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A Simple Path By GamePlan Financial Marketing, LLC
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Looking for a simple path to start your retirement planning strategies? This book contains five straightforward concepts that can help you plan for retirement. It can also help you find ways to... More > protect your retirement nest egg against potential retirement challenges like market fluctuations, inflation, and income taxes. This short book is packed full of exciting concepts, tips, and questions to help you get started down the path to the retirement you’ve always wanted.< Less
From Survival to Significance By Jeremy Waite
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• What separates a successful brand from a significant one? • Why do some brands grow much faster than others? • Why are some brands more successful the more that they give... More > away? • Why do some brands seem to be constantly fighting for survival? From Survival to Significance examines all of these questions and many more, by looking behind the scenes at some of the world’s most valuable brands. By combining strategy and story telling, Jeremy explores the 5 Levels of Brand Leadership, and gives you practical advice that you can quickly apply in your own organization. Looking at brands such as Disney, TOMS, Nike, Patagonia, Philips, JCB, GE and Twitter you will learn how to build a conversation strategy, why the rule of 60:30:10 works and why the most powerful brands don’t just create large profits, they create profits with a purpose. 100% of the profits from this book go to support ~ a non-profit organisation committed to teaching the next generation of kids how to code.< Less
The Online Community Blueprint: A 9-Step Guide to Planning an Online Community for Your Customers, Members, or Partners By Katie Bapple, Joshua Paul, Katie Oakes
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The Online Community Blueprint is a practical guide to the plans and processes to put in place before launching a private and branded online community for your company.
The Island of Macromol By Michael Geoghegan
Paperback: $10.00
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THE ISLAND OF MACROMOL delivers a unique synthesis, a rigorous argument and a prescriptive approach to making good business decisions by design. By challenging the accepted wisdom of the MBA... More > curriculum and drawing core concepts from a selected range of sciences and social theory, the book creates a larger framework for understanding processes of innovation and for ensuring good investments.< Less
BRAVE NEW MATH: Information, Globalization, and New Economic Thinking in the 21st Century By Peter Marber
Paperback: $14.99
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Amid globalization, traditional economic measures like Gross Domestic Product, unemployment, and stock markets leave us with a distorted worldview - and a shaky foundation for policy decisions. In... More > the Information Age, aren’t there better indicators to manage our country’s well-being? In Brave New Math, a follow-up to his thought-provoking 2012 article in the World Policy Journal, Peter Marber attacks conventional wisdom and recommends new metrics and policies to promote broader prosperity in the 21st century.< Less
Off The Hook By Shawn Rossbach
Paperback: $15.89
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The No Frustration , Hands Off, Lead Generating Machine That Works In less than 90 Days! This is THE Definitive Guide to having your phone ring more than you ever thought possible in less than 90... More > days. The OFF THE HOOK System is designed for you to take small steps and reap large rewards. This guide holds your hand and walks you through what was never taught to business owners. Like most business owners out there you are not alone when it comes to making your phone ring with clients ready to buy and that's because you don't have a system that speaks to your clients. OFF THE HOOK covers the why, the strategy and the tactics to develop a system to hone in on and speak to the perfect client. To get the real results after you read a chapter ask questions and compare it to what your currently doing then make changes. This can help you if your running a business for years or if your planning on starting one soon. A big word of advice is don't follow or copy your competition because they don't know better.< Less
Mastering The Fundamentals Marketing Workbook By Mills Force Marketing
Paperback: $25.00
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If you are looking for ways to take you business to the next level you don't want to miss one check box this workbook has to offer. The Workbook Give You Step By Step Process On The... More > Following: Creating A Logo Branding Board Your Product or Services Explanation Getting 5 Stars Reviews From Past Clients (& Friends): How To Get Your First 5 Star Reviews: Help You Create a Detailed Competitor Profile You will define your Company's Value Proposition. You will define which customer needs you satisfy. You will identify Your Company's Core Capabilities. Create Your Elevator Pitch Identify Your Business Categories: Write Short Professional Biography For Key Personnel: Create an effective email newsletter And more...< Less
The Real Deal Inside the Car Business: Car Buying Made Simple By Brian Giblin
Paperback: $15.00
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HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE This book will provide you with valuable insight into the methods and practices used by car dealers today. It will teach you the art of... More > car buying in a simple concise manner including the step-by-step sales process that new and used car dealerships use in today’s information age. It will help you understand how the dealers think and the way in which they conduct business. You will sharpen your negotiation skills and your confidence will be beaming when you arrive at the dealership for your next car shopping adventure. It will give you an inside look at the auto industry. This useful and informative book will save you time and money, resulting in an enjoyable car buying experience. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and learn about The Real Deal inside the Car Business.< Less
The Emotion By Aspen Group
Paperback: $29.95
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The concept of the “emotional ledger” was formulated by the trans-generational family systems theorist, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, and is a key idea in contextual theory. According to... More > Boszormenyi-Nagy, the emotional ledger of the family is a balance sheet of indebtedness, entitlement and obligations that accrue in the processes of give-and-take between individuals and generations over decades. Families in business together often suffer from the commingling of the financial ledger of tangible assets and the emotional ledger of intangible liabilities. Regardless of our professional discipline, much of our work is in service to balancing the complexities of our client’s emotional ledger. This book is about that process. While it was written with the non-clinical advisor in mind, it will be valuable to anyone who needs to understand the complexities and challenges of being a family in business.< Less
The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders By Dave Ulrich, William A. Schiemann, GPHR, Libby Sartain, SPHR
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As the industry’s foremost voice for human resources certification, the HR Certification Institute has brought together the world’s leading HR experts to share insights on our profession... More > through this inaugural Institute-sponsored publication that is being distributed globally in an effort to advance the HR profession. Seventy-three human resources thought leaders from across the globe volunteered to contribute their expertise to this compilation of wisdom regarding the HR profession. Together, their contributions offer a comprehensive look into the critical issues transforming human resources—one of the fastest-growing professions in the workplace and one that is being influenced by many factors, including technological developments and globalization.< Less
Your Handbook of Personal Finance By James Wiley
Paperback: $14.95
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In this road map to long-term financial success, Wiley and Riley guide the reader through each phase of an investor's life. Whether you are fresh out of college, and starting a new job, approaching... More > retirement and beyond or anywhere in between, Your Handbook of Personal Finance can help you make informed decisions about not only where you are going, but also a way to get there.< Less
Brewery Operations Manual By Tom Hennessy
Paperback: $19.99
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Learn how to open & run a successful brewery. This Brewery Operations Manual is a complete "to do" list that will guide you through the maze of events necessary to open your own brewery... More > without spending the family fortune. This is real nuts and bolts stuff. Within the three steps you'll learn how to: *Save money so less is needed *Pick the type of locations that will save you time and money *Piece together a brewery for a fraction of the cost of a turn-key system *Follow an easy bookkeeping system to track your business in real time *Utilize a kick-ass business system to run your brewery Tom Hennessy is the owner of Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery. It is his sixth brewery over the past 18 years. He is the creator of Frankenbrew, a cult classic 1995 video on how to build inexpensive breweries. This book is the result of years teaching many students how to open their own breweries.< Less
Lead Generation - 21st Century Strategies to ignite your sales By Laurel McLay
Paperback: $20.00
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Did you know that there are over 2.2 million books about sales on Amazon, but just over 17,000 titles about lead generation? Understand and implement the basics, which are covered in detail in this... More > book, and not only will you feel increased confidence in your business success, but you will significantly eliminate the time you spend worrying about your cashflow.< Less
Ambony-Ambany By Soamiely Andriamananjara
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There is something quite unique about Madagascar. Something beautifully intriguing about how the Malagasy interact with one another. Something fascinating about how we conceive our own community.... More > Something quite puzzling about how the Malagasy political system works. This book captures a little bit of all that in a number of short brainstorming notes.< Less
The Client Centered Converastion Method By Joe Stumpf
Paperback: $5.40
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client centered conversations to help convert leads and referrals
The Art and Science of Project Management By Roger Warburton, Vijay Kanabar
Paperback: List Price: $64.29 $45.00 | You Save: 30%
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The Art & Science of Project Management. This is the second edition, which is updated for the PMBOK 5th edition. Master project management with this book from authors experienced in practice,... More > teaching, and research. Learn: The foundations of Project Management, explained with dozens of examples. What works and what doesn't. The PMBOK processes and knowledge areas, with critical analyses. Dozens of templates to use for your project. How the latest research applies to your project. Advanced cost and schedule estimation methods to monitor and control projects. The second edition includes a Microsoft Project tutorial. Version 2.1 adds the latest in Schedule Estimation.< Less
Why This Work Matters: Wisdom from the People Who Are Making Communities Better By Della Rucker
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Why This Work Matters introduces you to the voices of 11 people who are doing the hard work of making communities better. They work in local and state and federal organizations, in governments and... More > nonprofits, in planning, economic development, city management, downtown revitalization and more. In their own words, as clearly and honestly as they can put in writing, you’ll hear how they manage the frustrations of this work — how they deal with political realities, with shortcomings, with bureaucracy and discouragement. And, maybe more importantly, you’ll hear what they draw on to summon the courage and the bravery to keep at it. Hopefully, Why This Work Matters will help you find the courage to keep doing your Work That Matters, too.< Less
The Keys to Family Business Success By Aspen Family Business Group
Hardcover: $29.95
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The Keys To Family Business Success offers readers a comprehensive guide to understanding family businesses and how to address the unique challenges they face.
The Local Economy Revolution: What's Changed and How You Can Help By Della Rucker
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $13.97 | You Save: 30%
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Whether they’re professionals or volunteers, people across the world are discovering that the economics that sustain their communities are shifting fast, and they’re struggling to find... More > new solutions. But instead of just trying old ideas harder, they’re gradually realizing that we need a whole new approach. In The Local Economy Revolution, economic revitalization specialist Della Rucker unpacks the deep changes underlying these communities’ struggles. The Local Economy Revolution shines a new light on the profound impacts of the last few decades on the places where people live and work, and sketches a new way forward that builds on the reasons why our places matter to us.< Less
Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand By T-Shirt Magazine
Hardcover: $34.99
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Whether you’ve already started a t-shirt brand or are just an aspiring t-shirt entrepreneur with a dream, the clothing industry can be one of the toughest to break into. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS... More > T-SHIRT BRAND is the perfect hand-book if you’re looking to build a successful t-shirt brand. From valuable advice to specific examples and anecdotes from successful t-shirt entrepreneurs, this 200+ page guide is packed with priceless information that can help your dreams of running a profitable t-shirt brand come true. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS T-SHIRT BRAND will give you advice and instructions on the following: - Creating a solid brand - The legal aspects of running a clothing brand - Getting funding to launch your brand - How to set up an online shop - How to make kick-ass t-shirt designs - Getting your shirts produced - How to get your products in stores - Managing your business - And much more!< Less
Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing: Second Edition By David Vick
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $14.99 | You Save: 25%
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Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing by author and financial planner Dave Vick, captures the essence of conservative investing with his colorful stories and impassioned insights into the... More > world of retirement planning. The book illuminates a conservative investment strategy called the ABC Model of Investing, which gives the average investor the ability to know with confidence how and what types of assets they need to accomplish their goals. With chapters like, "Santa & Six Wall Street Myths," the author makes the case that Wall Street is a broken, Greed is Good culture which functions solely for it's own benefit while leaving the conservative investor wondering where to go for advice.< Less
The Resilient Leader By Winslow Swart
Paperback: $24.95
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"This is the perfect book for the perfect storm we're in." - Alan Weinkrantz - From Sun Tzu to the Samurai, the lessons of The Resilient Leader are timeless, and never have these lessons... More > been more timely than now. Winslow Swart, MAA, a leadership and organizational Sensei who mastered several martial arts in the dojos of Japan, helps corporate executives and NBA superstars navigate the turbulent waters of economic meltdown and world-championship competition. The Resilient Leader shares those same insights, helping you draw forth increased levels of focus and resolve, transform obstacles into opportunities, and become the calm in the eye of the storm. The Resilient Leader distills the core ideologies of the eastern martial arts disciplines into an effective curriculum for developing leadership capabilities and increasing human performance.< Less
Board Roles to Board Goals By Jay W. Vogt
Paperback: $12.00
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Using this workbook, chairs (or designated facilitators) of nonprofit organizations can lead their boards of directors through a step-by-step process that mobilizes board talent, fosters... More > collaboration toward shared goals, and refocuses the board on governing rather than managing.< Less
HOME CARE HOW TO - The Guide To Starting Your Senior In Home Care Business By Brendan John
Paperback: $22.95
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Home Care How To is an in depth guide to teach how to start a home care business. Learn what to do to start and run an ethical, profitable, and rewarding business in the home care market. With an... More > easy to follow step by step approach you’ll discover the systems to set up using the provided tools and success strategies needed to launch and grow your business. Presented by an entrepreneur with over a decade in the home care industry and two decades building companies, he uncovers for you the secrets, opportunities and pitfalls to look for that other senior care and home care franchises charge tens of thousands for. Learn everything from how to set up your office to finding your caregivers to marketing your services to how to provide the services.< Less
Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It By Jeffrey Magee
Paperback: List Price: $39.95 $19.98 | You Save: 50%
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IT! Find It, Get It, Keep It, Grow It. Much more than a, “book about selling”, IT takes you right to the hands-on, “how to” of sales. Get IT, and then roll up your sleeves... More > and start working, because this book is about impacting your bottom-line right now. IT is about Business , How to Find Business, How to Get Business, How to Keep Business, and ultimately, How to Grow Your Business!< Less