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Real Talk By
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These stories range from simple to complex, humorous to wise. They are not always happy, but they are all true. And even though each writer speaks in a voice uniquely their own, each voice is... More > resilient and strong. Whether we are students or teachers, parents or administrators, Real Talk tells us we can count on our young people to think, to make meaning from their lives, and always, to keep looking ahead.< Less
Sound Tracks By Student Press Initiative
Paperback: $9.92
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Nubes a Mi Alrededor: Oral Histories from Horizon Academy, Rikers Island By Student Press Initiative
Paperback: $11.89
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Breathtakingly courageous, Nubes a Mi Alrededor, is the bilingual sister publication to Rikers Island’s Killing the Sky series. In this work, seven inmate students share their stories in their... More > native Spanish and their second language, English. Readers are transported to their ‘hoods and corner delis, and the streets of other countries. The students paint a picture drawn of many shades of grey, releasing both writer and reader from stereotypes about criminals and “troubled kids.” Like coal compressed into diamonds, their lessons-learned-the-hard-way become a glimmer of optimism and renewed perspective.< Less
Star Chasers By Lisa Simmons
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The story of the Holtmeyer family following the stars from their ancestral home in Osnabruck Germany to a little midwest town in the United States.
If It Wasn't For You By Student Press Initiative / Individual Authors
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Everyone needs a person who is a mentor, someone to provide us with words of wisdom and to act as a guide to keep us on track—especially during difficult times. Mentors help shape who we are,... More > and help us choose the road to follow as we make importa nt decisions in our lives. The ninth grade students at Manhattan Business Academy, a new public high school in New York City, explored their own answers to the question: Who has made the greatest impact on your life? In a collection of personal memoir essays, they reflect upon the people in their lives who have guided, supported and taught them invaluable life lessons. In turn, it is their hope that this book—and the lessons shared inside—might serve as a mentor of sorts for those who read it.< Less
Joshua Jones Jr. Story By Joshua Jones, Jr.
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A stunning inside story of a man determined to overcome issues in relationships, family life, and homelessness; told from the perspective of a summer in Atlanta.
Rotor Trash, A Pilots Tale By W. F. Saathoff
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(3 Ratings)
Rotor Trash is about the real life adventures of a helicopter pilot. With little formal education and a run-ins with the law, Bill still managed to fulfill his dreams of flying and traveling the... More > world. This action packed novel will keep you guessing and wondering "where's Bill now?". At age 66, Bill is still actively flying helicopters in Alaska and continues to write about his adventures. "Never give up. Never!"< Less
I Shall Not Want By Terri Lyons
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She's sick of her job, bored to death and hungry for a new career. Her aging parents need her more than ever. She cares for both, but often doesn't know what to do. Author and poet Terri Lyons... More > chronicles her story of pain and transcendence in this compelling diary of love. Through the storms and looming uncertainty, Terri walked the dark mile caring for not one, but both parents plagued with dementia, blindness and congestive heart failure. While balancing her literary career and enduring an increasingly insane work environment, she made hard decisions from strong convictions of love and loyalty. Her despair strengthened her resolve to follow her conscience deeply rooted in her ancestry and faith. Walk a mile in the shoes of an only child who transcended heartbreak and grief and who spoke truth to power. Sharing her pain and frustration became a part of her healing and her desire to inspire others. She is a living testament of grace and defined her own success. Visit the website< Less
An Account of the Western Trip - 1922 By Martha Kessler Bybee
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In the summer of 1922, Dr. Halbert P. Bybee, a geologist with the University of Texas in Austin, launched a major field trip of twelve weeks in which he took 16 students on a grand tour of the... More > American West, visiting most of the recently established National Parks of the West, as well as other geologic wonders. His wife, Ruth Woolery Bybee, went along on the trip with their three young sons, Henry, Hal and Bob. Doc also invited his parents, William Lawson Bybee and Martha Kessler Bybee to come along. The group traveled in four cars and camped out on the trip. There were also two trucks that carried the camping, cooking and geological equipment and books. During this extended trip, Martha Kessler Bybee kept the journal that is reproduced in this volume.< Less
Bits of my life By Frank Lambert
Paperback: $9.00
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Great stories from sculptor Frank Lambert's early life in Indonesia and Australia.
Hold My Beer! 45 True Tales of Adventure & Mischief You Wouldn't Get Away With Today! By C. Anne Morgan, Donnie Brock
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $8.99 | You Save: 10%
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WARNING: Contains salty language; read at your own risk! I don't know how I lived through some of the things I did when I was younger, or how I avoided getting into trouble for them. I do know, for... More > an absolute fact, that you could never, ever get away with most of this today. We should all have a book of adventures, a collection of stories that are our moments we love to look back on fondly and laugh. The stories you are about to read are true; the names have been changed to protect the guilty. If I ever offended anyone with the things I did, consider this my apology. Now, hold my beer...< Less
The Lucky Bag By Gerard J. St. John
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The collection of writings is a memior version of Philadelphia scrapple, made from bits and pieces from the previously unpublished works of a retired lawyer, adjunct professor, US Marine Corps... More > Officer and native of Philadelphia.< Less
On the Shoulders of Giants: Volume 1. North America By Joseph Ward
Paperback: $9.99
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(2 Ratings)
On the Shoulder of Giants is a mini book highlighting heroes of African American, African and Indigenous American decent. This eBook is an extension of my blog page On the Shoulders of Giants; this... More > book and the blog page were designed to create awareness about heroes of the past and present who gave the world hope and freedom. It is important to recognize and understand the contributions of those before you, particularly those of African or Indigenous descent. Our past is significant because of the plight we had to overcome and in some aspects are still overcoming to be considered human beings.< Less
The Writing Room: Stories from the Lives of Callanwolde Writers By Callanwolde Writers
Paperback: $12.00
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The Writing Room: Stories from the Lives of Callanwolde Writers is a collection of 18 stories excerpted from the memoirs of writers of the Memoir Seminar taught by June Akers Seese at the Callanwolde... More > Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Each selection tells a complete story illustrating a compelling facet of the life of the writer. The contributors are diverse and represent every stage of life. The volume includes a preface by June Akers Seese, an introduction by the editors, and notes from each of the writers. Five of the authors comprise the editing team: Sarah Kegley, Gretchen E. Maclachlan, Jim Monacell, Bill Moore and Lori R. Muskat. Other writers included are Ellen Jones, Shani T. Godwin, Shelley Scher, Robert Roth, Paul R. Thim, Chelsea Cook, Ralph Freedman, Park Morgan, Rebekah Durham, Gwen Filardi, Don Bender and Lori Feig-Sandoval< Less
Retelling Vietnam By Peggy Thomson Greenwood
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Retelling Vietnam recounts the stories of a few St. Louis, Missouri veterans. Their lives were forever changed because they served the cause of democracy. Returning home after giving service to... More > their country, the Vietnam Era Veterans waited a long time for the honor previously denied them. Their stories are our treasure and our legacy.< Less
Ignorant Army: How the Draft Made a Nice Young Man into a Leftist Radical By Jim Drevescraft
Paperback: $19.99
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This is the true story of how being drafted into the U.S. Army (despite having a student deferment) and subsequent events turned a fairly "green" young man into a leader of dissent. Along... More > the way, some of the stories are terrible, some humorous, some unique, and all true. The author became known as "The General" as a barracks leader, became a disc jockey for an illegal pirate radio station on an air base, and helped prevent a full-scale troop mutiny despite being suspected of being a ringleader. It is also the story of fast friends who came together under adverse conditions and is an eloquent indictment of militarism that has meaning to the present day.< Less
My War By Margaret Elizabeth Davies
Paperback: $5.00
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Despite the rationing, the raids and air raid shelter shenanigans, the family still find time for trips, fun with friends and eventually dogs!
Fish Follow the Fisherman By Allan Hokanson
Paperback: $12.97
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Although I have had great success as a Fisherman, I've only just scratched the surface of what can be done. In these pages are recorded my journey, beginning with fishing with my grandfather and... More > father, and continuing to fish with Heavenly Father. This is my journey to learn how to harness the power of the spiritual world and become “the fisherman the fish would follow”. The journey is not yet complete, and the lessons I learned are not limited to fishing. They apply equally to every aspect of life. It is now my desire to pass on what I have learned, and my hope is that the next generation can pick up where I left off.< Less
From Rock Bottom By Daranice Miguel
Paperback: $15.49
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Daranice paints a remarkably resilient self-portrait of her life’s journey. At the same time, she creates a stunning mural of Harlem in the 60’s and 70’s that harmoniously... More > incorporates all the architectural elements of the times – • Child, sexual, physical, and mental abuse • Rape, lost Innocence, teenaged pregnancy, and single parenting • Selfishness, betrayal, adultery, abandonment, homosexuality and AIDS • Depression, blame, guilt, and regrets • Gamblers, hustlers, pimps, prostitutes, strippers and drug addicts • Mental and physical illness, death and grief • Violence, murder, street justice, no justice – and more …< Less
Police Trippin-No Way!!! By Preston Nelson
Paperback: List Price: $8.99 $8.09 | You Save: 10%
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Dealing with the police is stressful for the citizen and the police but the police have the upper hand. History of policing since the black codes to the present.There are good cops but the bad ones... More > have the power to ruin a citizens life. Always comply, get their badge number and live to fight them another day.< Less
Zvezden Vazel By Rossitsa Kopukova
Paperback: $10.51
Prints in 3-5 business days
One of the latest books of the bulgarian author Rossitsa Koopoukova - Rosiela.
Let the Music Play On By Tim Drysdale
Paperback: $6.00
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A memoir of Islay Ferrier (Tim) Drysdale who was born in China in 1924 and who spent his early years in Kuling until sent to England after the Japanese invasion at the age of thirteen. After... More > Cambridge and in the RAF during World War Two Tim took up a career in Advertising. Now at ninety years young he has produced this memoir of an interesting life.< Less
Traces By Anca Dumitrescu
Paperback: List Price: $3.00 $2.25 | You Save: 25%
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TRACES addresses grief and recovery from mental illness in the life of Anca Dumitrescu.
Nola's Birthday Album 1 By Bruce Sharky
Paperback: $8.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
An album of photographs of Nola Luz and her family and friends including early photographs of her parents, happy occasions with her family in Costa Rica, and images taken after her marriage to recent... More > times.< Less
"904" The Jeffries Family Chronicles By Jeffries Family
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 | You Save: 25%
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This book is about a loving family from 904 47th PL., in the Deanwood community, of Washington, D.C.. They not only survived tough economic times but endured the trials of having a father who was an... More > alcoholic. Everyone knew them because they were the largest family in Deanwood. This book is a combination of eleven stories written by the surviving siblings. The Jeffries family was well respected for their service to others while living at "904" and those actions carried on into their adult lives. Some of them became caregivers, ministers, athletes, educators and some served in the military. They are the epitome of a family who still loves and celebrates each other. The house at 904 reared a beautiful family and they've written this book to leave a beautiful legacy for their future generations.< Less