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Time and Tide: A Nautical Memoir By Robert Van Blaricom
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A boy born and raised in Montana with no knowledge of the sea suddenly finds himself living with it literally on his doorstep. It is love at first sight. This is the story of finding adventure and... More > fulfillment while learning the arts of the sailor and the joy of sailing and venturing upon the waters in everything from a small sailing skiff converted to a little sailboat to deep water sailing yachts. Humorous stories and adventures are described in voyages from the Mediterranean to Australia and from the South Seas to the Northwest Passage.< Less
Children of the Manse By Lewis Luchs
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A popular college town minister and his wife want to adopt a four-year-old girl but learn she has three older brothers and decide to welcome all four children into their home. They arrive from a... More > bleak county children’ s home, bringing with them invisible histories of neglect and abuse. This true story, based on case files and family interviews, opens with the children’s background and the oldest boy’s determined struggle to keep his family together. The four children barely survive ever worse threats as they lose the adults in their world to imprisonment, abandonment, and death. When all seems hopeless, a talented social worker intervenes, trying to change their fate. This is a lively and sometimes humorous story. Children of the Manse entertains as it describes how four wounded children respond to intelligent and loving foster care.< Less
Attitude and Gratitude By Max Prager
Hardcover: $22.32
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Thumbs Up By Ben Wessel
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Thumbs Up is a short, easy read detailing the death of Ben’s father when he was a mere 8 years old. After his mom had survived ovarian cancer, Ben’s dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor... More > when Ben was 6 years old, much to Ben’s uncertainty and innocence. With seven kids, including three sets of twins, life for the Wessel family was hard. This memoir explains how life with a sick dad was and focuses on the years subsequent his death. Childhood, high school and college all proved a little different for Ben than for most people, and this book illustrates that. He also gives thanks to his family, especially his mom, while at the same time offering the reader advice based on the wisdom he so prematurely acquired.< Less
A Little Girl's Gift By Lawrence Elliott
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The touching, true story of the child whose courage changed thousands of lives is told in full in this memorable portrait of Janis Babson, who became a symbol of selflessness to all who knew her.
No Place but UP! By Lance Fox
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Growing up in central Wisconsin is synonymous with growing up on flat ground and in oxygen-rich air. At age sixteen I faced my first uphill climb; the emotional battle of coping with the loss of my... More > father. At thirty-six years of age Hodgkin's Lymphoma claimed his life. His death was a wake-up call for me that life can be short. Eleven years later, I became a father. The day occurred six weeks earlier than expected. The fragility of life was once again revealing itself. During my premature son's hospital stay I picked up a book about Mount Everest. Although I had never climbed before, my dream to stand on top of the world was sparked within after reading that book. I didn't exactly know how or when but I knew that I would go to that mountain. Within all of us resides a vision, a defined quest in life. It is a unique purpose, waiting to be unlocked. Twelve years after my vision occurred, I became one of less than four thousand people in the world to reach its highest point.< Less
A Broken Wing And A Prayer By Donna Brodie Van Horn
Paperback: $14.99
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A Broken Wing And A Prayer is the true life story of Donna Brodie Van Horn. Follow Donna as she takes you from New York to California, back to New York and then to Georgia where she presently lives... More > in Milledgeville. This is a very compelling and emotional story of the good times and bad times in the life of Donna Brodie Van Horn.< Less
AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Albert Louis Balestiere By Albert Louis Balestiere
Paperback: $8.99
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AUTOBIOGRAPH of Albert Louis Balestiere from childhood to present
The Early Journals of John D. Lee By Verne R. Lee
Hardcover: $32.00
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John D. Lee's early journals, deal primarily with his experience as a Mormon missionary. He fulfilled six distinct callings as such during this period, taking him into what then comprised the western... More > states of the United States. This included Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky; though most of these efforts took place in Tennessee.< Less
Lovell Lake Stories By Betty Seibert
Paperback: $6.99
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Personal memories of Betty Heinlein Seibert's summers spent at Lovell Lake in New Hampshire. Historical photos of the surroundings of Lovell Lake in the 1900's.
Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships By Teresa Madaleno
Paperback: $24.80
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If you ask a room full of people what friendship means, you will likely get many different answers. Friendship after all encompasses so much. I have learned over the years that friendship is... More > something that is often underrated. To me friendship is another form of love. Here's Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships.< Less
Keith Stanworth By D. Gary Webb, Keith R. Stanworth
Paperback: $16.99
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This is the story of Keith Stanworth, a man who was shaped by his mother and father, the land he grew up on, the people around him, and the faith he was taught. More than that, it is the story of a... More > man who took full responsibility for what he became—for good or bad. When he was a young man, his teachers, coaches, and leaders influenced him greatly. He wanted the chance to use his love of sports to help others shape their lives and so decided to become a coach, focusing his abilities and dedication on shaping young people. He was raised in the outdoors and couldn’t have imagined a career without time on a mountain—a fact that led him to his home with the Forest Service. In both careers, he had some of the most wonderful—and frightening—experiences of his life. This memoir shares the story of the life of Keith Stanworth. Sometimes people see the same things differently, but this is the way he saw it.< Less
No More Homemade Butter By Omar Schartz
Paperback: $20.56
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Memories and musings of a Kansas farmer, inventor, artist, and writer.
Are we there yet? By Nicholas Archambault
Hardcover: $19.99
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It is about family vacations to many different and amazing places inside and outside the united states.
The Hermit By Jeffrey Paul Howard
Paperback: $39.00
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What if you could find out information on who you were in your last/previous life? In his debut short story, author Jeffrey Paul Howard writes of how he discovered just such a means to do so, and... More > how he came to learn of his previous self, a man only to be known as, The Hermit. Follow along on both The Hermit’s, and author's, journey, as he shares right along with the reader, how it is he came to be knowledgeable of his prior self, and the story of his oft heartbreaking past life. From his early days as an orphan in New York City, The Hermit’s odyssey of struggles to get by and survive, usually by any means possible, even adapting his appearance in order to do so, leading to a life of isolation, interspersed by recurring brushes with the law, and loves found, how did his life end up? What remnants of his life still exists with the author now? What lessons are to be taken away from, and applied to the author’s current life today? From the life he once lived, the man he once was, The Hermit.< Less
Farewell, Drew By Annabelle Molyneux
Paperback: $3.99
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This book is from an author who experienced the depth of existence. It has an intense philosophical approach that even the most hardcore Atheist will be left thinking. This is erudition in its... More > finest--in the eyes of a child.< Less
Paper Boats By Mary E. Gould
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I caught polio at University and landed completely immobile in a respirator. Recovering adequate respiration but still paralysed, I was enabled to become, first, an English lecturer and then to... More > finish, in partial retirement, as a counsellor supervisor. Throughout my life I have become increasingly conscious of the reliability of God's love and guidance.< Less
Diaries 1930-1937 By Robert Warren
Paperback: List Price: $19.56 $11.74 You Save: 40%
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Diaries kept by Robert Eugene Warren, 1930-1937 at age 16-23.
The Mystery of Granny's Ghost By Neil WJ Smith
Paperback: List Price: $16.95 $15.26 You Save: 10%
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In a rare book published 40 years ago I find a reference to a doctor and his wife who came to Tasmania, Australia, from England under strange circumstances. He'd been a physician to George III and... More > his wife a Lady in Waiting to the Queen. It was rumored they knew too much and had been sent to the colonies on a life pension. Meanwhile a 72 year-old grandmother decides to research her family tree only to learn that her childhood companion, Granny Fitz, died 17 years before she was born. What was her secret? I become caught up in the mystery which falls into my lap just at a time when my life had crashed in flames and I was living in a friend's old caravan in the Aussie bush with nothing. Suddenly I'm swept up on a romantic adventure, first to New York, then to Regency England where I'm walking in the footsteps of princes and paupers involved in the 200 year-old mystery. Later I'm on a plane to the north of romantic Italy and my life has come full circle. As I write I share with readers the story as it unfolds.< Less
The Chosen King: The Story of David for Young Readers By David Mills
Paperback: $9.96
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This is the story of King David as I would tell it to my grandchildren. I collected the events in David's life from Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, and tell them in an order that creates a continuous... More > story.< Less
I Am A Piano By Ulla Morris-Carter
Paperback: $11.95
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This is the ‘moving’ memoir of an upright piano, made in 1925 in Darmstadt, Germany by an apprentice of Herr Heinrich Steinweg, aka Mr. Henry Steinway. After its trials and tribulations,... More > from Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) to bombardments of its birthplace, it finally landed in the 1960s in the family of an American foreign correspondent and his German wife. The piano recounts its multiple trans-continental moves from Bonn to Beirut to Athens to America and the turbulent times and journeys of the family up to its current peaceful resting place in Los Altos Hills, California. With its fussy, ‘bourgeois’ pride and limited perspective, this easily disgruntled instrument with sensitive strings concludes, “I am a survivor.” This is an A5, Perfect Bound with White pages.< Less
Home to Chunya By Bill Pumphrey
Paperback: $10.00
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JFK's Camelot extended around the world with his Peace Corps. An army of idealistic Volunteers answered his challenge "Ask what you can do for your country." This memoir takes you to the... More > heart of Africa just months after Tanganyika independence in 1965. There is fear, hope, loneliness,and unbounded joy as a young Texan discovers a new world.< Less
Dance with Me, Papa: Life with(out) My Celebrity Father By Rita Reinecker
Paperback: $18.95
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For Rita Reinecker, life as the daughter of a well-known writer was far from a fantasy. Rita’s father was Herbert Reinecker, a prolific German novelist, dramatist, and screenwriter who lived in... More > his own world of plot and dialogue. She grew up feeling not pretty enough for her father and not good enough for her mother. Her life revolved around her emotionally unavailable father, who blew in and out of her life. Rita longed for a normal family life, and the incessant hunger for acceptance left the growing girl wanting much more. Always looking for signs that her papa loved her, she lived on an emotional rollercoaster of hope and disappointment. Wanting only to be loved, Rita hurled herself into many relationships. Meanwhile, life with her controlling mother bred low self-esteem and self-doubt, leaving her feeling inadequate, unloved, and unwanted. Now, in her memoir, she recalls her lifelong search for her father’s love and explores how she came to terms with its effects on her life.< Less
The Life and Times of an Entrepreneur By Wayne Patterson
Paperback: $25.00
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The real life and times of an entrepreneur for the period of 1931 to 2014 with family and historical background.
Invisible Handcuffs: Colorado Community Corrections (Halfway House) for Women By Tammy Garrett-Williams
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 You Save: 25%
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Do not get too comfortable while reading “Invisible Handcuffs” This book will make you think you are dreaming and you will want to wake up, but the reality of this dream is, IT’S... More > REAL! You may not want to have another bowl of Oatmeal and if you miss a phone call, could it cost you, your freedom? This book is especially for families and friends who has someone in Jail or Prison planning to (by putting in their papers from DOC) or those that have been direct sentenced to Community Corrections (Diversion Client), to understand what factors goes into their loved ones successfully completing such a program as a Community Corrections Resident. This book is great reference for an inmate of Department of Corrections (DOC). They will get a chance to see and understand that Community Correction is not what they possibly think it is. To some of the inmates it may be a struggle they do not want to take on. To others it may be just what they need. Good read for Lawyers, Judges and Probation/Parole Officers.< Less