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Unitarian Universalists of Color: Stories of Struggle, Courage, Love and Faith By Yuri Yamamoto
eBook (ePub): $12.00
Members of Unitarian Universalist congregations are predominantly white, upper middle class and highly educated. People of color often feel marginalized in such settings despite the denomination's... More > interest in becoming more diverse. Yuri Yamamoto, Chandra Snell and Tim Hanami started a project to publish stories of Unitarian Universalists of color in an effort to lift up voices from the margins and to make our congregations more welcoming. Fifteen contributors share their stories of love, challenges, faith journeys, hope and despair. Also included is the transcript of a panel workshop based on the stories at the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in 2015. Unitarian Universalist educators, Jessica York and Mark Hicks, Ed.D. contributed Foreword (York), Afterword (Hicks) and an article for moving forward (Hicks). Various resources for individuals and congregations are provided in the appendix. Cover art is “Pink Ribbon Yoga” by Yun Soo-Hoo.< Less
Mindanao By Steven Bivens
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Mindanao is a journey - a journey through life. In Mindanao, you will meet the author's father, Donald Bivens, Sr., who was brutally gunned down when the author was twenty two years of age. You will... More > meet Gut, Marge, the author's mom, Clarence, Steve, Danny, AJ, the Groping Grandma, and A.E. Staley, the founder of the Chicago Bears. You will tour mansions, cry as fortunes are lost, cheer while millions are made, become hopelessly stranded in a mountainous park, plot revenge for a mysterious disappearing rabbit, and writhe in mental anguish. You will sit spellbound while the author was trapped in Manila. Trapped? Yes, imprisoned in a Manila hotel all alone with a beautiful and exotic woman. You will also find out that while the author has indeed been bloodied from tragedy, he has managed to skate away in triumph only to be smacked down time and time again by the ever present warrior, fate. The author chooses not to surrender however - he moves onward and rises far above the impenetrable wall of success.< Less
Iran - Stories From the Peace Corps By John Krauskopf
Paperback: $20.00
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A collection of 27 stories spanning 5 years of Peace Corps service in Iran in the early years of the Peace Corps in the late 1960s.
ALL-WAYS the Rebel; Escape Into Two World Wars By Al Allaway
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Basil Lawrence "Pete" Allaway (1899-1962) served in both world wars, first in the United States Navy as a yeoman chief petty officer aboard the U.S.S. Huron, an impounded German cruise... More > liner that was converted for troop transport, mostly between New York and France. Later, in the Second World War, as a U.S. Army corporal in Assam, India, supporting the construction of the Ledo Road into Burma. The new road was to supply help to the Chinese in order to repel the Japanese invaders. These are his tales of escape from reality and moral responsibility, told with some regard for fact, but mostly with lighthearted humor. It is a work of imagination and fiction, liberally sprinkled with some of Pete's poetry. History buffs and scholars will appreciate the good parallel with the time-lines of the two wars, with Prohibition and the Great Depression. The story covers with precision the places Pete was sent and most of what he accomplished (or failed to accomplish).< Less
Game Over: The Story Behind a Sex-Trafficking Victim By Leah Rogers
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In Game Over, Leah Rogers recounts her three-year ordeal of being at the mercy of a savage pimp who demanded she sell her body to maintain "his business." His controlling techniques and... More > brainwashing led to countless brutal beatings, abrasive attacks, a gruesome rape at gunpoint, and being transported cross-country in the trunk of the pimp's vehicle. Soon after Leah found a chance to retaliate against her pimp, she learned she was pregnant...with a child fathered by her pimp. She pleaded for her life at gunpoint, praying that God would spare her life for the sake of her four children. Undercover officers plotted to catch the pimp in a meeting with "underage" girls. They caught Leah instead.< Less
Looking Through Glass Eyes By Noah I. Brown
Paperback: $19.99
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If you ever had to struggle with being OUT OF God's Perfect Will, this book is for you! --- With hurdles that test their faith and almost take them over the edge, four friends try their best to... More > maintain the security of their musical group and their friendship. But how long can they keep up the facade, before everything blows up in the worst way? How can they truly get back to God? Based on a true story, this book will take you on a journey into the lives of four young men - hungry for success, yet tormented by personal insecurities.< Less
Captain Billy Bush and the Bush Settlement, Clark County, Kentucky, A Family History By Harry G. Enoch
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No one played a more important role in the settlement of Clark County than Capt. William “Billy” Bush. Born in Orange County, Virginia, Billy came out with Daniel Boone in 1775, resided... More > for a time at Fort Boonesborough, then spent the rest of his life living a few miles from the fort. He thus became one of the first permanent settlers in Kentucky. He thus became one of the first permanent settlers in Kentucky. He fought in the "Indian Wars" from the Battle of Point Pleasant (1774) to General Harmar's defeat (1790). Billy was also a key figure in establishing Providence Baptist Church, the first church in Clark County. Their place of worship—the Old Stone Church—is now the oldest church on Kentucky soil. Billy Bush laid claim to thousands of acres of land between Winchester and the Kentucky River, and Daniel Boone ran the surveys for him. This land became the foundation of the Bush Settlement. 392 pages, indexed< Less
Through It All By Russell Stolp
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When I began to seriously consider taking on the job of writing this book, I had to ask myself the question, “Why?” As I gave some thought to an old adage that “hindsight is always... More > 20/20 vision,” God gave me the answer to my question and revealed to me one of the great truths in His Word. I have preached and taught this wonderful truth through all these years, but I never really saw it as plainly as I did when my wife and I took a look through the lens of “hindsight is always 20/20 vision.”< Less
America, Can I Have Your Autograph?: The Story of Junior Ranger Aida Frey By Aida Frey, Dana Dorfman
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You might think Junior Ranger Aida Frey is an ordinary girl from Chicago, but you’d be wrong. She’s actually the sweetheart of national parks, and in this travel diary, she shares... More > delightful stories from her fun-filled America’s Two Hundred National Park Friendship Tour. Aida takes you into caves, to old battlefields, and to the stuff of legends. She sweeps through the passages of time, throwing baseballs on a famous cornfield, climbing mountains, and exploring nature’s nooks and crannies. She also travels to the Sears Tower, the White House, the John Dillinger Museum, Michael Jackson’s house, and Graceland. But it’s her amazing interviews with national park rangers and superintendents, as well as her wonderful trip to Tupelo, Mississippi, that set off real fireworks. So release the balloons, throw the confetti, and set out on a series of never-ending adventures with America, Can I Have Your Autograph?< Less
Our Lena is No Angel By Janet Toews Berg
Paperback: $10.00
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Biography of the early years of my grandmother Helena Toews.
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'Lord of Hosts The Life of Sir Henry "Chips" Channon' by Richard Carreño is the first full-length biography of the controversial Anglo-American member of the British Parliament and a... More > flamboyant 20th century London socialite.< Less
Industrialize (In Dust Realize) By Trayvond Souder
Paperback: $12.00
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Many people are faced with adverse situations that leave them feeling trapped. In this book, which is also a life guide, you will notice that I have faced a plethora of challenges in my life. Even... More > though the dust of my situations blinded my vision, my faith in God remained strong. I encourage you to stop living life according to your plans and start living life according to God’s Plans. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. About the Author: Trayvond Souder has overcome many obstacles in his childhood. While growing up in poverty stricken conditions Trayvond Souder knew that life had more to offer. Trayvond did not allow the dust of harsh conditions to blind his vision. Despite the obstacles Trayvond faced he was able to attend college and create his own identity. Trayvond has impacted his peers through mentoring, teaching and helping others.< Less
Damn, I Shot My Horse By Fred Hauptmann
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The coming of age story about Fred, a boy who is sent into the desert with very few resources to help build his family's homestead. Many colorful characters come into his life, among them ranchers,... More > prostitutes, miners and other unlikely mentors. Over eleven hard years as a homesteader, hard-rock miner and buckaroo, he learns to live in solitude and keep his emotions in check. Oh, he also learns to dig a ditch.< Less
Greek Angels in the Lion's Den By Nicolette Chelios
Paperback: $14.95
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Greek Angels in the Lion’s Den is a candid and passionately written memoir, eight years in the making, introducing the reader to a motherless daughter. Nicolette worked hard to discover her... More > roots and identity while living with a mean-spirited and abusive Greek “stepmother” and an aloof, womanizing Greek father. This memoir addresses more than what one thinks exists in Greek households and what has been portrayed in a popular Greek film and its sequel. On the contrary, this memoir delves deeply into spousal and child abuse, alcoholism, ethnocentrism, racism, poverty, sports fame, health issues, the Greek underworld, sexism, arranged Greek marriages, and the effects these issues have had on the mental and physical health of those family members and friends.< Less
Amazing Encounters By Cathy H. Smithers
Paperback: $13.00
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Life is a mystery filled with challenges and surprises; some are good, some are not. This book is the personal history and journey through life of a Vermonter whose future takes her to Arizona, So.... More > Korea, Illinois, Western Canada, Venezuela, Illinois and back to Vermont again with amazing encounters along the way. It is about loving family, life, the Lord, facing and overcoming trials and viewing the world with a sense of awe and gratitude throughout the journey. To God be the glory.< Less
One Lucky Guy By David Hutchison
Paperback: $25.50
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Dave Hutchison was born on a Midwest farm on July 26, 1943, at the height of World War II. The story covers from the late 40s to the early 2000s. Born and raised on a farm near New London, WI, Dave... More > always was an underdog, whether it was in his role as a football player, newspaperman, owner of an international consumer trade show or a Wisconsin State Representative. The book centers on “faith, family, friends and fun.” A biology major in college, he took a job in the newspaper business. In the late 1970s, his Post Newspapers challenged one of the nation’s most powerful newspapers, The Milwaukee Journal. Shortly after being named to the Wisconsin All-State Football Team, he met St. Norbert football coach Howard Kolstad. The coach’s first words: “Oh, my God, are you small!”< Less
Inside Voices By James Tressler
Paperback: $5.00
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Have you ever witnessed a failed coup attempt? Danced with a dervish? Met the Lord of the Sky? You can experience these, and other rare forms of madness, in James Tressler's latest collection of... More > stories, Inside Voices. Like Tressler's previous books, Inside Voices combines reportage with fiction, first- and third-person narrative voices, interviews and personal reflections -- all to a produce an a la Turk style, as ecclectic and enticing as the city he calls home.< Less
Them There Eyes By Anthony Gribin
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If a review of this book ever emerges, the headline might read, “Psychologist Turns Detective to Piece Together His Mother’s Career.” Or, “Idiot Son Neglected To Inquire About... More > Mother’s Career While She Was Alive.” Or both... This book is many things. The overarching theme is the biography of a composer but, because it is being writ- ten by her only child, it is also in small degree, an autobi- ography. It is both a paean to her life and work, and an apology for not taking an interest when information was there for the taking and she was there for the talking. For not only is my mother gone, but so is just about anyone with direct knowledge of her life and career. So, of necessity, it is a detective story. And since I am a psychologist by trade, it is also an “analysis” of both her and me.< Less
The Bus for America By George Pereny
Paperback: $22.50
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THE BUS FOR AMERICA George Pereny's great new book is a mixture of memory, history and poetry, telling the story of a remarkable life that started under the repression of Soviet rule in his native... More > Hungary. His family made a brave and dangerous escape from Hungary when Pereny was a boy, crossing the ocean and coming to the United States after a momentous decision to take the bus for America rather than the bus for Canada. Pereny had an adventurous education in America, coming to love rock music and words, eventually deciding on a teaching career that took him to inner-city neighborhoods and kids in desperate need of his poetry and vision. Along the way he discovered an aptitude and passion for the martial arts and had a spiritual rebirth in Christ. George's story is also a quest for love that brings him to many women until he finds the right one. Like many great books, THE BUS FOR AMERICA ends with a wedding and a new chance for a happy life in Pereny's adopted America.< Less
Doctor in the Making By Samuel Hobbs
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Do you ever wonder who your doctor is behind the professional façade? Or ask yourself what it takes to succeed in the practice of medicine? DOCTOR IN THE MAKING is a witty yet strikingly... More > honest memoir about a young man’s journey to become a physician. In this book, you’ll discover how to: • Prepare for a career in medicine (or anything else!) • Reflect on personal values in times of adversity • Recognize and make use of transformative life experiences • Stay true to what is most important • Be the best you If you are interested in the practice of medicine, feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, or simply want to reconnect with things that are most important, then this is the book for you.< Less
On the Tracks By Rick Lindholtz
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My spiritual journey began walking along the railroad tracks as a child … it led me to travels across the US and to 7 nations … but my true destination was the heart of God, and... More > learning to love and serve others. My journey, and the people I met on the tracks, formed and is forming me. What’s forming you? I’m still on the tracks, and my journey continues. Come join me.< Less
Van Humbeek's Fencing with the Sabre By Reinier van Noort
Hardcover: $28.53
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Leopold van Humbeek (1871-1942) was fencing master at the Royal Navy Academy in Amsterdam as well as at other military academies in the Netherlands, and at various civilian clubs. In 1912, he coached... More > the Dutch fencing team in sabre fencing at the Olympics in Stockholm, where the Dutch team took bronze in sabre and in épée. In 1905, Van Humbeek published his Handleiding voor het Sabelschermen, in which he gives a clear and useful description of sabre fencing, supported by 20 photographs that show the author demonstrating postures and techniques. Van Humbeek wrote that the style of fencing that he taught originated from Italy, and indeed his work fits well within the successful tradition started by the Italian maestro Radaelli, as, for example, described by Luigi Barbasetti a few years earlier. Central to this system are cuts that are made from the elbow rather than from the wrist.< Less
Why I Wear Red By Donna England
Paperback: $12.95
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This book is a collection of the author's memories written throughout her lifetime. They encompass her faith journey and her reliance on Jesus and Him alone.
The Scale of Anubis By Cameron Brown
Hardcover: $13.93
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This is a journal of dreams and poems. This is a journal of nightmares and tears. This is a journal of sickness and the road to recovery. This is a journal of spirituality and philosophy. This is a... More > journal of salvation and the road to redemption. This is a journal to help those who seek answers. This is a journal to make amends, where none such are possible.< Less
Reach for the Brass Ring By Cleta Darlene Schmalzried Rogers
Paperback: List Price: $7.08 $3.54 | You Save: 50%
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My childhood story growing up in rural Kansas written for my grandchildren.