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101 Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend: A Guide to the Art of Fully Living By Susan Bregman, PhD
Paperback: $9.99
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The phrase “be your own best friend” is a well-known saying primarily because this approach really works. Being your own best friend develops self-reliance and self-compassion. It gives... More > you the strength to become the director and producer of your own life—and it can even help you enrich relationships with others. This practical guide to living life to its fullest offers insights, anecdotes, unique exercises, and daily practices that can help you see all the possibilities in life. You can discover ways to • make big decisions with confidence; • find peace and satisfaction in life; • build self-discipline and self-esteem; • relieve stress; and • accomplish your goals. When you reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, you can boost your chances of a positive outcome. You can better understand ways to care for your mind, body, and spirit—and appreciate and enjoy the precious gift of you.< Less
Becoming Awake and Alive By Michael Corona
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Back in the day I lost everything when I was a homeless couch hopper. I got a second chance, took it, made something out of nothing and learned a ton along the way. Inside you'll find some short... More > entries about how that can help you!< Less
Water Safety with Swimmy By Carolanne Caron
Paperback: $19.95
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Water Safety with Swimmy is a fun book about Swimmy and his 5 friends and teaches 10 very important Water Safety Rules as well as giving a summary of the rules at the end. Please read this book with... More > your children and discuss the rules each time you visit a pool, lake, ocean, or have any swimming experience. For older children, the book can be memorized by singing the rhyme to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.< Less
Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand By T-Shirt Magazine
Hardcover: $45.00
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Whether you’ve already started a t-shirt brand or are just an aspiring t-shirt entrepreneur with a dream, the clothing industry can be one of the toughest to break into. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS... More > T-SHIRT BRAND is the perfect hand-book if you’re looking to build a successful t-shirt brand. From valuable advice to specific examples and anecdotes from successful t-shirt entrepreneurs, this 200+ page guide is packed with priceless information that can help your dreams of running a profitable t-shirt brand come true. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS T-SHIRT BRAND will give you advice and instructions on the following: - Creating a solid brand - The legal aspects of running a clothing brand - Getting funding to launch your brand - How to set up an online shop - How to make kick-ass t-shirt designs - Getting your shirts produced - How to get your products in stores - Managing your business - And much more!< Less
The Stories My Children Didn't Want to Hear By peggy brooks
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Wonderfully soulful collection of real life stories of a young country girl growing up in Southeast Arkansas.
Paperback: $13.00
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Can we say of Religion what the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy said of Economics: It is not one homogeneous enterprise? If so, then what is religion as a plural phenomenon? Should we... More > understand religious traditions as carriers of revealed truth in the current age of empirical science? Or should we appreciate the power of the human imagination to satisfy our curiosity? Can human ingenuity reconcile the psychological and historical biases of religious traditions? Can we see them as both individual and communal realities? I propose to understand religious traditions under the rubric of a metaphor. They are mosaics, subtle designs of human experiences—designs that have emerged from the human struggle of coping with the constant impulse to make sense of life. Human ingenuity is capable of creating counter-cultural communities that persist as chains of memory. Their historical function is celebrating relationships that define our destiny and who we are.< Less
Eat Right Now By Chef Wendell Fowler
Paperback: $16.95
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America's dietary awakening, vegan & raw recipes, food essays on the toxic standard American diet, green essays, Locavore, food as preventive medicine.
World Class Contract Management - The ULTIMATE Reference Guide for Purchasing Professionals By Omid Ghamami
Hardcover: $39.99
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This book is intended to give an overview of the highly critical skill of purchasing contract management (or what sales professionals would call ‘sales contract management’). Purchasing... More > professionals are consistently plagued by inadequate knowledge of purchasing contract law, which becomes a capability gap and therefore a career liability. The goal of this book is to address this problem and turn this liability to an area of strength and competitive advantage for purchasing professionals. This book is intended to be a timeless reference guide, and is written for the practitioner – the person who wants concrete and actionable direction to do their job better and get their career on the fast track. The importance and purpose of contracts is covered, followed by how to customize purchasing contracts to fit the purchase, and then a detailed (116 pages) coverage of all major contract clauses, what they mean, and how to negotiate them. The book closes out with best in class post contract management practices.< Less
Good Stuff By Troy Williamson
Paperback: $32.49
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This book offers a survey of moral theory, focusing primarily on utilitarianism, nonconsequentialism, and virtue theory.
Lord, Can You Please Help A Nigga Out By Gary scott
Paperback: $15.95
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My granddaddy used to say, “There ain't no such thing as a Nigga. Niggas are a figment of the imagination; a mental construct. An idea created to keep men down. A way of thinking that only... More > existed in a man's mind.” My granddaddy also picked his lottery numbers from a book of dreams that he kept under his bed. If he had a dream and saw a white rabbit hopping across a freshly cut lawn on Labor Day it meant you played numbers 572. If the dream was him riding on a bus uptown and a guy wearing a purple suit with a red feather in his hat, gets on the bus with exact change, and ask if the bus is heading downtown, you played 769. So we didn't take what granddaddy said too seriously. Besides I live in the hood, and in the hood “Niggas” were everywhere.< Less
The Lord is Holding Your Right Hand By Cynthia Adams
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A Christian for several years, the author bears her soul with several testimonies, includes: Having the same dream every night for seven years,then The Lord brings the dream to past.A divine healing,... More > being lifted 15 feet in the air by the Lord. The Lord running drug dealers out of a neighborhood, and a revelation from the Lord about the spirit of poverty. The Lord telling the World poverty is not just being financial poor, but also poor in our spirit.< Less
The Spirit of the Gift: A Storymap to Living in the Gift By Skye Dreamer
Paperback: $5.87
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Storymap - a symbolic expression and exploration of a subjective terrain of experience. The Spirit of the Gift chronicles a journey of exploration into the realm of living within the gift. The book... More > takes the audience along a four-stage story. In our Departure we find the lens through which we can see our stories. With the awareness of Storyteller Consciousness we walk onto the second stage of Disruption. As imagination, inspiration, and excitement return to one's journey, act three begins with Expansion. Gift Consciousness blossoms in response to a Story of Interbeing that sees all as connected parts of a larger whole and grows from the water of gifting. A desire to free the gifts of humanity in a gift economy moves the actor into stage four: Integration. Circling the Whole with Integration brings unity at a higher order of complexity. Collectively in community we remember ourselves and become effective healers of the wounds of separation. We write the story together.< Less
Lottie's Lot By Nancy O'Connor
Paperback: $18.95
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“A thorough and engaging exploration of a family matriarch during a pivotal time in women’s history. The changing role of women is first revealed when a young girl defies her father and... More > follows her heart to marry the man she loves. She would later defy social convention in a small prairie town to defend her daughter’s reputation. Despite having to struggle constantly with poverty, terrible family tragedies, and being frequently uprooted, Lottie’s lot in life turns her into an admirable survivor who never loses her resolve to support and defend her large family.< Less
Painting a Picture of the Littrell Family By Dana Hardin Camp
Paperback: $15.00
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The title of the book is a tribute to my Great Uncle, George William Littrell. He was such a special man, and he gave us a treasured gift. He wrote a song about his Mama and Daddy and his brothers... More > and sisters, called Painting a Picture. I love this song, and when I listen to it I can see Lacy and Marie, and I can see their children which included my grandmother and my Great Uncle George. George painted a picture with song. And, this showed me there is more than one way to paint a picture. This book also contains a complete family tree ranging from 1600s to 1900s with sources.< Less
The Lore Anthology By John Klobucher
Paperback: List Price: $10.95 $8.76 You Save: 20%
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Welcome to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond. In these first episodes of the Lore... Three brave strangers cross a wild land to find a folk hidden... More > away, a people long turned from the light of the world yet the last hope to save the day. The Lore Anthology includes Episodes 1 through 5 from the Lore of the Underlings series, a poetically heroic and comically apocalyptic episodic fantasy-fiction epic.< Less
A Dreamer's Handbook By Skye Dreamer
Paperback: $2.00
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The Art of Dreaming is the ability to expand one's awareness into novel potentials of creativity and the capacity to manifest a dream's vision into reality. A Dreamer's Handbook is a visual journey... More > through the thirteen gateways of dreaming and provides Dreamers with insights, directions, affirmations, inspirations, intentions, and allies to assist with both waking and sleeping dream states. This handbook is intended to aid in the identification, healing, transmutation, and release of the learned barriers that keep a Dreamer from using the imagination's paintbrush to create with vibrant colours on life's canvas. Using symbolic visuals, both in image and in word, A Dreamer's Handbook serves as a remembrance of our collective capacity to create beauty and wonder on Earth. We dream the new dawn together.< Less
Marine Marketing Strategies By Matt Sellhorst
Paperback: $29.95
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Many dealers are squandering; 20K, 50K even 500K in cold hard cash on marketing each year with little to no trackable results…Then, without any ideas of how to do it better, write those same... More > huge checks again next year… And, the year after that? Are you finally ready to do something about it? The marketing principals in this book never change and can be applied to all of your marketing techniques for any portion of your business; boat sales, service, marina, ship store, even peripheral businesses like ATV’s, snow machines and the like. So, how do you avoid squandering all that money on marketing you know in your gut isn’t working? You start, by avoiding the five marketing mistakes in my new book titled: Marine Marketing Strategies: “Which Ones Actually Work…And Which Ones Are Guaranteed to Drain Your Bank Account, Jeopardize Your Margins and Squash Your Dealership’s Quest for Higher Profit”< Less
Cerulean Skies By Creative Writing I
Paperback: $6.12
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The literary magazine of Blue Ridge Community College produced by the students of Creative Writing I--Spring 2014--Editor and Faculty Advisor, Katie Winkler
Carosella By SueAnn Jackson Land
Paperback: $15.00
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Amanda Jane Kehoe is in for the ride of her life. A survivor of trauma, Amanda enters Uriah’s Otherworld and discovers an angelic barker who writes Psalms, a nine foot grasshopper who doubles... More > as a writer and a boyfriend who hears animals talking to him. Three teens befriend one another at St. Finnian’s Psychiatric Hospital, living in a place known to all the children as “The Circus.” Will they outsmart Larry Hale or be stuck in the Tunnel of Love for all eternity? Carosella is a skirmish between alternate realities versus delusion, psychic ability versus hallucination, and medicine versus miracle. The question posed is: “Are you extraordinary because you are a freak or a freak because you are extraordinary?”< Less
Workplace Communication By Kenny Barkley
Paperback: $18.00
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It’s time for a paradigm shift in workplace communication! Are you ready to increase the dynamics of your communication environment at work – to evolve from a routine message... More > distribution system to a powerful change agent that will engage employees and the public? Workplace Communication offers easy-to-use internal and external communication practices that are ready to be implemented. It is the meat and potatoes for communication practitioners and organizations who want more than a newsletter. There are practices related to goal-oriented communication; how to work with journalists; employee incentive programs; external communication ideas; employee feedback methods; and, of course, there are plenty of ideas for internal communication. So, don’t expect another book on communication theory – Workplace Communication is about hands-on practices that work. It doesn’t just tell you how to do it, but it shows you how.< Less
the big damn coloring book By Valerie Walker
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $13.50 You Save: 10%
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A coloring book of Feri concepts, designed to engage the Fetch. Color these pictures as a meditative act and let the spirit of Feri into your dreams.