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Reformation and Revival - THE Solution for the Middle East Crisis? By Dr. Al Nucciarone
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The Middle East is in crisis. There is the threat of ISIS and other terrorist groups who have one objective: to dominate the world and get rid of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not believe... More > exactly as they do. In the twentieth century, Communism was the biggest challenge for the church. Today, it is Islam. How do we deal with this challenge? How can we have real peace in the Middle East? There is only one solution: the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a revived church that demonstrates the love of Christ. This book explores the revival and reformation principles that are exemplified in the life and ministry of King Hezekiah and encouraged by the prophet Isaiah. Today, more than ever, we need men and woman who have a passion for God and communicate that passion to others. That is what revival is all about. And it starts at home.< Less
The Jesus Experience By Wendy Anderson
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This is the story of an ordinary woman named Wendy – a housewife/volunteer/artist, and her brother Dennis – a builder/steel mill worker/car fanatic. This book is all about how they handle... More > being Christians amidst the joy and turmoil of the circle of life. There is drama in the high mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Stories told with humour and charm. Real answers to prayer along the way. Plus other surprises and page-turning adventures. And a personal visit from Jesus. Neither Wendy nor Denny claim to be perfect or particularly extraordinary – far from it, their short comings are all too obvious – but they have a real live relationship with Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Father God – the God who wants to reach out to us.< Less
The New Testament Church By W.R. Downing
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A study of the nature, characteristics and history [perpetuity] of the New Testament Church
What's Wrong with the Old Black Book? By James Rasbeary
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Smaller size book available only at An understandable guide to the debate surrounding the King James Bible and the modern English versions. Sixteen lessons explaining in everyday language... More > why the King James Bible is, without a doubt, the preserved Word of God in the English language. Special chapters detail the corruption in the Revised Standard Version, the New International Version, and the New King James Version. Also, learn how the King James Bible was and is the Bible of missionaries and martyrs! Written in everyday language for everyday Christians.< Less
Biblical Hermeneutics By W.R. Downing
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How to interpret the Bible. Sections included on the principles and the history of interpretation.
HIV Ministry Transitions: Steps to Develop an HIV-Compassionate Church (Participant Guide/BW) By Joseph Collins
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HIV Ministry Transitions: Steps to Develop an HIV-Compassionate Church (Participant Guide)(Black & White) The Participant Guide offered by Ezra House is designed to provide your ministry staff... More > and congregation the materials they need to participate in scripturally-inspired and factually-informed training that is fun, engaging, and most of all - transformative! The HIV Ministry Transitions training curriculum is designed in 12 modules for six (6) hours of thought-provoking and discussion-packed training. The first eight modules teach HIV impact, compassion, and scriptural understanding. The next four (4) modules empower congregational leaders to consider and walk in active HIV ministry. They are aimed at training a congregation and leadership team in the art and science of developing the right community relationships, understanding how HIV services are delivered, and helping them position the ministry programs and activities that God lays on their hearts.< Less
Sowing For Your Harvest By Rev. John Daniel Johnson
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Everyone wants to be happy in life; however, few actually are. Many believe that happiness comes from having money, fame, worldly success, popularity, or even luck. However, true happiness cannot be... More > obtained from anything in this world. When we begin sowing spiritual seeds, blessings and happiness will flow from Heaven into your world. If we begin loving others and modeling a godly character in our life, the blessings will rain like a needed shower on a freshly planted garden. The more that we sow; the more we shall reap. Blessings are only a ‘seed toss’ away. In this book, Johnson offers inspiring and motivating insights that will help believers everywhere to cultivate true and lasting peace, joy, and happiness.< Less
Don't Step on the Rake! By Tim King
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This small book is about church leadership blunders. We all make them we all wish we had not. This book is for the pastor who wishes to help his young leaders develop into well rounded and well... More > adjusted emotionally intelligent church leaders. This book is for the Christian who wishes to aspire to leadership. This book is for anyone who wants to laugh or cry at the tragedy that we often call leadership. This stuff is not taught in Bible Schools or Colleges this experience is only gained over time. Enjoy this book for what it is, doing real life together.< Less
The Purposes of God By Arthur P. Adams
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This is a compilation of some of Adams’ smaller works that first appeared in his periodical The Spirit of the Word in 1885. Adams suffered greatly for the truths presented here. The riches... More > found within these pages deserve to be preserved for future generations. Even though Adams wrote over one hundred years ago, in many ways his writings are just as fresh as if they had been written today.< Less
VOCALIST SCORES, 206 pages, Chabanel & Jogues, Responsorial Psalms By Noel Chabanel
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"Perfect Bound" VOCALIST BOOK (206 pages), for all information, please visit: --- Sold by Triple P LLC --- Matches the St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated... More > Missal, Lectionary, & Gradual< Less
Traditional Quaker Christianity By Ohio Yearly Meeting
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Do Quakers really worship in silence? Why don’t they plan their worship services beforehand? Why do Friends make decisions on church business without voting? Can I know Jesus, guiding and... More > teaching me? Where does true peace come from? Traditional Quaker Christianity offers the reader a means to explore the time-honored faith of Friends (Quakers), describes how modern-day Conservative Friends put that faith into everyday practice, and outlines the reasons for many of Friends’ distinctive ways. The book’s purpose is to assist people seeking a living faith in Christ Jesus, Who is present and powerful in the midst of all His people. Traditional Quaker Christianity can be useful not only to the individual seeker, but also as a study guide for small groups of new Friends and long-time Quakers seeking to go deeper in their spiritual pilgrimage. Several questions at the end of each section help readers relate the material to their own lives and provide a starting point for discussion.< Less
Bible Survey O.T. I By W.R. Downing
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Volume I of a Survey of the English Bible: Old Testament (Part One)
Bible Survey O.T. II By Downing W. R.
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A book by book survey of the Old Testament with outlines and historical background.
Living the Agape Lifestyle! By Lekeisha Toney
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“After having read Living The Agape Lifestyle, I can say with certainty this book is anointed. Unlike most inspirational literary works, where authors dive right into the purpose or point of... More > the work, this book rather treats the reader to a surprise. Author Toney's work refuses to be the typical, "self-help" quasi-Christian "guru" work that has overwhelmed Christian bookstores and televangelist ministries. For readers who are truly looking for an authentic, insightful Christian understanding and unveiling of the inspirational values of faith, hope, encouragement and love, Living The Agape Lifestyle is undoubtedly the book for your literary treasure trove.” 
When will things start Looking Up? By Jim Cermak
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It can be tough trying to get through each day. And with what is going on in the world, and even in the communities right around us, it might not seem like there is a lot of reason for hope. Hope... More > is something we need – sometimes just as much as air to breathe. Hope can turn your life around, or even change the world. But if you don’t have hope, where do you find it? How do you get started? What do you do next? Well, just by picking up and reading this book you’ll start to find the answers you’re looking for. As you can see, this book is not big and intimidating. It’s sometimes deep, sometimes funny, and always real. It’ll give you some things to think about no matter where you are in life, and begin to guide you along on a new journey. "When Will things start Looking Up?" is a beginner's guide to hope and prayer written for teens and young adults that will give you hope for today and tomorrow. Join the Looking Up Revolution - creating a tidal wave of hope!< Less
The Emmaus Road By Chris Bobblett
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This is a book on how to interpret scripture correctly by using the principles and process of hermeneutics.
No Weapon Formed Against Me By Doug Brennaman
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Have you ever felt like you were being beaten down and wished you could fight back? We've all had our trials, that's just a part of life. We look at them as earthly problems, but they are really... More > weapons that the enemy uses to take us out of the game. Fortunately, Jesus has equipped us with weapons; we just have to recognize them. This book takes a look at my life and shows how I've used some of these weapons to fight and get to where I am today. We all have these at our disposal, we just have to learn to recognize them, and get in the fight!< Less
Life Words By Robert Fulton
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Drawing from a lifetime of experience and wisdom, visionary CEO and entrepreneur Robert Fulton presents a series of rich, compelling readings that trace what it means to undertake a journey of faith.
God's Patterns for Abundant Living By Dr. Sharon Jefferson
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For the past several years the Lord has been revealing His patterns for life, holiness and success. He has been revealing His patterns for receiving His blessings, which have been available to us... More > through His Holy Word. In these last days God is building and furnishing and clothing believers for the final hour for His return. The final “Ark” is being built in human vessels. God himself is preparing these human vessels so that He can have a place on earth for His glory to dwell that the glory of God may dwell upon this earth. The Church will never be the same. God is doing a new thing for those who have allowed change to come. God is shaking and cleaning His Church in preparation for His final hour. It is time for believers to go forth into the “Market Place” and do the work of the Lord without delay with signs and wonders and miracles. I pray that this teaching tool will be a blessing to all and that you will learn the way of God thus walking in the blessings of almighty God.< Less
God Loves the Freaks By Stephen Weese
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God Loves the Freaks points to a serious issue facing the church today -- reaching out to subcultures and those who are considered the freaks of society. The "American Christianity" cult... More > that many churches belong to accepts only members who dress, speak and act exactly the same way. We have somehow turned the church into an elite club where only those who follow man-made cultural rules are welcome. Why is it acceptable for someone to show up in church in traditional Chinese clothing, for instance, but not for someone to have a pink mohawk? The church tries to change the freaks of society, or worse, turns them away at the door. Jesus reached out to those in society who were different, who were outcast -- the freaks. Stephen Weese paints a vision of a church living by grace, in unity; without the legalism that divides and causes us to shun others based on outward appearance. God looks at the heart and he loves everyone, including the freaks. If God loves the freaks, shouldn't the church as well?< Less
Why Choose Catholicism? By Tracy Finke
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Why would a non-Catholic want to become Catholic? Why would a child raised Catholic want to remain Catholic when there are so many choices available. This concise and to the point book invites you to... More > discover six compelling reasons why to become Catholic or to remain Catholic that simply cannot be ignored. Discover the Truths behind Catholicism.< Less
The Order for Morning & Evening Prayer By St. Michael's Anglican Church
Paperback: $6.23
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A soft-bound version of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer intended for use with prison ministries.
Committed By Donnie Clark
Paperback: $13.99
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This seven day devotional guide will challenge you to go deep into the Scriptures and ignite a burning passion for the things of God!
Reflections By Bill Erpenbach
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To meditate is to reflect upon, study, or ponder a particular subject. My hope is that this book will encourage such meditation and reflection. I suggest the reader spend time on a given meditation.... More > Mull it over. Give it serious thought, and answer the question: What is it saying to me? I may pose a question for your consideration, but more importantly, let the Spirit guide you in your deliberations. When returning to a particular reflection you may find that you are being moved in a different direction. Let the Lord lead you dependent upon your current situation in life. Use the topical word index to the reflections to find a word that appeals to your situation.< Less
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PAPERBACK: A TESTAMENT AGAINST THE WORLD: THE LORD'S REBUKE. (Also available as a FREE downloadable PDF at *NO PROFIT is received from the sale of this book. All monies are... More > exchanged between the purchaser and only. and are Non-Profit ministries.< Less