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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me! By Darlene Greene
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Big Momma Didn't Tell Me is a cautionary tale about life, love and relationships. A legacy that was passed down to her daughters and granddaughters, perpetuated a cycle of "blind... More > obedience. This book is a time capsule that spans more than five decades. It chronicles the story of Ella Mae King (Big Momma) and the trials and tribulations of the women in one southern family who never understood what love really was. A story about a family legacy of giving in to your man no matter the consequences, that is handed down to the young women, generation after generation-- like fine china and cherished heirlooms. It's a legacy of control . . . of abuse and death. Big Momma Didn't Tell Me will make you laugh; sometimes it will make you cry. In the end, it is my hope that ultimately it will make you think-- about your choices, about love, and about relationship safety. Because "what you DON'T know CAN hurt you!"< Less
Grace-Based Recovery By Jonathan Daugherty
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Recovery from addiction is not easy. It is often made even more difficult when recovery programs measure an addict's progress only by their performance (did they act out or not). Many addicts bail... More > out of such programs or remain locked in a system that keeps them on a treadmill of endless activity. Performance-based recovery programs never lead an addict to real freedom. This book highlights what grace-based recovery is, what it is not, how it helps addicts with such necessary steps like confession and forgiveness, why grace is the best environment for recovery, and 7 basic principles for lifelong health and freedom. It also includes helpful resources for finding, or creating, grace-based recovery environments. This book is a great resource for support group leaders, pastors, counselors, or loved ones who want to know what is really at the heart of helping addicts break free from addictive patterns.< Less
The Outcome of Infinite Grace: Death Swallowed Up in Victory By Dr. Loyal F. Hurley
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"The last enemy to be destroyed is death!" It was this verse which caused the author, a pastor, to study afresh the subject of the fate of the wicked. The three choices apparent from a... More > surface reading of various biblical texts were eternal torment, extermination or ultimate reconciliation. The author studied to find which one was true.< Less
View From Here By Barbara J. Knutsen
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The hardships of abuse and torture and the strength of the human spirit have inspired “The View From Here – Vile Knowledge”. This book is wonderfully amazing. It is a story of a... More > young child's survival of torture and abuse. It is my journey from the torments of hell to finding peace in my adult life. How I took the blame and the shame and placed it where it belongs.< Less
The 4 Pillars of Purity By Jonathan Daugherty
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In this book readers will discover: The essential principles of biblical purity. Practical ideas for daily purity. Insightful answers to actual real-life purity questions. Helpful resources to... More > further growth. Real hope for a new life Filled with stories and personal transparency, Jonathan will take readers on a journey where they can gain the confidence to uncover secrets, understand exactly what is necessary for change, and make the move towards the life God has always wanted for them. Jonathan even guarantees readers will become men and women of purity when they implement the four pillars outlined in the book. This book is for anyone who is ready to take on the often secret realm of personal purity and embark on laying a new foundation for building a life of integrity and purpose.< Less
The Arthritis Revolution By Dr. Louis Pack
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What is THE ARTHRITIS REVOLUTION? With data from the Mayo Clinic and others, THE ARTHRITIS REVOLUTION dispels the long standing myth that osteoarthritis is due to age and weight. There are 90 year... More > old overweight individuals who have no knee pain, while others, younger and thinner, do. And joints that are replaced have to be replaced again. There must be other causes. Dr. Pack takes readers on a remarkable journey, clearly showing why and how osteoarthritis develops, and what can be done to eliminate pain and stay active, often without medications, dietary supplements or surgery. For some, THE ARTHRITIS REVOLUTION will change their lives, like the thousands Dr. Pack has treated over 40 yrs. Employing principles Dr. Pack has used with some of the world’s top athletes, you will also learn how to improve sports performance as you age.< Less
The Art of Passing the Buck, Vol I; Secrets of Wills and Trusts Revealed By Charles Arthur
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The Art of Passing the Buck offers a simple, comprehensive explanation of how Wills and Trusts work. It reveals wealth retention, management and empowerment techniques you can use to build a family... More > dynasty. Inheritance may often degenerate into legal battles, and/or dark whisperings among relatives. Who was cared for or neglected comes to the fore when reading the Will or setting up the Trust. Sometimes, siblings battle among themselves over who gets what, while parents become distraught making the myriad decisions related to their own passing. We explain how there can be a smooth transition when both Grantors and Beneficiaries have vital information. A must read for both givers and receivers of wealth, this book also covers: the history of Trusts, Trust types, Trustees and the law, privacy, who should not have a Trust, parenting and perpetual wealth, and heirs: the favored and the flawed. Emphasis throughout is on what works in the real world, based on decades of experience.< Less
Yes Yes Good: The Heart of Teaching By Cheryl Hulteen
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Teaching at Public School 1430 in New York City is where Cheryl Hulteen discovered and refined the heart of her teaching, “Prior to PS 1430 I taught the same way I had been taught. The teacher... More > speaks to the students and they listen somewhat attentively. The teacher tells students to do something and for the most part they do it. In many classrooms I worked in before PS 1430, the teachers led the class in a “Good morning Ms. H” sing-song chant as greeting to me, the new teacher, the Resident Artist. None of those things happened at PS 1430. I had to… improvise.” Hulteen shares how she improvised new, humorous and powerful ways of understanding what it meant to learn, teach and embrace change in an educational culture that often settled for much less. YES YES GOOD explores the poignantly compelling and emotional portraits of students and teachers who learn to: Say YES to their creativity and ideas. Say YES to the creativity and ideas of the people they work with.< Less
The 20-Minute Brain Charge By Dr. Ron Kelley
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This dynamic guide from Dr. Ron Kelley will motivate and inspire you. Dr. Ron Kelley is an internationally-known motivational speaker and author. This easy-to-read, brief, innovative "Life... More > Workbook" shows you how to recharge your life and become a better person in every aspect. A truly groundbreaking reading experience that recharges your life in 20 minutes and allows you to take notes on your new self-improvement on every page. We charge our phones constantly, this is the first charge for our brains. This is a book that will change your life.< Less
Selected Poems By Bob Schneider
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Bob Schneider's Selected Poems is a haunting and hilarious (often in the same line), artfully offensive, brilliantly reckless collection of poems. It’s a mad parade populated by burn victims,... More > heartbroken superheroes, perverts, mythical mermotaurs, Oscar winners, drunks, rock stars, Hitler, Lincoln, P. Diddy and a whole car load of dead monkeys. The poems read as confessions, threats, jokes, lies, and some as all-out prophecy. Schneider captures more in a single phrase than many accomplished novelists can do in a hundred pages. Line after line, poem after poem, this is a collection of giggling nightmares and blood-soaked love songs.< Less
WOMEN, INTIMACY and RELIGION By Camelia Straughn
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woman, Intimacy and Religion is a workbook that takes the reader through the different types, levels of intimacy and helps them determine where they are and help them set goals to improve.
2015-2016 Collin College Catalog 061615 By Collin College
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The Collin College Catalog contains information valuable to all Collin College students, including course and program descriptions, financial aid planning help, tuition costs, special programs and a... More > calendar of school dates.< Less
Beginning With Myself: A simple guideline for personal development and healing By Tasha Belle
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From a very young age the author understood that mental and emotional healing were very tough processes. Many of us find it hard to take responsibility for our short comings. Very often we find it... More > even more difficult to take the necessary steps to begin the process. After experiencing many tumultuous relationships with friends, family and romantic partners, the Author pulled back and analyzed every situation and learned something from it. She continues to apply these lessons to many aspects of her life. Beginning with Myself outlines some very beneficial steps that can be taken in order to become a more self aware individual when dealing with challenging times. The pointers in Beginning with Myself, also serve as a very helpful guide for emotional healing and personal growth.< Less
The Complete Practice Management Seminar - Classroom Slides By Jack Valancy
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New! These are the classroom slides participants receive in my two-day conference, The Complete Practice Management Seminar™. Contents Introduction 1. Making Career Decisions 2. Finding the... More > Right Job 3. Negotiating a Better Employment Contract 4. Succeeding in Practice 5. Commonsense Personal Finances 6. Starting and Running Your Practice 7. Personnel 8. Patient Accounting Coil binding lays flat for taking notes. Medical education program pricing available. Learn more at< Less
The Complete Practice Management Seminar -- Text By Jack Valancy
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This is the text participants receive in my two-day conference, The Complete Practice Management Seminar™. Contents Introduction 1. Making Career Decisions 2. Finding the Right Job 3.... More > Negotiating a Better Employment Contract 4. Succeeding in Practice 5. Commonsense Personal Finances 6. Starting and Running Your Practice 7. Personnel 8. Patient Accounting Now perfect bound, more compact. Medical education program pricing available. Learn more at< Less
A New Brand You | professional branding workbook By Kelley Gerwig, Gail Johnson
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Professional Branding is a career basic for anyone, at any age, in any workplace. It prepares you to best respond to the all-important interview question: “Tell me about yourself?” The... More > correctly defined Professional Brand makes certain you know, understand and communicate exactly who you are and your value to an organization---by emphasizing what makes you uniquely qualified and professionally memorable. Fortified by this knowledge and its resulting distinct competitive advantages, you will be equipped to achieve your professional goals.< Less
Whitehack – Second Edition Booklet By Christian Mehrstam
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Whitehack is a complete fantasy role-playing game in only 64 pages. It contains everything you need to get started quickly, including a campaign setting and two adventures. It is an emergent game... More > that can help you take your first steps and then keep challenging you as you beome a more experienced player. The rules are a mix of old and new school mechanics, built into a solid whole that can meet the demands of long campaigns. Whitehack can run 40+ years of material in the world’s first rules tradition, as well as material for many percentile systems in various genres. This is the Second Edition, Booklet 64 page version. Go to for more information.< Less
52 Ways to Connect with You By Kerri Perisich, Jalene Case
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Learn more about your inner self. Explore these concepts and activities designed to engage your heart, mind, and body to create a deeper connection with you. Discover how to make better choices in... More > building a life you love.< Less
Immanuel, God with Us By Ron Barnard
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Christmas can be a hectic and even heavy time for some- especially if you’ve experienced crisis or tragedy. Immanuel is always with us. His presence is predetermined, not conditional.... More > He’s with us when it’s good and He’s with us when it’s not. Granted there are times when it’s more difficult to see or feel His nearness, but nonetheless He is here and He is near. “The Word became flesh and walked among us.” He still does. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” He is Immanuel God with us. This devotional contains a short reading for each day, counting down the days until Christmas.< Less
The Balanced Life By John M. Bacon, Jr
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What is it that you are hoping for from life? What is it that you are "earnestly expecting"? Jesus said He came to give you life and life more abundantly. What does that look like... More > Spiritually? Mentally? Physically? Relationally? Financially? Eternally? Taking the Valuable Information from this book, and applying it to your life, it will assist you into the life of abundance that Jesus promised. Come, and let us take this journey together.< Less
SVP 2015 Program and Abstracts By Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
Paperback: $20.00
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Program and Abstracts Book for the SVP 75th Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, from October 14-17, 2015.
Lose Live By Ron Irwin
Paperback: $12.98
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Tired of all the fad diets, the annoying yoyo effect, the bogus pills and potions. Do you want to set you life and strong and healthy path for once and forever? If this you, then here is the book... More > you have been waiting for.< Less
Bootstrap Student Workbook By Emmanuel Schanzer et al.
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Bootstrap - a curriculum for Math and Computer science, aligned to the Common Core. Bootstrap teaches students how to program their own videogames using purely algebraic concepts, and is designed for... More > students ages 12-16. Based in part on work by Program by Design. This workbook is required for use with the Bootstrap curriculum. A free PDF of this book, along with the full lesson materials (links and all) can found at This is the student binder used in the 2015-2016 Bootstrap curriculum.< Less
Taking It In By Samuel Berne
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Many of us are walking around in a state of starvation, and don’t even realize it. In his new book Taking It In, Dr. Sam Berne focuses on malabsorption syndrome, the inability to take in the... More > nourishment in our food. This problem, which affects our eyes and all other systems of our bodies, has reached epidemic proportions. Taking It In discusses many causes of malabsorption: • Pharmaceutical use • The constant stress of modern life • Toxicities • Unresolved traumas • Inflammatory conditions like celiac disease, Lyme disease, and cancer The natural healing methods described in this book will increase your ability to absorb the nutrients you require for vitality and wellness. Join Dr. Berne as he offers strategies for returning your eyes and body to a state of vibrant well-being.< Less
Discovery of Three New Laws for the Physics of the Universe b&w By James Carter
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This book describes the new Circlon Synchronicity philosophy that uses the mechanics of Newton’s F=ma for the measurement of energy and matter within a universe of absolute mass, space, time... More > and gravity. The discovery that the electron’s mass has been decreasing since the beginning of time reveals the creation of matter in our evolutionary past. This creation story combines the Big Bang theory’s measurements with the evolving electrodynamics of circlon shaped electrons, protons and photons. This story begins with red shifted Hubble galaxies and the so called Dark Energy supernovas. Next, the photons of the 2.7˚K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation are created by 2256 decaying neutrons at the end of a stable neutron cloud era. A long time prior to this, all of our electrons and protons were bifurcated from a single anti-Hydrogen atom. This book is illustrated with many circlon models, nuclear structures, charts and equations that depict circlon electrodynamics and the evolution of the universe.< Less