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RFTS Vol.01 The Beginning + EXTRA By NEKOCHANK
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Reaching for the Sky Vol.01 the Beginning. Original Story from DA + Extra Hentai Shower Scene, Nee X Kian. Total Pages 75. Thanks for supporting my work Get the Printed version here:... More > PRINTED VERSION HAS NO HENTAI Pages70 BindingPerfect-bound Paperback Interior InkFull color Weight 0.75 lbs. Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide x 11 tall< Less
Special Collection 2014 - MICCA LUSIOS By NEKOCHANK
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MICCA LUSIOS Special Collection 2014! NSFW. 20 HD drawings, sequences, ecchi and hentai. Thank you so much for supporting my work!
Goop By blackshirtboy
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"Still awake, son?" Beneath the foothills of the Rockies a young intern at a top-secret scientific research facility finds himself in a slippery situation. What follows is 20 pages of... More > rubbery, gooey fun from!< Less
Woman by the light of the moon By blackshirtboy
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"This is the story of how my life changed forever..." Shortly after moving into a new town, a hapless young man finds he's become the victim of a strange and ancient curse. Can he save... More > himself before it's too late? Or will he lose himself forever to the light of the full moon? Find out in the pages of Woman by the Light of the Moon, from< Less
Network Drafting: An Introduction By Alice Schlein
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Network Drafting: An Introduction offers the designer/weaver an entrée into an exciting new world—the weaving of curved designs in many structures on the multishaft loom without jacquard... More > devices, draw harnesses, or other loom modifications. Weavers with looms of eight or more shafts, with or without dobbies, will love this book. Think curves! First published in 1994. The current edition contains all the material in the original text, including illustrations and diagrams.< Less
Muddy Urbanism By Kathy Waghorn, Andrew Barrie
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Muddy Urbanism is a special urban-research studio at The School of Architecture and Planning, The University of Auckland. This research proposes new interfaces between urban policy, ecological... More > systems and community participation for the regeneration of an urban river catchment in the city’s inner west. Muddy Urbanism was part of the 5th Auckland Triennial, curated by Hou Hanru. It was first presented at the Auckland Art Gallery in May, 2013. Muddy Urbanism was led by Kathy Waghorn from The University of Auckland in collaboration with Teddy Cruz, Professor of Public Culture at the University of California, San Diego and co-founder of the Center for Urban Ecologies.The book contains documentation of all projects and an interview with Teddy Cruz.< Less
Hubbard Photojournal By Samantha Hubbard
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This is a photo journal from Rome. I took a photography class there this summer and this was one of our assignments. I saw my photography skills advance immensely and I learned so much about the... More > camera, photo editing, composition, light (all that photography encompasses.)< Less
Nigunim: The Songbook By Joey Weisenberg
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This Songbook is a collection of sheet music for the first four albums of Joey Weisenberg’s “Nigunim” series, including: Spontaneous Jewish Choir (2011) Transformation of a Nigun... More > (2012) Live in the Choir Loft (2013) Brooklyn Spirituals (2014). In these compositions and on the accompanying recordings, you can hear older styles of Jewish music - nigunim (wordless melodies), z’mirot (Sabbath-table melodies), choral music, and traditional nusach (prayer chant) - organically melding with the spontaneous improvisation, liberated harmonies and indie soul music of the Brooklyn soundscape. This music is for singing, together. Sing this music with others - at your table, in sacred spaces, and anywhere else where you might create spontaneous moments of collective beauty. Indeed, the nigun is the great communal musical art form of Jewish life. Please use these melodies to build your own singing communities!< Less
Digital Photography for Art Conservation By Yosi Pozeilov
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The 4th edition (Jan 2015) of this popular handbook for the Art Conservation community is the largest most comprehensive revision to date. The Handbook is double the size of the previous, rich in... More > images providing a strong foundation for the beginner digital photographer. It also offers the experienced photographer more sophisticated color management techniques (using Adobe's software) that professionals in this field require. New additions include sections on Conservation Imaging Techniques, aspects of multispectral imaging, including a review of a number of different light sources. Also offered is a procedure for condition reporting using the iPad. A suggested list and procedure for naming conventions can be found in the appendix, as well as an expanded and very comprehensive glossary. Please write to yosi(@)Pozeilov(.)com, to get a copy of the index. Thanks for your interest in this book.< Less
The Sound Projector Music Magazine 23rd Issue 2015 By Ed Pinsent
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The Sound Projector Music Magazine 23rd Issue 2015, featuring interview with Alvaro Pena, The Chilean with the Singing Nose, record reviews, and original artworks. Contributors: Stuart Marshall,... More > Jennifer Hor, Paul Khimasia Morgan, Steve Pescott, Thomas Shrubsole, Daniel Azelie, and Ed Pinsent.< Less
Jennifer Beedon Snow: Paintings By Jennifer Beedon Snow
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"Jennifer Beedon Snow: Paintings" represents this Seattle painter's mid-career retrospective of her vernacular work. Swimming pools, suburban neighborhoods, household objects, and toys are... More > painted in her trademark expressively realistic style using a palette knife. This 64-page book includes 40 images, and was created for Snow's May, 2015 exhibition of new work.< Less
The Sound Projector Presents Pandaemonium By Ed Pinsent
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The Sound Projector Presents Pandaemonium. Black Metal record reviews written by Nausika. Design and artwork by Mulciber.
Bard Painting Caucus 2015 By MFA ooo
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Reader for Painting Department in the Bard MFA Program, Summer 2015
Psycroptic: Guitar Tablature Book By Joe Haley
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Guitar tablature book for the self titled album 'Psycroptic'.
Coffee Time Doodles Vol. 1 By Nicole Ales
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Sketches, Art Progresses and other Doodles from the years 2012 and 2013, created by artist, Nicole Madeline Ales.
::Catharsis::Haven:: By Carmen León-Colón
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Thesis Proposal: A process of purification will take place through Architecture. Architecture is capable to provide spaces able to heal and change social problems. Some topics like inequality have... More > been neglected and trivialized topics in the field of Architecture and also as social issue. Even though the roles of women and men had changed in today’s society gender abuse is still a concerning topic. The percentage of homicides and incidents in Saint Louis due to inequality had increased over the years. The vortex of abuse can lead to severe health and mental illness. Now Architecture can create conscience about gender abuse, from its causes to its repercussions, and create spaces where individuals can heal their open wounds.< Less
Bartkowiak, Katherine Arch 7006 Book By Katherine Bartkowiak
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Architecture studio analysis book of my work throughout my final semester of graduate school.
Design Required: Interactive Installation Art Designed to Promote Behavior Change By Amy Jorgensen
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Interactive Installation Art can promote behavior change by altering brainwave state, increasing creativity, disrupting cultural habits and improving neurochemistry.
20th Century Box By Jeff Robin
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Seniors at High Tech High chose a topic in the 20th century and created artwork and writing to go along with each subject
Mircrogrid Infrastructure: Examining Public Housing Strategies By Lauren Brosius
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Residents of Alexandra have been characterized by their love for their city and the struggle for the right remain in the city. Although RDP is focusing on housing they are neglecting their failing... More > infrastructure. The combination of subsidized housing and micro-grid infrastructure will continue to build the community in Alexandra. Therefore a more effective government housing strategy, focusing on user participation, flexibility, and microgrids, may receive greater user satisfaction, control infrastructure challenges, as well as urban density. The design proposal is to create a more effective and community based public housing strategy which first provides basic infrastructure (water, sewerage, electric) through a system of micro-grids, while maintaining density in Alexandra.< Less
Water Sponge By Sharon Xinyue Ling
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2015 Spring studio project. From Louisiana state University the school of Architecture.
Water to Water By Ruoyi Peng
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2015 spring studio summer school of architecture, louisiana state university
Serpent at the Door: The Films of P.T. Anderson By Steven Martinez
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From ‘Hard Eight,’ ‘Boogie Nights,’ and ‘Magnolia,’ to ‘Punch Drunk Love,’ ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘The Master,’ P.T.... More > Anderson’s body of work remains a paragon of American cinema. This critical overview provides a much-needed interpretation of his entire canon. Beginning with his earliest short-film and proceeding through his most recent tragedy, ‘Serpent at the Door’ explores the major themes and narrative devices utilized in the construction of his art. Above all, it describes the umbrella of divine intervention that hangs over his universe, motivating his characters through arduous journeys of discovery. Fate and chance dominate his drama, threaded between flawed gods and lost men. These inescapable relationships animate his movies, coalescing into hopeful moments of personal redemption. Anderson’s cinema deserves the broadest critique possible given the depth and breadth of his artistry. ‘Serpent at the Door’ provides a cohesive argument that speaks to the purpose and quality of his collective vision.< Less
Power Field_Miami Marine Stadium By Yao Liu
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ARCH7006_Studio_Miami Marine Stadium_SOA_LSU Power Field_Yao Liu
Ten Consolations By Dubiell De Zarraga Lago
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Piano Compositions By Cuban compouser Dubiell De Zarraga Lago