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Biblical Hebrew By W.R. Downing
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A first year course in the study of Biblical Hebrew
Holy Spirit Gifts: Old Men Still Dream and Prophesying Still Serves By Silas Bard
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The Exceptional Woman By Justeina Brownlee
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What does it look like to be an exceptional woman? We see the word exceptional and can be quick to write it off as unattainable. Most of us are going through life with the attitude that we simply... More > just want to make it through the day; who cares about being exceptional. The truth is that God is looking for an exceptional woman. Join Justeina as she takes you through 10 weeks of bible study discovering how to do life as anything but ordinary and average. It will challenge you to a whole new level of living and experiencing God. As for the exceptional woman…She is altogether lovely!< Less
The Gospel of Grace in Romans Three (DIGEST) By William R. Newell
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Gospel Of Grace in Romans Three, The (#4777) William R. Newell. Emphasizing the significance of rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
Paperback: $9.15
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So many people in today's society are prevented from living the abundant life that God wills for them. They are still haunted by terrible memories from their childhood, accompanied by the damaging... More > lies they started to believe then about themselves. Permanent healing is available, thank God, for all who fit in this category. Isaiah 61 Prayer, as described in this book, will result in receiving healing truth from Jesus Christ, the truth guaranteed to set every captive free.< Less
The Mystery: Secret Truth Revealed (DIGEST) By E.W. Bullinger
Paperback: $12.00
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There is no subject of greater importance to the Church of God than that which, in the New Testament, is called "The Mystery." 5 Mysteries of the New Testament are carefully considers, with... More > significance being placed upon the "Great" secret concerning "the Body of Christ."< Less
Theological Foundations of Counseling By Thomas Edgington, Ph.D.
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Theological Foundations is designed to give the reader an understanding of a biblical theory of personality. That theory provides a set of "lenses" through which the biblical counselor can... More > look as he/she works with clients. The book begins with presuppositions and a theory of integration which are followed by a description of 7 capacities that make up a theory of personality. The first 2 capacities provide a theory of motivation that help the counselor know what drives people. Tips for counseling are given throughout the book pertaining to each of the capacities described.< Less
401 page, Resp. Ps. Organ Accompaniments ( Jogues & Chabanel ) By Noel Chabanel
Paperback: $25.99
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SPIRAL BOUND Organ Accompaniment Book (401 pages) --- for all information, please visit: --- Sold by Triple P (with permission from the St. Noel Chabanel Website). ... More > Matches the St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal, Lectionary, & Gradual.< Less
Poems from Heaven By Ross Emily
Paperback: $18.50
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A wonderful book of homespun poems that is inspired by one man's faith in God. Ross Emily shares his poems that he believes are given to him by the Lord to share with all. He hopes they will be a... More > blessing to everyone.< Less
Reasons By Thomas E. Gaston (Ed)
Paperback: $9.19
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In this book (ISBN 978-0-9563841-4-0, 231 pages) a number of authors bring together their expertise in various fields, including science, philosophy and biblical studies, to lay out some of the... More > reasons for believing in God, Jesus and the Bible. Covering topics ranging from the fine-tuning of physical constants to the historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus, this book provides positive reinforcement for faith in the modern world.< Less
ORGAN EDITION, Pope Francis Hymn Book: 368 Pages By Paul Ragueneau
Paperback: $28.95
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ORGANIST EDITION : Spiral Bound, 368 pages. More than 200 Traditional hymns, the Complete Kyriale (19 Masses, 6 Creeds). Contains all the hymns from the Vatican II Hymnal, plus 45 additional hymns.... More > --- For more information, visit< Less
More Reasons By Tom Gaston (Ed)
Paperback: $9.20
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In many respects the case for faith has never been stronger. The discoveries of modern physics have provided strong indication that there is an intelligence behind the universe. A renaissance in... More > Christian philosophy has provided robust and respected defences against traditional challenges to theism. Scholars find they can no longer justify the hasty dismissal of the biblical text as either legendary or outdated. And yet despite these positive changes, religious believers find their sincere convictions dismissed as ill-founded and irrational. In this book (ISBN 978-0-9574460-6-9, 227 pages, First Edition June 2014) a number of authors bring together their various expertise and experience to continue laying out reasons for believing in God, Jesus and the Bible. Arguments are drawn from areas such as the fact of human rationality and religious experience, the divine character of the Bible, and intelligent design. These arguments provide additional support for faith in the modern world.< Less
Flower Girl's Eat Right - A 30 Day Challenge to "eat" the Word of God By Sonia Flowers
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This is a 30 plus day challenge that incorporates health, nutrition and a relationship with God with the goal of helping to create a habit for healthy living
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God, Guns & Guts made America great; but God, Guns & Guillotines reveals how it will all end! An exciting apocalyptic dramatization of diverse families and their survival during the soon... More > coming World Peace Holocaust! The spiritual battle for the souls of mankind. This book does not promote division, discord or violence in any way, but is intended to enlighten readers to alternatives to the pre-trib rapture teaching - encouraging all to keep an open mind to the timing of the rapture and realizing that not doing so could be detrimental to souls. "The Post-Trib version of the 'Left Behind' Series" that serves as a warning of Biblical prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled, and a glorious rapture (revelation/second coming of Christ) immediately after the seven year tribulation (that is cut short - so no man can know the day nor the hour, but can know the season). Entertainment, excitement, education and inspiration for all ages!< Less
WORDS TO LIVE BY and THE BLESSED By The Lord, Our God and Savior
Paperback: $3.04
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PAPERBACK: WORDS TO LIVE BY Words of Wisdom from The Lord Our God and Savior, and THE BLESSED More Declarations of Blessedness from The Lord Our God and Savior. (Also available as a FREE downloadable... More > PDF at *NO PROFIT is received from the sale of this book. All monies are exchanged between the purchaser and only. and are Non-Profit ministries.< Less
Paperback: $16.96
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Journey of Epistles evolving into the fullness of the call of an Apostle. Discussion of those who was before us that paved the government through the biblical words of God. Learning about God... More > pioneers who made a difference in history.< Less
Five Stories: A Collection of Christian Fiction By Victoria Beatus
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This collection of short fiction is Vicki B's first book. The stories are on diverse themes and many of them contain symbols and metaphors.   Here are some excerpts from the book:   ...... More > [Jeremy] continued staring at the ceiling, rushing with thoughts of what he would say to the arsonist when he was caught. It gave him a burning pleasure to imagine the arsonist shrinking under his wrath. If he begs for mercy will I give it to him? From “Justice and the Fire”   The bodyguard's eyes reflected the cold moonlight, “You're completely out of order! King Darren would be in his rights to hang you all for high treason!” Then he turned to my cousin, Geoffrey, “Tell me I'm wrong, Your Highness!” From “What the King Says”   See the video sample here on YouTube:< Less
The Children's Shorter Catechism By C. Matthew McMahon
Paperback: $3.99
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The Children's Shorter Catechism is an extremely effective way in teaching young children the basic principles of the Bible, and the Reformed Faith. It is taken from the 1647 Westminster Shorter... More > Catechism and is housed in simple language which will aid children to learn fundamental Christian truths that are of utmost importance in the larger scope of God's redemptive plan for his church. Each question also has Scripture references which prove out the answer, allowing each question to be turned into a time of family devotion and bible study. This new version brings some of the antiquated language of the catechism up to date for younger children, and has been carefully translated for accuracy (it is not a scan or facsimile).< Less
Welcome To My World A World of Saints and Sinners - Cops and Crooks By James Powell
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.00 You Save: 20%
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“I have done many things most people have only seen on television. But while my world has been filled with contrasts I have never thought of it as a world of contradictions. I was no less a... More > Christian because I was a police officer; conversely, I was no less a police officer because I was a Christian.” The stories in this book are a merging of experiences from the author's life as a policeman and as a pastor coupled with lessons taught as a Bible teacher. The reader is carried from the patrol car to the Bible and back again. Fasten your seatbelt - you are about to be involved in some very arresting stories.< Less
The Gathering and The Event By MH Anderson
Paperback: $13.50
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A group of Christians in northern Minnesota begin to sort through a Biblical framework to deal with events taking place in the country and the world. As events transpire, they make radical lifestyle... More > changes to be a step ahead of what unfolds. It is an action packed novel, placing you in the middle of global intrigue and Biblical prophesy.< Less
He Will Never Leave You By Jaylin Palacio
Paperback: $12.95
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Are you or someone you know facing the aftermath of adultery? People will betray us, but God will never leave us. He gives us the ability to truly forgive and be set free from the pain of betrayal.... More > It is difficult to know what to say or do to help someone facing the aftermath of adultery. Just the gift of this book could say it all.< Less
The Old Man in Adam vs. The New Man in Christ By Stephen Thurstan
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This book is about the Christian being the new man in Christ verses no longer being the old man in Adam, according to Romans 6:6, Colossians 3:9-10 and Ephesians 4:22-24. Understanding this important... More > truth is very vital and a key to the sanctification process in our lives. Without this foundational understanding we will fail to be what God has called us to be: holy even as He is holy. At the end of each chapter are questions for an inductive study for either an individual or a group bible study.< Less
Created In God's Image, Not Adam's! By Stephen Thurstan
Paperback: List Price: $15.99 $11.99 You Save: 25%
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This book deals with who the Christian is as a new creation in Christ. No longer is the Christian the crucified "old man," but he is a resurrected "new man" who is said in Eph.... More > 4:24 to be created after God's very own image and likeness in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Such knowledge and empowerment of who we are in Christ enables the Christian to overcome the world, the flesh, sin and the Devil. Next to the Bible, this book is a must-read and vital for every Christian to have in their possession.< Less
Still Lovable: Rebounding From Cheap Sex By Kim Hedrick
Paperback: List Price: $16.99 $13.59 You Save: 20%
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We are SELLING our inheritance of a beautiful marriage relationship CHEAPLY. Just like Esau SOLD his INHERITANCE from GOD for a bowl of soup. Emotional pain, rejection, neglect, abuse,... More > self-loathing, weight issues, doubting oneself, they all make it very easy to give away or lose your sexual purity and set you up for selling the beautiful emotional and sexual life God intended for you for the instant gratification of cheap sex. Our society uses sex as a way to feed a craving— a bowl of soup for an empty stomach. Then when you want more— emotional, and physical intimacy, you can’t find it. Damage done from casual sex and intimacy has left a rocky and unstable foundation upon which to build a marriage. Don’t let casual sex before marriage make you feel unlovable. God can wipe the slate clean and has given you the roadmap to follow for restoration and moving forward, based on biblical principles. You can rebound from cheap sex, and have His plan for a happy, healthy, passionate marriage.< Less
Issues and Your Tissues By Valerie Miller Simpson
Paperback: $7.48
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Issues and your tissues is a book about transfer of spirits!