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The Color Wheel By Alex Ross Perry
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The Color Wheel is the story of JR (Carlen Altman), an increasingly transient aspiring news-anchor, as she forces her disappointing younger brother Colin (Alex Ross Perry) to embark on a road trip to... More > move her belongings out of her professor-turned-lover’s apartment (Bob Byington). Traveling through fog-shrouded highways of New England, uncomfortably running into old school-mates, revisiting shared familial history from which they have long since diverged, chaos and calamity are not far behind their beat up Honda Accord. It can only be a matter of time before JR and Colin arrive at the strangest and most unsettling of resolutions and put to rest their decades of animosity, half-baked sibling rivalry and endless bickering, in his comedic symphony of disappointment and forgiveness.< Less
Blondie He's Not By K K
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Just as his classmate Carl experienced, before he was turned into Candi, Mark's story is much the same. But can he escape his fate before he's turned into Marci for good? 151 Pages, 40 color... More > illustrations by Fraylim.< Less
A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Book By John Mullarkey et al.
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A collection of threaded-in tablet weaving patterns and their many variations.
Always Looking Up By Madison Clark
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Madison Clark is a mountain of a woman in a little person's body who never lets her short stature stand in the way of her giant spirit. Though uniquely created, she has learned to tackle physical and... More > emotional challenges, fight for her beliefs, and show others that she can do anything they can do—just in a different way. Clark shares an inspiring story about what life is like for a woman who cannot reach a drinking fountain, needs help selecting items higher than the second shelf in a store, and is towered over by a typical fourth grader. While shining a spotlight on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of living with dwarfism, Clark reveals how she has persevered through it all with a never-give-up attitude and a refusal to be excluded that ultimately transforms ignorance into acceptance. In this moving and informative memoir, an ordinary girl living an almost ordinary life embraces her uniqueness and demonstrates that no matter what our challenges, it is up to each of us to determine our own happiness.< Less
Stinging for Their Suppers: How Women in Prison Nourish Their Bodies & Souls By Women of Crossroads
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Stinging For Their Suppers is a collection of stories and recipes by women who have lived in California prisons. While living at Crossroads, a transitional facility, these women wrote about cooking... More > in their cells using an immersion heater, also known as a “stinger.” These stories demonstrate the women's creativity, ingenuity, and resilience as they find ways to cook for each other, and in the process, create a feeling of home that they can share with other women.< Less
The Professional Internship of the UMUC Teacher Candidate By Kristin Kubik, Warna Gillies
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The culmination of the UMUC Master of Arts program results in the teacher candidate’s professional internship. All UMUC teacher candidates must complete an internship of 80 in-school days,... More > achieved over the course of one semester and under the supervision of a mentor teacher who is certified in the intern’s content area. This handbook provides critical information to help the intern succeed.< Less
Woe By Kent Hovind
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Dr. Kent Hovind covers such topics as: What is going on? How did the World get in such a mess? What is going to happen next? How will the World end? When will it end? What should we do? Where is God... More > in all this mess??!?!< Less
The Impact of Slavery On the Education of Blacks in Orange County, North Carolina: 1619-1970 By Rosetta Austin Moore
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Can integration break the oppression faced by Black Americans, or will it crystallize long-held images and send Blacks deeper into a spiral of dependency? Rosetta Austin Moore, a longtime educator... More > who taught in segregated and integrated schools, asks that question and many others in this extensive study of the education system for Blacks in North Carolina. She traces the struggles of Blacks to survive and learn, beginning with their forced entry into the United States in 1619, drawing on primary documents, charts, illustrations, and a treasure trove of data in four appendixes. The book reveals how a pattern of withholding information, denying access to educational opportunities, and subjecting a people to negative indoctrinations about their self-worth, their families, their race, and their place in society has damaged the Black community’s desire to reach for greater heights.< Less
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The Belhurst Story By David Sakmyster
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A richly detailed account of the historic Belhurst Castle in upstate New York, and a fascinating study decoding the legends of ghostly sightings and buried treasure.
THE BLACK AWAKENING Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos By Russ Dizdar
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10 million or more victims of satanic ritual abuse, mind control and transmutation. Are they the Super Soldiers for end time Chaos, a Chaos before the new order. Is this a continuation of the Master... More > race of the Nazis, a quest for.......... the godmen. Breeding a hybrid race? Some say there are 40 million worldwide and now four generations of them...and growing. 500 million satanic rituals? And in the book counter measures. Where did they come from? Why so many, Why are they here? When will they be released? Are they a part of Biblical Prophecy. Satanic Ritual Abuse MPD DID? or more. Receive up to 100 hours of mp3 sessions on Spiritual warfare, the Black Awakening and the rise of satanism free when you purchase the Book or E-Book< Less
Bangles and Broken Hearts: A Tale of Sticky Situations, Lust, and Heartbreak By Tamia Gore-Felton
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Lyric and Melody Russo might be twins, but you’d never know – if they didn’t look exactly alike. Lyric is fed up of constantly being criticized and compared to her “Miss... More > Goody Two Shoes” sister. While she rides the rollercoaster of life, she battles with depression, jealousy and even questions her sexuality. Meanwhile, Melody is busy being everyone’s favorite and keeping her halo straight. While Lyric yearns for attention from her family, she barely graduates from high school. With her attention focused on the wrong things, she gets mixed up in some crazy situations. In the process, her shiny collection of gold bangles continues to grow. Although, very beautiful and spoiled by many lovers, Lyric remains unhappy. As summer comes to a close, Melody prepares for life at the university. On a whim, Lyric decides to apply to community college. Lyric’s life goes from bad to worse in a twist of events that will leave her heart severely damaged. Will the love of her distant sister save Lyric…from herself?< Less
The Little Dancin’ Boy: El Pequeño Bailarín By Daniel Tyler
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Antón is a little boy who loves to dance. His parents and grandparents came from many places—England, Scotland, Spain, Mexico, and Vietnam—and the music and dance of those cultures... More > flow through him. What’s more, when he dances, he brings joy to everyone around him, because people who see him realize they are happiest when they dance. Throughout the world, Antón’s reputation grows, and the leaders of many nations invite him to come dance for them to end conflict and bring about peace. And so he travels around the world, dancing and spreading hope to people everywhere. But one day, Antón finds himself in pain and unable to dance. None of his doctors can figure out what is wrong, and so he goes home, sad and weary. Will Antón’s family be able to help him become the Little Dancin’ Boy once more? In this bilingual children’s story, one little boy, with the help of his family, shows the world that dance is the international language of peace and harmony.< Less
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 2nd Edition By Phil Lewis
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A coloring book like none other! Presented here are the original black and white versions of drawings by artist Phil Lewis. Take a fantastic voyage into these psychedelic landscapes and encounter... More > some of Phil's crazy characters within these unique and fascinating pages. Now in its second edition, this coloring book contains 36 exciting drawings. Everything from elephants to an octopus, everyone is sure to find a favorite. Don't let the title fool you, little kids can have just as much fun as the big kids with this one-of-a-kind coloring book experience!< Less
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 3rd Edition By Phil Lewis
Paperback: $19.99
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This book picks up right where the second edition left off. As my work has progressed these past couple of years, my drawings have become more technical, and the patterns more intricate. The pages... More > in this book are pretty darn complicated and will demand more focus and attention... which also leads to increased coloring-euphoria! If you’re a “big kid” who loves to color, and you feel up to the challenge, please join me on a fantastic voyage through some of my recent work, and put your own spin on pieces like... The River Dance, Foxy, The Winter Carnival and many more!< Less
The Process of Science, Revised Edition By Anthony Carpi Anne Egger
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Through a series of examples drawn from biology, climate science, geology, environmental science, etc., the chapters in this book demystify the process of science and the work that scientists do. The... More > authors highlight the many methods used in science and the common characteristics that unite them all as “science”. The examples illustrate that science is a human endeavor, and research is enriched and enlivened by the diversity of scientists themselves. This book is an excellent companion to any college-level introductory science course, emphasizing how we know what we know. It will also serve as an invaluable resource for undergraduate students preparing to do research for the first time or for anyone who might be interested in learning more about the process of science and scientific research.< Less
Prealgebra Textbook By College of the Redwoods Department of Mathematics
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This is a prealgebra textbook, used by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California, in their Math 376 course. Errata and Individual chapter and solutions are... More > available at:< Less
Dr. Kaskel’s Living in Wellness, Volume One: Let Food Be Thy Medicine By Larry Kaskel, M.D., Michael Kaskel, R.N.
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What if everything you thought you knew about nutrition for health and weight loss was wrong? What if doing the opposite of what you’ve been taught actually made significant changes in your... More > weight and health? Would you follow a way of eating that goes against conventional wisdom, focusing mainly on saturated fats, cholesterol and protein? When patients question me on the efficacy of what they are about to embark upon, my response is simple and concise: it’s all about the sugar. Even when supposedly “healthy” sugar that comes from “healthy” whole grains, oatmeal, yogurt and milk that you’ve been consuming forever, it still has deleterious effects on your body. Besides the politics of why it’s supposedly “healthy”, the reality is that when you cut those foods out of your diet and replace them with the foods that you’ve been told not to eat, your weight and health will improve!< Less
Faith and Courage in a Time of Trouble By France Pruitt As Told to Judy Priven
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This book tells the story of a nominally Jewish Belgian family who spent more than four years during the Second World War as refugees in the south of France. The narrator was five years old when the... More > family left Brussels and ten when they returned. At first, the family lived openly in a rented farm, supporting themselves as farmers. But they eventually had to go into hiding and were sheltered by families in the region who risked their lives by doing so. In June of 2005, several members of the family returned to the region to dedicate a granite bench in honor of the courageous efforts of its people. Speeches and pictures from the dedication ceremony are presented at the end of the book.< Less
Mixcraft 7 Teacher's Guide By Parker Tichko
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Mixcraft 7 is a fun and easy-to-use program that instantly turns your computer into a fully-stocked music recording studio. Mixcraft 7 Teacher's Guide is the ideal compliment for educational programs... More > that use Mixcraft in the classroom. The book examines Mixcraft’s many capabilities including composing music, recording, mixing, adding effects, and working with video. The Teacher's Guide provides numerous examples of how to incorporate Mixcraft into both music and non-music assignments, including marketing and advertising, podcast creation, and spoken word performances. Included within this book are 15 inventive lessons designed for grade school through high school classes. Together, these lessons address all of the National Standards for Music Education (NSME). Along with the book, there is a free “Additional Materials Download” which includes helpful teaching aids, such as printable lesson plans, fun example projects, video clips, and other useful resources.< Less
7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie By Max Sidorov
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Discover the remarkable scientifically proven methods to naturally treat, reverse and cure type 2 diabetes and greatly help with type 1 diabetes. Learn how to destroy diabetes, cancer, heart... More > disease, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, and hundreds of other ailments. You are holding in your hands over 100 years of research conducted by Nobel Peace Prize winning doctors, world renowned scientists, and top researchers from all across the world. The information you are about to discover has been suppressed, hidden, and destroyed by giant pharmaceutical companies whose profits depend on you staying in the dark. Countless studies over the years have proven that for many chronic diseases, a change of diet works better than most conventional methods like drugs or surgery which simply "treat" the problem. To view a presentation regarding diabetes visit< Less
Restore Us! By T. M. Moore
Paperback: $7.35
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Restore Us! is a call for serious prayer for revival in our day.
Spiritual Reflections Journal: Health Ministry Edition By Sharon T. Hinton
Paperback: $12.95
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An introductory spiritual journaling workbook for faith community nurses and health advocates.
Football: A Love Story By Emory Hunt
Paperback: $17.95
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A collection of stories from current and former football coaches, players, entertainers, personnel executives and entrepreneurs on their love for the game. Over 100 stories from some of the biggest... More > names in the sport. Stories from Mike Singletary, Ed Reed, John Harbaugh, Carl Banks and many more! Find out why they do what they do, and why football means so much to them.< Less
Transactions 16:2 By Transactions TJBL
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Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law was founded in 1998 by a group of law students at the College of Law with the assistance and support of Professor Carl Pierce, then the Director of... More > the Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law. The first issue was published in May 2000. Since that time, the Journal has evolved into the form of a traditional law review. Transactions aims to publish articles that are both scholarly and practical, addressing issues of importance to those working in the field of business law in the Southeast and nation-wide.< Less