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VA Trainer Workbook By Kathie M. Thomas
Paperback: $296.95
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This workbook is designed to be a 10 week program for those who want to become a Virtual Assistant or those who wish to develop their businesses further.
Everyday Anarchy - Pocketbook By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $9.96
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The word “anarchy” evokes images of dangerous mobs, spiky-haired youths hurling garbage cans through Starbucks windows, and the chaos of the war of all against all. However, the word... More > “anarchy” simply means “without rulers” - and this state of affairs is something we desperately desire and defend in so many areas of our own lives. If a political ruler were to tell us who to marry, what to learn, and which job to take, we would rebel against such tyrannical intrusions on our freedoms. How can we reconcile this contradiction? Is being “without rulers” good, or bad? How can we fear something so terribly, while at the same time treasuring it so mightily? “Everyday Anarchy” addresses this challenge head-on, arguing that being free of rulers is not something to fear - personally or politically - but rather a goal that we must constantly strive towards.< Less
What Now? By Steven Morris
Hardcover: $42.95
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A complete "how to" on becoming a successful real estate salesperson.
The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace By Ernest R. Cadotte, Harry J. Bruce
Paperback: $45.05
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Recruit Anybody for Anything - The How-To of Effective Recruiting By John Westling
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is a culmination of successful recruiting stories and sound recruiting principles which demonstrate that you really can Recruit Anybody for Anything regardless of the specific industry.
Tools of the Trade By Disability Management Employer Coalition
Paperback: $59.95
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Tools of the Trade provides state-of-the-art integrated disability and absence management (IDAM) knowledge in one easy-to-use desk reference. It contains useful tools to help build the business case... More > for programs and move projects forward. Included are numerous illustrations, charts, statistics, best practices, employer checklists, and references to credible industry sources< Less
Terms of the Trade: Compilation of Definitions for the Absence, Disability, Health and Productivity Professional By Disability Management Employer Coalition
Paperback: $24.95
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This glossary, with more than 870 words, phrases and terms, is the final publication in a three-book resource guide series for absence, wellness and disability professionals. Industry practitioners... More > and thought leaders will find this manual a valuable reference in developing programs that seek to improve the health and productivity of their workforce. Previous books cover the development of integrated disability, absence and productivity models and establishment the of return-to-work programs.< Less
New Paths to Socialism By Carl Davidson
Paperback: $15.00
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Essays on the Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain, the Solidarity and Green Economies, and their meaning for both Marxism and Socialism today.
How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, Second Edition By Corinne McKay
Paperback: $19.95
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(4 Ratings)
The original how-to guide for people who want to launch and run a successful freelance translation business! With over 4,000 copies in print, the first edition of How to Succeed as a Freelance... More > translator has become a widely-cited reference for the translation industry. The fully revised second edition includes 200+ pages of practical tips on writing a translation-targeted resume and cover letter, preparing a marketing plan, setting up a functional home office, finding and keeping well-paying clients and more! New in this edition: separate sections on marketing to agencies and direct clients, a new chapter focusing on your first year as a freelance translator and a new chapter on online networking and social media. Plus a preview of the author's next book, "Thoughts on Translation"< Less
Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing: Second Edition By David Vick
Paperback: List Price: $19.99 $14.99 You Save: 25%
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Bat-Socks, Vegas & Conservative Investing by author and financial planner Dave Vick, captures the essence of conservative investing with his colorful stories and impassioned insights into the... More > world of retirement planning. The book illuminates a conservative investment strategy called the ABC Model of Investing, which gives the average investor the ability to know with confidence how and what types of assets they need to accomplish their goals. With chapters like, "Santa & Six Wall Street Myths," the author makes the case that Wall Street is a broken, Greed is Good culture which functions solely for it's own benefit while leaving the conservative investor wondering where to go for advice.< Less
Thoughts on Translation By Corinne McKay
Paperback: $15.00
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Corinne McKay's blog Thoughts on Translation is one of the web's liveliest gathering places for freelance available in book format! Wondering whether to charge by the word or by the... More > hour? How to receive payments from clients in foreign countries? How to write a translation-targeted resume? It's all in here, in chunks that take just a few minutes to read. Corinne McKay is also the author of "How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator," the original career how-to guide for freelance translators, with over 5,000 copies in print. Her practical, down-to-earth tips are based on her own experience launching and running a successful freelance translation business after a first career as a high school teacher.< Less
Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified By Christopher J. Boggs
Paperback: $32.99
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This book details key property and casualty concepts rarely discussed or found in print; rather they are often left to be “discovered” over time. These important concepts are now written... More > down for all insurance practitioners to easily access. Examples of the topics and concepts found in this book include rules for reading ANY insurance policy; why losses are excluded; contractual risk transfer; legal liability theories; “COPE” details; and the proper explanation of coinsurance concepts. Also included is a rather extensive glossary of insurance and insurance-related terms. Readers will: 1) Gain a deeper understanding of insurance theories; 2) Be better prepared to explain insurance concepts to their clients; and 3) Develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the claims valuation process.< Less
The LINE: Your Trajectory Code By Jeffrey Magee
Paperback: $29.95
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Personal achievement, success, motivation and performance improvement.
Practical Anarchy - Softcover By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $18.95
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Imagine a world without government – this thought exercise seems impossible for many, because the power and reach of state monopolies is so omnipresent in our lives. However, there is no... More > rational, economic or moral reason to assume that governments are necessary for the provision of roads, healthcare, charity, dispute resolution, courts, policing, national defense, jails – or any of the other services currently monopolized by the state. Governments are extremely dangerous, responsible for over 250 million deaths in the 20th century alone – if it is possible to run a society without a government, surely this is something that we must strive towards as a species. Practical Anarchy makes strong case for the private – that is to say voluntary – provision for public services. It reveals the idea of government as a dangerous and unnecessary anachronism, and points the way towards a peaceful and voluntary future for mankind.< Less
Vietnam: From National Liberation to 21st Century Socialism By Duncan McFarland, et. al.
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $9.00 You Save: 10%
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A collection of eight essays with abundant photos, drawn from the experiences of U.S. activists recently visiting Vietnam. In addition to stories of life in Vietnam today, it also includes a brief... More > history of Vietnam, and account to the 'Doi Moi' economic renewal reforms, and the ongoing tragedies of the survivors of 'Agent Orange' poisoning.< Less
The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp By Rich Leffler
Paperback: $54.99
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An easy-to-comprehend introduction to the Mortgage Industry for the new, recently-hired, and aspiring real estate professional focusing on origination fundamentals, sales techniques, winning customer... More > service strategies, referral generation tips, and much more.< Less
In the Moment. Perspectives on Mobile Market Research. By Edward Appleton
Paperback: $27.57
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Mobile market research offers researchers new options: getting closer to the moment where interesting things happen, capturing emotions as they occur, using photos, videos, audiofiles. It overcomes... More > memory gaps. Richer and more accurate, mobile MR also presents its own challenges - it's a playful, fleeting medium. Market Research surveys need to be designed accordingly. This book examines how mobile can be used, for what types of research needs, and how to optimise the mobile survey participant experience. It is based on expert interviews, secondary statistics, and contains numerous case studies demonstrating the impact of mobile research.< Less
Contextual Intelligence By Matthew Kutz
Paperback: $19.99
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2013 Leadership Book Award for Innovation and Cutting-Edge Perspective Contextual Intelligence is a leadership model that will help you navigate constantly shifting environments. This book... More > integrates a cutting-edge 3D Thinking framework with 12 core behaviors that will help you diagnose your context and lead others to higher levels of performance. Today’s leadership landscape is dynamic and challenging. Earlier theories and assumptions appear to be inadequate and over simplistic in their ability to flex with the volatility and complexity of organizations which function in a knowledge economy at a local, national and global level. This book extends the non-Newtonian-based leadership paradigms by integrating the principles of tacit knowledge, synchronicity and time orientation, which are essential competencies for today’s leaders.< Less
Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve By Chris Rossini, Ron Paul
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $13.46 You Save: 25%
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(1 Ratings)
An important work that explains the economic, philosophical, and historical case against the Fed.
How to Turn Inbox Leads into Sales - Travel Agent Edition By Stuart Lloyd Cohen
Paperback: $6.99
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Travel Agents: Do you love when new internet leads drop in the box or do you shrug? Are customers using your online contact forms because they really need your help or are they time-wasters? Chief... More > Motivation Officer Stuart will show you exactly how to transform these mysterious inbox leads into healthy new business. You'll learn how to stop 'e-shoppers' in their tracks and transform them into clients. The sound of new leads dropping into your inbox will be music to your ears! Written by Stuart Lloyd Cohen, based on his powerful and popular professional development workshop. Edited by Richard Kreitner.< Less
Global Review 2013/2014 By Sigma Iota Rho Gamma Omega
Paperback: $5.23
Ships in 3-5 business days.
A periodical publication of the American Military University International Relations Honor Society Sigma Iota Rho, Gamma Omega chapter.
Leadership and Ethics - Major Ingredients of the Business Recipe By Maxwell Pinto
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $9.79 You Save: 30%
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This book is a follow up to Dr. Pinto's highly acclaimed manuals on ethical leadership and business management: The Management Syndrome: How to Deal with It!, Leadership: Flirting with Disaster!,... More > Management: Tidbits for the New Millennium!, Ethical Leadership: Fact or Fiction?, and Small Business Survival in the 21st Century. This book stresses the importance of the recruitment, training and motivation of employees, who have been selected on the basis of merit (alone). An ethical approach to business includes the sharing of rewards resulting from teamwork, instead of merely offering "a smile, a pat on the back and a cheap lunch." Making false promises and unreasonable demands on employees and others, preventing participative management, whitewashing, talking about a "green" approach, while engaging in greenwashing, workplace inequality, bullying, sexual harassment, etc., are unacceptable practices. Ethics is conscience-based, knowledge-based and attitude-based; its importance cannot be undermined!< Less
Best Option Strategy Ever By David Bunney
eBook (PDF): $48.93
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Option traders! Looking for a conservative, safe and reliable strategy? The “Best Option Strategy Ever” produces a potential 3% to 7% return on investment each month. Regardless of... More > whether the market is up, down, or stagnant, this trading method works—predictably and consistently. Until now, this strategy has usually been reserved for elite traders with huge accounts. But the fact is that the method works just as well to small-account traders. You place your trades only once a month. It requires very little monitoring. Perfect for busy people with limited time to devote to stock trading. The method requires no software, no memberships, and no subscriptions. NO NEED to constantly monitor the market! NO NEED for complex analysis or charting! NO NEED to worry about a global crash…you’re fully protected! We recommend you “paper trade” this system first—you’ll be risking nothing. This is the “Holy Grail” of option trading! 2ND EDITION...NOW WITH PAPER TRADING GUIDE, WORKSHEET and FAQ's.< Less
Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business By Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
eBook (ePub): $4.75
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Ruth E. Thaler-Carter is a seasoned and successful freelance editor who takes readers through the steps necessary to establishing a successful freelance editing career. Ms. Thaler-Carter has worked... More > for many years both writing and editing in many areas, and she is often the editorial expert people turn to in online blogs and discussions. Her advice has always been greatly valued.< Less
Affiliate Marketing By Alex By Alexander Stapleton
eBook (PDF): $112.10
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Everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing, everything explanied by Alexander Stapleton.