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Iron Tsuba - The Works of the Exhibition Kurogane no Hana By Markus Sesko
eBook (PDF): $7.50
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This is the eBook version of the NBTHK exhibition catalog "Iron Tsuba - The Works of the Exhibition Kurogane no Hana."
Just Kimmie By Gabriel Wilson
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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Since so many of you are Kimmie fans, I decided to give her a chance to show off a few of her favorite outfits. This Set includes a text and no text version for a total of 14 images. I hope you... More > enjoy it< Less
the Winter King By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"What would you do to save her, I wonder?" On the treacherous northern Shelf a man searches the tundra for his missing wife only to unwittingly stumble into something far more treacherous... More > than the raging winter storms. Will he be able to save her? Will he be able to save himself? Find out in the second story set in the Dreamlands universe: Tales from Dreamland: the Winter King from< Less
Goop By blackshirtboy
eBook (PDF): $6.00
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"Still awake, son?" Beneath the foothills of the Rockies a young intern at a top-secret scientific research facility finds himself in a slippery situation. What follows is 20 pages of... More > rubbery, gooey fun from!< Less
The Continuo Players Book of Grounds By Matthew Weinman
eBook (PDF): $19.00
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The Continuo Players Book of Grounds is a compendium of 50 Baroque Grounds, Progressions & Sequences in multiple keys with variants, From Original Sources, in Basso Continuo Notation. It is my... More > sincerest hope, in the designing of this book, that any Baroque musician may find this to be useful and enjoyable for themselves and/or for their students. “Hey! I’ve never heard or seen this ground before...let’s try it!” That’s what this book is all about, expanding ones musical vocabulary and the prospect of new possibilities not yet discovered, or for the continued practice and reinforcement of old wisdom.< Less
Just Drive ~ A California Road Trip By Jennifer Lewi
Paperback: $15.99
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Art photography book featuring iconic California vintage road signs.
Mythical Figures & Mucawas: Ceramics from the Ecuadorian Amazon By Joe Molinaro, Richard Burkett
Paperback: List Price: $45.00 $38.25 | You Save: 15%
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Pottery in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin is rapidly disappearing as plastic and aluminum containers replace the traditional pottery. Mythical Figures focuses on three of the best indigenous potters... More > from the Kichwa culture: women who both make traditional pottery vessels such as the intricately decorated chicha drinking bowl called a mucawa, and who also create fascinating figurative work that comes from Kichwa mythology and their imaginations. The book contains photographic portfolios of mucawas and also figurative work made from clay, along with a wealth of images of pottery making and other cultural and environmental images. The authors have worked together for over 20 years on this project. Professor Joe Molinaro has traveled many times to Ecuador, leading this documentary research project. Prof. Richard Burkett has focused on photo and video documentation in Ecuador and the design of this book, their first on this topic.< Less
Scenes From a Small Town By Mark Morrison-LeMay
Paperback: $19.00
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Scenes from a small town in Onondaga County, in Central New York State. These are photographs capturing the beauty of the town in various seasons.
Calendar 2015. Alpes By Vitaly Repin
Paperback: List Price: $12.10 $9.08 | You Save: 25%
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Calendar 2015. Russian and English languages! Features: - Russian holidays. Including orthodox celebrations. - Week starts from Monday - Nice landscape photos - QR codes each month with the link to... More > the photo and detailed description of the place where it is taken. Двуязычный (рус/англ) календарь с пейзажными видами на 2015 год. - Российские праздники и памятные даты (включая церковные праздники и даты) - Пейзажные фото - QR-коды под каждой фотографией со ссылками на фотографию в электронном виде и подробными сведениями о месте съемки (на русском и английском языках).< Less
Trillium Gallery Brochure- Abstract and Digital Art By Trillium Gallery
Paperback: $15.00
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Trillium Gallery's Winter 2015 Brochure featuring abstract and digital art, including textured photography.
Trillium Brochure- Traditional Art and Photography By Trillium Gallery
Paperback: $17.00
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Trillium Gallery's Traditional Art and Photography Brochure is here! Please also see our Abstract and Digital Brochure, which includes textured photography
Paint with Piano: RBY Sight Reading Notebook By Joshua Devine
Paperback: $49.99
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Play forty easy piano pieces arranged in a colorful, easy to learn format. Perfect for new students and pianists who want to improve sight reading skills. Paint with Piano uses colored notation to... More > engage students using the shapes, colors, and textures of music. Learn more about Paint with Piano and download free teaching resources at< Less
Majesty By Bryan Nowak, Kathleen Harris
Paperback: $29.99
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For just a moment, close any door of distraction – whether work, media, family, finances or burdens – and simply close your eyes. Take a long, deep breath and surrender to the cool... More > refreshing breezes of regal timberlines, glistening snow-capped mountains and the scent of valleys carpeted with elegant wildflowers. Experience the radiance and grandeur of earth created by the royal hands and heart of God that give us hints to His very nature. Have you ever seen anything so majestic? "Majesty" explores the seasons of your life and offers refreshing, uplifting words of devotion and encouragement while enjoying beautiful images throughout the book representing the natural seasons.< Less
2014 OC Fair Photography Competition By Visual Arts Dept OC Fair
Paperback: $15.00
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Winning entries from the 2014 Fine Art Photography Competition at the OC Fair, Costa Mesa, California.
Trillium Gallery Magazine Issue 8 By Trillium Gallery
Paperback: $20.75
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Trillium Gallery's 8th edition art magazine. This edition features many new tutorials, articles, series and special features!
Grimericks By Michael deMeng
Hardcover: $21.99
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A collection of bad luck and shady characters designed to simultaneously warm your heart and chill you bones. Grimericks and sketches by Michael deMeng.
Photographer's Life 2015 By Lindsey Harwath
Hardcover: $55.00
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The 2015 all inclusive daily planner for photographers. Track your business and personal life all in one place. Monthly, weekly and daily pages, track your mileage, expenses and clients too, plus so... More > much more! Covers Jan 2015-Dec 2015< Less
LEAF(s) By Rosaire Appel
Hardcover: $20.00
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A leaf, placed under a sheet of paper and rubbed with graphite, produces a graphite rendition of the leaf. The method is simple and the execution is satisfying. This is a book of leaves.
Who we are By Citlali Torres
Paperback: $27.49
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New artworks are based on portraits of asian celebrities and at the end is a self portrait. Each pieces were created with graphite and watercolor, and one is photoshop. Continuing the portraits... More > contain some animal aspects and symbolism as well. The old artworks are pieces I have worked on throughout high school. Ranging from drawings, paintings, to sculptures.< Less
Howard Street Corridor By Stacy Cannon
Paperback: $16.08
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Howard Street is an anticipated but unbuilt north-south arterial in Port Townsend, Washington. The Howard Street Corridor area offers a unique development opportunity for Port Townsend to apply the... More > framework of a quadruple bottom line, shaping policy and regulations for development around the corridor. With that framework in place, development could form a district that is consistent with the goals of Port Townsend’s comprehensive plan. A unique artisan manufacturing district would draw entrepreneurs and small business owners to the city, complementing existing and underdeveloped commercial areas elsewhere in the city and encouraging a new economic niche in Port Townsend’s tourist-oriented economy.< Less
Between Magic & Realism By Adam S. Doyle
Hardcover: List Price: $32.24 $29.02 | You Save: 10%
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Collected art & illustrations from over the past 5 years, including paintings exhibited, book covers, game cards, and personal work.
Super Weird Coloring Book 2 By Matthew Laznicka
Paperback: $17.97
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Created by Matthew Laznicka this coloring book has it all. Welcome to a fun collection of weird creatures, robots, aliens and fun illustrations to color, draw ins’ and more. "I am always... More > drawing these wacky beasts and more".< Less
Suggestions of a Correspondence By Margaret Lockwood, Rolf Olson
Paperback: $15.00
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“Suggestions Of A Correspondence” grew out of an unintended collaboration between two of Door County, Wisconsin’s finest artists. The artists’ lives touch in many difference... More > places and ways: they are friends. They are united in their love of Door County and its specific and unique beauties. They explore, each in their own way, how it is to live in the midst of overwhelming natural beauty: painting, photography, poetry, music.< Less
Blooming Up Close By Steph Rasmussen, 2014 Copyright
Hardcover: $27.99
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This is a coffee table book filled with pictures. Colors, varieties and angles vary, providing a unique collection and perspective on both cultivated and wild flowers.
Mike Helbing and Roxane Legenstein By Stanislav Grezdo
Paperback: $11.90
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Catalog of exhibition at UIMA of Mike Helbing and Roxane Legenstein, two contemporary Chicago artists working with metals in innovative ways. Mike Helbing’s uses many found elements for his... More > sculptures, so many of his pieces are additive and the first step in his sculptural process is collecting materials. After he finds a piece of metal of exactly the right shape and size, he balances or plays off one shape against another as he builds his structures. While line works to describe and mark out the boundaries of volumes and activate space around Mike Helbing’s sculptures, line is Roxane Legenstein’s protean element, it changes from a formal element capturing our attention with its simplicity, traveling through the black ground.Legenstein keeps color to a minimum, using just copper, gold, silver and iron filings on vinyl, a process she originated herself, inspired by the black sand she encountered on Lake Michigan’s eastern beaches.< Less