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The New Leadership Paradigm By Richard Barrett
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New from Richard Barrett, The New Leadership Paradigm is more than a leadership text book (530 pages), it is a state-of-the-art learning system for 21st century leaders. The book is in six parts.... More > Part 1 describes the fundamental principles and concepts that lie at the core of the New Leadership Paradigm learning system. Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 apply these principles to Leading Self , Leading a Team, Leading an Organisation, and Leading in Society. The final part includes three annexes: information about the New Leadership Paradigm leadership development learning system; an overview of the Cultural Transformation Tools and an overview of the origins of the seven levels of consciousness model.< Less
The Customization 500 - Ebook, retail By Dominik Walcher, Frank Piller
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The Customization 500 study is an international benchmark study on mass customization and personalization in consumer E-Commerce. It's aimed to provide a showcase of the state-ofthe-art of mass... More > customization (MC) and personalization in the internet. On the one hand, we want to provide a comprehensive picture of the market space of customization companies in this domain. On the other, we will look closer into choice navigation, the ability of companies to interact with consumers to co-design a custom offering (for more details and a preview pdf, see:< Less
Mojo Marketing By Gary Hayes, Lauren Moir
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The 'must have guide' to buying trends in fashion. If you do not have a marketing department ‘juggxrnaught’ behind you then this is the source for you to make informed marketing and... More > buying decisions. Expertly synthesized and collated for you by marketing and retail fashion executives. One of the objectives of this report is to move the BIG BET’s mentality forward, into the daily activities for those of us who are involved in managing the risks in our businesses, with limited resources. C-suit executives will also find this summary a very helpful way to ensure you are informed on the upcoming trends in buying fashion and retail technology. As former executives ourselves we intimately know your time is at a premium therefore this series of reports has been developed to give a Macro to Mirco view the quickest way possible. We only wished that a concise series such as this was available when we were leading our businesses, and it is with that in-mind we have brought this to you< Less
It's All About the Niche By Cheryl Smith
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Choosing a life as a freelance editor/writer brings up many questions, and how you answer them can have a major impact on your success as a freelancer. One of the more interesting is the subject of... More > this booklet – will declaring a specialty for yourself likely increase or decrease your freelancing opportunities?< Less
Execution Without The Drama By Patrick Thean
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The power of metrics is astounding! Actually, its the RIGHT metrics that carry all the power. What can you measure NOW that will give you insight into the FUTURE of your business? Measuring the... More > right things right now can help you to predict outcomes. Predicting outcomes allows you to solve problems today instead of being blindsided by them tomorrow. I was running an Inc500 company. Growing in excess of 100% a year, with my "hair on fire", we measured various metrics indcluding the usual financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). But wait! These KPIs are about past and current performance. They allow you to celebrate with ice cream parties, but do not provide insight regarding future problems and outcomes. It wasn't until I discovered the RIGHT THINGS to measure that we began sharing bonuses along with the ice cream. This is my story, my journey of discovering the right things to measure and the dashboards that changed my future.< Less
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La Pobreza castiga a muchos paises de éste planeta y a la gran mayoria de sus habitantes, son ya entre cien y doscientos años los que separan a los paises pobres de los paises ricos... More > en adelanto industrial y nivel económico; Mientras que en los paises ricos, todos gozan de los productos más modernos. En los paises pobres, son pocos los que pueden gozar de la mitad de los lujos y comodidades que en los paises ricos pasan por comunes y regulares.< Less
The New MLM Model By Dave Lovett
Paperback: $19.97
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The 5 Secret Moves Professional Network Marketers Are Making Today To Stay On Top and How You Can Capitalize On Them… If you are one of the few network marketers left who is still building... More > your business one person at a time, how are you going to compete with your competitors that have learned to move hundreds or even thousands into their downline within months? Building a normal network marketing or MLM organization in the 21st Century is like trying to fill a leaky bucket if you are not using the Internet! 97.1% of network marketers eventually fail but not because they didn't work hard enough. Already many of the Top Sponsors, Uplines and Companies are using secret technology strategies to remain ahead of everyone. Make sure you are using them too.< Less
Sovereign DisCredit By David Roche
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We've had the credit crunch and afterwards a deep economic recession. Now get ready for a sovereign debt crisis after the biggest rise in government debt globally since world war two.
Marketing Smart By John Gumas
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Marketing Smart is a collection of quick, easy-to-read tips on how to improve your marketing, advertising and public relations efforts. Written by marketing guru John Gumas, Marketing Smart collects... More > years of proven techniques, industry insight and practical guidelines that you can put to use for your company right away. Increase your marketing know-how — and your bottom line — by Marketing Smart!< Less
Dr. Gary S. Goodman's 77 Best Practices In Negotiation By Gary S. Goodman, PhD, JD, MBA
Paperback: $29.95
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Everyone negotiates, but never before has there been a guidebook to show you, step by step, and tactic by tactic, how to use the top strategies in the field. Dr. Gary S. Goodman, famed management,... More > sales, customer service, and negotiation consultant shows you how he and the best gurus in the field have achieved exceptional results, saving and making millions of dollars in the process.< Less
Pushing the Envelope: The Small Greeting Card Manufacturer's Guide to Working with Sales Reps By Rob Fortier, Meryl Hooker
Paperback: $29.95
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Are your greeting card sales at a standstill? Do you want to move your sales beyond the local store to stores across the country? Have you thought about working with sales reps but have no idea... More > where to begin? This is the book you've been waiting for. Finally, everything the small greeting card manufacturer needs to know about finding, recruiting and retaining a winning sales force can be found in this easy-to-read handbook. Written from both the manufacturer and sales rep perspectives, this nuts and bolts guide is full of industry information, sales tips and guidance for building successful and profitable rep relationships. Are you ready to push the envelope?< Less
Finding a Job Worth Having, 4th Edition By Vicki Lind, MS, Cynthia Dettman, JD, MSW
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This expanded handbook will help people find and create meaningful work in Portland's creative, health care, education, social justice, and sustainability communities.
Democrisis By David Roche
Paperback: $21.16
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Democracy caused the debt crisis. Will it survive it? The question is whether new global leaders will stimulate the democratic model
The Landlord's Bookkeeper 2014 & 2015 By Nancy Neville
Paperback: $99.99
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If you are a landlord with one property or 100, this book is for you. I take you step by step using visuals every step of the way on how to setup your company in QuickBooks the proper way. Since... More > I am a retired landlord who owned 40 rental properties myself, I give you the reasons why you need to setup your company the way I'm showing you. Plus I'm a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor to boot. There is almost 300 pages of information with screen shots and arrows pointing to here and there and lots of graphics to help you through the setting up process. You are only as good as the tools you possess and the knowledge you gain. Here's wishing much success and knowledge. Nancy Neville< Less
The Journal of Business Leadership Summer 2015 By ROBYN HULSART
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The Journal of Business Leadership (JBL) is the official journal of the American National Business Hall of Fame (ANBHF). JBL is a multidisciplinary journal of interest to scholars, professionals,... More > and students in a broad range of management thinking. The purpose the journal is to encourage publications related to leadership and management issues in organizations.< Less
Statistics Notes: 2015 By Frank Krzystofiak
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Topics Covered - Descriptive Statistics – Numerical Measures - Descriptive Statistics – Exploratory Data Analysis & Graphical & Tabular Display - Pivot Tables - Probability... More > Basics - Probability Distributions - Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Tests - Simple Linear Regression - Multiple Regression< Less
CHAOS 2014 By James Johnson
Paperback: $24.99
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CHAOS 2014 includes the CHAOS Manifesto and CHAOS Report. CHAOS report: Twentieth First Anniversary Edition offers a traditional view. In this CHAOS report we have 12 charts, the traditional... More > resolution, then size by resolution, the resolution by size, industry, type, method, world’s area, complexity, strategic alignment, and capability. CHAOS Manifesto 2014 offers an orthogonal view of the CHAOS Research and focuses on project value versus project success. Also includes the Five Deadly Sins of project management and other material.< Less
Financial Calculations By Sarah Dingley-Brown
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Financial calculations can seem daunting - 'specially if you are studying for an exam which requires you to use statistical formula which in turn might involve going back to basic algebra. Not easy... More > when you left school many years ago. Don't panic - help is at hand with this workbook which will guide you through complex calculations on a step by step basis. This guide is essential reading if you are studying for CII exams R02,R06,J10,J12,AF4 or AF5. It is also of great benefit to anyone studying for the Institute of Financial Planning Paraplanning, CFP or Fellowship exams. The guide also includes worked examples of how to use a financial calculator - something that will help you with your clients in the real world for financial planning.< Less
Capital Gains Tax Calculations By Sarah Dingley-Brown
Paperback: $53.01
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CGT liabilities can take a long time to catch up with a client. For example CGT on a gain on a disposal made on 1st May 2015 will fall to be assessed in 2015/16 but the tax will not be due until 31st... More > January 2017. Being able to ball park CGT liabilities can help a client to make provision for this in their cashflow. A working knowledge of CGT may also help a client arrange their affairs to mitigate the CGT liability in the first place – an even better result. This guide takes the reader through a range of worked examples of mainstream CGT calculations together with lots of practice questions. As well as being essential reading for all financial advisers we recommend this guide for anyone preparing for the CF2,CF5,J02,R02,R03,R06, AF5 or AF1 CII examinations. It may also be of assistance with personal taxation exams including the IFP Certified Financial Planner or Fellowship exams.< Less
The Tax & Trusts Suite By Sarah Dingley- Brown
Paperback: $130.41
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We recognise that some of you will be studying for more than one exam and so have grouped some of the guides into subject suites. The Tax and Trusts suite contains : · Income Tax... More > calculations · IHT Calculations and · The Taxation of Trusts This suite of guides is an invaluable study aid for students taking the following CII exams: CF2,CF5,J02, R03, R06, AF5 or AF1. It may well also be of benefit to students taking the IFP Fellowship, Certified or Paraplanner examinations.< Less
The Investments Suite By Sarah Dingley-Brown
Paperback: $130.48
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We recognise that some of you will be studying for more than one exam and so have grouped some of the guides into subject suites. The Investments suite contains: · Tax update &... More > Fixed Interest Securities · Collective Investment Schemes - Onshore and Offshore · Life Assurance Based Investment – Onshore and offshore These guides should help you with your CII CF2,CF5,R02, R06, AF5 and AF4 examinations. The guides may also be of help with the IFP Certified Financial Planner exams.< Less
The Gold OA Landscape 2011-2014 By Walt Crawford
Paperback: $60.00
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How many open access articles are published each year? This study offers a partial answer, looking at all journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals as of June 2015. Based on full site visits... More > (not sampling), the book offers detailed analysis of more than 9,512 journals and quick notes on several hundred others.< Less
Spotting the Trend: An Entrepreneur’s Success Story By Jenny Chang
Hardcover: $29.99
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When Jenny Chang teamed up with her husband and sister to start an Internet security company, she struggled with juggling a new business, family life, and the demands of traveling. But Trend Micro,... More > Inc.— founded in 1988 with $5,000 in seed money—grew into a Nikkei 225 company making more than $1 billion per year in revenue and with operations in more than twenty countries. In this business book/memoir, she looks back at how she and her partners capitalized on the global threat of cyber-crime, turning a fledgling company into an amazing growth story. Chang does much more than just revisit the company’s history: She shares the story of the three founders and their vision, and she reveals all the details behind how they transformed the security industry—and their own lives—in ways they never imagined.< Less
Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide: CODE 3 THOUSAND By C.A. Green
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With over 3,800 codes to every make and model of catalytic converter, including pictures, grades and prices that are extremely close to those of reputable refineries. As well as an additional... More > section that list even more codes in alpha-numerical order, making this latest edition a must have for both serious and novice scrap catalytic converter buyers and sellers. We have compiled the most sought after and hard to acquire codes with their values for the most common and not so common scrap catalytic converters and DPF systems. We have expanded our pricing to include 3 PLATINUM market values ($1,100, $1,200 and $1,300), and have also included a chart that will show you how to adjust prices under any Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium market changes. All Buyers of this guide will also receive additional codes via email periodically! GET THE VALUE FOR EACH AND EVERY CATALYTIC CONVERTER! •KNOW WHAT THE REFINERIES KNOW! •STOP OVERPAYING AND UNDERPAYING, AND INCREASE YOUR PROFITS!< Less
The Landlord's Bookkeeper QuickBooks for Landlords who hold and flip By Nancy Neville
Paperback: $109.99
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This book is for landlords who own rentals and who buy and sell, e.g. flip their properties. Every year Nancy Neville upgrades her books to entail not only the new upgrades in QuickBooks, but how... More > the landlord is progressing in their roles as landlords. This book features over 300 pages of visuals and includes her own Chart of Accounts, Items List, Templates, and advice on things you should do and not do as landlords. Nancy has been a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1995 and has used QuickBooks since 1997. Her books have sold all over the world and is considered in the landlord field as the Queen of QuickBooks for Landlords.< Less