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Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
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Lose 16-24 lbs, burn body fat, tone up, build lean muscle, gain cardiovascular endurance, & become more flexible in 8 weeks with this home workout program. has created over 90... More > free full length workout videos online. In this program we have meticulously fused together the best combination of our workout videos for fat & weight loss. You will be able to use all of our free workout videos, but instead of randomly selecting which routine to do each day you will have a clear cut, defined plan to follow. We use all kinds of different training styles to whip you into shape fast. Pilates, plyometrics, weight training, HIIT, low impact cardio, stretching, jump roping, & bodyweight exercises are just a few of the strategies these workouts employ. Program bonuses; workout calories burned estimates, daily motivation tips, nutrition advice, weight loss guidance & healthy living recommendations. Profits go back into funding more free workout videos for our viewers.< Less
ORDO 2015 By St Luke's Priory Press
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This is the official Ordo for 2015 for reciting the Divine Office and Celebrating the Mass according to the calendar and use of the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of... More > North America. It contains rubrics for both the Rite of St Gregory with the Monastic Diurnal, and the Rite of St Tikhon with The English Office.< Less
Choosing A Life That Matters By Jodie Niznik
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Just like Moses, God has called each of us to an extraordinary journey. Every day we get to make choices—choices that will lead us closer to the life God made for us or further from it. Join us... More > for this 10-week Bible study as we learn from Moses how to identify and follow God’s call.< Less
Freemasons: Tales From the Craft By Steven L. Harrison
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Freemasonry... "a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols;" and seen by many outside the fraternity to be shielded in mystery and intrigue. Members... More > have been presidents and kings, the famous and infamous, men, and yes, even a few women. Like everyone, they all have stories. Some have lived their lives in the relative obscurity of the workaday world. Others have, in a very real sense, saved the world. In the spectrum in between are a host of experiences and facts reminiscent of the Believe It Or Not series. Inside the covers of this volume you'll learn about the interesting, the unusual and even the strange events that have surrounded Freemasons' lives. Find out: Freemasons: their stories are interesting, sometimes unbelievable, sometimes a little weird, but never dull. Get the full picture in this trip through the tales from the craft.< Less
A Proper Fiancée By Melissa N
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Tom is a young man who has a big heritage to receive. But his grandfather, the rich man, don't think that Tom is ready to be his heir, because he's a drunk who spends most of his time in nightclubs... More > with sluts and his useless friend, Mark. So, old man says that his grandson just will be his heir if he change his behavior and get a proper fiancée. After that, Tom's sister, Anna, challenges her brother to be a new man and, since Tom and Mark are so close, she says that Mark could pretend to be Tom's fiancée. Obviously, Mark says that it's a ridiculous idea, but Anna makes a bet: if she can makes Mark looks like a passable woman (doing whatever she wants), he has to accept to be Tom's fiancee; and, if she fail, she has to go out on a date with Mark. He accepts the bet and after that his life never more will be the same... A tale of forced feminization with 18.000 words and 23 illustrations by Spartasko!< Less
Unstoppable You By Regina Johnson
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“Unstoppable” is a masterpiece of timeless revelation. Its profound purpose is to dispel the lies of the devil about you and to eradicate the twisted perception of inadequacy and... More > inferiority that so many Believers confront on a daily basis.< Less
Performing and Performance: An Introduction By Heinz-Uwe Haus
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A clear and concise handbook to the key connections between dramaturgical exercises and performance studies. Haus looks at the way the concept of performance has been engaged across a number of... More > disciplines. Seven chapters with examples, reflections and source material provide a lively, easily accessible overview of the full range of introduction to performance for students at all levels in performance studies, theatre training and performing arts.< Less
Strata By Joe Ross
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“With its intense subjectivity piercing through to the I that doesn’t say ‘I,’ this sequence is like a Paris winter that finally makes it to March, relaxing sweetly. One is... More > most often you, but “you are sound.” I love the sound of Strata, the movement of reading it, down, across, and through, to return.” -Alice Notley< Less
Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging By Dwight Nishimura
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This book presents the basic principles of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), focusing on image formation, image content, and performance considerations. Emphasis is on the signal processing elements... More > of MRI, particularly the Fourier transform relationships. Although developed as a teaching text for an electrical engineering course at Stanford University, the material should be accessible to those from other technical fields. The primary chapters (Chapters 1-7) cover the foundational material while the latter chapters (Chapters 8-11) provide brief overviews of extensions and selected topics. Also available in hardcover.< Less
Matrose: The Story of Reinhold Scholz By Jeanette O'Neil-O'Callaghan
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Reinhold Scholz led an extraordinary life in extraordinary times. He witnessed the devastation of World War II as a child in Northern Germany. He survived its dismal depths by escaping to the sea and... More > the merchant cargo ships. As a sailor in the 1950's, he witnessed the sights of a world gone by at the dawn of modern global commerce. In the excitement and adventure of the unpredictable life of a sailor, he never forgot his life's goal: to live a happy life in a safe place with his family.< Less
Journeying Mercies By Julie Miller
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As we journey through this life of ours there will be times when we are tempted to think we walk alone. Wherever you may find yourself on the path of life, know that there is a Savior who walks... More > beside you. He has been scattering little love gifts all along your path to remind you of His presence. Lift your eyes with me, my friend, and be reminded of His many journeying mercies.< Less
The Alternative: A Teacher's Story and Commentary By Galen Leonhardy
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This documentary presents the stories of real students who attended a rural alternative high school in Idaho. The author, Galen Leonhardy, explains their lives as both students and community members... More > while presenting a practice of teaching that offers hope and the potential of social change.< Less
Planting Greens for Winter By Lynn Payton
Paperback: $16.00
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This collection of poems and stories moves the reader's heart with the author's struggles and triumphs.
The Sweet Enigma of it All / Poems By Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
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THE ENIGMA OF IT ALL The enigma of it all stood up and spread out its feathery arms All the doubts and gnarly creatures disappeared from around it fleeing into scarlet woods and back into weeping... More > trees The resplendent enigma straddling the two worlds and all the others intersecting them in the tiniest details of our lives the true enigma in puzzling feathers the one of heavy tread and light repartee who holds conversations in our heads yet contains the golden knot of perfect explanation in its core...< Less
Being the project manager By Sju G. Thorup
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“Being the project manager” is for newly minted project managers and people who aspire to lead a project. The book complements a training course or basic textbook about project management... More > methodology. “Being the project manager” sheds light on the project manager role, its personal challenges and complexities, and its rewarding learnings and accomplishments. Real-life stories from authentic project managers provide insight and inspiration. Simple self-tests and lively cartoons offer fresh angles on the reader’s own project. Written in a straightforward style, the book gives an entertaining peek into the practical side of project management. The reader gets a tour into the many disciplines one needs to master as a project manager: How to communicate with stakeholders, motivate people, be open to new information, analyze and mitigate risks, and take all relevant aspects into account when making decisions. While an easy read, the book yields immediately applicable insight as well as food for thought.< Less
1000 Echoes from the Thunder By Douglas Louie Ph.D.
Paperback: $21.00
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People and Places that have influenced my life and my life story. Book describes my travel and work experience as a minister in service to the church. This while doing graduate study in the field of... More > psychotherapy, and moving through Canada and the United States. Finally, making my retirement in North Carolina.< Less
Night to Dawn 27 By Barbara Custer
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Night to Dawn 27 will bring more zombie lore, plus work from two members of the Pennsylvania Bucks County Writers’ Group; also work by Marge Simon, Derek Muk, Rajeev Bhargava, Lee Clark Zumpe,... More > Todd Hanks, Rod Marsden, Sandy DeLuca, Denny Marshall, and other contributors who specialize in horror / science fiction.< Less
HOSS - The Wise Old Owl By Jessica Linn
Paperback: $11.63
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Hoss, The Wise Old Owl is a heartwarming story that will take you on a lifetime journey with a curious little owl and her papa owl. The story is based on real adventures experienced by the author,... More > Jessica Linn, and her papa, Billy “Hoss” Bearden.< Less
Maker Elementary By Michael Bonsignore, Jenni Scoggin
Paperback: $15.95
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Maker Elementary is a guide for teachers who want to make their classroom a maker classroom. This guide is designed for upper elementary students. This book is about asking young children the right... More > questions, and inspiring their natural curiosity to build artifacts to solve inquiry problems. With decades of experience, this book provides ideas, techniques and information from a maker classroom, which can be integrated into your classroom curriculum. We guarantee your students will surprise you!< Less
The List (What the Top Fitness Models Don't Want You To Know) By Bryan Hawn
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Bryan Hawn's best seller "The List" is catching the attention of fitness enthusiasts all over the world, sharing top fitness model secrets, and exposing the truth behind how to get a... More > perfect physique.< Less