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Couch Time with Carolyn By Katie Smith
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What could a woman in her thirties, emotionally and financially vulnerable after ending her marriage, possibly gain from sitting around, reminiscing, while drinking wine, sampling chocolates and... More > smoking cigarettes with the slowly dying mother of a best friend? Laughing and crying through her own true stories, Smith reveals why “couch time” sessions with Carolyn empower her to take control of her life and cherish all that she has. Among her life’s treasures are her girlfriends, known as the Dunwoody Girls, who have been together since elementary school. Considered an especially tight but gregarious group, they enjoy their reputation as a sweet sisterhood yet happily conjure a little harmless mischief every now and then. Quintessential Southern gals, they also jump into action, delivering prayers, love, wine and casseroles when a fellow DG is down. Throughout, even in the darkest times, they spew hilarious one-liners, spontaneously fall over laughing and realize they can overcome anything together.< Less
Ten Years Fresh: The Story Of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival By Wes Jackson
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‘Ten Years Fresh” gives you a peak behind the scenes of NYC’s largest Hip-Hop cultural event, The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Penned by Wes Jackson, the entrepreneur, historian,... More > educator and self described ‘Hip-Hop nerd’ behind it all. Wes speaks on the highs and lows of the first ten years of The Festival. From its humble beginnings in a parking lot in Williamsburg to attracting thousands to Brooklyn every year, Wes puts us right in those meetings with managers, agents, the NYPD and everyone in between. From getting the blessing of KRS ONE to bringing Kanye West to Brooklyn to debuting Kendrick Lamar it’s all there. A great read for fans, artists, aspiring executives and all lovers of Hip-Hop.< Less
There Is A Purpose By Jerry McCarty
Paperback: $10.60
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Biography of Anne Gehman, world renowned medium and spiritualist, who has helped find missing persons, criminals, given personal and business advice by contacting the spirit world.
TO RISE THEN ROLL By Tracy Tarvers
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In 1997 Tracy Tarvers,at the age of 34, suffered a traumatic brain injury and her spinal cord was damaged. She has used writing as a tool to assist her in recovering memories, rebuilding skills, and... More > communicating. Today, as an active quadraplegic she shares the story of her recovery.< Less
Surveyors Built the Trans Alaska Pipeline With Some Help From Others By Gerald E. Cole
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A unique narrative on building the pipeline as seen through surveyors eyes. Is it the beauty of the "Great Land", the challenge of the weather, the magnitude of the project, the stimulation... More > of doing what had not been done before, the application of untried technology or is it each day meeting a set of problems that one has not encountered before? Perhaps it is some of all of the above.< Less
5k, Ballet, and a Spinal Cord Injury By Starzec Jennifer, Hammer Sarah Todd
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"5k, Ballet, and a Spinal Cord Injury" is the true story of Jen, a runner, and Sarah Todd, a dancer, and their journey with Transverse Myelitis, a neurological disorder of the spinal cord... More > that causes paralysis and more.< Less
My Exodus By Tait Berge
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“I couldn’t have dreamed that this book would lead me to my life’s work.” -Tait Berge My Exodus is Tait Berge’s first book. Originally written to express his love for... More > his first service dog, Nouveau, Tait learned so much more. “I just wanted to write down a few stories about my golden friend,” Tait says. “What I learned about myself and my faith blew me away. I couldn’t have dreamed that this book would lead me to my life’s work.” Born with Cerebral Palsy, Tait has always fought for his independence. In 1989, he was matched up with Nouveau through Canine Companions. During their seven years together, the two have done it all including graduating from high school, going to college, and moving out to live on their own. My Exodus is the story of a young man and his wonderful canine friend, as they overcome personal obstacles to achieve a rich, rewarding, and independent life.< Less
Puff Ditch: In Memory of Charles Ross Strickland, The-Man By Ricky R Dickerson
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In his attempt to draw back memories of his hometown and a beloved bandleader, Ricky Dickerson brings to life an era in the 60’s when the bond between African American students and teachers... More > stride together against racial segregation. At the heart of this true story is Charles Strickland, a bandleader and school teacher, who sacrificed himself way beyond the mere teacher/student relationship. While his personal life seems driven by some internal force, he found himself tormented by a love that seems unobtainable. Puff Ditch, a unique and unusual title given to a story that’s unusually funny, informative, serious, compassionate, and romantic. Just a rollercoaster portrait of real life, leaps from the mind of a 5th grade African American kid growing up in Bastrop, Louisiana. With all the town’s colorful characters, you definitely want to find out how this story got its name; Puff Ditch.< Less
Farmlines: Living In the Days of Dumb Phones and Analog Apps By Dan Gogerty
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Farmlines are the threads that connect people to a place—in this case, a family farm in a time when kids downloaded games in the grove or haymow or from a Parker Brothers box; where they... More > accessed apps by running out the door to a tree house, snow fort, or pickup baseball game; where they made social media connections by talking, scheming, sharing, fighting, and linking up with kids in the community. Times change, but these Farmlines continue to get passed along through stories, daily activities, hopes, disappointments, subtle rituals—through handwritten letters and homemade bread. Comments about Gogerty’s Writing “Gogerty develops snapshot messages that expand to enhance the entire narrative. His writing is incredibly clear and yet so lyrical that its precision is not too formal. He infuses the essays with lots of humor and good will and peaceful energy.” Holly Carver, editor and publisher, Iowa City< Less
Coming of Age in the 1950s By Lynne Gross
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Coming of Age in the 1950s includes 64 illustrated short stories, sprung from the pages of the author’s diaries, which she has kept since she was 10 years old. Most of the stories are based in... More > Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but the last few feature Los Angeles, California. The stories incorporate historical facts and sociological commentary on such subjects as apartments, cars, clothes, college dorm life, dating, death, friendship, high school, illness, junior high, meals, modeling, marriage, Miss America, music, newspapers, part-time jobs, pets, religion, shopping, snow, sororities, teachers, television, and travel.< Less
My Father, My Friends ~ Memories of World War II ~ By Sparky Barnes Sargent
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This book features ten veterans who share their memories of their World War II experiences. These men lived through the inherent dangers of the war—whether attacking a surfaced German... More > submarine, bailing out of a disabled bomber or a fighter plane on fire, landing cargo gliders behind enemy lines amidst gunfire, fighting in vicious aerial combat, or tending to the wounded and dying after a horrendous kamikaze attack on the USS Saratoga. Veterans include: a radar operator and a radio operator who served together on a B-24 Liberator; a B-17 engineering officer; four glider pilots who flew the Waco CG-4A and British Horsa; and three fighter pilots who flew the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, and F6F Hellcat. Foreword by Budd Davisson, Editor-in-Chief, Flight Journal. 1st Ed., May 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9818238-3-6 6”x9” paperback, 264 pages, more than 270 photos.< Less
"Hurt to Heal" I will hurt to help another heal. By Chemeille Kareen Sturkey
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This book is a book of personal pain and hurt. I know that many people may be dealing with similar issues. I want them to know they are not alone! You will make it!
Dell & Barbra Ashby Sentimental Journey By David W. Taylor, Sonya Ashby Taylor
Hardcover: $18.00
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This book is a personal history of Dell Ashby and Barbra Petersen Ashby. They lived in Millard County, Utah.
My Mother, My Friend, My Child: Life Before and After Alzheimer's By Carmie Renda
Paperback: $10.00
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As many as five million Americans have been diagnosed and are living with Alzheimer’s. This number will triple in fifteen years. This disease is real and has no boundaries. Before my mother was... More > diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I knew little about the disease. I now have a better understanding of what she felt and how she coped in the beginning. In this book I have tried to show how my mother went from being my mother to my best friend to my child. To capture Mom’s entire life story, I’ve mixed in my journal, Home Alone with Mom -- from ten days we spent together in 2010 -- with stories from her life in the Italian-American community on the south side of Des Moines, Iowa.< Less
Zoomingmamma Always On The Go By Christine Regber-Martens
Paperback: $17.95
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In Zoomingmamma Always On The Go, I lightheartedly describe my, in many ways, special life story. Let yourself be taken on a journey where you'll discover the world of someone who does not let her... More > handicap get in her way. A healthy mix of courage, commitment, dedication, love and humor lead to situations that make us realize it is not what we can't do, but what we can do that is important. The book provokes the reader into thinking about how we can better interact with people who have disabilities. These stories must be told to remove misconceptions we have of people with cerebral palsy and other handicaps. In turn, making our perceptions more positive.< Less
War Stories: Some Memories from the Firehouse Years By Lew LeBlanc
Paperback: $16.00
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A Captain from a suburban Fire Department shares stories from his 30-year career in this collection of anecdotes. It's not all guts and glory and running into burning buildings. There's also... More > downtime, station life, and side jobs. He has seen people at their best and at their worst and everything in between. Just when you think you've seen it all, what looks like a routine call turns out to be anything but routine. Put it all together and you have an interesting study of human nature. Many of his stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and others will just make you stop and think. See life through his eyes, that of a career firefighter. These stories, over 100 in all, are not just for firefighters. A glossary is provided so everyone can enjoy the stories, including those who may not be familiar with Fire Department jargon.< Less
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When I came into a recovery program for alcoholism at the age of 47, it was the first time I experienced a twelve step recovery program. I thought, as I worked the steps with a sponsor, that this... More > program was what I had been looking for my whole life. The principles that the program espoused were principles that I had always admired, but had rarely practiced.< Less
An Earthly Journey: The Story of One Soul's Evolution By James Samuelson
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On the surface, this book is the story of the author’s sixty year journey that takes him from the Midwest to Arizona and, finally, to Virginia. An Earthly Journey tells of those who impacted... More > him on his journey. The surface story, though important, is only one piece of the puzzle. The story is also about a dog and higher-dimensional entities, a very special piece of land, and a remarkable woman. It is a love story that began long ago, existing in many lifetimes. It is James’s story, and it is Angelica’s story, and the book could not exist without both of them. This book is a doorway, a glimpse into a reality which is contrary to third-dimensional conditioning, an example of the possible. It is an invitation for readers to understand their own journeys, to put together all the random events of their lives and find the connections. Ultimately, the book is what you discover it to be, and—hopefully—what it ignites within you.< Less
Once an Islander By Dr. Joseph F. Souza, Jr.
Paperback: $20.00
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Once an Islander tells the story of young boy born in a humble country village on the island of Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde Islands, who made his way to America and became a military officer, a... More > psychologist, and an accomplished artist and writer.< Less
Lessons from My Sister By Margaret Guttshall
Paperback: $5.00
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Chapbook with two stories from the interesting life of Margaret Guttshall.
Shenandoah's Son By Austin W Good
Paperback: $9.99
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Childhood memories of growing up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia circa 1930.
Bridges By Kymberlie Ingalls
Paperback: $10.95
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Dive into the forgotten life of a woman who searches for meaning in the everyday, and you will fall deep. What began with an email list amongst friends has grown into a popular online journal that... More > you'll want to follow to see the extraordinary blossom from the ordinary. In this compilation of both published and previously unseen work, journey with Kymberlie through multiple generations of her life, spanning from a young adult to a mature woman. Kymberlie Ingalls is native to the Bay Area in California. She is a pioneer in blogging, self-published online since 1997. Her style is loose, experimental, and a journey in stream of consciousness. Works include personal essay, prose, short fictional stories, and a memoir in progress. Beware of the occasional falling opinions.< Less
Some adventures of Dr. John C. Baker By Clayton Lagerquist
Paperback: $5.96
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This is a black and white version of another book called The adventures of Dr.John C. Baker.
The Joy of My Journey By Dawn Blake Souza
Paperback: $20.00
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The Joy of My Journey provides a glimpse into the life of a woman who struggles to raise her children after divorce and moves from a comfortable suburban life on Cape Cod to unchartered waters where... More > they face nearly insurmountable challenges. Her story includes real life characters such as a Texas oil millionaire, Chicano gang members, unscrupulous lawyers, generous strangers, etc. In the end, she triumphs over a horrendous auto accident, a life-threatening brain-tumor,loss of vision, fire and floods, and gains invaluable lessons about family and finding joy in all of life's experiences.< Less
When My Daddy Left I lost My Sight By Acquanette Davis
Paperback: $16.94
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Acquanette Davis was born in Memphis Tennessee. Her Father left at a young age. She longed for him growing up. Life was not easy. One event changed her perspective on life. She fought through... More > depression, got an education, even blessed with a son but the void remained. In this book she shares her deep emotional, spiritual and mental challenges she endured to make it in life.She writes to inspire, encourage and motivate young and old women who cried for their dad in the mid night hour only to hear a pin drop of silence.< Less