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Hey Girls! Secrets of a wild child. C-Heads Magazine Issue #32 By C-Heads Magazine
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It´s about time for an issue to be entirely dedicated to women! After all C-Heads has mainly been made by women since it began. An issue full of exclusive images, thoughts and conversations.... More > About freedom, dreams, sex and life. Us women can be anything we want to be. Naughty. Tender. Happy. Melancholiac. Complicated. Wild. Dreamy. Realistic. Natural. A beautiful mysterious nature. And always unique. //// contents: Cameron Hammond / Cameron Henderson / Chris Steinbach / Dana Boulos / Inny Taylor x Carla Tramullas / JAI / Jared S. Rosenbaum / Jessie Andrews x Dirk Mai / Jessy Lanza / Josh Reed / Michael Dürr / Miko Lim / Nancy Gomez alias Frankie Mark / Obiwolf / Henrik Purienne / Zachary Chick< Less
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 2nd Edition By Phil Lewis
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A coloring book like none other! Presented here are the original black and white versions of drawings by artist Phil Lewis. Take a fantastic voyage into these psychedelic landscapes and encounter... More > some of Phil's crazy characters within these unique and fascinating pages. Now in its second edition, this coloring book contains 36 exciting drawings. Everything from elephants to an octopus, everyone is sure to find a favorite. Don't let the title fool you, little kids can have just as much fun as the big kids with this one-of-a-kind coloring book experience!< Less
Beginning Ensembles for the Next Generation of Guitarists By Darin Au
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This book was written to develop musicianship in beginning guitarists. Teachers and students should use this book as a supplement to their current reading book. The original concept for this... More > collection was a series of etudes for guitar ensemble. It soon evolved into a series of pieces that not only reinforced musical and technical concepts, but it also became a collection of likable recital pieces for young performers. The pieces are written in varying styles so students learn to interpret the pitches and rhythms according to context and style. A page of instructional notes accompanies each piece. The notes teach theoretical and historical concepts about the piece. In addition, six pieces have an extra worksheet for students to gain a little insight into how the piece was composed. For example, students can compose an accompaniment to one of the pieces and perform their version of the composition.< Less
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 3rd Edition By Phil Lewis
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This book picks up right where the second edition left off. As my work has progressed these past couple of years, my drawings have become more technical, and the patterns more intricate. The pages... More > in this book are pretty darn complicated and will demand more focus and attention... which also leads to increased coloring-euphoria! If you’re a “big kid” who loves to color, and you feel up to the challenge, please join me on a fantastic voyage through some of my recent work, and put your own spin on pieces like... The River Dance, Foxy, The Winter Carnival and many more!< Less
Makin' Art, A Street Artist's Story By Rick Gallup
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Art fairs change shape and move around, but I think of them as one place because their essential essence stays the same. The location might be a city I've never been in, but I'm at home as soon as I... More > get there. Exhibit canopies go up, familiar faces go by, and for two or three days a little village of artists comes together and then disappears. This village is where I have lived most weekends, from May to October for over thirty years. The other place I live is a small historic village in Ohio where my wife and I raised a family. I also have a little art gallery and picture framing business in our hundred year old house. My story is partly about the double life street artists lead, being part of two very different communities.< Less
Lines and Stuff By Emm Roy
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A book of line-art doodles meant to make you feel happy. More can be found at the blog
OHA History Book 2014 By Linda Nelson
Paperback: $19.95
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A history of the historic Stonington Opera House from 1886 to 2012.
Photographs of Lesbos By George Frangoulis
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PHOTOGRAPHS OF LESBOS is a marvelous photo book with 44 evocative pictures of Greek life -- its people, their village and sea-side lives -- on Greece's third largest island, Lesbos, which is also... More > called Mytilene. These are original images -- not typical "picture-postcard" shots. These photos were all taken during one summer's holiday. They are authentic, documentary-style photographs about the real and varied lives of the people on the beautiful island of Lesbos.< Less
Crisis in Greece By George Frangoulis
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CRISIS IN GREECE -- This fascinating collection of photos shows violent riots in Athens during the worst economic crisis in Greece since the end of World War II. In 2012, the economy of Greece... More > began a deep decline. This financial crisis caused the government in Athens to impose strict austerity measures in hopes of stopping the crisis. However, the legislative actions, which were pushed hard by the IMF and leaders of other EU countries -- especially Germany -- caused tremendous hardships and upheaval to Greece, especially the poorest of its people. As a result, peaceful demonstrations quickly turned into wide-spread rioting, as police used harsh measures to break up the demonstrators. Hundreds of innocent citizens were injured, some killed, and thousands of people were reduced to living in poverty. Today, just a couple of years since the crisis began, some civil stability and economic recovery is beginning to be felt. But much is still needed to remedy the situation and bring full recovery.< Less
-blue By Brett Davis
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-blue is a street series which draws inspiration from the are, bure, bokeh style championed by Provoke photographers Yutaka Takanashi, Takuma Nakahira, and Daido Moriyama. It is the first series in a... More > larger exploration of Japanese photography. The name, -blue, comes from the bright blue color of the cross processed negative.< Less
Timeless By Richard Gallup
Paperback: $30.00
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The fine art film photographs of Richard Gallup. The images in this book were produced in a darkroom between 1976 and 2006.
Dream Streets: Art in Wilmington 1970–1990 By Margaret Winslow
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A comprehensive catalogue for the exhibition brings together key artists, historians, and writers—Joyce Brabner, Dr. James E. Newton, and Rick Rothrock, among others—to document... More > Wilmington’s creative community during the 1970s and 1980s.< Less
Big-Bellied Merbabes: A Body Positive Coloring Book By Rachelle Abellar
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A body positive coloring book featuring a diverse group mermaids.
Coup d'Etat Issue 4 By Waxley Grafton
Paperback: $2.41
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The fourth issue of Coup d'Etat, Boston University's only student-run literary magazine, features 35 pieces of both poetry and prose from 25 fresh and talented authors. This issue has a strong focus... More > on the American experience, but explores many themes, ranging from cancer to social media and everything in between.< Less
Resources for an Urban World: Rio de Janeiro By Barnard and Columbia Architecture
Paperback: $45.68
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"Resources for an Urban World: Rio de Janeiro" is a synopsis of student work produced in the Barnard and Columbia Architecture Department during the fall of 2012 with Professor Karen... More > Fairbanks. The senior travel studio researched resources critical to Rio’s rapid urbanization in relationship to infrastructure and sustainable growth. After traveling to Brazil, the students developed projects for Rio de Janeiro on abandoned sites around Praca Tiradentes, designing a public place of action, education, provocation, and engagement with contemporary issues around these resources.< Less
A Tale of Pattern Illustrating By Takashi Iba et al.
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The theory and practice of Pattern Languages have widely spread, and pattern languages for creative activities are created in various domains. One day, a guide from the world of pattern illustrations... More > has appeared in front of a little boy who is writing a pattern. With the help of the guide, the little boy meets many villagers of the world of pattern illustrations and develops his understanding of the importance and excitement of drawing pattern illustrations. This tail invites you to understand what pattern illustrations are and how to draw them.< Less
Ken Feingold Selected Works 1978 - 2007 By Ken Feingold Studio
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Catalog and essays on the artwork of Ken Feingold. Ken Feingold (USA, 1952) is a contemporary American artist based in New York. He has been exhibiting his work in video, drawing, film, sculpture,... More > and installations since 1974. He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship (2004) and a Rockefeller Foundation Media Arts Fellowship(2003) and has taught at Princeton University and Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, among others. His works have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, NY; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Tate Liverpool, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and many other museums.< Less
Sidereal Harmony: Relating the Circle of Fifths to the Wheel of the Zodiac By Michael Bank
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Have you ever wondered about the similarity between the seven named musical notes and the number of days in a week? Have you ever contemplated the potential parallels between the twelve months of... More > the year and the twelve tones used in Western classical harmony? If so, you are not alone. This book delves into the relationship between the stars, the planets, and music by relating the mythological and affective qualities of their respective elements. A remarkably symmetric system may be constructed through the human mind that relates the musical Circle of Fifths to the Wheel of the Zodiac. An interesting and creative analysis that reimagines and links elements of music theory to greater scientific and philosophical themes, Sidereal Harmony: Relating the Circle of Fifths to the Wheel of the Zodiac is a thought-provoking exploration of possibility for musicians and nonmusicians alike.< Less
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Project M at RIT: Gown/Town 2014 By Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, Lorrie Frear
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This book documents the first annual "design blitz" by Rochester Institute of Technology's School of Design. Guest facilitators John Bielenberg and Ryan Clifford of Project M led... More > thirty-eight student participants in a 48-hour social innovation design adventure. Exploring new places and meeting new people in the City of Rochester and engaging in mind-bending creativity exercises resulted in unique concepts to connect campus and community. This book documents the experience, the outcomes, and most of all, the FUN!< Less
Ceramics Commencement Exhibition 2015 By Ryan Wolper
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2015 Maryland Institute College of Art Ceramics Commencement Exhibition.
NSA Membership Directory By Lawrence Kaufman
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Membership list of the National Stereoscopic Association.
Pattern Illustrating Patterns: A Pattern Language for Pattern Illustrating By Takashi Iba, Iba Laboratory
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Recently, the field of pattern language has been developing in various domains. Patterns are usually expressed in sentences, along with a visual expression. One of these expressions is called a... More > “pattern illustration” because it expresses the essence of the pattern, includes characters that express human movements and feelings, and symbolically represents a pattern that does not connect multiple scenes with arrows. Pattern illustration describes the pattern’s primary content, and this helps readers understand and memorize the pattern and also motivates them to use it. But our question here is “How can we draw these pattern illustrations?” In this book, Pattern Illustrating Patterns, we have collected 28 patterns on how and what to draw and what aspects must be considered when creating pattern illustrations. We hope this book will stimulate further understanding about including pattern illustration as an approach to visual aid by those considering or creating pattern languages.< Less
Nocturnes (2015) By Jimmy Townsend
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Three nocturnes for the piano. Inspired by the Pleiades star system.
My Paperback Book By Ekaterina Smirnova
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In May 2014 an old factory in East Harlem was offered by Norbert Waysberg to a group of artists for one year as a creative space. All five floors of the building hosted 15 New York based artists from... More > around the world who worked together under the mentorship and guidance of Paul Ching-Bor. The group has a major focus on large scale water-media paintings. During the 12 month period Art345 Studios had 4 exhibitions, helping to raise money for children at Saint Mary’s Health Care System for Children, as well as a show of children’s works from the East Harlem Tutorial Program that were created during the workshops at the Art345 Studios. Over 700 square yards of watercolor paper was used by the group to create more then 200 paintings.< Less