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The Ari Hoenig Song Book By Ari Hoenig
eBook (PDF): $16.99
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A collection of rhythmically, melodically, and structurally interesting compositions by great New York City drummer/composer/bandleader Ari Hoenig. Includes songs from Ari's albums The Painter,... More > Inversations, Bert's Playground, Live at Smalls and Lines of Oppression.< Less
'Ukulele Chord Shapes By Brad Bordessa
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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A collection of the main 'ukulele chord types displayed as shapes. The location of the root is shown so you can find twelve chords after learning only one shape. This is a unique way of visualizing... More > the fretboard and will not instantly show you specific chords. But for those interested, these shapes will expand your knowledge of chords in a simple and quick manner compared to learning every single chord and its fingering. 25+ chord types included with 4+ voicings for each shape: Major, minor, diminished, augmented, dim7, 7b9, 7th, 7sus4, maj7, min7, maj6, min6, 7b5, 7#5, maj7b5, maj7#5, min7b5, min7#5, min/maj7, dim/maj7, 9th, 6/9, sus4, sus2, add4, add2. Sections on how to build chords, chord formulas, chord symbols, reading chord charts, how to find chords using the "shapes" method, slash chords, progressions, and more.< Less
eBook (PDF): $12.24
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An old-fingering method for students and performers of Baroque keyboards. After its first version of 1983, enhanced editions received very favourable comments,including an endorsement by Igor Kipnis.... More > This 6th revised edition, based on decades of studies and performance, is as always the most comprehensive work in the field, with 174 fingered passages and a bibliography of sources. Scales and other passages are resolved with fifty-plus fingering Rules based on examples with original fingerings from the Baroque era. Old fingerings are also suggested for difficult passages in the repertoire. Find a recently published review and excerpts in< Less
An Approach to Jazz Piano (PDF) By Charles Austin
eBook (PDF): $19.95
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Fifth Edition, PDF. Exploring chords, scales, voicings, progressions, style, function, and improvisation, this is a comprehensive approach for serious students of jazz piano. In this clearly... More > written instructional text, Charles Austin draws on nearly fifty years of experience as a professional jazz pianist and thirty as a college instructor guiding hundreds of students in the fundamentals of jazz piano. Of special interest is the in-depth treatment of source scales and harmonic function, invaluable to both students and professionals. Interspersed throughout with exercises and practice suggestions, the book is a complete guide to learning jazz piano and harmony for intermediate to advanced students. It is also a comprehensive resource for professionals, with thorough presentations of chords, source scales, slash chords, harmonic function, polychords, and more.< Less
Careers in Art History (4th Edition) - EBook By Association of Art Historians
eBook (PDF): $9.17
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When embarking on the competitive arts job market it pays to be well-informed. This book aims to guide you through the options available – whether you are a prospective undergraduate student of... More > Art History wondering where the degree could take you, or a professional looking to develop your existing art history career or move into the field. In this new edition we have grouped jobs by theme to show the range of careers available within certain sectors and how they interconnect. We have also included more potential careers, including less obvious roles such as advertising, heritage tourism and museum retail, and reflected the changing job market with an extended entry on freelance work. There are also new sections with practical information on marketing yourself, writing CVs and finding funding. The further information sections accompanying each entry have also been updated.< Less
Special Collection 2014 - KATRINA CHISU By NEKOCHANK
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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KATRINA CHISU Special Collection 2014! NSFW. 20 HD drawings, sequences, ecchi and hentai. Thank you so much for supporting my work!
American Tribal Style® Classic: Volume 1 By Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, Kristine L. Adams
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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What started as a simple belly dance class in San Francisco in the late 1980s has flourished into the phenomenon known as American Tribal Style® Belly Dance, or ATS®. An elegant system for... More > group improvisation using specific steps, combinations, formations, and transitions, ATS® is the global language shared by enthusiastic followers of Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman’s FatChanceBellyDance (FCBD) troupe. ATS® is a living, breathing, vibrant conversation in improvisational movement. What’s more, once you learn the core elements, you can join in the dance, wherever you go. Whether you are a novice, experienced student, or teacher, this companion guide was created to help build and refresh your knowledge of ATS®. It offers full-color photos of professional dancers, written instructions, and visual body maps, as well as action and visualization segments. Designed to be used in concert with the expansive FCBD® video collection, it’s a quick and easy-to-use reference for ATS® dancers of all levels.< Less
Special Collection 2014 - Nee Ikeda By NEKOCHANK
eBook (PDF): $3.21
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NEE IKEDA Special Collection 2014! NSFW. 20 HD drawings, sequences, ecchi and hentai. Thank you so much for supporting my work!
The Big Book of Balloons Create Almost Anything for Every Party and Holiday By Captain Visual
Paperback: $24.95
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This is the how-to book that celebrates the holidays with balloon art! The easy-to-follow diagrams in The Big Book of Balloons simplify the twists and turns of designs suitable for just about every... More > holiday or celebration the year has to offer. Regardless of your skill or experience-even if you've never blown up a balloon in your life-you're sure to find fun in these pages. This comprehensive volume offers more than 100 new sculptures that suit holidays, festivals, and just plain happy days throughout the year including: Party Hats, Groundhog, Hearts, Shamrocks, Flowers, Easter Bunnies, Easter Basket, Golf Club and Ball, Rod Reel and Fish, Patriotic Braids, Balloon Burst, Rainbow, All 26 Letters of the Alphabet and 10 Numerals, Pom-Poms, Football Helmet, Jack-o'-Lantern, Black Cat on Full Moon, Bats, Skeleton, Witch, Turkey, Cornucopia, Menorahs, Star of David, Rudolph, Reindeer Hat, Santa, Candy Canes, Wreaths, Bridal and Baby Shower Umbrella, Stork With Special Delivery...and more!< Less
Fine, Sense Looking: Photographs From Japan By Paul Healey
Paperback: $44.95
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In the course of three brief trips to Japan, photographer Paul Healey avidly recorded what he found to be a beautiful, complex, and fascinating country. Although his trips, taken together, amounted... More > to less than a month spent in Japan, Healey managed to to travel through a significant swath of the country, from western Honshu to the northern island of Hokkaido. This book is a record of those journeys—not so much a travelogue, as a set of photographic impressions.< Less
Merch Art By Nelson Gallery
Paperback: $22.50
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Merch Art is the premiere exhibition of artist multiples made for charitable and commercial purposes collected by San Franciscans Lawrence Banka and Judith Gordon. Work by Joseph Beuys, Alexander... More > Calder, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Jeff Koons, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, Cindy Sherman, and many others are included. Nineteen color illustrations plus essays by UC Davis art historian Blake Stimson, Nelson Gallery Director Renny Pritikin, and Banka and Gordon.< Less
Music Manuscript Paper (5-Line Staff) By Music Methods Online
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $11.96 You Save: 20%
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Musicians can use this manuscript paper for composition, homework, or many other musical needs.
Intrinsic Music: An Introduction By J. Andrew Dickenson
Paperback: List Price: $34.95 $27.96 You Save: 20%
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A study of music for beginning musicians. Incorporates music theory, rhythm, piano, ear training, and history so students have a complete understanding of music.
Robinson's Hawaii By Richard Robinson
Paperback: $29.50
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What does an artist learn from 80 days in the tropics? In August 2012 New Zealand artist Richard Robinson moved to Hawai’i for 3 months with his Wife and two children. The goal was threefold -... More > escape the winter, have a family adventure and paint with lots of local artists. This book is a painter’s diary - a collection of thoughts, realisations, notes, techniques and even an epiphany or two, written to inspire and enlighten any landscape painter or art lover with a thirst for tropical adventure and practical painting know-how.< Less
Assistant's Bible By Carsten Burmeister
Paperback: $25.00
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I’ve been a photographer for 40 years. And I’m German. You need to know these two tidbits, to see where I’m coming from with this booklet. My photography is defined by meticulous... More > attention to detail … so - not to scare you off or anything - guess what I expect from my assistants? Study this Bible, learn from this manual, and you'll be an in-demand photographer's assistant in no time. Amen.< Less
Finding Chords to Match the Notes In Your Melody: A Manual for Songwriters and Musicians By Bruce Osborn
Paperback: $29.99
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An easy-to-use guide to finding just the right chords to use with any melody. If you have ever composed a melody and then been at a loss as to which basic chords to play along with it . . . if you... More > have ever wondered how to experiment with more complex chord substitutions . . . if you have ever wondered how the “experts” go about choosing which chords to use with their melodies . . . then this book is for you. Through the use of clear, color-coded charts and detailed step-by-step instructions, this book will show you at a glance exactly which chords are the best choices for use over any melody note in any key. In addition, the author includes extended—and often hilarious!—essays describing how he came to develop the charts included in this book, and how his interest in chords lead him to explore the chords and melody in a well-known jazz song. Finally, there are charts—one for each of the 12 notes in a chromatic scale—listing the notes contained in 26 of the most common chords.< Less
Inspired Serenity: Scenes from the Cleveland Metroparks By Theresa Puckett
Paperback: $19.99
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When I'm home in Ohio and seeking peace and solitude I head to the Cleveland Metroparks. This book contains scenes from multiple parks. Each photo is paired by an inspirational nature quote. My hope... More > is that viewers will be able to imagine themselves in the scene and that the book will offer a quick escape or a means of meditation.< Less
Trillium Gallery Issue Six Magazine By Trillium Gallery
Paperback: $20.00
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This is Trillium Gallery's latest magazine edition! Issue Six is filled with fine art, member articles, tutorials, special features and more! We are pleased to share it with you.
Paperback: $13.49
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Exhibition catalog for the 2014 Thesis class from Oregon College of Art and Craft
Adeline Turman: A Legacy By Judy Winograd, editor
Paperback: $18.00
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This catalog is a celebration of the art of Adeline Turman, an accomplished hand-weaver, consummate printmaker, and beloved teacher who died in 2012 at the age of 98. Ms. Turman was an active... More > practitioner for more than 40 years in the Atlanta GA arts community. This catalog documents the spectrum of her achievement and the impact of her work and expertise on many students, friends, fellow artists, and collectors. It represents the range and excellence of her output and her persistence in encouraging others to create a continuing presence of creative resources in her community.< Less
SISB July 2014 By Richard Erdman Studios
Paperback: $32.80
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Richard Erdman is an internationally renowned sculptor who creates soaring sculptural works in bronze and stone in the abstract mode. A graduate of the University of Vermont, the artist’s... More > career stretches over three and a half decades. His art is known for its vitality, energy, and light buoyant motion, as if defying the material from which it is formed. The power and life the artist bestows in his work, both daring and subtle, conveys passion and strength, deeply engaging the viewer.< Less
Selected Works 2006 - 2014 By Artur Silva
Paperback: $34.99
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A selection of works created by Brazilian born artist Artur Silva between 2006 and 2014. Introduction interview by Lisa D. Freiman, the inaugural director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s... More > new Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA).< Less
The Complete Guide to Olympus' O-MD E-M1 (B&W Edition) By Gary L. Friedman
Paperback: $34.50
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The OM-D E-M1 camera has been hailed as “The King of Micro Four Thirds” format for good reason! The engineers gave this camera one of the most customizable and nuanced user interfaces... More > ever. While a good move, even experienced users will sometimes need help getting their arms around all of the different permutations of features or groups of features spread across different menus. In this detailed and easy-to-read reference, professional stock photographer Gary L. Friedman simplifies the complexity and provides the shortest learning curve for this infinitely-configurable camera. Also included is a set of "Cliffs Notes" cards you can print showing the recipes for common shooting situations, and the author's Personal Camera Settings.  Get the most out of your investment and enjoy learning more about it at the same time! THIS VERSION OF THE BOOK IS IN B&W. Color versions and other formats (including sample pages) are available at the author's website.< Less
The Art of the Sandwich Bag By Russell Nemec
Paperback: List Price: $46.00 $27.60 You Save: 40%
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A collection of over 330 pictures drawn on sandwich bags. The artist/author started this project to amuse his two kids during their school lunches. The daily work proved popular on Facebook and... More > Pinterest.< Less
The Complete Guide to Sony's A6000 Camera (color edition) By Gary L. Friedman
Paperback: $108.00
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Written for one of the best travel cameras ever made, this comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide for the Sony Alpha 6000 is written for the advanced user (with tutorials and easy explanations in... More > case you're not so advanced). In it we provide a thorough guide which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well. There is no better way to learn about and get the most out of your camera. Get the most out of your investment and enjoy learning more about it at the same time! A complete description, preview pages and a table of contents can all be found on the author's website: .< Less