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Animal Friends By Christina Evans
Paperback: $13.50
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This is the newest book written for the Noble Platypus Reading Collection - this time, about all of Noble's Friends!
AMAZING DOGS!! "WHERE'S THAT DOG FROM????" By Contessa R. Dotson
Paperback: $16.30
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This cute Children's book is about Amazing Dogs from all over the world. It's factual, it's fun. Kids all ages can have fun learning about amazing dogs. The words are fun, factual and silly. The... More > pictures/illustrations are amazing, colorful and eye-catching. Enjoy Reading About Amazing Dogs.< Less
El Dia de Los Tres Reyes Magos By Maria Garcia
Paperback: $9.99
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Una historia sobre una niña cuya abuela le hizo un cuento sobre los tres reyes magos. La historia describe una tradición hispana sobre el nacimiento de Jesús.
Momotombo By Takoa Jason Cartwright
Hardcover: $10.17
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Simon Smith is on a business trip to China. On his way back to his home town, he meets up with a Chinese tour guide, named Chano. The two have a sudden close friendship, but can the wealthy American... More > and the poor Chinese stay as friends, or will Simon ruin Chano’s life? The mystery is soon proven, Can Chano persevere and survive, life or death is on the line?< Less
Rainfall By Kennedy Bunce
Hardcover: $10.19
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Two orphans, Riley and Maya, have their only activity, dance, to surround them with joy. When Riley slipped in dance class she realized that they were in danger. On the way to safety, Riley tries to... More > save her sister and the people they meet along the way only to face horrible loss. Riley’s journey seemed possible until she lost the one person that changed her life from beginning to end. After dealing with awful loss, Riley makes a stop where she finds the people that have been lost for years. Riley’s life has left her traumatized. Read on to find out what led to her trauma.< Less
The 51 Rides By Ameer Najarali
Hardcover: $10.29
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Chris was unlucky and he was definitely not able to ride Lavanthian. His friends just dared him to. He was suppose to complete one lap. After a while things start getting a little deadly. This was... More > not what Chris and his friends had bargained for when they went on their special trip to Canada’s Wonderland… Will Chris be able to survive the adventure?< Less
Golden Slippers By Rowan Vogelsang
Hardcover: $10.25
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Have you ever wanted to follow your dreams but someone told you that you were crazy or they said no? Well, Angela Rosenberg wanted to dance but her mom wouldn’t let her. That wasn’t... More > enough to stop her. She ran away and made her dream come true, making a new friend and discovering her moms biggest secret along the way.< Less
Oh, I'm So Angry! By Cynthia Stephens Donley
Hardcover: $19.95
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(2 Ratings)
Six year old Katie has trouble finding healthy ways to express her anger for various situations.
Wonder Mamama Saves the Day: The Importance of Dressing Properly By Gilfroia Giugliano
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $8.99 | You Save: 40%
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With love, patience and self examples, this book teaches life lessons to children and guides the way; a vibrant imagination of a little girl learning life lessons from her loving Mamama
GIMMWITT Cartoons™ - The GIMMWITT Story - Vol.1 [hard cover] By Mel Bacon
Hardcover: $22.94
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Kids love the GIMMWITTs! Discover the Worlds of GIMMWITT and its unique characters. Learn about our hero, Globond. Meet his best friend and sidekick, Squirm. Sure to spark your child's imagination... More > and create smiles.< Less
Freckles the Fish 2 By M.E. Rich
Paperback: $20.48
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This is an amazing book that takes children with challenges on an inspirationl journey with a "fabulous fish". He shows them that they can overcome any of their challenges by believing in... More > that ever present magic in their hearts! Swish, Swish, Swish!!!< Less
Whaddya Want? By John Parker
Paperback: $9.99
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(1 Ratings)
StuntMasters is the story of 13 year old, Levi Kraft and his struggle to make sense of the crazy world around him. Finding little purpose in the daily routine of life his thoughts often wander to... More > more exciting places. He falls in with friendly cohorts to suffer through his days until a mystery BMX rider blasts onto the scene at the bus stop. This after school daredevil captures Levi's heart, mind, and dreams with BMX riding. Suddenly he has a reason to care about the people and events that swarm around him. Bit by bit he wakes to a world he never knew existed. With the help of a BMX bike, a skater kid, and some other odd characters he begins to learn that he has special powers of his own; powers of positive thoughts turned into purposeful action. Follow and laugh along as Levi discovers the meaning of the StuntMasters, the identity of the mystery rider, and perhaps the secret of life.< Less
The Walls We Keep By Audrey Y. Woodsum
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $12.59 | You Save: 10%
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Avis Williams is spending her summer before college working as an intern at The Los Angeles Times. Due to the cracks of her past, however, trust is not an option. Yet over the summer she learns to... More > trust not only her sister for the first time, but also her new acquaintance and boss, Ben. The novel follows her growth and development as she learns to let people in - becoming vulnerable, yet maintaining her independence.< Less
Gaby's Great Commission: Adventures in Angeling By AK Chenoweth
Paperback: List Price: $9.50 $8.08 | You Save: 15%
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(5 Ratings)
'From the moment you start to read this book AK manages to transport you to another world, where darkness overcomes light and real beauty is found' Sandra Godley Int Award Winning Singer/Mobo... More > Nominee 'The events draw you, the characters captivate you, and the words bring beautiful scenes to life.' Doris H Dancy MA, Ed Int Award Winning Author Gaby is a very fortunate angel to have AK Chenoweth tell her story. AK's flare for gentle exuberance brings out a sparkle in this little character, that will leave the reader buzzing. This book is a fine description of Biblical angelic hierarchy, undergirded with a quirky storyline fit for young readers. And a fine read, at that!' Dudley Anderson UCB Presenter/Author In this fresh and imaginative children's book, you will meet Gaby who has always been an ambitious but well-meaning angel. One day, it just so happens Gaby receives a promotion and soon realizes that there is a lot more to being an Archangel than she had bargained for!< Less
La Canción del Coquí By Maria Garcia
Paperback: List Price: $14.99 $10.49 | You Save: 30%
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Una historia sobre un pequeño coquí que vive en el bosque tropical El Yunque y desea cantar una hermosa melodía. Tristemente, después de haber consultado a varias aves... More > indígenas, él se da cuenta que no puede cantar como ellos. Al seguir los consejos de su mamá, el crea su propia canción y a sus amigos los coquíes les gusto tanto que todos comenzaron a cantar y se convirtió en su melodía tradicional.< Less
Hardcover: $22.50
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Points of views are infinite. Have you ever stretched out on a grassy knoll, face down, and watched an ant or a snail meander through their own unique and private world? Have you ever wondered how... More > that world may look from their point of view? Realizing that life is a matter of perspective or just a point of view, this picture book expresses the idea that a great many worlds exist for us to discover. A "tour guide" invites the young reader to explore a new frontier, that of their own backyard, and wonder about the tiny world of the beetle, ant, centipede and other diminutive friends. The young reader discovers that the world around them can change when seen from the viewpoint of these lilliputian acquaintances. A flower to us becomes a tree to a snail, a puddle becomes an ocean and a rock becomes a mountain. A challenge to stop, look and think from a different point of view is suggested to the young reader as well as parents.< Less
Granpappy Turtle Talks About Projects By Chris Greco
Paperback: List Price: $17.20 $12.04 | You Save: 30%
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Granpappy Turtle is back again, this time with his granddaughter talking about projects and what it takes to complete a project. Join the Turtles as they figure out how to complete a project.
Paperback: $9.99
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Enjoy reading the journey of the Pencil and Eraser. The twists and turns are extremely creative and unexpected. This is a children's book written by a savvy seven year old. It looks at friendship,... More > appreciate and respect from the perspective of a seven year old and relates that story through objects used everyday by children in that similar age group.< Less
Gaby - Culture Clash By Madeline Bell
eBook (PDF): $7.79
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(1 Ratings)
Can Drew overcome his injury? Will life ever be the same again? Of course nothing is that simple where the Wunderkind is concerned....
The Colorado Adventures By Kent Hovind
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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Book one, The Long Trip, takes us from Pensacola to the SE border of Colorado. Watch the grandkids as they grow in their ability to see the needs of others and in their confidence to witness for the... More > Lord. Book 2, The Colorado Adventures, sees the kids win souls to Christ and see lots of amazing things all over the state of Colorado. Watch them use facts from creation and the flood to share their faith. Book 3 covers the lo-o-o-o-o-ng trip home where they continue to learn and grow in Christ while seeing many new parts of this great land we live in.< Less
Magic Globe Series Book 1 By Kent Hovind
eBook (PDF): $1.49
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The goal of these stories is threefold: 1. To encourage children and adults to give their hearts and lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. 2. To teach things about God's amazing creation and to do it at a... More > level where all can understand. 3. To motivate readers to be soul winners for the Kingdom of God.< Less