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Paperback Disciplinary Manual By Clayton Cowart
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This manual is written to give assistance and order that will conform to the standard of the law of the land for Church of God The Bibleway Inc. It makes the vision of the church plain so that those... More > who are a part of this great church may understand the structure and laws of the church. It is vitally important to any religious institution that a godly order be set.< Less
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The first black and white collection of art and comics spanning over five years of Nathan Fox's career. From the NY Times Magazine cover ink work to Comic Book Biker-chick shenanigans, these pages... More > are sure to keep you hogtied and bound in ink. Featuring an introduction by Matt Fraction and contributing comments from Brian Wood, Joe Casey, M.F. Wilson and Joe Lansdale. Black & White 160 Pages English (Translated Editions available in the near future)< Less
The Testimony of a Black Sheep By Willie Stokes
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The Testimony of a Black Sheep provides an “up close and inside” view into the gang culture. The author uses a continuous and consistent flow of personal anecdotes that vividly describes... More > the dangerous and subservient life of a gang member. I have shared this book with minors who are currently incarcerated in a juvenile correctional facility for crimes committed while associated with youth gangs. It was indeed a “wake up call” for the youth to get a “real” look into their futures. They were able to relate to many of the situations that the author described. Michael Fautt MA Juvenile Probation Counselor Sociology Instructor, Community College< Less
Getting Started With Your Pendulum By Mary Baxter
Paperback: $10.99
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A quick guide to start using your pendulum and develop your intuition.
The Last Mile of the Way By Dr. Samuel Craig
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The loss of a love one is the most difficult event to face in one's life. The Last Mile of the Way will comfort all who face such a challenge. Dr. Craig -- as a pastor, teacher, and hospice Champlain... More > has guided many through this trying time. In this book, he gives eye witness accounts and by doing so, he offers invaluable insight to those looking for answers and coping strategies. Although we resist talking about end of life experiences, Dr. Craig will encourage us to have the conversation now. His expertise will prepare the reader for life's darkest hour.< Less
Architecture Alphabet Soup By Maggie Carberry
Paperback: $28.00
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Twenty-six mixed-media paintings by Maggie Carberry, each inspired by a letter of the alphabet.
A Lone Candle: Secrets Too Heavy To Bear By Bernice Fishman, Carol Fishman
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As you read this history of a family caught in the midst of World War II, you will shed tears, be horrified by perpetrators, and amazed by the family’s resilience, tenacity and luck, as they... More > tried to survive the harrowing world in Poland. This is a glimpse of life through a child’s eyes of a typical Jewish family before, during and after the Holocaust. Bernice wanted her story published for current and future generations of the Friedenberg and Graudens families. She knew the details would be lost over the years, and the stories gone within a few generations.< Less
The Ozone Laundry Handbook By Rip G. Rice, Marc DeBrum
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A Comprehensive guide for the proper application of ozone in the commercial laundry industry
17 Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed Plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing By John Di Lemme
Paperback: $14.97
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17 Strategies to Close Every Sale Guaranteed Plus How to Combat the Fear of Closing
Embryos By Paul Prater
Paperback: $40.00
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Embryos is Paul Prater’s compilation of routines spanning eight years of stage shows. However, Embryos is much more than that. Paul also covers how to incorporate themes and concepts into a... More > coherent show. Paul also provides tips for finding space and how to market your show. He discusses not only successes, but failures and what to avoid. The routines focus on stage mentalism, but also have a dose of the bizarre with unusual presentations, dark tinged material, storytelling and even routines for sideshow performance. Many of the routines are suitable or adaptable for parlor or close up presentation as well. Noting is held back with full scripting, evolution, history and detailed explanations for each routine. Performance is a visual art, and with this in mind, there are private links to performance video of many of the routines, allowing you to see the pieces in action in front of live audiences.< Less
The Queen of Everything By KC Meadows
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(47 Ratings)
A sincere and sardonic journey through the trials and tribulations of motherhood, relationships and what it takes to be Queen.
Obstaclēs By Gregory E. Ransom
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Growing up dwarfed by peers is a common problem, one faced by many and conquered by almost that number. In the grand scheme, it's a small predicament. But when your hometown is Humongopolis,... More > smallness becomes a dilemma of giant proportions. Meet Obstaclēs, a giant born without the most basic quality of his kind...size. Taking lonely nature walks and delaying bully beat downs gets old. Even his friendship with Griff, a fugitive from the Land of Men, isn't enough to make things right...even if Griff's hideout does double as an underground library. Obstaclēs will have to hack through the Forest of Future Regret, span the Lake of Lost Souls, tangle with the lizard king, mix it up with Wasp Warriors, escape the Wendigo’s claws, and put the clamps on Changelings. Will Obstaclēs overcome? Or will the littlest giant let his deferred dream explode and embrace a fresh start?< Less
mindfish SAT / ACT 8.20.15 By mindfish
Paperback: $6.75
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Written by Bill Huston and Ryan Krug, two graduates of Stanford University and the founders of mindfish Test Preparation, the mindfish Guide to the SAT and ACT is a comprehensive resource to help you... More > achieve your best scores on college entrance exams.< Less
New Poems, Late Thoughts By Abbott Ikeler
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Whether recounting a neighbor’s untimely death, or recalling a youthful time in the segregated Boston of the 1960s, or simply describing the lush beauty of his garden, Abbott Ikeler writes... More > poems that are songs of experience and innocence — poems that affirm what Robert Lowell once called “the grace of accuracy.” — Daniel Tobin, winner of the Robert Penn Warren Award for poetr< Less
Stories for Little Monsters By Ryan Snapp
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Stories for Little Monsters is a collection of three short Halloween stories for kids. If you love wacky characters such as zombies, monsters and vampires then you will absolutely love reading... More > Stories for Little Monsters. The illustrations are very humorous with hidden gags throughout. "Stories for Little Monsters will make even the scariest and creepiest ghoul laugh out loud!"< Less
Book of Small Wonders By Matthew Presley
Paperback: $10.00
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Matthew's haiku are seven syllables sandwiched between lines of five
Monroe College Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016 By SmartCatalog
Paperback: $11.50
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This is the official Monroe College Undergraduate Catalog for 2015-2016
Monroe College Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 By SmartCatalog
Paperback: $10.50
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This is the official 2015-2016 Monroe College King Graduate School Catalog
The Client’s Guide to Collaborative Divorce: Your Quick and Practical Guide to the Benefits and Procedures of Collaborative Divorce By Joanne S. Nadell, Esq.
Paperback: $7.99
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Collaborative divorce is a way to put your children’s needs first, control your costs, and avoid divisive and wasteful court proceedings. In this concise guide, you’ll learn: • What... More > is collaborative divorce, and how does it work? • Who participates in a collaborative divorce? • How long does it take, and what does it cost? Get practical, helpful advice on how to navigate one of the toughest transitions that you could ever go through with The Client’s Guide to Collaborative Divorce. “The collaborative process was excellent in enabling my ex-husband and me to achieve the equitable divorce we each wanted. Instead of two lawyers and the two of us butting heads, the four of us worked together (for the most part) to achieve a fair division of our assets. My ex and I came out of the process still able to talk to one another.”—J.B. 2015< Less
Thimble Flood By Gary Dembs
Paperback: $11.00
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Thimble Flood is a 30+ year compilation of various types of poetry; each chapter has a unique twist.
Trump for Principal: A Children's Book for American Grownups By Beth Schaefer
Paperback: $19.99
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Donald Trump is elected grade school principal. From the weasel who is his hair to his chocolate milk martini, from the school nurse on his lap to the crowning of Mr. America: See what chaos ensues!... More > Hilarious cartoons on every page! FULL COLOR. Perfect holiday gift for an election year. Appropriate for all ages...mostly.< Less
Destiny Stone By MJ Johns
Paperback: $15.00
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The Realm of Kihn is ablaze. The three suns have created a vast desert, and even when one is down, the land cries for water. Vernii warriors Tiber and Siene are about to learn this wasteland is not... More > eternal, and that they must join with the Hope of Kihn to change their dying world.< Less