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The Adventures Of Abbey the Butterfly By mary deese
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join Abbey through out her many adventures.Learn lessons and also have fun on Abbeys adventures.
Greek Salad By Isaak Dostis, Diana Sunrise
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All the salad ingredients are in an uproar! Each one thinks that they are the most important element of a Greek salad and without them, there is no Greek salad, until the mistress of the house adds... More > them to a large bowl. Together for the first time, it's a new world for them. With the help of tongs, they tumble and play and mix in a glorious salad of tastes and colors. It takes all of the ingredients to make a great Greek salad and a better world. Recipe included.< Less
Train Your Brain By Illustrated by Matthew Maybin, Sharon Disher
Paperback: $13.00
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Sally the Scientist along with friends Travon and Dierra, explore optical illusions and how our eyes can trick our brains.
KOV - Event Day By Tina Bralley
Paperback: $8.99
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The four royal cousins compete to see who is the best. Just as they are about to win a cheater steals the race.
The Intelligent Two - Murder on the Mothership By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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Ustean Cong wasn’t the smartest kid on the block, he was the juvenile male genius on the block. In that particular attribute, he was closely rivaled by Albertyne Lisbon, who lived next door.... More > As a result of winning the POTE Prize (People of the Earth) for Youth Scientific Advancement, both the Lisbon and Cong families had been invited to bring their gifted children to the nation’s capital to be trained in mind control and scientific mind development. They were part of the SMCAD scheme, (Scientific Mind Control And Development). Ustean and Albertyne had been lucky enough to be among those chosen to represent their country at the Annual Vitrolite Scientific Quantum Leap Convention, held in Bandosia, which city was considered outstanding to the Vitroleans, since it was rainbow coloured at the surface, quite unique on the planet. But what untoward event aboard the Mothership Gasguzzler Galactic bound for Bandosia, Capital City of the planet Vitrolite, threatened to halt the convention?< Less
Mystic Boundaries Book One By Mimi Ledbetter
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Prince Davion was taught that the lands of Valin would one day be his to rule and protect. But when his father is killed that day comes early, and his birthright is suddenly a burden too heavy to... More > bear. Young and inexperienced, Davion is ill-equipped to deal with his enemies in court, and their malicious plots to rob him of his kingdom. Unseen forces lead Kial, a young warrior, and Rayana, a twice orphaned girl with an iron will, to aid Davion in his epic mission. Each of them has suffered losses that weigh heavy on their hearts, and together they face an enemy threatening nothing less than the entire destruction of life itself. But the greatest danger will not be found at the point of a blade, nor in the fire of their gods. Instead, it will be in learning to trust one another and to fight their own demons, never realizing they’ve been given special gifts that will forever change their lives and the fate of their world.< Less
Skylife Manor By Caitlyn Danielle Cain
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When a mysterious worldwide ailment breaks out, kings and queens of various manor schools are forced to consider this question: Who will take over our manors, should this plague find its way to us?... More > Who will take over manorial duties, such as dealing with the feudal peasants? Most kings and queens are choosing to allow the peasants working on their manors to enroll in their manor schools, determined to pick out youths who possess the life skills imperative of rulers. The king and queen of Skylife Manor have made this decision, but their daughter Skylie is not pleased. As the royal pupils of Skylife Manor try to adapt to being mingled with peasants, they find themselves facing challenges they never could have imagined. At the same time, the peasants are doing their best to adjust to a very foreign lifestyle, and the unwelcoming royals are not making it any easier on them. Determined to secure her manor from the peasants, Skylie sets out on her most destructive mission yet…one that may come back to bite her.< Less
Bad Dog? By Tracy Blom
Paperback: $10.99
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This is the tale of a dog and its owner, and their differing views on what is BAD and what is GOOD. This book teaches us to look at situations from all points of view before getting upset or... More > forming a judgement.< Less
Make Way for Mitchell! A Kindergarten Story By Jessie Rouleau, Illustrated by Suzanne Zimmerman
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Doesn’t every young child wonder what the first day of Kindergarten will bring? Mitchell is a bright faced boy with a positive outlook. His mistakes are honest, and his successes are rewarded.... More > This heart-warming picture book teaches young readers that trying again is essential as they address these common questions: Can you dress yourself for school? What if you make a mistake in front of your peers? Does everyone feel shy and alone sometimes? What role will your teacher play? What is it like inside the classroom? What does a good day feel like? This classic first day of school story comes to life through rhythmic, high-energy verse, making it a great read aloud. Make Way for Mitchell sheds light on some of the challenges aspiring little students face as they enter Kindergarten. Your child will love to see Mitchell blossom on his first day of school!< Less
Billy; or the Tale of the Family Shoelace By Betty and Maurice Norman
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The story of brave Billy, a tiny shrew who longs for big adventure.
Crystal the Condor Makes Friends By Allen James
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"Crystal the Condor Makes Friends" is a compelling and heartwarming story of acceptance and friendship in a world of diversity and loneliness. Children learn about the importance of... More > building healthy relationships while staying true to who they are. Through Crystal, Skinky, Bokie, Ricky, and the jolly old woman, parents and children alike find themselves experiencing the same emotions as they and wishing the book would never come to a close.< Less
If It Can Be Done, We Can Do It - COLOR By Shavonda McCaleb
Paperback: $10.99
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A childrens book about facing challenges and overcoming them!
Owls and Elephants By Raphaela Riparetti
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Small children and grown ups alike will enjoy this story that describes the miracle of being born into this world. The content is presented through the Wisdom of Owls and the Knowledge of Elephants.... More > It ties together the mystery of the inner- and the beauty (and challenges) of the outer worlds. The story is inclusive of a wide range of spiritual and religious beliefs. The narrative is as much presented through words as it is through the paintings. The vivid watercolor images bring the story to life, to form an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all readers: after all, we all took this journey into the world once, whether it was just recently, or a quite a long time ago.< Less
Full of Empty By Lori Ann Dinkins
Paperback: $14.99
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Washington Middle School is banning all processed and sugary foods from the school cafeteria. Laney and Sister, with the help of their friends, battle the Parent Association by secretly selling... More > banned substances out of their lockers. Dealing with food issues at school, at home Laney and Sister are forced to face their mother's ongoing struggle with bulimia. Full of Empty is sprinkled with humor with a dash of reality as food provides comfort to all those who belly up to the table.< Less
The FUNNEST von Fifer By B. Collins Shaw
Paperback: $9.99
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“ Fredrick von Fifer was the youngest member of the FUN von Fifer Family...” The FUNNEST von Fifer is an engaging tale about the FUNdamentals of having fun! Amusingly told through the... More > playful and bold illustrations of award winning artist, Ron Shaw Jr. and rhyme by, B. Collins Shaw.< Less
The Wise Steward Book, for Children Only! Bible Principles for Managing Money By Denise I. Griggs
Paperback: $12.95
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Everyone needs a financial plan, including children. This book is for that purpose! The basic lessons in the material are easy to understand. In it are universal principles, Bible principles,... More > scriptures, clues, and worksheets to demonstrate the appropriate actions to take. Children will enjoy this book as a fun and easy way to learn about managing money. It will help them to understand why and how to become a wise steward. Parents will appreciate the simplicity of the book, schools, churches, and home schools can use it as a curriculum, or an additional resource to train their children.< Less
Sky Pyrates Over Oz By Sherwood Smith
Hardcover: $29.36
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At long last! The finale to Sherwood Smith’s Oz trilogy is here! Journey back to Oz with Dori and Emma, along with old favorites like Scraps and Polychrome, as they travel through the skies... More > over Oz. There’s a plot afoot with a dastardly villain who kidnapped Princess Dorothy in Smith’s first book, The Emerald Wand of Oz. It’ll take Glinda, Rikk the Nome, Dori, Emma, Scraps, and many more to contend with this threat… even a shaggy dog named “Dad!” Sky Pyrates Over Oz is illustrated by Kim McFarland.< Less
Animals That Once I Knew By Gardiner M. Weir, Erin O'Connor
Paperback: $12.99
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During her time working at the zoo, the zookeeper has taken care of all the different animals that one finds there. On occasion, she noted that there were those that behaved in many ways different... More > from others of the same species. Her story tells of those strange creatures – a goat that lived in a boat, a rat that swung his tail like a baseball bat, a shark that would whistle somewhat like a lark, and many more, all trying to be different from the others that shared the same cage or pool or pasture. She invites you to enjoy those silly creatures by joining her at the zoo.< Less
Selkie Tales By Karen Heath
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Champion high school swimmer Annie Shaw doesn't fit in at her high school. She flees from a thoughtless boyfriend and lands in Shelmerton Cove, a place where legends and mythical creatures abound. ... More > She learns about her heritage, a centuries old family feud, and the consequences of swimming in the ocean on Midsummer Night. Does Annie belong to the land or forever to the sea?< Less
Of Selkies and Sirens By Karen Heath
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A young girl learns that she is a selkie, a creature of Irish legends. Annie Shaw saves the colony of selkies from discovery by her unique story-telling talent and with the help of her merfolk... More > cousins.< Less
Bottlecap Little Bottlecap By Michelle Stitzlein
Paperback: $25.00
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Four art projects for children, families, schools and non-profits utilizing recycled, plastic bottle caps. Teachers and parents will enjoy this whimsical, colorful booklet that includes supply lists,... More > step-by-step instructions and photographs for Lollipop Flower Lawn Ornaments, Polka Garden Installations, Cap-By-Number Murals and Mod Magnets for the fridge.< Less
Waldorf Essentials: Early Childhood & Kindergarten By Melisa Nielsen
Paperback: $90.00
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Waldorf Early Childhood and Kindergarten curriculum for Waldorf homeschooling parents, day care providers and kindergarten teachers.
A Buzzie Bee Tale By Pavane Gorrepati
Paperback: $20.00
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Why are all the bees sick? In a quest to make his friends and family better, Buzzie Bee seeks the help of his newfound friends, Lilly Lilliput and Mr. Grover. With a few environmentally friendly... More > ideas to help the bees, can they be saved?< Less
The Office Chronicles: Book One, Plans and Passages By Elizabeth Sitt
Hardcover: $24.62
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Sarah Jacoby,from Anover, New Jersey discovers a mystery in an underground room and, together with her neighbor, David Adams, sets off on a journey to discover the truth--and along the way, finds the... More > true meaning of friendship and change.< Less