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Biblical Psychology -- 3rd Edition By Thomas Edgington, Ph.D.
eBook (PDF): $18.99
Biblical Psychology is a textbook designed to look at what the Bible says about psychological topics such as: personality, the mind/brain connection, states of consciousness, self-esteem, etc. ... More > Because psychology deals with the psychological/spiritual part of man, the Bible has much to say about it. Given that God created the mind and behavior (which is the basis of psychology) it only behooves us to study this realm of man that reflects God. Loaded with hundreds of Scripture references, the in-depth look at what the Bible says about thinking and behavior helps build a basis for studying psychology. The book begins with presuppositions, moves to a definition of what “integration” means to the author, and then provides insight for a Christian perspective of the psychological makeup of man. All of this is intended to set the foundation for Christian psychological study. The book then weighs in on certain psychological topics and runs those teachings through a "biblical grid.”< Less
Christian Leadership Simplified By Dan Tarrant
Paperback: $4.75
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"Well done my good and faithful servant!" That's what we'd all like to hear at the gates of Heaven. But what does it really take to be a "good and faithful servant?" Find out... More > with us and become the difference-maker God intended you to be!< Less
The Danger of Falling Into the Hands of the Living God By C. Matthew McMahon, Matthew Mead
Paperback: $16.99
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Matthew Mead (1630-1699) was an independent puritan divine, and popular reformed preacher and morning lecturer at Stepney Church (London). In this convicting work directed to increase a healthy fear... More > of the Living God to Christians, Mead works from Hebrews 10:31, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” Mead teaches in what sense God is the living God, and what it means to “fall into the hands” of this God who lives. Every sinner (redeemed, or remaining in unbelief) will ultimately stand in judgment before the Living God, and will have to deal with God both necessarily and everlastingly. Necessarily, as God requires an account of their life, and everlastingly, where the final state of the sinner will be determined. This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.< Less
Never Leave Your Monastery By H.G. Potter
Paperback: List Price: $31.00 $12.40 | You Save: 60%
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Jacob Magister has grown up as a monk in the monastery, but the day now comes when wants to leave and see for himself the outer world. Lost in a forbidden wilderness, a band of half-elves, reckless... More > mountaineers, capture him. They speak of a great quest in the caverns of earth, and warn of an old prophecy near fulfillment: The wicked ways of men have earned for the world a divine chastisement: the ancient towers of Sorcery must rule again. What is even worse: the Inversus will ascend the chair of Archmages, and proclaim himself divine-! All kingdoms will worship him. Bewildered, Jacob returns to his monastery, a prodigal, and is restored...but then he himself is accused of Sorcery. In the name of God he must return to the world and its violence. He must go against the bane-lord, the Dire of Melancholy! Can Brother Jacob, barely even a monk, do the bloody work of a quest-knight and hell-raider? Can he prove his own innocence? Can he expel the demons of a dark world?< Less
Table Talk Journal By Dan Tarrant
Paperback: $4.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Table Talk: small groups for sinners, disciples and everyone in between! Use this guide to make hosting or joining a small group easy!
Paperback: List Price: $20.00 $15.00 | You Save: 25%
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Come journey with me through the raw experiences of my personal testimony of finding beauty in brokenness. As you read the pages of this book, let your heart grasp the realness of its content. In... More > that place, my heart learned to abide within the grace and mercy of God. The wilderness treatment brought enlightenment and deliverance within my heart. Many years had been spent trying to conform and even run within the opinions of others. The need for acceptance, approval and love drove me to ‘the performance mode.’ As you read through the chapters, you will see the joy of being delivered from being a ‘stereo-typed’ woman and minister. Who had believed that unless she walked, talked and aligned within the likeness of others opinions, she would never be used! This process brought me to the truth of having ‘real’ relationship with God, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. The truth of perfect love, hope, peace and trust became a ‘known’ place within my heart, mind and even actions.< Less
Simply Kingdom, Simple Church: Multiplying Disciples and Churches By Charles Kridiotis
Paperback: $21.99
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“Charles Kridiotis has been serving the simple church movement in Sweden and Europe for many years in a mentoring and equipping role, forming teams that thrive. In this book Charles gives his... More > perspective on the simple church movement as a practitioner. He describes the basics of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, how to make disciples, simple church life and leadership, and the multiplication of simple church groups and networks. The principles he shares are biblically founded and illustrated with real-life anecdotes from his own experience.” Marc van der Woude Dutch innovator, trend watcher, networker, founder of Simple Church Europe and publisher of Joel News International (, a weekly e-zine.< Less
When It Hurts! By Carolyn R Scheidies
Paperback: List Price: $11.98 $10.78 | You Save: 10%
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WHEN IT HURTS! Is a pocket-sized gift book of encouragement for those going through the rough waters of life. Often people feel isolated and alone in their pain. But all deal with storms in life from... More > death and betrayal to physical and emotional pain and more. Scheidies said, "The passages in WHEN IT HURTS! stem from sorrow, pain, anger and grief in my own life." She added, "As I cried and screamed and fought, I came to realize that God could handle my pain and tears. He was and is there when we need Him most." This gift book offers a way back to healing and hope.< Less
Cleansing the Temple: A Call to Radical Christianity By Jesse Morrell
Paperback: $15.00
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“Cleansing the Temple” was written by a young fiery street preacher. Jesse Morrell was only eighteen years old in 2003, preaching in the streets of New England, when he began to write the... More > contents of this book. It is not your typical Christian book. It is a compilation of very passionate articles calling the church of believers to uncompromising holy service to God. This book is primarily about purity, prayer, and preaching. The hope is that this book will cleanse modern Christianity to be the bride that Christ wants her to be.< Less
Decreta tu Dia By Brent Luck
Paperback: $17.95
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Los pensamientos contenidos en este libro son la forma en que siempre viviré mi vida. Mi oración por ti es que algo de ese fuego y celo que existe en mí para decretar y declarar la... More > agenda del cielo haya entrado en ti. Ruego que hayas sido enriquecido por Su palabra en lo profundo de tu corazón a la vez que lees y declaras el contenido de este libro.< Less
2015 South Georgia Annual Conference Journal By Meredyth Earnest
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
The 2015 Journal of the South Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church
The Book of Inspirational Quotes By La'Garien J Thomas
Paperback: $5.64
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The Book of Inspirational Quotes is a book created to Inspire by encouraging and insightful quotes of many categories. Some of these categories are, "The Beauty of Pain, Prophetic Quotes, The... More > Secret of Joseph's Prosperity", and many more.< Less
The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ By C. Matthew McMahon, Francis Roberts
Paperback: $17.99
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Francis Roberts (1609-1675), was a Presbyterian and Reformed Puritan, widely known for his theological works. From McMahon's introduction: "Most Evangelicals today believe that salvation is by... More > an outward show of moral character. This kind of religion is specially designed by the devil for the natural man. Roberts’ work on directing sinners from being captive to their natural tendencies to Christ is not simply a work that shakes the sinner’s intellectual mechanisms to understand the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning sin and salvation, but this work is one of the most violent theological earthquakes of Gospel exhortation ever penned by any pastor or theologian in the history of the Christian church. Roberts’ main objective is to get sinners not only interested in Christ, but pointed in the direction of the only means by which men must be saved." This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.< Less
Healing For The Soul-Prayer Journal By Dr. Tracy L. Gunn
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Healing For Your Soul Prayer Journal is a unique way of keeping track of your prayer request and answered prayers as you quietly mediate and reflect on God’s Holy word.
Reflections in Righteousness By Jaque (Banas) Shank
Paperback: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This course teaches radical, life-changing faith in Jesus Christ. Christianity has become a religion of do’s and don’ts for many who suffer under the crushing weight of what they... More > “ought” to do for God. This course reveals the Gospel as many have never heard or seen it before, producing radical, life-changing faith in Jesus Christ. It magnifies the cross of Christ until we recognize what happened for us before we were ever born into this world. When we see Him, we will be like Him. As a matter of fact, He Himself will be our life.< Less
Bible Survey O.T. II By Downing W. R.
Paperback: $21.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
A book by book survey of the Old Testament with outlines and historical background.
Bible Survey O.T. I By W.R. Downing
Paperback: $21.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume I of a Survey of the English Bible: Old Testament (Part One)
VOCALIST SCORES, 206 pages, Chabanel & Jogues, Responsorial Psalms By Noel Chabanel
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Perfect Bound" VOCALIST BOOK (206 pages), for all information, please visit: --- Sold by Triple P LLC --- Matches the St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated... More > Missal, Lectionary, & Gradual< Less
Knowing My Father Intimately By JoAnn Wibberley
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A compilation of poems, songs and prayers given over the years, during times of joy, sadness, rejoicing and turmoil, showing the healing power and restoration given to me by God through His word.
The Essence & Topicality of Thomism By Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.
Hardcover: List Price: $32.48 $19.49 | You Save: 40%
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Fr. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., explains why Thomism is the solution to the present crisis of Modernism in the Church. The problem: The indications of the current crisis in the Church... More > have “been not of a crisis of faith, but of a very grave malady of the intellect, which conducts itself on the tracks of liberal Protestantism and through relativism to absolute skepticism.” Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange’s solution: Thomism. “Thomism corresponds to the profound needs of the modern world because it restores the love of truth for the sake of truth itself. Now, without this love of truth for itself, it is not possible to obtain true infused charity, the supernatural love of God for the sake of God Himself, nor to arrive at the infused contemplation of God sought for Himself, that is, at the contemplation that proceeds from the living faith enriched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, first of all, knowledge and wisdom.”< Less
Studies in New Testament Greek By W. R. Downing
Paperback: $9.12
Prints in 3-5 business days
Introductory and Intermediate New Testament Greek Grammar
Instruction of Novices By Ven. John of Jesus Mary
Paperback: $7.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ven. Fr. John of Jesus Mary gives a classic treatise for growth in the spiritual life. Written for Discalced Carmelite novices, it is valuable for all who wish to understand and regulate their... More > passions, grow in virtue, avoid vice and practice mental prayer.< Less
Captives of a Concept (Anatomy of an Illusion By Don Cameron
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
During the course of the Watchtower's "free Bible Study" people get drawn into an illusionary concept involving the Watchtower organization that gradually takes over their decision-making... More > process and even their conscience without them realizing it. It happens because of a mistake that everyone makes before they decide to become a Jehovah’s Witness. "Captives of a Concept" identifies both the concept and the mistake that causes people to become captives of it. The book also offers suggestions that may help some Jehovah’s Witnesses correct their mistake and teach themselves the truth about their religion.< Less
Angels in the Woodshed By Lynn Ridenhour
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Here it is fifty years later and I'm still witnessing the unusual. I call them miracles. My friends call them probabilities.Some call them coincidences.I won't tell you what some call them. Where my... More > friends see only stars, I see the Star of Bethlehem pregnant with Divine purpose. "Angels in the Woodshed" was written for the next generation. And for my children's children. I want my grandchildren to grow up knowing their grandfather's God--the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God who is always looking three generations ahead. When the Lord thought of me, He thought of my child and her children. When He was planning my life, He had them in mind. When He redeemed me, He was also thinking of them. I want my grandchildren's generation to experience miracles. I want them to see angels in the woodshed. I did.< Less
The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament By Rev. David Bauscher
Hardcover: List Price: $54.98 $32.99 | You Save: 40%
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This is The New Testament in the language of Jesus and his countrymen of 1st century Israel, with a word for word translation into English next to each Aramaic word. Aramaic was used in Mel Gibson's... More > film "The Passion of the Christ" to make the film as realistic as possible. This New Testament will surprise and thrill the reader with its power and inspiration coming from the words of "Yeshua" (“Jesus” in ancient Aramaic) as He originally spoke them and a very literal English rendering. Much evidence is presented demonstrating very powerfully that The Peshitta Aramaic NT is the original behind The Greek NT. There are many graphics and even photos from Dead Sea Scrolls to illustrate an Aramaic verse and how a reading was interpreted by a Greek translating the text.628 pages.B&W Hardback 6x9". Pastor Dave is a former high school science teacher with a proficiency in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and has been preaching & teaching The Bible since 1976 in several churches in the USA. His web site is< Less