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Skyscrapers in the Ghetto By Elizabeth Telich
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A collection of poems and vignettes from Ms. Telich's AP Literature class at Cleveland School of the Arts.
Crossing the Ocean By Joachim Reppmann
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Ever since they first set foot in the United States, Gitta and Joachim „Yogi“ Reppmann have been a living ­example of the furthering of German-American friendship. Cultural... More > ­exchanges between Germany and the American Midwest (the „Heartland“), formerly an important destination for German emigrants, have been a major focus of their lives. Drawing on his experiences of four decades spent in two continents, Yogi Reppmann describes differences in mentality and offers his ­research on the legacy for America of the German democratic revolutionaries of 1848. Dieter E. Wilhelmy, a journalist with the Flensburg Journal, discusses German-American relations with this historian, who spends equal lengths of time in Northfield, Minnesota and in Flensburg, Germany. They analyze typical German images of America, the „soul“ of the country, and what lies hidden behind these various notions.< Less
The Golden Pioneer By Colleen Estes Cassell
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Joel Estes was a Golden Pioneer - He was a gold-seeker, a family man, but his greatest achievement was his discovery of Estes Park, Colorado
Aunt Mary's Guide to Raising Children the Old-Fashioned Way By Amy S. Peele
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In Aunt Mary's Guide to Raising Children the Old-Fashioned Way, Amy S. Peele reflects on her childhood and discovers memories both painful and funny that yield meaningful life lessons. In this book,... More > Peele delves into her sometimes chaotic, sometimes simple childhood, and reflects on the peace of mind she experienced at Lake Wawasee every summer. After you read this memoir, you'll be compelled to look on the map to see if there really is a lake called Wawasee. You'll want to be invited into Aunt Mary's garage at 5 PM for Scotch and cards. You'll relate to Peele's underlying message: that parents and relatives do the best they can with the circumstances life sets before them.< Less
More Than A Butterfly!? By Nathan Cole
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April 18th, 2009 started out like any other ordinary day, but it would turn out to be anything but ordinary. It was a beautiful spring morning and I woke up around 8:00 like I did every morning to... More > get ready for work. This was supposed to be a short day at work since I was heading to Alabama for our company meeting early the next morning. I would leave work early this day, but unfortunately, not for the reason I had initially planned. Around 12:40, I received a call that I would never forget. This is an account of some of my thoughts, experiences, and reflections that I dealt with during the next eighteen months. This is a memoir for my sister, Susan, and how I dealt with the tragedy of her death.< Less
The Life and Lessons from a Warzone: A Memoir of Dr. Robert Nyeko Obol By Robert Obol
Paperback: $25.99
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(5 Ratings)
The Life and Lessons from a Warzone: A memoir of Dr. Robert Nyeko Obol by Robert Obol
Lost Seoul By Jin Stearns, Carolyn Stearns
Paperback: $14.99
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(8 Ratings)
Lost Seoul is the inspirational true story of one man's journey to find his family after becoming lost in a crowded Seoul train station at the age of six. It relays his courage, and never-ending... More > hope, to understand his path in life while discovering unimaginable inner strength along the way.< Less
Livinig Uncle Charlie's Dream By William McMillan
Paperback: $9.47
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Uncle Charlie: Charles S. Goodson was 1 of 12 children - my mother's youngest brother. Charlie was a confirmed bachelor who kept reappearing in my life especially during my childhood. He was happy go... More > lucky - never saw him down. He had a fabulous sense of humor and was a great storyteller. It was only after I was grown and had some experience of the world that I came to realize that he was also a pathological liar albeit a harmless one. Many of the stories he told in first person were stories that had become a legend in the Military. His life was interesting enough without embellishing it. Still I have known several people that had the same problem. Uncle Charlie had been a molder by trade until his skill became obsolete when steel mills became mechanized. He built hand molds for making such things as cast iron stoves, pans etc - pouring the molten iron by hand. He was a hobo for years then later he hitchhiked everywhere.< Less
You Know My Name, Not My Story! By The 8th Grade Students of UCLA Community School
Paperback: $5.37
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This book was written by the 8th grade students at UCLA Community School in Los Angeles, California. It contains a collection of the students' stories and poems about their "struggles and... More > strengths" in life.< Less
Preaching The Kingdom Book Two By Deacon Wayne M. Hoy
Paperback: $26.98
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I have often incorporated story in my homilies. Sometimes I’ve used the same story more than once when it fit the occasion. I firmly believe that statement, “Truth wrapped in story is... More > irresistible.” Unlike scientific truth which can be proven, religious truth appears to be an oxymoron by our secular educational system. Truth, in fact comes in many different ways, in many different modes besides science. To again quote Father Bousch: “Are we to say, for example, that the fictional works of Dante, Shakespeare, Dickens, and Wharton carry no truth of any sort, no wisdom? Is the fictional story of the Good Samaritan without truth of any sort? Is the wisdom behind Aesop’s talking animals useless and silly? Is To Kill a Mockingbird simply a good read and not a moral imperative? Is there no truth to Atticus Finch’s life?”< Less
And Justice For All: …Even Teamsters By Laird Evans
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And Justice for All ...even Teamsters tells of one man’s journey from growing up on a Louisiana plantation to attending a presidential inauguration. Laird Evans watched America change from a... More > vibrant economy to a world where deregulation and governmental interference practically destroyed the Teamsters’ Union.< Less
Living Among Sasquatch: A Primer By Dave Gibson
Paperback: $16.95
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All of the events described in this book actually happened to Dave and Pam Gibson. Truly, no one is more amazed than they are. They bought land and rented a small cabin to live in while they built... More > their mountain home. In the first year, they were oblivious to the creatures that lived near and passed by their cabin. In the second summer there, they found their first Sasquatch footprint. They discovered that Sasquatches were not only real, but that they lived among them. This book chronicles their path from nonbelievers in Sasquatch to knowers over a very short period of time, but also reveals many amazing things about these incredible beings. One Sasquatch, in particular, developed a fondness for Pam. She left it apples, and it left her flowers and even half of a squirrel. She also learned that she could communicate with it. Follow their journey of learning of Sasquatch, North America's most amazing being.< Less
My Simple Life in Greece...Destroyed by the Holocaust By Rebecca Yomtov Hauser
Hardcover: $20.32
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Rebecca Yomtov Hauser is the only survivor of her immediate family and one of the few Jewish survivors from her hometown in Ioannina, Greece. After keeping nearly silent about her Holocaust... More > experiences for many years, she has finally told the story of her childhood in Greece, her internment in the concentration camps of Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen, her postwar experiences, and her eventual immigration to New York with help from her American relatives.< Less
Leader Designed: Become the Leader You Were Made to Be By Dana W. White
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Dana W. White weaves a humorous and compelling narrative of her life and career from small-town Virginia to the marble halls of Capitol Hill, the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, and the quartiers of Paris,... More > France. She also shares pivotal lessons on leadership she learned from her grandfather, the publisher of her hometown’s only black newspaper, who continued working into his nineties, and other family members, friends, and individuals. At 16, she made the critical decision to learn everything she could about China. Several years later, she graduated from the University of Chicago as the only black student to earn an undergraduate degree in Chinese history. She’d end up advising Senator John McCain, Governor Sarah Palin, four-star generals and many other influential people. Throughout her journey, she met leaders who encouraged her to achieve her greatest dreams and aspirations. By sharing the advice, words, and wisdom of her greatest mentors, she provides inspiration for you to become a great leader, too.< Less
Junny's Marie By Sharon Lamers
Paperback: $17.99
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It seemed her mind would shatter like glass from the intensity of the sight of her beloved sister. The crushing silence was broken only by a slow steady drip, drip sound. The sound of blood dripping... More > off the heel of the shoe protruding from under the sheet, echoed off the walls, drilling into Marie’s head. “Dear God, it’s her,” Marie haltingly whispered as the nun stared vacantly somewhere above her head as if bored. Marie felt dizzy. Two years ago on her nineteenth birthday, a furnace explosion killed her mother, and now this. She needed Junny. Junny, the Dutch vernacular for Johnny, was the love of Marie’s life since her first glimpse of him through barn windows in 1932. Gutsy determination and strong human spirit had gotten her this far. She took a deep breath, lifted her chin, brushed past the blank-faced nun and walked out the morgue door.< Less
Fish Follow the Fisherman By Allan Hokanson
Paperback: $12.97
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Although I have had great success as a Fisherman, I've only just scratched the surface of what can be done. In these pages are recorded my journey, beginning with fishing with my grandfather and... More > father, and continuing to fish with Heavenly Father. This is my journey to learn how to harness the power of the spiritual world and become “the fisherman the fish would follow”. The journey is not yet complete, and the lessons I learned are not limited to fishing. They apply equally to every aspect of life. It is now my desire to pass on what I have learned, and my hope is that the next generation can pick up where I left off.< Less
From Rock Bottom By Daranice Miguel
Paperback: $15.49
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(3 Ratings)
Daranice paints a remarkably resilient self-portrait of her life’s journey. At the same time, she creates a stunning mural of Harlem in the 60’s and 70’s that harmoniously... More > incorporates all the architectural elements of the times – • Child, sexual, physical, and mental abuse • Rape, lost Innocence, teenaged pregnancy, and single parenting • Selfishness, betrayal, adultery, abandonment, homosexuality and AIDS • Depression, blame, guilt, and regrets • Gamblers, hustlers, pimps, prostitutes, strippers and drug addicts • Mental and physical illness, death and grief • Violence, murder, street justice, no justice – and more …< Less
A Yank in Queen Elizabeth's Court By Jim Holden
Paperback: $3.29
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A memoir relating an American English teacher spending a year teaching and living in England (1965-66). Makes many observations and comparisons to teaching in America and teaching in England in the... More > mid-1960s.< Less
Aix—’61: Frat Boy Goes to France By ALLAN BROWN
Paperback: $14.99
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(1 Ratings)
A fraternity boy, clueless but curious, spends a study year in Aix-en-Provence France in 1961. Along the way, he has many adventures as he travels far and wide throughout Europe but he does manage... More > to learn some French.< Less
My Story: Eighty Years of Living By Arthur J. Edgar
Paperback: List Price: $8.00 $7.20 | You Save: 10%
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Life and times of Arthur J. Edgar. Eighty years of life documented.
BLACK EYE By Gary L. Baur
Paperback: $9.99
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“You are probably wondering how I became the recipient of one now famous black eye? Let’s begin the story.” After almost 35 years in the restaurant business, Gary L. Baur has... More > some stories to share. Based off his life adventures from his childhood in rural Southern Indiana to his time in the Navy during the Vietnam War and beyond, Black Eye delivers a biting witticism that hilariously explores just what goes on behind restaurant doors.< Less
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Beating The Odds: Surviving Mesothelioma By Christine Schultz
Paperback: $7.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Find inspiration in these compelling stories about people who were diagnosed with mesothelioma. Read their words. Walk with them. Hope with them. Together, Michelle, Navairre, Lannie, Katherine and... More > Icom hope to inspire other cancer patients to fight and never give up. Their inspirational survival stories prove that there is hope for cancer patients, and like them, anyone can beat the odds and survive their cancer diagnosis< Less
My Paperback Book By Борис Певзнер
Paperback: $8.93
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The Plisetskys & Messerers: A Genealogy. Vol. 3. Essays About Relatives
Lick Them to the Bone By K-Moses Nagbe
Paperback: $8.00
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LICK THEM TO THE BONE contains flashes of the Liberian Civil War begun in December 1989. Re-issued in its 26th year, the book is more of a cautionary tale of what can happen to a nation if its... More > leaders become insensitive and impervious. The book is touching in its description of the indignities of war.< Less