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Sacred Choral Works By Peter Kwasniewski
Paperback: $19.95
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This book collects twenty years' worth of choral compositions for the Catholic liturgy. For more than 10 copies, a bulk rate of $14.95 is available. Please contact me by email at... More >< Less
Beyth Yahushua, the Son of Tzadok, the Son of Dawud (Ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $13.99
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Would you like to know the identity of Yahushua's family the man you call Jesus? Did He have brothers and sisters, did He get married, and are not Rabbis meant to marry? Is it true if Mary Magdalene... More > was His wife and if not then what relationship did she have with him? Are you fed-up of hearing objections from unbelievers such as “since you do not know who Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were then how can you claim to have the truth?” Now you will know the truth without asking your pastor. Who was Nicodemus and what relationship did Yahushua, Jesus of Nazareth have with Nicodemus? Who was the wider family of Yahushua? Do you want to know the powerful family of Yahushua that was a threat to Rome? Who were Mark, Luke, and Matthew? Was Luke a gentile? What about the genealogy of Luke and Matthew in which the two fathers of Yahushua mentioned are Heli or Jacob?< Less
Delta Mu Omega Christian Literary Society By Andrew Hannan
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Delta Mu Omega Christian Literary Society is a Christian literary society that reads and discusses the Bible and Christian literature and also watches and discusses Christian-based movies in order... More > for college students to become spiritually nourished, to grow spiritually, and to produce spiritual fruit (1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 3:18; John 15:1-8,16).< Less
Septuagint, Restored Names Version, Volume 1 By Clinton R Smith
Paperback: $35.96
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The Septuagint is the earliest extant Greek translation from a Hebrew Text that is currently lost to us. During the age of the Messiah and the Apostles it appears they exclusively used this... More > translation as is demonstrated by the parallels to the Septuagint found in their quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures. The Septuagint persevered into the age of the Church Fathers where after it inexplicably fell into disuse. This editing is a fresh approach to Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton’s 1844 translation, in that it restores the original Hebrew Names as found in the Judaic Masoretic Text. While this approach may seem like a glaring paradox it may however be reasoned that a more satisfying English translation has subsequently evolved. The Shakespearean English of the Brenton translation has been modernised however the bulk of the text remains authentic even though some passages may be difficult to read.< Less
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There are many areas in our lives in which we may experience tremendous warfare and chaos. Whether the attack is against your family, finances, or health, God wants you to speak life in every... More > situation using the word to destroy the works of the enemy! SPEAK IT is a revolutionary prophetic masterpiece that is sure to encourage and spark a love for prayer in the lives of Christians around the world- most importantly, God’s powerful intercessors! This travel-size guide can go everywhere you go to keep you engaged, charged and encouraged to prayer for yourself, your family, and friends.< Less
PRAYER 101 By Kapri Johnson
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Prayer is FUN and EXCITING! Many people pray and still don't know God. That is a bad place to be in. However, prayer is not an overly complicated process or just reserved for the Pastors or leaders... More > of the church. Prayer is about relationship and growth. Prayer is not about knowing the right words to say to sound deep and spiritual.There is always a new level to attain in prayer.This book helps to lay the foundation for a strong and growing prayer life.< Less
The Coaching Guidebook By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
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Leadership coaching in the local church is essential for the Jesus mission. Coaches play a valuable role in equipping leaders for the movement of God in our churches and cities. Leaders flourish... More > and thrive under the practical care that a coach can provide. If you want to see the leaders in your ministry grow stronger, more resilient, and able to develop others, then you will need coaches who know the game plan! This guide will give you tips and tools to help you be an effective coach to the leaders in your care.< Less
The Chronos Appointment By Jeff Horton
Paperback: $17.99
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The Chronos Appointment is the third book in the Chronos Series. This third book delves into the mysteries of the Kingdom and how they point to Christ's return in this generation. These mysteries... More > were hidden prior to Jesus' crucifixion, but were revealed to the New Testament apostles after His resurrection. These first century apostles became the stewards of the mysteries of God, including:(1)The mystery of thousand-year Days and God's great Week; (2) The mystery of Christ as it relates to the third-Day completion of His Temple, His Body, and His Bride; and (3) The chronos truths revealed in the book of Daniel concerning the "seventy weeks." John's vision on the island of Patmos was granted to confirm these timely mysteries and seal the New Testament record. The Chronos Appointment clarifies these truths and offers its readers a refreshingly new (but old) take on the book of Revelation.< Less
Developing An Apprentice By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
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Within these pages are some of the most practical and insightful ideas you’ll find to guide you on this journey of not only leading, but leading others to lead . . . to change the world. This... More > guide is used by all areas of ministry at Community Christian Church to develop leaders and further the Jesus Mission of helping people find their way back to God.< Less
Jesus In The Center By Tyler Nash
Paperback: $15.00
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“Jesus In The Center” will take you on a pragmatic and practical process to experiencing a life overflowing in abundance with the freedom, wisdom, submission and the direction of Christ... More > our Lord. “Jesus In The Center” is a 31 day devotional that will guide you day by day to a life of centralizing Christ in every area of your life from financially, to relationships; this book provides an in depth look on how to keep your life with “Jesus In The Center”. Published through both the ministry founded by Minister Nash “Tyler Nash Ministries” and marketed through the business wing “TWN & Associates LLC” this book has a promising delivery to bless your life.< Less
St. John's Lutheran Church 100th Anniversary By Anniversary Committee
Hardcover: $25.50
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A book on the history of St. John's Lutheran Church located in Beardstown, Illinois dating back to 1848. Included are photographs of the Church as it grew and expanded its facilities. Major... More > renovations have been completed during the last decade< Less
The Ethiopian Legends of Our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna (1922) translated by Sir. E.A. Wallis Budge By Ras Iadonis Tafari
Paperback: $26.31
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Ethiopic Legends of Our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna (1922) translated by Sir. E.A. Wallis Budge “Legends of Our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna... More > (1922),” contains very many gems, of both spiritual and mystical content that is sadly missing in Gentile (or, European) Christianity. It treats both background and culture of the Ethiopian [Black] VIRGIN MARYAM, the Mother of the Saviour, and her mother, HANNA as well. Such subjects of Early Christianity have been almost entirely lost, and sadly perverted in the Western, or Romanish [“Catholic”] Church. Some scholars even have dismissed the veracity its living testimony, basically for one reason: because it is Ethiopian, and that means and meant “Black ,” or “African.” “The Legends of Our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin,” is a groundation for all of us, but especially, and most emphatically – for Daughters of Zion, whom we call Our Sisters, and like Our Lady, to be honoured as holy mothers in RASTAFARI.< Less
The Sinner's Justifying Righteousness By John Beart
Paperback: $14.99
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John Beart (1673-1716) was a Reformed preacher of the Gospel and biblical scholar. In this amazing work on the sinner’s justifying righteousness, Beart covers , 1) the Law of God as a rule of... More > duty and obedience, 2) how fallen man is utterly unable to answer the demands of the law, 3) how he is unable to fulfill such a righteousness as is required to justification, and 4) how Jesus Christ fulfilled the law on behalf of the elect. He also covers the intricacies of how believers are made righteous only through Christ’s person, in his obedience and suffering, and that this justifying righteousness is equally imputed to all elect believers. This is accomplished by faith as an instrument. Not that faith is the matter of our justification, nor meritorious cause of it; but is used in this only as an instrument, not as a work. This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.< Less
Day Code Perspectives By Jeffrey Horton
Paperback: $13.99
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I am convinced that a reformation concerning end-time prophecy is underway in this hour. Eventually, it will encompass the globe. It concerns how we understand Biblical prophecy as it relates to the... More > return of Jesus Christ. This reformation will be as significant and important as those that preceded it. It is intended to bring Christ’s Bride into true unity as it concerns her returning Bridegroom. It is a restoration of apostolic knowledge so that the world can have the benefit of a sure prophetic word.< Less
LETTERS FROM GOD AND HIS CHRIST Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation ~ Volume Seven By The Lord, Our God and Savior
Paperback: $10.06
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PAPERBACK: LETTERS FROM GOD AND HIS CHRIST Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation ~ Volume Seven... Heed the sound of this trumpet, for this is indeed the Trumpet Call of God! (Also available... More > as a FREE downloadable PDF at *NO PROFIT is received from the sale of this book. All monies are exchanged between the purchaser and only. and are Non-Profit ministries.< Less
Paperback: $10.00
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The CHRISTIAN LITERARY AND DISCIPLESHIP SOCIETY is a Christian literary and discipleship society that seeks to exalt and honor God in Jesus Christ. This society reads and studies the Bible and other... More > Christian literature in order for its members to grow in their fellowship and relationship with Jesus Christ. This society models itself after John and Charles Wesley’s Holy Club at The University of Oxford. The purposes of the Christian Literary and Discipleship Society are: to nourish and strengthen the faith of Christians in our groups; to provide opportunities for students to receive Holy Communion; to gather together for fellowship and social activities; to participate in religious discussions; and to provide students with opportunities to “set aside time for praying, examining their spiritual lives, [and] studying the Holy Bible” and other Christian literature. “Holy Club.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 6 April 2010. Web. 13 June 2010.< Less
Girlfriends "Keepin' It Real Tight! - Part 1 - Participant's Workbook 3rd Edition By Christian Counselor, Juanda Smith-Hayes
Paperback: List Price: $23.00 $9.20 You Save: 60%
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Girlfriends - "Keepin' It Real Tight!" the Participant's Workbook. This daily devotional study program is progressive and speaks to women who want real answers to their "real... More > life" issues without a "watered-down" or "churchy" approach to real truth. It's designed for women who are searching for solutions and life applications that work! It is also designed to enhance their walk with Christ while developing deep friendships with one another. This study program is loaded with humor, truth and deep subject content, real-time stories told in a relevant way that are in step with the issues we women face today. You're certain to enjoy this dynamic and innovative group study course that may be used as an independent or small group devotional! Real Truth written for Today's Real Woman!< Less
Lalemant Propers, 391 Pages, Simple Psalm Tones By Jeff Ostrowski
Paperback: $19.95
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LALEMANT PROPERS, 391 Pages, [ ] The English Translations used in this book come from the Gregorian Missal of Solesmes (Imprimatur, 1989). This translation... More > matches verbatim the translation used in the Vatican II Hymnal (Corpus Christi Watershed) and the Simple English Propers (Church Music Association of America).< Less
Volume 1, Campion Organ Accompaniments, 388 pages By Jeff Ostrowski
Paperback: $37.99
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ORGANIST VOLUME I, 388 pages long, contains three (3) different harmonizations of the the Gregorian Kyriale: 1.) Achille P. Bragers, LOW KEY; 2.) Carlo Rossini, MIDDLE KEY; and 3.) Nova Organi... More > Harmonia, HIGH KEY. Nova Organi Harmonia accompaniments were created by Flor Peeters, Msgr. Jules Van Nuffel, Msgr. Jules Vyverman, Marinus de Jong, Gustaaf Nees, Henri Durieux, and Edgard de Laet. St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass: Ordinarium Missae Accompaniments, Keyboard Accompaniments for the Mass Ordinary< Less
Volume 2, Campion Organ Accompaniments, 374 pages By Jeff Ostrowski
Paperback: $44.95
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ORGANIST VOLUME II, 374 pages long, contains: 1.) Organ accompaniments for all the Hymns in Campion Hymnal; 2.) Additional transpositions and alternate harmonizations for many of the hymns; 3.)... More > Information on interpreting the Vatican Edition rhythm (also refer to this material when using Volume I); and 4.) Organ accompaniments for the “Simple Chants” in the Campion Hymnal.< Less
The View Beyond the Hill (2012) By Kristie Rush
Paperback: $12.96
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A 10-week women's bible study that focuses on 40 statements of promise God makes to us. Statements that we need to know at any time in our lives, but especially when we face difficult circumstances.
Abused But Not Shaken, II By Patricia Heathman
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $10.79 You Save: 10%
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A frank and honest look at the problem of child abuse and neglect from a biblical perspective.
SSM Manual By Fr Richard Bugyi-Sutter SSM
Paperback: $5.96
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The Manual of the Society of St Michael, a society of apostolic life for Anglican Catholic clergy and seminarians.
Church Membership Manual By W.R. Downing
Paperback: $14.28
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A volume containing essential documents for church members and studies in areas of concern and conflict
The Ministry of Priests By Tim Atterberry
Paperback: $6.00
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A discussion on worship lifestyle, includes the Ministry Handbook and Worship Intercession Guide for Highland Park Church of God of Prophecy