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graceworks By Dan Tarrant
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Grace works! Don't do more for God. Invite God to do more in you! His grace works!
Women Called to Arms By J.A. Thomas
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In this last hour, God is looking for women who will rise up with the word of God and stand tenaciously against the enemy for the Kingdom of God for their husbands and their children. All the help... More > and power she needs is revealed in the word of God, through the Holy Ghost, who is ever present with all help, power, and guidance. This book will provide the tools necessary to help the godly woman, who has determined in her heart that she has had enough of being stolen from, to be prepared to tenaciously use the full armor of God and the sword of the word, empowered by the Holy Spirit and God's grace. She must consistently resist the devil through prayer, repentance, praise, and meditating on and by obeying the word of God. There is power in the spoken word. When we speak the word in faith, God confirms the word and manifest His glory, moving the mountain out of our way of victory. We can speak the word illumined by the Holy Ghost to defeat the enemy, and our changed lives become the world's Bible.< Less
Goldfish Devotionals By J. David Jones
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We all live in a fast pace world and very often we don’t take the time for a daily devotional or Bible study. It is the hope that these short nuggets will create a hunger to feast upon... More > God’s Word in a more in-depth fashion. I hope you will laugh out loud at some of these entries, be challenged by others and appreciate my Southern antidotes as well as tales from my past. The main focus of all the entries is to glorify God, His word and encourage a stronger relationship with Him.< Less
Good Morning! Blessed People of God By Cheryl Rogers
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30 days of Inspirational prayers, scriptures, and revelation from the woman of God.
"Work" A Biblical View and A Kingdom Perspective By APOSTLE ASIA HURD
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This book release is for edification to all that you may know God's mind toward "Work". God never meant for work to be a burden to His creation but a pleasure and a fulfillment in our... More > glorification of Him. May the contents within cause for every burdensome stone concerning work to roll away, may the eyes of your understanding be forever illuminated concerning work. May the revelation shift you to divine alignment with the Kingdom of God and may you prosper. May God engrace you to keep your hand on the plow, and hold on, and don't let go receive your Kingdom provision in Jesus name< Less
The Lust of the Eye - Participant's Workbook By Juanda Hayes
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Aspiring for a better quality of life is not a negative thing. Wanting wealth just to be able to buy anything for the sake of buying anything is, well…selfish and lacks Godly stewardship. This... More > kind of selfishness is also quite seductive. If you’re not careful, this kind of egotism could cost you everything you have. In fact, the final tally could very well be your soul. Remember, “all that glitters, ain’t gold” and everything that’s gold colored isn’t pure gold either. Even if it was, the small print at the bottom of the sellout contract reads that you can’t take it with you when you leave this world! This chapter is about attaining wealth that’s priceless…and this jackpot is gold as pure as glass! (Revelation 21:18, 21)< Less
Faith's Journey By Fr. Doug Lorig
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Faith's Journey is an inspirational story of Fr. Doug Lorig. Faith's Journey is a story of transformation and transcendence, and the journey of coming into the service of God and of the Church.
Been There And Back Again By Sylvia Brown
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Are holiness standards relevant for the 21st-century church? This book uses the author's testimony to explore the relevance of holiness standards and whether dress standards are scriptural or... More > legalism. The author, Sylvia Brown, shares her journey about why she walked away from holiness standards and what God revealed to her during her journey. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, this book is worth reading as an opportunity to ponder all the relevant sides of the equation.< Less
I am That I am (Evidence That Confirms God Exists) By Joseph Dickson
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In My Book I am That I am I make the case God exists in a way not many others have. I use, science, prophecy and turn long held atheist beliefs around on them and use their theories to make the case... More > for the almighty. It is my hope this book can become a powerful took for Christians everywhere as they witness to others and help lead the lost to the road of salvation so Jesus can save them.< Less
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FEELINGS: God created us with a natural signal system to alert us to issues that we need to evaluate and handle well with our wise, loving Creator. He gives us some other emotions for us to enjoy as... More > they help us grow in Christ Jesus. Too often we handle our feelings in worse ways. I write to believers in Jesus who know God and His love well enough to want Him to lead them at all times. Many do like I have done: I want this until something happens that “gets to me”, and then I find myself doing my own thing instead of letting God lead me. In this book we consider our Creator’s good purposes for giving us feelings of anger, fear, fearfulness, guilt, pain, depression, grief, love, joy, peace, satisfaction, contentment, excitement, and more. We see God’s ways to handle each feeling and see how each can work against His best provision for any person. God will provide this best to all who continue to do like Jesus: He let His Father lead Him at all times.< Less
The Book of the Cave of Treasures By E.A. Wallis Budge
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This present volume printed in 14 point font for easy viewing pleasure, contains a complete translation of the Syriac text of the compendious history of the world from the Creation to the Crucifixion... More > of our Lord, which is commonly known as "Me`ârath Gazzê," or the "Cave of Treasures." In the Syriac title the composition of the work is attributed to Ap[h]rêm Suryâyâ, i.e. Ephrem Syrus, or Ephraim the Syrian, who was born at Nisibis (?) soon after A.D. 306 and died in 373, but it is now generally believed that the form in which we now have it is not older than the VIth century.< Less
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Les révélations de Jean dans l’Apocalypse, présentent la venue du royaume de Dieu à partir des événements liés à... More > l’établissement de la fin des temps et leur aboutissement. Le déchiffrage, la compréhension et ll’enseignement des prophéties de Daniel et de l'Apocalypse, procurent un bienfait à nul autre pareil au peuple de Dieu. Aussi, vous recommandons-nous avec le plus grand intérêt en vous intetressant à la lecture de cette nouvelle parution, la recherche systématique et l'orientation thématique, trouvées à travers la présentation des événements avant-coureurs et les avertissements du Seigneur à son peuple. Enock Saintil, Apologète Chercheur< Less
Journey To Joy: A Thirty Day Devotional By Bess Kypros, Ed. D.
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the life of one who faced the difficulties of raising a handicapped son and of having cancer. In her life she found joy in the Lord.
A Great Cloud of Witnesses By John Steinreich
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Essays on a variety of subjects from the religious, social, and political spheres based on the author's research into the history of the Christian church.
The Worship of the Serpent By John Bathurst Deane
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THE deception of Eve by Satan, through the instrumentality of a serpent, has ever been an object of ridicule with the profane, who, reading without reflection, or reflecting without reading, deem... More > that "a foolishness" which they cannot understand, or that "a stumbling-block" which they cannot explain away. Thus faith, which had defied the sophistry of the acutest sceptic, has been sometimes shaken by an incredulous sneer: and Christians, who would have scorned to be argued out of their religion, have not been ashamed to be laughed out of it.< Less
Praying For All Men Everywhere By Sherry J. Woodworth
Paperback: $8.95
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This prayer manual is a chronicle of a prayer journey my friends and I took together. It is not an exhaustive guide, and is not intended to be. It is a journal. It is a journal of the experiences... More > of Praying For All Men Everywhere. You will glean much wisdom from our Heavenly Father as you join your heart with His to pray for the men in your life, and all men everywhere. This journey can be experienced alone, or you can choose to join together with others who are willing and surrendered to God's heart.< Less
Answering Ahmad--On the Identity of Jesus By Jay Dudley
Paperback: $10.00
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Two strangers--one a Christian, the other a Muslim--meet over dinner with mutual friends. When a misunderstanding threatens to disrupt an otherwise pleasant evening, the strangers decide to... More > correspond rather than converse about matters of faith. The Muslim writes first. His core issue is that Christianity misidentifies Jesus, claiming a divine stature for Jesus that he did not even claim for himself. In response, the Christian refutes the Muslim claim, along with six other related challenges. In the end, he presents the Muslim with an unnerving question that invites--even compels--a reply. Fresh, real, and original, Answering Ahmad offers unique and engaging insight into both Islam and Christianity.< Less
Overcoming Bipolar & Other Mental Difficulties (Paperback) By Joseph W. Beckham
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According to statistics, there are at least 9.3 million people in the United States who have been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. Perhaps you know someone who is battling this debilitating... More > illness. Usually, medicine is prescribed as the alternative, but could there be a better way with more promising results? In Overcoming Bipolar Disorder & Other Mental Difficulties: A Christian Perspective, Joseph Beckham offers the reader such a promise with tangible direction taken from the Bible itself, the most wonderfully healing book ever written by the Great Physician, God Himself. Even if you or someone you know isn’t suffering from this malady, you will find sound advice for overcoming many of life’s problems that we all face.< Less
My Scrapbook of Faith By Eva Ducar
Paperback: $14.95
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This book is a recap of my faith journey during a very challenging time in my life. As I walked through different storms and times of adversity, I learned to increase my trust and faith in God. I... More > hope and pray that by sharing what I learned during that time will encourage others to keep the faith and trust God always.< Less
Be Ready to Answer By Michael L. Gowens
Paperback: $22.50
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A Christian apologetic for the person in the pew, this volume aims to equip both the young and the more mature believer in defending the faith.
Historiography and Early Church History to 325 AD By William Downing
Paperback: $10.00
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An introductory survey of a Christian philosophy of history and a survey of Church History to 325 AD, from the time of Christ to the Council of Nicaea.
Pure Worship By Dora Mar
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Pure Worship is an anointed and appointed book by God for these critical days ahead. It is an admonishment to serve our Lord in a way that is pleasing to Him!
Renewed By Julie Bell
Paperback: $12.50
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In Performance Intelligence at Work, Dr Julie takes the principles of sport psychology that help athletes excel and applies them to business. Renewed takes those same principles and shows the... More > Biblical foundation for them. Thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to results. To give God our best, we must choose thoughts that align with that desired result.< Less
HOLY BIBLE Ethiopic Version By Robert Hunter
Hardcover: $42.00
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Containing not just the Old Testament but also the Apocrypha and pseudopigrapha books that are actually considered as cannon by the Ethiopic Church. This is a simulation of what at least part of... More > their Holy Bible would be like if released in the English language for this book is not translated from the direct Ethiopic language. This is PART I < Less
Workbook & Guide for Hinds' Feet on High Places By Barbara Moon, Christine Moon
Paperback: $11.35
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Do you struggle to understand why trials and suffering occur in life? Do you sometimes question God’s love and fear giving Him complete control of your life? If so this workbook study of... More > Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard, will help answer your questions while at the same time, it will increase your capacity to see God as He really is in the midst of your struggles. You will also need a copy of Hinds’ Feet on High Places. Chris Moon and Barbara Moon have compiled probing questions that will help you mine the depths of Much Afraid’s journey to the High Places. The workbook will encourage you both alone as a devotional study or when studied with others in a small group setting. May your own journey be enriched as you follow Much Afraid and the Shepherd.< Less