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The Stargate Chronicles - Chapters 1-10 - By Clark C. McClelland
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Aerospace Engineer and former NASA employee Clark C. McClelland has compiled a list of exciting, controversial UFO and extraterrestrial events and assembled them as a book, presented here are its... More > first 10 chapters. The information compiled is impressive and perhaps startling to some. Much will be regarded as new and fresh to the UFO community. McClelland's long association with the UFO phenomenon has followed him throughout his aerospace career. In 1958 he was assigned to the national space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and helped launch hundreds of rockets and spacecraft. In addition to being an Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant to the Apollo Program Manager during the Apollo moon landings, McClelland and other SpaceCraft Operators did extensive technical checkout of simulated flights and mission objectives of the various Space Shuttles to assure orbital success and the personal safety of the astronauts. He has worked at major aerospace companies throughout his life and at NASA until 1992.< Less
The Iron Collar By Eula Kennedy Long
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Portrait of a Brazilian family from 1921 to 1940.
Life Is A Song By Helen Marie Szollosy, Helen Marie Szollosy
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How we learn prejudice from those who influence us from childhood. How we can be unaware of our prejudice, even though the feelings are not ours, just learned or inherited. How we can overcome... More > intolerance and prejudice, by relating to life as a song.< Less
First Hitler, Then Your Father, and Now You By Deborah Long
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In a memoir written by the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, the author describes her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood in often funny, sympathetic, and compelling stories of growing up in a... More > suburban Chicago household with a father who wanted to live the rest of his life as though he had died yesterday and a mother who wanted more than anything to recapture what she lost. Deborah's mother and father's lives were tragically transformed by World War II. In accounts painstakingly recreated from genealogical research and travel, the author traces her parents' journey from their ancestral homes in Poland and Hungary to their liberation from German concentration camps and finally to their arrival in the U.S. in 1946. Deborah's parents struggle to live with their past while starting a new life with little more than their own considerable wills to survive.< Less
Geraniums Don't Like to Get Their Feet Wet By Kathleen Hodge
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This book is a gritty, humane account of a woman who refuses to give up despite an eternity of difficult and sometimes hardening choices. Her voice is candid, Yet she manages to find solace.
The Eddie Trice Story By Richie Taylor
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His legend began at the age of eight years old when he began skipping school to help his dad move houses with the family business. He had to get tough and get tough young to survive in the rowdy... More > times of 1960's Midland, Texas . It was a rough wild place back then reminiscent of the wild west in 1800's Tombstone, Arizona. Saloons, gambling, fighting, and drinking where all rampant. After winning fight after fight, he became Midland's very own Paul Bunyon of sorts. His story is one of big highs as he became a hero of the honky tonks, and one of big lows as he struggled with addiction. His story is one that deserves to be told and one that we can all learn from. I hope you enjoy this ride with me!< Less
Don't Get Me Started! Unfortunately True Stories of an Inner-City Case Worker By Raven Finn
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When a country girl with a new degree finds a job in the big city, she has no idea what to expect. Doing her best to help clients who are intellectually challenged, economically and socially... More > disadvantaged, she finds herself in awkward situations. Whether arguing with a homeless man, paying a prostitute or being mugged, she learns about big city life. This light hearted collection of true stories conveys simple life lessons she learned. Unfortunately, she also discovers how much trouble she can find without even looking.< Less
Unbecoming Travolta: a memoir of mania and multiple personalities By Rikki Lee Travolta
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Imagine waking up one day and being told that everything you believe to be true is a lie - your name, your family, your world. Known throughout the world as John Travolta's talented nephew, in 2008... More > Rikki Lee Travolta suffered a nervous breakdown. While hospitalized he learned that he wasn't a member of the famous Travolta entertainment family, but was rather a broken man who through years of psychological and physical trauma had developed alternate personalities - one of them being "Rikki Lee Travolta." Unbecoming Travolta bravely chronicles Rikki Lee Travolta’s heartbreaking battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder), Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression), Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid Schizophrenia, and severe Anxiety.< Less
The Seven Gates: A Memoir of a Descent By Elaine Amyot
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A diagnosis of cancer sets the author on a journey of self-discovery and healing. The book is structured on the myth of Inanna and her descent into the underworld. 36 color illustrations by the... More > author.< Less
Wendy Scott Erickson By Wendy Scott Erickson
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The memoirs of Wendy Scott Erickson With Her Husband James Allen Erickson
Lives and Lineage: The Peterson and Lindholm Families Desmer Wallace Peterson, Gladys A., Clarence G., Ruth Adelia "Della," and Waldo R. Peterson By Jim Peterson
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On October 15, 1903, the Pettersson and the Lindholm families came together when the son of Anders and Johanna Pettersson, Edward Clarence, married the daughter of Adolph and Mathilda Lindholm, Annie... More > Charlotta. They had five children during the nearly ten years of their marriage before Annie’s tragic early death at the age of 30. This book is about those children—Desmer, Gladys, Clarence, Della and Waldo; their Swedish-American families; and the ancestors of the Petterssons and the Lindholms.< Less
The Iron Furnace: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story (New Edition) By George Topas
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“George Topas’ moving and probing narrative is an important contribution to Holocaust literature” – Elie Wiesel “The Iron Furnace is a profoundly moving account of... More > faith, love, courage, and endurance. With his direct and deceptively simple style, George Topas convinces us that we’re sharing the heartfelt recollections of an old and dear friend. This story – and this decent, unassuming hero – will leave an incredible impression on all readers” – Michael Medved “The Iron Furnace will greatly contribute to the deepening memory of the Holocaust. It reveals the indomitable spirit of those that lived in the world which was destroyed.” – Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center “A searing tribute to one man’s indomitable spirit to outlive his tormentors” – Canadian Jewish News “This chilling memoir effectively reminds us of the inhumanity with which people treated their fellow humans.'' – Library Journal< Less
The Four Pillars of the Mountain By Claude E. Hammond II
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Our family lived in suburban Louisville in the 1960s and '70s, but we were different from most. Our family had its roots in Appalachia, and functioned like a mountain clan, with my father as its... More > patriarch. We knew all our uncles, aunts, first, second and third cousins and kept up with them. The family was a mountain of security. And while we were no longer in the mountains, there were dark secrets awaiting discovery, which explained strange facts of life which were never fully made clear to the younger generation. Whispered tales of a murder, imprisonment and revenge were sometimes overheard. Four people, pillars of the family, closely kept those secrets, and ensured that we would always stand together. The desperate children of a Depression-era widow in West Virginia stood together to lead a family into triumph and prosperity. Finally, these stories can be told.< Less
Blood and Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard By Mark Finn
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Updated and expanded version of the 2006 MonkeyBrain Press release, this expanded edition is the author's "director's cut" of the popular biography of Texas writer and creator of Conan the... More > Cimmerian, Robert E. Howard.< Less
Sounds of my Soul - Volume 2 By Charmiene Maxwell-Batten
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With pertinent thoughts and musings about life, the author incorporates personal views, observations and philosophical thoughts that we often share in this journey called life. We can read about some... More > recent scientific discoveries regarding our brain, the cosmos, about human interaction as well as the spiritual and thoughtful questions that arise from a place within our heart. The author shares an interesting exploration of human existence in an easy to read style of narratives.< Less
Letters Home: The Story of an Air Force Wife By Glenda Helms
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In the 1970's, Glenda met the love of her life, Michael, a sergeant in the Air force. She left her family and all that was familiar, to fly to Italy to marry him. For six years they lived in Italy... More > and Germany during the Cold War. Those years were filled with adventure and new experiences as well as hardship and homesickness as they experienced the magic of Europe together.< Less
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The dictionary defines character simply as a person in a play or a novel. However, in the context of defining a person as a character, the meaning is quite different. What we mean is that the... More > person is different from the masses; they march to a different drummer. They are unusual. I believe there is at least one good book in every adult, if you could just sit down with them and dig it out. In writing this book, the only character that I briefly interviewed was Ham. Which brings up another point, I have used bogus names for these characters in order to protect the innocent – guilty too. Onward thru the Fog, and enjoy these folk.< Less
Blain & Opal Gailey - in their own words (Color) By Ron Gailey
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Full Color Version: This is an abbreviated history of Blain & Opal Gailey. It is drawn from interviews and journals collected over a number of years. Two lives well lived are captured in this... More > short, but meaningful document.< Less
When the African Bus Came Down By Elaine Bosman
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With only their wit and a dream, the Bosman family set out from a sophisticated city life in South Africa to build a photographic safari lodge in Rhodesia. They were 90 miles from the nearest paved... More > road, making bricks with sand and cement, cutting timber to build accommodations, and growing everything they were to eat. They encountered many challenges as they created their luxury safari lodge - from curious elephants to hungry buffalo and everything in between. Along the way they encountered a cast of characters, had hilarious adventures, and made friends and memories to last a lifetime.< Less
The Sum of My Experiences: The Life Story of Harold Buckner By Alison Darby
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Created exclusively for the family, this biography celebrates the life of Harold Buckner, longtime pharmacist in Anderson, SC. His witty tales of his childhood in addition to the professional and... More > family stories that he shared in multiple interviews throughout 2014 are contained in these pages.< Less
Wings of Man(y) By Neal Holland
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A compilation of stories, some published, but all pertaining to Eastern Airlines, employees, and friends. The stories were contributed by Captains and Flight Attendants from Eastern Airlines as well... More > as individuals associated with Eastern or air travel.< Less
Expanding the Rainbow: My Road to Adopting a Baby with Down Syndrome By Sarah-Jane Cavilry
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The true story of a mother's journey toward her dream: adopting a child with Down syndrome.
The Most Deceptive Drug: The Untold Truths About Marijuana By Jeremy Clay
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Here in this much needed and well overdue book Jeremy Clay mans up about his lifelong addiction to marijuana. He gives accounts for his life to help the world better understand the true power and... More > effects of the highly controversial drug marijuana. Now in his very own words if a lab rat could talk this is what he would say…< Less
The Flem Cup By Scott Dow
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The Flem Cup spans five years (2001-2005) of an intensely competitive annual golf tournament between amateur teams from the U.S. and England. Evolving from a great friendship and love of golf I... More > shared with my English business partner, Ian Jennings, the first year proved to be everything we'd hoped for as great golf matches and hilarious off the course escapades made it an unforgettable week. Within 2 months, though, Ian was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and given 1-5 years to live, casting a pall over the event and everything surrounding it. For 3 more incredible years, with his dismal prognosis lurking in the backs of our minds, the Cup continued, each year its own amazingly unforgettable event. Finally, as the 5th year approached, the cancer attacked with a vengeance but through it all, God’s providential hand was at work, setting the stage for a truly incredible journey of friendship and love, a journey that would ultimately lead us both to redemption.< Less
These Eyes By Emily Adams
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I fully expected that the end of this story would be a bloodbath. That after I was murdered someone else would find my journals and try to put the pieces together. But one piece would still be... More > missing. Everyone would still ask, "why was she with him? Why did she stay?"< Less