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We Survived Damn Near Everything By Wally Houle
Paperback: $22.58
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The true story of a Minnesota family - first generation immigrants - and their lives on a poor farm in Central Minnesota. From the flu epidemic through the Great Depression, World War II and Korea -... More > how life was for them every day.< Less
Hair Network By Lucille Fordin
Paperback: $14.95
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Here are some of the juicy, true stories I've been told in my hair salon over the years by everyday people just like you and me. As you'll see, one of my beliefs is that women are the hidden power... More > of the world. I'll show you how real women can live through being raped, abused, mentally tortured, and then miraculously turn their lives around and actually survive. Another belief I have is that love and laughter conquer all. Finally, I know if I can make it in this life, so can you. So just stop complaining and do it! This is my story . . .< Less
Misunderstood By Nicole K. MacIntyre
Paperback: $10.99
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A teenager's first-hand account of becoming and recovering from anorexia.
Tales of a Lifetime By Oscar Morgan
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Oscar Morgan's life follows America's rise to greatness. His memoir is a testament to the American spirit that through honesty, humor, and hard work, we can overcome heartbreak and loss and move... More > towards those dreams and aspirations that center on our great compassion as a nation and as individuals.< Less
Dale's Story By Dale L. Brand
Paperback: $34.49
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The Story of my life from birth to 40 years of age. By Dale L. Brand
Memories By David Kerr Taylor
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A memoir about growing up in Oxford, North Carolina before WW2 and about life in the South, USA, serving in the US Army JAG corps, and traveling the globe with Mobil Oil Company.
An Autobiography of a Fortunate Man By Bill Hosford
Paperback: $7.65
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Autobiography of William Hosford Jr. Including Genealogy as well as summary of canoe trips photos water colors and sketches.
Island Boy: My Life on the Rock By Arnold E. van Beverhoudt, Jr.
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Arnold was born on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands in the 1950s. He remembers the safe and uncomplicated place that St. Thomas was as he was growing up and the many friends he made along the way. He... More > was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to be selected for a summer internship that led to a 35-year career as an auditor. Arnold had a few unhappy "affairs of the heart" but eventually found the right girl, who was right there close by, all the time. When they did meet, it was the real thing! Along the way, Arnold had many idols and heroes who helped to shape his character and the things that are important to him. He also had to face the destruction of his home, thanks to Hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn. Now in his "golden years," he enjoys the quiet comfort of home, with his wife at his side and the promise of another visit to his "happy place." Come along and join Arnold on his voyage of self-discovery on his tiny island in the Caribbean. It's a story that's been 63 years in the making!< Less
Mother's Memories By Vivian Williams
Hardcover: $15.85
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Corona Vivian Rockwell was born on September 21, 1923. Originally written for her 80th birthday, this memoire contains her recollections of life growing up during The Great Depression. Also included... More > are her short stories, poems, and a few of Vi's artworks.< Less
Monk’s War: An 18 Year Old Marine’s Story from the Rice Paddies By Frank M. Beyea
Hardcover: $26.64
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In the last few years, Vietnam Veterans, including myself, have experienced a phenomenon that is hard to explain. People are interested in the Vietnam War! I think the audience for Vietnam War... More > stories is a diverse one. From young people with a thirst for knowledge about what their fathers and grandfathers went through in the only war that America has lost (so far history hasn’t made its final judgment on Iraq and Afghanistan) to the baby boomers who fought in Vietnam. Even those boomers who demonstrated actively against the war and resisted being part of it are suddenly interested. This book provides those interested with what they crave: more true stories of what it was like to live the life of a Marine ground pounder in Vietnam. It’s like a good adventure novel, when your own “theater of the mind” puts you in the shoes of the main character.< Less
Out of the Sixties: My Journey in Search of My Self and the True Nature of Existence By Jashanananda
Paperback: $20.99
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Born to the middle class, in Middle America, in the middle of the twentieth century, to middle-of-the-road republicans, Jashanananda was a fearful child. He was reluctant to make an appearance in... More > this world and then slow to blossom. It was not until he found himself studying psychology in the “free love” sixties that he began exploring new ideas and asking questions like “What is this world?” and “Who am I?” With the help of psychedelic drugs, Jashanananda turned away from academia and began an inner quest to find what’s real. This journey led him to Eastern religions and down the path of yoga, which carried him through a twenty-year marriage, a job in corporate America, and raising three children in the mountains of Colorado. Then, one day, in the midst of his middleclass suburban life, he had an awakening and everything changed. He was back on his journey in search of his true self, the source of love, and the true nature of existence. This is his story.< Less
My Father, My Friends ~ Memories of World War II ~ By Sparky Barnes Sargent
Paperback: $24.95
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This book features ten veterans who share their memories of their World War II experiences. These men lived through the inherent dangers of the war—whether attacking a surfaced German... More > submarine, bailing out of a disabled bomber or a fighter plane on fire, landing cargo gliders behind enemy lines amidst gunfire, fighting in vicious aerial combat, or tending to the wounded and dying after a horrendous kamikaze attack on the USS Saratoga. Veterans include: a radar operator and a radio operator who served together on a B-24 Liberator; a B-17 engineering officer; four glider pilots who flew the Waco CG-4A and British Horsa; and three fighter pilots who flew the P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk, and F6F Hellcat. Foreword by Budd Davisson, Editor-in-Chief, Flight Journal. 1st Ed., May 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9818238-3-6 6”x9” paperback, 264 pages, more than 270 photos.< Less
Recollections of a Life Time By Patrick Shanahan
Paperback: $5.00
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Life of Katherine Shanahan from her childhood to today as told to her son Patrick.
Finding Mabel: Mabel Palmer, First Lady of Chiropractic By Todd Waters
Paperback: $50.00
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Finding Mabel explores the life of the very public, yet private, First Lady of Chiropractic, Mabel Heath Palmer. Although her husband B.J., the developer of Chiropractic, called her his “Better... More > 7/8's,” we know relatively little about her or her contributions to Chiropractic. This book attempts to shine some light on the remarkable life of Mabel Palmer who was once described as "one who never tires." Unlike B.J., always the showman, Mabel did not run to the limelight. Even so, she never ran from service. Mabel Palmer was the foremost woman Chiropractor. Her story inspires us to be all that we can be and give all that we can give. By her works you will know her. By her works you will find Mabel.< Less
The Joy of My Journey By Dawn Blake Souza
Paperback: $20.00
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The Joy of My Journey provides a glimpse into the life of a woman who struggles to raise her children after divorce and moves from a comfortable suburban life on Cape Cod to unchartered waters where... More > they face nearly insurmountable challenges. Her story includes real life characters such as a Texas oil millionaire, Chicano gang members, unscrupulous lawyers, generous strangers, etc. In the end, she triumphs over a horrendous auto accident, a life-threatening brain-tumor,loss of vision, fire and floods, and gains invaluable lessons about family and finding joy in all of life's experiences.< Less
A Monkey's Tale For the Divine Person By Frank Marrero
Paperback: $10.80
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An accounting of my time with the Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj
Lives and Lineage: The Peterson and Lindholm Families Desmer Wallace Peterson, Gladys A., Clarence G., Ruth Adelia "Della," and Waldo R. Peterson By Jim Peterson
Hardcover: $20.67
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On October 15, 1903, the Pettersson and the Lindholm families came together when the son of Anders and Johanna Pettersson, Edward Clarence, married the daughter of Adolph and Mathilda Lindholm, Annie... More > Charlotta. They had five children during the nearly ten years of their marriage before Annie’s tragic early death at the age of 30. This book is about those children—Desmer, Gladys, Clarence, Della and Waldo; their Swedish-American families; and the ancestors of the Petterssons and the Lindholms.< Less
Dance with Me, Papa: Life with(out) My Celebrity Father By Rita Reinecker
Paperback: $18.95
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For Rita Reinecker, life as the daughter of a well-known writer was far from a fantasy. Rita’s father was Herbert Reinecker, a prolific German novelist, dramatist, and screenwriter who lived in... More > his own world of plot and dialogue. She grew up feeling not pretty enough for her father and not good enough for her mother. Her life revolved around her emotionally unavailable father, who blew in and out of her life. Rita longed for a normal family life, and the incessant hunger for acceptance left the growing girl wanting much more. Always looking for signs that her papa loved her, she lived on an emotional rollercoaster of hope and disappointment. Wanting only to be loved, Rita hurled herself into many relationships. Meanwhile, life with her controlling mother bred low self-esteem and self-doubt, leaving her feeling inadequate, unloved, and unwanted. Now, in her memoir, she recalls her lifelong search for her father’s love and explores how she came to terms with its effects on her life.< Less
Growing Up With Raleigh: Smedes York Memoirs and Reflections of a Native Son, Conversations with John Sharpe By John Sharpe
Hardcover: $38.40
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Smedes was once asked as a child what did you want to be? His answer: “I wanted to be part of our family business after attending college. I also wanted to attend and play basketball for North... More > Carolina State University.” He did both. Smedes grew up with Raleigh. He saw the city evolve from a small state capital with legislative and educational institutions to the vibrant metropolitan community that it is today. The Smedeses and the Yorks put their mark on the community through education and construction. And Smedes followed their example. In these conversations he gives us his perspective on what they gave him as well as what the community gave in return. Growing up in Raleigh in the 1940s and ’50s, he also reflects on how foreign the sensibilities of those years are to us today.< Less
Living Under the Strong Influence of Trees By Nancy Woods
Paperback: $25.00
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In this collection of true stories, Nancy Wilbur Woods describes the humorous side of life in the Pacific Northwest.
A Caregiver's Journey By Judith Moore
Paperback: $14.00
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This is a story of the journey Judith Moore took when she embarked on her career of owning an Adult Foster Care home. She has had many residents over the years each with their unique personalities... More > and difficulties. She has collected a few lifetimes worth of both hilarious and emotional tales.< Less
Stories with Bernie By Adam Plesniak
Paperback: $18.00
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This is a collection of stories about adventures, experiences and lessons I was fortunate to have with one Mr. Bernard Joseph Kuhn, Jr. during his time on this earth. All proceeds from the sale of... More > this book go towards support cancer research through the Bernard Joseph Kuhn Foundation.< Less
Old School Adventures from Englewood—South Side of Chicago By Elaine Hegwood Bowen
Paperback: $17.99
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In the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s, the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago was akin to many urban areas throughout the nation, such as those in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and... More > San Francisco, among others. Once thriving black, working-class areas, many of these neighborhoods—like Englewood—are now beset by black-on-black violence and drug activity. In Old School Adventures from Englewood—South Side of Chicago, author Elaine Hegwood Bowen shares her recollections of what life was like growing up in Englewood when her parents migrated to Chicago in the early 1950s and purchased a home in 1959. She grounds her stories in exciting childhood adventures, as well as the cultural happenings of the time, discussing such issues as Dr. Martin Luther King, race riots, and integration. She provides a glimpse into what the infamous neighborhood was once like.< Less
SLAP SHOT!! Yesterday's Great Hockey Heroes By Ross R. Olney
Paperback: $15.00
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Hockey is a hard-hitting, beautiful, bloody, exciting, bruising,stunning game and at the top level it is a ballet. Very few of the thousands of young players who dream of it ever make it to the... More > National Hockey League, and then very few of them become super stars, the best in the business, in the history of the sport. Most of these dynamic players are retired or gone now, but their spirit lives on with the teams where they played and in the rinks where they skated. In most of those rinks, their names are displayed high up in the rafters, and most of them have their names engraved on one of the rings of the famous Stanley Cup. This book tells of their lives, their love of their game, and where they are now.< Less
I Am A Piano By Ulla Morris-Carter
Paperback: $11.95
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This is the ‘moving’ memoir of an upright piano, made in 1925 in Darmstadt, Germany by an apprentice of Herr Heinrich Steinweg, aka Mr. Henry Steinway. After its trials and tribulations,... More > from Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) to bombardments of its birthplace, it finally landed in the 1960s in the family of an American foreign correspondent and his German wife. The piano recounts its multiple trans-continental moves from Bonn to Beirut to Athens to America and the turbulent times and journeys of the family up to its current peaceful resting place in Los Altos Hills, California. With its fussy, ‘bourgeois’ pride and limited perspective, this easily disgruntled instrument with sensitive strings concludes, “I am a survivor.” This is an A5, Perfect Bound with White pages.< Less