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HOLY BIBLE Ethiopic Version By Robert Hunter
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Containing not just the Old Testament but also the Apocrypha and pseudopigrapha books that are actually considered as cannon by the Ethiopic Church. This is a simulation of what at least part of... More > their Holy Bible would be like if released in the English language for this book is not translated from the direct Ethiopic language. This is PART I < Less
Miriam's Healing By Cynthia Davis
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Miriam's Healing, by Cynthia Davis is Biblical fiction that tells the story of Miriam, sister to Moses. Miriam is an eyewitness to Moses’ return to Egypt, no longer as prince, but as prophet of... More > God. Can she accept her brother’s new role or will jealousy consume her?< Less
Nine Meditations on Christmas Carols for Organ By Weldon Whipple
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Nine Meditations on Christmas Carols for Organ
Instruction of Novices By Ven. John of Jesus Mary
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Ven. Fr. John of Jesus Mary gives a classic treatise for growth in the spiritual life. Written for Discalced Carmelite novices, it is valuable for all who wish to understand and regulate their... More > passions, grow in virtue, avoid vice and practice mental prayer.< Less
The King James Version: 400 Years of Bondage – 1611-2011 By Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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1611 was not a high spiritual mark in the history of the church, the Body of Christ. Instead of being a grand year of the pinnacle of preservation or perfection of God’s Word, it was rather the... More > sad depths of the subtle corrupting of God’s Word by the historic union of governmental and ecclesiastical politics.< Less
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Before you start reading, you should know this about me. I take God and Jesus Christ very seriously, yet I'm not adverse to pointing out the foibles of His people. God is perfect, we are not, and... More > neither is the institution we call the Church. Although this book contains an awful lot of funny material, you'll discover, when you get to the last part, a serious side. You see, I believe that if someone is to become a truly joyful person, he or she should read the Scriptures to discover how serious God is about their right to be authentically happy.< Less
That Takes Faith By Philip Wallace, Ann Brashear
Paperback: $17.05
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Compilation of homilies by the late Rev. Philip D. Wallace, priest of the Seattle Archdiocese.
401 page, Resp. Ps. Organ Accompaniments ( Jogues & Chabanel ) By Noel Chabanel
Paperback: $25.99
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SPIRAL BOUND Organ Accompaniment Book (401 pages) --- for all information, please visit: --- Sold by Triple P (with permission from the St. Noel Chabanel Website). ... More > Matches the St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal, Lectionary, & Gradual.< Less
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In Luke 17 the apostles asked Jesus, “Increase our faith.” He answered that if they had faith like a mustard seed, then a tree would obey them. This verse is often misunderstood. As this... More > book shows, the Bible’s 5 verses about a mustard seed emphasize its growth from a tiny seed into a large plant that provides for others. These verses do not teach that a tiny amount of faith does miracles: they show faith that grows greatly from its seed-like start, and show the great growth of the Kingdom of God from its tiny start. Faith is a trusting relationship with God that includes His miracles and much more. Little faith is being more like a mustard seed than its tree. In Luke the apostles had mustard seed faith. In Acts they had mustard tree faith. This book shows from Luke how God worked to transform their faith into mustard tree faith. Faithful believers in Jesus can see how God works to transform their own faith in the same way, and can see how to work with Him for this blessing.< Less
Motecta Trium Vocum, 3-voice Motets (60 pages) By Kevin Allen Music
Paperback: $22.00
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BOOKLET. 60-pages. Kevin Allen's "Motecta Trium Vocum." 3-voice Motets. For all information, and to freely access more than 56 free practice videos, please visit:
What I Believe: A Journey Through the Christian Faith from Beginning to Beginning By Neal Bowes, Karen Eiler
Paperback: $11.99
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Written with older middle school and high school students in mind, What I Believe goes back to the basics in telling the story of the relationship between God and humanity. Students don’t just... More > learn what Christians believe but why they believe it. With the goal of helping students understand and articulate their own beliefs, What I Believe is a good resource for Sunday school classes, Christian confirmation, and small group Bible studies.< Less
Give Her Wings: Help & Healing After Abuse By Megan D. Cox
Paperback: $14.99
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Give Her Wings: Help & Healing After Abuse is a unique, personalized, and practical guide for women who have left or are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship. Her Christian view of life... More > is in no way preachy, but instead full of hope and inspiration. She has a voice that is transparent and genuine and shares amazing, unprecedented insight. (Katherine Watkins) I wish every pastor, and every friend of a hurting, abused woman, and certainly every abused wife would drink deeply of the healing waters in Give Her Wings. (Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and A Lifelong Love) Read this book and be free! That is what truth does, and this book is full of truth. (Pastor Jeff Crippen, author of A Cry For Justice) (Megan Cox is a Pastoral Counselor for Mountain City Christian Counseling in Denver, Colorado,< Less
A Biblical Guide to Caring for People in Financial Trouble By David A. Jones
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A church education manual that helps pastors teach about finances. Helps meet congregational needs as well. Includes practical advice for caregivers. Filled with Scripture!
Three Days in Brandon Springs By Rob Williams
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This fictional Christian novel is the first of the Brandon Springs series. It is about life changing events, both real and imagined, encountered by a young man. Ryan Walker, a thirty year old... More > career minded Boston professional, returns to a small town in the southern Appalachians after receiving a letter from a probate judge requesting his presence. The main character thinks Brandon Springs to be a clean and dull little village, but there he experiences emotional and mental turns which cause him to doubt his sanity. He is haunted by a mysterious fellow even in his dreams. There are elements of mystery and unexpected twists as the story progresses to a revealing conclusion.< Less
In Search of Brandon Springs By Rob Williams
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This Christian fictional novel is the second of the Brandon Springs series. It portrays human struggles regarding relationships with both people and our Creator, as the primary topic deals with life... More > choices. Ryan Walker had come to treasure a rich relationship with his Aunt Sally in Brandon Springs, a small town in the southern Appalachian Mountains. He returns home to Boston after her death. Though he longs for the simplicity of life he had experienced in Brandon Springs, his life quickly becomes extremely complicated. Mysterious events lead him to become knowledgeable of a charitable operation done in secret. He is forced to face ethical challenges when he also becomes aware of serious illegalities involving the effort. Ryan is soon pulled into the thick of the matter, and he finds himself in a situation that becomes deadly. The story involves spiritual awakenings and revelations of human nature, as it progresses through tragedies and incredible experiences that span more than one generation.< Less
Simple Start Journal - Galatians + Ephesians By Kayse Pratt
Paperback: $15.00
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It's the simple, straightforward resource you need to be able to do the things that matter most each morning. Every day, you'll find a section for getting in the Word, getting focused on your... More > priorities, and getting a short workout in. Instead of juggling a basketful of tools, The Simple Start Journal is one comprehensive resource that covers all areas of a simple morning routine: reading & writing Scripture, setting priorities, and completing a short workout, every single weekday!< Less
Silencing the Accuser: Restoration of Your Birthright - Third Edition By Jacquelin and Daniel Hanselman
Paperback: $19.95
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The Body of Christ is being destroyed by lack of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the captivity of individuals, families, cities, and even nations caused by generational and personal... More > accusations. The reality of the goodness of God is challenged by the stark contrast between the covenantal blessings promised in the Word of God and the struggles in one’s life. In this book, the Hanselman’s uncover the source of these hindrances with practical teachings and prayers that will help you be cleared of the charges against you and your family in the Court of Heaven. Allow the Just Judge to declare you innocent by the Blood of the Lamb as you agree with your accuser in generational and personal repentance. Now is the time to begin the process of dismantling the accusations of the enemy! Families, regions, and nations can be set free by the application of these prayers. It is time for the destiny of the Body of Christ to be released for the great end time harvest. This edition has expanded teachings and prayers.< Less
The Blessing of the Thorn- second edition By J. David Jones
Paperback: $13.00
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Satan has been using sexual temptation to derail, consume and destroy the lives and testimony of God’s people since the beginning of time. Today the delivery system by which sexual temptation... More > is delivered may differ from years past but its end result remains the same. The church has made many mistakes in addressing this plague. We have often “shot” our sexually wounded, ignored, dismissed and in some cases moved God’s standard so as to not offend them. Most of these failed attempts have been rooted in fear and misunderstanding. In The Blessing of the Thorn (Second Edition), we will begin to take away some of the mystery of sexual sin, develop a clearer understanding of how it takes root and present practical biblically based tools to assault it. Let us become the church who is not afraid to step into the fight with Truth and Grace and take back the ground the enemy has taken.< Less
Essays: Confessional and Doctrinal By Kurt E. Marquart
Paperback: $16.99
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As a seminary professor for over 30 years, Kurt Marquart taught Systematic Theology. He stood out as a specialist in Christian doctrine. This volume contains several of his more scholarly writings... More > dealing with the Lutheran Confessions, dogmatics, and apologetics. Sixteen years of prior seasoning as a parish pastor played more than a small role in making Marquart the magnificent “painter” also a stunning “pointer” who could express the saving truth succinctly and unambiguously, as in these essays.< Less
In His Presence By Sylvia A Thomas
Paperback: $13.98
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Sylvia A. Thomas has experienced the "peace that passes all understanding" and wants to share her experience with you. "In His Presence" is a devotional book that is designed to... More > bring women into a place of rest and peace. G-d has given His people a weekly rest called the Sabbath day, which is the last day of the week, Saturday. He commands us to rest and be holy on that day. This book will help you to enter into that holy place of rest. Escape from the pressures of everyday life and gleefully experience what the L-rd Jesus, Yeshua has in store for you every week.< Less
The Orthodox Dilemma By George Alexander
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The Orthodox Dilemma consists of personal reflections on global Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity. The work focuses on the need for establishing sacramental communion between the Eastern, Oriental and... More > other families of Orthodox Churches. The author calls to create a common conciliar platform for Orthodox Churches and to establish dialogues between Eastern, Oriental, Old Believes, Old Calendar, Non-canonical, Unrecognized and New Generation Orthodox Churches.The major aim of the work is to provide different and unique aspects of Pan-Orthodox Christian Unity.The book also sheds light on problems, challenges and scope of inter-orthodox dialogue. This may be the first book of its kind to call for the creation of a global platform for all Orthodox Christians.The book tries to provide unique aspects of Orthodox Christianity.The work is a combination of personal thoughts of the author, history, contemporary Orthodoxy, dialogue and Pan-Orthodox Christian approach.< Less
The 2017 Journal of the South Georgia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church By South Georgia Conference
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The 2017 Journal of the South Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church
Malachi: Growing & Changing Commentary By Matthew Black
Paperback: List Price: $13.99 $12.59 | You Save: 10%
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THERE ARE TIMES in the believer’s life when he wonders: “Does God still love me?” The answer is: “Yes!” If we doubt God’s love it is not because God has wandered,... More > but that we have lost our way. God’s people need the refreshing words of Malachi to renew their love in a culture where iniquity abounds. Jesus said wherever lawlessness abounds, “the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:12). Only God through his word can warm the hearts of his people. The book of Malachi does just that.< Less
Shift The World By Mark A. Haywood
Paperback: $9.99
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Shift the World is the culmination of years of study and work. This book will show you how to shift into a greater version of yourself, how to work the shift in your own life, and finally how to... More > shift the world around you!< Less
Lutheran Pastor's Desk Diary 2018 By Alex Klages
Paperback: $8.10
Prints in 3-5 business days
A daily desk diary featuring the LCMS/LCC lectionary for the calendar year 2018. Concordia Publishing House is publishing a more full-featured version this year with RCL and WELS readings, but I made... More > this for my own use (as a way to plan for my year ahead).< Less