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The Continuo Players Book of Grounds By Matthew Weinman
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The Continuo Players Book of Grounds is a compendium of 50 Baroque Grounds, Progressions & Sequences in multiple keys with variants, From Original Sources, in Basso Continuo Notation. It is my... More > sincerest hope, in the designing of this book, that any Baroque musician may find this to be useful and enjoyable for themselves and/or for their students. “Hey! I’ve never heard or seen this ground before...let’s try it!” That’s what this book is all about, expanding ones musical vocabulary and the prospect of new possibilities not yet discovered, or for the continued practice and reinforcement of old wisdom.< Less
Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing By Steve Neff
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An inside approach to outside playing using pentatonics, chromaticism, 3-tonic systems and intervallic patterns to produce modern lines in the style of Michael Brecker and Bob Berg. There are 100... More > 16th note lines written out in all 12 keys that can be used over minor tonalities. These lines give the student functional ideas that weave in and out of the tonality to produce a modern and “outside” sound.< Less
Lines and Stuff By Emm Roy
Paperback: $9.55
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A book of line-art doodles meant to make you feel happy. More can be found at the blog
A Voice for Tamar By J. Scott
Hardcover: $33.99
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Tamar, raped by her brother, daughter of the Old Testament King David, had no voice . Alienated by her community and hidden away for her entire life, this timeless story repeats itself daily within a... More > global context. Women all over the world feel broken, forgotten, blamed, and abandon because of sexual abuse. They have no one to tell their story. They have no voice. The artist takes you on a pictorial journey thru the process of grief, into a place of healing and forgiveness, in the areas of sexual abuse and trauma. Each image and reflective text are intended as a catalyst in the process of healing and forgiveness.< Less
Cendrillon By Pauline Viardot
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A new piano/vocal score containing a complete English translation of Pauline Viardot's 1904 comic operetta, Cendrillon (Cinderella). The operetta lasts about an hour and can be minimally staged with... More > limited sets, costumes and props and accompanied by piano or it can have a full staging accompanied by a small chamber orchestra. Visit for details on licensing the English translation for performances and/or renting the score and orchestra parts. "More than just the divertissement of an aging diva, Viardot's Cendrillon is a lovely, absorbing work: the enterprising troupe who decided to mount this jewel of a score would do themselves and their audience a most agreeable service." -- Opera News< Less
Collage Process Overview 2014 By Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson
Paperback: $25.00
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Second Edition of the ever popular 42-page Collage Process Overview book includes some new updated photos. If you do not already own this book, it's a good overview of the collage process of... More > Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson from painting your own papers, to initial sketch, to underpainting, to final collage.< Less
The Qualities of Craftsmanship By Kent Carlos Everett
Paperback: $10.00
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Thoughts on craftsmanship from a guy who has spent 40 years behind the bandsaw. This little book serves as a guide for those wanting to improve the quality of their work. Simple, easy to follow,... More > packed with valuable information, and fun to read.< Less
Doodles vol6 By Brianna Garcia
Paperback: $18.99
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Art and sketches drawn from life and from my imagination, I draw what I love and what inspires me.
Psycroptic: Guitar Tablature Book By Joe Haley
Paperback: $21.48
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Guitar tablature book for the self titled album 'Psycroptic'.
The Book By David Flynn
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The Book is an art book. "a life" is in red and the rest of the book is the word "death" in black. The idea, of course, is that life is short.
A Fossil Collection By Steven Kiecker
Paperback: $19.95
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Here is an example of trading work for art. I helped repair my friend's house, he traded me a set of fossils—even up. Since I acquired these fossils I have viewed them as more than payment. To... More > me, they serve as stand-alone natural art objects, all made eons ago. Enjoy these full-color close-up images of these fossils and compare them to objects you see today!< Less
Posted in Winooski By Dan Higgins
Paperback: $15.00
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For this project I contacted residents of Winooski Vermont who had posted topics I found interesting on a neighborhood internet forum and asked if they would collaborate with me in posing for... More > photographs reflecting something about them and their topic. The posts generated the pictures, and the resulting images were exhibited at a local coffee shop, offering viewers the opportunity of connecting faces with community members whose names they’d become familiar with only through entries on the internet forum.< Less
Trevor Chayce Color By Trevor Chayce
Paperback: $17.19
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This is a Journeyman International project completed in collaboration with the Amoveo Group.
Gilbert Garzon Color By Gilbert Garzon
Paperback: $14.23
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This project was completed by Journeyman International in collaboration with African Malaika.
The Fundamental Triad System, Guitar Players Edition, Volume One, Creating Improvised Lines By Pete Pancrazi
Paperback: $34.95
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This Innovative approach to jazz theory is especially designed for guitar players. Volume 1 shows a method for creating improvised lines using simple chord forms instead of large scale fingerings.... More > This book is perfect for any player who'd like learn to improvise in the jazz style as well as players with jazz experience who are looking to refine their approach.< Less
Student Work 2007-2009 By Avalon Kalin
Paperback: $9.25
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A book of Social Practice and Documentary Art by Avalon Kalin while a student in Portland, Oregon. Over 40 projects are collected, spanning three years from 2007 to 2009, in over 140 pages. Each work... More > is documented with project description and images. The book is also a participatory project in that the artist does not consider the book “complete” without the commentary of the reader added in space provided specifically for this purpose throughout the book. This book is an obvious choice as a Social Practice work-book for learning environments and workshops.< Less
Morning Doodles, To quiet the noise. By JACK LEISSRING
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It has been the author's experience that art preconceived is almost always, for him, disappointing. He has also learned that it is not necessary to adopt unusual postures nor special environments to... More > achieve the meditative state of mind. Finally, in a reaction to the unrelenting noise of present-day society, its cellular phones, laptops, pads, television, news-papers, background sound, the noises of technology, undisciplined animals, he finds it essential to shut-out this rabble, this babble, this injurious noise and does so with a combination of drawing, meditation and loose integration into the social aspects of a particular coffee house. He has made drawings using graphite pencil, permanent ink, crayons and colored pencils. This book is a display of about 300 of these, taken in order without censoring. The accompanying essay reflects the states of thought that come and go during this process and the quotes represent thought-producing tidbits. Volume One. ISBN: 978-0-9908931-2-7< Less
Thought and Transformation By David J. Greene
Hardcover: $19.97
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We all start our life's journey as a blank slate. Sometimes along the way we find that some hurdles are too difficult to jump because they require a courage we may not always possess. Within these... More > pages you will find words that will speak to you on many levels, giving you the encouragement needed to help overcome those hurdles, and make your dreams a reality by changing your perception and your reaction to that which you cannot control.< Less
Insight and Inspiration By David J. Greene
Hardcover: $19.97
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David J. Greene's words are the epitome of poetic grace. His words cut deep to the soul, leaving you breathless and inspired all at once. If you've ever flipped through the radio in the hopes of... More > finding a song that fits your mood, you'll find yourself doing the same thing with the pages of Insight and Inspiration. You'll find a perfectly manufactured set of lines for each path you find yourself on in life - whether it’s one of pure happiness, unfortunate sadness, or mere curiosity of the life around you. It's simple yet elegant taste is bound to become a classic amidst poetry readers and spiritual artists alike.< Less
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Distributed for usage in higher education and specialized training for photographers. Summary: “Synopsis of business practices for photography and related information for initiating a ... More > photography business”.< Less
the Girls Who Dance at the Chapel By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Let's start with the most important piece, yes?" A janitor at a high-club strip club, featuring cybernetically altered ladies, discovers that he should've read the fine print when he's... More > chosen to replace one of them. Now he needs to find a way to deal with this sudden promotion in this 20 page story from!< Less
Playing the Baroque Harpsichord By Claudio Di Veroli
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This is an integrated collection of updated and expanded essays, some of them endorsed by leading harpsichordists. Only a few chapters are specific for the harpsichord: most of the book applies to... More > all the Baroque keyboard instruments. Several colour figures are included, as well as musical examples from well-known Baroque works. Thorough guidance is provided about ornamentation, articulation, tempi, registration, sesquialter rhythms, notes inégales and further topics that have been found to be useful to the modern performer of Baroque keyboard music, whether amateur, advanced student or professional player. This 2nd revised and expanded edition includes a thorough history of the harpsichord and a full treatment of French Baroque dances. Find excerpts and a review in< Less
Straight Sex Two In the Bath Tub By Adult Photos
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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Warning: Adults Only, The photos in this collection could catch your reader on fire! ★★THESE PICTURES ARE OPTIMIZED FOR HD QUALITY★★ This set was made for those who want to... More > see a hot couple get wet and wild in and out of the bath tub! Wanna Check Out Why They Want It So Much? Well, Why Are You Still Reading?? Scroll Up & Click The Buy Now Button To See That You Can Get Clean And Get Dirty At The Same Time! You'll Be Glad You Did!< Less