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Triumphal Procession in the Face of Defeat By Andrew Villarreal
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Has your prayer life come to a standstill? Is it quiet? This brief history of France during WWII reveals the pitfalls and dangers that dampen the prayer life of a believer. The Nation of France... More > has a history of triumphs, but in 1940 the streets of Paris were empty and quiet. The darkest hour of it’s existence was at hand. What happens next? Could history repeat itself? Without prayer, triumph cannot exist. Step into your position of becoming a prayer warrior. Enter a campaign of effective fervent prayer. Recover what has been lost; not only for yourself but for your family, church, ministry, city and nation.< Less
WORDS TO LIVE BY and THE BLESSED By The Lord, Our God and Savior
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PAPERBACK: WORDS TO LIVE BY Words of Wisdom from The Lord Our God and Savior, and THE BLESSED More Declarations of Blessedness from The Lord Our God and Savior. (Also available as a FREE downloadable... More > PDF at *NO PROFIT is received from the sale of this book. All monies are exchanged between the purchaser and only. and are Non-Profit ministries.< Less
When Life Hurts By Jeremy Gates
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When Life Hurts is a practical book offering hope and healing when life gets tough. This book contains a message that is never outdated or too late to implement and offers hope for a new beginning.
Crossing the Yard By Diana Hough
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Call us crazy, but we were six adults following God on the adventure of a lifetime. It's just that most of the time the journey landed us in prison! Whether we were eating dinner inside the motor... More > home while watching the sun set over the razor wire in a prison parking lot, or standing at the front of a prison chapel, staring at a room full of the toughest, scariest faces we'd ever seen, we were always filled with anticipation for the next service or the next prison. And God showed up every time. We discovered there were absolutely no boundaries - physical, mental or emotional - that could keep Him out once He was invited in.< Less
Songs of Zion By Michael Bushell
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What music does God want His people to sing in worship? The question provokes strong emotions, but the answer must be solely based on Scripture. We live in a culture where personal preference... More > dominates, where men recoil from the full display of God’s mercy and justice, and where the winds of fancy blow about a church ignorant of her history. This book calls the reader to prostrate himself before a thrice holy God, to echo His tender and fearsome Words in song, and to return to the historical worship practice of the Christian church. This extensive revision is the fourth edition of a widely-circulated presentation of exclusive psalmody.< Less
The Ten Positive Commandments By Susan Wilson
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After three month journey to Mount Sinai God wants to meet with His People. God has Moses prepare His People for the meeting. On that day God reveals His Splendor to His People. His people become... More > afraid and want Moses to be their intermediary. God is hurt. All God wanted was to have a close relationship with each of His People. What would have happen is His People would had faith in their God and bow down before Him? Would God have written His Positive Commandments in their hearts and minds? Take a journey with me and find out the answers to these questions in the new and fresh looking book The Ten Positive Commandments.< Less
Guard Your Heart By Tewannah Aman
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If there were things you could do to insure that you'd live a happier, healthier life, wouldn't you try it? Are you tired of being in relationships that take you down a dead-end street? Are you ready... More > to experience healing from the hurts and pains of your past? Then this book is for you!< Less
Developing An Apprentice By Community Christian Church
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Within these pages are some of the most practical and insightful ideas you’ll find to guide you on this journey of not only leading, but leading others to lead . . . to change the world. This... More > guide is used by all areas of ministry at Community Christian Church to develop leaders and further the Jesus Mission of helping people find their way back to God.< Less
The Coaching Guidebook By Community Christian Church
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Leadership coaching in the local church is essential for the Jesus mission. Coaches play a valuable role in equipping leaders for the movement of God in our churches and cities. Leaders flourish... More > and thrive under the practical care that a coach can provide. If you want to see the leaders in your ministry grow stronger, more resilient, and able to develop others, then you will need coaches who know the game plan! This guide will give you tips and tools to help you be an effective coach to the leaders in your care.< Less
These Three By Diana Hough
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Three Bible stories from the familiar verse in 1 Corinthians about faith, hope and love. Saeda had everything she could want in life until she was faced with a problem that tried her faith to the... More > breaking point...Jili, hopelessly destined for a life of obscurity, took the ride of a lifetime with a man named Noah...Joseph, a carpenter from an obscure village, saw God rebuild his expectations for love beyond anything he could ever have imagined... As you read their stories, be encouraged to discover your own journey with God. Your adventure isn't finished yet!< Less
What I Believe: A Journey Through the Christian Faith from Beginning to Beginning By Neal Bowes, Karen Eiler
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Written with older middle school and high school students in mind, What I Believe goes back to the basics in telling the story of the relationship between God and humanity. Students don’t just... More > learn what Christians believe but why they believe it. With the goal of helping students understand and articulate their own beliefs, What I Believe is a good resource for Sunday school classes, Christian confirmation, and small group Bible studies.< Less
MyCircle Training Workbook By Jim Murphy
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The MyCircle Training is an initiative designed to equip and release Christ's people to live missionally within the context of their daily lives and communities. For more information and access to... More > training videos, visit< Less
Seeking The True God By J. Don Jennings, III
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There is a spiritual image throughout the Bible of God on His holy mountain. Psalm 24 and Psalm 15 both address the need to climb, the way to climb, and the results of climbing. James 4:7-10 lays out... More > the trail map to the summit. Every single day you are either climbing towards God, or you are walking back down the trail. He’s filled your backpack with everything you need to climb (2 Peter 1:3). Climb!!! He told Moses to come up to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up (Exodus 19:20). He’s telling you the same thing today!< Less
God's Blueprint For Marriage By J. Don Jennings, III
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You can live your dream of a perfect marriage!!! It’s possible!!! There is a blueprint for marriage. It was given to us by God. It’s detailed. It’s practical. It’s easy to... More > understand. It’s revolutionary. It’s the path to ecstasy! But, most people don’t have a clue what it says! I’ve taken hundreds of people through the blueprint in the church and outside of the church. I’ve spent countless hours counseling struggling marriages. Sadly, not one person has known the entire blueprint. Most of them didn’t even know one part of it. No wonder marriages are crumbling everywhere. Don’t be another statistic. Don't settle for an average marriage. It’s possible to live your dream! Read this book. Apply the blueprint to your life. Share it with others. Let’s start a movement of mind-blowing marriages! The contents inked on the pages within will lead you to the joy of discovering that marriage can be ecstasy!!!< Less
adjectives By Deborah Franklin
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"adjectives" is a book designed to help one heal from the inside out. Explaining how to regain or develop these principals in their life: Autonomy Dedication Justification Edification... More > Confidence Tenacity Innovation Vivacious Endurance Sensuous We will take a practical look at complex situation and using everyday solutions to get to the desired outcome.This book can be used by an individual or a group. It was intended for women of all ages, but men can benefit as well.< Less
Chosen to be Mason's Mom By Sandra E. Vazquez-Griffin
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I was ten weeks pregnant when I was told my son would struggle to survive because he was a Trisomy 13 baby. At the time, I didn't realize my son was coming to the world with a great purpose. As my... More > pregnacy continued, I slowly realized God chose me so that my faith could grow and help my husband towards the waters of baptism. This is not a self help book. This is my journey of faith, love and surrender. I hope it provides others who are going through a storm encouragment, hope, and understanding that God is working through the storm to provide unimaginable blessings. This is Mason's legacy.< Less
Daily Manna From the Psalms: Nuggets of Hope for the Hungry Christian By Leah Jackson
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This daily devotional is a resource for new and seasoned Christians alike. It is intended for those persons seeking to know more about God, walk faithfully with and before God, and apply the Word to... More > their daily lives. Daily Manna is a journey that will lead you to dig deeper into the Psalms and extract precious nuggets of revelation that only God can give.< Less
SECOND WINDS By Lynda K. Davis
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An insightful and motivating perspective from a pastor/servant with a heart bent toward perfecting the body of Christ! This work will encourage the disheartened; strengthen those weakened by... More > setbacks and offer direction for those who are beginning their journey in ministry!< Less
New Testament Bible Survey By Mary Baker
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The Bible Survey of the New Testament, is a self discipleship tool that is created to assist in understanding the teachings of Christ and His disciples in a short period of time. The New Testament... More > Bible Survey can also be used as an index that makes finding Bible content quick and simple.< Less
How To Deal With False Teaching By Rosemary Bardsley
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How to Deal with False Teaching contains nine studies that present an analysis of what the Bible says about false teachers and false teaching. Its purpose is to alert Christians to the serious... More > dangers of false teaching, to the nature of false teaching, to the horrific impacts of false teaching that are described in the Bible, and to the many warnings against false teaching given in the Bible. It also identifies the kinds of false teaching that can be observed in contemporary Christianity.< Less
A Tale of Mending By Angela Leverence
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A Tale of Mending follows the story of Broken Heart as she struggles to understand deep truths about how sorrow and joy are intimately connected. As she wrestles with the understanding that all of... More > life’s events - including suffering - are sifted through the hands of the One True and Loving Heart, she begins to understand her path more fully. Along the road, Broken Heart interacts with characters like Grief, Cursed Comparison, Patience, and Caring Compassion. Each of them, in their own unique way, assists her in a deeply spiritual journey marked by confusion and fear. Could Loving Heart's plan be more intricate and exciting than her own? This touching allegory portrays every heart’s desire to be loved deeply by its Creator and to be mended after breaking.< Less
Bridge In My Life Was Falling Down But God Built It Back Up By Jackie Hemby
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When one has gone through life taking care of a parent or love one, God will bless you for your time and dedication. Being a Caregiver is a hard job, yet it is a very important job and very... More > rewarding. God will say to you, "Well done thou good and faithful servant." God will bless you for your faithfulness, compassion and love.< Less
Expecting Jesus: An Advent Devotional By Colette Schaffer
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Expecting Jesus is a Christmas Advent devotional that will bring the reader closer to the reason for the season - Jesus.
How to Talk to Your Muslim Friends By Ted Albright
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A recent article reports that most Muslims in the U.S. would replace the Constitution with Sharia law, making it extremely difficult to share the Gospel. It is highly unlikely that a Muslim would... More > ever consider attending a church service, even a seeker-sensitive one. So, it is up to the individual followers of Jesus to talk to their Muslim friends about Jesus, today. But most Christians don’t know how to do that. They don’t know what Muslims believe or what they should say to them about Jesus. This is a study guide intended for a small group or a class that equips Christians to do just that. It helps them articulate what they believe while increasing their knowledge of the Bible and their faith. The book starts by showing how to build a common foundation for talking to Muslim friends, and then, how the Koran points to the Bible. It presents the claims of the Gospel, and then, addresses the issues of the reliability of the Koran versus the Bible. And finally, it calls for submission to God.< Less
Never Leave Your Monastery By Henry Graham
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Young novice Jacob Magister was bored with his monastery. Everything seemed so predictable. What was not predictable however was that God was going to show him "the other side of the... More > hill," where the grass certainly is not any greener. There he would find no easy grazing, but an unpredictable world of Sword and Sorcery to test his faith. He runs away and gets lost in an enchanted forest, but a band of half-elves, mountaineers, capture him. They tell of a great quest in the caverns of earth, and of an old prophecy near fulfillment: the ancient towers of Sorcery will rule again. What is even worse: the Inversus will ascend the chair of Archmages, and proclaim himself divine. All Furth-kingdoms will worship him. Realizing how good he had it, Jacob returns to his monastery, but is himself accused of Sorcery. Can young Jacob, barely even a monk, do the bloody work of a quest-knight and hell-raider? Can he prove his own innocence, and expel the demons of a dark world?< Less