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My Paperback Book By Daniel Keefe
Paperback: $32.20
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This is the Haverford School literary magazine, Fall of 2014.
Any Colour You Like By Suzanne Makol
Paperback: $7.00
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Any Colour You Like is a coloring book for all ages, featuring drawings by a range of cool people: artists, educators, kids, designers, and engineers. Have fun coloring the drawings, and post them... More > with the tag #AnyColourYouLike to share the love! Featuring Drawings By Tisa Batchelder, Jon Bollo, Dave Bruno, Bridget Kevin Carney, Adrian Choy, Kara Cochran, Zane Codel, Bianca Diaz, Traci Hercher, Laura Hetrick, John Tuan Huynh, Nick Jaffe, Luke Joyner, Lee Kintner, Candice Latimer, Roxane Legenstein, Jorge Lucero, Catie Lyons, Antonett Madriaga, Bridget Makol, Suzanne Makol, William Moran, Carrie Ohm, Spencer Ohm Song, Westley Ohm Song, Rachel Thomas, Erik Peterson, Joann Seastrom, Alisa Tverdokhleb, Nicholas Zamudio, and Tristan Zamudio,< Less
Gifts of Glassware By A. H. Heisey & Co.
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A. H. Heisey & Co. (1896-1957) was an innovator and leader in the glassmaking industry. In addition to introducing hundreds of new designs in glassware and numerous improvements to the glass... More > production process, Heisey also pioneered new ways to market glassware as one of the first glass manufacturers to advertise directly to the public. In the 1920’s, during the height of popularity of colored glassware, they produced “Gifts of Glassware” which was sent to customers on request to illustrate the wide variety of glassware and colors offered by Heisey. This high-quality reprint of the 1930 edition of the booklet contains fifty black and white illustrations of Heisey glass along with the full original text. Also included is a reprint of a brochure illustrating the Tudor pattern.< Less
The Good Bad Ideas By Chank Diesel
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This activity sketchbook helps unleash your creativity through a series of helpful instructional tips. The pages are mostly blank so you can leave your own personal mark with pen or pencil. Sometimes... More > it's good to get both the good and bad ideas out of your head and onto a page.< Less
Transitions and Translations By Linda Saccoccio
Paperback: $13.99
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Transitions and Translations, Linda Saccoccio's inaugural book contains twelve of her original oil paintings and the twelve poems they spawned. The poetry that arose from contemplating her paintings... More > is layered in time, triggered by the sensuality and curiosity of youth growing up in a lively Italian / American family. There are innocent meanderings and metaphysical wanderings. A host of visions, scents and tensions reach and twist like the vines of her grandfather’s arbor, with a distillation of inner and outer experience akin to the wine pressed from those dark grapes. The spirit of this new collection intoxicates while sobering. Yes, there is tension and yes there is humor, not unlike a Sunday family dinner.< Less
I Come From Women Who Could Fly By Arts and Science Center
Paperback: $15.99
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Catalogue to accompany exhibtition "I Come From Women Who Could Fly: New Work from Delita Martin" presented by the Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas May 29–August 31,... More > 2014. Essay "A Layered Presence" by Courtney Taylor, Curator. Full color plates.< Less
Cat Collage By Carl Vestweber
Paperback: $19.95
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A collection of original handmade cat collages made by artist, Carl Vestweber.
A Notch Above Novice By Robin Olivero
Paperback: $4.13
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This book contains the journal entries of the author as she and her horse, Jr, examine the world around them, both physical and spiritual.
Please Stop Being Sad: volume 1. By Emm Roy
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71 pages of drawings from the blog All the drawings are at the top of pages so you can add your own drawings or notes underneath.
Meanings in Music By Donald Hoogenstyn Jr
Paperback: $11.00
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This college textbook, used by students with access to listening examples, traces the development of western music from ancient times to the twenty-first century. This introduction to major... More > composers and terminology encourages listeners to discover how meanings are expressed in music.< Less
The Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps to Making the Plates By Will Dunniway
Paperback: $33.02
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24 year veteran of the collodion arts, Will Dunniway demonstrates in 16 easy color illustrated steps of how he makes his plates using the historical 1851 wet plate collodion process.
Above Snakes By Jamie McMurry
Paperback: $10.34
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A catalog of work from a 2014 exhibit by Jamie McMurry entitled "Above Snakes:.
Addresses and Prayer Lists By Patricia Laster
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Addresses and Prayer Lists provides a place to keep a record of your prayer concerns, prayer answers, and the names of those for whom you pray. It also provides a place to record addresses and... More > birthdays. Lovingly accented with artwork by the author, "Addresses and Prayer Lists" is a gift to be treasured. In addition, it's an attractive and valuable resource for your devotional times and for when you need a place to keep addresses and other important information.< Less
Dictionary Daze at Beachside Montessori Village By Peter Tunney
Hardcover: $26.45
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Exhibition catalog accompanying Peter Tunney's "Dictionary Daze" exhibition at the Beachside Montessori School
Service Dog Training Facility: Architectural Studies By Juana Salazar
Paperback: List Price: $33.49 $23.44 | You Save: 30%
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Architectural design project studies by the undergraduate students from the Community Engagement Studio, for a facility to train service dogs to assist disabled American veterans. During the Spring... More > 2014, the students interacted with a 'community client', the conscientious non-profit group, Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas. This book sheds new light on how a community group can give back more with development design assistance, how disabled persons can be assisted on their journey of recovery towards a better quality of life, how rescued dogs from shelters can journey into becoming trained assistance partners, and how local architecture students demonstrate progress in their career journey to become design advocates by promoting their collegiate architectural knowledge.< Less
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Greg Ferguson Photography Calendar 2015 By Greg Ferguson
Paperback: $9.68
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A 2015 Photographic calendar by Greg Ferguson. Includes US holidays and phases of the moon.
The Fine Art of Obsolescence By Tavius Aiton, Monica Martin
Paperback: $35.00
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The Fine Art of Obsolescence is a collection of photographs depicting the evolution of communication technology through the cultural eye of street art. Pay phones have become relicts of... More > technological advancements while also taking on the graffiti style street art. The juxtaposition of taking artful documentary photos of old out of order pay phones with Smart phones is quite a statement about how far we have come in so little time. These are an interesting set of found street art and documentary work as conceptual art.< Less
Philadelphia Hybrid Photography By Eric Nagy
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Philadelphia Hybrid Photography is a different take on the before and after concept. I take historic photographs and digitally merge them with current photos I’ve taken from the exact same... More > location. Same exact spot, completely different eras.< Less
The Salt Print Manual By Ellie Young
Paperback: $45.00
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The salt print is the foundation of photography. William Henry Fox Talbot, known as the of photography, discovered the salt print process in 1834. The history of Talbot is quite remarkable. His early... More > discoveries were the foundation of numerous photographic and print processes, many still practiced today. Due to the inherent masking ability the salt print can create a greater tonal range than other photographic print processes. The challenge is to create negatives that reach this extraordinary range. The salt print offers flexibility in controlling the colour, tones and hues.< Less
Serendipitous Contemplations: Art and Poetry By Nadine Balabanis Baxter
Paperback: $16.72
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This body of work contains original poetry and art work based on scripture.
Richard Robinson's Queenstown By Richard Robinson
Paperback: $29.50
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What does an artist learn from 3 months in a painter’s paradise? In 2014 New Zealand artist Richard Robinson visited the Queenstown area of New Zealand for 3 months to paint some of the most... More > spectacular scenery on the planet. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. This book is a painter’s diary - a collection of thoughts, realisations, notes, techniques and even an epiphany or two, written to inspire and enlighten any landscape painter or art lover with a thirst for adventure and practical painting know-how. Enjoy.< Less
Between the Buried and Me "Colors" Guitar Songbook By Paul Waggoner
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A detailed guitar transcription for all of the songs on the album "Colors" by the band Between the Buried and Me.
Lines and Stuff By Emm Roy
Paperback: $9.55
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A book of line-art doodles meant to make you feel happy. More can be found at the blog
E Shinto Meikan By Markus Sesko
eBook (PDF): $17.50
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This classic meikan format book presents about 1,300 pictures of sword tangs with authentic signatures of about 640 shinto-era swordsmiths. It is intended as a reference for comparing signatures of... More > Japanese swords.< Less