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A Brief History of Space, Time and the Afterlife By Matthew Fleeger
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Too short to be a novel, too long to be a tract, this book provides a brief but unique and irreverent take on life as we thought we knew it since the year 1957. If C.S. Lewis suddenly channeled the... More > spirit of Kurt Vonnegut, albeit with a short attention span, this small book might have been one possible outcome.< Less
Destiny's Deadly Dialogue By I. M. Royale
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From the beginning, Ramla was set apart and predestined to carry out a divine purpose,yet at every turn,an evil force was there to undermine every effort to do what was right. It placed many... More > obstacles in her way, especially its protege', Sammael. As Ramla fights for her life, her protector, Peter, a man who died and traveled to heaven will watch over her, but he is not able to interfere in her circumstances. Through Ramla, he learns why he didn't walk in the call God placed on his own life during his years on earth. A timeline was placed on her life to surrender to God. Will she make it in time or allow evil forces to thwart the plan God has set for her? This supernatural thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.< Less
A Collection of Memoirs By Bill Farrand
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A collection of memoirs by Bill Farrand including "Some Funny Things and Some Not So Funny Things That Happened on the Way To Becoming a Veteran Missionary," and "It Was Fun But Once... More > Was Enough."< Less
Does Jesus Care? By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $7.95
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A personal testimony of the loving care of Jesus for eighty-seven years during my life and ministry In the United States, on Okinawa, in Sri Lanka, in the Philippines, and in Fiji.
Jeremiah: A Christian Interpretation By James E. Smith, Ph.D.
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An introduction to the Book of Jeremiah is followed by a verse-by-verse commentary on the text.
Songs of Zion By Michael Bushell
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What music does God want His people to sing in worship? The question provokes strong emotions, but the answer must be solely based on Scripture. We live in a culture where personal preference... More > dominates, where men recoil from the full display of God’s mercy and justice, and where the winds of fancy blow about a church ignorant of her history. This book calls the reader to prostrate himself before a thrice holy God, to echo His tender and fearsome Words in song, and to return to the historical worship practice of the Christian church. This extensive revision is the fourth edition of a widely-circulated presentation of exclusive psalmody.< Less
The 1647 Westminster Confession of Faith with the Geneva Bible By The Westminster Assembly
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This volume, the first in existence since the mid 17th century, is the 1647 version of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and its subordinate documents which comprise the Solemn League and... More > Covenant, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms, the Form of Presbyterial Church Government, and the directories for Public and Private Worship. Also is included is the Sum of Saving Knowledge as well as a topical index to all the documents. The Confession itself is proved by Scripture using, for the first time since it was first penned and finalized in 1647, the Geneva Bible (the Bible of the Puritans). Puritan Publications is excited to publish the 1647 Westminster Confession combined with the Geneva Bible for the first time in centuries. The church of Jesus Christ, in contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, should rely on the BEST confession available. This is it!< Less
Thought Provoking Stories By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $6.99
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A collection of short stories by Bill Farrand on Barrabas, the rich man's folly, tear bank deposits, and the angel choir
Stewardship Under the Cross By HR Curtis
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Pastors serving parishes, especially with schools, quickly encounter stewardship challenges. How do we fund the mission? How can we make best use of the resources God has given us? How do we teach... More > stewardship with an evangelical spirit? Pastor Curtis addresses these questions in this delightful monologue. He shares solid Biblical and confessional insights in addressing stewardship in a Lutheran congregation. Pastors in any size parish will benefit from reading this book. - Rev. Timothy J. Scharr, President, Southern Illinois District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod< Less
40 DAYS OF LIGHT By Dan Sardinas
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40 Days of Light is a church wide campaign at Northwest Baptist Church. This book is a daily devotional to read during the campaign.
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I encourage you, not only to discover what God's various names signify, but also how they apply to you. If God is my Abba Father, then I want to act as a privileged, beloved child of His. If Jesus is... More > the Lamb of God who takes away everyone's sins, I want to approach him for forgiveness again and again. If the Holy Spirit is my Paraclete, or Defense Attorney, I want to trust in him/her completely, as he skillfully defends me against the malicious charges of the enemy.< Less
Talking to Myself By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $8.99
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Conversations with myself about myself and the future by discussing who we are and what happens in the book of revelations
My Prophecy Notes By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $5.00
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Notes on the book of Revelation and the pre-tribulation middle of the week interpretation
Theological Foundations of Counseling By Thomas Edgington, Ph.D.
Paperback: $26.95
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Theological Foundations is designed to give the reader an understanding of a biblical theory of personality. That theory provides a set of "lenses" through which the biblical counselor can... More > look as he/she works with clients. The book begins with presuppositions and a theory of integration which are followed by a description of 7 capacities that make up a theory of personality. The first 2 capacities provide a theory of motivation that help the counselor know what drives people. Tips for counseling are given throughout the book pertaining to each of the capacities described.< Less
GEORGE HENRY MORLING 'Our Beloved Principal' By E Ron Rogers
Paperback: $42.00
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This ia a Definitive Biography of George Henry Morling who was Principal of the Baptist Theological Collee of NSW (now Morling College) from 1921-1960. It is a highly detailed account of an intensely... More > active person interacting with family, friends, churches, church members, committees, college, candidates for the ministry, college students, ministerial colleagues and the wider Christian community inspired by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.< Less
Reasons By Thomas E. Gaston (Ed)
Paperback: $9.19
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In this book (ISBN 978-0-9563841-4-0, 231 pages) a number of authors bring together their expertise in various fields, including science, philosophy and biblical studies, to lay out some of the... More > reasons for believing in God, Jesus and the Bible. Covering topics ranging from the fine-tuning of physical constants to the historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus, this book provides positive reinforcement for faith in the modern world.< Less
The Book of Beginnings By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $6.00
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The Bible indicates that man has four beginnings. The first began with Adam and Eve. The second began with Noah and his Family. The third begins with the revelation of Jesus Christ. The fourth... More > begins with the new Heaven and Earth. The first three end in judgement and salvation. The fourth has no ending!< Less
Living in Two Worlds By William Farrand Sr.
Paperback: $4.95
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A discussion of the natural world and spiritual work by Bill Farrand focusing on the three heavens and the connection to the seals, trumpets, and vials of Revelation.
Hymnal for the Hours (Hardcover) By Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.
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This hymnal brings together almost 500 English hymns, in plainchant, for use in the modern Liturgy of the Hours. The texts are approved translations of the very hymns appointed for each of the hours... More > (Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline, Matins). The book includes the weekly cycles, liturgical seasons, commons of saints, and certain propers of saints.< Less
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Exposing the Left Behind Rapture Deception: Some may even regard as conspiratorial, the mainstream re-release of the Left Behind Movie with Actor Nicholas Cage portraying the main character as an... More > attempt to further reinforce in the minds of all, this perception of biblical prophecy in order to condition the masses for the play about to begin. Because they see the world stage shaping to fulfill what they have been led to believe is sound Bible interpretation, a "Left Behind Rapture” scenario, this false view of prophecy is reinforced in the mind, not only of its adherents, but also includes those who have been merely exposed to the specific media through Popular movies such as Left Behind. It seems that this great prophetic delusion has already overcome practically the entire American Evangelical and Christian World!< Less
Therapeutic Dimensions of Black Preaching By Dr. F. Keith Slaughter
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This book presents Liberative Black Preaching (LBP) as an optimal homiletic model designed to function as a therapeutic intervention for African descent persons in the Black church context. Built... More > upon the foundation of a Black theological anthropology, this exposition addresses Black self-identity that is informed by a universal African worldview (UAW). The book argues that there is a recognizable diversity of contextuality among White and non-White persons and that it is possible to qualitatively describe generalizable contours of experience among Black people in the United States based on the particularity of the culture and the Black encounter with racism/White supremacy. The thoughts and feelings that emerge from this cultural encounter are appropriate for Africentric theological reflection. Historical evidence of the unfolding of Black thought with reference to Black religiosity and spirituality is presented as a preamble to the construction of the Liberative Black Preaching model.< Less
Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Tanak Vol A-1 (Hardback) By Rebbe Simon Altaf
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Hardback - Hidden Truths Tanak from Genesis to Malachi Volume A-1 of two volumes Study Bible put in the correct order with the Second Chronicles finishing last. Purchase to learn what happened in the... More > Garden? Who was Abraham? Where did Noach's ark land? What was the curse of Noach? Who were Abraham’s ancestors? What was the serpent in the Garden and where did it come from? Who were the original Hebrews? What about the people in Israel today who are they? Who was Eliezer Abraham’s servant? How many wives did Abraham have and who were his children? Where did Sarah come from? Who was Nimrod? What were the cherubim that Ezekiel saw and much much more… Many corrections made from the copies of the original Hebrew text. This is Hidden-Truths unleashed but can you handle it?< Less
The Reward By Nicole Jones
Paperback: List Price: $6.99 $6.29 You Save: 10%
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This book is a Children's story telling of the crucifixion of Jesus and how the crucifixion was all a part of God's plan. It captures a journey through time and is written based on biblical... More > scriptures.< Less
The Atonement of Jesus Christ By Cornelius Hyzer
Paperback: $6.95
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The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the power of God manifested to the human race to bring them back to heaven. Without its cleansing power and redeeming grace of the resurrection from the grave, all... More > would be lost and life would be without meaning. This short study explains in simple terms this great exalting historical event to help young adults begin their search for the resurrected Christ in their lives.< Less
Letters from God and His Christ Family Edition: A Return to the Garden (Hard Cover) By The Lord, Our God and Savior
Hardcover: $34.22
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Full-color, hard-cover book containing inspirational excerpts from Letters from God and His Christ and photos of God's creation... Perfect for the entire family!