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Letters To Our Fathers By Phillip Middleton
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Letters To Our Fathers is a collection of personal memories. Members of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (Kappa Rho Chapter) composed these letters in tribute and in an effort to understand the male... More > role models who have influenced their lives.< Less
Italy to mio destino By Vittoria Manzoli Bilodeau
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A beautiful memoir of how a young, innocent Italian girl travelled the sea to faraway Canada to find her destiny in Northern Quebec with the love of her life. Written with love for her children,... More > grandchildren and future generations.< Less
I-Ran Into the Light By Venus & Mars
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"This book is a memoir, a window into each and everyone's life. The specifics, where I was born, how I lived, how I love, those details are mine. But the life lessons, the will to be free, the... More > courage to love, and the truth to healing are all ours to share." Venus was born in Iran where she learned many challenging life lessons. She is now a practicing life coach and spiritual adviser. She has guided people in recognizing the pitfalls of the mind and the truths of love for many years. Through spiritual intuition she helps searching individuals gain awareness of the jewels living within the heart, accessing these treasures by healing the conditioned mind, and teaches how to operate in everyday life above the states of illusion and emotional imprisonment.< Less
Leonardo Polo: A Brief Introduction By Roderrick Esclanda, Juan Fernando Sellés
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"Leonardo Polo: A Brief Introduction" is directed to English speaking scholars who wish to become more acquainted with Polo's thought. It presents a brief account of Polo's life and works,... More > and offers an introduction to his methodology of the abandonment of the mental limit and an overview of his philosophy.< Less
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Jordanville By Myra Singleton Johnson
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A book of history, personal, and shared memories and stories, of life in one of Tallassee's most beloved neighborhoods
Bill, Billy & Their Gang of Gibsons By Bill Gibson
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The birth certificate says Grace Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, March 31, 1925. Also, it says that I was born around 7 AM, and I was named George William Gibson. Somehow, I became "Bill"... More > (or, rather, "Billy"). Whatever happened to "George"? I really don't know. Even today, some computers and papers with such obnoxious items as "first name, middle initial" have trouble with "G. William". I don't. And most of the time I refuse to obey commands such as "first name". I feel its mine to do with what I want -- or not to do with what I want. This is my story, or rather the story of my father, Bill, me, Billy and our gang of Gibsons.< Less
Mo(u)rning Joy By Kalan Chapman Lloyd
Paperback: $14.99
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“If the raw reality of stillbirth, loss of pregnancy, or miscarriage has rendered you senseless if you feel helpless in friending a grieving family, then you will be touched by the words of... More > care and concern that you can't always think to say at the time. I highly recommend this unabashed account of Kalan Lloyd's journey toward wholeness.”-Susanna Fitzgerald, MSW "A cry-laugh, laugh-cry. What makes it so good is how she conveys the terrible sadness and madness of losing a child."–Heath Mueller, M.D., Psychiatry “Kalan’s frank, honest expression of her personal experience will bring hope and encouragement to many.” –Lisa Nolan, Associate Pastor, Cornerstone Fellowship “Rarely as healthcare providers do we have the opportunity to hear the intimate thoughts and feelings of a patient who has been delivered the most heartbreaking news. This memoir will help us all be better friends, family members, and caregivers to those that have experienced such loss.” –Shara Young, M.D., OBGYN< Less
The Howland/Ellis Family: Genealogy and Family History By William M. Emery, Harriet C. Tyson, John S. Howland
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The history and genealogy of the ancestors of John S. Howland and his wife Agnes H. Ellis.
Journey of Hope By Peggy Lee Tremper
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Adoption gives Peggy a new life. A loving family adopts her at the age of twelve and everyone is waiting for the adoption to fail. Accepting the Lord into her heart she decides to attend Bible... More > College after high school where she hears of a possible position in Nigeria as a missionary. Later her way leads to Newfoundland & Labrador where she teaches in a two room school on the coast of Labrador. Her journey of hope gives her a deeper understanding of the needs of others.< Less
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The Lucky Bag By Gerard J. St. John
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The collection of writings is a memior version of Philadelphia scrapple, made from bits and pieces from the previously unpublished works of a retired lawyer, adjunct professor, US Marine Corps... More > Officer and native of Philadelphia.< Less
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Essays on a variety of subjects written and presented by Philip Reynolds at the Twilight Club, Hartford, Connecticut.
The Pressure Cooker: Forging Naval Officers Through Marine Leadership By John Crouch
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From 1947 until 1994, the Navy ran an officer training and commissioning program at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. Outside the main academic building hung a wood sign with gold metal... More > lettering. It read: "Through These Doors Walk The Future Of Naval Aviation" Between the covers of this book, A Marine Corps Drill Instructor presents a collection of stories, memories and recollections provided by now seasoned, U.S. Navy Officers. 240 stories are told with the same raw intensity as experienced decades earlier when the candidates were but young men and women trying to get past their Marine Drill Instructor to earn a commission that awaited them at the finish line. The insults, threats and even rare moments of enthusiastic support are all here. You won't find examples of political correctness, generalizations or pulling punches in this book, or any coddling of the candidates; future naval aviators were prepared here, it was the most intense officer candidate school in the military.< Less
God, I'll Take Those Crumbs: A Mother's Resolve By L.S. Reed
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An autobiography about taking the smallest opportunities in living and making a life. My parents may possibly have desired to make a whole loaf of cornbread with their crumbs from the master’s... More > table. But in my opinion, they only ended up with half a loaf. From that half of a loaf from my parents, my brothers and I were then expected to make our own cornbread.< Less
The Brownstone on West 53rd Street By Lora Mitchell
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Follow Lora as she discovers the wonders of her adopted home, New York City. The moment she sets foot on the stimulating, rich land of culture, concrete and skyscrapers, it’s an immediate love... More > affair. Walk down the streets of the early 60’s as she paints a captivating portrait of the spirit of the city, its landscape and people, neighborhoods and ethnic foods that puzzle her. A desire to begin a theatrical career, young, naïve, unsophisticated, Lora moves into the Rehearsal Club, a safe-haven sanctuary for young aspiring actresses where she lives for two years. She experiences the heartbreaking JFK tragedy and travels with four other Club members to Washington DC for the funeral. Based on a personal journal, she writes of her studies with famous drama and dance teachers and includes anecdotes of her Club housemates, celebrities and male friends. She also reveals poignant secrets of her closest roommates and how they affected her in unexpected ways.< Less
Yearbook 1941 By Deborah Finger
Paperback: $14.92
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Diary of a 17-year-old, Jewish girl living in Jamaica, New York in 1941.
Rosemary's Life (paperback) By Tina John
Paperback: $7.09
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Rosemary's Life: Excerpts from the journals, letters, and interviews of Rosemary Bennett Fletcher. Edited by her daughter, Tina Fletcher John.
A Southern Pines Life By Norris Hodgkins, Jr.
Paperback: $16.95
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Norris Hodgkins’ story is more than a portrait of a life well spent, it is a lens revealing an intimate view of the growing pains of a small town—one that has always cherished the values... More > of hard work, collaboration and of uplifting the less fortunate. His life shows us not just who we are but also who we might become as a loving, socially conscious community.< Less
The Door to My Soul A Fatherless Woman's Journey By Ida Spurlin
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Writing this book has been on my heart for a very long time. I know the story that I have and that it can and will touch many lives. However, writing these truth-filled words weighs heavy on my soul.... More > I have positioned some women around me that continue to support, encourage, inspire and empower me to tell MY story. When you grow up not wanting to make waves because your whole life seems to be a tsunami you tend to stuff things back behind and under yourself just to survive daily. To be able to voice what my life was like and why I did the things I did is freeing for my soul. I don't want to spend a lot of time on the pain and lifestyle but I need to show you the things of my past so you can see the grace and mercy I have received. Some people look at bumps in the road as devastation. I look at them as ladders to draw me closer to the meaning of my very being. Each encounter on this journey, I value as the very breath I needed to live and grow.< Less
An Ardent Aviator: Vignettes of a Military Pilot’s Career By Orbie Robertson
Paperback: $10.20
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With no “career” objective in mind, I became a U. S. Air Force pilot in pursuit of the conviction that piloting was my destiny. Pursuing that goal through the Air Force was a convenience... More > for me due to inability to fund the cost of flight training myself. Yet, surprisingly, the twenty-one years, eight months, and five days during which I served as a pilot and officer were the most enjoyable of my life. Flying military aircraft brought me great joy, and a wonderful sense of satisfaction. These vignettes are simply my way of sharing the adventures I found.< Less
Unbreakable Truth By Jeremy Lepone
Paperback: $18.99
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Unbreakable Truth is a window into the mind and behavior of an addict. Jeremy's choices took him to the darkest of places, but his story gives hope to families that recovery and healing are always... More > possible.< Less
Grinols Family History By William F. Archerd
Paperback: $8.00
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Research by the author on the ancestry of the Grinols' family of Fair Haven, Minnesota. The name formerly was Grinnell. A prior edition of this book, in 2013, was entitled "Grinnell to... More > Grinols." Related families re Cooper, Gould and Leighton.< Less
Imperfect: A Cancer Surgeon's Journey By Ronald Irwin
Paperback: $12.95
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In this engrossing and heart-tugging memoir, Dr. Ronald Irwin tells the story of his life: from gardening with his grandmother as a young child, through a tormented and dysfunctional upbringing to... More > the trials and tribulations of self-funded educational pursuit resulting in national prominence as a cancer surgeon. Dr. Irwin's penchant for introspective self-analysis is readily apparent as he details his rise through academia and the corporate ladder of big hospital administration. Throughout it all his love for his children and his compassionate concern for his patients, are the driving force to his eventual attainment of serenity.< Less
Stay in the Game: Jared Veldheer's Journey To The NFL By Andy Losik, Jim and Mary Veldheer
Paperback: $11.99
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Jared Veldheer is one of the top left tackles in the National Football League but very little of his path to the Arizona Cardinals is what you might expect. “Stay in the Game” follows... More > Jared’s journey of being a brainy, over-sized kid who often found it hard to fit in to an athlete discovering his many athletic talents. It didn’t “just happen” though and without a core set of principles in his life, it never would have. Sometimes the best thing you can do is “Stay in the Game.”< Less