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The Traveling Man By David Chance
Paperback: $6.53
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This book describes the life and travels of David Chance. He has visited all 50 states on at least 3 different times.
Supreme Mathematic African Ma'at Magic By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $15.00
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(2 Ratings)
The purpose of the book entitled “Supreme Mathematic, African Ma’at Magic” is to show that Mathematics is of African origin; To show relationships between African and Modern... More > mathematical objects, terms, and concepts; To show how African Mathematical methods can be used to solve certain problems not easily solved by modern mathematical methods; and To Show the Importance that Ancient Africans placed on Mathematics to solve problems, establish Truth and Order (Ma’at), and Apply knowledge to create Systems and Technologies needed for survival and well-being. This book is an introductory educational tool for a long term goal and mission of growing, cultivating, nurturing, and promoting African Creativity, and Ingenuity to develop, engineer, innovate, invent, and create any structures, devices, or systems needed. The importance of Mathematics is emphasized in this book to provide Motivation, inspiration, and Insight into the relationship between Ancient African and Modern Mathematics.< Less
Gelato and Gourmet Frozen Desserts - A professional learning guide By Luciano Ferrari
Paperback: $68.95
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This textbook offers a large number of classical and modern recipes to manufacture gourmet Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Ice Cream, Water Ice and Frozen Custard. The mission of this work is to introduce... More > and to direct with a very practical yet professional approach all those who would like to open a frozen dessert business or the frozen dessert professionals who are looking for good ideas to offer their customers. The recipes are completed by useful garnish tips that refer to the comprehensive garnish recipe chapter. Through a very easy-to-read recipe layout, with dosage expressed both in metric and in US Standard System, the operator is taken from the ingredient list to the mixing directions all the way to the manufacturing tips so to make sure he gets all the necessary information to create the most outstanding and authentic frozen dessert concoctions. All recipes have been individually tested to guarantee the result and are formulated according to the most user's friendly technical methods.< Less
The Science of Sciences and The Science in Sciences By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $20.00
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The purpose of the book entitled "The Science of Sciences and The Science in Sciences" is to show the origin of the Modern Scientific and Mathematical methods in Ancient and Traditional... More > African culture and philosophy; To describe the method by which information is acquired, processed and used; To establish a complete "Philosophy of Science"; and To teach "the Science of God" used for Creating Creations. This book is an introductory educational tool for a long term goal and mission of growing, cultivating, nurturing, and promoting African Creativity, and Ingenuity to develop, engineer, innovate, invent, and create any structures, devices, or systems needed. The importance of Science is emphasized in this book to motivate the reader to embrace Ancient and Traditional African "scientific-based" culture and philosophy to become creators of advanced operative Sciences and Technologies for survival, well being, problem solving, liberation, healing, and positive standards of living and higher quality of life.< Less
Turn Into The Skid By James Rocks Pitrak
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(3 Ratings)
Grieving a loss, dealing with severe medical issues, and navigating through financial hardship can all be difficult challenges. Having faced all of these challenges and more in the last decade, Jim... More > Pitrak will share with you what he has learned from his experiences. He will lead you down the road of life showing you how to grow through your challenges. Join him to learn how the secret to sustained joy, peace, and satisfaction lies in what is often counterintuitive, and discover what life is like when you grab the wheel and turn into the skid.< Less
Computer Programming for Kids with Scratch By Craig Whitmore
Paperback: $24.00
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Are you teaching computer programming to students? This is a quarter-length curriculum to help classroom teachers teach the Scratch programming language. It contains 30 full-color, student-tested... More > tutorials (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), including making games like Pong, Asteroids, Pac-Man, an additional "retro game", an original game, and two real-world challenge programs. Teachers who purchase either the ebook or paperback can make a class set for their students to use. Scratch is a free programming application developed by the MIT Media Lab and is available at< Less
Intermediate Algebra Text By David Arnold
Paperback: $18.00
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This textbook is used by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California for instructional purposes in their Math 120 course, Intermediate Algebra. This text was... More > written by the department specifically for use in Math 120.< Less
The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival: An Amazon Matrix of Meaning By Laurie J. Kendall, Ph.D.
Paperback: $17.00
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This book is a five-year ethnographic study of the lesbian culture built at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. The study explores the construction of an Amazon consciousness and its manifestation... More > in symbol, myth, and ritual performance at the Festival. It also explores the ways womyn build homes, families, and sacred traditions during the Festival.< Less
Sunday Brunch: Practical Vignettes for a Bold and Fruitful Life By Sonique Sailsman
Paperback: $7.99
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(4 Ratings)
Do you often look for practical examples of how to walk out your faith? Do you struggle to find ways to make your faith relevant? If so, Sunday Brunch is a compilation of vignettes that provide you... More > with insightful and modern ways of thinking about how you represent Christ. Stories range from divine encounters to dealing with anxiety. You will certainly be able to relate to what you read and live it out in your everyday life.< Less
When My Daddy Left I lost My Sight By Acquanette Davis
Paperback: $16.94
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Acquanette Davis was born in Memphis Tennessee. Her Father left at a young age. She longed for him growing up. Life was not easy. One event changed her perspective on life. She fought through... More > depression, got an education, even blessed with a son but the void remained. In this book she shares her deep emotional, spiritual and mental challenges she endured to make it in life.She writes to inspire, encourage and motivate young and old women who cried for their dad in the mid night hour only to hear a pin drop of silence.< Less
The Mermaid's Cottage By George Frangoulis
Paperback: List Price: $12.50 $10.00 You Save: 20%
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THE MERMAID'S COTTAGE: Poetry for George, is the first book by its author, Kristin Frangoulis. The poetry in the book was written in her home in Vafeios on the Greek Island of Lesbos. It contains 23... More > beautifully written and evocative poems that are both love letters to her husband George and insightful observations of village life on a Greek island.< Less
The Story of Baby Rabbit: A Resource to Help You Talk to Young Children About Miscarriage or Stillbirth By Graeme Smith et al.
Paperback: $8.99
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Graeme Smith, MD, PhD is a Professor and Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Queen’s University. He works with many families who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. He has developed a... More > website ( as a resource for women during pregnancy and after delivery. Sian Phillips, PhD is a Child Psychologist who is an adjunct professor at Queen’s University who specializes in working with interpersonal trauma and attachment issues. Jerri Oehler, PhD is a pediatric nurse/psychologist at the Carteret Clinic for Adolescents and Children affiliated with Duke University. She has a long history of working with families who have had a loss during pregnancy or postpartum. Malia Murphy is a PhD student at Queen’s University studying complications in pregnancy and their impact on maternal outcomes.< Less
Living In The Abyssal Zone By Luis Bejines
Paperback: $6.00
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A collection of poems from people all over the world who have arrived to the United States and their hopes, dreams, fiascos, and all that an immigrant can take and learn from the diaspora of going... More > away from their original country.< Less
Selling Backwards By Ryan Dohrn
Paperback: $24.95
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Looking to grow revenue? A proven ad sales training system for media companies wanting to grow revenue today! How to sell more advertising to social media saturated, digitally focused, seriously... More > confused advertisers.< Less
So, What? By Portland Poetry Slam
Paperback: $10.00
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Collection by the 2014 national poetry slam team from Portland, Oregon
Have a Great Day! a collection of inspirational short stories By Diana Polyakov
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is a collection of short inspirational stories written by unknown authors. I’ve gathered these stories throughout the years. The most inspirational stories that touched my heart and... More > made me a better person – are compiled in this book. My goal is to bring these stories to my readers and to ignite, inspire and encourage their hearts. Once you pick up this book - please read it slowly. Take your time. Listen to the words coming through your mind and your heart. Enjoy each and every one of these stories. Give them the opportunity to touch your soul. Ask yourself what can you learn by reading the story? How can it affect your life? Can you become a better and hap-pier person? You might find some stories more inspirational than the others. Some will make you cry. Some will make you laugh. Remember that all the stories in the book are designed to inspire and encourage you. I truly hope that you get as much fun and inspiration from reading this book, as I got from working on it.< Less
Things Happen When Seniors Care By Marie Frost
Paperback: $10.00
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Author Marie Frost provides advice for senior citizens looking to impact the lives of others in meaningful ways. Includes a challenges and inspirational ideas for sharing the love of Christ with... More > others.< Less
Symphony in Six Movements By Sy Brandon
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $18.75 You Save: 25%
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Symphony in Six Movements is a collection of sixty poems covering approximately fifty years of Sy Brandon’s life. The poems are divided into six movements; Nature, Youth, Self-awareness,... More > Creativity, Viewpoints, and Love, where the ideas develop similar to the development of themes in a symphony. This collection includes over twenty-five photographs taken by Brandon, that reflect upon the meaning of the poems.< Less
A Day at the Zoo By Sy Brandon
Paperback: List Price: $15.95 $15.15 You Save: 5%
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Come visit the zoo with poet Sy Brandon and illustrator Candace Schoonover. Sy's poem "A Day at the Zoo"describes ten different scenes in a lighthearted humorous manner. Candace's... More > full-color illustrations leave the featured animal uncolored so that it can be colored in by the reader.< Less
No Other Rock By Corella Roberts
Paperback: List Price: $10.99 $9.89 You Save: 10%
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(1 Ratings)
In the time of Isaiah the prophet, Jerusalem is in shambles. The temple is stripped to pay tribute, and the people seek answers from gods made of wood and stone. The youngest daughter of a poor... More > potter, Rizpah’s future is certain. She’ll marry whomever her father chooses and work hard until her last breath. But after seeing her sister’s tears at her wedding, Rizpah knows she can never accept the same fate. Her stubbornness—and an act of bravery—land her in a worse position than before: a slave in a vineyard. But perhaps her chance at love hasn’t vanished after all. Rizpah finds herself caught between two startling prospects and the gods they represent. Will her choices lead her to freedom and love or to danger and despair?< Less
Sub: My Years Underground in America's Schools By Tom Gallagher
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $20.00 You Save: 20%
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As a substitute teacher in the schools of San Francisco and South San Francisco, Tom Gallagher sees kids on their worst behavior five days a week – that’s when business is good. Once a... More > member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Gallagher currently holds the line against academic entropy in everything from pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade, from Physics to Phys Ed. The fundamental stance of Sub: My Years Underground in America’s Schools is wry – it dares raise questions like why the guy who invented middle schools was never prosecuted for crimes against humanity. At the same time, Gallagher finds much of the current national debate on education misplaced – the system works just fine for some, but for others – particularly in much of urban black America – where they may be the only lifeline available, schools are asked to solve problems in children’s lives that are far beyond their scope.< Less
Warfare in the Age of Madness 1.1 By Timothy O'Connor
Paperback: $19.99
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Warfare in the Age of Madness is a game of company-level battles in a dark near future. Designed for 15mm figures, opposing forces fight to survive by scavenging supply caches from the battlefield,... More > stripping enemy casualties of their gear, and raiding the enemy field camp. Features include easy to learn rules, small armies of just a few dozen 15mm figures (about 10-12 elements/stands) and a few vehicles, and a flexible force creation system. Create a completely custom force representing anything from a former regular rifle company (and now your personal war band!) to a hardened civilian militia from your hometown. The game uses only standard 6-sided dice and can be played on the average dining room or kitchen table.< Less
Hymnal for the Hours (Hardcover) By Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.
Hardcover: $25.50
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This hymnal brings together almost 500 English hymns, in plainchant, for use in the modern Liturgy of the Hours. The texts are approved translations of the very hymns appointed for each of the hours... More > (Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline, Matins). The book includes the weekly cycles, liturgical seasons, commons of saints, and certain propers of saints.< Less
Dear Hannah, By Hannah Kim
Paperback: $7.99
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This book is based on a true story. The book consists of numbers of letters containing true stories about a family being written to a sister called Hannah. Hannah is also the author who is... More > publishing the works to let more people to read about the miraculous stories. The woman is writing to Hannah about a woman named Lois and her family. Lois talks to God as if he was next to her in her everyday life. The writer slowly learns who God really is and is able to restart her life.< Less
Compass In My Hand By Melanie Hoover
Paperback: $9.99
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Need assistance to stay on course along the way? Melanie Hoover recommends you keep a compass in your hand! Her spiritual reflections on Romans Chapter 1 are the place to start your day.