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How To Lead Successful Team Building Programs By Michael Cardus
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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Did you ever wonder “How does one lead AWESOME team-building programs? The ones that ensure that content and learning take place. A teambuilding program that is fun, and teams leave better than... More > when they arrived?” Now you can find out. In this 55 page E-book you will find applicable strategies, team-building activities, facilitation, de-briefing, and processing activities + theory that you can use immediately.< Less
Prosperity Consciousness. Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness By Steven Bowman, Chutisa Bowman
eBook (PDF): $15.95
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Is it possible to unleash the power of your consciousness over money? According to authors Steven & Chutisa Bowman, the answer is a resounding, "Yes!" With their revolutionary financial... More > guide, Prosperity Consciousness, the Bowmans explore how and why people diminish, contract and cast a shadow over their prosperity consciousness. Once you understand these limitations, you can then destroy and undo the lies keeping you mired in financial insecurity. Written by two very successful international business advisors, this book will provide inspiration, insight and practical tools you can use today to change your financial situation.< Less
The Successful Equipment Lease Broker By The Leasing Expert, Inc.
eBook (PDF): $18.95
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This book describes how to start an equipment leasing / financing company for little or no money and build it into a large cash producing business.
The HR and Training Managers Guide to Recruiting and Developing 'Superstar' Employees By Richard Parkes Cordock
eBook (PDF): $7.81
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A step-by-step blueprint for making ALL your employees and managers responsible for profit growth. Essential reading for HR and Training professionals.
SELLECOM: 101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle By Peter Radizeski
eBook (PDF): $4.97
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101 Ideas for Marketing in the Telecom Jungle. This book includes over 100 ideas for selling, marketing and running a business in the telecommunications industry today.
Anti Money Laundering Laws and Regulation By George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM
eBook (PDF): $17.00
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Introduction to the Bank Secrecy Act Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Reports and Recordkeeping Requirements Customer Identification Program Special Information Sharing Procedures to Deter... More > Money Laundering and Terrorist Activities Customer Due Diligence Banking Services and Activities with Greater Potential for Money Laundering and Enhanced Due Diligence Procedures Monitoring Bank Secrecy Act Compliance BSA Violations and Enforcement Identification of Suspicious Transactions Suspicious Activity Reporting Office of Foreign Assets Control Examples of Proper Citation of Apparent Violations of the BSA Related Regulations in the Report of Examination Web-Site References< Less
Every Sale Has 5 Basic Obstacles : Learn What They Are & How To Overcome Them By Brett Burgess
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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With every new prospect you meet, and every sales meeting you hold, whether obvious or not, you're up against 5 obstacles. They are: No Need, No Money, No Hurry, No Desire, No Trust.... More > Traditionally sales trainers spend a lot of time showing you tricky ways to overcome these sales obstacles. The problem is that they're essentially teaching you to argue with your prospects! We may end up overcoming the objection; however, the fact is where objections exist, closing ratios go way down. Think of the last sale you lost to an objection and what it was. What if you could have overcome it before it became a problem? There is a solution! Brett Burgess, in his book Every Sale has 5 Basic Obstacles - Learn What They Are and How to Overcome Them, will walk you through each one in detail. You'll learn to identify and understand each one, then how to apply proven techniques for overcoming them.< Less
Pitching to Win By Jeff Woodard
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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After all the effort, discussions, meetings, and late nights, how many sales presentations do you or your team actually win? Do you suffer from these common pitching problems? -Lack of process to... More > qualify what to bid for and what not to bid for -Presentations with too much detail -Not seen as a real team -Lack of differentiation; no clear benefits understood by the audience -No clear flow, poor sequencing of ideas -Not persuasive -Poor time management, audience loses focus and gets bored. Whether you are making persuasive presentations to million-dollar accounts or inside your company, this book explores these common problems and more, and offers succinct, practical, and proven advice to solve them. This is a book on developing and delivering an effective pitch. You are pitching when you are asking for a change in the audience. You are pitching whether you are asking the boss for more headcount or delivering a multimillion-dollar RFP response to a multinational account.< Less
Sports Arbitrage - Advanced Series - Cross-Market Trading Strategies I By Rajeev Shah
eBook (PDF): $151.33
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Cross-Market Trading Strategies use mathematical models to generate risk-free trades between different sports-betting markets. These types of trades are all but invisible to most sports arbitrage... More > software and they occur most often within highly liquid soccer markets where bookmakers accept the highest stakes & exchanges have the greatest market-depth. In this series, the highly acclaimed and widely respected trader Rajeev Shah (author “Sports Arbitrage – How To Place Riskless Bets And Create Tax Free Investments”) provides a definitive guide to understanding, recognizing & trading over 350 types of cross-market sports arbitrage trade using matchbets, European & Asian Handicaps, Under/Overs and others. Volume I in this series focuses on cross-market trades involving Asian Handicaps, Under/Overs and others. If you are a professional or aspiring sports arbitrage trader and want to take your trading to the highest level of longevity and profitability, this series is for you.< Less
How to Take Power By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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POWER: You need it. Power decides who lives well and who struggles. Power decides what is legal and what's a crime. And ultimately, power decides who lives longer and who dies sooner. What is... More > power? Who has it? How did they get it? How do you get it from them? Can you share it? How do you use it? This book describes how to confront abusive power successfully. But protesting greed and injustice is just a start. We explore the creative actions anyone can take to make American communities strong again, to set good examples for this nation and its states.< Less
Best Option Strategy Ever By David Bunney
eBook (PDF): $48.93
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Option traders! Looking for a conservative, safe and reliable strategy? The “Best Option Strategy Ever” produces a potential 3% to 7% return on investment each month. Regardless of... More > whether the market is up, down, or stagnant, this trading method works—predictably and consistently. Until now, this strategy has usually been reserved for elite traders with huge accounts. But the fact is that the method works just as well to small-account traders. You place your trades only once a month. It requires very little monitoring. Perfect for busy people with limited time to devote to stock trading. The method requires no software, no memberships, and no subscriptions. NO NEED to constantly monitor the market! NO NEED for complex analysis or charting! NO NEED to worry about a global crash…you’re fully protected! We recommend you “paper trade” this system first—you’ll be risking nothing. This is the “Holy Grail” of option trading! 2ND EDITION...NOW WITH PAPER TRADING GUIDE, WORKSHEET and FAQ's.< Less
A Beginner's Guide To Buying a Franchise By Michael Senoff
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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When it comes to entrepreneurialism, buying a franchise may seem like one of the safest bets around. The business is already popular and established, and the franchisor holds your hand through the... More > whole process so you’re never in business alone. Not so, says Mark Leonard, franchise expert and former Subway franchise owner. In fact, Mark says buying a franchise is no safer than starting your own business or buying an independent one – and in many ways, it may actually be a lot riskier. So in this audio, you’ll hear what you need to do before you jump into buying a franchise. You’ll hear the only kind of due diligence that makes a difference, the 3 biggest pitfalls you need to look out for, what kind of help you can typically expect from a franchisor, and the best ways to finance your transaction.< Less
A Dictionary Of Forex & Other Trading Terms By Dele Ogundahunsi
eBook (PDF): $2.35
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A Dictionary of Forex & Other Trading Terms is a compendium of Forex Terms and their meanings. This dictionary also contains technical graphs and explanations. While it is an essential companion... More > for the Forex newbie, pro, or trainer, traders in Futures and Commodities, generally, should find it useful.< Less
Big Questions in Creativity 2013 By Paul Reali, Cynthia Burnett
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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Creativity—multi-layered, multi-faceted, multi-variate—naturally raises many questions from those who seek to understand it. At the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY... More > Buffalo State, home of the world’s first Master’s of Science in Creativity, the field’s newest thinkers explore some of the newest questions. "Big Questions in Creativity 2013" collects the year’s best papers from the M.S. program’s graduate students, and presents them here for anyone interested in taking a deep dive into current thinking in creativity.< Less
How To Start A Human Resources Business - From Your Kitchen Table By Severo Melendez
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How To Start A Human Resources Business - From Your Kitchen Table. Welcome to the exciting, and very lucrative, world of the Human Resources Consulting. As part of the Kitchen Table Office Series,... More > The Human Resources Consulting Book was put together to give those who have basic HR experience, the opportunity of having their own HR consulting business. It comes with a “To-Do” plan. It is chock full of do’s and don’ts about running your own HR business. It contains: Sales tips to help sell your services to your clients; Tips on the basics of employee benefits for your clients; How to recruit and how to hire: How to build a strong team for your clients; Tips on employment laws; How to write an employee hand book for your clients, and so much more. With this HR manual, and with just your basic HR knowledge, you can have your own HR consulting business up and running, right from you kitchen table, almost immediately.< Less
Outcomes By Dr. Bob Smith
Paperback: $12.00
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An explanation of and "how to" write job descriptions in the language of outcomes and results. Almost all job descriptions fall short because they are written in language that gives poor... More > performers a way out. When you write your job descriptions in terms of outcomes, poor performers are without excuses and you are able to manage your people in ways that are constructive for the company and honoring and empowering to them.< Less
The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation By Judy and Dagmar Jenner
Paperback: $25.00
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Any linguist can become an entrepreneurial linguist, work with direct clients, and make a good living while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. This book by longtime translating twins Judy and... More > Dagmar Jenner will teach you how to start your entrepreneurial linguist journey. Written in a purposely non-academic style, "The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Business-School Approach to Freelance Translation" will show you how to market your services to direct clients, build and nurture relationships, grow your client base in a structured way, use web 2.0 to promote your services, and much more. This book is intended for both beginning and established translators and interpreters around the world.< Less
Hard Studies on the Soft Parts of Business By Dr. Bob Smith
Paperback: $15.00
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A summary of more than a dozen studies using a formal science to measure the differences between people who succeed and people who don't in specific jobs and roles. The goal has been to help business... More > people do a better job on the people side of their businesses. This includes hiring, managing and training more effectively.< Less
The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Creative Reuse Center By Kelley Carmichael Casey, PsyD, Alyssa Kail
Paperback: $20.00
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The Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Creative Reuse Center is the first manual that shows you how to set up your creative reuse center from conception to running full steam ahead. It is an... More > invaluable resource for new and growing creative start-ups. This manual is full of information, activities and exercises to help you create your model, business plan, programs and get community support. According to MaryEllen Etienne, Executive Director of the Reuse Alliance, "If you're thinking about starting a reuse center there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Learn best practices and top tips from Kelley and Alyssa, seasoned reuse professionals. This book is a phenomenal resource that will help any reuse company grow and thrive."< Less
Regenerative Enterprise By Gregory Landua, Ethan C. Roland
Paperback: $24.95
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Beyond green business, social entrepreneurship, and triple-bottom-line profits lies a new kind of venture: the Regenerative Enterprise. In the context of global ecological and cultural degradation,... More > creating financial capital profits alone is no longer acceptable. Regenerative Enterprise articulates the a new economic model and redefines the concepts of sustainability and regeneration. It then develops the theoretical and practical requirements for regenerative enterprises, entrepreneurs, and enterprise ecologies. The book concludes with three global imperatives and a clear set of principles that invite well-designed and effective action.< Less
The 6-Figure Retirement By Darren Sugiyama
Paperback: $19.95
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Written by multi-talented entrepreneur Darren Sugiyama, "The 6-Figure Retirement" explicitly explains the many advantages of using Cash Value Life Insurance as a tool to create tax-free... More > retirement income. Unlike many other so-called "retirement planning books," there is no fluff or filler content, nor does Darren Sugiyama dance around any issues. He is direct and transparent in communicating his views on the life insurance industry, as well as the investment and financial services industry as a whole. His refreshing perspective is clearly laid out in layman's terms, and though the strategies he discusses are complex, Darren Sugiyama has successfully and brilliantly communicated the complexities and mysteries of the financial world in a way that just about anyone can understand. For more infomation on the author, go to:< Less
Natural Laws in the Service of the Decision Maker By Theodore Modis
Paperback: $34.99
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In his groundbreaking book, "Predictions", Theodore Modis presented a fascinating new way to understand society and ourselves by applying fundamental scientific concepts to predicting... More > social phenomena. In his book, "Conquering Uncertainty", he explained how his unique theories can be applied to business providing today's business people with tools for finding solutions to the challenges of today's ever-changing, unpredictable and volatile business environment. In this volume he goes into the practical and technical details on how consultants and science-friendly businesspersons who are willing to «get their hands dirty» can do that. He uses real-life examples, case studies, and detailed step-by-step procedures. This is a How-to book concerning the application of natural laws in the world of business. The use of specific tools and methodologies are illustrated with case studies describing real engagements.< Less
Russia Business and Investment Opportunities Yearbook Volume 1 Practical Information, Opportunities, Contacts By IBP, Inc
Paperback: $99.95
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Russia Major investment,export-import and other Strategic business opportunities and contacts,basic info for conducting business in the country
Russia Clothing and Textile Industry Handbook - Strategic Information and Contacts By IBP, Inc
Paperback: $99.95
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Russia Clothing and Textile Industry Handbook - Strategic Information and Contacts
Lessons about the Structure of Finance By Thomas Downs
Paperback: $14.26
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This textbook accompanies the Fi302 Business Finance course at the University of Alabama.