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Cold Christians By Keith Seiber
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Cold Christian, are you ready to warm up? A decision to warm up to the things of the Lord and to live for the Lord can be difficult and come with some sacrifice but the reward of a life spent and... More > poured out for Christ is far greater than any temporal earthly sacrifices we may make. A life lived for God has earthly benefits, spiritual benefits and eternal benefits.< Less
The Two Wills of God Made Easy By C. Matthew McMahon
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This book is taken from McMahon's larger work: The Two Wills of God: Does God Really Have Two Wills, (a Ph.D. dissertation). In this newly revised concise form, he has updated key parts to this vital... More > work, and removed extraneous portions in order to explain and study the will of God. What biblical doctrine is more important than knowing what God’s will is for our lives? If the Christian’s doctrine of God is wrong, how can he be sure to have anything else right? This study deals with questions like: Does God desire the salvation of all men, or some men? If the wicked perish, and God desires their salvation, is God’s will frustrated when the sinner goes his own way? Why is God seen as sovereign in one part of Scripture, but seen as “repenting,” and even “changing His mind” in another? Is there such a thing as “common grace?” Does God desire things He does not decree, and decree things He does not desire? These questions are a matter of great theological importance and responsible hermeneutics.< Less
HOLY BIBLE Ethiopic Version By Robert Hunter
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Containing not just the Old Testament but also the Apocrypha and pseudopigrapha books that are actually considered as cannon by the Ethiopic Church. This is a simulation of what at least part of... More > their Holy Bible would be like if released in the English language for this book is not translated from the direct Ethiopic language. This is PART I < Less
The Unveiling By Scott Helsom
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When three men come face to face with Jesus each must do so from the perspective of his own beliefs… and his own time. The Catholic preacher from an 1899 Arizona mining town, the Jewish baker... More > from Nazi ruled Berlin and the atheist pilot from 1996 Phoenix. What they learn of history and of themselves will shake them to their bones!< Less
Revelation: A Chronology By Dr. Jimmy DeYoung
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The book of Revelation is God’s final Word to man and the timeline of the Last Days revealed to the Christians. This symbolism-filled example of apocalyptic literature can be difficult to... More > understand, especially when simply reading it from beginning to end. In “Revelation: A Chronology,” Dr. Jimmy DeYoung takes a walk through this prophetic book in the order that the events will take place, chronologically, sharing insights into its true meaning, and doing so in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Dr. Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the country and the world educating the Body of Christ of the future events foretold in God's prophetic Word. His goal is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what the Bible says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today.< Less
The Mystery: Secret Truth Revealed (DIGEST) By E.W. Bullinger
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There is no subject of greater importance to the Church of God than that which, in the New Testament, is called "The Mystery." 5 Mysteries of the New Testament are carefully considers, with... More > significance being placed upon the "Great" secret concerning "the Body of Christ."< Less
Judgment and the Doctrine of Eternal Hell By A. P. Adams
Paperback: $12.00
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Chapters: Judgment: Its Nature and Purposes The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Does Death Seal Our Eternal Destiny? How Many Ways of Salvation are There? Adam’s Sin The Sacrifice of Christ The Truth... More > about Sodom The Purpose of the Law The Sabbath Translation Corrections< Less
Romans book 3rd revised By Jim Campbell
Paperback: $10.00
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Exposition of Romans Chapters one through eight: Romans is a systematic presentation of the Christian Faith. The first eight chapters explain the WHY of the gospel, why it is necessary and how to... More > apply and live the faith.< Less
Who Is Like God? - A Live Witness to the Glory of God By Tony Jiacaman
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A book of testimonies arranged chronologically, as a journal, of one man's personal walk with Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the angels, and their messages and appearances to him. The author is a... More > professor of Music in the Holy Land. His vision is to build a music academy for Christian youth in his city. Proceeds from the sale of this book will fund the founding of the music academy in Haifa. His witness to the mercy of God will be of interest to all Christian and to anyone interested in the Christian experience in the Holy Land around the world.< Less
Brilliant Bible Study By Kendall Laughlin
Paperback: $7.99
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I grew up hearing a lot about the Bible. I enjoyed Sunday School as a child and Bible camps as a young adult. Later in my education, my views on the Bible were challenged as academics conveyed to me... More > their own beliefs, that the Bible was changed or that it had been used to justify too many horrible things. This journey left me with a lot of questions. Where did the BIble come from? How could I understand the Bible better? Why is it so hard to live the way the Bible commands.. and why don’t I experience God in the same way that the Bible describes? These questions drove me to a deeper revelation: all our studies of the Scripture are to lead us to be brighter and more Spirit-filled believers that are transformed into the image of Christ. In short, Bible study should make us brilliant - not only in the academic way - but also brilliantly burning for God.< Less
The One Who Restores By Latoya Moore
Paperback: $14.99
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I thought I had found an integral piece of my life puzzle when I met Donavon, a man who embodied all that I desired in a husband. He had a “strong” relationship with God, loved God above... More > all else, and he had a well-developed prayer life. I began asking God to tell me if Donavon was the man who He had ordained to be my husband. The way that God answered me changed my life and shook my world in a way that I never could have imagined. A mere month after I told God He had to speak to me about what His plans for my relationship with Donavon were, Donavon was killed in a tragic car accident. With little hope of meeting, dating, and getting married to anyone else I reluctantly tried to move on with my life. Just when I thought my life could never return to any form of normality, God revealed a new plan for my life through a series of serendipitous events that far exceeded even the greatest of my dreams and expectations.< Less
Daily Manna From the Psalms: Nuggets of Hope for the Hungry Christian By Leah Jackson
Paperback: $19.99
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This daily devotional is a resource for new and seasoned Christians alike. It is intended for those persons seeking to know more about God, walk faithfully with and before God, and apply the Word to... More > their daily lives. Daily Manna is a journey that will lead you to dig deeper into the Psalms and extract precious nuggets of revelation that only God can give.< Less
Experiencing the Present of God's Presence By Julie B Cosgrove
Paperback: $10.00
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Short, two-page reflections on finding God in every day incidences with discussion starters at the end of each one.
A Tale of Mending By Angela Leverence
Paperback: $5.46
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A Tale of Mending follows the story of Broken Heart as she struggles to understand deep truths about how sorrow and joy are intimately connected. As she wrestles with the understanding that all of... More > life’s events - including suffering - are sifted through the hands of the One True and Loving Heart, she begins to understand her path more fully. Along the road, Broken Heart interacts with characters like Grief, Cursed Comparison, Patience, and Caring Compassion. Each of them, in their own unique way, assists her in a deeply spiritual journey marked by confusion and fear. Could Loving Heart's plan be more intricate and exciting than her own? This touching allegory portrays every heart’s desire to be loved deeply by its Creator and to be mended after breaking.< Less
The English Office Noted - Hardcover By St. Gregory Orthodox Church
Hardcover: List Price: $30.00 $21.00 | You Save: 30%
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Matins, the Midday Office, Vespers and Compline from the English Office pointed for chanting (with the Psalter).
The End of the Chain By Sofia Orfi
Paperback: $5.60
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This is a documentary book about the miracle by which a new commentary on the Apocalypse (the Revelation of St. John) was obtained.
Finding Daniel By Daniel Rowland
Paperback: $9.95
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I’ve shared some of my experiences and the impact they have had on my life. I’ve shared the impact of events and relationships on my life. I’ve learned that for all the good we do,... More > the mistakes we make … God is so huge, He can deal with them and still cause all things to work together for good in our lives. And, still accomplish His purpose for those who love Him and have willing hearts. I also know that God has chosen the foolish things of this world - like me – to confound the wise… and accomplish His purpose. Who knew I’d be spending time in the pulpit of my church on any Sunday morning breaking the bread of life with my fellow members? PURPOSE. -------Daniel Rowland< Less
When Sheep Can't Sleep: lessons from the animal kingdom By Carolyn Caines
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Inspiring and educational, here is a family or classroom daily devotional where spiritual lessons can be learned from the animal kingdom through poetry, related Bible verses, and thought-provoking... More > discussion questions.< Less
The Fascination of the Race By Benjamin Sommer
Paperback: $2.28
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A reprint of a collection of essays and letters by Ben L. Sommer
CHOSEN by The Spirit of Adoption: Re-Covering the Fatherless By Michael D. Fisher
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $16.14 | You Save: 5%
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Leaders come in all capacities—from pastors, to biological and adopting parents, and even to mentors. This book, CHOSEN by The Spirit of Adoption, will both gird you with an understanding of... More > God’s involvement in connecting people to people and guide you into skillfully parenting or mentoring anyone, especially people whose lives may have been shattered by different forms of abuse (i.e., neglect, abandonment, rejection, violence, betrayal, shame and the list goes on). This book unveils the amazing virtue of God’s love as Father God, a love that has been shared time and time again to inspire diverse kinds of people to confront their own brokenness and empower them to put their own lives back together again. Consider this book as a roadmap gifted to you by God to practically guide you in your efforts of transporting that special someone towards his or her destiny. Are you up for the challenge?< Less
The Holy Trinity By Carl L. Beckwith
Hardcover: $39.99
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The Holy Trinity, volume 3 of the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series, explains the difficulties we face in confessing the Trinity in our world today and how we overcome these challenges by... More > placing Christ and the Gospel at the center of our preaching and teaching. The Holy Trinity returns us to Scripture and shows how the Old and New Testaments carefully and decisively present the indivisible oneness and irreducible threeness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Finally, The Holy Trinity introduces readers to the sound pattern of words used by the Fathers and Lutheran reformers to clarify and defend the trinitarian witness of Scripture. We confess, worship, and glorify the Holy Trinity rightly when we boldly proclaim the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Carl L. Beckwith is professor of church history and doctrine at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.< Less
Holy Rosary, Holy Mass By Fr. Bernard G. Hall
Paperback: $25.95
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God's ultimate message to mankind! Only by union with Him in this life can we ever attain to our everlasting union with Him in heaven. That union can be achieved only in the Sacrifice of the Mass... More > and through the Holy Eucharist. And the mysteries of his Mother's Rosary are our stepping stones to the Mass...< Less
Faith Flows Down By Curt Hale
Paperback: $12.00
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Parents, you are the most important spiritual leader in your child's life. Maybe you've heard this somewhere before, maybe you haven't. Either way, chances are pretty good you feel defeated and... More > unequipped to handle this overwhelming responsibility. For those who long to raise spiritual champions in the home, but feel inadequate or intimidated, this book has one message: RELAX. Letting faith flow down to the next generation is as simple as loving God with all your heart and letting his Word spill over to your family through daily opportunities. You really can do this. In fact, you are exactly the one God wants to use to bring your family to Him. It's time to rise up in your home and let faith flow down.< Less
The Godsplice By Gordon Kerr
Paperback: $14.98
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This book is about transformation. It's about those moments when God has stepped into my life and changed everything. I'm guessing you've had them too, and if you're anything like me, you only... More > recognize them in hindsight. They are the moments when you begin to see things more clearly or suddenly find the courage to act or the wisdom to be still. They are the instants when something about your life or career becomes more meaningful or finally makes sense. The scene shifts. Character grows. The picture comes into focus.< Less
("-") By Joseph Dickson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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My Book Explains 30 of the most common misunderstandings found within the Bible that are often referred to as contradictions. I give the scriptures then the explanation showing how they are... More > misunderstandings and not contradictions.< Less