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Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All By David Fitzgerald
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Why would anyone think Jesus never existed? Isn’t it perfectly reasonable to accept that he was a real first century figure? As it turns out, no. NAILED sheds light on ten beloved Christian... More > myths, and, with evidence gathered from historians across the theological spectrum, shows how they point to a Jesus Christ created solely through allegorical alchemy of hope and imagination; a messiah transformed from a purely literary, theological construct into the familiar figure of Jesus – in short, a purely mythic Christ.< Less
Unwrapping the Miracle By Bess Dahl
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Some of the events of this book seem unbelievable, but they did happen. You will be amazed at the miracles!
Rooted in Christ: A Beginner's Guide to the Christian Life By Leslie Hardin
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The Faculty, Staff, and Trustees of Florida Christian college pool their collective wisdom and experience to help students, young people, and newcomers to the Christian faith understand what it means... More > to live out the Jesus-kind of life.< Less
Footsteps Of our faith in everyday life. By Jeanne Cook
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Dennis and Jeanne Cook are 1980 graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center, called to the mission field in Panama. Sensing the Holy Spirit’s direction to minister to the Choco Indians there,... More > they established their base in the Darien Jungle, considered by National Geographic as the densest jungle of the world. Their work includes the establishment of churches throughout the various villages, a ministerial association to unify and mentor pastors from various denominations, Ministers Conferences in Central America, Colombia and Brazil, and a robust children’s ministry, Children Reaching Children, that reaches into every village. In 2001, they erected a radio tower on their compound and pioneered Christian radio in the Darien Jungle through Radio Vida. Reaching 70,000 people daily, this station provides radio Bible school for the support and mentoring of pastors through sound doctrine and instruction, Christian music, and testimonies from local people about God’s intervention into their lives.< Less
Curious Journey By Dave Nadler
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Curious Journey is an non-mainstream take on authentic spirituality. Beginning with the premise that story is valuable, Curious Journey is a brief visit into what it means to engage God on a pure and... More > attainable level – separate from current approaches of modern religious pursuit. It also introduces, a video-based website with a more extensive consideration of Kingdom spirituality.< Less
Sermon on the Mount Workbook Student Edition By Michael Fox
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Every child dreams of buried treasure, with visions of exotic locales, unanticipated discoveries and valuable caches. Even as the dreams of childhood become obscured by the realities of coming of... More > age, the yearning for unexpected treasure nevertheless endures. Today, you can discover a different kind of buried treasure. These priceless treasures are buried within the pages of a book, within the pages of scripture. Each study guide in the Discover Buried Treasure series features a brief introduction, an enhanced diagram of the passage to accommodate the reader’s observations, and a comprehensive “map” of literary elements to chart your course. These study guides are most effective when used with the Discover Buried Treasure Inductive Bible Study Program. Student edition of the Sermon on the Mount workbook.< Less
MyCircle Training Workbook By Jim Murphy
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The MyCircle Training is an initiative designed to equip and release Christ's people to live missionally within the context of their daily lives and communities. For more information and access to... More > training videos, visit< Less
Treasured Living By Jeff Dyk
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A compilation of poems and scriptures to encourage the readers through the journey's and challenges that life offers. Always directing the reader to the promises and love God has for each... More > individual. Live Treasured....< Less
Live UNDEFEATED-2nd Edition By Shamika Cousar
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A useful guide to a victorious Christian life. Simplistically underscores the best course of action irrespective of our condition, and she has efficaciously demonstrated God's plan for excellent... More > living. Presents a pathway that leads to success, and enables believers to operate effectively both in the physical and spiritual dimensions. Cousar candidly examines God's path of victory for us, and how to use the tools that he has already equipped us with to overcome every obstacle. If your goal is to live a triumphant Christian life, this is the book.< Less
The Squad Leader's Bargain By Timothy Payne
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Deployed to the birth place of the Taliban. A birth of evil, I volunteered to cleanse that evil after 9/11. Driven by the values of a soldier and the mentality of an Infantry Squad Leader, the... More > battle wages physically and mentality. How I overcame my injuries and push myself through the most difficult times I could not even imagine.< Less
Chosen to be Mason's Mom By Sandra E. Vazquez-Griffin
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I was ten weeks pregnant when I was told my son would struggle to survive because he was a Trisomy 13 baby. At the time, I didn't realize my son was coming to the world with a great purpose. As my... More > pregnacy continued, I slowly realized God chose me so that my faith could grow and help my husband towards the waters of baptism. This is not a self help book. This is my journey of faith, love and surrender. I hope it provides others who are going through a storm encouragment, hope, and understanding that God is working through the storm to provide unimaginable blessings. This is Mason's legacy.< Less
Reformation and Revival - THE Solution for the Middle East Crisis? By Dr. Al Nucciarone
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The Middle East is in crisis. There is the threat of ISIS and other terrorist groups who have one objective: to dominate the world and get rid of Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not believe... More > exactly as they do. In the twentieth century, Communism was the biggest challenge for the church. Today, it is Islam. How do we deal with this challenge? How can we have real peace in the Middle East? There is only one solution: the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a revived church that demonstrates the love of Christ. This book explores the revival and reformation principles that are exemplified in the life and ministry of King Hezekiah and encouraged by the prophet Isaiah. Today, more than ever, we need men and woman who have a passion for God and communicate that passion to others. That is what revival is all about. And it starts at home.< Less
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The main goal of these lessons is to lay a firm foundation on which new Christians can build and go on to maturity (perfection). Babes in Christ need the pure milk of the word to grow. Such growth... More > is necessary before moving on to solid food since strong meat is for those who are of full age. My prayer is that all who use these lessons will become grounded and steadfast in the faith (see Colossians 1:23) and will have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil (see Hebrews 5:14) as they go on to perfection in Christ.< Less
Put A Little 50's House Wife In It By Robin Rose
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Inspiring book to help women change their mind set and turn to God for help in everyday life. Looking at the women of old for the home life we need to make this country great again. Real life stories... More > and true struggles captivate and encourage women they are not alone in hard times. Asking what matters in your life and does that line up with who God has called you to be.< Less
Known: Participant's Guide (coil bound) By Dan Tarrant
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This is the participant's guide for the Known Series of talks offered by ReEngaged Ministries, an outreach to Catholic laity by Catholic laity. Check out Known: My Story! As Catholics we are called... More > to know God personally and follow him purposefully.< Less
Known: My Story By Dan Tarrant
Paperback: List Price: $12.00 $7.20 (excl. taxes) | You Save: 40%
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Can anyone really know God? Can we really do any better than that have some guesses about God and hope for the best when we die? Can a Catholic have a personal relationship with Jesus? Is there a... More > discoverable purpose for my life? As Dan shares his journey to know God personally and be known by God, perhaps God will give you some fresh new insight into your journey too!< Less
Interpreting the Bible By Christian Dennett, Caleb Massey, Stephen Dennett
Paperback: $10.00 (excl. taxes)
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An everyday guide to interpreting the Bible using the methods of the New Testament writers. Discover how they used biblical theology, Greek oratory, and Jewish hermeneutics to understand, interpret... More > and write the Bible.< Less
Therapeutic Dimensions of Black Preaching By Dr. F. Keith Slaughter
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This book presents Liberative Black Preaching (LBP) as an optimal homiletic model designed to function as a therapeutic intervention for African descent persons in the Black church context. Built... More > upon the foundation of a Black theological anthropology, this exposition addresses Black self-identity that is informed by a universal African worldview (UAW). The book argues that there is a recognizable diversity of contextuality among White and non-White persons and that it is possible to qualitatively describe generalizable contours of experience among Black people in the United States based on the particularity of the culture and the Black encounter with racism/White supremacy. The thoughts and feelings that emerge from this cultural encounter are appropriate for Africentric theological reflection. Historical evidence of the unfolding of Black thought with reference to Black religiosity and spirituality is presented as a preamble to the construction of the Liberative Black Preaching model.< Less
Parables of the Kingdom By Raymond Broad
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These are interesting imaginary stories intended to encourage or challenge the Christian reader. They range from giving assurance of eternal life to encouraging us to prepare for the quality of that... More > life. They encourage us to get in contact with God snd, like 'Nico', try to explain the scriptures. Then 'The Horse an His Rider' helps us to rethink the God question.< Less
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Michael L. Gowens
Paperback: $22.95 (excl. taxes)
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Spiritual "heart trouble" is a threat to every believer living in this world, but God has provided help in His word. Explore these various helps for your heart, both in terms of pastoral... More > counsel and comfort, with the author. Besides general comfort from Holy Scripture, pastor Gowens offers specific counsel in individual chapters on Depression, Disappointment, Loneliness, Mistreatment, Grief, Guilt, and Fear.< Less
Joseph - Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place By Kay Harms
Paperback: $16.00 (excl. taxes)
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This seven-week women's Bible study on Joseph will help you keep your heart soft, even when you come up against life's hardest circumstances. The verse-by-verse study leads you through Genesis 37-50... More > so that you can learn how Joseph's wounded heart was healed. Joseph was hated and rejected by his jealous brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused of a heinous crime and unjustly imprisoned for years. But, since he kept his heart soft instead of allowing bitterness and despair to harden it, God healed Joseph's heart. Eventually he emerged from the prison to the palace, where he saved a nation and reunited with his family. Optional teaching videos by the author are available separately at the author's website.< Less
Twelve Steps to Stay on Track with God By Norma Shaeffer
Paperback: $7.95 (excl. taxes)
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Would you like to walk out the Christian life living in victory? Too many times we get discouraged and don’t know where to turn. This little booklet will show you how to live life as a... More > Christian, a Born-Again Believer in Jesus the Christ. This booklet is your handbook, your personal manual to read and practice until the steps contained within these pages form good habits in your new spiritual walk of faith. You are guaranteed success if you consistently follow the twelve steps written on the pages of this booklet because all the concepts, all twelve steps are found within the pages of the most powerful words you will ever read, The Holy Bible.< Less
Unit I: Community Foundations By Tom Esposito
Paperback: $3.25 (excl. taxes)
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Unit 1 of Community Formation Program for the Missioners of Christ.
Immanuel, God with Us By Ron Barnard
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $8.99 (excl. taxes) | You Save: 10%
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Christmas can be a hectic and even heavy time for some- especially if you’ve experienced crisis or tragedy. Immanuel is always with us. His presence is predetermined, not conditional.... More > He’s with us when it’s good and He’s with us when it’s not. Granted there are times when it’s more difficult to see or feel His nearness, but nonetheless He is here and He is near. “The Word became flesh and walked among us.” He still does. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” He is Immanuel God with us. This devotional contains a short reading for each day, counting down the days until Christmas.< Less
Speak It Kiddo By James Williams
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Brother and Sister, Manny and Mary embark on a faith building journey which will teach them to speak the word of God’s promises over their lives. Which in turn will help build their faith in... More > God, also self image and confidence in themselves through the word of God. It will also give them power to overcome any circumstances they may face as children. Ages 4-8< Less