessment via flow charts. It is an outstanding aid in Levels 2 and 3 COMLEX and Step 2 and 3 USMLE preparation. It is also a great resource for students and residents in the clinical environment.< Less
Hope and Health through Dela’s Wellness: Overcoming Chronic Illnesses such as Cancer, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease By Dela Williamson, HHP, CHC
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After receiving a life-changing cancer diagnosis, Williamson sought out information and self-healing practices to help treat the root causes of her chronic illness. “Many people don’t... More > know that to achieve health and wellness, it takes much more than eating healthy and exercising; we need to look at the different dimensions of health that affect our well-being – physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental, environmental and occupational,” Williamson says. In her book, Williamson discusses these aspects of well-being as well as information about how sleep, food and stress affect a person’s overall health. She also points out how different healing modalities can work together. Because her book features such in-depth and well-rounded information, Williamson says she recommends it as a comprehensive guide to helping anyone improve their health and prevent and treat possible illnesses. Don’t give up. There’s hope. Here’s to your happy and healthy life!< Less
Finding Peace in Iraq Vol 2 By Thomas Hill, Alex Munoz
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Finding Peace in Iraq, Volume 2, is a collection of reports about peace research projects carried out by students from New York University and the University of Duhok who took part in the second... More > Joint Research Seminar in Peacebuilding in 2013-2014.< Less
Traversing the Valley of Death By Stephen Markham, Paul Mugge
Hardcover: $39.95
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Traversing the Valley of Death is for managers with responsibility to grow revenue and market share or open new markets and lines of business. The process contained in this book provides a complete... More > system to create new value starting with early needs assessment and continuing through detailed business planning and organizational adoption. This is an advanced book; it assumes< Less
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This is a completely fictional story about the journey of a man’s Soul and Spirit following the end of his life on earth. An accident happens and he dies, and all the many things and plans he... More > so valued vanish in an instant, and he awakes to a new pitch-black silent world. Now totally alone as never before, no light, no noise, no people, he is terrified as he struggles to wake from this nightmare. This is his story of that nightmare, his journey into his Hell... A few days before my dear wife Betty passed away in 2012, after being unable to speak or move for many days, she suddenly turned and spoke out clearly and loudly, “You have to keep writing your books!” Stunned, I was speechless for an instant…and then promised her that I would. I never heard another word from My Betty. A week after she passed, I came across this Bible verse (Jeremiah 30:2) “This is what the LORD, the GOD of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.” This is one of those books, for GOD and Betty.< Less
Choose ISLAM or Torment By D. Philipp Kaiser
Paperback: $11.29
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The last journey of an old American Christian book author. Now a widower alone, with failing health and retired from life’s work, hesitantly approaching the end of useful life; he chooses one... More > last trip of a lifetime back to the Mid-East. He yearns to see the lands of Jesus to maybe spiritually and physically walk in His footsteps, and to revisit the Kuwait and Iraq he saw so many years ago… and then come back home to wait for his final rest. As with most all ‘plans of mice and men’, his plans are drastically changed by another… This is a story, as all life is, of learning and growing, along with suffering and pain, not by his choice, as he has nowhere to run, nowhere to go, nothing to do but face questions he does not want to ask, and answers he does not want to hear… Who is GOD? What does He want from me? What does He have planned for me in the Hereafter, and must I really Choose Islam or torment? Or Christianity or torment? More at< Less
YOU! The Positive Force in Change: Leveraging Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology By Eileen Rogers, Nick van Dam
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Praise for You! The Positive Force in Change “This is indeed a path-breaking book! Nick and Eileen have integrated many break-through concepts and research and brought it together in a... More > holistic and powerful manner to propose a roadmap for human excellence.” —Raghu Krishnamoorthy, Vice President, Executive Development, and Chief Learning Officer, General Electric. “A thinking person’s self-help book, YOU! takes you on a continuously stimulating and practical tour of the best current work in the science of human- potential.” —Robert Kegan, Harvard Professor and co-author, Immunity to Change “By drawing on rigorous research, the authors present a delicious menu of techniques that can help YOU! fulfill your potential for both success and happiness.” —Tal Ben-Shahar, Chief Knowledge Officer for Potentialife and bestselling author< Less
My Paperback Book By Daniel Keefe
Paperback: $32.20
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This is the Haverford School literary magazine, Fall of 2014.
Wisdom For Life Vol.1 By Bode Akindele
Paperback: $10.99
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Wisdom for Life is a 90 day inspirational devotional guide for all class of believers. This first volume of the devotional is part of the compilation of wisdom nuggets Pastor Bode received from a... More > spontaneous study he did as a follow up on a special meeting. It contains relevant information that addresses almost every aspect of life.< Less
2014-2015 Collin College Catalog By Lisa Vasquez
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This is the official Collin College academic catalog for 2014-15.
The Light of Life By Edward Elgar
Paperback: $14.95
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The vocal score of Elgar's short oratorio (typical performance time 65 minutes) on the story of Jesus healing the blind beggar from the gospel of John, in a new digital engraving. For SATB chorus and... More > soloists, with piano reduction of the orchestral accompaniment. This is the perfect bound edition; a coil-bound accompanist's edition is also available at a slightly higher price.< Less
Stabat Mater By Charles Villiers Stanford
Paperback: $14.95
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Vocal score for C.V. Stanford's setting of the Stabat Mater text, in a new digital engraving. This edition, intended for use in orchestral performance, omits the purely instrumental movements I and... More > III. Only the Latin text is included. This is the perfect-bound edition; a coil-bound accompanist's edition is also available for a slightly higher price.< Less
Woo-Woo: Becoming a Psychic at Fifty By Janet E. Alm
Paperback: $14.95
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What does Woo-Woo mean? It means kind of crazy, "out there," unexpected--and wonderful! At the age of 50, Jan Alm suddenly began receiving messages from her deceased mother. Mediumship... More > led to healing, then to channeling and animal communication--and a whole new kind-of-crazy, "out there," unexpected, and wonderful adventure!< Less
When the Bobber Jiggles By Ed Wall
Paperback: $12.95
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Reflections and Tales of Life in the Outdoors written by noted eastern North Carolina author Ed Wall