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The Golden Pioneer By Colleen Estes Cassell
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Joel Estes was a Golden Pioneer - He was a gold-seeker, a family man, but his greatest achievement was his discovery of Estes Park, Colorado
The Life-Long Writings of Felix Perez By Luis A. Perez
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A compilation of the writings of Felix Perez, primarily in the Puerto Rican/Latin American form of decimas and aguinaldos. The compilation includes some ballads and poems, and the dated pieces span... More > the time frame 1963 to 2005 - the year Felix Perez passed away. All the pieces are in Spanish.< Less
Sister + Brother = TROUBLE (A Memoir) By Frank Murphy
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Author Frank Murphy details his childhood exploits with his sister. From trouble with electricity to Disneyland rides in the backyard to the revenge of the Barbie doll, Frank's memoirs are... More > unforgettable!< Less
The Family of Cephus Stone and Eliza Jane Fowler Stone By James W. Stone
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This is a compilation of family notes on the Genealogy of "The Family of Cephus French Stone and Eliza Jane Fowler Stone", who lived in Carroll and Wythe counties of southwestern Virginia... More > during the late 1800's. Cephus and Eliza had ten children, who gave them sixty grandchildren. The book traces ancestry lineage back to the birth of Christopher Hurste, who was born in Buckinghamshire, England, in 1525, and connects it to the thousands of living members of the family alive today who can claim to be direct descendants of Cephus & Eliza Stone. This edition provides newly added information to help understand how our family participated as the European explorers populated the New World. There is a new section in this edition showing cemetery locations where our relatives have been laid to rest.< Less
My Margot By Ken Ludden
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Margot Fonteyn's closest friends don't appear in Daneman's detailed biography. Lita Legarda (a doctor) gets a one line mention. Angie Novello (Margot's Washington Hostess), Theodora Christon... More > (Margot's personal secretary) and Ken Ludden aren't mentioned at all. These were the people she trusted most, who kept her confidences and never spoke to the press. Everyone knew Margot differently. BQ, her mother, knew one Margot. Tito, her husband, knew another. Ludden, her circle's youngest by a large margin, knew yet another side of Margot: hence the title 'My Margot'. Ken shares that Margot--who taught him so much about ballet and life, and with whom he worked to plan ballet's future. Beyond Margot we learn about Ken's delightful relationship with BQ, a close friendship between a teenager and a woman of eighty. Ken also writes with unflinching honesty of the hostile relationship he had with Rudolf Nureyev, which developed over time into a grudging mutual respect and a shared grief when Margot died.< Less
I Hold Your Foot: The Story of My Enduring Bond with Liberia By Mary Leonora Tucker, SSND
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I Hold Your Foot weaves three strands into a unified whole: the historical background and present reality of Liberia; the missionary efforts of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in that country and... More > beyond; and the personal journey of Leonora Tucker, SSND. It brings this county and its people to life by clear and vivid descriptions of the events that have shaped modern Liberia. It depicts the power of the SSND missionary spirit to "stay the course" through war and violence. It illuminates God's action in the lives of SSNDs and the people whom they serve. Kathleen Feeley, SSND, President Emerita of Notre Dame of Maryland University, author of "That Deeper Knowing," and nine-year missionary in Ghana, West Africa< Less
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Hope Ever After By H. A.
Paperback: $12.99
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A memoir of a woman's journey to recovery from an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, self-injury, and alcohol and prescription drug abuse.Upon entering a treatment center in 2013, a team of... More > women came along her side and refused to give up on her, changing her life forever. She learns how to cope with the pain of her past, healing from years of pain, silence, and secrets. She learns how to truly live in recovery and discovers a life worth living. This is a story of resilience, inspiration, and hope.< Less
The Shoestring Letters - A Tribute to the Immigrant By Edgar Madsen
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Retrieved from under a thatched roof in Denmark, a long-forgotten bundle of letters brings this inspiring saga of the American immigrant experience. Ellis Island's dark history is revealed. You... More > may be surprised by the identity of a reformer who tackled an immigration crisis of the early 20th century. One letter from 1919 reveals opportunity afforded women by Denmark's progressive educational system. Another written on board a ship coming to America in 1928 tells what the voyage was really like. Letters from the Great Depression lament hopes dashed by broken economies on both sides of the Atlantic. Trials and triumphs of World War II are recalled, including Denmark's finest hour in 1943. Immigrant children who became our soldiers and sailors are honored. Chicago's cultural melting pot is fondly remembered. After transitioning from Danish folk dancing to the American square dance, one immigrant offers a touching tribute to all who ventured away from their homeland to become Americans.< Less
The Quest for Noah's Ark: Expedition Journal By Dr. Aaron Judkins
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UPDATED & REVISED EDITION with new color photos on 100# quality glossy interior paper. This is an easier to read edition which flows nicely. The Search for Noah's Ark has remained elusive... More > throughout history. It is the ultimate quest to search for the unknown; the undiscovered- the hidden history of mankind. For thousands of years, the story of Noah's Ark has been written about in almost every culture of the world with one common thread- they all talk about a man named "Noah" surviving a great flood on a boat. It is the story of legends- or is it? A confirmed discovery could change everything we know about our history & confirm the ancient accounts... Some have claimed it has been found but others are sure it's still frozen in time on Mt. Ararat. Join Man vs Archaeology's Dr. Aaron Judkins as he documents his perilous journey for one of the last great archaeological searches of all time- the Quest for Noah's Ark.< Less
The Pressure Cooker: Forging Naval Officers Through Marine Leadership By John Crouch
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From 1947 until 1994, the Navy ran an officer training and commissioning program at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. Outside the main academic building hung a wood sign with gold metal... More > lettering. It read: "Through These Doors Walk The Future Of Naval Aviation" Between the covers of this book, A Marine Corps Drill Instructor presents a collection of stories, memories and recollections provided by now seasoned, U.S. Navy Officers. 240 stories are told with the same raw intensity as experienced decades earlier when the candidates were but young men and women trying to get past their Marine Drill Instructor to earn a commission that awaited them at the finish line. The insults, threats and even rare moments of enthusiastic support are all here. You won't find examples of political correctness, generalizations or pulling punches in this book, or any coddling of the candidates; future naval aviators were prepared here, it was the most intense officer candidate school in the military.< Less
My Story by Christel Willian By Christel Willian
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It is with much encouragement for many years from my daughters and friends that I finally sit down and record some of my life experiences growing up in Berlin, Germany. Many of my memories are happy... More > ones, but there were times when we endured difficult and frightening circumstances during the war that lasted six years. My family did what we had to do to survive, and we lived to tell about it. Many were not so lucky.< Less
50 Year Old Love Letters: (A Two-fold Love Story) By David E., Veletta A. Butcher
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50 year old love letters record the 2 ½ year courtship of David and Veletta. Writing was the only way to keep in touch, since they did not live in the same place during their entire courtship.... More > These letters reflect principles for building a happy home. “He showed me and so many other kids, what a functional home was. …his devotion to his wife, his devotion to his thousands of kids through the years. “ Edward E. Jezisek II, Lt Col. USAF (ret), (former student of David’s)< Less
Kensington Public School By Francis Testoni
Paperback: $16.75
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Kensington Public School Class 6A of 1954 recounts their life philosophies, achievements, and memories of their teacher Mr. Thomas Flowers.
DAD, MAN OF MYSTERY By Donna Reid Vann
Paperback: $8.03
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Newspaperman. Champion of prisoners on Death Row. The public life of Don Reid, Jr. was known to many across Texas and beyond, but his past lay veiled in mystery. Thirty years after his death, a... More > granddaughter he’d never met managed to lift the veil, sending his wider family on an incredible journey. The story begins in a small town in Russia...< Less
Leonardo Polo: A Brief Introduction By Roderrick Esclanda, Juan Fernando Sellés
Paperback: $6.99
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"Leonardo Polo: A Brief Introduction" is directed to English speaking scholars who wish to become more acquainted with Polo's thought. It presents a brief account of Polo's life and works,... More > and offers an introduction to his methodology of the abandonment of the mental limit and an overview of his philosophy.< Less
You Made This up ! By Tony Estus
Paperback: $12.75
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Personal reflections about silly unexpected happenings in the memories of a 75 year man, herein recorded for his great-gran children's enjoyment. Waldorf Astoria Debutante's Ball, the 1977 US... More > Tennis Open at the old West-side Tennis Club and Minny Moore.< Less
Hobnobbin' [Hardcover] 4.27.16 By Vincent Hayley
Hardcover: $30.96
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The book is a transcript of conversations in 1982 among Vincent Hayley and members of his immediate and extended family, while he was traveling in Illinois and Colorado.
MOTHER POWER (The Revelation) By James Reesor
Hardcover: $33.33
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“MOTHER POWER (The Revelation)”... THIS SPECIAL BOOK HAS MESSAGES FOR EVERY FAMILY. ORDER SEVEN (OR MORE) BOOKS IF YOU LOVE MOTHERS & PERSONAL FRIENDS MORE THAN YOUR MONEY OR WAR. The... More > "mystery of this century" is epitomized by ElijahMan a.k.a. James Edward Peter Reesor. This is a literary masterpiece filled with celebrity tributes to honor motherhood. It has insights into the spiritual and psychological significance of parenting, and mysterious perspectives on the TRUMP phenomenon. According to the “human vessel” for the GOD-ELIJAH SPIRIT, “Trump's presidential campaign is the result of divine intervention. We want billions of people to be warned in order to prepare for coming storms in the physical realm – and eternal life in the Domain of God.” JIGROP Contact James Reesor, PO Box 210412, Nashville, TN 37221< Less
My Unlikely Journey By Lynn Lothman
Hardcover: $47.65
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This book is a collection of essays that describe the author’s experiences as an expat living in London, England and Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia. The vignettes are funny, candid, and... More > powerful. Lynn Lothman is a retired educator who lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband Kurt and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Henry and Georgie. She brings an honest voice to living abroad and this is part of her story.< Less
Letters from Mbereshi 1961 - 1965 By Margaret Keighley
Paperback: $3.05
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This book preserves seven letters which were written between 1961 and 1965 by Margaret Keighley from Africa to her supporters in Canada and England. Margaret went there as a missionary nurse and it... More > was there that she met her future husband David Wark. She was based in Mbereshi, which is a small village (now in the Republic of Zambia). The letters provide a fascinating glimpse into what her life was like, and are filled with amusing anecdotes and commentary on African social, health and political matters.< Less
Let's Just Say I'd Do It All Again: Revisiting "Dates Daze", a Newspaper Column of the Trenton Sun, 1959-1962 By Helen Dates Jeude
Paperback: $16.99
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The author’s columns of the antics of her four offspring in small-town middle-America were only the beginning. While teaching English and German for 18 years, she took students to Washington DC... More > and the N.Y. World’s Fair as their sponsor, saw her children out the door while teaching at Batavia High School and West Aurora High School in the Chicago suburbs, and then completed a Masters of Theology from Bethany Theological Seminary. From there she went to the University of Chicago Oriental Institute, focusing on Syro-Palestinian Archaeology, spending 10 summers in Israel and Jordan. It was at Chicago that she met her current husband, they now live in Trophy Club, TX. From then until her retirement in 2010, she was Sr. Technical Editor for the Flora of N. America project. Now retired and in her 80’s, the author felt it was time to revisit these stories to relive these fun-filled years once again and make them available to her extended family, friends, and anyone that enjoys the daily humor of family life.< Less
Every Generation Solution By Valerie Terry
Paperback: $10.20
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Every Generation Solution brings the beauty out of everyone and everything.That is the law of the land. We love you for you. We recognize you for who you are and we acknowledge you for what you have... More > achieved; big are small you are still famous in our book.< Less
COMING TO SBS By Expository Writing Class 2015-2016
Paperback: $4.68
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What is it like for a student who grew up in a country far away and so very different from the U.S., to come here as a teenager to study and live at a boarding school where everything is done not... More > only differently, but in a totally new language? Read on to find out.< Less
Leafmeal, May 2016 By Arlan Dohrenburg
Hardcover: $25.00
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Arlan Dohrenburg grows up in small-town Pennsylvania, but embarks on a life of adventure that ultimately takes him to six continents. Transitioning from the seminary to professor of english, Arlan... More > has many productive years teaching at the University of Minnesota Duluth.< Less