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Goop By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Still awake, son?" Beneath the foothills of the Rockies a young intern at a top-secret scientific research facility finds himself in a slippery situation. What follows is 20 pages of... More > rubbery, gooey fun from!< Less
Love on the Plains By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Come on Leora, it'll be fun!" On the endless plains a young farm girl is hoping for some "alone time" with her equine boyfriend, safe from her horse-hating parents. However... More > their romantic weekend alone quickly becomes something far more than she bargained for and her life will be changed forever. Find out what happens in the first issue of Tales from Dreamland from< Less
the Winter King By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"What would you do to save her, I wonder?" On the treacherous northern Shelf a man searches the tundra for his missing wife only to unwittingly stumble into something far more treacherous... More > than the raging winter storms. Will he be able to save her? Will he be able to save himself? Find out in the second story set in the Dreamlands universe: Tales from Dreamland: the Winter King from< Less
Clerk Fluid By Clark Flood
Paperback: $25.00
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published in 2009, disselected essays by Clark Flood
Wartscene USA By Mark Flood
Paperback: $100.00
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by Mark Flood
The Songs of Danny Schmidt (1999-2011) By Danny Schmidt
Paperback: $24.99
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This book contains the lyrics, chord charts, and performance notes for every song Danny has released to date, from the albums: Live at the Prism Coffee House (1999), Enjoying the Fall (2001), Make... More > Right the Time (2003), Parables & Primes (2005), Little Grey Sheep (2007), Instead The Forest Rose To Sing (2009), and Man Of Many Moons (2011). Visit Danny's site for sample pages:< Less
The Art of Acting By David Scott
Paperback: $13.38
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David Scott's manual to the intensive course "The Applied Art of Acting" and an incisive handbook for all actors who value their acting as an art-form.
The Border Crossed Us By The Institute For Infinitely Small Things
Paperback: $17.90
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From April 20 to May 1, 2011, Institute for Infinitely Small Things divided the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus using a full-scale photographic reproduction of a section of the US-Mexico... More > border fence. This art installation used images of a section of a new vehicle border, installed in 2008, that divides the land of the Tohono O'odham, an indigenous tribe that has lived in the land long before the existence of the US, Mexico, the Gadsden Purchase, or Homeland Security. The fence sunders the community, disrupts ceremonial paths, desecrates sacred burial grounds and prevents members from receiving critical health services. Entitled 'The Border Crossed Us,' the Institute's project was a multi-faceted project that used the installation as a means to engage the campus of Umass Amherst and people whose lives have been affected by the fence. This book, with over 40 full-color pages of maps, photographs, and text, documents both the background of the project and its life on the campus of Umass Amherst.< Less
The Hateful Years By Mark Flood
Paperback: $100.00
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The Hateful Years Volume One: The Eighties by Mark Flood
The Science & Art of Commercial Acting By John Howard Swain
Paperback: $15.00
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A must read book for actors interested in doing television commercials.
Holy Wildness By Tonja Reichley
Paperback: $18.50
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Sacred landscape offers thresholds to sensual secrets, deep yearnings and spiraled awakenings. Join ritual herbalist Tonja Reichley on the turas, the holy journey, through ancient places of Ireland.... More > Through ritual and intention, she and photographer Carl Fuermann visited sacred sites and recorded their experiences with words and pictures. This is a book of prose and photography depicting personal experience to holy landscape and to inspire others to awaken to the possibility that these and all sacred landscapes hold for us.< Less
Joan Hall: Marginal Waters By Bruno David Gallery Publications
Paperback: $21.00
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60 page fully illustrated color catalogue of Joan Hall’s exhibition at Bruno David Gallery. Includes essays by Buzz Spector and Kara Gordon. (Softcover, November 2012)
Subconscious Eye By Stanislav Grezdo, Robert Cozzolino
Paperback: $13.53
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Catalog for exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago. Artists in this exhibition include Chicago artists: John A. Kurtz, Bruce Thorn and Paul Lamantia. Subconscious Eye brings... More > together the work of three artists who penetrate the surface of everyday experience in order to immerse themselves in realms beyond consciousness. Their engagement with this territory varies immensely as the sources and aims of their art rarely overlap with one another. Yet there is a serendipitous harmony in this ensemble. Each pushes his form and subject matter to aesthetic extremes in order to convey the overwhelming intensity of that trip to the void.< Less
Lost and Found By Peter Tunney
Hardcover: $88.19
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This book accompanies the opening of Peter Tunney's new show, "LOST AND FOUND" on view at his Miami gallery INSIDE the Wynwood Walls for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013.
The Architecture and the Ambient by Mario Botta By Markus Breitschmid
Paperback: $14.00
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First time English translation of Mario Botta's essay Architettura e ambiente [Architecture and the Ambient]. The book includes an epilogue and biographical information written by Markus Breitschmid.... More > Translation of the essay by Alice Francesconi and Marianna Galbusera with the assistance of Markus Breitschmid.< Less
American Tribal Style® Classic: Volume 1 By Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, Kristine L. Adams
Paperback: $35.00
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What started as a simple belly dance class in San Francisco in the late 1980s has flourished into the phenomenon known as American Tribal Style® Belly Dance, or ATS®. An elegant system for... More > group improvisation using specific steps, combinations, formations, and transitions, ATS® is the global language shared by enthusiastic followers of Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman’s FatChanceBellyDance (FCBD) troupe. ATS® is a living, breathing, vibrant conversation in improvisational movement. What’s more, once you learn the core elements, you can join in the dance, wherever you go. Whether you are a novice, experienced student, or teacher, this companion guide was created to help build and refresh your knowledge of ATS®. It offers full-color photos of professional dancers, written instructions, and visual body maps, as well as action and visualization segments. Designed to be used in concert with the expansive FCBD® video collection, it’s a quick and easy-to-use reference for ATS® dancers of all levels.< Less
Which World By Jonathan Allmaier
Paperback: $6.39
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Jonathan Allmaier writes about his practice on the occasion of his exhibition 'Bump Paintings and Key Key Paintings' at James Fuentes, New York.
A Balkan State of Mind By Steve Gubin
Paperback: $23.00
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Documentary photographer Steve Gubin spent over four years capturing the vigorous cultural life of Chicago's Balkan community. "A Balkan State of Mind" is part photo magazine essay, part... More > Josef Koudelka inspired documentary. Working with Chicago's Balkan folk dance group "Ensemble Balkanske Igre", Gubin gained unique access to photograph moments both public and private at rehearsals, festivals, churches, and nightclubs frequented by the Balkan residents of Chicago. Includes brief historic and cultural commentaries and over 120 black and white photographs.< Less
Scrimshander 2014 By Lindsey Holt
Paperback: $23.50
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The Scrimshaw, originally known as The Scrimshander, is an annual literary and art magazine published by the English Department and designed by the Art Department of Judson College. It features the... More > work of current students as well as alumnae of Judson. In celebration of the Dodransbicentennial Anniversary of the College, the Editor has chosen to return the publication to its original name.< Less
In Glorious Colors, West Chester By Miranda Fozard
Paperback: $19.99
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The photos of Miranda Fozard capture the beautiful colors of the unique town of West Chester, PA through the seasons. From the soft hues of spring to the vibrant red, gold and yellows of Fall. The... More > proceeds of this book benefit the Women's Exchange in West Chester which has been serving the community and women of West Chester for 70 years.< Less
Afloat, Atop A Marbled Sea By Kenyada Meadows
Paperback: $19.95
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Kenyada Meadows is a poet in the truest sense of the word. The challenge that he takes on with this collection is certainly what art is about - to elevate to the level of symbol what is ordinary or... More > what are everyday things and happenings. His work embodies immense emotions which radiate from the page with extraordinary imagery and rhythm. In Letter in a Bottle, one feels the quiet, the floating. "Afloat, atop smooth orange seas and glistening in the setting sun. No clouds. No waves. No boats. No breeze. No warmth. No sounds. No birds. No one.” With his rare insight into the world and the human psyche, Kenyada transports us to another place and inspires us to look inside ourselves to discover our own joy and pain.< Less
2013-14 ACSA Architectural Education Awards By ACSA
Paperback: $34.60
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Each year the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) honors architectural educators for exemplary work in areas such as building design, community collaborations, scholarship, and... More > service. The award-winning professors inspire and challenge students, contribute to the profession’s knowledge base, and extend their work beyond the borders of academy into practice and the public sector.< Less
Waterhummingbirdhouse : A Xikano Codex Coloring Book By Israel F. Haros Lopez
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $10.00 You Save: 50%
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This chicano art coloring book is 52 pages and examines neo-mayan,neo-aztec,neo-chicano glyphs. It is for both children and adults alike. This meditative work allows the viewer to explore visual... More > metaphors that draw from what sometimes gets deemed as "lost cultures" and become inspired to create new visions for the next seven generations. Centered around the reality that these images and cultures are here and now and continue to thrive. FOR BULK ORDERS PLEASE CONTACT AUTHOR at< Less
Waswo X. Waswo - Writings By Waswo X. Waswo
Paperback: $16.00
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Selected writings by the India-based artist and photographer. Includes his never-before-seen memoir/novel "Nowhere",and the hilarious artworld spoof "An Abridged Art History of... More > Blotsvia", plus selected short stories, essays, and poems.< Less
Slim Pickins By Tom Policano
Paperback: $45.00
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The book consists primarily of photographic images from 1970-71 detailing my impressions of east coast seasonal farm workers and glimpses of their lives in the fields and orchards, in camps, at home... More > and in the news. The 309 photographs are Interspersed with sections of text from conversations with Reverend Peterson, Johnny Wilcox, conversational snippets remembered, and a brief section from my diary in which I document attempts to organize East Coast migrant farm workers.< Less