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The Making and Un-making of a Marine By Larry Winters
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Born and raised in New Paltz, NY, Larry Winters entered the United States Marine Corps after high school and served in Vietnam 1969-1970. Twenty-five years later, by then a licensed mental health... More > counselor at Four Winds Hospital in Katonah, he returned to Vietnam with other health care professionals to study P.T.S.D. in the Vietnamese people and to make peace with his past. Larry is a widely published poet, men's group leader and group psychotherapist. This is his story.< Less
Struggle for Survival By Leland Johnston
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A Nebraska rancher, cattleman, pilot and entrepreneur (and the father of artist-photographer Douglas Simonson) tells his hardscrabble story, from the "Dirty Thirties" through WWII (New... More > Guinea, the Philippines, and Korea) to marriage, kids, the ups and downs of the cattle business, right up to the present.< Less
"Our Journeys, Our Identities: Immigration Stories from the South Bronx" By Students MACS
Paperback: $8.00
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This anthology is comprised of personal narratives written by high school students at Morris Academy of Collaborative Studies.
Reflections of NORMAL By Trisha Bertussi
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The Journey of a woman finding her Normal is outside of the box.
"Our Untold Stories" The Life Book Series, Volume 1 By Various Authors, Edited by Global Shapers
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With the prevalence of social media, human interaction is becoming increasingly rare. At the same time, senior populations are often isolated, losing the sense that their lives matter. To create a... More > greater sense of community and help to bridge the generation gap, Life Book is a project that asks high school students to partner with local seniors to capture precious life stories. We hope that the project helps to create friendships between students and seniors, acts as a keepsake important history and life experiences, encourages face-to-face interaction, and helps foster improved writing skills.< Less
Unlikely Brothers: Just Trying to Make it Home By Shannon Newberry
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Alan Newberry always believed it was a man’s duty to answer his country’s call and serve with dignity. When he received his draft notice at age nineteen, he knew he had to mentally... More > prepare himself for what he was about to face: a brutal war in Vietnam. In a riveting memoir, Alan’s son, Shannon, shares a walk through not only his father’s journey, but also the journeys of other soldiers who put their lives on the line for freedom. Beginning with Alan’s arrival at boot camp in 1969, Shannon details how his father became “brothers” with his fellow soldiers while attempting to survive infantry life, learning to kill or be killed, and facing the brutal North Vietnamese Army. As Shannon chronicles the soldiers’ experiences from the battlefields to their eventual return home, he reveals the many challenges they faced while processing the emotional after-effects of a war that took so many young lives.< Less
The Stories My Children Didn't Want to Hear By peggy brooks
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Wonderfully soulful collection of real life stories of a young country girl growing up in Southeast Arkansas.
The Mountain House & Thereabouts By Brian Coe
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A glimpse into the fateful, beautiful seeds that came to sprout around the Mountain House upon my arrival in Santa Barbara & the wild branches that spread out to Burning Man, Cuba & beyond...
Last Stories By Radka Caviness
Hardcover: $24.39
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This is the second volume of Radka's memoirs; "Through The Looking Glass" was published in 2013. Her poetry collection "Just A Song At Twilight" was also published in 2013. Radka... More > was born in Tetovo, Macedonia in 1939, and immigrated to America in 1940. This book is a collection of more of her memoirs of family and friends and of lessons learned. Radka lives in Noblesville, Indiana. She has four children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.< Less
Grinnin' Like a Jackass Eatin' Saw Br'ars By Jerry Walker
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The author shares a record of his life's footprints with future generations of his family who can never know him or witness historical events and paradigm shifts as he has over the past eight... More > decades. He describes the hardships of growing up on a working farm in rural Alabama in the mid-twentieth century and later his educational and professional accomplishments after overcoming the disadvantages of poverty and other adversity. He honors his colonial ancestors and their descendants, including Revolutionary War soldiers, by remembering and writing about them and includes extensive family trees for his Walkers,Whites, Smithsons, Slatons, and Paynes. His military exploits are more properly described as escapades. He talks about his brushes with the technological and scientific innovations and reaction to major social and cultural shifts as one who understands the historical import of this most unusual age in our country's evolution.< Less
My Life: from Cotton Patches on the South Plains of Texas to Negotiation Tables in China and North Korea By Robert Baldwin
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This book is the account of an ordinary person whose life experiences were atypical. He was the fifth of seven children born into the home of a rural minister and educator. The author taught in... More > public schools for six years. After that he was a telephone man. The breakup of the Bell System was experienced from the inside. The last three years of his telecommunications experience were with the United Nation, and afforded him the opportunity to travel to more than forty-five countries. His UN tenure was during the chaos of network privatization. Concurrently with his interesting professional career, he was a caregiver of a chronically ill spouse and father of an active daughter. He was a serious runner among other non-job passions. A spiritual story is also entwined: believer in childhood, atheist in his forties who regained faith some twenty years later. Details of death of first wife, remarriage followed by divorce, and third marriage at age seventy-five are included.< Less
My Deployment with the Rakkasans By JUELISA HINES
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This novel covers the first 4 months of a nine month deployment of a young Military Intelligence Officer's experience downrange. The deployment, takes place, in Bagram Afghanistan and teaches the... More > young 1LT what the meaning of life is and how Life needs to truly be lived to the fullest. Along with some special words of the day and working with Foreign Nationals, this first deployment, is an eye-opener for the once guarded and quiet 1LT.< Less
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Lela Looks Back….A Century of Memories By Lela Kuehl
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Lela Kuehl proudly recalls life through a century of experiences.  Beginning in Marquette (Fox Lake area), Wisconsin with her family of German heritage, she tells of girlhood, marriage, raising... More > a family, and growing older in Janesville and Madison, Wisconsin.  She never thought there was “a story” in her life, but looking back, we find everyday life of long ago is now extraordinary.< Less
Everything is Copacetic: The Life of Stanley Studebaker By Gary W. Studebaker
Paperback: $10.84
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The resilience of a farmer, private pilot and family provider. A story of hard work, adventure, family pride and fulfillment. Gary W. Studebaker is a special education instructor in Southern... More > California. He has written six published books in the areas of poetry, biography and the autism spectrum. He is one of the eight children of Stanley Studebaker.< Less
Tails of a Cow Doc By John E. Crawley, DVM
Paperback: $9.99
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Meet Doc Crawley, a small town veterinarian in southeast Wisconsin. In this book, he shares some of his experiences from vet school at Iowa State University, four years in the US Air Force and... More > nearly fifty years of private practice.< Less
Full Color Hard Cover By Erline Frost, Harold Frost
Hardcover: $46.62
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The History of Harold Lewis Frost and Erline Perkins Frost written in their own words.
Letters to Helen By Lynda Reiner-Leith
Paperback: $14.99
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Harvey and Lynda met while in college on an international study year abroad in Sweden. Their dreams brought them to Ankara, Turkey on assignment with the US State Department. It was there their... More > second son was born, and it was there Harvey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They were whisked back to DC for treatment then returned to Turkey where Lynda discovered she was pregnant with their third child. Take a firsthand look as one woman navigates the challenges in balancing family, healthcare, and geography in this heartbreaking and inspiring true story. Lynda received her BA in communications from California State University, Chico in 1987. She currently resides in Northern California.< Less
Behind the Smile By Sandra J. Johnson
Paperback: $14.99
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I’d like to share a story about sorrow, survival, strength, and success - the miracle of my life. This story is told as it was experienced by me, not someone else’s version of what they... More > thought was happening, but what I felt about what was happening with me and my siblings as we not only survived but flourished in spite of horrendous circumstances. This is a true story of one little girl’s journey from sorrow to success. This is my story.< Less
The Hidden Miracle By Catherine Smith, Anna Kranz
Paperback: $10.00
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A woman narrates her inspiring journey from fear and anger to a renewed faith in God as she and her family learned to cope with the after-effects of her stroke.
Real Love II By Beverly Broadus Green
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Real Love is the detailed journey of celebrity mom and extraordinary woman, Beverly Broadus Green, mother of four sons, including rapper/hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg. If you have ever wanted a behind... More > the scenes look at the life of the mom of a high profile world-renowned rap artist, this book will give you what you are looking for. With its highest highs and lowest lows, Beverly Broadus Green intimately shares her journey from her roots in the deep south to the bright lights of Hollywood. She gives an exceptional glimpse into what it really takes to live a life you truly love. It's more than a sharing of her experiences, but it's her story about how she learns just how deep God loves her and that it is His love that is truly the real thing.< Less
Once Upon a Time ... There Was a Tavern Volume 1 By Lathan Hudson
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This is the memoir of Lathan Hudson's successful 18 years as a Nashville country music songwriter. He tells it like it was with the stars and the movers and shakers, recalling the hilarious, as well... More > as bittersweet, details of his experience. If you're a country music fan, if you've ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes with the best known celebrities in country music, this is a book you won't want to miss.< Less
The Katherine's Comin' Down By Katherine Region Of Writers
Paperback: $10.26
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A collection of stories and personal accounts from the survivors of the 1998 Australia Day Floods in Katherine Northern Territory Australia.
W.O.M.A.N. (Working On Me After Nearly being destroyed) By SHIRONDA HAYSLETT
Paperback: $13.99
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Travel through life's ups and downs with a single mother raised on the MS/LA Gulf Coast, in the church, she strays from all that she knows only to continuously find herself in the same situations... More > over and over again. She finds her way back to what she knows best and FINALLY learns from her mistakes and begins to see God's hand in everything that has happen and is to happen in her life. Filled with life lessons and personal poetry to express what she feels after each tragedy.This is a must read not just for WOMEN but MEN too. We all have our struggles. Find yourself in all that this young woman endures. Grow, Learn, Cry and be Blessed together.< Less
A Gift of Love: A Journey of Courage and Personal Transformation By Anette Urban
Paperback: $14.95
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If anyone had given me a crystal ball the day I got pregnant and shown me how dramatically my life would change and what I would have to go through, I am sure I would have said I could never do... More > that. But I could do it. I just didn’t know it yet. This is my story, a journey of personal pain, inspiration, and strength. It is one of evolvement and spiritual growth. My son Martin was a gift of love to me. Love taught me forgiveness, joy, and happiness. It also taught me to make the best of what we are given and what we have. My intent in writing this book is to share my experienceand personal growth in the hope that readers will connect with its contents. It is also my hope that my journey may empower others to confront challenges with the strength and courage to prevail.< Less