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Spiritual Life Checkup By Dale Tedder
Paperback: $5.99
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This Spiritual Life Checkup is a spiritual inventory, composed of questions for self-examination as well as devotionals for encouragement and direction. Completing this will not magically or... More > instantaneously make you like Christ. It will, however, give you some indication of how you’re doing on your spiritual journey with Christ and point you to some areas in which you may want to pursue greater growth and depth.< Less
Gandhi's Wisdom For You (108. Quotes by M.Gandhi) By Gandhi International Institute for Peace
Paperback: $9.50
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Words of wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi. This pocketbook is a compilation of 108 quotes by Gandhi.
Shifting Pages By Claire Hasselbeck
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Volume II of poems by Claire Hasselbeck. Photographs by Kathleen Tyler Conklin.
Untold Stories: The Holocaust Boxcar - A German History, B&W with Color Cover By Joachim Reppmann, Friedhelm Caspari
Paperback: $10.00
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“You must know everything that happened then. And why it happened.” This is the appeal made by the Auschwitz survivor Esther Bejarano to the present and future generations. In doing this,... More > she issues a mandate not only to Germans, but to all the nations, to go beyond remembering and memorializing the millions of victims of National Socialist tyranny by understanding its historical context. On May 8, 1985, Richard von Weizsäcker said as a former president of the Federal Republic, “It is not a matter of overcoming the past. That simply cannot be done. It is not possible to make it ‘undone.’ But anyone who closes his eyes to the past becomes blind to the present. Anyone who does not remember that inhumanity exists, becomes susceptible to new dangers of infection.”< Less
Deer Michigan By Jack C. Buck
Paperback: $12.00
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“Something quite wonderful happens when you allow yourself to drift through life without a plan of direction,” writes Jack Buck in his poignant debut story collection. The writing in... More > 'Deer Michigan' takes this philosophy to heart, embracing the flux of fate in over fifty ethereal narratives. In one story we meet an exiled Mao on a hiking trail, in another the narrator mourns the graceful disappearance of birds. Buck’s stories ripple with nostalgia, a reverence for the natural world and an America with room in which to wander. Though the stories in 'Deer Michigan' are short—in one case spun out in a single sentence—they bottle up an expanse of human experience, offering us a stunning universe of feeling. ~ Allegra Hyde, author of 'Of This New World'< Less
Iran to America Running 1001 Marathons Journey from Badwater to Mount Everest Seven Continents to World Records By Parvaneh Moayedi
Paperback: List Price: $21.00 $19.95 | You Save: 5%
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Experience Parvaneh’s memories, stories, history, geography, ancestors, culture, tradition, beliefs, customs, practices, rituals and morals. Travel with Parvaneh as she runs marathons on all... More > seven continents. Run across the Mojave Desert during summer to reach Badwater Ultramarathon finish line. Sail to Antarctica on a Cold War Soviet Spy Ship to run a marathon on white continent. Summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa and Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Overnight at Mount Everest base camp and then run the world’s highest marathon. Witness breathtaking mountains and waterfalls in South America through her eyes. Absorb the enchanting cultures in Asia and hike the rugged Swiss Alps. Discover Parvaneh’s motivation to conquer the most difficult challenges in the world. Explore Parvaneh’s childhood and the intrigue of her ancestral past. Be immersed in Persian history, geography, traditions, beliefs and customs. Be inspired by embracing the unique gift of life during its darkest moments.< Less
Did I Do Enough? By Elwin B. Hart
Paperback: $20.00
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A memoir by Colonel Elwin B. Hart USMC (Ret.) on his life in combat, his marriage, his devotion to duty, and to his wife.
Unworthy but Welcome By Linda Widhalm
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $7.48 | You Save: 50%
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Unworthy but Welcome: A Guide for Starting Overcomers and Serenity Church, compiled by Linda Widhalm, is a companion volume to Never Alone Again by Pastor John Featherston and contains heart- and... More > mind-changing testimonies from individuals associated with the Serenity Church of Dallas, located in The Colony, Texas. Serenity Church is a recovery church, a place for those suffering hurts beyond their control, for whom life has become unmanageable, and who have no idea what to do next. Serenity Church names Jesus Christ as our Higher Power. ** This Guide provides information on how we conduct Overcomers (a 12 Step meeting for anyone who has something hurting them they can't wish or will away) and Serenity Church. Included are topic intros you could use in Overcomers and Communion Meditations you could use in Serenity Church.< Less
Buying and Selling Real Estate 2017 By Kevin Kent
Paperback: $12.95
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Your resource for buying and selling real estate in Southern California, written by Kevin A Kent and Stephen Chloss
Fortune's Fool By Caroline Nesbitt
Paperback: $17.00
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Professional rider 'Chelle Martin knew she shouldn't have agreed to ride Milo Cashman's undisciplined green jumper in the rain at a high stakes horse show in upstate New York. But the challenge - and... More > the money - proved irresistible, so she gambled... and lost. Waking up much later in hospital with her leg in traction and her career sidelined, it looks like she is indeed Fortune's Fool. But fate hasn't finished with 'Chelle. The sudden disappearance of Milo Cashman, the horse, and a large sum of money belonging to other people are followed by a serendipitous meeting at Saratoga Racetrack and a horrifying discovery at an abandoned junkyard all of which send 'Chelle's life careening into the uncharted territories of Thoroughbred rescue, movie stars, and unexpected romance.< Less
Road Trip Chronicles By Todd Smith
Paperback: $9.99
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Charlie is a recent graduate of Washington State University’s Edward R Murrow College of Communication. Upon his successful graduation, Charlie lands a dream job working as a travel writer for... More > the magazine publication, Road Trip Chronicles. Charlie and his Great Dane, Lola, hit the road in their Winnebago to explore the back roads of America. Get ready to follow along with Charlie and Lola on their adventures. Today is a great day for a road trip!< Less
King Kong Vs. Tarzan By Will Murray
Hardcover: $39.95
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In 1933, filmmaker Carl Denham undertook the most audacious expedition of all time. Braving the prehistoric terrors of Skull Island, he captured its bestial ruler, Kong! Everyone knows that story,... More > and recalls its tragic conclusion. Untold until now is Denham’s desperate race to ferry the captured King Kong across the Indian Ocean, around the continent of Africa, then on to the Atlantic Ocean and ignominious captivity in New York City. During this harrowing journey, trouble befalls the tramp steamer Wanderer, and she is forced to make landfall in Africa, home of Tarzan of the Apes. What happens when the beast-god of Skull Island encounters the king of the apes? Will they be allies, or antagonists? For the first time in any medium, the story of their titanic encounter can finally be told!< Less
Creatively Closing the Gap: Unconventional Ways to Find Money for College By Dana Martin
Paperback: $10.00
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Creatively Closing the Gap - Unconventional Ways to Find Money for College is a book and financial aid supplement. Discover "out-of-the-box" approaches to closing the financial aid gap for... More > your family. Full of tips and tricks guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing, getting you and your family closer to your dream of an affordable college education.< Less
Japanese Akita Judge's Education Guide By Hope Yoneshige, Julia Cooper, Kathy Gima
Paperback: $25.00
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If you're interested in the Japanese Akita, this book is a must-have addition to your reference library. The Japanese Akita Club of America's Official Guide to Judging the Japanese Akita breaks down... More > the standard for conformation judges, exhibitors, breeders and newcomers to the breed. It "not only exposes the reader to the breed but also dispels much of the misinformation found online" (from the Forward). The commentary on the Japanese Akita standard is based on decades of studying materials from the Akita Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO), the world's oldest and most prestigious Akita breed preservation society, and conferring with AKIHO, Federation Cynologique International, United Kennel Club, Japan Kennel Club and American Kennel Club judges in addition to input from experienced and reputable breeders. This comprehensive guide contains English-language commentary, photos and illustrations. Partial proceeds from the sales of this book go to JACA Cares to fund breed-specific rescue operations.< Less
Shrink-Proof Your Life: Top Ten Ways to Stay Off the Therapist’s Couch By Peter Allman, MA
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Most of us are creatures of habit. Unfortunately some habits—specifically our thinking patterns—can be unhealthy. In Shrink-Proof Your Life, seasoned psychotherapist Peter Allman shares... More > advice that will help us break away from negative habits or suffocating situations and illuminate the path toward an expanding life filled with more love, purpose, and joy. Allman, who has been a psychotherapist for more than twenty years, offers strategies to create stronger relationships, resolve inner and outer conflicts, and find the inner-strength to tackle obstacles. While teaching ways to work through normal feelings of sadness, annoyance, and grief, Allman also includes conversations with counseling clients that show practical approaches, helpful metaphors, and proven methods that train the mind to achieve better mental health and resiliency through life’s greatest challenges.< Less
The Association Exec's Guide to Improving Organizational Performance By Don Robertson, Robert Alves
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $5.00 | You Save: 75%
Prints in 3-5 business days
If your association is considering making technology investments anytime in the next few years this book is a must-read. It provides the hands-on tools you need — proven best practice... More > strategies, self-assessments, and results-based case studies from real clients to help you gain insight into what you must do if you want to adapt to the massive changes upon us. Our intention is to "lift the veil" and share behind-the-scenes insights that can show you how to avoid modern-day software selection and implementation pitfalls while aligning your business strategy and technology to create a lasting advantage for your organization. Most importantly, we show you how to achieve continuous performance improvement for your organization.< Less
My Personal Book By Sarah Onte Khoury
Paperback: $11.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Although there is nothing wrong with following the stories of people whom we admire and who inspire us, we should also take some time to focus on our own lives. In My Personal Book, author Sarah Onte... More > Khoury offers a simple, fill-in workbook to help you reflect on your past and its impact on your present and future. Designed in a journal format, My Personal Book encourages self-expression and increasing self-awareness, and it has been designed to help you discover and rediscover yourself and the qualities that make you unique as a person. The author suggests that the reader use My Personal Book every five-to-ten years and start a MPB collection, updating each MPB with new people, new stories and experiences. Because every stage of our life has different story to tell and lesson to learn. My Personal Book helps you appreciate who you are so you can live your life with zest and passion.< Less
If Men Will Pray By T. M. Moore
Paperback: $6.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
If Christian men will pray - pray the way Paul instructs them to pray - God will do many wonderful things. The problem is not whether or not God will do them. The problem is whether or not Christian... More > men will pray.< Less
Keys to Becoming a Lead Horse By Gordon Fykes Sr.
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The book outlines four keys necessary for people to become Lead Horses and reach their full potential. It is not about teaching people how to lead others; it is about helping people become leaders... More > of their own lives. It teaches them how to revisit their dreams, identify and clarify their gifts, and connect their passion with their purpose. It helps them lay the necessary groundwork for their success, and illustrates how to use their success to become a part of God’s Divine plan for all of humanity. This book is compiled from the training materials of the Lead Horse Academy, the curriculum of which is being taught in corporate boardrooms, churches and to student groups. As the head of one corporation explained, “Being a Lead Horse brings changes that can be transferred to your total environment. As a Lead Horse you will create harmony and success for the company where you work and the community where you live.”< Less
Spanish for Absolute Beginners By Berges Institute
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $11.99 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
The Graf Method for Spanish Language, vol. 1: The effective Spanish language method successfully used by thousands of New Yorkers in their classes at Berges Institute. Learn all the basic Spanish... More > language sentence-building skills with this comprehensive course for beginners from Berges Institute. This program covers all the complete present tense along with a very solid foundation of basic vocabulary, motivating texts and clarifying examples.< Less
Weight Training Class Workbook By Istvan Javorek
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Javorek "Complex" Conditioning Weight Training Class Workbook
From Advent to Epiphany By Patrick Troadec
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Christmas is the season of joy and peace, with a charm all its own. Yet, if we are to receive all that Christmas comes to give us, a spiritual preparation is going to be necessary. In this booklet,... More > we offer you for each day a meditation connected to the liturgy, from the beginning of Advent to the Baptism of Jesus, richly supplemented with prayers, thoughts and resolutions. The first days call to mind the return of Christ at the end of time and the long period of waiting that led up to His first coming. The strong words of St. John the Baptist and the eloquent silence of Mary will help each one of us to open our heart to the Infant of Bethlehem, who desires to be born anew each year in our soul. After Christmas, the reader’s gaze is directed toward the manger and the Holy Family. The shepherds and the Magi invite the soul to adoration and to bearing witness by example. This little book leads the reader through the gentle flow and variety of the days, inviting him to live each one with Jesus and for Jesus< Less
Philosophical Combat 3rd Edition Book 1 By Mark Reinholz
Paperback: List Price: $69.99 $55.99 | You Save: 20%
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Book 1 of 2 of Philosophical Combat, 3rd edition. A semiotically-mediated multimodal prolegomena affording pedagogically auspicious opportunities for the emergence and microgenesis of... More > situationally-grounded schemata traversing cosmogony through eschatology whilst rationally, empirically, and dialectically explicating the avocations of epistemology, metaphysics, normativity, and axiology through deductive deterministic computations< Less
Beautiful Destiny By Lisa Weaver
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
What if "some day" began to unfold today? Beautiful Destiny dares to dream, awakening seeds long dormant in the heart of the child of God. The experiences of the author provide a... More > springboard into the journey of a lifetime--finding your destiny in your Creator. Affirm your true identity. Discover the power of redemption. Learn how to overcome the battle at the thresholds of transformation, and enjoy walking with God in the fullness of your Beautiful Destiny.< Less
Creative Imagery By Linda Bennett
Paperback: $38.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Finding the right words can often be difficult. The law of attraction begins with stating what you want in the most positive manner possible. wether you are a practitioner of coaching or hypnotherapy... More > or seeking words for self inspiration these scripts are powerful.The scripts are beautifully inspiring, creative and comprehensive, and offer a wide variety of goals and tactics. The scripts are such you can simply read them from start to finish, straight off the page with no need for alteration; or one can improvise and add his or her own personal touch, knowing that the script will still lead the client or oneself in the right direction< Less