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The Handbook for Getting Along By Frank Napoleon, Jr.
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A simple tale of our need to appreciate and support one another, as told by our hands.
When Life Hands You Marshmallows By Minga Dagucon
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Sometimes life hands you lemons... Or avocados, or monsters, or an octopus! "When Life Hands You Marshmallows" serves as a simple reminder that life is partly about what happens, but... More > mostly about how we handle whatever life hands to us. This quirky little book is fun and uplifting for both adults and children alike. Kids (of all ages) can even get creative by grabbing some crayons and coloring in the drawings! Dive in, soak it up, devour this book! Charming, easy to read, and provides the light-hearted suggestion that, "When life hands you sour things, make somethin' sweet."< Less
The Rhymes of the Gray Beard Tree By Michael Verrett
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A collection of rhymes that recall traditional values and the joys of by-gone youth. Over forty rhyming stories written for primary students and parents to read to their children. The rhymes are... More > organized into vignettes to include: Cherished, Jobs, When the Fair Came to Town, Animals, Youth, Adventure, Far and Away and Serious Nonsense. Personal favorites are Pretty Things Like me, The Hammer and the Bell, Robert the Frog, Pony Tails, The Dinosaur Tree and the Baseball Pitcher. Contains twenty black and white illustrations< Less
Macy The Lonely Pit Bull Finds A Home By Todd Jagemann
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This children's book is based on the true story of how two people and a very special dog found each other. When Bill and Janelle move to a new home, they realize that they will now finally have room... More > for the dog they have always wanted. But how will they find her? Will she need them as much as they need her? This is a story that will be appreciated by children and adults alike for its positive message opening hearts and minds to pet adoption, as well as a better understanding of the under appreciated pit bull breed.< Less
Barefeet and Tailfins Growing Up In The 1950s By Vernon Hastings Jr
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A series of childhood memories of growing up in Shreveport,Louisiana in the 1950s. Stories of childhood in a time of freedom from worry, independence and innocence.
Teena By Janet Kruk
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This is a New Adult novel and is not for those under 18 because of sexual content and language. One minute Teena thinks she’s a hot commodity; the next she’s a helpless child in an adult... More > world. Swept by hurricane Katrina from her home in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Teena is cast out into a wilderness where she will have to accept the help of an Amish clan, a Native American midwife, the Rainbow Family, and others as she finds love and the pain of love, fear, strength, and hope.< Less
Pomeroy Has an Idea By Nic Bussiere
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Pomeroy is just an ordinary kid, with funky hair and a funky name that set her apart from the other kids at school. Learn how Pomeroy copes with being bullied by her peers and how she helps a friend... More > cope too. Utilizing techniques from Dialectical Behavioral and cognitive therapies, "Pomeroy Has an Idea" shows children of all ages that they can use their own set of coping skills to pull themselves out of bad moods during hard times.< Less
Geneboy and Diamond Red The Talking Ant By Eugene Thomas
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The inspiration for this story is from the author’s fascination of nature. This children’s book is from his imagination as he observed a large red ant in the grass. The title emerged... More > when his granddaughter, Diamond, visited during a hot summer day.< Less
Christmas Socks By Michael Verrett
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Suzy Q is little girl who always wants things her own way. On Christmas day she expects lots of presents. Suzy Q is shocked to find only one gift under the tree - a pair of socks. She throws them... More > away only later to want them back. A chase begins as her dog Jack runs outside into the snow with the socks. He hands them off to a cat, then a duck, then a mouse animal until they reach the house of Phillip X Fogg,the nice boy who lives next door. A funny rhyming romp that challenges Suzy Q to understand what the importance of Christmas< Less
The River Princess By Adele H. Pascucci
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The River Princess is the story of 2 girls, a Native American princess and a present day girl. They are both princesses because of a female mallard duck who is The River Princess. All it takes to... More > be a River Princess is a magic, blue edged feather.< Less
It Doesn’t Matter How Small By Kim MacDonald
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What happens when someone small keeps a promise? Here’s a chance for children to learn that SMALL can help in a big way by being clever, using teamwork, showing kindness, and in the end... More > creating special friendships. It Doesn’t Matter How Small is a collection of twenty-two fables written by a teacher with the help of her students.< Less
I Made a Mess By Christina Sanders, Alayna A.M. Dowell
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I Made a Mess is a journey in imagination, creativity and self-expression through the eyes of a child. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world as this precocious preschooler and her fluffy... More > friend envision and construct new adventures each day of the week. The results are sure to be amusing, entertaining, and heart-warming, especially when Mom pops in unexpectedly.< Less
Broken By C. K. Gallimore
Paperback: $14.95
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How much pain are you willing to take to pick up the pieces of a shattered life? For Jace, he is willing to take it all. He will do anything and everything to make sure Cori gets the justice she... More > deserves.< Less
Kingdom of the Pumpkins (A Rainey-Estelle Kind of Day) By Michael Verrett
Paperback: $16.95
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Rainey-Estelle wears her princess dress as she and her dog, Scamp, venture out on an autumn evening to find the Kingdom of the Pumpkins. She has made two glittering crowns, one each for the king and... More > queen of the pumpkins. The two wander onto Old McDonald's farm where complaining vegetables, no trespassing signs, and a formidable corn patch try to prevent her from finding the wonderful pumpkins. When she finds the pumpkins her delight is ruined by an evil Scarecrow armed with a pitchfork. She must escape Scarecrow in order to crown the pumpkin king and queen with her homemade crowns.< Less
Scary Things Are Now Funny By Amie Williamson
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Annabelle loves stories about witches and goblins and monsters. She loves them, that is, in the daytime. At bedtime those same stories creep back into her imagination and Annabelle is too afraid to... More > sleep. One night her mother has a special idea. Maybe the things that make Annabelle feel scared can make her laugh instead? “It’s rare to find a children’s book that appeals to all ages, but this one gets our whole family laughing. Amie Williamson brilliantly addresses a universal challenge: the creepy things that are so amusing during the day can leave our kids feeling frightened at night. This lovable book is an excellent parenting tool for teaching children to conquer their own fears in an easy and delightful way. I don’t know which is more fun: reading this book with my children, or the imaginative conversations afterwards.” —Shari Shallard, mother of Stella 9, Harrison 6, Henry 2< Less
The Big Adventures of Little Alice, Book Two By Linda S. DiFranco
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“Little Alice’s First Christmas, Book Two” is the second book in “The Big Adventures of Little Alice” series. The little books were written for my mother, Alice. They... More > are based on her life and the people who were important to her. In this book, the sweet kitty, Little Alice, celebrates her first Christmas with her family and learns that this special season brings friends and family together. Each day is an adventure for Little Alice and each day her world gets bigger and bigger.< Less
Ajar By Marianna Boncek
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Sixteen year old Gus Woodard is about to live the best summer of his life. Then something goes terribly wrong. Ajar is a coming of age story about sixteen year old Gus Woodard and his schizophrenic... More > brother. Set during the 1970s in a small town in upstate New York, Gus must suffer the undeserved consequences when his delusional brother kills the local sweetheart and the high school’s popular football coach. Gus blunders his way through life as the town turns against his family. He is forced to experience betrayal from those closest to him. Gus’s only hope is Lindy a fifteen year old girl suffering from anorexia nervosa. The two become inseparable but the love and acceptance Gus feels with Lindy is soon shattered.< Less
Why Is the Moon Red? By Karen Standafer, Bev Williams, Illustrator
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Red Moon is a touching story about an inquisitive little boy named Brennen, who learns about the symbolic meaning of a red moon. He excitedly shares the good news of Jesus Christ through his artwork... More > with his teacher and classmates. Vicki Stoltz – Elementary Librarian Specialist Karen Standafer is a devoted mother, grandmother, primary literacy teacher. She combines her love for children and the Lord Jesus, and her burdened heart for the lost, with her natural skill to share the gospel through engaging stories which children can easily understand. Reading Karen’s stories with your child will make many Biblical truths clear and relevant. Robin Young – Literary Specialist and Dear Christian Friend Well written, simple and important. God Bless your efforts! Becky Meyer - KY Coordinator, Moms in Prayer International Red Moon is a sweet and endearing story with a message about sharing values. I love the illustrations, too. Katey Martin – Reading Specialist and Mentor< Less
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Letter A grows weary of always having to be first. First in line, first in bed, first up in the morning and so he decides to run away. He drops his letter A flag and crosses mountains and seas. The... More > next morning Letter B looks for Letter A but only finds the discarded Letter A flag. The other Letters are unconcerned until the realize that without a Letter A; they can no longer spell many words. Instead of looking for Letter A, the Letter hold an election to replace him. The results were not what they expect.< Less
Andy's Camping Adventure By Cathy Brown
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Come along with six-year-old Andy on his first camping trip! Feel his excitement as a scavenger hunt leads him to buried treasure. And use the clues to figure out what is causing the mysterious... More > animal tracks! Allow this fictitious story, accented by color photography, to transport you into the uplifting world of nature. (This book is suitable for "family reading time" OR for older children at the fourth to sixth grade reading levels.) And remember to take advantage of special study guides for parents/teachers in the Appendix.< Less
Timmy's Dilemma By Ruth Lott
Paperback: $7.97
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A charming family-oriented story that deals with handling emotions, with disappointment, problem solving, as well as accepting responsibilities associated with having and caring for pets. It... More > includes relationships with handicapped friends and there are opportunities for children to think about what they are reading and express their thoughts throughout.< Less
The Adventure of Glow By Stephen Moore
Paperback: $19.99
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Hello my name is Glow! This book is about my adventure to find who I am and where I belong. Along the way I go through some easy and hard tests to find my answer. Enjoy the book and remember to never... More > give up on your dreams!< Less
The Black Box By Xun An Chia
Paperback: $9.90
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Everybody has a black box in their lives. However with darkness comes light, and the black box can go away.
The Winds of the Fields By Aladdin Jones
Paperback: $9.99
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This is the tale of two siblings that spend most of their time together. During one of their adventures, they find themselves lost in the woods, and come across a town that seems to have stood still... More > in time. Or has it...< Less
Not Quite Wonderland By Jennifer Ridge
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $13.59 | You Save: 20%
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Alice is bored with her daily life; she’d rather fantasize about magic and romance. Her best friend Clary is more concerned with school and homework. One night, Clary and Alice’s brother... More > disappear and they find themselves in Laurelin—a kingdom in another world. Their arrival coincides with the disappearance of the Princess. As Clary tries to adjust to her stay in the kingdom, she’s recruited to investigate some strange accusations which might be connected to the Princess’ disappearance. Princess Elina leads a charmed life. She’s happy to leave the kingdom’s care in the hands of her older sister, the White Queen, who is trying to clean up the mess their mother left behind. She isn’t prepared for one of her guards to turn traitor. He kidnaps her and whisks her away to another world. When they become unintentionally stuck there, Elina has to figure out a way to get home. Thankfully, she finds Alice, who is willing and eager to help. Now if only Elina could understand her kidnapper's motives.< Less