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VOCALIST SCORES, 206 pages, Chabanel & Jogues, Responsorial Psalms By Noel Chabanel
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"Perfect Bound" VOCALIST BOOK (206 pages), for all information, please visit: --- Sold by Triple P LLC --- Matches the St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated... More > Missal, Lectionary, & Gradual< Less
Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit: Dealing with Root Causes By Eric Gondwe
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[PDF eBook] Healing the wounded spirit is not just a cognitive or brain chemistry issue. It is beyond that. It's a spiritual matter. Psychology, positive thinking, and so on, only scratch the tip of... More > the iceberg. Spiritual matters therefore require spiritual intervention. The source for such inner spiritual healing is the Holy Spirit. Spiritual healing is deep calling unto deep, the human spirit calling unto the Holy Spirit. This book lays the principles for the Holy Spirit’s healing work. It outlines the areas of our input and how these facilitate the inner healing work of the Holy Spirit. Areas covered include: + Root causes or doors of entry for spiritual wounds + Our unique makeup and how best to develop it + Christian spiritual healing principles to know + Psychology healing principles worth mentioning + The enemy within: breaking strongholds in our lives + Deliverance from demonic experiences & manifestations< Less
The Battle of Caelum Moor: A TRUE Story of Spiritual Warfare By Michael Tummillo
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This is a true story of Spiritual Warfare as experienced by a committed alliance of Arlington, Texas churches. The Body of Christ can learn a great deal from what these churches experienced. Those... More > who are teachable can spare themselves a great deal of heartache and pain from this experience.< Less
Leading Worship By Mark Cole
Paperback: $14.78
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Worship leading is a great privilege and challenge. It is great to be able to point people to God through Worship. Learn to grow in your singing, playing and leading. Learn to hear God's Spirit as... More > you lead. Be passionate in your love-relationship with God, and for the people in your Worship team and congregation.< Less
The Coming Conflict By Roland Pletts
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This book considers the return of Jesus to establish His Kingdom. It explains the Biblical prophecies when the Lord will reveal Himself to all who love Him. It tells of the coming three and one half... More > years foretold in Revelation and the coming time of Glory when the "Living Temple of Believers" will be cleansed and empowered for the greatest Acts of God ever seen. It tells of the coming visitation of Messiah to the Jewish people and the great revelation of Jesus to the nations of the world.< Less
Developing An Apprentice By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
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Within these pages are some of the most practical and insightful ideas you’ll find to guide you on this journey of not only leading, but leading others to lead . . . to change the world. This... More > guide is used by all areas of ministry at Community Christian Church to develop leaders and further the Jesus Mission of helping people find their way back to God.< Less
HEALING HELPS from the Bible Volume 2 Relationships By Thomas Edgington, Ph.D.
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Healing Helps: Relationships is a topical Bible study workbook intended to guide the user through Scripture to better understand various aspects of relationships and if needed, work through... More > relationship difficulties. It has 13 topics which fit into a quarter year and tackles the subjects of Relationships, The Healing Power of Words, Communication, One-Anothering, Encouragement, Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Making Amends, Discerning Deceitfulness, Sexuality, Marriage, & Family. The user can look up the listed verses, determine what he believes the Bible is saying, then read the author's own insights and summary at the end of each section. Relationships is the second of four volumes of Healing Helps from the Bible. The others are titled: Dealing With Emotions, Finding Strength and Handling Weakness, and Finding God's Perspective and Experience the Benefits. All volumes are intended to help the reader draw closer to God and find peace and comfort through understanding better God's message and desires for man.< Less
Crown of Thorns By Roland Pletts
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This is a reconstruction from the scriptures of the last week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ from his entry into Jerusalem to his Resurrection. It faithfully follows the Gospel accounts and... More > gives details often overlooked. It explains the things that happened and fills in backgound events. It records the people and their words during these significant days of the week that changed the world. The author was active in Christian ministry for four decades.< Less
Rediscovering Reverence By Michael L. Gowens
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A study of the Biblical theme "the fear of the Lord" and a discussion of the relevance of this attitude to New Testament believers.
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This book is an explanation of the Book of Revelation together with the Book of Daniel and other Old Testament scriptures. It tells of the spiritual conflict during the last 2000 years and how it is... More > being fulfilled at this time in history. Gives Biblical explanation of the prophetic symbols from a Jewish perspective and the amazing fulfilment through history and the significance of current world events.< Less
The Life of David By Michael L. Gowens
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A study of the inspired biography of King David, a "man after God's own heart." This is a story of Divine providence, with numerous practical lessons for contemporary believers. The author... More > also makes an effort to connect various Psalms to the historical setting in which they were composed.< Less
Because You..., Wanted to Know....Can Women Preach and Teach By Ernest Leonard Jr.
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The devil is very angry with women of God tearing down his kingdom. He is fed up with these anointed vessels putting his demonic host to flight. Satan has come up with another destructive plan to... More > creep into and divide up the body of Christ. He has devised a plan to shut up these chosen chariots in an effort to silence them in and out of the sanctuaries of the Lord. The Father has given out more knowledge of women being able not to only preach and teach but also walk in the calling or the chosen gift for them to operate in through Jesus Christ our Lord. Where does it say in the bible that women cannot walk in their anointed gift or office of authority!? Some people unknowingly are being used ignorantly to put a stop to these women being used of the Lord by shutting them up and keeping them silent in the house of God. God has given revelational knowledge for us to know otherwise. God is still using his women of God today as well as the men of God are being used of the Lord.< Less
The Covenant of God By Thomas Blake
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Blake's work is a master treatise on Covenant Theology. It follows the formula laid down in the Westminster Confession and demonstrates every aspect of biblical covenant theology from a systematic... More > and well thought through argument. As it was said of John Owen’s “Death of Death in the Death of Christ” so it may be said of this work as well – Blake doth exhaust the argument. This is a tome of the highest caliber on a topic that is most needful to be understood by the Evangelical Church today – Covenant Theology and inclusion in the Covenant of God.< Less
The Good Life By Dean Summers
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This little book is a treasure map in 3-D. It is a lively portrait of Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua ha-Natzri), who steps free from the printed page by way of a triangulation of perspectives. Perspective... More > 1: from a plain-talk translation of the core teachings of Jesus, the leading expert on life and love. Perspective 2: from a time-travel excursion through the first thirty years of the Jesus movement, when those who were taking Jesus seriously were very, very Jewish―and all much closer to Jesus than any six degrees of separation. Perspective 3: after a bit of digging into the meaning of key words and phrases from the writings of two early followers of Jesus. Then, you break into a treasure chamber where you find Jesus alive and well and saying, “I’ve been looking for you!”< Less
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The Lord and the Tetragrammaton explores numerous topics concerning the theory that the Tetragrammaton (the Divine Name) appeared in the New Testament autographs. The Lord and the Tetragrammaton... More > examines the use of the Divine Name from the Dead Sea Scrolls to medieval times and beyond. Discussions on the Hebrew vowel points, Greek forms of the name, and many other topics. Many easy to read charts explaining the data. Extensive Appendix area covering New Testament quotations from the LXX, Dead Sea Scrolls and LXX comparisons, Manuscript timelines and more. This is a completely revised and updated version of The Lord and the Tetragrammaton.< Less
A Simple Service Book By Timothy Cravens
Paperback: $7.50
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Reprint of a simple service book by an Independent Catholic bishop in the Carfora line containing the Order of Mass, Benediction, a simplified Vespers, and prayers for private use.
In Search of A Way Out By Rev. Dr. Allonia H. Holmes
Paperback: $11.34
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This book was written to help those “seeking a way out,” get a grasp on the spiritual freedom, joy, and peace one can experience, even in the midst of difficult life circumstances.
The Days of the Seventh Angel-Volume 7 By Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback: $8.18
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Comments on Revelation 20-22 including fascinating parallels found in the book
The Days of the Seventh Angel-Volume 6 By Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback: $7.44
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A commentary on Revelation 17-19
The Days of the Seventh Angel-Volume 4 By Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback: $8.48
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A commentary on Revelation 12 with a partial list of parallels pertaining to the entire book.
RIDING HIGH By Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback: $8.16
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A collection of stories recounting the blessings of keeping the seventh-day Sabbath.
The Works of Henry Mahan Volume 1 By Henry Mahan
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The Works of Henry Mahan Volume One contains With New Testament Eyes (Pictures of Christ in the Old Testament) and The Gospel According to Isaiah. The entire work, consisting of three volumes, is... More > the result of Pastor Mahan’s devotion to providing his congregation with sound Christ centered materials for study in their Sunday Bible classes. By 1983 he had gone through most of the epistles of the New Testament verse by verse, and eventually included lessons from much of the Old Testament. Originally his 'New Testament Bible Class Commentaries' were published by Evangelical Press, in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. His 'Gospel of John' and 'Old Testament Pictures of Christ' were printed in two volumes. 'The Gospel According to Isaiah' has never been published. This three volume set contains all of his works.< Less
Perth Assembly By David Calderwood
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Perth Assembly was written by David Calderwood in 1619. It was printed in Leyden, Holland by the Pilgrims just a year before they made the voyage to America to settle at Plymouth Colony. The book... More > enraged King James I, who sent authorities to Holland to arrest William Brewster, the printer. Brewster fled to England and went into hiding. He was never apprehended, and later made the voyage to America in 1620. Calderwood wrote Perth Assembly out of protest to King James’ imposition of the “Five Articles” upon the Church of Scotland. He fled to Holland after publishing the book, and didn’t return to Scotland until after the death of James I, in 1625.< Less
A Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God By William Mason
Paperback: $15.40
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A day-by-day devotional book by WILLIAM MASON (1719-1791). The text has been lightly updated for today's readers. From the original Preface: I have found a sweet savor of Jesus' precious name, free... More > grace, and perfect salvation, in these meditations... They will be profitable to you, if you are hungering and thirsting after Jesus and his righteousness; or if you are one of those happy souls who know Jesus to be the Lord by the Holy Spirit, and are desiring to grow in the knowledge of his adorable person, and in the love of the Father through him... W. Romaine, 1765< Less
Sahidic Coptic New Testament By Tigran Aivazian, J. Warren Wells
Paperback: $18.22
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The Sahidic Coptic New Testament. We also have a Hardcover edition available.