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Khnum-Ptah to Computer: The African Initialization of Computer Science By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $20.00
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"Khnum-Ptah to Computer" presents a comparative analysis between a variety of concepts, customs, cosmologies, and practices found in African Cultures to topics related to the field of... More > Computer Science. The African origin of Binary Code, Logic, Computers, Programming, Robotics, Cyborgs, Androids, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Transhumanism are examined using Sound Right Reason to show a relationship between two dichotomies that have more in common than what meets the eye< Less
PowerShell With App-V 5 SP2 By Timothy Mangan
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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Updated for 5.0 SP2. With the release of Application Virtualization version 5.0, Microsoft changed out all of the old scripting and programming interfaces and replaced them with PowerShell... More > interface modules. In this book, the authors dig well below the limited online help that comes with the product to fully expose not only the PowerShell cmdlets but underlying object interfaces, with numerous examples. Both IT Professionals looking to build some custom scripting, and Developers who want to build add-on products will find this complete reference guide a valuable resource for working with App-V. This book is not only more accurate than the release documentation, but is full of working examples on how to use the four PowerShell modules released with the product.< Less
Virtual Airplane By Witold Jaworski
eBook (PDF): $19.50
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"Virtual Airplane" describes in a step-by-step manner how to create the airplane shown on its cover. This guide starts with the very basics (I assume that the Reader may know nothing about... More > the CG), but finishes on the intermediate level. It reveals many tricks used by CG artists. This second edition describes Blender 2.69. To learn more and get free trials, visit *>>< Less
How To Open More Doors As A Software Engineer? By Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, Sivayini Arulkumaran
eBook (ePub): $6.20
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This book is about how you can go about opening more doors as a software engineer. For example, getting more job interviews, getting multiple job offers, going places in your current job, shooting... More > for professional freedom via freelancing, exploring additional passive income streams, etc. This book is not for star software engineers who are already going places and having multiple streams of income. This is for the software engineers who want to explore what they can do in terms of career success and additional active/passive income.This book is partly technical and party non-technical. As a software engineer, your income will start to plateau in 8 to 10 years. Do you have plans for generating additional passive income streams? Do you have a good handle on the 16 technical key areas that can open more doors for your career success? Do you know how to fast-track your software career? This book will provide answers to the above questions.< Less
The Performance of Open Source Applications By Tavish Armstrong
eBook (ePub): $5.99
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In 1974, Donald Knuth wrote, "We should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimization is the root of all evil." With computers available now that are... More > millions of times faster than those available then, today's programmers have even less reason to worry about shaving cycles and saving bytes than those a generation ago. But "less" isn't "none": every once in a while, squeezing the last ounce of performance out of the machine really does matter. This book is written by over a dozen developers who have grappled with slow code, memory leaks, or uncontrollable latency in open source software. They share their mistakes and successes, and give the reader an over-the-shoulder view of how they approached their specific challenges. With examples from bioinformatics research code to web browsers, the solutions are as varied as the problems. This book will help junior and senior developers alike understand how their colleagues think about performance.< Less
Mura CMS Content Manager's Guide By Blue River
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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An overview of using Mura CMS as a Content Contributor including tutorials designed to help you get the most out of Mura CMS.
The Opinionated Software Developer: What Twenty-Five Years of Slinging Code Has Taught Me By Shawn Wildermuth
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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This has been the book I wanted to write for years now. Don't look for code in this book (ok, there are exactly two lines of code) - but instead I am writing about what being a software developer has... More > meant to me. Hopefully some of the advice and observations will help you in your own career too!< Less
REAPER Plus! The Power of SWS Extensions By Geoffrey Francis
eBook (PDF): $6.92
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The SWS Extensions add amazing functionality to REAPER, including project, marker, track and folder management, mixing snapshots, auto coloring, and much, much more. Until now, much of the power of... More > these extensions and modules has remained hidden to the user because of a lack of documentation. This guide lifts the lid off these secrets and exposes you to the true power of these extensions. Includes tutorials with step by step examples and sample project files. The PDF download is a printable version of the document available on the StandingWaterStudios web site. The spiral bound printed copy is black and white. "Not only does REAPER Plus give excellent examples of actions, macros, menus, and toolbars, it gives users the tools to customize REAPER to meet their exact needs." - Tim Payne, SWS developer.< Less
Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook By Stan Bogdanov
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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This book is dedicated to extending the capabilities of a powerful suite of Web authoring tools – Hot Potatoes, by Half-Baked Software Inc. and the University of Victoria Humanities Computing... More > and Media Centre. It is intended to help you make the best use of the Hot Potatoes suite so that you maximize the learning opportunities for your students. Hot Potatoes has been popular with teachers for years. Exercises created with Hot Potatoes are intended as self-exploratory learning activities where learners get feedback on wrong answers, and they can have multiple attempts at finding the right answer to each question. The recipes you will find in this book are both simple tricks and more complex code implementations to bring more interactivity into the exercises created with Hot Potatoes as well as using Hot Potatoes in Moodle.< Less
Prepare for your Certificate in Strategic Business Analysis By Wendy Waker smart-BA
eBook (PDF): $23.23
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Just Enough Essential Points to get you through an exam! This is a "no waffle" manual that tells you what you need to know and no more. You can preview the book and first exam style... More > question.< Less
Competitive Programming 2 By Steven Halim
eBook (PDF): $14.32
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This is the e-book (PDF) version of the same book (Competitive Programming 2) that was published last August 2011. This e-book version is meant for people who want to read this book but have... More > concerns with long-distance shipping (shipping cost & time). Competitive Programming 2 is no longer the latest edition as we have released Competitive Programming 3. Please visit: or< Less
Logic Programming in Scheme By Nils M Holm
eBook (PDF): $7.95
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SECOND, REVISED EDITION! Questions answered in this little book: What is logic programming? Why is negation hard in logic programming? What is cutting? How do I solve logic puzzles? How is logic... More > programming implemented?< Less
The Architecture of Open Source Applications, Volume II: Structure, Scale, and a Few More Fearless Hacks By Amy Brown, Greg Wilson
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Architects look at thousands of buildings during their training, and study critiques of those buildings written by masters. In contrast, most software developers only ever get to know a handful of... More > large programs well — usually programs they wrote themselves — and never study the great programs of history. As a result, they repeat one another’s mistakes rather than building on one another’s successes. This second volume of The Architecture of Open Source Applications aims to change that. In it, the authors of twenty-four open source applications explain how their software is structured, and why. What are each program's major components? How do they interact? And what did their builders learn during their development? In answering these questions, the contributors to this book provide unique insights into how they think. All royalties from the sales of both volumes of this book in all forms go to Amnesty International.< Less
Animal Shelter Manager Series 2 Manual PDF By Robin Rawson-Tetley
eBook (PDF): $15.61
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Animal Shelter Manager is a free/open source computer package. It is designed to take most (if not all) of the paperwork away from running an animal shelter. Contains examples and a full guide to... More > Animal Shelter Manager. Learn how to get the best out of Animal Shelter Manager for your shelter. Includes: How to generate paperwork automatically, how to publish animals to your own website, how to network ASM, database guide and much more.< Less
Lightweight Compiler Techniques By Nils M Holm
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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The book contains the full and extensively documented source code to the front end and optimizer of a real-world compiler. It does not stop where other books do, and takes you on a tour through the... More > whole compilation process.< Less
Data Recovery Class B&W Version By Scott Moulton
eBook (PDF): $8.75
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This book is Version 1 of the Forensic Data Recovery Class and is sold as a sample of the class slides for the earlier classes. The newest books is version 15 and is currently over 1200 pages. The... More > newest version is only sold with either the Forensic Data Recovery Distance Learning Class or the Seated Class from the Schedule. This is the material for the Data Recovery Expert Certification printed in Black and White. There is a color version available however it is much more expensive. This material covers over 600 slides with custom graphics from Scott A. Moulton's Data Recovery class. There are hundreds of useful techniques for recovery covered in these slides.< Less
Sun Report Builder Guidebook By Dmitri Popov
eBook (PDF): $5.95
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Most of’s extensions are simple enough that you can start using them right away without reading any manuals or user guides. Sun Report Builder, however, is a notable exception... More > from that rule. This is extension integrates tightly with Base which is probably the most complex application of the productivity suite. Sun Report Builder gives you powerful tools to make sense of the data stored in a Base database by presenting them in variety of ways. True, you can create a simple report with Sun Report Builder in a matter of minutes, but if you want to make the most out of this extension, you have to understand its more advanced features. And this is where this guidebook comes into picture. It will help you to get to grips with basic Sun Report Builder’s features as well as master the extension’s more advanced functionality.< Less
Multi-Task Machining (color) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $39.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM Multi-Task Machining function. The Multi-Task Machining option allows for the definition and creation of multi-turret, multi-spindle parts.... More > Recommended prior reading: Lathe (and Mill for Mill/Turn functionality). Last major update: July 2011, for GibbsCAM 2011, v10.0; last revised January 2014, for GibbsCAM 2014, v10.7< Less
Solids Import (color) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $24.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM Solids Import option. This option allows users to read files that contain solid and surface models, make minor modifications to the model... More > and extract geometry from the model in order to create machining operations. Recommended prior reading: Mill or Lathe; and Advanced CS. Last major update: May 2006; last revised January 2014, for GibbsCAM 2014, v10.7< Less
Into the Core By Lauri Kasanen
Paperback: $29.99
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Your DVD player doesn't need to print. Your thermostat doesn't need to browse the web. The Core project is here to provide you a base to build on, one that includes nothing unnecessary. From digital... More > signage to custom household appliances, from virtual machines to small Android install images, building it your way has never been more convenient. You have complete control over what is included, what hardware is supported, with nothing extra and no bloat. Add just what you require instead of removing what you don't need. This book covers Core from start to finish. The concepts are explained in detail, from usage details to internals, ending up with several example projects. A stand-alone RDP client in 17 megabytes? You got it.< Less
Look Smarter Than You Are With Essbase Studio By Glenn Schwartzberg
Paperback: $34.95
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Essbase Studio is your new cube factory for building Essbase applications. In this book, you’ll join a duo of intrepid explorers as they discover the wonders of the Essbase Studio back lot.... More > Learn with them - through exercises and examples - how easy it is to construct a Studio model from start to finish. The Studio tram will take you along the scenic route which is Essbase Studio as you meet a cast of odd characters. Educational opportunities are only a few pages away... In this book you will learn: • Layout of Essbase Studio • How to create Essbase models • Ways to speed up your Essbase Development • How to load data and build dimensions • Navigation secrets behind schemas and models • How to easily make drill through reports • What are XOLAP cubes and steps to create them • Administration tips for Essbase Studio • Content based on Essbase Studio Versions and< Less
Logic Programming in Scheme By Nils M Holm
Paperback: $12.00
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SECOND, REVISED EDITION! Questions answered in this little book: What is logic programming? Why is negation hard in logic programming? What is cutting? How do I solve logic puzzles? How is logic... More > programming implemented?< Less
Programming 2D Scrolling Games By John Logsdon, Derlidio Siqueira
Paperback: $17.95
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Aimed at beginners and advanced users alike, Programming 2D Scrolling Games starts with the roots of game development and then continues to explore the ins-and-outs of the PureBasic development... More > language, and even takes the reader through the entire process of creating a futuristic side-scroller! Note that all source has been tested with version 4.61 and version 5.0 of PureBasic.< Less
Competitive Programming 2 (A4) By Steven Halim
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This is the larger version (A4) of 99.99% the same book (Competitive Programming 2, A5) that was published last August 2011. E-book (PDF) version is now available as of 22 Dec 2012:... More > Competitive Programming 2 is no longer the latest edition as we have released Competitive Programming 3. Please visit: or< Less
Beej's Guide to Network Programming By Brian Hall
Paperback: $19.99
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Beej's Guide to Network Programming has been one of the top socket programming guides on the Internet for the last 15 years, and it's now for the first time available as a lovingly bound paperback... More > book! The Guide is designed to irreverently ease your first steps into Internet Sockets programming in C. Starting from the ground up, it provides complete examples of simple clients and servers supporting both IPv6 and IPv4. Once you get through the tutorial section of the book, Part Two contains a handy-dandy reference section which helps prevent the book from becoming simple dead weight on your shelf once you've devoured it. The book focuses on the C programming language in Unix-like environments, but Windows users can still glean relevant information from its pages. Also, once you understand socket programming in C, you'll much more easily understand it in many other languages as well.< Less