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Regenerative Enterprise By Gregory Landua, Ethan C. Roland
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Beyond green business, social entrepreneurship, and triple-bottom-line profits lies a new kind of venture: the Regenerative Enterprise. In the context of global ecological and cultural degradation,... More > creating financial capital profits alone is no longer acceptable. Regenerative Enterprise articulates the a new economic model and redefines the concepts of sustainability and regeneration. It then develops the theoretical and practical requirements for regenerative enterprises, entrepreneurs, and enterprise ecologies. The book concludes with three global imperatives and a clear set of principles that invite well-designed and effective action.< Less
The Art, Science & Ethics of the 21st Century Retainer Agreement By Carolyn Elefant
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The Retainer Agreement is one of the most important contracts that you'll ever draft or sign as an attorney. Not only do Retainer Agreements protect clients from overreaching by unscrupulous... More > lawyers, but they can immunize lawyers against malpractice claims and non-payment by clients. Moreover, from the terms of the Retainer Agreement to its design, a Retainer Agreement is a reflection of your practice and the way you do business - making it a potential selling tool for your firm. Most of the retainer agreements for free online or even those drafted by various Bar Associations can provide a good starting point, but many do not address the multiple issues that lawyers must consider when dealing with 21st century problems and do not generally reflect 21st century form or style. In this ebook, you will find a discussion of the changes that are driving the need to reinvent the retainer agreement as well as language that you can cut and paste or modify and use in your agreements.< Less
The Kaleidoscopic Nature of Costs By Jan Bell, Shahid Ansari, Tom Klammer
eBook (PDF): $3.68
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The kaleidoscopic nature of costs module in the Ansari modular series addresses issues in strategic cost management and management accounting. Suitable for use in cost or managerial accounting... More > courses at the junior, MBA, or executive education level.< Less
It’s Not What You Sell—It’s How You Sell It: Outshine Your Competition & Create Loyal Customers By Michael Saraf
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Whether you own a business, help manage one, or work in sales and marketing, you’ll achieve more when you focus on how you sell instead of what you sell. Michael Saraf, a sales and marketing... More > professional with more than twenty years of experience helping individuals and organizations succeed, walks you through a different approach to win more business from customers. Learn how to: • build a sales and marketing program that speaks to your target audience; • take advantage of open doors left behind by competitors; • boost “mind share” in order to get more market share; • deliver value repeatedly by focusing on the little things. You’ll also come to understand the most important element that keeps underperforming companies from becoming good and good companies from becoming great—and that’s service. When you treat service as the umbrella over everything, including the product, you’ll develop stronger relationships with customers and get to the promised land of customer loyalty.< Less
A Post-Capitalist Manifesto By A.N. Optimist
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We find ourselves in an interesting position at the dawn of the twenty-first century. This manifesto provides an imaginative springboard for thinking about emergent new possibilities for how we live.
The Legend of Kondoo: Leadership Principles of the Kiongozi By Daon McLarin Johnson
Hardcover: $24.99
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The Legend of Kondoo: Leadership Principles of the Kiongozi is a Leadership Fable about a lion cub mistakenly adopted by a well-intentioned herd of sheep. In Kondoo's quest for identity, the young... More > lion must make the difficult decision to remain within the safe, comfortable confines of his "wooly" existence or launch into the jungle of authentic leadership.< Less - pocket edition By Todd A
Paperback: List Price: $10.00 $8.00 | You Save: 20%
Ships in 3-5 business days is a manifesto for those of us who’ve spent years compromising our values in the work we do. It is also for those just formulating their values and wondering how to live by... More > them. This book is for anyone who wants to do good work and wants to do work that does good. Here is the little idea: if you want to do good work, aim for simple and open. offers ideas for achieving this goal and reasons to stick to those values. It does so by following its own advice. The essays inside are short and simple. They open jobs that have resulted in bad, complex, and closed work. They offer methods for getting to the good work. Though this book was born in the web industry, this is a mission statement for anyone being held back from doing good work or from living a good life by the complex systems around them. is a call to make things better by focusing on simplicity and openness. Do good work. Do it simply. Do it openly.< Less
Yes, And!: Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Life and Work By Mary Jane Pories
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If everything went as planned, you wouldn’t need to improvise. But, it doesn’t, so you do. Sharing the secrets improvisers use to solve problems quickly and well on stage, Mary Jane... More > equips you to do the same at work and at home. Stories, examples, and more than 60 exercises provide a humorous, practical approach to ensuring you don’t just manage change or merely survive the unexpected. Instead, you can seize opportunity and thrive. "Finally. A business book that makes learning fun and delivers powerful insights! Yes, And! is a simple, yet powerful, tool to unlock your true leadership potential. EVERY member of my team will have a copy." —Jim Ayres, Managing Director, Amway North America< Less
The Economics of Revolution By David DeGraw
Paperback: $25.00
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An extensive analysis of economic conditions and government policy reveals that the need for significant systemic change is now a mathematical fact. Corruption, greed and economic inequality have... More > reached a peak tipping point. Due to the consolidation of wealth, the majority of the population cannot generate enough income to keep up with the cost of living. In the present economy, under current government policy, 70% of the population is now sentenced to an impoverished existence. Let’s take an in-depth look at the evidence.< Less
Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising's Next Generation By Creative Social
Paperback: $22.56
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• What does the industry need to do today (not tomorrow) to stay valuable and relevant? • Is digital collaboration the death of idea ownership? • What the f**k do clients know about... More > great advertising? • How can copying make you more original? • I feel connected, but do I feel more human? • How are the porn industry, illegal black market and bitcoins changing online culture today? • Should we make things people want rather than make people want things? • How do we 'do' innovation? If you want to get a point of view on these and a whole host of other questions, just pick up this book which features a collection of essays from 35 leading creative directors and business owners. Creative Social celebrates hackers, makers, teachers and thieves – advertising’s next generation.< Less
D&O 101: Understanding Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - A Holistic Approach By Larry Goanos
Paperback: $32.99
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D&O 101: Understanding Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - A Holistic Approach is a new book from Larry Goanos, a 25-year insurance veteran and former coverage attorney, senior... More > underwriting manager, insurance broker and MGA president. Goanos infuses his analyses and explanations with real-world war stories from the front lines of D&O Insurance to illustrate the importance of various principles. The book contains a chapter of career advice from more than 60 senior insurance executives, including 25 current or former CEOs. Respected leaders such as Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, Brian Duperreault, Stephen Way, Dinos Iordanou, Kevin Kelley and many others provide their unique insights on career advancement. D&O 101’s glossary of over 130 insurance terms includes colloquialisms not found elsewhere.< Less
Everyday Anarchy - Pocketbook By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $9.96
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The word “anarchy” evokes images of dangerous mobs, spiky-haired youths hurling garbage cans through Starbucks windows, and the chaos of the war of all against all. However, the word... More > “anarchy” simply means “without rulers” - and this state of affairs is something we desperately desire and defend in so many areas of our own lives. If a political ruler were to tell us who to marry, what to learn, and which job to take, we would rebel against such tyrannical intrusions on our freedoms. How can we reconcile this contradiction? Is being “without rulers” good, or bad? How can we fear something so terribly, while at the same time treasuring it so mightily? “Everyday Anarchy” addresses this challenge head-on, arguing that being free of rulers is not something to fear - personally or politically - but rather a goal that we must constantly strive towards.< Less
Practical Anarchy - Softcover By Stefan Molyneux
Paperback: $18.95
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Imagine a world without government – this thought exercise seems impossible for many, because the power and reach of state monopolies is so omnipresent in our lives. However, there is no... More > rational, economic or moral reason to assume that governments are necessary for the provision of roads, healthcare, charity, dispute resolution, courts, policing, national defense, jails – or any of the other services currently monopolized by the state. Governments are extremely dangerous, responsible for over 250 million deaths in the 20th century alone – if it is possible to run a society without a government, surely this is something that we must strive towards as a species. Practical Anarchy makes strong case for the private – that is to say voluntary – provision for public services. It reveals the idea of government as a dangerous and unnecessary anachronism, and points the way towards a peaceful and voluntary future for mankind.< Less
Numbers Plus: Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide By C.A.G
Paperback: $150.00
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Welcome to the fourth edition of Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide, The Book of Numbers PLUS. Contents in this edition: Over 350 converters in full color, complete with year, make and model. Learn the... More > value of each converter under the current market and projected market. Know the value of scrap catalytic converters by the part numbers engraved on each converter(s): Chryslers/Dodge numbers: GM/Oldsmobile/Pontiac numbers: Import Numbers and specials: Ford numbers and special grades: and much more!. PLUS! Hundreds of additional catalytic converters including price, year, make and model. Stay current and up to date in this competitive field of scrap catalytic converter buying and selling! Get in the know zone! "This is the most recent Up-To-Date Guide"< Less
Works Volume 2 By Nicholas Jay Boyes
Paperback: $16.99
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A collection of political economy articles from 2009-2013 reflecting on economic conditions in Modern America
Organizational Physics - The Science of Growing a Business By Lex Sisney
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There are hidden laws at work in every aspect of your business. Understand them, and you can create extraordinary growth. Ignore them, and you run the risk of becoming another statistic. It’s... More > become almost cliché: 8 out of every 10 new ventures fail. Of the ones that succeed, how many truly thrive—for the long run? And of those that thrive, how many continually overcome their growth hurdles … and ultimately scale, with meaning, purpose, and profitability? The answer, sadly, is not many. Author Lex Sisney is on a mission to change that picture. After more than a decade spent leading and coaching high-growth technology companies, Lex discovered that the companies that thrive do so in accordance with 6 Laws — universal principles that govern the success or failure of every individual, team, and organization.< Less
How to be Financially Savvy By Jay Herther
Paperback: $6.08
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This short book has 100's of practical investing and money making tips. Originally written for young women, everyone can benefit from the sound investment principles and rules of thumb. A must read... More > for those he want to reach their financial dreams and retire rich.< Less
OPEN FOR CLOSING By Peter Hannah, Paul James
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Peter Hannah and Paul James consider themselves, first and foremost, Sales Professionals. Between them, they have 30+ years of successful, international sales experience for... More > Fortune 500 companies like American Express, France Telecom, Starwood Hotels, QinetiQ, Merrill Lynch and The Mirror Group. As consultants they have deployed their skills everywhere from London to continental Europe, the Middle East, the USA and the Far East, making them truly global experts. If people need it, Peter and Paul have sold it and in this book they share with you the fundamentals that exist within any sales environment. OPEN FOR CLOSING illustrates universal truths found throughout the world of Sales and seeks to catalyze the sales process of those just starting out through to the most seasoned veteran. The aim? To help sales forces everywhere analyse and evaluate how they work and illustrate how they can work smarter, which ultimately leads to why we all do this in the first place, being successful!< Less
Freelancing 101: Launching Your Editorial Business By Ruth E. Thaler-Carter
Paperback: $8.75
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Ruth E. Thaler-Carter is a seasoned and successful freelance editor who takes readers through the steps necessary to establishing a successful freelance editing career. Ms. Thaler-Carter has worked... More > for many years both writing and editing in many areas, and she is often the editorial expert people turn to in online blogs and discussions. Her advice has always been greatly valued.< Less
How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence By Frank Stocco
Paperback: List Price: $89.00 $62.30 | You Save: 30%
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This coil bound (or download pdf) guidebook is vital for you who have visions of opening a restaurant or other food service venue. There is much to know and do before signing that lease or contract.... More > Save yourself countless mistakes and dollars by first doing your due diligence—follow the instructions in this guide and workbook to open your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, cafeteria, café, fast food, white table cloth, really any foodservice concept with confidence and a successful future. Available in perfect bound paperback, also, just look at the print details for binding type.< Less
The n's Justify the Means By John A. Mosier Jr.
Paperback: $19.96
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A practical guide to eliminating costs associated with poor quality.
Grain Marketing is Simple* By Ed Usset
Paperback: $29.95
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“Grain Marketing is Simple (it’s just not easy)” is an exciting new book by Edward Usset, Grain Marketing Specialist for the University of Minnesota Center for Farm Financial... More > Management. Grain marketing is a serious topic, this book tackles the issues with relevant information and a bit of fun. “Grain Marketing is Simple” is not a textbook – there aren’t many textbooks that would introduce you to celebrity producers like Barney Binless, Hank Holder or Darla Discipline. This book was written for grain producers and ag professionals who have interest in grain markets and marketing.< Less
Florida's Politics By Kevin A. Hill, Susan A. MacManus, Dario Mareno
Paperback: $80.70
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This path breaking publication is a valuable reference for journalists, teachers, lobbyists, political consultants, campaign managers and anyone working in or interested in politics. Ready for... More > release in time for the high profile 2004 elections, this book offers a unique region-by-region analysis of political trends in Florida’s ten media markets, including statistics on demographics, ethnicity, party and voting patterns for each county in the state. The book is full of tables, graphs and maps.< Less
Certification Simplified By Mickie Rops
Paperback: $19.99
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A primer and reference for volunteer leaders and staff in certification. If you’re new to the certification role, you’re likely realizing this is a responsibility unlike any other... More > you’ve had. Certification is a complex topic. There’s a lot to learn and the stakes are high. Readers will learn the certification essentials, like: What’s the difference between certification, certificate programs, licensure and accreditation? What are the steps to developing a quality certification program? (what’s a job analysis? what are test specs?) What are the key legal issues and how do we avoid them? What are the key certification concepts and testing terms I need to know? What are the industry standards for certification programs? Where can I go for more training or information?< Less
Stairway to Wealth By Klarise Yahya
Paperback: $19.95
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The first half of book details how to pay off all your debts, including mortgage, in less than 8 years (Page 26). What's the difference between a tax credit and a tax write-off? (Page 23). How to... More > start investing? (Page 28). How much money do you need to retire? (Page 46). Why is it important to start as soon as you can? (Page 55). How to invest in stocks? (Page 69). How to invest in small income properties? (Page 72). The second half of the book discusses in detail how to select the best neighborhood to invest in, how to learn area values, how to determine the offering price, how to pay off the mortgage early, and what to do next.< Less