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The Color Wheel By Alex Ross Perry
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The Color Wheel is the story of JR (Carlen Altman), an increasingly transient aspiring news-anchor, as she forces her disappointing younger brother Colin (Alex Ross Perry) to embark on a road trip to... More > move her belongings out of her professor-turned-lover’s apartment (Bob Byington). Traveling through fog-shrouded highways of New England, uncomfortably running into old school-mates, revisiting shared familial history from which they have long since diverged, chaos and calamity are not far behind their beat up Honda Accord. It can only be a matter of time before JR and Colin arrive at the strangest and most unsettling of resolutions and put to rest their decades of animosity, half-baked sibling rivalry and endless bickering, in his comedic symphony of disappointment and forgiveness.< Less
The Architectural Studio Resume - 2015 By Ben Navo
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2015 Resume. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Siken Collaboration By Joseph C. Roberts, Richard Siken
Paperback: $21.00
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In collaboration with Copper Canyon Press and Center on Contemporary Art, eleven visual artists respond to the title poem in Richard Siken’s new and long awaited second book of poetry, War of... More > the Foxes (available through Featuring art works and comments by Mary Coss, Nichole DeMent, David Francis, Tom Gehrig, Todd Horton, Richard Kehl, Judith Kindler, Wanda Pelayo, Cathy Sarkowsky, Leah Schrager, and Kate Vrijmoet. Curator's remarks by Joseph C. Roberts, selected paintings and verse by Richard Siken, the complete text of his poem, "War of the Foxes". Foreword by Miguel Edwards.< Less
Olympia, Wash. In Black and White By Karissa Blunck
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Olympia, Wash. in Black and White is a collection of street photographs by Karissa Blunck that she captured as a student at South Puget Sound Community College. Inspired by Henri... More > Cartier-Bresson’s black and white photojournalistic work, Karissa took to the streets of downtown Olympia on May 8, 2013 and captured images of people on the street. Karissa’s first book is a self-published 5x8 in 36 page paperback book. She is excited to share it with the world, and looking forward to publishing more books.< Less
Coma Ecliptic Guitar Tablature By Paul Waggoner
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Guitar tablature and notation for the 2015 release, Coma Ecliptic, by progressive metal band Between the Buried & Me.
2012-2015 By Jan Brandt Gallery
Paperback: $31.00
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Documenting three years of exhibitions and opening receptions at Jan Brandt Gallery with photography by Ken Chiu. Edited by Reid Sancken, Foreword by Kendra Paitz.
Art Cookbook By Heather Eiden
Paperback: $16.00
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The projects in this book can be presented to help children develop skills such as cutting with scissors, taping, gluing, and arranging materials to make a collage, painting, sculpture, or drawing.... More > Beyond the physical skills, children can also learn to collaborate on projects, work on art in a respectful manner, and build communication skills.< Less
Free Columbia painting exercises By Laura Summer
Paperback: $25.00
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Painting exercises from Free Columbia's introductory course
Art Paul – Hard Heads, Sweet Knees, Forked Tongues By Stanislav Grezdo et al.
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As a graphic designer, Art Paul has had an adventurous career as founding art director of Playboy magazine, designing its signature rabbit-head logo, mentoring artists and illustrators (especially... More > from Chicago), leading a revolution in illustration toward more experimental and personal work, and eventually organizing exhibitions for the magazine. The exhibition Hard Heads, Sweet Knees, Forked Tongues documents Art Paul’s career as an artist after he retired from Playboy in 1982. The exhibit feature a collection of works from the “Head” series—inner portraits of anonymous faces that artist created over the course of several decades. Furthermore, there are also line drawings, cursive word drawings and several paintings. As a whole, the artwork refers to his personal values, satirical observation, and social commentary that is at times serious but streaked with humor.< Less
tulsa's little black book of fun By Roberta "Bert" Peake, Photographer
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Tulsa, Oklahoma's Little Black Book of Fun Fun things to do in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma with photos taken by local photographer Roberta "Bert" Peake. A great gift for someone who is just... More > moving to Tulsa, who has lived in Tulsa for a long time, or is just visiting Tulsa. There is something for for everyone...Did you know that Route 66 runs through Tulsa?< Less
The Barns of Sonoma County By JG Bracco
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Photographic survey of Sonoma's vanishing rural architecture
Reconsidering Obsolescence By Brian Fiscus
Hardcover: $48.10
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University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning adaptive reuse proposals for the Buffalo Cargill Grain Silo in conjunction with Frontier Development Group of Companies.
Between the Buried and Me "Coma Ecliptic" [Bass Notation] By Dan Briggs
Paperback: $20.00
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Bass notation and tablature for the album "Coma Ecliptic" by Between the Buried and Me. Notated and edited by bassist Dan Briggs.
Odhner Family Memories By Rachel Longstaff
Hardcover: $157.25
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This is a family photo album put together by members of the Philip Nathaniel Odhner family. It chronicles family members lives from the early 1800s to the early 1960s.
Kites: The Art of Using Natural Materials By John Browning
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In Kites: The Art of Using Natural Materials, John Browning shows how he uses natural materials to make beautiful kites; kites that fly. In the book Browning balances the visual appeal of Nature's... More > riches with the universal appeal of kites, their ephemeral lightness tethered to the kite flyer’s desire to be air-borne, defying the pull of earth’s gravity. This combination of beauty and practicability is evident in the colourful images—which inform as well as delight—of kites both fixed and in flight. Throughout the book the images demonstrate how the different shapes, colours, and textures of natural materials have been transformed by Browning into fragile yet flight-worthy structures that appeal to the mind, to the eye, and to the imagination. This book, filled with colourful images, shows many examples of natural materials—leaves, plants, trees, paper, and bamboo—and how they have been brought together to create the kites. Conceived as works of Art, constructed as kites, and realized as flying structures.< Less
Steve Linn Documentary Sculpture By Steve Linn
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This book is an excursion through the documentary sculpture of Steve Linn. The materials he uses are meant to express and enhance ones attention to the subjects he chooses to depict. The works shown,... More > date back to the 1970s and trace the development from pieces that combine wood with bronze through to his inclusion of glass in the 1980’s up to the present. A section of drawings at the end of the book will show how some of the pieces began.< Less
Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation By Craig Fraedrich
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"Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation" is a jazz theory text with an emphasis on improvisation. Originally conceived as the Jazz Theory/Improvisation text and curriculum for the 2014... More > National Jazz Workshop, it has already been adopted by several university jazz programs. This book begins at a level accessible by students just beginning in jazz, with reference appendices to fill any fundamental music theory knowledge, yet progresses systematically in technical and conceptual content well beyond all but the most advanced college improvisation classes. With notated examples and exercises demonstrating all concepts as well free downloadable play-along tracks for all exercises, this book will have students playing the material almost immediately. While not required, the available 300+ page companion book, "Practical Jazz Theory for Improvisation Exercise Workbook" (available in treble and bass clef) has all exercises notated in all keys to allow for quicker technical and aural advancement.< Less
Elizabeth Catlett: Art for Social Justice By Klare Scarborough
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This catalogue complements the spring 2015 exhibition of Elizabeth Catlett: Art for Social Justice at La Salle University Art Museum. Included are essays by co-curators Klare Scarborough and Mey-Yen... More > Moriuchi, along with photographic reproductions for all 24 artworks featured in the exhibition.< Less
Romancing True Power: D20 By Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Ph.D.
Paperback: $17.98
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The civilized condemn dictatorship for its repression of freedoms and rights. This type of absolute power may not be always admired, yet strong leadership is always necessary. Romancing True Power... More > investigates an idea of power – autocratic, authoritarian and dictatorial; a power that is present in dictatorships. Yet, democracies, too, are not immune from “true” power, seductive in its strength. The Romancing True Power exhibition is an invitation to re-imagine true power through the lens of dicktatorial constructs and their trappings. Is dictatorship a product of geopolitics or personalities? Of political economies or psychologies? What shared traits unite these leaders? How do they manifest their strength? What exactly is “true power” and why are we fascinated by it?< Less
Intrinsic Music: An Introduction (WORKBOOK) By J. Andrew Dickenson
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A workbook to accompany "Intrinsic Music: An Introduction."
All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals By John Conway, C.M. Kosemen, Darren Naish
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All Yesterdays is a book about the way we see dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Lavishly illustrated with over sixty original artworks, All Yesterdays aims to challenge our notions of how... More > prehistoric animals looked and behaved. As a critical exploration of palaeontological art, All Yesterdays asks questions about what is probable, what is possible, and what is commonly ignored. Written by palaeozoologist Darren Naish, and palaeontological artists John Conway and C.M. Kosemen, All Yesterdays is scientifically rigorous and artistically imaginative in its approach to fossils of the past - and those of the future.< Less
Intrinsic Music: An Introduction By J. Andrew Dickenson
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A study of music for beginning musicians. Incorporates music theory, rhythm, piano, ear training, and history so students have a complete understanding of music.
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 3rd Edition By Phil Lewis
Paperback: $19.99
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This book picks up right where the second edition left off. As my work has progressed these past couple of years, my drawings have become more technical, and the patterns more intricate. The pages... More > in this book are pretty darn complicated and will demand more focus and attention... which also leads to increased coloring-euphoria! If you’re a “big kid” who loves to color, and you feel up to the challenge, please join me on a fantastic voyage through some of my recent work, and put your own spin on pieces like... The River Dance, Foxy, The Winter Carnival and many more!< Less
On Being a Photographer By David Hurn
Paperback: $12.95
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Now in it's third edition, On Being a Photographer has become one of the most popular books every written with practical advice for photographers. "A photographer might forget his camera and... More > live to tell the tale. But no photographer who survives has ever forgotten the lessons in this book. It is not just essential reading, it's compulsory." Daniel Meadows Head of Photojournalism Center for Journalism Studies University of Wales Published by LensWork< Less
A Coloring Book for Big Kids - 2nd Edition By Phil Lewis
Paperback: $21.29
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A coloring book like none other! Presented here are the original black and white versions of drawings by artist Phil Lewis. Take a fantastic voyage into these psychedelic landscapes and encounter... More > some of Phil's crazy characters within these unique and fascinating pages. Now in its second edition, this coloring book contains 36 exciting drawings. Everything from elephants to an octopus, everyone is sure to find a favorite. Don't let the title fool you, little kids can have just as much fun as the big kids with this one-of-a-kind coloring book experience!< Less