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Systematic Technical Analysis Chartered Market Technician CMT Level 2 By Bhooshan Shanbhag
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Systematic Technical Analysis- Chartered Market Technician: CMT Level 2 Question Bank (With Answers) Compiled by- Dr. Bhooshan Shanbhag, M.Sc., Ph.D., CMT. Revised as per May 2014 syllabus. The... More > book is a collection of an exhaustive question bank on CMT 2 syllabus. The e-book provides a question bank on Technical Analysis in question-answer format and gives a great insight to aspirants for CMT course (Level 2) before appearing for the examination. The questions given here may also help you cover every minute detail that you might have missed while reading the recommended books. The questions are compiled by Dr. Bhooshan Shanbhag, M.Sc., Ph.D., CMT. Hundreds of CMT aspirants have been benefited from this book. The Market Technicians Association, Inc. did not author any portion of this publication and does not endorse, in whole or in part, this book.< Less
The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace By Ernest R. Cadotte, Harry J. Bruce
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The 40 Hour Work YEAR By Scott Fritz
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Every so often a book comes along that captures the attention of the hard working entrepreneur (for more than ten minutes) and literally changes the paradigm of how they view their business. Within... More > these pages you will experience Scott Fritz's entrepreneurial journey first hand, as he shares with you the business tools, action focused exercises and mindset philosophy that allowed him to achieve The 40 Hour Work YEAR. From the start up years with no pay, through the challenges and thrills of growing a multi-million dollar company and positioning it for sale, Scott shares his vast business experience using a matter of fact, TAKE ACTION NOW approach. Whether you are in the early stages of start-up, experiencing hyper growth, or ready to head for the big money exit, The 40 Hour Work YEAR will give you the perspective needed to create the business success and personal freedom you desire!< Less
Tools of the Trade By Disability Management Employer Coalition
Paperback: $59.95
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Tools of the Trade provides state-of-the-art integrated disability and absence management (IDAM) knowledge in one easy-to-use desk reference. It contains useful tools to help build the business case... More > for programs and move projects forward. Included are numerous illustrations, charts, statistics, best practices, employer checklists, and references to credible industry sources< Less
How to Have Constructive Conversations in the Workplace By Jonathan Payne
Paperback: $13.75
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“How to have Constructive Conversations in the Workplace” The essential book for busy managers who are frustrated with meetings that go nowhere and conversations that don’t produce... More > results. Empower your staff through improving the quality of their thinking and decision making. In this book professional coach and business speaker, Jonathan Payne, draws on some of the basic techniques of business coaching and shows you how to use them so that every conversation you have at work is a constructive conversation which uses time effectively and moves toward your objectives. Find out about the value of constructive conversations and how to have them. You will learn the two essential skills you must have if you plan to have conversations that produce results. You will also find out about three simple steps you can use to change behaviour. And you will learn how to do all of this without adding anything more to your diary. Jonathan Payne is a professional coach and business speaker.< Less
Three Thesis for the Space Renaissance By Adriano Autino
Paperback: $15.09
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Lorenzo De 'Medici meets Bill Gates. Lorenzo: “In my time, by means of my wealth, I sponsored the Renaissance of arts and culture, and I was of great help to the scientific genius of Leonardo... More > Da Vinci ...” Bill: “Thanks to the people's thirst for knowledge, and their aspiration to communicate, I got wealthy more than anyone else, in my time ...” Lorenzo: “So, my dear Bill, the important part of your work has still to be completed!” As the De’ Medici family sponsored the first Renaissance in 1500, nowaday we need the "Medici" families of today to sponsor the Space Renaissance, in order to allow our seven billion people civilization to continue. Our three theses: The Status of the Civilization, The Status of the New Space Economy, A Program for the Ignition of the Space Renaissance.< Less
Terms of the Trade: Compilation of Definitions for the Absence, Disability, Health and Productivity Professional By Disability Management Employer Coalition
Paperback: $24.95
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This glossary, with more than 870 words, phrases and terms, is the final publication in a three-book resource guide series for absence, wellness and disability professionals. Industry practitioners... More > and thought leaders will find this manual a valuable reference in developing programs that seek to improve the health and productivity of their workforce. Previous books cover the development of integrated disability, absence and productivity models and establishment the of return-to-work programs.< Less
13 Guidelines for Effective Teams By Kaley Klemp
Paperback: $12.00
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Good communication is at the heart of every successful team. 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams gives each individual within an organization the power to create the most reliable environment for... More > effective communication. Used by an entire team, the stage is set for breakthrough creativity and top-tier productivity. Team facilitator Kaley Warner Klemp has compiled these powerful principles into a concise pocket manual, making effective team communication accessible in virtually any work environment.< Less
Engaging Service By Bryan Williams
Paperback: $13.99
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This book will focus on how to go beyond merely serving customers. It will clearly explain how to engage every customer and create memorable experiences. All 22 chapters have been written with one... More > primary goal in mind. That goal is to give practical and relevant information that can be applied immediately. Each of the 22 chapters ends with a powerful activity that is designed to help reinforce the chapter’s key points.< Less
WORK LIKE YOU OWN IT! 20 Ways to Go From Meeting to Exceeding Your Customers' Expectations By Bryan Williams
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is the result of a journey that began with my first day of work as a restaurant busboy. On my first day of work, my manager said to me, “Work in this restaurant like you own... More > it!” My manager challenged me to go beyond the basic expectations of my job title and dare to work with pride, passion and professionalism. I quickly understood that despite the leaders’ best efforts, at some point the line staff has to step up and work with a sense of ownership. All 20 chapters of this book will provide multiple perspectives on how to be the best service professional you can be. Each chapter ends with a powerful activity that is designed to help reinforce the key learning points. About the Author Dr. Bryan Williams is a service consultant, trainer, and author. His specialty areas include service excellence, employee engagement, and quality improvement. Learn more about Bryan and B.Williams Enterprise at .< Less
Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing: Second Edition By David Vick
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Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing by author and financial planner Dave Vick, captures the essence of conservative investing with his colorful stories and impassioned insights into the... More > world of retirement planning. The book illuminates a conservative investment strategy called the ABC Model of Investing, which gives the average investor the ability to know with confidence how and what types of assets they need to accomplish their goals. With chapters like, "Santa & Six Wall Street Myths," the author makes the case that Wall Street is a broken, Greed is Good culture which functions solely for it's own benefit while leaving the conservative investor wondering where to go for advice.< Less
Brewery Operations Manual By Tom Hennessy
Paperback: $19.99
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Learn how to open & run a successful brewery. This Brewery Operations Manual is a complete "to do" list that will guide you through the maze of events necessary to open your own brewery... More > without spending the family fortune. This is real nuts and bolts stuff. Within the three steps you'll learn how to: *Save money so less is needed *Pick the type of locations that will save you time and money *Piece together a brewery for a fraction of the cost of a turn-key system *Follow an easy bookkeeping system to track your business in real time *Utilize a kick-ass business system to run your brewery Tom Hennessy is the owner of Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery. It is his sixth brewery over the past 18 years. He is the creator of Frankenbrew, a cult classic 1995 video on how to build inexpensive breweries. This book is the result of years teaching many students how to open their own breweries.< Less
Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand By T-Shirt Magazine
Hardcover: $45.00
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Whether you’ve already started a t-shirt brand or are just an aspiring t-shirt entrepreneur with a dream, the clothing industry can be one of the toughest to break into. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS... More > T-SHIRT BRAND is the perfect hand-book if you’re looking to build a successful t-shirt brand. From valuable advice to specific examples and anecdotes from successful t-shirt entrepreneurs, this 200+ page guide is packed with priceless information that can help your dreams of running a profitable t-shirt brand come true. LAUNCH A KICK-ASS T-SHIRT BRAND will give you advice and instructions on the following: - Creating a solid brand - The legal aspects of running a clothing brand - Getting funding to launch your brand - How to set up an online shop - How to make kick-ass t-shirt designs - Getting your shirts produced - How to get your products in stores - Managing your business - And much more!< Less
Organizational Physics - The Science of Growing a Business By Lex Sisney
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There are hidden laws at work in every aspect of your business. Understand them, and you can create extraordinary growth. Ignore them, and you run the risk of becoming another statistic. It’s... More > become almost cliché: 8 out of every 10 new ventures fail. Of the ones that succeed, how many truly thrive—for the long run? And of those that thrive, how many continually overcome their growth hurdles … and ultimately scale, with meaning, purpose, and profitability? The answer, sadly, is not many. Author Lex Sisney is on a mission to change that picture. After more than a decade spent leading and coaching high-growth technology companies, Lex discovered that the companies that thrive do so in accordance with 6 Laws — universal principles that govern the success or failure of every individual, team, and organization.< Less
Regenerative Enterprise By Gregory Landua, Ethan C. Roland
Paperback: $12.95
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Beyond green business, social entrepreneurship, and triple-bottom-line profits lies a new kind of venture: the Regenerative Enterprise. In the context of global ecological and cultural degradation,... More > creating financial capital profits alone is no longer acceptable. Regenerative Enterprise articulates the a new economic model and redefines the concepts of sustainability and regeneration. It then develops the theoretical and practical requirements for regenerative enterprises, entrepreneurs, and enterprise ecologies. The book concludes with three global imperatives and a clear set of principles that invite well-designed and effective action.< Less
A Simple Path By GamePlan Financial Marketing, LLC
Paperback: List Price: $7.95 $6.36 You Save: 20%
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Looking for a simple path to start your retirement planning strategies? This book contains five straightforward concepts that can help you plan for retirement. It can also help you find ways to... More > protect your retirement nest egg against forces like market fluctuations, inflation, and income taxes. This short book is packed full of exciting concepts, tips, and questions to help you get started down the path to the retirement you’ve always wanted.< Less
World Class Contract Management - The ULTIMATE Reference Guide for Purchasing Professionals By Omid Ghamami
Hardcover: $39.99
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This book is intended to give an overview of the highly critical skill of purchasing contract management (or what sales professionals would call ‘sales contract management’). Purchasing... More > professionals are consistently plagued by inadequate knowledge of purchasing contract law, which becomes a capability gap and therefore a career liability. The goal of this book is to address this problem and turn this liability to an area of strength and competitive advantage for purchasing professionals. This book is intended to be a timeless reference guide, and is written for the practitioner – the person who wants concrete and actionable direction to do their job better and get their career on the fast track. The importance and purpose of contracts is covered, followed by how to customize purchasing contracts to fit the purchase, and then a detailed (116 pages) coverage of all major contract clauses, what they mean, and how to negotiate them. The book closes out with best in class post contract management practices.< Less
The LINE: Your Trajectory Code By Jeffrey Magee
Paperback: $29.95
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Personal achievement, success, motivation and performance improvement.
1st Space Renaissance International Congress - The Complete Acta, and the July 2012 Upgrade Resolution By Adriano V. Autino
Paperback: $14.00
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This book reports the complete acta of the first congress of the Space Renaissance International, held on skype in 2011. The 2012 resolution of the SRI Executive Committe, that actualizes the... More > decisions taken by the congress, is also reported. Most of the discussion of the four days congress is also reported. The book summarizes the program of the Space Renaissance for the time interval from 2011 to the next congress, in 2015.< Less
ProSpeaker Biz Handbook By Jeffrey Magee
Hardcover: $520.00
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Learn a complete proven SYSTEM for starting your professional Speaker or Trainer business, running your business, accelerating your business and making a powerful impact on others while making a... More > great living for you! With each book is the option of limited no-fee Coaching from the Author for personal self-development and execution.< Less
Marine Marketing Strategies By Matt Sellhorst
Paperback: $29.95
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Many dealers are squandering; 20K, 50K even 500K in cold hard cash on marketing each year with little to no trackable results…Then, without any ideas of how to do it better, write those same... More > huge checks again next year… And, the year after that? Are you finally ready to do something about it? The marketing principals in this book never change and can be applied to all of your marketing techniques for any portion of your business; boat sales, service, marina, ship store, even peripheral businesses like ATV’s, snow machines and the like. So, how do you avoid squandering all that money on marketing you know in your gut isn’t working? You start, by avoiding the five marketing mistakes in my new book titled: Marine Marketing Strategies: “Which Ones Actually Work…And Which Ones Are Guaranteed to Drain Your Bank Account, Jeopardize Your Margins and Squash Your Dealership’s Quest for Higher Profit”< Less
The Protection Book. A Guide to Asset Protection By E. J. Lashlee
Paperback: $89.80
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The Protection Book describes steps to: *Create a Superior "Private Will" that supersedes typical Wills. *Get Discretionary Benefits and Spendthrift Protection *Protect yourself from the... More > legal and financial ravages of Disability *Provide for Personal Care, Children and Guardianship *Manage & protect assets regarding disability *Keep finances and beneficiaries private. Eliminate publicity *Eliminate probate, attorneys fees, disputes, & court costs *Minimize lawsuit concerns and insurance claims *Eliminate the need for a court appointed Guardianship *Minimize Family Conflicts and disputes with friends *Minimize Support expense & Medical expense *Minimize Education Expense *Manage, defer, reduce, transfer, or eliminate Taxes *Distinguish the hype from Professional Trust Experts *Understand documents Sample documents are provided; all of the legal forms, finance checklists, including many typical examples.< Less
MBO - Management buyout guide By Sabin Piso
Paperback: List Price: $29.99 $23.99 You Save: 20%
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MBO - Management buyout guide Helping management teams understand the management buyout (MBO) process.
Total Rewards Communication Handbook By Ezra Schneier, Austin Muzumdar
Paperback: $12.00
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A guide for human resource, benefits and compensation professionals to organize and implement Total Rewards Communication to share the full value of employment with associates. Total Rewards... More > Communication is an effective way to enhance employee engagement and improve retention. This handbook is a step-by-step guide to creating a Total Rewards Communication solution. It includes practical advice to help any employer make Total Rewards Communication a success for their organization.< Less
Workplace Communication By Kenny Barkley
Paperback: $18.00
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It’s time for a paradigm shift in workplace communication! Are you ready to increase the dynamics of your communication environment at work – to evolve from a routine message... More > distribution system to a powerful change agent that will engage employees and the public? Workplace Communication offers easy-to-use internal and external communication practices that are ready to be implemented. It is the meat and potatoes for communication practitioners and organizations who want more than a newsletter. There are practices related to goal-oriented communication; how to work with journalists; employee incentive programs; external communication ideas; employee feedback methods; and, of course, there are plenty of ideas for internal communication. So, don’t expect another book on communication theory – Workplace Communication is about hands-on practices that work. It doesn’t just tell you how to do it, but it shows you how.< Less