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The ARM Pre-Apologetics Book By Vincent P. Lewis
eBook (PDF): $4.50
To be able properly to defend The Faith two things are needed: knowledge and the right mental attitude. ARM produces many products that give you the knowledge you need to defend the Faith. THIS book... More > will give you the proper attitude. Regardless of how many techniques you know, unless you are trained in recognizing when to use them, you may find yourself confused and uncertain in real life contacts. This is precisely why we produced this book. This type of "mind improvement" is beneficial in ANY field, not only in matters of religion. This book is for the lay Catholic and requires no previous training. The principle is placed into an everyday context, then clearly defined, then illustrated by means of realistic dialogues . . . all written in clear plain language. The "dialogue" method allows you to easily and quickly comprehend the principles which you need.< Less
The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English with Psalms & Proverbs (8th edition with notes) By Rev. David Bauscher
eBook (PDF): $7.50
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This is a translation (8th edition-2013) of The Aramaic New Testament (Aramaic was the language of Jesus and his countrymen of 1st century Israel) in an English prose translation of The Peshitta New... More > Testament. A translation of the Psalms & Proverbs from the ancient Peshitta OT Version is included at the end. This translation is derived from the author's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament and The Psalms & Proverbs interlinear. Aramaic was used in Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ" to make the film as realistic and accurate as possible. This New Testament will surprise and thrill the reader with its power and inspiration coming from the words of "Yeshua" (“Jesus” in ancient Aramaic) as He originally spoke them, in a literal and readable English rendering. 609 pages PDF file. This edition contains 200+ pages of notes demonstrating graphically in hundreds of verse examples that the Aramaic NT is the original text and the Greek NT is a translation of the Aramaic Peshitta text< Less
The View Beyond the Hill (2012) By Kristie Rush
Paperback: $12.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
A 10-week women's bible study that focuses on 40 statements of promise God makes to us. Statements that we need to know at any time in our lives, but especially when we face difficult circumstances.
Theology of God By Dave Armstrong
Paperback: List Price: $19.95 $13.97 | You Save: 30%
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The doctrine of God remains as important as ever. The Apostle Paul rebuked the Corinthians in the first century for accepting "another Jesus" and "a different gospel" (2 Cor... More > 11:4). Denial of the deity of Christ and the Holy Trinity were no doubt among the falsehoods condemned by Paul as “doctrines of demons” (1 Tim 4:1). Christians need to know the biblical basis for these beliefs, in view of the many historic heresies and recent fashionable nonsense such as open theism and process theology. My emphasis is on a listing of many scores of relevant Bible passages (systematic theology). Additionally, I attempt to explain "theology proper" in laymen’s terms, so that, with the aid of this book, soaked with Scripture, anyone will be able to defend the biblical (and Nicene, Chalcedonian) truths of the Holy Trinity, Jesus as the incarnate God, and the divinity of the Holy Spirit. The coherence and truthfulness of orthodox, biblical theology of God is evident, the more these passages are understood.< Less
Discover Your Mission Now By Community Christian Church
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Written by Dave Ferguson, Jon Ferguson and Tim Sutherland. Edited by Eric Bramlett. You were made with a mission in mind! As a follower of Jesus, He has an exciting part for you to play in His... More > mission of changing the world. In Discover Your Mission Now you will come to a crystal clear understanding of the Jesus mission and your part in it. You will gain an understanding of the five consistent missional practices that Jesus lived out in His life. These five simple to understand, but challenging to live out daily missional practices are designed to bless the places that you are sent and people in your life. As you begin to live out these missional practices, you will not only discover your own mission in life but that you are changing the world around you.< Less
Hymnal for the Hours (Hardcover) By Fr. Samuel F. Weber, O.S.B.
Hardcover: $25.50
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This hymnal brings together almost 500 English hymns, in plainchant, for use in the modern Liturgy of the Hours. The texts are approved translations of the very hymns appointed for each of the hours... More > (Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline, Matins). The book includes the weekly cycles, liturgical seasons, commons of saints, and certain propers of saints.< Less
Stewardship Under the Cross By HR Curtis
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pastors serving parishes, especially with schools, quickly encounter stewardship challenges. How do we fund the mission? How can we make best use of the resources God has given us? How do we teach... More > stewardship with an evangelical spirit? Pastor Curtis addresses these questions in this delightful monologue. He shares solid Biblical and confessional insights in addressing stewardship in a Lutheran congregation. Pastors in any size parish will benefit from reading this book. - Rev. Timothy J. Scharr, President, Southern Illinois District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod< Less
Speak Lord By Liela Fuller
Paperback: $22.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Speak Lord provides a wonderful place to journal your thoughts while reading God's Word, Revelations you receive while reading and much more. Speak Lord helps you to document the beauty of God's word... More > to you - whether it's Rhema or Logos, let Speak Lord help you document everything God is speaking to you.< Less
Math for Ministers: Practical Math for Ministers By Paul Fishell
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math is used is every profession. The math used is specific for each vocation. This book focuses on math that ministers use throughout the year. It is designed to aid teaching Applied Math in a Bible... More > College.< Less
The Saving Truth: Doctrine for Laypeople By Kurt E. Marquart
Hardcover: $34.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Truth, Salvatory and Churchly, Works of Kurt E. Marquart in three volumes. Volume 1 is a lay-level presentation, in nine chapters, of the basics of the Christian faith by a prolific Lutheran pastor... More > and theologian who lived for 14 years in Australia and taught for over 30 years at Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It is written in an energetic and winsome style typical of the author who taught soberly yet with good humor, holding forth in such a way as to be understood by everyone, making incisive application to contemporary circumstances and events, and above all, constantly riveting on the incarnate Savior and the marks of the church.< Less
The Virtue of Contentment : A Bible Journaling Study By Sue Carroll
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The Virtue of Contentment : A Bible Journaling Study, is a 6 week study that provides Weekly Bible Study Content, Journaling Prompts, Art pages, Lettering, Doodle 101's, Small Group questions and... More > PRIVILEGED ACCESS to additional project support including Large Group Suggestions, Leader Guide,Small Group Activities, Lettering techniques,Doodle tutorials, & Weekly group projects including photos and videos that can be found on Sue's blog @ This study can be done individually or with a group. PLEASE CONSIDER BOOKING SUE TO KICK OFF YOUR STUDY BY TEACHING AN INTRODUCTION TO BIBLE ART JOURNALING. (The first week's class) She can also meet with Facilitators/Leaders to better prepare them for hosting this type of study. Time for Q & A included. THIS STUDY IS PERFECT FOR A 1-2 DAY BIBLE JOURNALING CONFERENCE. For more information contact Sue at< Less
The Holy Trinity By Carl L. Beckwith
Hardcover: $39.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Holy Trinity, volume 3 of the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series, explains the difficulties we face in confessing the Trinity in our world today and how we overcome these challenges by... More > placing Christ and the Gospel at the center of our preaching and teaching. The Holy Trinity returns us to Scripture and shows how the Old and New Testaments carefully and decisively present the indivisible oneness and irreducible threeness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Finally, The Holy Trinity introduces readers to the sound pattern of words used by the Fathers and Lutheran reformers to clarify and defend the trinitarian witness of Scripture. We confess, worship, and glorify the Holy Trinity rightly when we boldly proclaim the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Carl L. Beckwith is professor of church history and doctrine at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.< Less
The Fruit of the Spirit By Raymond L Fox
Paperback: List Price: $18.00 $14.40 | You Save: 20%
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The Fruit of the Spirit is a how-to-manual for understanding and practicing the most basic characteristics of a life transformed by Jesus: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith,... More > gentleness, and self-control. Each chapter includes an in-depth explanation of these qualities in the context of Jesus’ teaching, insights that promote deeper reflection about their nature, and clear direction for practice. This clearly written guide will benefit anyone dedicated to growing in the image of the Lord Jesus.< Less
The Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch By Nancy Bandzuch
Paperback: $30.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch is a collection of over 200 patterns of Catholic saints that can be used to for cross stitch or perler bead projects. The book is in full color and also offers... More > several project ideas.< Less
Hymns & Songs (Viola) By Larry Kidder
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
String quartet arrangements are difficult to write in such a way that they are both interesting for the performers and inspiring for the listeners. As a violist, I've played my share of... More > "oom-pahs" because many composers/arrangers weren't quite sure how to write for lower strings. The following quartets have been written in a variety of styles and are equally challenging for every member of the quartet, requiring leadership, musicianship, and expressive skills. They are also based on familiar hymn tunes that will be readily recognized by most church-going folk. The quartets are organized as volumes, as well as by instrument -- as in this collection. The wire binding allows them to lay flat on a music stand. I hope these are both enjoyable to you, the musician, as well as inspiration to your listeners. Above all, to God be the glory ...< Less
On The Origin of Kinds, By Means of Creator God And The Preservation of Souls in the Struggle for Eternity By Dr. Anthony R. Silvestro, Jr., Jonathan Eckel, Ev.
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The purpose of this book is to teach how a Christian is to evangelize biblically and to be able to answer the most common objections to the Christian faith - especially those regarding origins and... More > Jesus being the only way. This only happens when we start with the Christian Worldview. It has been my objective to write a Biblically sound evangelism book. While many fantastic books exist that teach Biblical evangelism, presuppositional apologetics, and creation apologetics separately, there are not any that put everything together into one easy-to-apply book. In this book, you will learn how to Biblically evangelize, using the Law and the Gospel, and to handle the most common objections using presuppositional and creation apologetics. The book will also address one of the biggest lies today- we will demonstrate why evolution is wrong and why the Christian evolutionist must attempt to serve “two masters” – man and God. I pray that this book will be a blessing to you!< Less
Walking in Lindee's Light By Gary Larsen
Hardcover: List Price: $29.04 $24.68 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Camino de Santiago is an ancient religious pilgrimage. For over a thousand years pilgrims have walked the many routes throughout Europe to pay homage at the tomb of Saint James nestled in the... More > womb of the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. The traditional and most travelled route is the Camino Frances. This Way of Saint James winds for almost 800 kilometers across northern Spain, over mountains and steep hills, through villages and cities, and across the broad meseta, from Roncesvalles to Santiago. Every pilgrim who walks the Camino lives a unique and very individual journey. This story is just one of thousands of very personal tales of the challenges and joys of this spiritual trek. It is a story of the mysteries of faith, love, and a promise.< Less
Chances Are By Prophet T. Lamar Leak
Paperback: $10.92
Prints in 3-5 business days
For as long as can be remembered, error has always been seen in the Body of Christ, yet it has been overlooked. In this book, Prophet Leak exposes error with "RAW" truth through a comedic... More > eye but still in a serious nature. This book is sure to bring clarity and insight to things that have not been dealt with openly.< Less
100 African religions before slavery & colonization By Akan Takruri
Paperback: $31.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book list 100 African religions before slavery & colonization. These are the African systems that kept Africans at peace for over 100,000 years.
Glory, Lord! Scriptural Praise to Know and Love God By Betsey Kodat
Paperback: $8.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Moses prayed, “Show me Your glory, Lord.” Praising God is the best way to know His glory and love Him with all our hearts and souls and minds. Using Scripture, we use His own... More > self-description to praise Him as He truly is, not as we think He is. In praise, we discover that God is our God. He Himself is our inheritance. It is as if He says to us, “All that I have in yours: My wisdom to teach you, My glory to delight you, My power to support you, My mercy to save you, My holiness to sanctify you.” Come discover the joy of seeing God’s glory through praise.< Less
Spiritual Digest for Each Day of the Year (A Collection of 366 Bible Verses, with Corresponding Quotes, Prayers/Actions, Hymns and Suggested Weblinks for the Hymns) Volume Two By Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi
Paperback: $18.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume Two of a collection of 366 quotes for each day of the year with corresponding Bible verses, prayers/actions, hymns and suggested weblinks for the hymns as used in various aspects of the... More > Internet ministry of Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi. There is an index each for the themes, authors, hymns and Bible verses used at the end of the collection.< Less
Whose Blood Did Christ Shed? By Briana C. CaBell
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
In this easy to read converted research paper by Briana C. CaBell, the bloodline and genealogy of Jesus is explored and explained revealing the ties of Jesus of Nazareth to the modern day body of... More > Christ.< Less
The Book of the Cave of Treasures By E.A. Wallis Budge
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This present volume printed in 14 point font for easy viewing pleasure, contains a complete translation of the Syriac text of the compendious history of the world from the Creation to the Crucifixion... More > of our Lord, which is commonly known as "Me`ârath Gazzê," or the "Cave of Treasures." In the Syriac title the composition of the work is attributed to Ap[h]rêm Suryâyâ, i.e. Ephrem Syrus, or Ephraim the Syrian, who was born at Nisibis (?) soon after A.D. 306 and died in 373, but it is now generally believed that the form in which we now have it is not older than the VIth century.< Less
A Testament Against the World: The Lord's Rebuke By YAHUSHUA YAHUWAH
Paperback: List Price: $7.48 $3.74 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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“A Testament Against the World: The Lord’s Rebuke” By YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH Through His Servant Timothy - Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation. Digest-size paperback, 95 pages... More > (Also available as a FREE downloadable PDF at and< Less
Spiritual Poetry that will light up your Life by Emma Hughes By Emma Hughes
Paperback: $25.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Spiritual Poetry about Love, Happiness and the Goodness of God... Bible Based Crossword Puzzles ABOUT THE AUTHOR I started writing at an early age. As a teenager I would get the church youth group... More > together and write a part for each one to learn for holiday programs. I also enjoyed writing songs. Even now, everything seems to rhyme when I start encouraging others. Yes, I really do enjoy encouraging people. I really do hope that you will be inspired by this book. I Thank You and I wish you many blessings. Emma Danzy Hughes*< Less