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Blues Guitar Vol. 1 (1908-1915) - 20 Tabs By Dorian Henry
Paperback: $7.99
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The complete blues published arranged for guitar (Tablature format, 20 tabs). Vol. 1 (1908-1915) : I Got the Blues 1908 - A. Maggio (p. 10) Dallas Blues 1912 - H. Wand (p. 14) Baby Seals Blues 1912... More > - B. Seals (p. 16) The Memphis Blues 1912 - W. C. Handy (p. 19) The Jogo Blues 1913 - W. C. Handy (p. 22) Medley Blues 1913 - A. Valentine (p. 25) Lasses’ Blues 1913 - L. White (p. 28) I’ve Got The Blues 1913 - P. Baxter (p. 30) The Original Blues 1914 - T. Barron (p. 32) Alamo Blues 1914 - P.L. Eubank (p. 34) The Railroad Blues 1914 - W. Carr (p. 38) The Long Lost Blues 1914 - P. Wyer (p. 40) Yellow Dog Rag 1914 - W. C. Handy (p. 42) The St. Louis Blues 1914 - W. C. Handy (p. 46) The Hesitating Blues 1915 - W. C. Handy (p. 49) Joe Turner Blues 1915 - W. C. Handy (p. 52) Kansas City Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 55) Colorado Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 58) Tipperary Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 62) The Original Chicago Blues 1915 - J. White (p. 64)< Less
Psycroptic: Ob(Servant) By Joe Haley
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Guitar Tablature book for the album "Ob(Servant)" by Psycroptic.
Corelli's Badinerie for Piccolo Trumpet. Sheet Music. By Arcangelo CORELLI
Paperback: $24.70
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Corelli's Badinerie for Bb Piccolo Trumpet & Piano or Organ. Revision Jan Leontsky.*** Badinerie de Corelli pour Trompette Piccolo en Sib & Piano ou Orgue. Révision Jan Leontsky.
Between Magic & Realism By Adam S. Doyle
Hardcover: List Price: $32.24 $29.02 | You Save: 10%
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Collected art & illustrations from over the past 5 years, including paintings exhibited, book covers, game cards, and personal work.
Yavalath & Co. By Néstor Romeral Andrés
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Yavalath is a board game with extremely simple rules, but an emergent twist that makes it interesting and fun to play. It came about as a result of the following question: can computers invent board... More > games? This book features 15 games that can be played with a Yavalath set, including Yavalath itself. A Yavalath set consists of a hexagonal board of 5 hexes per side, 30 black stones, 30 white stones and at least 25 red stones. Grab some friends and a Yavalath set, and have some fun!< Less
TIONG BAHRU – Portraits of History IV, Book 2 (With Colour Sketches) By Meng Foo Choo
Paperback: $36.00
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The sketches set out to capture these multifaceted aspects of Tiong Bahru, which are not just limited to its architectural conservation merits, but its food, the people, the details indicating the... More > trace of practices and perhaps unraveling the sign which would cajole the collective memory of the past or present residents whether Singaporeans or foreigners. It is in this direction that I construe my ink sketches. Of course, due to my training in architecture and urban design, my observation and understanding weighted towards its spatiality, be it the transient or the permanence. I hope to be able to unravel the Genius Loci of Tiong Bahru, a term borrowed from Christian Norberg-Schulz. (With some colour sketches.< Less
Raffles Hall Spirit – Raffles Hall Plaque Unveiling and NUS Homecoming By Meng Foo Choo
Paperback: $45.00
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A documentation of Raffles Hall spirit and the home coming at the Bukit Timah Campus, Singapore
The Complete Guide to Sony’s RX1R II Camera (Color Edition) By Gary L. Friedman, Ross Warner
Paperback: $105.50
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In this detailed and easy-to-read reference, professional photographers Gary L. Friedman and Ross Warner spell out the nuances of every feature for both beginning and experienced photographers. Get... More > the most out of your camera from the most highly-acclaimed author of books for the Sony cameras! Instantly-downloadable electronic formats are also available from the author's website.< Less
100 Inklings of Forest and Field By Heather Rupe Jones
Paperback: $15.75
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One hundred consecutive days of drawings and undiluted thoughts. Drawings of the natural world are paired with conversational, personal records straight from the artist's journal.
Reassessing Early Safavid Art and History, Thirty Five Years after Dickson & Welch 1981 By Abolala Soudavar
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Martin Dickson once confided to Stuart Cary Welch "that twenty five years would pass before our fellow specialists would fully comprehend what we had achieved." The "achievement"... More > he was referring to is the monumental double volume The Houghton Shahnama (1981), still ill-understood thirty five years later. Their "achievement" is a treasure trove of information that needs to be rediscovered and reused. Three recent papers that tried to discredit Dickson and Welch provided the impetus to revisit some of the complex manuscripts that they had analyzed,including the British Library Khamseh (O. 2265) and the Cartier Divan of Hafez, to discover historical details that provide a better insight into Safavid society.< Less
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Activating Thresholds By Jay Schwartz
Paperback: $10.53
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Design Thinking: Activating Thresholds within Industrial Communities Today’s industrial parks, where thousands of people work, have the potential to be utilized social spaces, not only to... More > create a sense of identity, but also promote awareness of the natural ecology. Occupying the threshold between urban | rural, could facilitate a “Distribution Commons,” or a network of mobile and fixed services. The mobile, “Service Pod” will provide ever-changing amenities for the current labor force, facilitating social engagement; and the fixed “Business Pavilion” will serve as a distribution hub for mobile units, and for visitors to experience a landscape of open space and natural habitats. Occupying the interstitial, “nothing” space will allow for industrial flexibility, create community identity, improve human comfort, and stimulate open space.< Less
My Paperback Book By Nathan Khalsa
Paperback: $8.41
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This a thesis book on my 2nd year architecture studio. It includes all of my work from the year, and what I've learned.
Paperback: $20.00
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An unofficial fanbook of kill la kill artworks I've done in the past 2 years. Contains about 146 pages of my illustrations, comics, and sketches. Kill la Kill belongs to Studio Trigger. Please... More > support the official release< Less
Summer's Diary By Aaron Brown
Paperback: $55.00
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Summer Brown's first years of life. Born in The Philippines and Living in Singapore, Images of a young Summer.
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Mad Pencil By Mikey Rose
Paperback: $40.00
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This is a compilation of different styles of art to hopefully help anyone with ideas whether for reference material or to help with your next ink work. This is dedicated to my son and all those... More > people who stood by me. I love you all and can't thank you enough. Rune, I love you little man.< Less
The Non-Fiction Writer's Guide To Digital Photography By Ronald Kness
eBook (PDF): $9.95
It is a fact that non-fiction writers make more money per sale when they submit photo/text packages. Why? It makes an editor's work easier by not having to spend time trying to find images that... More > support an article. This e-book teaches non-fictions writers how to take phots with the quality needed for publishing.< Less
My Little Sweetheart: Ebook Edition By Iris Trismegistus
eBook (PDF): $9.99
My Little Sweetheart is a collaborative effort among some of the fandom's talented artists to bring you your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans! Recognizable names include those of John... More > Joseco, slugbox, thelivingmachine02 and many more! The art book features 50 pinups of your favorite main cast ponies and background characters, each stunningly rendered and now in a tidy ebook format!< Less
Clair de Lune Easy Violin Sheet Music Pdf By Claude Debussy
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!
The Ari Hoenig Song Book By Ari Hoenig
eBook (PDF): $16.99
A collection of rhythmically, melodically, and structurally interesting compositions by great New York City drummer/composer/bandleader Ari Hoenig. Includes all songs from Ari's albums The Painter,... More > Inversations, Bert's Playground, Live at Smalls, Lines of Oppression and The Pauper and the Magician.< Less
Canaletto: 192 Colour Plates By Maria Peitcheva
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Giovanni Antonio Canal was an Italian painter of landscapes of Venice. He was also an important printmaker in etching. Much of Canaletto's early artwork was painted "from nature", differing... More > from the then customary practice of completing paintings in the studio. Some of his later works do revert to this custom, as suggested by the tendency for distant figures to be painted as blobs of color – an effect produced by using a camera obscura, which blurs farther-away objects. His early works remain his most coveted and, according to many authorities, his best. One of his early pieces is The Stonemason's Yard (1729) which depicts a humble working area of the city. Later Canaletto painted grand scenes of the canals of Venice and the Doge's Palace. His large-scale landscapes portrayed the city's pageantry and waning traditions, making innovative use of atmospheric effects and strong local colors. For these qualities, his works may be said to have anticipated Impressionism.< Less