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Helen Jean Stories By Helen Ledford
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Helen F. Ledford tells stories about growing up on a teeming Caswell County, North Carolina farm in the 1930s, '40s, and '50s with her Mama Allie Farthing, a passel of siblings, and the Lord only... More > knows how many dogs, cats, ducks, and other beasts. A nostalgic look into slower times well remembered, Helen's prose, poetry, and pictures invite warm contemplation of an era gone by.< Less
Left to Die By Wes Rand
Paperback: $12.99
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The story takes place in a northern California town near the Sierra foothills. Neville Stryker, the protagonist, is ambushed and left for dead on the trail. He walks to the next town, Egalitaria,... More > formerly named Bickford, and finds his horse but he also finds a town held captive by a gang of murderous politicos. Major Neville Stryker, now known as Stryker, has had a relentless series of violently tragic losses and he reacts to aggression with a gun or a blade. Most of his enemies occupy graves. Morgan Bickford, the town of Egalitaria’s leading citizen, persuades Stryker to help her recover her assets with the only thing she has to offer, her body. Afterwards she and Stryker cut a deal but only when she agrees to give him forty-percent of the ranch sale proceeds, provided he can get her ranch back. Morgan quickly realizes Stryker is a dangerous and ruthless killer himself. However, her interest is piqued by the complexities of the tall loner and his mysterious past.< Less
Mr. C - A Portrait of Santa By Carol A. Walker
Paperback: $20.00
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This book is a collection of stories from Mr. C. as he played Santa Claus in the City of Morris, Illinois and surrounding areas for over 40 years.
Yes, And!: Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Life and Work By Mary Jane Pories
Paperback: $16.95
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If everything went as planned, you wouldn’t need to improvise. But, it doesn’t, so you do. Sharing the secrets improvisers use to solve problems quickly and well on stage, Mary Jane... More > equips you to do the same at work and at home. Stories, examples, and more than 60 exercises provide a humorous, practical approach to ensuring you don’t just manage change or merely survive the unexpected. Instead, you can seize opportunity and thrive. "Finally. A business book that makes learning fun and delivers powerful insights! Yes, And! is a simple, yet powerful, tool to unlock your true leadership potential. EVERY member of my team will have a copy." —Jim Ayres, Managing Director, Amway North America< Less
Lundbergisms By Debbie Lundberg
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Lundbergisms...what are Lundbergisms? Have you ever heard something that really clicks for you? Do you like catchy phrases that make people think beyond the expression? Are there sayings out there... More > that are small in word count, yet big in impact for you? Lundbergisms are all that...and more! These simple considerations from the author are thought-provoking, (sometimes) humorous, and meant to get you thinking a little bit differently than before. Imagine having some additional quotations, inspiration and ideas to ponder for fun and growth that add to conversations, presentations, and your overall outlook! You do have Lundbergisms! This is a wonderful and thought-provoking gift for yourself or any other life-long-learners you know!< Less
The Party By Abe E Seedy
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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Sometimes, you just want to have a good time. And at a party thrown by a prospective new cheerleader just starting out at college, that “good time” turns out to involve a selection of... More > people drinking improbably spiked punch and turning into a variety of sexy animal-people (and also having sex). Yet another collection of 5 short stories, all revolving around sex, transformation, and sexy transformation. Featuring enthusiastic goo girlification, shy guy-to-girl (and lady-to-man), first-person slow burn lesbian animal slutification, a cow dude ploughing (his girlfriend, not the land), and a squad of cheerleaders giving new meaning to the phrase “give me a D”. Containing three full-colour pictures by Angrboda, as well as the amazing cover art and formatting. If you like TF porn enough to read this description, well, you're probably going to like this book!< Less
Discovering Repentance By K R Graham
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Suffering has a way of bringing us to our knees before a holy God as we cry out for relief. "Discovering Repentance" speaks to the heart that is incarcerated by sin and desires to... More > find the freedom promised to followers of Jesus Christ. Many are inflicted with the malignant tumor of the Judas Complex—-regretting their foolish and hurtful choices, but coming up short of finding forgiveness and healing. This book brings us back to the living Word of God by considering what the Bible says about the difference between living in patterns of selfishness and surrendering to the mercy of a forgiving God. Hope is only a prayer away, but it must be applied according to the truth of Scripture. Written as a teaching aide within Prison Ministry, this short book is packed with transforming guidance for anyone who recognizes their sinful condition and desires to be set free from guilt and the penalty for sin, regardless as to which side of the bars they currently reside.< Less
OpenCL 2.0 Quick Reference By Khronos Group
Paperback: $12.00
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This is the quick reference for the OpenCL 2.0 API. OpenCL™ is the first open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors found in personal computers,... More > servers and handheld/embedded devices. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) greatly improves speed and responsiveness for a wide spectrum of applications in numerous market categories from gaming and entertainment to scientific and medical software.< Less
Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine By Chyna Honey
Paperback: $15.00
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Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine provides information that answers long-standing questions, fills in the blanks where information is lacking, and lends correction where... More > misinformation is accepted as part of the understanding and practice of Reiki today. It provides insights that are easy to understand and explain to others, once Reiki is returned to, and spoken about in the context of Energy Medicine. From this vantage point, the discussion expands, a deeper understanding of what affects human healing emerges, and the role Reiki plays in human health and self-care becomes clear. This comprehensive guide is of value to all humans, whether interested in alternative healthcare or not, because Reiki and Energy Medicine are not “alternative” practices. They are, in simple terms, what is missing in self-care today. This book is an enjoyable read that will engage and surprise the reader as it brings forward lost information that is essential in understanding human health.< Less
Heart Murmurs By Sharon Dobie
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Do your doctors share what they have learned from you? Likely not! With little precedent for physicians to open up about the impact their patients have on their personal development, Heart Murmurs:... More > What Patients Teach Their Doctors breaks tradition with a collection of stories by author and editor Sharon Dobie M.D. and 35 other physicians. Aware for years that her patients taught her at least as much as she gave them, Dr. Dobie’s acknowledgement of this reciprocity led to this project. Grouped thematically, the stories encourage health care providers to think about their relationships with patients and through that reflection, to know themselves more deeply. They also take all readers from the specific to universal messages, asking all of us to see how we are changed within all relationships, doctor-patient or otherwise. These humanizing tales draw us back to basics: relationships matter for us all.< Less
Ellabellabellooza and the First Snow By Annie Donlin
Paperback: $18.50
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Ella is a small girl with a long nickname and a wild imagination. After the first snow of the year she sets out on an adventure into the snow and fantasy takes over...or was it reality? The book was... More > written and illustrated to be read aloud to children anywhere from 3 to 8 years old. Children who are on the verge of reading will enjoy the integration of special fonts into the illustration, leading the eye all around the page.< Less
A Simple Path By GamePlan Financial Marketing, LLC
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Looking for a simple path to start your retirement planning strategies? This book contains five straightforward concepts that can help you plan for retirement. It can also help you find ways to... More > protect your retirement nest egg against forces like market fluctuations, inflation, and income taxes. This short book is packed full of exciting concepts, tips, and questions to help you get started down the path to the retirement you’ve always wanted.< Less
THE BLACK AWAKENING Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos By Russ Dizdar
Paperback: $24.99
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4 million victims of satanic ritual abuse, mind contol Super Soldiers for end time Chaos The Chaos before the new order-- Receive up to 80 hours of mp3 sessions on Spiritual warfare, the Black... More > Awakening and the rise of satanism free when you purchase the Book or E-Book< Less
What Could You Do With an Alligator? By Dennis Carenza, Ann Carenza
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"What Could You Do with an Alligator?" is a poetic alphabet book that follows a zoo full of special creatures with humorous verse written for the enjoyment of both children and... More > adults. EXAMPLE: What could you do with an alligator? Put him in an elevator. Push all the buttons square or round and send that gator up and down. The illustrator adds her special style of full color topographic cut and paste are creations to highlight the humor and help the characters come alive. What the authors did with these find creatures was turn them into special features. They dared not do it medically, but simply alphabetically!< Less
Religion is a choice; Christ is a decision By Willie Jester
Paperback: $12.99
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Have the conversation. Step out in faith. You have the Trump Card in Christ. There is no argument to win. You first won when Christ made the decision; now you have won because you have made the... More > decision. There is no third party requirement needed. “It is finished.” The work is done. Now have the conversation about it.< Less
These Exalted Acres: Unlocking the Secrets of Albany Rural Cemetery By Paul Grondahl
Hardcover: $25.00
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These Exalted Acres: Unlocking the Secrets of Albany Rural Cemetery
The Point Church Journal By The Point Church
Paperback: List Price: $7.76 $3.88 | You Save: 50%
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This journal is used for meditating on Scripture. It includes a practical guide to help you study God's word.
OpenStack Architecture Design Guide By OpenStack Foundation
Paperback: $29.90
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This book provides information about planning, designing, and creating meaningful architecture designs for OpenStack clouds. It shows you how to take user's needs into account and offers use cases.
Outside My Window: A Look at the Oakwood Village Nature Preserve By Robert Greenler
Paperback: $10.00
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Outside My Window is a description of things found in an urban nature preserve, but it is much more. A recurring point of view in this collection of essays is the author’s search for the story... More > behind the immediate visual impression—an attempt to see with the mind as well as the eye. For example: The shape of the grandfather oak shows that when European settlers arrived they found the landscape of an oak savanna; The spacing of old silver maples in a ring tells of the presence of a ghost tree, once inhabiting the place in the center; The presence of small holes on a maple tree reveals the presence of an unseen bird that has arrived this spring, following the lead of others of his kind in past years; and The size of the glacial kettle in the nature preserve reveals the presence, 12,000 years ago, of a buried chunk of ice the size of the adjacent apartment house that now overlooks the preserve.< Less
Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation By David A. Grimes, MD, Linda G. Brandon
Paperback: $20.76
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Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed Our Nation tells the forgotten story of the transition from the back alley to safe care after Roe v. Wade was enacted in 1973. The... More > legalization of abortion resulted in prompt and dramatic health improvements for women, children, and families, but an entire generation of Americans has grown up unaware of the harsh and unnecessary tragedies of back-alley abortions. Current attacks on safe, legal abortion at the state level are designed to return women to those desperate, dangerous days before abortion was legalized. One of the world’s leading abortion scholars, Dr. Grimes chronicles the public-health story of legal abortion in America and the harms women face at the mercy of state laws restricting access to care. He shares the stories of his patients seeking abortion and how they and their families benefited.< Less
Thoughts On the Jungle Trail By Ed Maxey
Paperback: List Price: $14.45 $8.67 | You Save: 40%
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Thoughts on the Jungle Trail is the story of the Maxey family in the interior of Papua Indonesia. It is a story of adventure, challenge, tragedy and victory as they worked among remote tribal... More > people. It is the local people’s story as well. You will hear Nomarlok tell of his first encounter with the white people and Oa’dak tell of the day the people came to kill the Maxey family and Amene tell his stories of war and cannibalism. But it is more than just a story. These pages will inspire fellow pilgrims to press on when life gets difficult, to pray when the task is heavy and to face fears in Christ’s enabling strength; even when they feel inadequate. As you read may you marvel at the sovereignty of God and how He is building His people in Papua Indonesia. “Soli Deo Gloria” - To God alone be glory.< Less
The Truth About Prayer and Divine Revelation By Joseph C. Lundwall
Hardcover: List Price: $42.99 $30.09 | You Save: 30%
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The practice of isolating scriptural verses from those which surround them in order to “prove” a message other than the one intended by them in the first place, is called “proof... More > texting.” This book restores to three scriptures—DC 9:7-9; DC 58:26-29; Ether 2:22-23—what was originally intended and understood by them when they were first revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, to establish the truth about prayer and divine revelation—believed in, taught, and practiced by prophets of God since the world began. This, in turn, will set the stage to restore for us the real God-given conditions of “mighty prayer”—the kind that works—and establish anew the increased exercise of moral agency the more we enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost. When seen in the light of truth, the conditions of mighty prayer defined by the Lord in this book will fulfill the promise He makes to every faithful, honest, believing heart:< Less
Between Meals: Second Edition By Dani Fisher, Lauren Markham
Paperback: $29.95
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An innovative narrative cookbook, Between Meals shares the expertise, recipes and stories of newly-arrived refugee women in the Bay Area. This book documents traditional recipes from around the... More > world--from Burma to Liberia to Afghanistan--from Refugee Transitions' participants, written down with the help of their Refugee Transitions tutors. Between Meals tells the stories of students' exile from their home countries, their journeys to the United States, and their efforts--literally and metaphorically--to nourish their families in their new California homes.< Less
Rescued Not Arrested By H. Joseph Gammage
Paperback: $17.99
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With chains binding him to the edge of insanity, his cry echoes off of the jail cell walls: “God help me!” Armenian immigrant Roger Munchian grew up among the violence and hopelessness of... More > East L.A. Despite the surrounding violence, Munchian was a model student. Yet no one would have suspected the hidden life of drugs, thievery and violence bubbling just below the model-student veneer. His unquenchable thirst for money and power allowed him to build a multi-million dollar empire on drugs and violence. He ran fast. He ran hard. It took highway death and carnage to finally stop him. The high-speed collision with a highway median wall leaves twelve-time felon Munchian strapped to the crazy chair in county jail. Booked on two counts of vehicular homicide, he is certain to face Death Row. His road to wealth and power was bloody. So was his road to salvation. God hears his cry for help, arriving at his jail cell that night with a miracle. For the first time in Munchian’s life—God is real. But so is the journey.< Less
Stargazing at Noon By Amanda Torroni
Paperback: $12.00
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For the stargazers, the dreamers, the romantics, the fantasts. "Stargazing at Noon" is Amanda Torroni's first poetry chapbook- a collection of thirty poems on topics ranging from loving at... More > a distance to grief. 38 pages.< Less