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Retold By Sarah Stadler
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Retold is a heart felt collection of stories gathered from the Bible, starting with creation and going all the way to the early church in Acts. Each chapter holds trial and redemption and is woven... More > together with true life feelings and challenges. Like any good story the objective is to bring the reader into an emotional place of connection and understanding with the protagonist. Sarah has taken the narratives of ten women found in the fine paper pages of the Bible and given them flesh and passion while holding true to their integrity. This book can be read individually or in a small group setting; complete with discussion questions tucked near the back to help conversation flow. For those of us who grew up in church hearing classic character stories told from thick children’s Bibles, poster boards, flannel graphs and the nativity play at Christmas, you’re in for a treat because there is so much more to be told.< Less
Women of Blessing: 31 Days of Flowing in the Favor of God By Leann Guzman
Paperback: $10.00
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God wants to pour out His blessings on you like never before!  He wants to shower you with the very best, give you good gifts, and shine His favor on you, for one 
very specific reason:... More > 
so you can be a blessing to others.   This book will lead you on a 
31 day journey to position yourself 
to receive all of His best so you can then give 
His best to others.   It's a call to come up higher, 
and to bring others with you. It's a call to the flow... 
blessings in, blessings out.   It's a call to be blessed so you can be a blessing. Take the 31 day journey and be a Woman of Blessing.< Less
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs By Gary Parrett, Julie Tennent
Paperback: $10.33
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A collection of nearly 60 new hymns of the Faith, presented here with commentary and music (a combination of traditional tunes and new melodies). The hymns are arranged in four categories: 1) Psalm... More > Settings, Scriptural Paraphrases and Biblical Meditations; 2) Hymns for the Church Year; 3) Songs of Prayer and Lament, and 4) Songs of Faith, Hope and Love. . . . . "The great truths of biblical faith catch fire when we sing them. This collection mines these deep truths and does so in ways that are fresh, creative, and moving. When Christian faith is at its best, it brings forth its hymn-writers and what we have here is the best of our generation." - David F. Wells, Distinguished Senior Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. . . . . Gary Parrett is Professor of Educational Ministries and Worship at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Julie Tennent is a music teacher, accompanist, church organist and composer.< Less
New Life Workbook By John Hill
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New Life! is a Bible basics book for new believers who want a foundation for their beliefs. It is also a tool more mature believers might use when discipling new believers New Life! may be used as a... More > personal study help or in group discussions. The study material is laid out in a workbook format so the student may record thoughts within the booklet. Before you begin, have your Bible and pencil in hand. Be prepared to experince your New Life!< Less
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This book tells about the return of Jesus in His Glory to bring reconciliation and judgment to the nations and to establish His Kingdom o earth. It shows how He will "Confirm the Covenant"... More > and save the world. It explains how the Lord will come, by stepping through the "veil", and it explains the end time of three and one half years. It also gives an explanation of the ancent prophecies in the book of Daniel. This is a message of hope for the world and a call for believers to prepare for the most amazing event in the whole of history.< Less
Are You a Lady of Influence? By Eddrina Clark
Paperback: $14.99
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This book is a piece of my transparency into my transformation of my life. As I wrote these words my life changed and I was SET FREE. Through my own personal story of pain and growth, I am presenting... More > a transparent view of the experiences of my life that will empower women to move into their destiny. Through laughter and tears, the reader will be able to relate their own personal story to mine and be able to move on to impact and change the world around them. The message of my book is one that will help women become aware of the power of influence that they have on other women’s lives. You are responsible for the perspective of your life that you give others. Understand your value, your purpose, and who God created you to be. After reading this book, you will view yourself differently and your life will never be the same. Whether it is a good or bad day, readers will be presented the opportunity to realize that someone is dependent on their actions.< Less
The Coaching Guidebook By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
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Leadership coaching in the local church is essential for the Jesus mission. Coaches play a valuable role in equipping leaders for the movement of God in our churches and cities. Leaders flourish... More > and thrive under the practical care that a coach can provide. If you want to see the leaders in your ministry grow stronger, more resilient, and able to develop others, then you will need coaches who know the game plan! This guide will give you tips and tools to help you be an effective coach to the leaders in your care.< Less
Sparrow: Devotions in Prose and Verse By Amy C. Ford
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Devotion is a big baggy word, both in its forms of application and the things to which it is given. I am devoted to my husband and my three o'clock tea; to my children, my writing, and being on time.... More > Whatever its uses, it implies an uncommon level of love and loyalty. We in Christendom use the word frequently in our own language: my devotional book; my devotional time. We know it usually refers to a scripture and meditations on it. This is a devotional book. Not because it fits the format, but because it is about love and loyalty. It is one simple woman's everyday devotion to a complex and multi-faceted God. It is a harbor for reflections and confessions, a closet of prayer and praise. It is for women, for mothers, for worshipers and thinkers, for skeptics and lovers of God.< Less
The Steps I Have Taken By Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
Paperback: $8.00
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A short autobiographical work from Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
The Lord Reigns By Roland Pletts
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A record of mission and Christian work in Africa during four decades of upheavals, war, genocide, murders and miracles. The true accounts of how the Holy Spirit moved in power to heal, deliver and... More > bring to salvation many people.< Less
The Miracle of Israel By Roland Pletts
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The Covenant God made with Israel and its fulfilment and importance to Christians and the world even to this present time.
The Coming Conflict By Roland Pletts
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This book considers the return of Jesus to establish His Kingdom. It explains the Biblical prophecies when the Lord will reveal Himself to all who love Him. It tells of the coming three and one half... More > years foretold in Revelation and the coming time of Glory when the "Living Temple of Believers" will be cleansed and empowered for the greatest Acts of God ever seen. It tells of the coming visitation of Messiah to the Jewish people and the great revelation of Jesus to the nations of the world.< Less
The Simple Truth By Michael J. Senger Sr.
Paperback: $10.00
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This book takes a high level look at the overall message of the Bible to boil it down into a simple, understandable idea that helps the reader see the big picture. Understanding the big picture helps... More > to understand the deeper issues that the Bible deals with and how it relates to you. Keeping these issues in line with the bigger picture helps to see how they fit together and support the main idea.< Less
Heart Treasure - Volume One By Darryl Rodman
Hardcover: $19.99
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Collected from over 30 years of ministry, personal devotional time, and gatherings with other Christ followers, Heart Treasure - Volume One is finally here! International speaker Rev. Darryl Rodman... More > from Impart Ministries was working on this legacy before his stroke and passing in 2012. Completed in 2014, Impart Ministries is excited to offer Heart Treasure - Volume One.< Less
Traditional Quaker Christianity By Ohio Yearly Meeting
Paperback: $15.00
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Do Quakers really worship in silence? Why don’t they plan their worship services beforehand? Why do Friends make decisions on church business without voting? Can I know Jesus, guiding and... More > teaching me? Where does true peace come from? Traditional Quaker Christianity offers the reader a means to explore the time-honored faith of Friends (Quakers), describes how modern-day Conservative Friends put that faith into everyday practice, and outlines the reasons for many of Friends’ distinctive ways. The book’s purpose is to assist people seeking a living faith in Christ Jesus, Who is present and powerful in the midst of all His people. Traditional Quaker Christianity can be useful not only to the individual seeker, but also as a study guide for small groups of new Friends and long-time Quakers seeking to go deeper in their spiritual pilgrimage. Several questions at the end of each section help readers relate the material to their own lives and provide a starting point for discussion.< Less
Thoughts from God and Grandpa By Orville Cameron
Paperback: $17.99
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One morning God’s Holy Spirit asked me to start reading through His Bible, book by book and to write down what He gave me, publish it and give it to my grandchildren. I am now making this... More > devotional available to you as well. If you will be faithful to spend ten to fifteen minutes daily to read these and think about what you read, then you will hear from Him what He gave you through me.< Less
The Deity of Jesus Christ By Dr. Terry L. Puett D.D.; Th.D.
Paperback: $6.72
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"While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, Saying, What think ye of Christ? Whose son is he?" Matt. 22:41-42. The question that our Lord Jesus puts here to the Pharisees... More > is the most fundamental question concerning Christian thought and faith that can be put to anybody in any age. Jesus Christ Himself is the center of Christianity, so the most fundamental questions of faith are those that concern the Person of Christ. If a man really holds to right views concerning the Person of Jesus Christ, he will sooner or later get right views on every other question.< Less
God Saved Me 4 Times By brian bockmon
Paperback: $9.99
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How God glorified Himself in the life of a follower. Through cancer, marriage and cancer coming back God revealed Himself. Through one man's struggle, you see God's perfect grace.
Identity Redeemed By Travis J. Bond
Paperback: $4.99
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This short, readable book offers a concise yet helpful review of cultural trends and Biblical teaching surrounding the topic of sex ethics and same-sex attraction. It is designed to offer practical... More > guidance for living out gracious, Christ-rooted love in a rapidly evolving, 21st century.< Less
When Messiah Comes By Roland Pletts
Paperback: List Price: $7.87 $6.69 | You Save: 15%
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A Biblical study of end time prophecy about the return of Messiah in context to Israel, the church and the whole world. Considers the different interpretations that are held about the seven year... More > "tribulation and the time of his return. Shows that there is not seven years left but only 3 1/2 years and that this will be a time of amazing revival worldwide with many miracles taking place. Shows what will happen in Israel and M.E.and throughout the world. Shows how the Lord will appear to all who believe in him and also reveal himself to people worldwide.< Less
Presuppositionalism: A Biblical Approach to Apologetics By Paul Nelson
Paperback: List Price: $13.20 $6.60 | You Save: 50%
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This book is a compilation of sermons, lectures and articles related to the subject of Christian apologetics. The position of the author is unabashedly presuppositional.
It's All About Love! By Lisa Lewis
Paperback: $7.99
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Wonderfully flowing popular stories from the Bible written in an easy to read and comprehend poem format. Rhymes help with retention and memorization. Bible Study questions at the end of each poem... More > encourage further learning. For all ages and reading levels.< Less
Brilliant Bible Study By Kendall Laughlin
Paperback: $7.99
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I grew up hearing a lot about the Bible. I enjoyed Sunday School as a child and Bible camps as a young adult. Later in my education, my views on the Bible were challenged as academics conveyed to me... More > their own beliefs, that the Bible was changed or that it had been used to justify too many horrible things. This journey left me with a lot of questions. Where did the BIble come from? How could I understand the Bible better? Why is it so hard to live the way the Bible commands.. and why don’t I experience God in the same way that the Bible describes? These questions drove me to a deeper revelation: all our studies of the Scripture are to lead us to be brighter and more Spirit-filled believers that are transformed into the image of Christ. In short, Bible study should make us brilliant - not only in the academic way - but also brilliantly burning for God.< Less
Questions and Answers for Parents to Children By Joshua Winslett
Paperback: $8.00
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“Questions and Answers to Parents for Children” is a Primitive Baptist catechism and family worship aid from a sovereign grace perspective. It is written in a traditional catechism... More > format. This short work discusses various biblical topics that children might ask their parents. It includes an introduction essay on family worship, instruction on how to use a catechism, questions, answers, verse references, and essays on the doctrines of grace.< Less
Immanuel, God with Us By Ron Barnard
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $8.99 | You Save: 10%
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Christmas can be a hectic and even heavy time for some- especially if you’ve experienced crisis or tragedy. Immanuel is always with us. His presence is predetermined, not conditional.... More > He’s with us when it’s good and He’s with us when it’s not. Granted there are times when it’s more difficult to see or feel His nearness, but nonetheless He is here and He is near. “The Word became flesh and walked among us.” He still does. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” He is Immanuel God with us. This devotional contains a short reading for each day, counting down the days until Christmas.< Less