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One Day at a Time By David M. Sloan
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"One Day at a Time" is an inspirational story of David Sloan's battle against MS. This book is about using hope and attitude as weapons to fight through the mental gymnastics and roadblocks... More > that MS created as Sloan's disease progressed. It features a step-by-step description of searching for answers that resulted in finally finding a label for his disabling symptoms. Sloan's life as a successful investment banker, always in control, gave way to learning that health and family were much more important than money and power when he finally retired on long term disability. His journey included traveling alone to Brazil where he spent time with a spiritual healer. This experience strengthened Sloan's resolve to never give up and use attitude to his advantage. Whoever he knows or meets has never met anyone with a stronger positive attitude. One can only understand his strength by learning about a similar battle with MS fought by Sloan's mom, who spent thirteen years in a nursing home yet never complained.< Less
The Battle for Breezy Point By Sebastian Danese
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On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck Breezy Point, home to many New York City first responders. Firefighters from the Roxbury, Rockaway Point, and Point Breeze Volunteer Fire Departments... More > remained on duty throughout the storm, ready to assist our neighbors. That night, our quiet, oceanfront community was ravaged by the hurricane’s winds and waves, leaving 202 homes destroyed and 2,219 severely damaged. Another 126 homes were then devoured by one of the largest residential fires in New York City history. In the weeks following, our actions became international news and an inspiration for a massive recovery effort. Despite freezing temperatures and primitive conditions, volunteers from across the globe fought to save and rebuild our battered community. During this time, we witnessed incredible acts of bravery, sacrifice and selflessness by the volunteers and residents who struggled to carry on. This is our story.< Less
My Life - A Life of Many Colours By Israel Oyerinde Omotosho
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This is the autobiography of Chief Israel Oyerinde Omotosho; an example of a single life that derives honor from all the three sources from which honor can possibly be derived. First, he was born a... More > Prince into a Royal Family. Secondly, he had honor ascribed upon him when he was awarded the special title of J.P. (Justice of the Peace) and when the Olubadan of Ibadan honored him and his wife with a chieftaincy title each in recognition and appreciation of their service to the betterment of that great historical African city. Thirdly, he achieved honor through his own hard work and God's grace when he was honorably discharged from the army after serving his country in India in World War II, the deadliest conflict in human history. He also achieved honor by being part of the first few men that formed the Nigerian Union of Pensioners, subsequently serving as its first Secretary-General. Above all, the author is endeared to the hearts of many, mostly by his simplicity, honesty, industry and selflessness.< Less
From Being Considered At-Risk to Becoming Resilient: An Autoethnography of Abuse and Poverty Second Edition By Dr. Rosalinda Mercado-Garza, PhD
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I have written a narrative. Autoethnography was the process by which I wrote about the abuse and impoverished conditions I experienced throughout my young life. Autoethnography was also the method by... More > which I disclosed how I moved from being considered at-risk and became resilient. This story represents my life journey, but it can represent the life of many readers who have lived in the United States in poverty and/or have lived through physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse by family members or intimate others. There were several tenets of resilience utilized to identify the “state, condition and practice(s)” I put in place in order to overcome (Knight, 2007, p. 544).< Less
The Life and Lessons from a Warzone: A Memoir of Dr. Robert Nyeko Obol By Robert Obol
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The Life and Lessons from a Warzone: A memoir of Dr. Robert Nyeko Obol by Robert Obol
The Stories My Children Didn't Want to Hear By peggy brooks
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Wonderfully soulful collection of real life stories of a young country girl growing up in Southeast Arkansas.
Tails of the Gypsy Musher: Alaska and Beyond By Hugh H. Neff
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“This one's for the dreamers. Hugh Neff's "Tails of the Gypsy Musher" chronicles Neff's unlikely journey from the big city of Chicago to the remote outposts of Alaska. The story pulls... More > you along as easily as Neff's sled dogs do from competition to competition, from adventure to adventure. Told in a style ranging from light-hearted whimsy to wide-eyed wonder, Neff takes you into his world of beauty and love, where dogs are family and the environment is holy and sacred. It's a road worth traveling. All along the way, the spirit of Neff and his sled dogs shines through, illuminating the way for future dreamers. Geronimo, indeed.” --K.C. Johnson, Chicago-based sportswriter< Less
From Victim 2 Vessel By Sheryll E. Roberts
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Sheryll E. Roberts was born in Sylvester, Georgia and moved to Houston, Texas when she turned 4. Graduated from Sam Rayburn High school and went on to Devry University. Ms. Roberts, an incest... More > survivor, overcame obstacles stemming from that hurtful part of her life, such as depression, suicide, and self-loathe. She started Life of Hope After Abuse (LHAA) in 2006. LHAA is a non-profit organization promoting awareness against sexual abuse and helping other victims get the help that they need to overcome this traumatic experience. God has given Sheryll her voice back & she encourages others to use theirs. No Longer A Victim, But A Vessel< Less
Travel Letters By Elizabeth Richardson
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Travel Letters is a collection of letters from Elizabeth Richardson, sent to friends over the course of 2 decades while on her many trips around the world. The letters come from nearly every... More > continent, from urban Dubai to the wild Outback of Australia.< Less
One Man’s Story: Memoirs of a Vietnam Vet By Michael Clark
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Michael Clark was an inquisitive, active boy—difficult for his mother, although he wasn’t a bad child. In this memoir, Clark begins by detailing his childhood growing up in the fifties... More > and sixties in rural Michigan, where he built forts, became an Eagle Scout, and met his future wife. As the Vietnam War raged, when he turned eighteen, he eventually registered for the draft. In 1969, after his number was called, Clark details how life changed exponentially as he left his new bride behind and reported for duty amid violent protests and draft card burnings. As he narrates his experiences from basic training to his assignment to the army’s medical training center and finally his service in Vietnam, Clark provides a compelling glimpse into the emotional influences of war. In this engaging memoir, a Vietnam veteran chronicles his path before, during, and after war as he accepted his fate and learned to embrace the precious gift of life.< Less
Remembering Florida's Forgotten Coast By J. Kent Thompson
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Come experience the beauty of North Florida's beaches, attend a womanless beauty pageant or ride on a twelve car ferry to one of Florida’s barrier Islands. Drive the beach in search of a... More > loggerhead turtle laying her eggs late at night and tell ghost stories around a campfire. This book focuses on a little known area of North Florida’s coast. These are stories of the people and events that make up one of Florida's hidden secrets--it's crown jewel called the Forgotten Coast.< Less
Heart Over Height By Nate Robinson, Jon Finkel
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Heart Over Height tells the motivational story of how three-time NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson combined an unstoppable will with dogged determination to achieve his goals, and how those traits... More > can apply to anyone facing their own seemingly insurmountable obstacles.< Less
Tamiko: A Family History By Tamiko Shimoyama, Masako Glushien
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A poignant memoir that tells Tamiko’s remarkable life journey in Japan. Following the sudden death of her mother, she continued to endure struggles throughout childhood and financial ruin while... More > raising her own family during post-war Japan, her unwavering faith helped her overcome the many challenges she faced during a time when the country was trying to rebuild itself.< Less
A Rewarding and Interesting Journey By James McVicker Crosser
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James Crosser was born in Dupo, Illinois in 1927. While still a young boy, he was a soda jerk and ran a railroad yard as a General Yardmaster's Clerk while still in his teens. After learning to fly... More > with first the Army Air Corps and then the Navy in WWII, he went into Accounting, eventually becoming a Partner with what is now Deloitte Touche. Moving to L.A., he wound up with Hollywood moguls and California movers and shakers. This is his Rewarding and Interesting Journey from Depression-era Illinois to flying around the globe and socializing with captains of industry and government.< Less
When My Daddy Left I lost My Sight By Acquanette Davis
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Acquanette Davis was born in Memphis Tennessee. Her Father left at a young age. She longed for him growing up. Life was not easy. One event changed her perspective on life. She fought through... More > depression, got an education, even blessed with a son but the void remained. In this book she shares her deep emotional, spiritual and mental challenges she endured to make it in life.She writes to inspire, encourage and motivate young and old women who cried for their dad in the mid night hour only to hear a pin drop of silence.< Less
Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman By Rob Strangman
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Join veteran gamer, video game fansite webmaster, and born storyteller, Rob Strangman as he takes you on a tour of some of the most defining moments in video game history as seen through his eyes.... More > From the fall of Atari to the emergence of the Sony PlayStation and beyond, Rob relates tales of the adventures that were had during the golden age of gaming. Rob also discusses his experiences with importing, the "gamer" stereotype, and shares his opinions on the current state of gaming. While Rob may have been the original "Virtual Caveman," he certainly wasn't the only one. Included here are many other stories and contributions from gamers both young and old. Also within these pages you will find interviews with many of the gaming industry's veterans: David Crane, Howard Scott Warshaw, Martin Alessi, Yuzo Koshiro, Kouichi "Isuke" Yotsui and more.< Less
The Hole: Book One By Dameon Gibbs, Willie Gibbs
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Experience and relive The Hole, it is a true inspiring story in which a young man desperately struggled to overcome The Hole. To him the streets of Baltimore city was The Hole, it was a place that... More > had bind and consumed his life, it gave some but took more. Surviving in the streets he had to watch as the drug game sucked many of his friends and family down into its dark abyss like the black hole it truly was. Finally realizing after years of tribulation and lost, he came to find that the key to his redemption lay in a form least expected.< Less
A Flight Through Life - An Aviator's Memoir By Albert J. DeGroote
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“A Flight Through Life” begins with a boy growing up during World War II, and records his youthful fascination with aviation. It follows his career in aviation from becoming a private... More > pilot through his eventful life as an Aviation Cadet and his careers in both the Air Force and commercial aviation. Al DeGroote’s captivating descriptions of his experiences give both pilots and non-pilots a feel for the excitement and wonder of flying while sharing with them the experience of being part of aviation’s transition from the piston to the jet age. While aviation is the central theme of the narrative, Al’s wide ranging experience in command and staff positions brings the non-flying reader into his life as a war planner, accident investigator and international affairs specialist. As the U.S. Air Attaché at the embassy in Laos he and his family experienced the tragedy of the fall of Southeast Asia first hand and he provides a ringside seat for the reader to observe the many blunders and few triumphs of that debacle.< Less
There is no book entitled How to Defect...or, for that matter, How to Immigrate By Stanislaw Trojanowski
Paperback: $3.18
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This is the authors' engaging personal history of defection and immigration from Poland to start a new life in America.
The Diaries of Rhoda Caroline Porter Dean: For the years 1864-1924 By Betsy Dean
Hardcover: $29.95
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When Rhoda Caroline Porter married David Williams Dean in 1864, she began keeping a diary--a practice she would continue until her death, sixty years later. When read as a whole, the resulting... More > entries present a surprisingly robust idea of what life was like on a working farm in southeastern Massachusetts during the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.< Less
Ancestors and Descendants of William Henry Hickerson and Harriett Permelia Power By Curt Morrow
Hardcover: $79.95
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Ancestors and Descendants of William Henry Hickerson and Harriett Permelia Power details the genealogy of the Hickerson family as they migrated to Penn Township in Morgan County, Ohio from Harrison,... More > Culpeper and Fauquier Counties, Virginia in 1830. Our Hickerson story is rich with experiences directly and indirectly involving some of the founding fathers of our country and is also deeply interwoven into the religious experiences of those times and forward to our modern times. William and Harriett Hickerson are Curt Morrow's great grandparents. William was a farmer, salesman of fruit trees with Stark Nurseries. They are descendants of a family that moved to Ohio from Virginia in 1830 and the Hickerson family has lived on the same land ever since. They are the all-American family story of rural America. They were hard working people of principle and conviction. They weren't famous or wealthy, but they are the fabric of what made America great.< Less
Dad's Gems By Peter Flaherty
Paperback: $11.92
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Insights and advice of Peter Flaherty to his beloved family
Jim Hayes: See Me By SLÁINTE Pubs
Paperback: $31.99
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“[W]hen he wrote “See Me,” it meant that not only had you screwed up, it meant that he believed in you. You were too good to be mediocre, and he would not let you do that to... More > yourself.” - Jim Gregory This book is a tribute to former Cal Poly journalism professor Jim Hayes, whose reporting, teaching and writing coaching career spanned more than 60 years. Our collection of anecdotes, loving tributes and heartfelt notes of thanks was made possible by the original contributions of its authors, inspired by a Facebook page called “We Love Jim Hayes.” The page was founded several years ago by Cal Poly alumnus Mark Looker, and in the months preceding Jim’s death in June, 2014, it morphed into a living tribute to Jim.< Less
Growing up in Redwood Country By David Paoli
Paperback: $19.95
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This is a story about Growing up in Redwood Country during the 1940's through the 1960's as seen through the eyes of a young boy. Told with humor and wit, it takes you through towns that no longer... More > exist, the inner workings of mills,crab boats and State Parks projects. David introduces you to a memorable cast of characters which include his colorful family, school chums,lunatics and the historic people and events of the day. Richly illustrated with dozens of historic photos and diagrams and the kind of details only a civil engineer can provide, juxtaposed with photos and events of today. Enjoy your trip through Redwood Country.< Less
What is a Real Grandmother? By Harry J. Lawrence
Paperback: $10.99
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What is A Real Grandmother? is a beautiful tribute of a loving grandson, to his cherished grandmother.