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Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It By Jeffrey Magee
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IT! Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It. Much more than a, “book about selling”, IT takes you right to the hands-on, “how to” of sales. Get IT, and then roll up your sleeves... More > and start working, because this book is about impacting your bottom-line right now. IT is about Business , How to Find Business, How to Get Business, How to Keep Business, and ultimately, How to Grow Your Business!< Less
Are You a Ten? The Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader By Barbara Baggerly-Hinojosa
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Are You a Ten? The Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader by Barbara Baggerly-Hinojosa
Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand By T-Shirt Magazine
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Whether you’ve already started a t-shirt brand or are just an aspiring t-shirt entrepreneur with a dream, the clothing industry can be one of the toughest to break into. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS... More > T-SHIRT BRAND is the perfect hand-book if you’re looking to build a successful t-shirt brand. From valuable advice to specific examples and anecdotes from successful t-shirt entrepreneurs, this 200+ page guide is packed with priceless information that can help your dreams of running a profitable t-shirt brand come true. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS T-SHIRT BRAND will give you advice and instructions on the following: - Creating a solid brand - The legal aspects of running a clothing brand - Getting funding to launch your brand - How to set up an online shop - How to make kick-ass t-shirt designs - Getting your shirts produced - How to get your products in stores - Managing your business - And much more!< Less
Finding Your Way Home By Brent Sute
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Join Marsha Myles in her journey to home ownership as she overcomes her fears by becoming educated in the mortgage and home buying process. Learn about credit, home affordability, the steps in... More > getting a home loan, and the 10 commandments of getting a mortgage.< Less
The Liquid Fire By Sean Luce
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"The Liquid Fire" is a must-read for everyone in a sales position. It should be mandatory reading for all reps and managers, so they can better understand goals and challenges in the... More > selling process. In this book Sean Luce reveals the essential knowledge and skills required to be over the top in sales and management positions. But he also takes familiar topics and offers new and unique approaches.< Less
Creativity Rising: Creative Thinking & Creative Problem Solving in the 21st Century By Gerard Puccio et al.
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[Trade Paperback Edition] The need for creativity has never been greater. In fact, we chose the title, "Creativity Rising: Creative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the 21st... More > Century," to reflect this belief. If we are to live healthy, productive lives in this century we must develop the mind-set and the skill set for effectively responding to and initiating change. "Creativity Rising" is both a why-to and how-to guide to help you create your own future. In this book we: explore the nature of creativity; debunk common myths about creativity; describe the rapid rise of change in the 21st century; and outline the time-tested Creative Problem Solving process, an approach to on-demand creativity.< Less
The Art and Science of Project Management By Roger Warburton, Vijay Kanabar
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The Art & Science of Project Management. This is the second edition, which is updated for the PMBOK 5th edition. Master project management with this book from authors experienced in practice,... More > teaching, and research. Learn: The foundations of Project Management, explained with dozens of examples. What works and what doesn't. The PMBOK processes and knowledge areas, with critical analyses. Dozens of templates to use for your project. How the latest research applies to your project. Advanced cost and schedule estimation methods to monitor and control projects. The second edition includes a Microsoft Project tutorial. Version 2.1 adds the latest in Schedule Estimation.< Less
7 Steps To Unlimited Patients: How To Build A Multi Million Dollar Practice The Easy Way By Tristan Bond
Paperback: $29.95 (excl. taxes)
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7 Steps to unlimited patients will help you grow your practice in a easy to apply assured way.
Brewery Operations Manual By Tom Hennessy
Paperback: $19.99 (excl. taxes)
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Learn how to open & run a successful brewery. This Brewery Operations Manual is a complete "to do" list that will guide you through the maze of events necessary to open your own brewery... More > without spending the family fortune. This is real nuts and bolts stuff. Within the three steps you'll learn how to: *Save money so less is needed *Pick the type of locations that will save you time and money *Piece together a brewery for a fraction of the cost of a turn-key system *Follow an easy bookkeeping system to track your business in real time *Utilize a kick-ass business system to run your brewery Tom Hennessy is the owner of Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery. It is his sixth brewery over the past 18 years. He is the creator of Frankenbrew, a cult classic 1995 video on how to build inexpensive breweries. Tom reaches an Immersion course on how to open breweries. Information at< Less
Winning Customer Centricity: Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Business—One Day at a Time By Denyse Drummond-Dunn
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Customer centricity isn’t just a goal or buzzword; it’s a make-or-break necessity for succeeding in business today. In fifty short chapters (one for each week of the year), this book... More > accompanies you on your journey to increased customer centricity. Its unique approach enables you to strategically turn your organisation into a customer-focused powerhouse, from the inside out. Winning Customer Centricity will show you how to: Integrate customers into your company’s very DNA, from strategy to infrastructure Choose and connect with the right customers and build long-term relationships Reinvent your brand to ignite and maintain customer demand and loyalty ….. and a whole lot more. Whether you’re starting a new company, seeking to turn around one that’s underperforming, or working to build upon a solid foundation, Winning Customer Centricity will help you to put your customers where they belong—at the very heart of your business!< Less
Moments of Impact By Tom Wilson
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Moments of Impact is the true story of Tom Wilson, the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed seven others. Badly burned and alone on a mountainous uninhabited island in British Columbia on a... More > cold November day, Tom had the fight of his life on his hands. Join Tom on this journey as he shares his story of survival, spirituality, and the search for meaning in the face of disaster, and his newfound quest to make the world a safer place. This book is a must read for anyone interested in safety and behavior change.< Less
The Association CEO's Guide to Improving Organizational Performance By Bob Alves, Don Robertson
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If your association or not-for-profit is considering making technology investments anytime in the next three years this book is a must-read. It provides the hands-on tools you need — proven... More > best practice strategies, solutions to problems, self-assessments, and results-based case studies from real clients to help you gain insight into what you must do if you want to adapt to the massive changes upon us. Our intention is to “lift the veil” and share behind-the-scenes insights that can show you how to avoid modern-day software selection and implementation pitfalls while aligning your strategy and technology to create a lasting advantage for your organization. Most importantly, we show you how to achieve continuous performance improvement for your organization.< Less
The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution By Peter Stephan, Matthew Cohen
Hardcover: List Price: $199.99 $149.99 (excl. taxes) | You Save: 25%
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This is a must have for any CPA, EA or Tax Attorney looking to help their clients with tax issues. Do not be left behind.
Grant Writing | What the Pros Know: 50 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Writing My First Grant By Amanda Pearce
Paperback: $47.00 (excl. taxes)
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Over 18 years of experience has provided me with many lessons learned about grant writing. This book is a compilation of the feedback I have been given, the nuggets I have gleaned and the stories... More > shared from other experts in the field. If this book had held a place on my bookshelf when I first started grant writing, it would have been a resource I used to strengthen my many proposals over the years and avoid some ‘lessons learned the hard way’. The questions that I am most often asked about grant writing comprise the content of this book. I hope you will find answers, knowledge and years of experience from those who have contributed to help you excel in your grant writing endeavors.< Less
Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders in the Washington D.C. Area Volume IX By Gordon J. Bernhardt
Hardcover: $29.99 (excl. taxes)
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Designed to inspire current and future business owners and executives, this volume of profiles highlights personal stories and words of wisdom from a diverse group of business professionals in and... More > around the Washington D.C. area. Cases cover a wide and varied array of successes and innovations with an emphasis on entrepreneurialism and a positive spirit. Many of these individuals are not only leaders in their industry, but also leaders in their communities. They work extensively to further the missions of the organizations to which they contribute. They sit on advisory boards, chair fundraisers, and mentor someone in need of a positive role model. They look around, then roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done. Readers can learn from the lessons of others while examining their own business style and values.< Less
High Performance Human Capital Leadership By Rob Andrews
Paperback: $14.95 (excl. taxes)
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For better than thirty years, Rob Andrews has studied what is currently being called human capital leadership. Buzz words, trends and pop expressions come and go. Rob talks about in this piece is... More > getting things done with and through people: attracting, screening, selecting, hiring, leading, managing, encouraging, disciplining, organizing and retaining People.< Less
Spotting the Trend: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story By Jenny Chang
Paperback: $12.99 (excl. taxes)
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When Jenny Chang teamed up with her husband and sister to start an Internet security company, she struggled with juggling a new business, family life, and the demands of traveling. But Trend Micro,... More > Inc.— founded in 1988 with $5,000 in seed money—grew into a Nikkei 225 company making more than $1 billion per year in revenue and with operations in more than twenty countries. In this business book/memoir, she looks back at how she and her partners capitalized on the global threat of cyber-crime, turning a fledgling company into an amazing growth story. Chang does much more than just revisit the company’s history: She shares the story of the three founders and their vision, and she reveals all the details behind how they transformed the security industry—and their own lives—in ways they never imagined.< Less
Stop Racing In A Blindfold!: Big Data + Pricing Science Drive Bigger Profits By Jim Vaughn
Hardcover: $29.95 (excl. taxes)
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This book talks to what every business-to-business pricing author glosses over – How can companies control pricing for all their products and customers, not just the top 100 with the biggest... More > revenue? In our globally competitive market, global economic boom or bust, we have increasing price volatility. Raw material cost swings and market changes regularly wreak havoc with your pricing. And, with thousands of products and customers and multiple agreements each, it’s easy to see why it’s very hard to avoid leaving money on the table. The surprise in this book is that companies already have the data to close the tactical pricing gap. And it's very do-able – I know, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. And lastly, this is pricing that Sales Reps and Customers will enthusiastically support and still drive bigger profits.< Less
From Survival to Significance By Jeremy Waite
Paperback: $20.51 (excl. taxes)
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• What separates a successful brand from a significant one? • Why do some brands grow much faster than others? • Why are some brands more successful the more that they give... More > away? • Why do some brands seem to be constantly fighting for survival? From Survival to Significance examines all of these questions and many more, by looking behind the scenes at some of the world’s most valuable brands. By combining strategy and story telling, Jeremy explores the 5 Levels of Brand Leadership, and gives you practical advice that you can quickly apply in your own organization. Looking at brands such as Disney, TOMS, Nike, Patagonia, Philips, JCB, GE and Twitter you will learn how to build a conversation strategy, why the rule of 60:30:10 works and why the most powerful brands don’t just create large profits, they create profits with a purpose. 100% of the profits from this book go to support ~ a non-profit organisation committed to teaching the next generation of kids how to code.< Less
Busy Booth BluePrint Your Guide To Trade Show Marketing Mastery By Sukuma Avery
Paperback: $19.97 (excl. taxes)
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In this book you'll discover how you can double and even triple the amount of traffic you get at your trade show booth. As you know more traffic equals more leads, and more leads equals more... More > potential sales for your company. This book is simple to read and will give you the blueprint to having a busy trade show booth!< Less
Community Resilience at Scale: Grassroots Women Demonstrating Successful Practices By Huairou Commission
Paperback: $9.99 (excl. taxes)
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“Community Resilience at Scale: Grassroots Women Demonstrating Successful Practices​​”​ ​ shares ​successful grassroots strategies for building community... More > resilience to disasters and climate change. It ​​showcases​ women leading sustainable development​ in their communities, and features scaling up strategies in order to influence global agendas such as the Hyogo Framework for Action 2 and Post-2015 Development Agenda. Practices featured in this publication represent just some of the highlights of grassroots women’s achievements from 1,156 communities in 21 countries that are part of the Huairou Commission's Community Resilience Campaign.< Less
The Online Community Blueprint: A 9-Step Guide to Planning an Online Community for Your Customers, Members, or Partners By Katie Bapple, Joshua Paul, Katie Oakes
Paperback: $21.00 (excl. taxes)
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The Online Community Blueprint is a practical guide to the plans and processes to put in place before launching a private and branded online community for your company.
Lead Generation - 21st Century Strategies to ignite your sales By Laurel McLay
Paperback: $20.00 (excl. taxes)
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Did you know that there are over 2.2 million books about sales on Amazon, but just over 17,000 titles about lead generation? Understand and implement the basics, which are covered in detail in this... More > book, and not only will you feel increased confidence in your business success, but you will significantly eliminate the time you spend worrying about your cashflow.< Less
Scaling Agile: A Lean Jumpstart By Sanjiv Augustine
Paperback: $20.00 (excl. taxes)
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In Scaling Agile: A Lean JumpStart, Sanjiv dives into the challenge of breaking down barriers to enterprise Agile adoption. He provides an essential set of Lean building blocks as a starting... More > foundation for larger Agile scaling frameworks, including the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), and Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD). Sanjiv provides step-by-step actions, with a keen focus on a few core Lean practices. With this JumpStart approach, the power is in your hands to apply Agile ideas from the team to the top, and to totally transform an organization. See the Ebook @< Less
Dominate Your Market: A Confident Approach to Selling That Will Double Your Business By Bob Oros
Paperback: $20.00 (excl. taxes)
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Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident sales person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. Dominate Your Market is a more confident approach to selling that... More > will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing sales professional. All the doubts, fears and worries you ever had will disappear and will be replaced with a positive, aggressive approach. These topics have been presented over 2000 times to some of the largest companies in the U.S.< Less