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The Art of Data Science By Roger Peng, Elizabeth Matsui
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This book describes, simply and in general terms, the process of analyzing data. The authors have extensive experience both managing data analysts and conducting their own data analyses, and have... More > carefully observed what produces coherent results and what fails to produce useful insights into data. This book is a distillation of their experience in a format that is applicable to both practitioners and managers in data science.< Less
Giving Back Social and Business Hospitality for E-Commerce Professionals and Graduate Students An Etiquette Guide to Connoisseur Frugal Giving in the Most Expensive Cities in the World By Harold Almon
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This book contains information about Giving Back Social and Business Hospitality for E Commerce Professionals and Graduate Students An Etiquette Guide to Connoisseur Frugal Giving in the Most... More > Expensive Cities in the World. It covers things to do when Giving Back and Saying Thank You.< Less
Kosovo Country Study Guide Volume 1 Strategic Information and Developments By IBP, Inc.
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Kosovo Country Study Guide Volume 1 Strategic Information and Developments
How to Run a Successful Second Hand Store By David pedro
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Running a second hand business is like running every other business. The term second hand means selling used products.In order to run a successful second hand store you will have to put few things in... More > place.< Less
Writing Your Memoirs Workshop: A Manual for Instructors By Karen Hamilton Silvestri
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Updated and expanded in 2012, the manual for instructors now has more than ever resources to help you start leading memoir workshops! A helpful guide to help you get started leading workshops on... More > memoir writing in your community. I have been leading workshops since 1998 and share with you my ideas, my research.< Less
A Freelance Editor's Guide to Book Production By Rachel Hockett
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Veteran book producer Rachel Hockett details the process of taking a book from raw manuscript to printer-ready files in this updated and revised edition of the popular EFA guide. Topics include... More > creating the schedule, estimating the costs, hiring the freelancers and suppliers, preparing the text, creating the front matter and index, reviewing the proofs, invoicing, and working with the author and publisher.< Less
L. H. PARKE COMPANY "Pushcart to a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation" By An Irwin Family History Book
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This 2012 updated, black and white, 138 page, soft cover edition is a 7.5 x 7.5 inch square book with over 150 pictures of various products of L. H. Parke Company and many of the company's... More > advertising items and customer give away promotional items. L. H. Parke & Co. was founded by partners William P. M. Irwin and Louis H. Parke. The company was merged in 1962 into Monarch Foods. At the time of the sale the company was headquartered in Philadelphia with offices and warehouses in Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Richmond, VA and Albany, New York. The company was famous for its coffee, tea, spices and "Packed to Order" canned good. Most products shown were from 1890s to the 1950s. Pictured and discussed are Donald Irwin, Donald Irwin Jr. and James M. Irwin. The book also has a short history on Irwin-Harrisons-Whitney, Inc. a world wide importer and exporter of tea with over 20 locations around the world during the 1920s and 1930s. Andrew P. Irwin and his brother, Robert F. Irwin are noted.< Less
Integrate Diversity into Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring By Lila Kelly
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QUANTITY DISCOUNTS starting at 10+ books at 50% off. FREE SHIPPING. Contact us at for details. ONLINE TRAINING: Integrating Diversity Into Employment Interviewing also available. ... More > THIS BOOK guides employers through a process to identify and eliminate barriers for diverse applicants, build cultural competencies, and create inclusive recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices. Techniques and examples are presented for culturally-sensitive interview questions, addressing diversity during an interview, diversity recruiting, inclusive hiring and more. Quizzes are included to test the reader’s learning.< Less
The Landlord's Bookkeeper QuickBooks for Landlords who hold and flip By Nancy Neville
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This book is for landlords who own rentals and who buy and sell, e.g. flip their properties. Every year Nancy Neville upgrades her books to entail not only the new upgrades in QuickBooks, but how... More > the landlord is progressing in their roles as landlords. This book features over 300 pages of visuals and includes her own Chart of Accounts, Items List, Templates, and advice on things you should do and not do as landlords. Nancy has been a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 2005 and has used QuickBooks since 1997. Her books have sold all over the world and she is considered (in the landlord field) as the Queen of QuickBooks for Landlords.< Less
The Fuckup Book By Failure Institute
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The Fuckup Book is inspired by the Fuckup Manifesto we created to help people break free from 24 key stigmas surrounding failure. For each we wrote a short reflective piece, commissioned a funky... More > illustration and crafted a guided activity to break free from them. That's 24 chapters plus 12 failure stories from now-successful innovators, all designed so English speakers around the world can have their own breakthrough.< Less
The Art of Selling Jewelry By Noel Rodriguez
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"The Fastest, Easiest, most cost effective way for sales associates to turn into Million Dollar Club Mermbers." It is an easy to use training tool, that encompasses all the needed... More > information on how to sell jewelry effectively “The Art of Selling Jewelry” is the first sales book written strictly for the jewelry industry. It shows salespeople how to become Selling Stars by sharing with them, in detail, the powerful selling techniques Million Dollar Club Members use to close jewelry sales. Visit Our WEB SITE< Less
PC3: A Manager's Handbook By Lou Warne
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PC3 directs managers in aligning the purposes of workers with the purposes of the enterprise for that elusive win-win relationship essential for cooperation. It shows how culture can be a productive... More > tool in supporting and enhansing the efficiency and effectiveness of working together. Criteria make it all real by replacing opinion and attitude with measured facts. Cooperation in the workplace strengthens competitiveness in the maretplace. PC3 links Purpose with Cooperation, Culture, and Criteria, a winning combination in business.< Less
The New Leadership Paradigm By Richard Barrett
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New from Richard Barrett, The New Leadership Paradigm is more than a leadership text book (530 pages), it is a state-of-the-art learning system for 21st century leaders. The book is in six parts.... More > Part 1 describes the fundamental principles and concepts that lie at the core of the New Leadership Paradigm learning system. Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 apply these principles to Leading Self , Leading a Team, Leading an Organisation, and Leading in Society. The final part includes three annexes: information about the New Leadership Paradigm leadership development learning system; an overview of the Cultural Transformation Tools and an overview of the origins of the seven levels of consciousness model.< Less
The Treatment Coordinator Role Manual By Catherine Etters
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Treatment Coordinators are the like the ambassadors of the office, helping to integrate new patients, assuring quick assimilation into the practice, educate and motivate patients to accept dentistry,... More > ensure greater patient retention, and oversee Case Management and the clinical inventory (outstanding dentistry). Find out how you can improve practice performance, grow revenue, and increase patient satisfaction and case acceptance by instituting the Treatment Coordinator role in your office. This comprehensive guidebook includes how to successfully integrate the Treatment Coordinator role into your staff. It defines responsibilities, what to consider for the greatest success, a job description template, sample welcome kit material for new patients, a step-by-step follow-up system for patients who don't schedule, smile evaluation instruction, verbal scripts and more. Includes: Treatment Coordinator Role Manual Treatment Coordinator Job Description Welcome Kit Smile Evaluation< Less
The Handbook for Starting a Business as a Natural Health Consultant: A Guide for the Professional By Kay K. Larson, Ph.D.
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This no-nonsense guide covers the basics as to how to start a business as a Natural Health Practitioner. Relevant and up-to-date, it covers topics such as schools, accreditation, credentials, legal... More > issues, malpractice insurance, forms, assessment systems, marketing, compliance, appointment structuring, the two things never to do with a new client and much more. It contains all the nuances as to how to succeed and is a must for anyone interested in the field.< Less
How To Register a Business And Import Liquor In British Columbia, Canada By Lyubomir Radev
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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This Guide eBook will show you how to register a business and become a Liquor Distributor/Agent for the province of British Columbia, Canada. The eBook includes scenario examples, samples of... More > important forms, important calculations on how to formulate liquor prices, snapshots of important sites, guidance on how to fill in important forms and register products for sale and distribution, and overall explanations and suggestions about the Liquor Industry in BC. For free tips and directions, you can visit the eBook's official blog at< Less
The Prosperous Translator By Chris Durban
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Some of the Web's pithiest advice on building a successful translation practice. Translation is the grandest, most foolhardy enterprise that humans can engage in. Done right, it can also be a... More > lucrative and intellectually satisfying career. Fire Ant & Worker Bee (Chris Durban and Eugene Seidel) have over five decades' combined experience in the translation business. They firmly believe that skilled translators benefit from adopting an entrepreneurial outlook, sharing insights and experiences, and investing in themselves. In their column in the Translation Journal, they have dispensed no-nonsense advice since 1998 on topics ranging from successfully navigating the freelance/agency divide to finding direct clients, raising prices, kicking implicit content into explicit shape, mastering office clutter and translating in the nude. Readers from translation company owners to students just starting out have found Fire Ant and Worker Bee's advice invaluable.< Less
Correct Calculation of Ex Post Contributions to Return, Volatility and Tracking Error By Andreas Steiner
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In this research note, we explain how to correctly calculate contributions to ex post returns and ex post volatility and tracking error. The calculations are performed on a realistic portfolio, i.e.... More > a portfolio in which the asset weights change over time due to active management and passive drift. Further, we introduce a novel type of calculation that allows the distinction between risk contributions due to positioning and trading. We also show how risk contributions can be calculated without calculating a covariance or even volatility.< Less
Agile Advice - Creating High Performance Teams In Business Organizations By Mishkin Berteig
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Agile Advice is a collection of brief articles and longer essays about Agile methods and their principles and practices. Agile Advice articles come primarily from the popular Agile Advice blog which... More > has been in the top 50 of Agile blogs since its inception in 2005. The book has three never-before-seen essays including "Agile Mining at a Large Canadian Oil Sands Company", "Crossing the Knowing-Doing Gap", and "Becoming a Professional Software Developer". Agile Advice also has a whole section on choosing an Agile method. The author, Mishkin Berteig, has been working with Agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming since 1996.< Less
A Critique of Democracy: A Guide for Neoreactionaries By Michael Anissimov
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This guide explores the arguments against democracy. Democracy is often viewed as a mandatory system for any civilized country, but there is a compelling case, drawing on economics, political theory,... More > and cognitive psychology, that claims otherwise.< Less
Brewery Operations Manual By Tom Hennessy
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Learn how to open & run a successful brewery. This Brewery Operations Manual is a complete "to do" list that will guide you through the maze of events necessary to open your own brewery... More > without spending the family fortune. This is real nuts and bolts stuff. Within the three steps you'll learn how to: *Save money so less is needed *Pick the type of locations that will save you time and money *Piece together a brewery for a fraction of the cost of a turn-key system *Follow an easy bookkeeping system to track your business in real time *Utilize a kick-ass business system to run your brewery< Less
Strategy Driven for Success Handbook: Deploy Strategies – Achieve Objectives – Celebrate Successes By Rod Baxter
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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This is a guide to strategy driven for success, designed for leaders and managers of all levels in every industry. The strategy driven handbook combines elements of the strategy development,... More > deployment, execution, and measurement using KPIs and balanced and cascading scorecards to achieve strategic goals and objectives. This handbook provides guidance through a simple seven-step approach called SUCCESS: Step One – Set the Strategic Goals; Step Two – Understand the KPIs; Step Three – Create Cultural Engagement; Step Four – Construct the Initiatives; Step Five – Execute with Rigor and Discipline; Step Six – Sustain Result with Scorecards; Step Seven – Salute the Organization. Employing this seven-step approach results in successful development, deployment, execution, and measurement of strategic goals and objectives. With the purchase of the strategy driven handbook, the reader has access to a downloadable file containing all templates referenced in the handbook.< Less
The Management of Strategy In the Marketplace, Chapter 15 - Profit Management By James Reeve
eBook (PDF): $38.00
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Chapter 15 only of the book 'The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace'.