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Learning to Play the Guitar with Christian Songs By Van Haywood
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This self-teaching guitar book starts with simple guitar chords and simple Christian songs to teach fundamentals of guitar playing for accompanying singing. Includes over 50 public domain Christian... More > songs,including Christmas caroles in easy guitar arrangement. The book also includes chord theory and finger picking techniques. A DVD is available separately for chord-fingering demonstration.< Less
Holy Scriptures By vw edition
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English translation of the Bible from the Masoretic and Textus Receptus Hebrew/Greek texts. A 'literal' translation with the readability of a NKJV or MKJV. To read description please click 6x9... More > hardcover; navy blue book cover (no paper dust cover); white-colored pages; body text in 8pt Arial/Helvetica.< Less
A Biblical Guide to Caregiving By David A. Jones
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A generous supply of biblically guided materials for motivating, organizing, and training God's people in caring for others in a variety of situations. This manual provides leaders with clear... More > guidelines for setting up church care ministries. CHRISTIANITY / PASTOR'S RESOURCE< Less
A Never Ending Journey of Faith By Peggy Ann Stroman
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Within the pages of this autobiography, the author describes her journey of faith and the lessons she learned in walking with Jesus for more than three decades. Her experiences are captivating and... More > exciting. Peggy is in full-time ministry with her husband Joseph, the founder and director of His Love Ministries, Inc.< Less
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Before you start reading, you should know this about me. I take God and Jesus Christ very seriously, yet I'm not adverse to pointing out the foibles of His people. God is perfect, we are not, and... More > neither is the institution we call the Church. Although this book contains an awful lot of funny material, you'll discover, when you get to the last part, a serious side. You see, I believe that if someone is to become a truly joyful person, he or she should read the Scriptures to discover how serious God is about their right to be authentically happy.< Less
It's An Every Day Thing By Andrew Paul
Paperback: $12.00
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How do we disciple a community when, by all indication, that community is unequivocally individualistic? Is Biblical discipleship relevant, or even a possibility? Do we even understand what... More > discipleship was meant to be? Is it an institutional program, or is it something more? It’s An Every Day Thing< Less
Administration (Order, Growth Control, and Poliicies By Francene Hash
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This workbook is one of a series of five books that explains the administration of the vision. They are tools to help leaders organize and structure their ministry for growth and success according to... More > biblical principles step by step. Workbook 1 . . . . . . Visions from God Workbook 2 . . . . . . Ministry or Position? The Gifts Are in the House Workbook 3 . . . . . . Infrastructure (Organization and Structure of the Gifts) Workbook 4 . . . . . . Training (Accountability and Evaluation) Workbook 5 . . . . . . Administration (Order, Growth Control and Policies) Workbook Volume Five – Administration (Order, Growth Control, and Policies) In order for everyone in the church to speak the same thing and stay connected to the vision, written policies and procedures to govern the entire operation of the ministry must be established.< Less
Life at Nazareth Academy and College - Nazareth, Kentucky By Maria Martin
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Take this wonderful journey back to the 1950's and learn all about what life was like at a Catholic boarding school and college! This compilation of letters written during the 1950's gives a detailed... More > look inside Nazareth Academy and College in Nazareth, Kentucky. The following comment is from the author of the actual letters included in this book: I was given the opportunity to attend Nazareth Academy in 1951 and stayed for six years, graduating from Nazareth College in 1957. I consider this one of the greatest blessings of my life. Even after fifty plus years, the values and education I received from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are a part of my daily life. My stepmother, Rhoda Martin, saved all the letters I wrote home, an entire six years worth! I had so much fun “remembering” the people and events I had long forgotten. The letters give a glimpse into what life was like as a student in the Academy and College in the 1950’s.< Less
Stewardship Under the Cross By HR Curtis
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Pastors serving parishes, especially with schools, quickly encounter stewardship challenges. How do we fund the mission? How can we make best use of the resources God has given us? How do we teach... More > stewardship with an evangelical spirit? Pastor Curtis addresses these questions in this delightful monologue. He shares solid Biblical and confessional insights in addressing stewardship in a Lutheran congregation. Pastors in any size parish will benefit from reading this book. - Rev. Timothy J. Scharr, President, Southern Illinois District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod< Less
My Wayward Walk By Ashlie Jones
Paperback: $14.99
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This is the story of a lost little girl. Her name is Ashlie. This book will take you on her journey of domestic abuse to self abuse. Ashlie is broken and chooses to continue to walk with the devil... More > until finally she is brought to a place so dark and desperate that all she can do is look up. When she does, God is there to hear her pain and puts His hand out to bring her home.< Less
GRACEWORKS By Tony Sutherland
Paperback: $19.95
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Have you ever wondered how to get from here to happy? That’s what this book is all about! In fact, God’s plan for you is nothing short of spectacular! The way to freedom is just at... More > hand. Through personal experiences, Tony Sutherland shares profound secrets to the overcoming life through his own marvelous grace awakening. Once you get a revelation of the truth that is in Christ, you will never want to go back to your old life of dead religion again! Only one thing works to break the bondage of sin… Grace…GRACE WORKS! You no longer have to suffer from self-defeating perfectionism, anxiety and condemnation from your failures. So get ready to encounter a whole new dimension of God’s power as He views you through His amazing love. As you read through the pages of this book one thing is certain…you will be surprised by Grace!< Less
Graham's Biblical Concordance By Christopher Graham
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This is a topical concordance for the Bible. It enumerates the character of each topic from Genesis to Revelation, without repeating ideas. The FIRST time that something is revealed about a topic, it... More > is recorded. Each verse in a given section is required to reveal the full character of that section. Everything that the Bible says about the given topic is recorded within the section, without repeats. I am happy to accept suggestions for what I missed, or if I included duplicates. Note: I have not specified a version of the Bible that ought to be read, and I have not done a "word-study" based on any certain version. This was manually done by reading through the whole Bible, not by searching for keywords. Be blessed!< Less
Concordant Literal Version of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures By Concordant
Paperback: $30.00
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Concordant Literal Version of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures (Knoch)
Rejection, Refusal and Repentance By Donna Blanton
Paperback: $10.00
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A true life story of a journey from pain and suffering to healing and joy.
Still Lovable: Rebounding From Cheap Sex By Kim Hedrick
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We are SELLING our inheritance of a beautiful marriage relationship CHEAPLY. Just like Esau SOLD his INHERITANCE from GOD for a bowl of soup. Emotional pain, rejection, neglect, abuse, self-loathing,... More > weight issues, doubting oneself, they all make it very easy to give away or lose your sexual purity and set you up for selling the beautiful emotional and sexual life God intended for you for the instant gratification of cheap sex. Our society uses sex as a way to feed a craving— a bowl of soup for an empty stomach. Then when you want more— emotional, and physical intimacy, you can’t find it. Damage done from casual sex and intimacy has left a rocky and unstable foundation upon which to build a marriage. Don’t let casual sex before marriage make you feel unlovable. God can wipe the slate clean and has given you the roadmap to follow for restoration and moving forward, based on biblical principles. You can rebound from cheap sex, and have His plan for a happy, healthy, passionate marriage.< Less
Romans book 3rd revised By Jim Campbell
Paperback: $10.00
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Exposition of Romans Chapters one through eight: Romans is a systematic presentation of the Christian Faith. The first eight chapters explain the WHY of the gospel, why it is necessary and how to... More > apply and live the faith.< Less
Seeking The True God By J. Don Jennings, III
Paperback: $12.99
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There is a spiritual image throughout the Bible of God on His holy mountain. Psalm 24 and Psalm 15 both address the need to climb, the way to climb, and the results of climbing. James 4:7-10 lays out... More > the trail map to the summit. Every single day you are either climbing towards God, or you are walking back down the trail. He’s filled your backpack with everything you need to climb (2 Peter 1:3). Climb!!! He told Moses to come up to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up (Exodus 19:20). He’s telling you the same thing today!< Less
VOCALIST, Gospel Acclamations: Simon Le Moyne (172 pages) By Fr. Simon Le Moyne
Paperback: $15.95
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VOCALIST EDITION (172 pages) Perfect Bound. --- Complete information: --- Complete Gospel Acclamations in honor of Fr. Simon Le Moyne (With Lenten Acclamations in... More > honor of Fr. Paul Le Jeune) for Liturgical Years A, B, C, and ABC. CORRESPONDING TO THE ST. ISAAC JOGUES ILLUMINATED MISSAL, LECTIONARY, & GRADUAL. Including special occasions, such as the Presentation (2 February), Transfiguration of the Lord (6 August), Ss. Peter & Paul (29 June), St. Joseph (19 March), Weddings, Funerals, and more!< Less
Better Together: Inspiring Stories About Relationship Building, Generosity and Hope By Nancy Compean-Garcia, Ed.D.
Paperback: $9.99
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In this book Nancy beautifully illustrates God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises. Through the stories she shares, she encountered the power that exists in seeking and offering... More > encouragement through relationships by ‘listening with our eyes’. I love how Nancy invites us over and over again to find strength in Scripture.< Less
For Ever His Always By Jennifer L. Rabideau
Paperback: $15.49
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This is an inspirational book of poems to help keep your focus on the Lord during hard times. God bless your journey!
No Regrets By Gerrianne Waring
Paperback: List Price: $9.10 $8.65 | You Save: 5%
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NO REGRETS is the story of a young woman who had a history of destructive relationships. Suffering from a low self-image she continued in this pattern until her unplanned pregnancy stopped her in her... More > tracks. She was tired of these dysfunctional relationships and wanted to get off the merry-go-round. The father of the baby left her and her children forcing her to make a decision as to the future of her unborn child. As a Christian she had always been Pro-Life. Finding herself pregnant she contemplated abortion for a time. Her decision to place her child for adoption took her down a path of self-discovery, and the opportunity to find God's Grace in the midst. She was able to then accept her pregnancy and the plan she had to give her baby to an adoptive couple whom she knew would give him what she could not. She discovered who she was and how God sees her. He sees her as beautiful and lovely and today, 26 years later, she has no regrets.< Less
The Flesh and the Spirit By Dudley Smith
Paperback: $19.98
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This study series is designed to help you win over the works of the flesh and to live a victorious life. I wished that I would have had this kind of teaching in my life early on. There are many... More > mistakes I could have avoided as I went on through life. Extensive research has been given and put in a very easy to understand format to help you grasp the truth of this most important subject matter.< Less
Intersections By Ronald W Brown
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INTERSECTIONS is the story of my life and how it intersected with the four streams of missiology; showing my place in the history of missions, showing where cultural anthropology helped me as a... More > missioner to journey alongside other cultures, showing a variety of strategic methodologies used in my missionary career, and then showing how a life based on a theology of mission took me from being a blessed one to then engage with the nations of Africa and beyond.< Less
Lead Me in the Way Everlasting By Howard Rudolph
Paperback: $10.99
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This book is an overview Bible study from salvation to Heaven.
Scripture in Handel's Messiah By Bob Brett
Paperback: $4.00
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A study of the scriptures contained in Handel's Messiah. The Oratorio is based on New and Old Testament scriptures; this study takes a brief look at each of the quotes and evaluates them... More > grammatically, historically, and in their Biblical context.< Less