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40 of the Most Popular Bible Verses (and What They REALLY Mean) By Gabriel Hughes
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Many of the Bible stories and verses we think we know... we don’t! Even in our churches, some of the most popular and most quoted Scripture passages have been taken so out of context for so... More > long, we’re no longer paying attention to what they really mean. This is a serious issue. The Apostle Peter said that the ignorant and unstable will twist the Scriptures to their own destruction. How important is it to know and rightly handle the word of truth! Now even though the title of the book suggests that these are 40 of the most popular Bible verses, there are actually way more verses than that (in this book, not just in the Bible). Hundreds of references are given to help you understand context and learn how to use Scripture to interpret Scripture. Enjoy this book for your own personal edification or as part of a study group!< Less
Bible Basics - If God Can Heal His People, Why Is the Church So Sick? By Dawn Hagedorn
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Biblical answers to healing. What does the Holy Bible have to say about healing and disease for God's people? Does God still heal His people today? Filled with scriptures that answer these... More > questions and many more. If you are sick or have a sick loved one this book is a must read. If you just want to live a healthier and more God empowered life, this book is also for you. Learn who our Savior really is and what He promises about healing to those that belong to Him!< Less
The God They Never Knew: The Tragedy of Religion Without Relationship By George Otis, Jr.
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The God They Never Knew is about knowing God and having a relationship with him. From chapter one: "Who are the deceivers and why are they deceivers? The deceivers are a coalition of the... More > religiously affiliated who know quite a lot about God but fail to relate to Him on a personal basis. They include faithful churchmen, Bible school and seminary graduates, fundamentalists and evangelicals. They are the people who are incredibly active doing good works under the banner of Jesus Christ, but who have never slowed down enough to get to know the One they think they are serving. Carnal theological professors, whose hearts may mutter in secret, “God has a wonderful plan for my life,” have failed to realize that Christianity, in its naked essence, is nothing less than a relationship. Whatever else may issue forth from the Christian life must be rooted in that sublime relationship—God with the soul."< Less
The Last Apostles on Earth By Roger Sapp
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This highly acclaimed book reveals the characteristics of the modern ministry of the apostle and explores 24 New Testament apostles and godly Old Testament Kings as types of apostles. This book sold... More > in 20 countries in its first year of publication without advertising.< Less
Overflow of the Spirit By Tammy Jack
Paperback: $7.50
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An Anthology of my growth and understanding of God and His great love. Poems, dreams, and stories of deliverance in my life.
Heart to Heart With God By Jonni Olson
Paperback: $14.99
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This is a devotional that is meant to draw you nearer to God and to hear His heart speak to you as you read His word. It can be used daily, weekly, monthly, however you choose. It is designed to... More > show how much God loves His children and how He desires to fellowship intensely with them.< Less
Deceived By Janet Ables
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Ever feel like you are just not good enough? What if you began to see yourself as God sees you: loved and accepted? When you learn to see yourself the way God sees you, the chains of deception are... More > broken and you are set free from the bondage of insecurity and fear. The truth of the matter is: you are chosen and cherished by a God who loves you!< Less
40 DAYS OF LIGHT By Dan Sardinas
Paperback: $9.99
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40 Days of Light is a church wide campaign at Northwest Baptist Church. This book is a daily devotional to read during the campaign.
Developing An Apprentice By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
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Within these pages are some of the most practical and insightful ideas you’ll find to guide you on this journey of not only leading, but leading others to lead . . . to change the world. This... More > guide is used by all areas of ministry at Community Christian Church to develop leaders and further the Jesus Mission of helping people find their way back to God.< Less
The Simple Truth By Michael J. Senger Sr.
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This book takes a high level look at the overall message of the Bible to boil it down into a simple, understandable idea that helps the reader see the big picture. Understanding the big picture helps... More > to understand the deeper issues that the Bible deals with and how it relates to you. Keeping these issues in line with the bigger picture helps to see how they fit together and support the main idea.< Less
The Chronicles of A Virtuous Woman: Her Thoughts By Nneka K. A. Eldridge
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Are you ready to go deep inside the mind and heart of a woman? How about a Christian woman? One who has had some interesting trails in her young thirty three years. Well The Chronicles of a Virtuous... More > Woman: Her Thoughts is the book for you. These are my thoughts, my experiences, and my emotions. This is the stuff you may not hear on Sunday morning.< Less
Committed By Donnie Clark
Paperback: $13.99
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This seven day devotional guide will challenge you to go deep into the Scriptures and ignite a burning passion for the things of God!
Paperback: $6.99
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The main goal of these 26 lessons is to lay a firm foundation on which new Christians can build and go on to maturity. Babes in Christ need the pure milk of the word to grow. Such growth is... More > necessary before moving on to solid food since strong meat is for those who are of full age. My prayer is that all who use these lessons will become grounded and steadfast in the faith (see Colossians 1:23) and will have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil (see Hebrews 5:14) as they go on to perfection in Christ.< Less
God Speaks By Beverly Anita
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God Speaks is a merging of bible study journals, prior to and between 2001 and 2015. Included are notes, and poems, written by the author.
Daily Prayer For Individuals & Families (Advent-Eastertide, 2015-2016) By Michael Thorne Jarrett
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A daily prayerbook for individuals and families based on the daily offices of the Anglican Church of North America. Includes liturgies for Morning Prayer, Mid-day Prayer, Evening Prayer, and... More > Compline. This book may be used alone or along with the podcasts available daily at ***Bulk pricing available for orders of 20 or more. Please contact The Trinity Mission at< Less
Prayer Journal: ReEngaged Ministries By Dan Tarrant
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How is your personal relationship with God? That’s a tough question to answer. For some of us our response might even be: ‘I don’t know if I have one!’ And that’s ok.... More > God accepts each of us right where we are. But we are meant for more than a go-through-the-motions and robotic faith. God is not some distant reality only to be encountered at death. He’s a person who is with us in the here and now, waiting to have a relationship with us if we’d only give him a little room in our lives. This prayer journal is simply an opportunity to give God a little room.< Less
Finishing Well By Neal Griffin
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This little booklet contains words of wisdom from Neal Griffin.
Papal Apology By Dario Lisiero
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According to Pope Francis, the conduct of the Church in regard to the Waldenses has been not only non-Christian, but also non-human; in other words inhumane. For this reason he feels it necessary and... More > urgent to apologize from the bottom of his heart. In so doing, however, he is creating a huge rift (with his Church past) and a double antagonistic effect (with his Church past and present), because while trying to befriend the Waldenses, he antagonizes and infuriates his predecessors—starting with Innocent III (one of those responsible for the Waldenses’ excommunication) to Pius IX excommunicating the entire modern world, not to mention his own founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose principal aim in founding the Jesuit Order was to combat the Protestant Reformation.< Less
The Weekly Word By Theron St John
Paperback: $7.00
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The Weekly Word is a weekly devotional that seeks to encourage, exhort, and edify Christians in their sanctification, their walk with Christ.
Christmas Matins By Albert Bloomfield
Paperback: $3.90
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Matins of Christmas with Gregorian chant. From the Divine Office, or Liturgy of the Hours.
The Three S's to Happiness and Eternal Life By Randal Roberts
Paperback: $9.79
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If I told you that there are only three things that you needed to do on a daily basis, to be happy as you toward eternal salvation in the Kingdom of God, would you believe me? I believe this idea to... More > be correct and I hope to prove it to you in this book. No, I hope that you can prove it to yourself. As you read what I have to say, what others have said, and what the scriptures have to say about this subject, and as you try for yourself the Three S’s to Happiness and Eternal Life, you will find that I may just be right.< Less
Bring Back The Glory By Pastor Ben Graham
Paperback: $15.99
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Pastor Ben Graham is a strong advocate in several arenas to "Bring Back the Glory." He readily understands the basis for America's exceptionalism and articulates the message that it is... More > not too late to bring back the glory---the underpinnings that God blessed and made us the envy of the world. By God's grace may we not forget, but more importantly push ahead the formula wherein once again we can experience His Glory. Read with anticipation of great truths. You will be glad you did!!< Less
Once Upon A Time Life Happened By Joan Gasperson
Paperback: $11.00
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This is a book of short stories pertaining to life's problems and solutions to those problems.
Characteristics of a Thriving Church By Benjamin Winslett
Paperback: $3.50
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This pamphlet is the study notes from a sermon series preached from the pulpit of Flint River Primitive Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama. The author describes seven observed characteristics that... More > were common to multiple churches experiencing times of revival.< Less
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Discover some of the secrets to the prophetic. If God has called you to the office of the prophet. This workbook will help you to understand some of it's dynamics. It is the first volume of many to... More > come.< Less