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Options Trading: A Simple, Effective Way To Hedge Your Trades. Includes A New Technical Trading System. By Gregory Mannarino
eBook (PDF): $19.99
This brief will outline for you a simple way to “hedge” your trades using an effective, real world strategy, and introduce you to a new trading system!
Trading: How to Pick the Right Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino
eBook (PDF): $19.99
In this brief I outline for you how to zero in on a specific stock by simply sticking to three "Golden Rules."
Local Store Marketing For Retailers By John Matthews
Paperback: $50.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Local Store Marketing is a must for every retailer large or small who wants to fully capitalize on the sales potential of their all-important 3-mile trade radius. Gray Cat's Local Store Marketing... More > Manual for Retailers tells you how to tap into the power of local store marketing to help your store achieve sustained and successful sales growth this year--and beyond. This easy-to-use manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to implement proven local store marketing strategies at your store for little or no cost, and includes helpful worksheets, checklists and action plans. John Matthews: In-the-Trenches Marketing with Big Chain Experience: Passionate about the sales power of local store marketing from his 20+ years in the retail sector, Gray Cat's John Matthews has created this handy manual as a year-round marketing resource that retailers can turn to again and again!< Less
Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It By Jeffrey Magee
Paperback: List Price: $39.95 $19.98 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
IT! Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It. Much more than a, “book about selling”, IT takes you right to the hands-on, “how to” of sales. Get IT, and then roll up your sleeves... More > and start working, because this book is about impacting your bottom-line right now. IT is about Business , How to Find Business, How to Get Business, How to Keep Business, and ultimately, How to Grow Your Business!< Less
The 40 Hour Work YEAR By Scott Fritz
Paperback: List Price: $18.00 $14.40 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Every so often a book comes along that captures the attention of the hard working entrepreneur (for more than ten minutes) and literally changes the paradigm of how they view their business. Within... More > these pages you will experience Scott Fritz's entrepreneurial journey first hand, as he shares with you the business tools, action focused exercises and mindset philosophy that allowed him to achieve The 40 Hour Work YEAR. From the start up years with no pay, through the challenges and thrills of growing a multi-million dollar company and positioning it for sale, Scott shares his vast business experience using a matter of fact, TAKE ACTION NOW approach. Whether you are in the early stages of start-up, experiencing hyper growth, or ready to head for the big money exit, The 40 Hour Work YEAR will give you the perspective needed to create the business success and personal freedom you desire!< Less
Chief No Officer By Bendrix Bailey
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
What would happen if you forbade everyone in your company from ever saying "no," to a customer? What if you posted your contact information on the company's public website and required all... More > of your executives and department managers to do the same? What if you turned cash planning from a financial exercise into an operational priority where the VP of Finance was the last to weigh in? What if you paid your customers to read your advertisements? What would happen if you took a huge pay cut rather than lay off employees? In The Chief No Officer Bendrix Bailey explains what happened with each of the perplexing questions above, and more. Each chapter will surprise you with an unconventional response to a common business problem.< Less
Confessions of a Financial Planner: Secrets to a Secure Retirement By David Holland
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In Confessions of a Financial Planner: Secrets to a Secure Retirement, author and adviser, David D. Holland, reveals what every serious investor should know to achieve a comfortable retirement.... More > Filled with David's practical insights from 20 years experience, "Secrets" provides plain English answers to critical questions, such as: How do I achieve a lifetime of retirement income? What do I do about inflation? How do I address the costs of long-term care? How do I make the right investment choices? David has a reputation for innovative thinking and he is one of the most credentialed financial advisers in the country.< Less
Spotting the Trend: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story By Jenny Chang
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Jenny Chang teamed up with her husband and sister to start an Internet security company, she struggled with juggling a new business, family life, and the demands of traveling. But Trend Micro,... More > Inc.— founded in 1988 with $5,000 in seed money—grew into a Nikkei 225 company making more than $1 billion per year in revenue and with operations in more than twenty countries. In this business book/memoir, she looks back at how she and her partners capitalized on the global threat of cyber-crime, turning a fledgling company into an amazing growth story. Chang does much more than just revisit the company’s history: She shares the story of the three founders and their vision, and she reveals all the details behind how they transformed the security industry—and their own lives—in ways they never imagined.< Less
Statistics for Managers By Paul D. Berger, Mark G. Kean
Paperback: $50.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Introductory Statistics Text covering probability, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing
Achieve Your Vision By Alex Freytag
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $11.25 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Many business owners feel challenged when trying to engage their employees to effectively gain traction on achieving their vision. They don’t take the critical steps to establish credibility... More > and trust in their organization, nor understand the importance of teaching business acumen at all levels in their organization. This book offers simple, proven tools as well as lessons learned by a life-long entrepreneur. The author has implemented these practical concepts in hundreds of companies to help other leaders achieve their vision and get what they want from their businesses.< Less
The First Habit By Lewis Schiff
Paperback: $12.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
Can You Rewire Your Brain? Since 2005, Lewis Schiff has been researching the behaviors of America's most successful people--self-made millionaires who built businesses around what they do best. In... More > Schiff's eyes, this is the new American Dream: do you and do well doing it! Expect the best return on your time, on your investment, on your talents. In The First Habit, Schiff, who has interviewed over 1,100 self-made millionaires, including many of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, describes the attitudes you must master in order to realize this dream.< Less
American Dragon: Winning the Global Manufacturing War Using the Universal Principles of Fewer, Faster, and Finer By Michael McKeldon Woody
Paperback: List Price: $19.97 $17.97 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
During the last two decades of the twentieth century, China built a manufacturing juggernaut that propelled the offshoring phenomenon and led to the loss of millions of US manufacturing jobs. To... More > compete with the onslaught of cheap imported products, many US companies began cutting corners. They sacrificed quality, which drove even more people to buy foreign-made goods. Michael McKeldon Woody, formerly an executive at a domestic pen manufacturer, learned the hard way that these competitors were relentless, and eventually acquiesced to the inevitability of offshoring. But in 2006 he stumbled upon a US textile business, Trans-Tex LLC, which gave him the opportunity to pursue a rematch with his old nemesis, China.< Less
Resilience - The Ultimate Sustainability By Aris Papadopoulos
Paperback: $19.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This pioneering book by a career industry insider and 9-11 survivor spotlights why the multi-trillion dollar US built environment is increasingly failing. His analysis exposes policies and interests... More > that to this very day are the root causes of vulnerability. It discusses why the green movement has fallen short in addressing sustainable building development. The book extracts 30 lessons for nations aiming to build a more disaster-resilient future. Guaranteed to stir building, policy and sustainability circles, it signals a time for change.< Less
Loneliness of Leadership: Solitude to Success By Keith Kefgen
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Regrettably, very few aspiring leaders are prepared for the hidden consequences of reaching the top. For many leaders, business success can come with a profound sense of loneliness. In their new... More > book, The Loneliness of Leadership, authors Keith Kefgen and Dr. James Houran explore the challenges faced by today’s leaders and strategies for dealing with the dark side of the leadership journey. As partners in AETHOS Consulting Group, Kefgen and Houran tackle the topic of leadership development in a new way via an unprecedented 3-year study of top hospitality executives and entrepreneurs. In doing so, the authors offer a fresh competency model for navigating the chaotic modern business world. Most importantly, Kefgen and Houran share stories of accomplishment from the many leaders they interviewed. These stories will give readers a realistic yet motivational path for embracing the inherent solitude of leadership and turning it into personal and professional success.< Less
Do You Want To Make MDRT, Or Not?! By Joseph Templin
Paperback: $27.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
MDRT is the elite of the life insurance and financial services world. "Begin with the end in mind" and start your financial services career with the plan to be elite.
Terms of the Trade By Disability Management Employer Coalition
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Over the years, a greater focus has been placed on absence, health, risk, productivity, behavioral management and the impact on corporate profits. This revised publication is intended to provide... More > every level of practitioner the general meaning of these sometimes complex and varied industry terms. With more than 870 words, phrases, and terms, this glossary is the most comprehensive publication with regards to absence, wellness, and disability.< Less
The Perfect 15-Minute Day Journal: Managing Your Time, Your Thoughts, and Your Emotions By Pierre Khawand
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Your life is a reflection of the next 15 minutes - if you don't know how to manage the next 15 minutes, you don't know how to manage your life! Today's business professionals struggle with too... More > many e-mails, too much social media, too many competing and changing priorities, and too many interruptions. As a result we are increasingly scattered and stressed. Worse, we are led to believe that we need to speed up to keep up. The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method (PDM) helps us gain clarity and focus in our busy lives simply by taking each day 15 minutes at a time. With just a journal and a timer, the Perfect 15-Minute Day Method gives us a simple yet effective way to manage our focus, our thoughts and emotions, and achieve mindfulness at work. The Perfect 15-Minute Day Journal is a workbook that guides you through the method and gives you space to practice key techniques. Over the course of 21 days, you will learn to apply the method to benefit your daily life. See how it works:< Less
How to Serve a VIP: 30 Tips to Earn & Re-Earn Your Customers' Loyalty By Bryan Williams
Paperback: $15.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is designed for you and everyone on your team who love to serve others. Each of the 30 chapters will reinforce the importance of giving your best service to all customers. Whether those... More > customers are called colleagues, employees, guests, clients, patients, tenants, residents, students or visitors is irrelevant. This book will highlight that the same caliber of service excellence must be given to all. Each of the 30 chapters ends with a powerful activity that is designed to help reinforce the chapter's key points.< Less
Earn It!: The Tools You Need to Earn the Money You Want By Jill E. Young
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(5 Ratings)
Every business owner has been faced with an employee asking, “Can I have a raise?” Whether their performance is good, adequate, or terrible, employees often lack clarity about how to... More > connect their performance to the value they create for the company. Earn It! is a how-to manual to begin that conversation. Directed toward employees of growth-oriented companies, Earn It! is a step-by-step guide that creates awareness in the reader about how to contribute at a higher level and then builds an action plan for getting there. Author Jill Young serves as an approachable coach and cheerleader. The practical advice she offers can help anyone understand how to deliver a star performance. She wrote this book to give you, the manager, a way to answer the “raise” question: with a smile, a copy of Earn It!, and an invitation to “read this and come talk with me in a few weeks.” Jill hopes to widen the path to success by helping everyone in the organization thrive as they work toward a shared vision.< Less
The Coming Inflation Crisis and the 4 Step Action Plan for Retirees By Dan Casey
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $7.96 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Inflation is coming. And if you are near or in retirement, you should be very concerned. Dan "Nest Egg Specialist" Casey is an Investment Advisor that specializes in retiree portfolios... More > and maximizing retirement income and reducing taxes. In this must read book, he lays out the four step action plan every soon to retire or retiree must take now in order to protect what it took decades to build.< Less
Managing Shigarami By Yuji Kimura, Koichiro Tokuoka
Hardcover: $26.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
Not a few Japanese corporations are facing dilemma because of "shigarami," such as unproductive practices, conventions, cultures and relationships. The president of Polaris Capital Group, a... More > Japanese private equity fund, and a professor of Tama Graduate School of Business introduce know-how to create value by managing those "shigarami."< Less
Next-Generation Net Promoter®: How to Monetize a Net Promoter System® and Create Profitable Growth By Jørgen Bo Christensen
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everything you ever needed to know about modern NPS® best practices—all in one place. Welcome to Next-Generation Net Promoter—the next great leap in the NPS narrative. Based on the... More > data from our most recent benchmark survey, in this white paper you'll learn how to Measure, Act, Monetize and Grow your customer base and bottom line. Become your company's NPS thought leader: ✔ Learn how to best measure and act on customer feedback to raise retention and rescue detractors ✔ Tie revenue to your NPS program and measure the value of every last referral ✔ Grow retention, up-sells, cross-sells and referrals ✔ And much more!< Less
Truth or Comfort By John Trautman
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
There is a lot of hype about investing in real estate. This book cuts through all the noise and gives guidance based on years of experience. If you are just thinking about getting started in real... More > estate or you are a seasoned investor; this book is for you. Think of this book as a guide given to you by someone who has been there and done that. Or really, as is the case, someone who there and is doing that. By the time you finish this book, you will be prepared to find the freedom, flexibility, and financial security you desire through real estate investing.< Less
The Financial Bible: Service Industry - 2017 Financial Tracking System By Henry McMillon
Paperback: $24.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
As a Barber of 10+ years in the service industry, I’ve finally acquired an adequate way to financially manage my income! In the beginning of my career, I struggled to manage my finances and... More > needed a way to get out of debt. In making this financial tracking system it allowed me to throw away my scratch notebook and sufficiently track my money. This bible has saved me in numerous ways by assisting me to keep up with every dollar and every client served per day. Being able to calculate my income and expenses weekly has been a prayer answered over my finances. I hope this bible helps you as much as it has helped me!< Less
7 Common Threads for Success: All The Things You Should Do Before You Open Your Mouth By Michael J. Nicola
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you are in field sales or contemplating a career as a wholesaler this is a great road map that will help you become successful sooner than later.