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Tony and Me By Alfred Slote
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Bill Taylor is a good ballplayer on Miller’s Laundry, a bad team. More than anything he wants his father to move the family back to California where he’d played on a good team. But then... More > Tony Spain joins Miller’s Laundry and turns it around. Tony is a natural athlete, a nice kid, and a pitcher who can bring heat, throw curves and has an unhittable fork ball. Bill idolizes him and would follow Tony anywhere. One day he does. Into a sporting goods store and a crisis that will change both their lives. What happens to Tony and what Bill learns about life is the story of Tony and Me.< Less
Gaby - The Girl By Madeline Bell
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After a hectic summer its time to relax - unless you are Gaby Bond! The trip to Japan, delayed surgery and a wedding make sure Gaby has plenty to occupy her time. Read on for all the fun in this the... More > 14th book of the Gaby saga< Less
The Ankh Akademy II By Marvin Ellis
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The second book in the Ankh Akademy series about a group of children who are invited to a special school that is preparing them for an epic showdown with a very powerful and very evil woman.
The Ankh Akademy - The Great Keys Scroll I By Marvin Ellis
Paperback: $14.96
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(4 Ratings)
Book 1 of a series of 7 books about a group of children who attend a special school that is preparing them to save the universe.
Split Decisions By Jeff Stallinga
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"Sometimes I wish I wasn't a Christian." That was muttered by 13 year old Eric as he went through a period of questioning his faith. Soon after, Eric was taken on a journey that showed him... More > what his life would be like without God in it. Join Eric in this story full of suspense and unexpected twists and turns. Learn, with Eric, how every decision we make will set into motion a set of life-changing consequences.< Less
The Book Monsters Club2 Vol.21 By Anne Kim
Paperback: $15.00
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The Book Monsters Club is a unique tool that can make a difference in your child’s learning. Inside this book, you will find activities designed to help your child to master essential skills... More > that are critical for success in school.< Less
Sanu Goes To The Mountain By Kayti Ellis-El
Paperback: $10.00
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The adventures of Sanu continues as she has become the empress of her lands and must learn about all parts of her kingdom.
Hagug Natug Harufaat By Safiyyah Williams
Paperback: $10.00
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Join Hagug as she covers the KaLuik alphabet through visual representation. This is a language for our community.
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This is the book I wrote for my daughters as our oldest headed off for college. It is the final adventure of two crime solving Princess detectives that we invented when they were quite young as our... More > bedtime story telling activity. I hope you enjoy it!< Less
Guy By Aker Ellis-El
Paperback: $10.00
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Guy is an ordinary guy in his world, he has an ordinary life in an ordinary town and he follows an ordinary routine. What happens when his routine doesn't go the way it's supposed to go? Let's find... More > out!< Less
Sojourn: The Wildlands By B. D. Messick
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In a dark future, follow seventeen year old Rayn Mirago as she leaves everything she knows behind, and embarks on a journey that will either prove her worth, or take her life. Sojourn - The... More > Wildlands, is the first book in the Rayn Mirago saga where she must leave on her Sojourn across the former United States to prove her worth. She will face many struggles and dangers that will challenge her, make her doubt herself, and force her to realize that she is stronger than she ever imagined. But first, she must overcome the burden of leaving her old life, everything and everyone she has ever known and loved behind. Rayn's Sojourn begins when she steps through the gates of the Vegas Enclave and into the vast wilderness between the old city and Deadlands, an area known as the Wildlands. She will face many struggles and dangers that will challenge her, make her doubt herself, and force her to realize that she is stronger than she ever imagined.< Less
Dusty and Albert's Beaver Tales - Mr Chang's Ten Sheets of Paper By G. Daniell
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This adventure follows the two beavers as they help a new friend fulfill a long-held dream through the process of making paper in the traditional Chinese method. Once again, hard work and friendship... More > are the framework of this beaver tale.< Less
Rooster By Robert D. Culp
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Rooster covers one year in the lives of two twelve year old boys, living in oak-wooded foothills along with Rooster’s dog Flitter and seven pups. The story recounts the boys’ battles with... More > two persistent antagonists: a fierce old boar hog named Old Lop Ear, and a weird old recluse named Garvey Bockenweiler. The stories are a mixture of real life adventures of the two young boys, and fantastic constructs of one boy’s fertile imagination. The recurring conflict with the ferocious hog and the cantankerous old man are resolved in ways that teach the young protagonist and his best friend strong lessons about life. The book ends with a powerful message as the young boys discover that the old man they feared can be turned into a friend. The book is targeted for eight to twelve year olds.< Less
Wiggle Saves the Day By Ann Weir
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There is danger lurking outside the chicken yard! Lilly is unaware that something is after her chicks. Wiggle knows, but what can a lowly worm do? How can Wiggle warn Lilly without becoming chicken... More > food? Join Wiggle and his friend Sylvia in their latest adventure in Lilly's chicken yard.< Less
Song of the Spring Peepers By Michael Reade Sitzman
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(2 Ratings)
Jacob and Tyler have been best friends since first grade at William Dawes Elementary in Litchfield, Massachusetts. They’ve gone to each other’s birthday parties and played at recess. But... More > the summer after fourth grade, Tyler changes and will now be known as Brianna. He’d always been a girl inside, just not on the outside. Jacob understands fifth grade will be interesting for both of them. It’s not going to be easy. He worries about the class tough guy and a teacher who makes everybody miserable. He thinks about the girl he secretly loves and if he’ll have the courage to talk to her. Jacob wonders how he’ll protect his best friend when Brianna’s secret is revealed. Can Jacob use the power of his words to unite the gang and get the grown-ups on their side? A fiction book for kids, Song of the Spring Peepers follows ordinary students as they deal with questions of identity, bullying, prejudice, love, and loyalty. It will be a year the students at William Dawes will remember.< Less
Christmas Eve Sights By Stephen Yachanin
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Have you ever wondered what happened on Christmas Eve the year after Santa's visit in "The Night Before Christmas"? If so, then grab a cozy blanket and a hot cup of cocoa while you are... More > taken on a magical journey filled with all the wonders of another visit from jolly St. Nick. "Christmas Eve Sights" was written as a companion poem to "The Night Before Christmas".< Less
Zazur wa Kaku By Saphimau
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Zazur is a young fox who while exploring in the woods comes across a young wolf named Kaku. The two join up as friends to go on an adventure but Zazur finds out that Kaku has his own agenda.
The Book of Runes Colouring Book By WAU Sisterhood
Paperback: $6.67
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(1 Ratings)
A Children's colouring book featuring pictures that represent each individual Elder Futhark rune, as well as a no nonsense description of that rune's meaning. We hope that your children will enjoy... More > colouring these pictures and that they may help awaken their cultural soul.< Less
Who is Santa? By Georgia Kraus
Paperback: $3.99
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Christmas Spirit is renewed in four young children by their neighbor who dressed up as Santa.
Roxy, The Ballerina Turtle By Terry Lyons
Hardcover: $20.16
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A young turtle believes she can be a ballerina. She gets her chance when a storm provides a stage on which she dances for the pond and forest creatures.
Cowboy Summer By Robert D. Culp
Paperback: $9.95
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Two brothers, twelve and ten years old, live on a ranch among other ranches nestled in enclosed meadows walled in by the high Rocky Mountains. This year they are invited to join the spring cattle... More > roundup. They are joined by a young girl from a neighboring ranch for this fun-filled, work-filled expedition. The adventure becomes more exciting, and dangerous, when rustlers are encountered stealing the cattle. The youngsters grow up quickly faced with the challenges of this, their first cowboy summer. The book is targeted for children six to twelve year old.< Less
I Am An iPad By Erin Lapore
Paperback: $14.99
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This colorful children's book uses a cute, cartoon iPad character to encourage young learners to take good care of their classroom iPads. The illustration concepts were inspired by a collaboration... More > of ideas from Ms. Georg’s 8th graders in the Spring 2015 Communication Design classes at Central York Middle School.< Less
Pennwick By Bert Miller
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Pennwick is the name of an ancient fairy who lives in the woods behind the home of J.R., a boy who can't seem to get anything right. J.R. learns how to overcome his fears and numerous disasters from... More > the delightful fairy who also explains why it is important to preserve his home - the old growth forest. Folk tales and myths about fairies from around the world are intertwined here in a charming story about loyalty and overcoming adversity.< Less
Forget About It! By Michael Verrett
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Danielle, a future princess with a very long, long name. Danielle Emily Samantha Olivia Sophia Spencer Stratford-On-Avon Barnes of the land of Highcourt is a girl with curly-curly hair, a Mona Lisa... More > smile, and is so beautiful that one day she with certainly be a princess. She only has one problem - she can't seem to remember important things like the names of her best friends, their birthdays or even her pet fish, Edification also known as Edi. That is until one day a boy give her five mysterious drawings and tells her not to forget to hang them in her room. When she forgets, the drawings come to life that night and she must confront the importance of memory and the meaning of "cherish"< Less
The Inquisitive Destiny By Dewayne Carrington-Jones
Paperback: $5.56
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Meet Destiny a 5 year old girl who's favourite word is 'why?' Destiny is a very smart black girl who is keen on obtaining as much knowledge as she possibly can about herself and her culture. The... More > story allows you to learn alongside Destiny. She learns why her skin is dark, why she must embrace her hair and a host of other interesting things.< Less