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Aspiring Dreamz Workbook By Kelly Cannone
Paperback: $6.98
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Aspiring Dreamz Workbook - Where dreams are just the beginning. This workbook is used by students in Aspiring Dreamz Workshops.
Adobe for Fashion: Illustrator CS6 By Robin Schneider
Paperback: $39.99
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The ultimate guide to drawing fashion flats. Beginners will be drawing flats like a pro in no time. Professional users will find a wealth of tips and tricks to increase productivity. Learn to:... More > Master the pen tool; Draw technical flats with ease; Organize layers for quick and easy editing; Create custom brush and symbol libraries; Design seamless patterns; Generate multiple color ways fast. A great companion text for "Illustrator for Fashion Design: Drawing Flats" at< Less
Anthology of Text Scores By Pauline Oliveros
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Spanning four decades of creative work, this anthology includes all of the text scores created by Pauline Oliveros since 1971. Released at the end of a year-long celebration of Oliveros' 80th... More > birthday, the anthology features group and solo meditations, as well as performance pieces for ensembles and soloists. This comprehensive volume will be an invaluable resource for performers, scholars, adults, children, musicians and nonmusicians alike. These works demonstrate the humor, brilliance, and inclusiveness that is central to Oliveros' Deep Listening philosophy and music. Through this collection, we are all invited to participate in the life work of one of the most unique and groundbreaking individuals in contemporary music.< Less
Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 By J.S. Bach
Paperback: $14.46
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J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, sheet music. This is the Musescore edition.
An Artist - Thoughts, Paintings, Prayers By Laura Lloyd Fontaine
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An Artist's Journal of Her Thoughts, Paintings and Prayers.
An Actor's Guide to Walking the Razor's Edge By Michael S. Pieper
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Michael S. Pieper guides an actor to look at the human condition from the prospective of a shaman. That we have three selves, the Basic self, the Conscious self and the Higher self. Contained in... More > these three selves are the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual sides of the human condition. This method of acting centers around developing tools from these four parts to create a well-rounded character. It will empower the actor with the necessary core skills to take responsibility of their own growth and learning as well as challenging actors to make bold choices and get up on that razor’s edge to create dynamic performances. Like that of a shaman’s, an actor’s journey must be spiritual in order to truly inspire their audiences. Michael S. Pieper has been teaching acting since 1988. He is currently the Head of the Acting Program at the Second City Training Center in Chicago. Michael has directed over 94 productions and acted in over 40 productions.< Less
Ink on Paper By Yue Feng
Paperback: $7.99
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A collection of ink on paper illustrations by illustrator Yue Feng.
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On the Currahee Trail By Al Thompson
Paperback: $41.25
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Al Thompson made this book at the Veterans Book Workshop ( hosted by East Carolina University,
Art Therapy Book 2 By Denise Unland
Paperback: $3.41
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grieve play verb |\ˈgrēv\ Popularity: Top 40% of words Simple Definition of grieve 1 : to cause (someone) to feel sad or unhappy 2 : to feel or show grief or sadness
2016 Steve Brodner By Steve Brodner
Paperback: $19.50
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A monograph of Steve Brodner's 2016 art for various publications in the United States.
New Walks in an Old Field By Jana Harper
Paperback: $29.95
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Jana Harper’s New Walks in an Old Field presents a photographic catalog of curiously bagged and wrapped books from the Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC. An introductory essay by Jennie... More > Carlisle and interviews with Elsewhere director George Scheer and former staff members and residents provide context for the project.< Less
Not Another One!: A Discussion on Gun Violence By Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective
Paperback: $39.95
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Not Another One! is a youth-led discussion that opens communication and identifies commonality, greater understanding, and ways to cooperate and collaborate between city police and teenage youth as... More > both work to lower the high rates of gun violence in St. Louis, Missouri. The discussion details citizen rights, police policies and procedures, trauma caused by gun violence, and possible solutions in a frank, honest, and respectful discussion.< Less
2014 Fall Travel Europe-HardCover By Heinrich Schnoedt
Hardcover: $50.13
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Summary of 2014 Fall Travel essays and sketches of students of Virginia Tech.
Paperback: $10.00
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this is a journal where you can document or write down memories and adventures you've had.
BA Five Residential Projects 2017 By Philippe Baumann
Paperback: $14.23
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Once upon a time… when children played with Legos, they built things without knowing what those things would be. They built things without confined and prescribed functionality. Both the... More > excitement and challenge was to build things of uncertain outcome: asymmetrical things. There was a quiet joy in precisely those unknowns.< Less
2043: No Es Un Sueño By Postcommodity
Paperback: $5.00
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Why does the term “native” lose meaning south of the US/Mexico border? Why are some white people calling themselves “nativists”? And how did so many indigenous mestizos come... More > to accept the Hispanicization and Latinization of their identities? In this contribution to the Walker Art Center’s Artist Op-Ed series, the art collective Postcommodity (Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, and Kade L. Twist) melds poetry and prose in a powerful reflection on native self-determination, ethnic and national identity, and the year 2043—when whites are expected to become a minority in the United States. This pamphlet is published by the Walker Art Center as part of its online Artist Op-Eds series, an ongoing project inviting artists in all disciplines to respond through writing to events in the news. See more at< Less
Chornobyl: Artists Respond By Stanislav Grezdo, Robin Dluzen, Walter Hoydysh PhD
Paperback: $8.68
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Catalog of exhibition at The Ukrainian Institute of America in New York that originated at Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago. On the occasion of the disaster’s thirtieth anniversary... More > in 2016, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago commissioned a fine art print project and accompanying exhibition titled, “Chornobyl: Artists Respond.” The UIMA invited thirty Chicago-based artists to participate in the project—each artist to create an original print in an edition of forty—in commemoration of the tragic event. Coming from diverse cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds, the artists were challenged to address the project in reflection to personal and global knowledge and interpretation of the Chornobyl disaster.< Less
A Painter's Mask By Steven Tritt
Paperback: $7.57
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A catalogue of drawings and paintings by Steven Tritt. Artwork completed from 2014 to 2017 featuring Nigerian masks as the main subject matter.
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Campaign By Naeem Mohaiemen
Paperback: $5.00
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"Drill a crater in the floor, flood a gallery, embalm an animal, smash an object, stage a pitiful death—critics hail these gestures as having the power to ‘shape worlds.’ But... More > when artists sit down with museum administrators and read a list of demands for labor rights, this work suddenly becomes illegible to the same museum.” In an Artist Op-Ed illustrated by Hans Haacke's photos from Saadiyat Island, Naeem Mohaiemen reflects on the Gulf Labor Coalition’s fight for fair conditions for workers constructing western museums in Abu Dhabi. This pamphlet is published by the Walker Art Center as part of its online Artist Op-Eds series, an ongoing project inviting artists in all disciplines to respond through writing to events in the news. See more at< Less
Natural Inclinations By Stanislav Grezdo, Linda Dorman, Robin Dluzen
Paperback: $15.00
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Catalog for “Natural Inclinations,” an exhibition of social media generated photography by seven Chicago-based artists. While each of the artists, Oscar Arriola, Stephanie Burke, Linda... More > Dorman, Harvey Hanig, Gregg Hertzlieb, Barbara Koenen and Nathan Mason, have practices and careers meant for traditional modes of exhibition, the works in “Natural Inclinations” illustrate the ways that innate artistic sensibility translates into the more casual, immediate and accessible mediums of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.< Less
stutterer By Blake Edwards
Paperback: $14.96
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visuals and textual supplements to a 2 CDR set of audio, with ideas of blur driving the process.
Boston, Artist, Dreamer By Boston Logan
Paperback: $9.79
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A Series of paintings by a young talented artist who during an internship with internationally known artist, Steven Lyons, stated painting these images. They were literally bought off the easel and... More > were gone as quickly as they were created.< Less
Dark Humor: Joyce J. Scott & Peter Williams By J. Susan Isaacs
Paperback: $34.51
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Exhibition catalog for "Dark Humor: Joyce J. Scott and Peter Williams," which took place at the Center for the Arts Gallery at Towson University February 10-April 1, 2017. The artists... More > featured work in a variety of media to examine issues of racism, sexism, identity, difficult historical realities, and contemporary politics through a lens of humor, satire, and irony. The catalog includes essays by J. Susan Isaacs, curator, Nikki A. Greene, and Tiffany Barber.< Less
Make America Create Again: 2017 CoCA Member's Show Catalog By Ray C. Freeman III
Paperback: $35.00
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A complete color catalog of the 2017 CoCA Members' Directory, including work from the Members' Show "#MakeAmericaCreateAgain" at CoCA at TK. "#MakeAmericaCreateAgain" includes all... More > of the artwork on display, as well as artwork, statements, and bios of the 179 artists participating in the directory, as well as an introduction from Executive Director Nichole DeMent and comments from guest curator Deborah Paine.< Less