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CSS User Manual - Daily Operations By Robert Kefauver
Paperback: $78.94
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This is the user manual for the Windows version of Compatible Software Systems (CSS) programs for convenience store accounting and inventory management. Well illustrated step by step instructions. ... More > Included are instructions for the Dailybook - starting at downloading the daily report from the POS system and continuing to print and close. UPC/PLU maintenance is documented in detail including linkages for such things as cigarettes and ring top six packs. Seven different ways are described to change retail prices including the Passport Mix & Match and Combo Promos. Invoice data entry is thoroughly covered - entering invoices manually, by EDI and with the Portable Data Terminals. Chapters are included for month end processing and using the interfaces to QuickBooks, Peachtree and MAS90 accounting. Ideal for those just starting to use CSS. It is also an excellent tool for those who want to train a substitute or replacement.< Less
The Franchise E-factor By Greg Nathan
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The Franchise E-Factor Model has helped thousands of franchisors, franchisees and franchise advisers around the globe to better understand why franchise relationships inevitably become... More > strained. Developer of the Franchise E-Factor, Greg Nathan, provides franchisors with over 130 practical strategies for moving franchisees through the six stages of the Franchise E-Factor into the interdependent “We” Stage. Perfect for franchise executives to carry with them while travelling for ideas and inspiration. What People Are Saying About The Franchise E-Factor: “The Franchise E-Factor is concrete, easy to read — and funny. It is full of real life experiences with franchisors and franchisees. This is definitely a must read for anyone involved in building a franchise.” “Keep this book on your desk read it and re-read. As a franchisor you will sleep better and have less aggravation in your life. It is truly a profound how to do it book.”< Less
The Franchisor's Guide to Improving Field Visits By Greg Nathan
eBook (ePub): $29.06
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In this book Greg Nathan puts the franchise field visit under the spotlight and shows how to improve the effectiveness of this crucial link between franchisors and franchisees. Backed up by years of... More > research and study of real world franchise businesses, Greg explores the impact that field visits have on your franchise network. Through real life examples of what works and what doesn’t, the book develops a series of models of how to structure field visits, including the specialist and general model and a six step process to improve your field visits. This is a valuable handbook for both franchise executives and field managers. It identifies the eight specific functions of the field manager and explains how to properly support field managers so they don’t just survive, but thrive in their job.< Less
Labor Control for Fast Food Restaurant Managers By Jacob Thomas
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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I have spent the past 20 years of my working life in the fast-food industry in every position, from crew to General Manager. Over the course of those many years I have had the luxury of working with... More > and working for some great managers, but they have all had a basic understanding of how to control their labor costs. This book is the result of many months spent taking notes and looking at controlling labor costs from many different perspectives. If you are one of the many managers out there who are having trouble controlling their labor costs then worry no more. It is time to actually make your bonus! Stop pulling your hair out and finally discover the secret to controlling your labor costs. After reading this book you will finally have a complete understanding of how to control your labor costs. The truth will allude you no more.< Less
Changing HR: The Little EBook of HR Strategy Quick Wins By Tracey Smith
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This book will demonstrate some quick wins for HR leaders and practitioners. The examples are intended to prompt ideas that leaders can use within their own organizations. The analysis techniques are... More > simple and can be implemented without substantial effort or cost. The thought processes presented can be extended to any functional area of the company. Several of these examples are methods which can be used to prioritize HR projects. These are particularly useful in companies with financial challenges and limited resources. Additional examples will show you how to assess which programs in your HR portfolio actually accomplished the intended goals, how to build a workforce model by determining the drivers of your business, how to categorize HR initiatives, where to focus your attention and how to approach taking waste out of HR. Regardless of the specific examples given, think in terms of concepts and how to apply them to your own company.< Less
Social Dimensions of Semantic Technologies and Web Services By Pietari Virtanen
eBook (PDF): $238.81
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In this chapter, several knowledge representation and processing techniques based on a symbolic and semantic approach are briefly described. The majority of present-day techniques, like the... More > relational database model or OWL (Web Ontology Language), is based on the symbolic approach and supports the representation and processing of semantically related knowledge. Although these two techniques have found many successful applications, there are certain limitations in their wider use, stemming from the use of naming in explicit description of the meaning of the represented knowledge. To overcome these limitations, the authors propose a technique based on the semantic approach, Hierarchical Semantic Form (HSF), that uses semantic contexts to implicitly define the meaning.< Less
The Customization 500 - Ebook, retail By Dominik Walcher, Frank Piller
eBook (PDF): $254.43
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The Customization 500 study is an international benchmark study on mass customization and personalization in consumer E-Commerce. It's aimed to provide a showcase of the state-ofthe-art of mass... More > customization (MC) and personalization in the internet. On the one hand, we want to provide a comprehensive picture of the market space of customization companies in this domain. On the other, we will look closer into choice navigation, the ability of companies to interact with consumers to co-design a custom offering (for more details and a preview pdf, see:< Less
Are You Ready For Your Interview? How to Prepare for Media Interviews Includes Special Sections on Social Media By Paul Lima
eBook (PDF): $5.95
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Are you seeking media attention? Have you sent out media releases to promote your company, product, service, issue, or event? Are you attempting to use the media to reach potential customers,... More > shareholders, sponsors, donors, or other stakeholders? Is their an issue in your sector or at your company that has, or might, capture public attention? Are you dealing with a problem or a crisis? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to be prepared for interviews by reporters, broadcasters, or even bloggers. And "How To Prepare For Media Interviews" will show you how to get ready to face the media -- how to answer simple or confrontational questions and how to handle a crisis. The special report includes two sections on using social media to reach your target audience and to handle social media issues that may arise.< Less
Winning the Big Ones: How Teams Capture Large Contracts By Michael O'Guin
eBook (ePub): $9.95
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The authors, using the techniques in Winning the Big Ones, have helped their clients win over $286 Billion in contract awards with an 86% win rate. This book describes how capture teams pursue and... More > win large contracts. Learn how top performing capture teams pursue and win large contracts: • Structure your business acquisition process like the top performers • Select the best few opportunities • Develop a win strategy that differentiates your solution on those attributes most important to the customer • Establish the Price-to-Win to bid the highest price possible and win • Collect intelligence and conduct competitive analysis • Influence the customer to shape the acquisition to improve your position • Pre-sell your solution • Organize and staff the capture team • Craft persuasive win themes and proofs of benefits • Close the sale with effective negotiation strategies. All of these techniques are illustrated with a hundreds of real world examples.< Less
Nutcracker Ballet Promotion Ideas By Shelly Stone
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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This eBook is designed to give you some promotion ideas and online marketing strategies to help you promote your dance performance of the holiday favorite, “The Nutcracker.” It has ideas... More > for marketing as well as five specific promotional events that can take place the weeks prior to your performance, which can be adapted to fit your needs. It also includes step-by-step actions to market your events and your company using online marketing methods such as Facebook, Twitter, Social Bookmarking, Pinterest, YouTube, Newsletters, Blog Posts, Event directories, press releases and more.< Less
The Flea Market Way By Lloyd Brown
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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One way to open a retail game store. This abbreviated business plan proposes one method that minimizes risk and costs while building a gaming community. - pocket edition By Todd A
Paperback: $10.00
Ships in 3-5 business days is a manifesto for those of us who’ve spent years compromising our values in the work we do. It is also for those just formulating their values and wondering how to live by... More > them. This book is for anyone who wants to do good work and wants to do work that does good. Here is the little idea: if you want to do good work, aim for simple and open. offers ideas for achieving this goal and reasons to stick to those values. It does so by following its own advice. The essays inside are short and simple. They open jobs that have resulted in bad, complex, and closed work. They offer methods for getting to the good work. Though this book was born in the web industry, this is a mission statement for anyone being held back from doing good work or from living a good life by the complex systems around them. is a call to make things better by focusing on simplicity and openness. Do good work. Do it simply. Do it openly.< Less
The Persistent Pursuit of Knowledge: How you can capitalize from MY mistakes By Shane H. Siederman, ChFC
Paperback: $8.50
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Shane H. Siederman holds many security licenses including the ChFC. The key ingredients to Shane’s success is his knowledge, experience and drive to help achieve the best results for his... More > clients. Shane owns an independent practice, Bay Ridge Financial Group. Shane continues to educate and surround himself with talented experts and professionals such as lawyers, accountants and tax attorneys. Having a well-rounded financial management platform benefits his business and his main priority, his clients. For a free financial or a 401K review please visit our web site:< Less
Memorable Marketing, Measurable Results By Converge Consulting
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“Converge Consulting's inbound marketing book speaks directly to what is new and next in Marketing. Coming from the agency world and working with global brands, I understand the importance of... More > embracing these concepts and more importantly using the right tools when it comes to implementing them. At Northwestern University we discuss these topics often. The content in this book is wonderfully relevant for all marketing professionals.” - Mary Baglivo, Chief Marketing Officer at Northwestern University< Less
Predictive Modeling and Analytics By Jeffrey Strickland
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This book is about predictive modeling. Yet, each chapter could easily be handled by an entire volume of its own. So one might think of this as a survey of predictive models, both statistical and... More > machine learning. We define A predictive model as a statistical model or machine learning model used to predict future behavior based on past behavior. In order to use this book, the reader should have a basic understanding of statistics (statistical inference, models, tests, etc.)—this is an advanced book. Every chapter culminates in an example using R. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. The book is organized so that statistical models are presented first (hopefully in a logical order), followed by machine learning models, and then applications: uplift modeling and time series. One could use this as a textbook with problem solving in R (there are no “by-hand” exercises).< Less
Selling Backwards By Ryan Dohrn
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Looking to grow revenue? A proven ad sales training system for media companies wanting to grow revenue today! How to sell more advertising to social media saturated, digitally focused, seriously... More > confused advertisers.< Less
Contextual Intelligence By Matthew Kutz
Paperback: $19.99
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2013 Leadership Book Award for Innovation and Cutting-Edge Perspective Contextual Intelligence is a leadership model that will help you navigate constantly shifting environments. This book... More > integrates a cutting-edge 3D Thinking framework with 12 core behaviors that will help you diagnose your context and lead others to higher levels of performance. Today’s leadership landscape is dynamic and challenging. Earlier theories and assumptions appear to be inadequate and over simplistic in their ability to flex with the volatility and complexity of organizations which function in a knowledge economy at a local, national and global level. This book extends the non-Newtonian-based leadership paradigms by integrating the principles of tacit knowledge, synchronicity and time orientation, which are essential competencies for today’s leaders.< Less
The Moody Method to Computerized Machine Shorthand II - For Beginning Students By Kay Moody
Paperback: $98.50
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The Moody Method to Machine Shorthand Book II is for beginning machine shorthand students. The basic concepts in this textbook are based on fundamental machine shorthand theory principles originally... More > developed many years ago combined with the ever-evolving advanced computer technology.< Less
Brickstarter By Dan Hill, Bryan Boyer
Paperback: $24.00
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Brickstarter is a prototype for a 21st century social service, described in this book. It proposes a new model for how we make shared decisions about shared spaces. Brickstarter tests the exciting... More > potential of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing against the practical realities of debating, governing, investing in, and ultimately delivering the built environment. This service doesn’t exist yet, though we purposefully talk about it as if it does. Brickstarter was executed as a prototype and a provocation intended to bring attention to both the exciting potential and the difficulties of working at the intersection of technology and urban environments. This book gives you the tools to take it forward. Will Brickstarter be built by you?< Less
Regenerative Enterprise By Gregory Landua, Ethan C. Roland
Paperback: $24.95
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Beyond green business, social entrepreneurship, and triple-bottom-line profits lies a new kind of venture: the Regenerative Enterprise. In the context of global ecological and cultural degradation,... More > creating financial capital profits alone is no longer acceptable. Regenerative Enterprise articulates the a new economic model and redefines the concepts of sustainability and regeneration. It then develops the theoretical and practical requirements for regenerative enterprises, entrepreneurs, and enterprise ecologies. The book concludes with three global imperatives and a clear set of principles that invite well-designed and effective action.< Less
CMM Solutions - Field Guide By Jesse Sostrin, Barnett Pearce, Kimberly Pearce
Paperback: $35.00
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CMM Solutions is the latest release from Barnett Pearce, Jesse Sostrin and Kimberly Pearce. The new CMM Solutions Field Guide and companion Workbook are a must read for coaches, consultants and other... More > thoughtful practitioners who seek dynamic methods of practice that can address the increasingly complex issues and interdependencies they (and their clients) confront in the workplace. Drawn from years of research and reflective practice with clients across a variety of industries, CMM Solutions provides a tangible set of templates that can be used simply and effectively across a variety of individual, team and organizational settings. The straight-ahead style of writing and incisive approach to designing consultative engagements will help consultants to do their work better by taking advantage of all that CMM has to offer.< Less
Finding a Job Worth Having, 4th Edition By Vicki Lind, MS, Cynthia Dettman, JD, MSW
Paperback: $17.95
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This expanded handbook will help people find and create meaningful work in Portland's creative, health care, education, social justice, and sustainability communities.
The Ladder of Success: An Asset Protection Planning Primer By Jeffrey R. Matsen
Paperback: $19.95
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The Ladder of Success is focused specifically on Asset Protection Planning and is designed to help you preserve and protect your assets during your lifetime then transfer them in the most tax-saving... More > and efficacious manner to the next generation. The purpose of this book is to provide you with a straightforward and elementary understanding of Asset Protection and how it can be effectively implemented by taking various steps—like rungs on a ladder. This is a multi-tiered plan and works together as a whole to bring an individual to a higher level of protection. Some of the steps of the ladder may not be relevant but they are worthy of consideration and review. By reading this book, you are initiating the process of protecting the assets you have worked so hard to build and preserve. The goal is to give you enough basic information to take the next important steps to implement your Asset Protection plan, and truly climb the ladder of success.< Less
SHAZAM Reference Manual Version 11 By Diana Whistler et al.
Paperback: $65.00
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The SHAZAM Reference Manual is the definitive guide to modelling and prediction with SHAZAM Econometrics, Statistics and Analytics Software.
Living Outside The Cubicle - The Ultimate Success Guide For The Aspiring Entrepreneur By Darren Sugiyama
Paperback: $24.95
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Living Outside The Cubicle truly is The Ultimate Success Guide For The Aspiring Entrepreneur. If you've ever dreamed of accomplishing greatness, and building your own business, this book lays down... More > the blueprint of how to achieve massive success in both business, and life in general. Written by multi-talented entrepreneur Darren Sugiyama, this book clarifies, directs and inspires all who dream of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur. Darren not only shares his secrets on what has made him successful, but also teaches you his step-by-step process of business development, goal setting, marketing, branding, leadership, and confidence building. Never before has there been a book that has fully encompassed each step of becoming a successful entrepreneur, where you can say to yourself, "Now I know EXACTLY what I need to do!" This book will literally change your business life forever.< Less