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Past week | Past month Master PDF Download By Mark Feezell
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Here is a single 198 page, searchable PDF file containing all the individual topics on, with a complete table of contents (look for "bookmarks" or "table of... More > contents" in the view menu on your reader). I'm keeping the price low to help you. Please help a fellow musician: DO NOT share this file with anyone else, including students, friends, or anywhere online. These topics are FREE as individual PDF files at HEY! READ THIS ABOUT THE REVIEW FROM BRUCE BELOW: ALL pages of EVERY theory topic for units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 ARE absolutely included in this PDF file! (Appendix 7: For Graduate Students isn't, but it is only 3 handouts about how to study, not true theory topics). The "missing pages" referenced are the table of contents and foreword for the old Music FUNDAMENTALS book (section 1 on the site). Originally, the fundamentals ONLY was a separate book. I included the old fundamentals-only pages into the new PDF, so the page numbers don't always go in sequence.< Less
the Girls Who Dance at the Chapel By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Let's start with the most important piece, yes?" A janitor at a high-club strip club, featuring cybernetically altered ladies, discovers that he should've read the fine print when he's... More > chosen to replace one of them. Now he needs to find a way to deal with this sudden promotion in this 20 page story from!< Less
Goop By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Still awake, son?" Beneath the foothills of the Rockies a young intern at a top-secret scientific research facility finds himself in a slippery situation. What follows is 20 pages of... More > rubbery, gooey fun from!< Less
Essentials: Rendering With Podium V2 PLUS (PDF) By James Kenney
eBook (PDF): $12.95
Podium is a uniquely sophisticated, user-friendly plugin renderer for SketchUp that produces BIG results. This is a “Quick Start”, “How To”, “Reference Guide” and... More > “Software Manual”, all rolled into one easy to follow, well illustrated book that will help you create photo-realistic Podium renderings of your SketchUp models in just a few hours time. You’ll quickly get up to speed on how to use this wonderful rendering solution for all of your SketchUp models. This book is well organized, concise and generously illustrated and should be helpful to both students and practicing professionals. Illustrations are accompanied by outlines and/ or narratives presenting the example from setup to completion. Essentials: Rendering with Podium V2 PLUS is current with SketchUp 2014 and Podium V2 PLUS.< Less
the Winter King By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"What would you do to save her, I wonder?" On the treacherous northern Shelf a man searches the tundra for his missing wife only to unwittingly stumble into something far more treacherous... More > than the raging winter storms. Will he be able to save her? Will he be able to save himself? Find out in the second story set in the Dreamlands universe: Tales from Dreamland: the Winter King from< Less
Woman by the light of the moon By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"This is the story of how my life changed forever..." Shortly after moving into a new town, a hapless young man finds he's become the victim of a strange and ancient curse. Can he save... More > himself before it's too late? Or will he lose himself forever to the light of the full moon? Find out in the pages of Woman by the Light of the Moon, from< Less
C-Heads My Heart Sings Wild Issue #29 By C-Heads Magazine
eBook (PDF): $6.50
Summer Issue with beautiful work from Alessandro Casagrande, Ali Mitton, Andreia Martins, Carlos Blanco, Corrado Dalcò, Corrine Jade Noel, Dana Boulos, Daria Satina, Dominic Clarke, Fam... More > Irvoll, Florencia Petra, Jason Wang, Julia Spicker, Yougo Jeberg, Loreen Hinz, Luca Nocera, Magnus Österhult, Mathias Sterner, Natalie Cottee, Nils Rodekamp, Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, Sara Mautone, Sebastian Lang, Stephen Tilley, Ted Emmons, Valeria Mitelman and We Are Handsome< Less
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The Ari Hoenig Song Book By Ari Hoenig
eBook (PDF): $16.99
A collection of rhythmically, melodically, and structurally interesting compositions by great New York City drummer/composer/bandleader Ari Hoenig. Includes all songs from Ari's albums The Painter,... More > Inversations, Bert's Playground, Live at Smalls, Lines of Oppression and The Pauper and the Magician.< Less
Gezi By Margaret Tolbert
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Gezi, meaning voyage or excursion in Turkish, is sketches and narrative from travels in Eastern Turkey by the painter Margaret Ross Tolbert. From Sivas to Tercan, Kars to Van, and Mardin to Urfa, she... More > crisscosses ancient trade routes, prowls through crowded bazaars, explores city streets and vast dramatic landscapes of the East and records her experiences and encounters with those she meets.< Less
Odes and Ends By Barbara Lyon
Hardcover: $26.40
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Selected works: Paintings, Poems and Sketches by Barbara P. Lyon, b. 1920-
Anthology of Text Scores By Pauline Oliveros
Paperback: $40.00
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Spanning four decades of creative work, this anthology includes all of the text scores created by Pauline Oliveros since 1971. Released at the end of a year-long celebration of Oliveros' 80th... More > birthday, the anthology features group and solo meditations, as well as performance pieces for ensembles and soloists. This comprehensive volume will be an invaluable resource for performers, scholars, adults, children, musicians and nonmusicians alike. These works demonstrate the humor, brilliance, and inclusiveness that is central to Oliveros' Deep Listening philosophy and music. Through this collection, we are all invited to participate in the life work of one of the most unique and groundbreaking individuals in contemporary music.< Less
The Qualities of Craftsmanship By Kent Carlos Everett
Paperback: $10.00
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Thoughts on craftsmanship from a guy who has spent 40 years behind the bandsaw. This little book serves as a guide for those wanting to improve the quality of their work. Simple, easy to follow,... More > packed with valuable information, and fun to read.< Less
Singing the Universe Awake By Laurie Riley
Paperback: $16.00
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Exploring the connection of music to science and spirit, using tangible concepts soundly rooted in science. Fractals, frequency, symbols, Pythagorean concepts, the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci series,... More > lissajous figures, Cymatics, the harmonic curve, circle of fifths, and much more.< Less
Network Drafting: An Introduction By Alice Schlein
Paperback: $42.00
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Network Drafting: An Introduction offers the designer/weaver an entrée into an exciting new world—the weaving of curved designs in many structures on the multishaft loom without jacquard... More > devices, draw harnesses, or other loom modifications. Weavers with looms of eight or more shafts, with or without dobbies, will love this book. Think curves! First published in 1994. The current edition contains all the material in the original text, including illustrations and diagrams.< Less
Navigating The Colors of Coastal California, Paintings by RD Riccoboni By RD Riccoboni
Paperback: $39.50
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You are invited to an intimate viewing of over 60 coastal themed artworks of one of America’s most prolific and expressive painters. Known for his vibrant landscapes and city-scenes, award... More > winning and internationally collected artist RD Riccoboni shares inside this book some of his favorite California coastal works. "Art has the power to individually connect us to each other and create a human experience. Art essentially makes each one of us more human." ~ RD Riccoboni, artist. Paintings in this collection include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Coronado, La Jolla beaches bay fronts and shorelines and well as some of California’s coastal architecture.< Less
BUSY PEOPLE By Stephanie Wunderlich
Paperback: $10.08
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Stephanie Wunderlich studied Communication Design at both FH Augsburg and ISIA Urbino. Based in Hamburg she works as a freelance illustrator for international magazines and publishers of books. She... More > also teaches illustration, most recently at the FH Mainz. Her favourite materials are scissors and glue with wich she realises collages using a combination of manual an d digital techniques. She’s received awards from Art Directors Club Deutschland, American Illustration and 3×3 Magazine.< Less
Familiar Convergence By Kadoya Gallery
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The artists are committed to visualizing the odd, yet entirely familiar, relationships and juxtapositions of converging elements; noting conversations that occur when people, places, the natural, and... More > artificial meet in time. Benvenuto's constructed images are surreal depictions of our world of appearances, seen through a veil of perceptive conjecture and contrivance. By placing environments, objects, and people in an orchestrated context, Benvenuto evokes a personal and reflective narrative. Malella's photographs examine the harmony or dissonance of Our relationship to the land. He is interested in the marks we make, physically and psychologically, onto our planet and how those alterations shift geological, ecological, and sociological patterns during our tenure. He finds solace in nature's ability to adapt and reclaim its boundaries, but warns of the time it may take to do so.< Less
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Coloring Book for Welcome Bags for Ben and Laurel's Wedding
Mommas Dream Too By Dorothy Urbanek
Paperback: $11.55
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11. MOMMAS DREAM TOO is one of my poems illustrated with a collection of my pencil drawings of children. Happy Mother's Day!
Love Yourself By Annabella Gutman
Hardcover: $20.79
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This collection of studio photography is interwoven with quotations by Annabella.
Art Appreciation Workbook By scott trent
Paperback: $20.00
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Art appreciation 1301 workbook for Collin College. This book contains exercises and tests for the course.
Travels in a Small World 2013-16 By Tommy Barr
Paperback: $17.19
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Journal of the Artist Tommy Barr covering the years 2013 to 2016. The Journal includes reproductions of key paintings and details of his artistic practice from the period.
Sacred Codes - 12 February 2017 By L. Caruana
Paperback: $25.95
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Digging through obscure and arcane texts, closely observing and detecting marks in paintings that few would perceive, L. Caruana recovers perennial principles otherwise lost by the collapse of the... More > academy system. Written in clear lucid prose by an experienced painter, these 700 pages distill years of academy lecturing and a life-time of historical approaches to painting. Loaded with practical knowledge and new discoveries, SACRED CODES is an essential companion to all serious artists – a treasure-trove of insider knowledge, craftsmen’s secrets, and tricks of the trade. Richly-illustrated with explanatory figures and hundreds of plates, the first volume of The Sacred Codes Series is dedicated to The Drawing Stage.< Less
The Solo Guitar Notebook By Donovan Raitt
Paperback: $10.00
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A journal for guitairsts to compile their arrangement ideas in a simple, easy to use format