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Theory, History and Practice of scales, temperament, tuning and intonation for all musical instruments and voices: 486 pages and 365 figures encompassing decades of research and findings. PART ONE... More > provides the acoustical background. Each one of the main temperaments is then covered, with a thorough analysis of its musical features. Finally, a full HISTORICAL SURVEY guides the musician in the selection of temperament(s) for his/her repertoire. PART TWO consists of tuning, fretting and intonation directions for the different temperaments, on keyboards, fretted and unfretted strings, voices, woodwinds and brass wind instruments, including variable intonation. PART THREE covers multiple divisions and the analysis of historical sources, including recent research results. See published reviews and excerpts in< Less
Absinthe Butterflies Painting Tutorial By Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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A tutorial following the step-by-step creation of "Absinthe Butterflies" by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. From bare wood panel to finished painting - illustrated with over 80 full colour... More > photographs and detailed instructions from Jasmine. Sketching, composition, colour choices, and other insights into the creation of this artist. While this book focuses on this particular acrylic painting, it may also be helpful to artists working in other genres and other media, and is an enjoyable read for all Jasmine Becket-Griffith fans & collectors. PLEASE NOTE: Elements of this tutorial were previously published in the Italian cake decorating book "Molly and Jasmine" - if you already have read "Molly and Jasmine" this tutorial may be redundant.< Less
RFTS Vol.01 The Beginning + EXTRA By NEKOCHANK
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Reaching for the Sky Vol.01 the Beginning. Original Story from DA + Extra Hentai Shower Scene, Nee X Kian. Total Pages 75. Thanks for supporting my work Get the Printed version here:... More > PRINTED VERSION HAS NO HENTAI Pages70 BindingPerfect-bound Paperback Interior InkFull color Weight 0.75 lbs. Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide x 11 tall< Less
The Continuo Players Book of Grounds By Matthew Weinman
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The Continuo Players Book of Grounds is a compendium of 50 Baroque Grounds, Progressions & Sequences in multiple keys with variants, From Original Sources, in Basso Continuo Notation. It is my... More > sincerest hope, in the designing of this book, that any Baroque musician may find this to be useful and enjoyable for themselves and/or for their students. “Hey! I’ve never heard or seen this ground before...let’s try it!” That’s what this book is all about, expanding ones musical vocabulary and the prospect of new possibilities not yet discovered, or for the continued practice and reinforcement of old wisdom.< Less
Thoughtfulness By Solomon Keal
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Sheet music for Solomon Keal's peaceful solo piano composition entitled "Thoughtfulness," from his "Peace of Heaven" album.
Digital Negatives for palladium and other alternative processes By Ron Reeder
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A complete manual for making high quality digital negatives for contact printing on alternative photographic processes. Describes two different methods, one using the Epson printer driver and the... More > other using the Quadtone RIP.< Less
The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 77 II (Color Edition) By Gary L. Friedman
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The A77 II may look like the original Alpha 77, but inside it's a completely new design, sensor, and data path. There are a slew of new focusing modes, Wi-Fi and NFC functionality, and nuanced... More > feature interactions which the manufacturer's manual just doesn't cover. What to do? Written for the advanced user (with tutorials and easy explanations in case you're not so advanced), this easy-to-understand yet thorough guide provides a complete instruction manual which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well. There is no better way to learn about and get the most out of what is the most responsive camera that Sony has ever designed. Get the most out of your investment, and improve your photography at the same time! More info, page samples, and instantly-downloadable versions also available at the author's website:< Less
The most creative bit of glass work in the city: The art and conservation of Bruce Porter’s St. Christopher window By Douglas Stinson
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This book weaves a web with strands that connect a favorite saint, an American revolution in stained glass design, a west-coast cultural renaissance, and a now obscure Swedish scientist and... More > theologian. With beautiful photographs and prose, it brings to life the art and science of art conservation as dedicated people of various talents and interests struggle to preserve a cherished part of America's cultural heritage. --------------- Just as Porter cut glass and shaped lead when he first created his legendary stained glass, Douglas Stinson and Ariana Makau have fashioned and formed an artistic story of its restoration more than a century later. Revealing the modern techniques of restitution craftsmanship against the backdrop of significant San Francisco history, this book is its own work of art.” ~ James Lawrence, Assistant Professor of Spirituality, Graduate Theological Union and Dean of the Swedenborgian House of Studies.< Less
TMHA’s Bishop Street Studios: Cal Poly Design Alternatives By Margarita Hill
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A report of design alternatives by twelve Cal Poly landscape architecture students prepared for the non-profit organization, Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA), illustrating design... More > alternatives for their new Wellness Campus: the Bishop Street Studios in San Luis Obispo, CA.< Less
Happiness And Despair By Boggarht Alvarez
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The Book contains pieces of both my High school Work, and college work beginning first with my High school work.
splash By Esmeralda Estrada
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This is a book about feelings. Its all depends on what you have been through.
Ode to War By Chris Thach
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This is an art portfolio of my work from high school to my fall semester during my first year in college. Included in this book is a series on war called, "Ode to War."
Escape from Reality By Emma Healy
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A collection of my artwork from a portfolio seminar class at Saint Xavier University in Chicago Illinois. It contains many fantasy and sci-fi themed work. They were all created on photoshop.
Brazil Lewis-Boursaw Art Portfolio 2014 By Brazil Lewis-Boursaw
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This book contains my old works from high school and new works from my freshmen year in college. It includes paintings, drawings, and some sculpture.
Contrast By Abel Juarez
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Contrast is a portfolio consisting of art work from my senior year of high school and from my freshmen year of college at Saint Xavier University (SXU).
Midpoint Booket By Faisal Alangari
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This is a midpoint booklet that i did for the school. After finishing the first 2 years in architecture school, we have to make a booklet that shows all the studio work from 110 up until 210
Mid Point Book By Mohammad Nasser-zia
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Mid point project booklet to show my progress from my first year to my current year (2nd)
midpoint f14 By Sohaib Alamoudi
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A work from abroad architecture student for his first and second year.
layout midpoint By Dennis Levy
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This is a midpoint portfolio book for academy of art university.
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MRC catalog(Materials Research Collaborative) 2014 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON
Street Photography 1000 Portraits of Strangers in 10 hours By Meng Foo Choo
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Roam the Street in Little India, Singapore, to document people through their portraits. 1000 portraits were photographed in 10 hours. How did the photographer do it. The secret is revealed in this... More > well documented book. The idea arose from the take a portrait project to thank migrant workers who have contributed to creating the cityscape of Singapore. By scrutinizing these portraits, perhaps we learn something about them and becomes familiar with their features. In so doing, perhaps we can begin to reflect and understand their plight which are no different from any other human being – the search for a better life.< Less
GOD's Mighty Canvas By Kalifah
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Throughout many previous struggles, I've found that the surroundings of my existence offered more than just scenery and points of interest. My inspirations were directly connected to the views I had... More > on a daily basis. My understanding of these views would afford me the chance to experience God's grace and mercy, on a daily basis. I began to pay close attention, and therefore, was able to understand just how much I had been given to grow on. My inner peace was often closer than I realized, and yet, it always seems to wait for me to "catch the drift". My God, You are so merciful. Thank You!< Less
Psycroptic: Ob(Servant) By Joe Haley
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Guitar Tablature book for the album "Ob(Servant)" by Psycroptic.
Gothic Art Saves Lives By Toni Jo Coppa
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A dissertation for the MFA program at MECA, 2013. Examines the author's evolving understanding and use of Gothic themes in her work.
Dukecity Sign* By ben adams
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Best of Albuquerque New Mexico's signage. Introduction in English, Spanish and Japanese