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A Basket of Words: Twenty Years of Writing Together By Ruth Cox, Patricia Cavanaugh, Meredith Stout
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All writers have experienced feelings of isolation and intimidation when they are faced with a blank page. For over twenty years, three women discovered that engaging together in the writing... More > process—rather than working in solitude—rewarded them with a gratifying friendship and a growing anthology of work. This delightful collection is proof that writing need not be a lonely endeavor.< Less
Raised by Wolves : Inside the Life & Mind of a Guerrilla Hustler By Cavario H
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Raised By Wolves is an autobiographical diary, chronicling the development of a gifted young boy, born to homicidal parents, and raised as a ghetto prince in an environment replete with criminal... More > influence–the heroin soaked streets of 1970’s Harlem. Cavario has emerged alive, healthy and free after nearly eighteen years of hardcore hustling, in notorious US cities like Harlem, New York, the South Bronx, and the infamous South Jamaica section of Queens, as well as Baltimore MD, Washington D.C., Bridgeport CT, Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Winston-Salem NC, High Point NC, Greensboro NC, Durham NC, Raleigh NC, and Charlotte NC. Raised By Wolves is not just a story of violence and drugs but an honest and in-depth journey into the mind and motives of a genetically engineered gangster and his spiritual struggle to move beyond the only world he has ever known.< Less
Lessons My Patients Taught Me: Memoirs of a Family Physician By Michael E. Day, M.D.
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“Dr. Michael Day humorously entices readers with memories of his decades as a family physician. This book reveals how even doctors can learn from their patients.” — Cheryl Fiscus... More > Jenkins, author of “MOVE: Get Inspired for your Health” and newspaper journalist. ABOUT THE BOOK: This book is a collection of stories and observations gleaned from the author’s many years of experience as a family physician. Almost every chapter features at least one patient experience or example. Some of the stories are more humorous, some more inspirational, and some more an expression of opinion. All the stories are true, within the limitations of patient confidentiality… and author memory loss. Learn more at:< Less
Carolyn & Phyllis By David H. Nash
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The true story of a family's attempt to restore an aging fishing boat into a family yacht, and the misadventures they encountered along the way. But, in doing so, the met a colorful array of salty,... More > rugged and selfless inhabitants of Nova Scotia. Funny, fascinating, nearly tragic, this book will entertain and educate.< Less
1000 Echoes from the Thunder By Douglas Louie Ph.D.
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People and Places that have influenced my life and my life story. Book describes my travel and work experience as a minister in service to the church. This while doing graduate study in the field of... More > psychotherapy, and moving through Canada and the United States. Finally, making my retirement in North Carolina.< Less
Hannah's Memoirs By Hannah Coughlin
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Hannah Coughlin's memoirs of her trip from Germany to Brooklyn, to New Jersey.... Raising her 4 children during WWll and life as a young woman during those years. Her fascinating and compelling... More > story told in her own word.< Less
Wings of Man(y) By Neal Holland
Paperback: $21.50
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A compilation of stories, some published, but all pertaining to Eastern Airlines, employees, and friends. The stories were contributed by Captains and Flight Attendants from Eastern Airlines as well... More > as individuals associated with Eastern or air travel.< Less
Mama Betty: A Memoir of Mellon Baker By Melodie Hickey, Xiomara Hickey
Paperback: $16.51
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Leaving a family legacy. Our grandmothers coming of age story.
Detoured Destiny By Jessica Davenport
Paperback: $9.99
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Jessica Davenport tells her inspiring story and details her journey to recovery after suffering a life changing stroke due to birth control.
Petey Stories: Life in the Land of the Red Sun and Black Snow By Pistol Pete Racher
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This is a collection of colorful memories that will make you laugh, cringe, and sigh as you discover what it was like to be a boy in the 1930’s. Set in South St. Louis, just West of Anheuser... More > Bush Brewery, Petey’s father was an emigrant from Romania. His mother was born in St. Louis. After his father lost his butcher shop during the Great Depression and his mother was sent away to recover from tuberculosis, Petey's Grandmother and two Aunts raised him. The experiences in these stories range from hilarious mischief to the mysterious wonder of childhood. "Pistol Pete" Racher is a beloved father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.< Less
¡SOME PEOPLE! Anecdotes, Images and Letters of Persons of Interest By Robert Lima
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Prominent people I’ve met over my career are featured in anecdotes, photos and letters that reflect our encounters. Among these individuals are famed artists (Dalí, Leonora Carrington),... More > writers (Barth, Borges, Jorge Amado, Mario Vargas Llosa), musicians (Segovia), poets (Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, Amiri Baraka, Gwendolyn Brooks, Denise Levertov), sports figures (Ron Delany), critics (William Empson, Sir Walter Starkie), religious (Mother Teresa), among many others.< Less
Vignettes of Greene County, Illinois in the 1920s and 1930s By Walter H. Cheely
Paperback: $9.95
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After the author's parents divorce in the 1920s, he and his brother are raised by his grandparents in Greene County, Illinois. The following are recollections of his life in Carrollton, Illinois.
Turning Corners - Paperback By Fred E Reed
Paperback: $10.00
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Turning Corners is about dealing with both old and new situations and discerning whether there is a need to change direction. And evolving.
Wednesdays Are For Remembering By Joann Sherrod W. Sigler
Paperback: $9.95
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Joanne Sigler's third and final collection of her column as printed in the Shreveport Times: 2011 - 2014
Cloudbase, An Odyssey of Flight By Edward Holland
Paperback: $10.32
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A story beginning with a child's dream of flight taking the reader through his flight training and eventually to a fun-filled career as a pilot.
Survive By Carlos Ralon
Paperback: $6.00
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The Life Story and Memoirs of Carlos Ralon Last Updated on June 5, 2014 by Carlos Ralon Second Printing, October 2014
What is a Real Grandmother? By Harry J. Lawrence
Paperback: $10.99
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"What is a Real Grandmother?" is a beautiful tribute of a loving grandson, to his cherished grandmother. Harry shares Ms. Oddie with us, so we can truely see her amazing style, quiet grace... More > and a godly faith."< Less
Matrose: The Story of Reinhold Scholz By Jeanette O'Neil-O'Callaghan
Paperback: $29.97
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Reinhold Scholz led an extraordinary life in extraordinary times. He witnessed the devastation of World War II as a child in Northern Germany. He survived its dismal depths by escaping to the sea and... More > the merchant cargo ships. As a sailor in the 1950's, he witnessed the sights of a world gone by at the dawn of modern global commerce. In the excitement and adventure of the unpredictable life of a sailor, he never forgot his life's goal: to live a happy life in a safe place with his family.< Less
How God Saved Me: My Inspirational Story By Christopher Fox
Paperback: $15.95
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My name is Chris Fox, and I was born with Tourette’s syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the past, I constantly battled getting bullied in school, which eventually led to substance... More > abuse and a life that was out of control. I wasn’t living anymore; I was trying to survive. My life was filled with turmoil and I almost lost it numerous times, until I met the woman of my dreams. She accepted my Tourette’s and OCD, but I almost lost her due to my out of control lifestyle. I was in too deep and I had to choose to walk alone or walk with God. I surrendered to God and encountered the Holy Spirit. The Spirit revealed that I had a special gift to make others laugh, and I needed to put all of my trust in God to pursue my dreams. After living such a painful past, I knew I had made the biggest decision of my life.< Less
“Kuttu” The Girl from Malaya: A Memoir By Elizabeth Goh Sharman
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An inspirational memoir of Elizabeth "Kuttu" Goh Sharman, from rural Malaya. Given away at birth by her biological parents, she is raised by a saintly aunt, Heok Ee. At birth, she was given... More > the nickname "Kuttu", by her great aunt, the word meaning head lice. The relative explained the name would strengthen her to overcome her weak health and poor prospects. The effect seems to work perhaps leading Elizabeth to great success on a larger stage, however possibly at the cost of an inferiority complex that with the name sticks with her all her life. Initially a poor student, several "guardian angels" come along to encourage her to believe in herself, work hard and persevere. She eventually excels at business school and qualifies for a top job with a UN branch in Kuala Lumpur then in Geneva. In Geneva she marries a renowned international labor organizer, an Englishman. She starts a family and travels the world with her new husband before settling down in the US as her American dream comes true.< Less
BENJY By Stoney Stonebraker
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The true story of James R Beauchamp, Benjy, as told to Stoney Stonebraker. A man down on his luck befriends a stranger and tells them him his life story. The man, Stoney Stonebraker decides to... More > publish Benjy hard luck memoir to raise money to help Benji turn his life around. In the suburbs of 1960s California we get to know Benjy and his working class family, his parents divorce, and his placement in a strict foster home where he plots a hapless escape. Against all odds, he and his sister hitchhike across the country to reunite with their estranged mother. Benjy narrates his jock days and dreams of being an actor and life on a oil rig. A sudden near death experience makes him the miracle man and through it all, we are touched by Benjy’s enduring faith in God. His rough and tumble life unfolds with fancy cars and crack ups, marriage and separation, kids and bills. Benjy’s adventures include working as an actor and hanging out with OJ Simpson and Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.< Less
Alien Interview - Readers Edition By Lawrence R. Spencer
Paperback: $10.60
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The "Readers Edition" is a simplified version of the book, ALIEN INTERVIEW. It does NOT include FOOTNOTES, INDEX or TABLE OF CONTENTS. Only the letters, personal notes and copies of top... More > secret government interview transcripts from Roswell, N.M.. The interviews were conducted with the pilot of a crashed UFO at the US Army Air Force Base in July and August of 1947 under government direction by Flight Nurse Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy. (deceased)< Less
In my dreams I'm dancing By Ruth Wood
Paperback: $5.65
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In October 2006, Ruth Wood was a successful singing teacher and singer. By December she was in hospital diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a rare neurological condition, leaving her disabled from... More > the waist down. By the end of January 2007, after another attack, her arms and trunk were also affected. This is the story of the first year of her disability - a tale told with humour and a refreshing lightness of touch. Some of the feedback comments so far : "a good read"; "I couldn't put it down"; "So good to know I'm not the only one"; "I never realised what it was like". She feels it is very important to highlight some of the problems encountered by those who, like herself, are suddenly "struck down" with a variety of conditions, and to bring hope to others who may find it all overwhelming.< Less
The View from Down Here is Just Fine: Clay Dyer on Life, No Limbs, and Fishing By Scot Laney
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The View From Down Here is Just Fine is the incredible story of Clay Dyer. Born without arms and legs Dyer went on to become one of the top professional bass anglers in history. Funny, enlightening... More > and inspirational, this story is appropriate reading for children and adults alike. Written by Scot Laney, the first (and still only) opinion columnist in bass fishing. Writing for, Laney has spent his career writing about the world of bass fishing.< Less
27 Stories By Natalie Flowers
Paperback: $15.00
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27 stories of my life.