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Night Of The Hatchet By A.W. Hammock
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When former Delta Force Operator Caleb Cook uncovers a plot involving a deadly terrorist cell, partnered with a ruthless drug cartel, his life and the lives of his family and countrymen will be in... More > constant danger unless Cook can stay one step ahead of the violent men planning to use a deadly weapon to strike deep into the heart of America.< Less
Prescilla's Vacation Memos By Dale M. Fockler
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Narratives, comments, pictures and memories during the twelve month, eighteen thousand mile, “walk-about” as we traveled over, up, down, around and through twenty eight of the forty-eight... More > continental United States.< Less
The Enchanted Doll: A Fairy Tale By Louise M. Dery-Wells
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In a toymaker’s shop, a beautiful doll stands alone under her glass, as she has stood for many years. Although the toymaker put her there to protect her, she is very lonely. Although many... More > children admire her, no parents will take her home, thinking her too lovely to touch. Her one comfort is a pretty pink rose—a magical flower that has an unusual scent. One day, however, an apprentice arrives to work with the toymaker. When the young man takes the doll out of her glass and allows the magic of the rose to work, everything changes for the doll, the toymaker, and one special little girl. This illustrated fairy tale explores the yearning to belong, the need for patience in the journey of life, and the power of that patience to heal, transform, and manifest our heart’s desires. All profits derived from The Enchanted Doll will be donated to one or more charities for children, listed on the author’s website,< Less
101 Years With Frank A. Doolittle: Lessons of Hard Work and Perseverance In the Life of a Local Centenarian of Bainbridge, NY. A Memoir By Melanie H. Sheldon
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These recollections of Frank A. Doolittle span 101 years and are written primarily from his own words as dictated to his nieces and nephews. In these accounts you will be able to discover... More > Frank’s exceptional dry country humor that has endeared him to so many of his friends and relatives. His adherence to always having worthwhile community service to perform, to owning a local business in town and more recent to his daily chores and balanced diet have filled his busy days. The Doolittle and Lyon families have asked to include some family history and old photos. You will see some of these as well. Imagine 100 years ago when Frank was a young boy, the oldest of 4 children, and the son of a school teacher and a lumberjack. The reader will leaf through the ten decades that include cultivating crops, processing maple syrup and becoming a successful business man, well respected in and around Bainbridge, New York.< Less
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At a recent event I came across someone who had read both my previous books but was still unable to grasp anything about hacking. The language and tasks discussed in my former books are very complex.... More > He asked me to write something basic that everyone can understand. So, I thought to write about Hacking with a Smartphones, a readily available tool to everyone in this 21st Century. Even a rickshaw driver today who earns hundred rupees a day owns a Smartphone. Understandably,none of us want our data to be hacked by a rickshaw driver, but the tricks and methods in this book have been explained so easily that even they can clench it. With the craze of e-shopping and net banking increasing the rate of cyber crime is increasing too. This book will tell you simple countermeasures about smart phones and digital security, they are simple but dangerous. Note: Don’t expect big hacking techniques through this book, it may disappoint you. #hackinstagram #spyandroidmobile #whatsapphacking #iPhoneHacking< Less
GEOMETRY: Volume I By James Tanton
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(5 Ratings)
Tanton's take on a standard high-school geometry course.
Sinnott's —— Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy By Rob Sinnott, DC, DPhCS
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Sinnott's——Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy offers the Chiropractic profession a clear and concise view of what sets Chiropractic apart as a separate and distinct profession. Not... More > since R.W. Stephenson wrote his famous text in 1927, has the profession had a texbook designed for both classroom use and personal study that digs deeply into the details of the philosophy of Chiropractic. After a twenty year search for answers to his own questions of Chiropractic philosophy, Dr. Sinnott offers much of that knowledge in an easily understandable way through his pleasant writing style and use of practical examples. If you are looking for a clearly written resource of Chiropractic information, look no further! Feel free to click the book cover to see a preview of Sinnott's——Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy!< Less
Finding Your Way Home By Brent Sute
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Join Marsha Myles in her journey to home ownership as she overcomes her fears by becoming educated in the mortgage and home buying process. Learn about credit, home affordability, the steps in... More > getting a home loan, and the 10 commandments of getting a mortgage.< Less
Retractable Sea Kayak Skeg By Nick Schade
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Plans and instructions to build your own retractable sea kayak skeg. A skeg provides another dimension of control to your kayak.
Environmental Science Exercises Third Edition By Robert Larsson, Ph.D.
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This is a lab manual for a College Introduction to Environmental Science Class.
The Art and Science of Project Management By Roger Warburton, Vijay Kanabar
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The Art & Science of Project Management. This is the second edition, which is updated for the PMBOK 5th edition. Master project management with this book from authors experienced in practice,... More > teaching, and research. Learn: The foundations of Project Management, explained with dozens of examples. What works and what doesn't. The PMBOK processes and knowledge areas, with critical analyses. Dozens of templates to use for your project. How the latest research applies to your project. Advanced cost and schedule estimation methods to monitor and control projects. The second edition includes a Microsoft Project tutorial. Version 2.1 adds the latest in Schedule Estimation.< Less
Pattern Puzzles - My Geometry Notebook By Bill Doherty
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The study of High School Geometry is largely about understanding the attributes of different terms and rules. In this workbook, students have the opportunity to creatively describe those attributes... More > using the "Pattern Puzzle" approach inspired by the work of Russian computer scientist, Mikhail Bongard. His Bongard Problems described situations by displaying six figures that all contained a common attribute along with six accompanying figures, none of which contained that defining attrribute. Students can use this principle to describe Geometry terms, theorems, postulates, constructions, properties and laws in ways that will be meaningful to them. The workbook allows instructors to adapt the content to the particular needs of their own course, and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. For more information, feedback or suggestions, please contact the author, Bill Doherty, at< Less
A Guide to the Recovery Toolbox By Steve Becker
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People in recovery often hear of the tools. What are they? When do I use them? How? This book is a reference guide to help answer these questions, with over 80 tools and a troubleshooting section.... More > Written to be accessible not only to twelve-step programs (AA, NA, Alanon, CoDA, etc) but anyone who wants to learn, whether you're in recovery or not.< Less
Not Too Far: A Journey of Words By Eileen Herbert Hugo
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Not Too Far is a book of poetry of place, relationship, observation, history and personal moments caught on the poet’s pen. Playful and serious, unforgiving and compassionate, Eileen offers an... More > original take on subjects both familiar and mysterious. If you read Eileen Hugo’s poems too quickly you might end up with whip­lash. She will snap you from nostalgia about childhood that might not actually be mostly about childhood to a tongue­in­ cheek sensuality that might mean exactly what it says; or not. These poems are well made, lyrical bits of real life as it was lived. Sometimes the poet is the observer, sometimes the actor, but always intensely within the emotion. As you peek into this life open yourself to intense feeling and be sure you stop and take a breath once in a while. Del Cain –Director Austin International Poetry Festival.< Less
Archives for Congregations: A Practical Guide to Developing a Church Archives Second Edition By National Episcopal Historians and Archivists
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A practical guide to developing a church archives. The purpose of the booklet is to help motivated lay people and clergy in the Episcopal Church to identify, preserve and make available their... More > congregation's historical records and materials.< Less
Chemistry: A Novel (Textbook) - Volume 1 By R. Mark Matthews
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The first of a two-volume textbook for college General Chemistry students, this book takes a “novel” approach on two fronts. It’s written and formatted in a way that encourages it... More > be read just like any other book, while also eschewing many of the traditional tropes of traditional chemistry textbooks. Figures, graphs and tables are embedded within the text itself, usually without labels or captions, in an attempt to keep the “narrative flow” going. Similarly, sample calculations are presented in a step-by-step fashion to mimic how an instructor would guide a student through a problem if he or she were doing it in person.< Less
Beginning With Myself: A simple guideline for personal development and healing By Tasha Belle
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From a very young age the author understood that mental and emotional healing were very tough processes. Many of us find it hard to take responsibility for our short comings. Very often we find it... More > even more difficult to take the necessary steps to begin the process. After experiencing many tumultuous relationships with friends, family and romantic partners, the Author pulled back and analyzed every situation and learned something from it. She continues to apply these lessons to many aspects of her life. Beginning with Myself outlines some very beneficial steps that can be taken in order to become a more self aware individual when dealing with challenging times. The pointers in Beginning with Myself, also serve as a very helpful guide for emotional healing and personal growth.< Less
Spotting the Trend: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story By Jenny Chang
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When Jenny Chang teamed up with her husband and sister to start an Internet security company, she struggled with juggling a new business, family life, and the demands of traveling. But Trend Micro,... More > Inc.— founded in 1988 with $5,000 in seed money—grew into a Nikkei 225 company making more than $1 billion per year in revenue and with operations in more than twenty countries. In this business book/memoir, she looks back at how she and her partners capitalized on the global threat of cyber-crime, turning a fledgling company into an amazing growth story. Chang does much more than just revisit the company’s history: She shares the story of the three founders and their vision, and she reveals all the details behind how they transformed the security industry—and their own lives—in ways they never imagined.< Less
From Shaw Island to the Zambezi By Carole Davis
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This book travels the world and brings an optimistic spirit and a sense of humor to the author's adventures. Hopscotch the globe as bombs burst over the Middle East and desert sands blow over nomadic... More > tents. Get a glimpse of Shaw Island life, take a peaceful stroll along English hedgerows and then blast down the Zambezi River in a raft. Experience what it's like to be a Red Cross volunteer in the aftermath of tragedy. Stay with a colorful bachelor in Turkey and learn why couch surfing is not always a bed of roses. Explore life on a canal boat, get stuck in the mud in Morocco and eat caterpillars in Africa. Spend thirteen terrifying seconds under water, hang over Victoria Falls and roam London towpaths in a garbage bag. As always, you'll find an indefatigable sense of adventure as Carole travels the world in her unique style. Once again, get ready to expect the unexpected< Less
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Ptr. Luna shares insights from the first two chapters of the Gospel of Mark. In these lessons he explains in a clear, concise way how people experienced deliverance back then, and how we can... More > experience it today.< Less
CNPS Proceedings 2015 By David de Hilster
Paperback: $19.95
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Annual Proceedings of the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS) which accepts papers that challenge mainstream physics and cosmology. These proceedings are in conjunction with the 1st... More > annual conference in 2015 of the CNPS at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.< Less
Wordjournal UD 2015 pink By Freedom Noble
Paperback: List Price: $2.50 $2.38 | You Save: 5%
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A tool to use for Bible reading for youth groups fully customized.
Wordjournal UD 2015 White By Freedom Noble
Paperback: List Price: $2.50 $2.38 | You Save: 5%
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This is a tool for bible reading in youth culture with a reading plan
Filling the Empty Quarter: Declaring a Green Jihad On the Desert By Abdulla Alshehi
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This Book offers out of the box ideas and the most innovative techniques in Water Harvesting & Saving technologies to help transform the Empty Quarter Desert into blooming Gardens. Chief... More > Executive Officer to a leading environmental company in the UAE. A strong advocate of Environment issues. Received many awards related to his environmental achievements. Saved over 500 Million Liters of Water wasted in the car wash business. Inventor of “AL-Maa” concept which shall revolutionize the water harvesting science.< Less
Foodies! By Damon Norko
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Food – where does it come from and what do we “really” experience when we eat? Meet a young man who has designed a way to enhance that experience, taking us all the way back to the... More > food source. But do the delicious food sensations mask a terrible secret? This short story is part of a series of stories showcasing the choices we humans make as we come to grapple with our vicious and violent, kind and caring, eminently changeable nature.< Less