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Duik, user guide - version 15 By Nicolas Dufresne
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Duik is a free script for the Animation software Adobe After Effects. It eases character, props, and camera animation. Duik creates rigs which allow the animator to manipulate the... More > characters in a very intuitive way. Created in 2009 in France, very simple at its beginning, Duik is now very complete and has an international success; it is used to create TV series, advertising, motion design, video games, music videos, short movies and feature films. It is used in companies from the whole world.< Less
Music, Culture and Conflict in Mali By Andy Morgan
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Music, Mausoleums, Ancient Manuscripts, Literature, Film, Theatre and Islamism in Mali “Essential reading for anyone who has been touched by Saharan music. It gives a clear and gripping... More > picture of what it’s like to live through the chaos of a 21st century conflict… A really valuable piece of work.” Justin Adams, guitarist, UK “Andy Morgan’s writing on the crisis has grown into a book. His final chapter is required reading, a tour de force of both profound humanity and intellectual clarity.” Nigel Williamson, Songlines - five out of five stars “The book is brilliant.” Torben Holleufer, Gaffa Magazine, Denmark< Less
Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing By Steve Neff
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An inside approach to outside playing using pentatonics, chromaticism, 3-tonic systems and intervallic patterns to produce modern lines in the style of Michael Brecker and Bob Berg. There are 100... More > 16th note lines written out in all 12 keys that can be used over minor tonalities. These lines give the student functional ideas that weave in and out of the tonality to produce a modern and “outside” sound.< Less
Yavalath & Co. By Néstor Romeral Andrés
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Yavalath is a board game with extremely simple rules, but an emergent twist that makes it interesting and fun to play. It came about as a result of the following question: can computers invent board... More > games? This book features 15 games that can be played with a Yavalath set, including Yavalath itself. A Yavalath set consists of a hexagonal board of 5 hexes per side, 30 black stones, 30 white stones and at least 25 red stones. Grab some friends and a Yavalath set, and have some fun!< Less
The Complete Guide to Olympus' E-M5 II (Color Edition) By Gary L. Friedman, Tony Phillips
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The OM-D E-M5 II is a tiny camera camera that implements sensor-shifting in order to achieve a whopping 40 megapixels out of it's outstanding Micro Four-Thirds sensor! Its engineers also gave it one... More > of the most customizable and nuanced user interfaces ever. While a good move, even experienced users will sometimes need help getting their arms around all of the different permutations of features or groups of features spread across different menus. In this detailed and easy-to-read reference, professional photographers Gary L. Friedman and Tony Philips simplify the complexity and provides the shortest learning curve for this infinitely-configurable camera. Also included is a set of "Cliffs Notes" cards you can print showing the recipes for common shooting situations, and the author's Personal Camera Settings. THIS VERSION OF THE BOOK IS IN COLOR. A B&W version and other formats (including sample pages) are available at the author's website.< Less
Architecture Center By Donna Kacmar
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Analysis of architecture centers and small galleries in the U.S.
Storied By Carlin Mumphrey
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A short reflection of my time working as a writing tutor at my local community college.
See Through By Mel Murray
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A curated collection of iPhone photos taken primarily in NYC by Mel Murray.
Stairway to Nowhere By Jeff Robin
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The seniors at High Tech High in San Diego made Staircases to Nowhere in their integrated Art and Physics classes
It's Been Treacherous Lately By Amanda Bulger
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A collection of images and text about farming and art making
Film Photography - A Guide by Victoria Maggard By Victoria Maggard
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This is a film photography guide meant to be used while taking a class.
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Living on the streets is a photo journalistic book about men and women in Baltimore City who are experiencing homelessness. It gives the viewer an inside look at the faces, places and stories that... More > are their lives.< Less
Symbol book By Savannah Gibbs
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This is a process book for a class project at USFSP. Made in Fall of 2015
Photography & Graphic Design By Jennifer Santor
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This was made so I could present my art in this magazine. I wanted to show off my photos in a different way.
Elementary By Dominic Sanchez
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This magazine is a compilation of all the projects students have worked on for the whole semester. Inside is a look at the beginning of my work as well as others'. I also go through the infographic... More > making process and critique others' work.< Less
Adventuring By Zoe Kaatz
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MSU graphic design project. 100 photos into a narrative. Created by Zoe Kaatz
This Thing of Nature By Daniel Embree
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This Thing of Nature recounts the story of the rodsman Winchell as told by one of his most faithful followers. Inspired by the true events of the “Wood Scrape” in 1800, Winchell... More > introduces the people of Middleton, Vermont to the practice of divining with hazel rods to discern the future and find hidden treasures. To his closest followers, Winchell reveals the biggest prize of all—a cache of buried gold left in the ground by the Native Americans. The only problem is the terrible guardian spirit that watches over the treasure. In order to find and secure the money, Winchell and his party must keep themselves pure, have faith in the power of the rod, and maintain perfect silence as they dig. And so, with that charge the rodsmen set out on their adventure. Will they find the mysterious loot, or will the terrible spirit whisk it away from under their shovels?< Less
Changing Directions By David Caditz
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An in-depth analysis of the geometrical structure of Argentine Tango. Seventy-two pages, 18 full color photos, 24 diagrams, 25 tables describing the inner workings of tango. A must for any serious... More > student of dance.< Less
Very Easy English Lute Music By Matthew Weinman
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Very Easy English Lute Music. 75 Pieces for the beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate players. Even the professional Lute player will find this collection enjoyable. Right and left hand... More > fingerings provided and comb bound for easy reading. Carefully Transcribed from original sources and fingered By Matthew Weinman.< Less
Koshirae Taikan By Markus Sesko
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With this publication the reader should be informed in which way Japanese swords were mounted over the time, where were the origins of the various forms, what changes did they undergo and it should... More > also serve as reference material to classify extant specimen. In this sense the descriptions were embedded in an explanation of the historical context rather then listing them just by their interpretation or in an alphabetical order. As the main focus lies on koshirae as the title suggests, an explanation of the sword fittings – the tosogu – was omitted, because descriptions of them can be easily found elsewhere. Also the military mountings – the gunto-koshirae – were left out because there are excellent publications available which deal with them in great detail.< Less
Endless Love (music sheet) By Maurizio Colì
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MauColi's original arrangement for the piano of this evergreen song by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, also made popular by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross. Arreglo original de MauColi para piano de... More > esta canción siempre vigente de Lionel Richie y Diana Ross, interpretada también por Mariah Carey y Luther Vandross. Arrangiamento originale di MauColi per pianoforte di questa canzone "sempreverde" di Lionel Richie e Diana Ross, interpretata anche da Mariah Carey e Luther Vandross.< Less