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The Journey By Damon Hall
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A Bold book of everlasting prayers, based on a journey needed in life to become successful.
Textual Criticism of the Old Testament By John F. Brug
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A textbook on the textual criticism of the Old Testament based on a high view of the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. It also provides a special section on the contributions of Martin Luther... More > as a pioneer of Old Testament textual criticism.< Less
Granite Springs Church Prayer Book 2015 (January 11 - April 4, 2015) By Granite Springs Church
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Granite Springs Church Prayer Book for January 11 through April 4, 2015. Weekly Scripture readings, Psalms, and prayer services for individual and corporate use from Epiphany through Lent 2015.
The Bargain and The Squad Leader By Timothy Adam Payne
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Deployed to the birth place of the Taliban. A birth of evil, I volunteered to cleanse that evil after 9/11. Driven by the values of a soldier and the mentality of an Infantry Squad Leader, the... More > battle wages physically and mentality. How I overcame my injuries and push myself through the most difficult times I could not even imagine.< Less
Tough Stuff By Bryan Halferty
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In Romans seven Paul writes: “For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” You’ve felt it. Caught between what you should do and what you are being... More > pressured towards. While life is filled with these tough issues, college age Christians seem to feel this pressure the most. Not only do college students face this pressure more than any other group, it’s also especially important for them. While you’re a young adult you set the path for your whole life. The choices and decisions you make will shape who you will eventually become. So, not only are college students hit the hardest with these issues, with college students and young adults there is the most at stake. Over the next five weeks Salt will be starting a series called “tough stuff.” In this series we’ll be tackling the toughest issues college age Christians face. In doing so we hope to present God’s perspective on these issues.< Less
Mosaic - 365 day devotional By Celebration Church
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This is a 365 day devotional designed to be read through along with the Bible in a year.
A Biblical Guide to Caring for Your Own Older Family Members By David A. Jones
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Based upon the original book, "A Biblical Guide to Caregiving", this is one of five training manuals which provides upgraded and additional material on the specifically titled subjects.... More > Also added are thought-provoking questions to aid in personal study or small group discussion of the subject.< Less
Treasured Living By Jeff Dyk
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A compilation of poems and scriptures to encourage the readers through the journey's and challenges that life offers. Always directing the reader to the promises and love God has for each... More > individual. Live Treasured....< Less
Behold Your King: 31 Reflections on the Book of Matthew By Catherine Warwick
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This is a 31-day devotional on the Gospel of Matthew, intended to point people to Jesus - the King of all kings - and to illustrate what it means to follow Him as King.
I Love Thy Law: An Expository Study of the Book of Malachi By Christopher Bickish
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This book is a commentary, or Bible study, of the Old Testament Book of Malachi focusing on the fear of the Lord. It is my prayer that this commentary may encourage and edify the one who chooses to... More > use it. This exposition may aid Sunday school teachers, church institute instructors, Bible study leaders, missionaries or pastors who wish to go through Malachi in an expository fashion. Study Questions are included at the back of the work. The utmost care has been given to the proper rendering of the Masoretic Hebrew text behind the King James translation. A translation is only as good as it is faithful to the original text; therefore, the Hebrew text itself, and not the English translation, has been the guiding light of this work. With that said, I appreciate the integrity and accuracy of the King James translation; therefore, apart from my own rendering of the Hebrew text, it is the only translation which has been used in the production of this work. Topics include divorce, remarriage, and tithing.< Less
Guided by the Spirit By Ruth Wunner
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Religious poems by Ruth Wunner. The poems cover numerous religious themes including faith, resurrection, Easter, Christmas, and grief from a Catholic perspective.
Give Her Wings: Help & Healing After Abuse By Megan D. Cox
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Give Her Wings: Help & Healing After Abuse is a unique, personalized, and practical guide for women who have left or are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship. Her Christian view of life... More > is in no way preachy, but instead full of hope and inspiration. She has a voice that is transparent and genuine and shares amazing, unprecedented insight. (Katherine Watkins) I wish every pastor, and every friend of a hurting, abused woman, and certainly every abused wife would drink deeply of the healing waters in Give Her Wings. (Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and A Lifelong Love) Read this book and be free! That is what truth does, and this book is full of truth. (Pastor Jeff Crippen, author of A Cry For Justice) (Megan Cox is a Christian Counselor for Mountain City Christian Counseling in Denver, Colorado,< Less
How to Become a Heroic Catholic By Catherine Stewart
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Catholic Apologetics for teenagers. Too often my fellow teenagers and young adults struggle to explain to others why Catholicism is true. They're taught what Catholics believe, but rarely are they... More > taught why we believe what we believe. This leaves a void, discouraging young Catholics from being bold and confident in discussing their faith with their peers. I use examples from the Bible and the Catechism to provide answers to some of the most questioned Catholic beliefs. I start with simple with questions like "Why the Bible?" before I get into the harder issues. I've taken what I know and brought it to a level that is understandable and simple for teenagers and young adults to grasp. I use quotes from the Early Church Fathers, like Sts. Athanasius, Ignatius, and Augustine, to show how Catholicism is truly the same now as it was in its first years. Once you know they "why", I teach you how to use this information. You'll know what to say, when to say it, and how to become a Heroic Catholic.< Less
Through Hope's Eyes By Mary V. Young
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Before there was a snowman, a reindeer, or a man in a red suit, there was a baby in a manger. Christmas is a joyous season, but the joy came after centuries of divine silence and human oppression.... More > Dark times seemed hopeless, but people still chose to believe that Yahweh was who He said He was, and would fulfill His promise to send a Deliverer. As she did with Through Love's Eyes, Mary Young gives you a fresh look at a familiar story by taking you inside the hearts and thoughts of the participants as they wait for God's promised miracles. Their hope shines through the pages of this book, bringing inspiration and encouragement to all who read it.< Less
Questions and Answers for Parents to Children By Joshua Winslett
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“Questions and Answers to Parents for Children” is a Primitive Baptist catechism and family worship aid from a sovereign grace perspective. It is written in a traditional catechism... More > format. This short work discusses various biblical topics that children might ask their parents. It includes an introduction essay on family worship, instruction on how to use a catechism, questions, answers, verse references, and essays on the doctrines of grace.< Less
The Elijah Message By Ron and Connie Dahlke
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Bible study on relationship between law and grace; Statutes and Judgments; Jewishness of Jesus; Everlasting Covenant; Feasts of the Lord; Jerusalem Council CE/AD 48; Teaching and practice of the... More > Apostle Paul; Scripture Index; General Index< Less
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Journey 3 By Ken Gurley
Paperback: $13.00
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40 Days of Devotion
The Calling By Ron Marinari
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God has been on an eternal quest. He has been calling man since before the foundations of the world. He desperately loves mankind, the crown of His creation, and is willing at all costs to redeem him... More > from the miserable misfortune of the Garden. But He cannot do it alone. Though He has taken every practical precaution to get man’s attention, God is calling … He needs a voice. He needs you! To some extent, every person has heard the Calling of God. This book will identify the promptings of His call as well as the various inward temperaments, spiritual identities, and the countless places to which one is called. Learn what the Calling of God really is. Uncover the mystery of your unique place and calling here in the earth.< Less
30 Days to a New Life By Terry R. & Gayla M. Baughman
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A new beginning affords new opportunity, second chances, and the challenge to change the way you have done things in the past. For the next thirty days, focus on retraining your vision. Look less on... More > past mistakes, disappointments, and missed opportunities, and rather, focus on the potential of a new year, a new hope, and a new life!< Less
A Taste of Satisfaction By Kay Harms
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A Taste of Satisfaction is a 31-day devotional guide meant to connect with a woman's heart in a uniquely soul-satisfying way. Each day includes focal scripture, a message from God, and questions to... More > help you meditate on that day's bread of life.< Less
Amazing Facts about the Holy Spirit By Emmanuel Mukwenze Soni
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Amazing Facts about the Holy Spirit is a book about the spirit world. Many people go about their lives without any understanding of the realities of the spirit world. Spirits are real; denying their... More > existence can never leave you innocent of their influence on you. Pretending that you cannot be affected by spiritual forces is as stupid as trying to see spiritual beings in everything and being frightened by them. Christ told us that God is Spirit and He has host of angelic creatures; and Satan with his myriads of demons are spiritual beings as well. The influence of these spiritual beings results in the advancement of good or evil in the universe; their presence in a place consequently determines the nature of the atmosphere therein. Being able to know how to limit the influence of wicked spirits and how to evoke and increase the influence of the Spirit of God around us, is the key to change the atmosphere everywhere. This is what this book is about. Dr Emmanuel Soni is well equipped to teach on the subject.< Less
The Power Of God By Diane Skinner
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One question kept recurring in my thoughts: “What is the secret to God’s working powerfully in a person’s life?” I wanted God to work in my life and I wanted God to be... More > pleased with my actions and motives. God tells us the whole, detailed story of the Israelites so that we can learn from their mistakes and learn to obey God so that we can eliminate failures in our lives and be successful in all that God calls us to do. But we cannot do it alone. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us to follow God’s leading. That study produced this book.< Less
Crossing The Cross By Lyle Willey
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One man, after years of addiction and troubled relationships, came to Christ through a simple explanation of the Gospel that traced our need for Jesus back to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life.... More > The result of that conversion was a painting and then this book. Crossing The Cross illustrates God’s divine plan for us as it clearly takes you, in plain language and an easy-to-read format, through the important Biblical texts and faith concepts from Genesis to Revelation. It is a must read for those who have never understood God and His plan of salvation for us--as well as for those who struggle with how to communicate the gospel in a way modern unbelievers can easily understand.< Less
Bearing Their Burden By Tom Eckstein
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Some respond with hatred to people who struggle with same-sex attraction and teach that homosexuality is the unforgivable sin. Others affirm homosexuality by stressing either that Bible passages... More > thought to prohibit homosexual behavior have been misinterpreted or that the clear biblical prohibitions against homosexual behavior simply have no authority over us today. In this book Pastor Eckstein shows how Scripture clearly condemns even consensual, monogamous homosexual behavior and that the biblical prohibitions against homosexual behavior still apply to us today. However, Pastor Eckstein also stresses that homosexual behavior is no worse than any other sin and that those who agree with God's Word that their homosexual behavior is sinful and trust in the forgiveness provided for all sinners through God's Son, Jesus, are holy in God's sight and will receive strength from the Holy Spirit to say "No" to their homosexual desires and "Yes" to God's loving plan for our sexual lives.< Less