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BIRT for Beginners By Paul Bappoo
eBook (PDF): $24.59
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BIRT promises to deliver the utopian vision of an enterprise capable,open source, easy to use, interactive, graphically rich, web based reporting tool. This book presents an overview and tutorials on... More > all the open source tools as well as the commercial enhancements available from Actuate including Eclipse BIRT Designer, Actuate BIRT Designer, iServer Express, Interactive BIRT viewer, Actuate BIRT Studio, BIRT Spreadsheet Designer. With walkthrough tutorials of the main features, including screenshots you will learn how to Install BIRT from scratch, Perform complex data selections, Filter and group data, Create computed columns, Add runtime parameters, Format your reports for maximum impact, Create fully graphical Flash charts, Publish your reports on the web, Design reports in a web browser and much more. If you are too busy to spend days learning software and want tangible results fast then BIRT For Beginners is for you.< Less
Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry (3rd Edition) By Ka Iok Tong
eBook (PDF): $25.44
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If you'd like to create AJAX web-based applications easily, then this book is for you. More importantly, it shows you how to do that with joy and feel good about your own work! You don't need to know... More > servlet or JSP while your productivity will be much higher than using servlet or JSP directly. This is possible because we're going to use a library called "Tapestry" that makes complicated stuff simple and elegant. The first four chapters are freely available on You can judge it yourself.< Less
Computer Cartoon Coloring Book Black and White By Maurice Patterson
eBook (PDF): $20.00
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The Children’s Computer Learning Cartoon Coloring book, in black and white, is a fun learning tool for children of all ages . It is written in lesson plan format, which consists of 21 lessons.... More > The children color pictures and learn definitions, which are very basic, of each computer part. They view the cartoon version and actual pictures of the computer parts. The book includes cut and paste, line drawing, outlining and matching activities, which assist the children in the development of their fine motor skills. Questions and answers are at the end of the book for reviewing what the children have learned. Also, included is a Certificate of Achievement that can be awarded to children upon their completion of the book.< Less
The O.W.C. Black Book Second Edition By Alvin J. Bruney
eBook (PDF): $19.00
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The long awaited revision to the original best selling O.W.C. Black Book is finally here. Learn how to build windows forms and web based applications containing interactive Microsoft Excel... More > Spreadsheets, W.C.F. Chart services, customized Pivot tables and dynamic 2D/3D charts and graphs. Inside, you will find hundreds of code snippets in C#, VB.NET, Javascript, and VBscript, complete walkthroughs, sample implementations and advanced coding strategies and techniques for building commercial-grade software that will integrate seamlessly with core Microsoft Office products. The Black Book is updated and revised to work with versions 1.x - 3.x of the .NET framework and contains sample code in C# and VB.< Less
The Sybase IQ Survival Guide By Trevor Moore
eBook (PDF): $20.18
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The Sybase IQ Survival Guide is a clear and concise roadmap through the wealth of information out there, presented in logical steps and enhanced with the authors considerable hands on... More > experience. All you need to get going with this book is a basic knowledge of SQL and databases.‎ This guide has hundreds of tested methods for executing day to day tasks as well as hints, tips and ‎guidance derived from the authors 10 years experience with the product.‎ The following chapters are included:-‎ - Introduction to IQ - Creating, Running and Stopping a Database/Server - Security ‎ - SQL - Loading , Extracting and Moving Data - Tables, Data Types and Views - Indexes - Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers - Transaction Management - Backups, Restores & DR - Multiplex - Java in the IQ - Remote Objects & Application/Language Connectivity - Tips and Tricks - System Tables and Views - System Procedures - Options - Migration from Other Databases< Less
MiniBasic - how to write a script interpreter By Malcolm McLean
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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Implementation of a BASIC interpreter, with full language documentation and essay on how to write a script interpreter. Full ANSI C source included. A great resource for anyone doing a compilers and... More > interpreters course at university, or for anyone needing to add scripting to their programs. A program BASICdraw is now available that adds a MiniBasic script interpreter to a graphics editor. The program is free, download here< Less
Practical Compiler Construction By Nils M Holm
eBook (PDF): $29.99
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Study the heavily annotated source code of a full compiler for a subset of the C programming language generating code for the popular 386 processor. Learn about the practice of lexical... More > analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, code generation, etc. Extend your theoretical background by learning about the foundations and applications of scan trees, formal grammars, abstract programs, code generation models, and program transformation. Finally, have a look at more advanced compilation techniques such as code synthesis, abstract program optimization, peephole optimization, common subexpression elimination. This is an advanced programming textbook and a compiler-writing primer. Some programming skills are required, but no prior knowledge in the field of compiler construction is necessary.< Less
ScrumUP - A Visual Guide to Agile IT Improvement Using Scrum, XP and RUP (PDF) By Remi-Armand Collaris, Eef Dekker
eBook (PDF): $2.46
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In today's IT market everyone strives for cheaper, faster, better and happier and preferably all at the same time. But how do I get there? How do I find the bottlenecks in my organization that stand... More > in the way and what are we going to do about them? These questions are answered by Agile methods like Scrum, XP and RUP. Since each of these methods has a specific view on the IT world however, they all answer these questions in their own particular way. This means that selecting one single method for IT development isn't always the best way to go. ScrumUP offers: - A ready-to-use approach to IT improvement; - A fairytale that conveys an important part of the Agile mindset; - A combined reference to Scrum, XP and RUP; - More than 70 full color illustrations; - Now in PDF format as well. In ScrumUP, the authors bring together their experiences in IT improvement. Seemingly effortless they bridge the gap between methods and show how they help the team improve their way of working.< Less
FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1: Introduction, Architecture And Installation Of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 By David Lundell
eBook (PDF): $22.00
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Updated for R2! Get real-world best practices, clear explanations, and expert guidance to understanding, planning and installing Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2. This book will aid... More > you in understanding Identity Management, FIM, its architecture, guide you through planning and installing the product. Inside you will find an invaluable sizing guide, as well as flow charts and screenshots to guide you through the pre-requisites, product installation, and key post-install tasks. “This first volume is really one for the bookshelf, close at hand. Really looking forward for more of this!” - Peter Geelen, Microsoft MVP, Forefront Identity Manager “I found this to be a valuable, clear and thorough guide to the FIM 2010 installation and setup process.” – Glenn Zuckerman, Microsoft Corporation “The volume is well laid out and provides loads of detail.” – Craig Martin, Microsoft MVP, Forefront Identity Manager< Less
The Animator Toolkit for MotionBuilder eBook By Brad Clark, Chad Moore
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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This eBook from our Masterclass goes step-by-step to demonstrate both practical tools and ideas for creating custom character rigs and animation using Autodesk's MotionBuilder software. Our intended... More > audience is current Motion Builder users of the beginning to intermediate level, as well as riggers and animators whom are new to Motion Builder. Our topics will include the rigging and keyframe animation of characters as well as special animation procedures often needed in production of both motion capture and keyframed projects. You get over 100+ pages of detailed notes and tutorials. For more information and extras stop by our blog LINK:< Less
Creating your book with Microsoft Word - a Tutorial By Ken Anderson
eBook (PDF): $3.83
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A tutorial designed for those using the most popular versions of Microsoft Word. A free template is available with this tutorial. The tutorial emphasises the use of Styles, the use of Page and... More > Section Breaks, correct Page Numbering, the creation of a list of Contents as well as an Index for a book. Whilst the tutorial shows how to create a 6” x 9” size book it can be applied to any size book with probably only an initial adjustment to the size of the margins necessary.< Less
OWASP Code Review By OWASP Foundation
Paperback: $11.35
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The Code Review Guide is currently at release version 1.1 and the second best selling OWASP book in 2008. Many positive comments have been feedback regarding this initial version and believe... More > it’s a key enabler for the OWASP fight against software insecurity. It has even inspired individuals to build tools based on its information. The combination of a book on secure code review and tools to support such an activity is very powerful as it gives the developer community a place to start regarding secure application development. Going forward I hope to further integrate with the ASVS and other guides such as the testing and ASDR guides shall be perfromed for version 2.0. For more information, please check out the project home page at OWASP Code Review Guide V1.1.< Less
PC Assembly Language By Paul Carter
Paperback: $15.00
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Tutorial on 32-bit protected mode assembly programming on the x86. Uses the free NASM assembler. Assumes knowledge of C programming
Look Smarter Than You Are with Smart View and Essbase 11: An End User's Guide By Edward Roske, Tracy McMullen
Paperback: $29.95
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Smart View is Oracle's add-in for integrating Microsoft Office with Hyperion, Essbase, and OBIEE+. In this book, we'll help you learn how to use the Smart View add-in to access Essbase data. This... More > book is your key to unlocking the world of Essbase analysis through Smart View. Join us as we guide you all the way from the basics of accessing Essbase to the more advanced portions of the Smart View add-in for Microsoft Office on your quest towards becoming a Smart View guru!< Less
Look Smarter Than You Are with Essbase 11: An Administrator's Guide By Edward Roske, Tracy McMullen
Paperback: $59.95
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Learn how to be an Essbase Administrator: • Use the basics of the Smart View Add-in to retrieve and analyze data. • Build aggregate storage option and block storage option databases. •... More > Tune and optimize aggregate storage option and block storage option databases. • Administer Essbase databases. • Take advantage of all the new Essbase 9x and 11x features. This book focuses on Essbase development and administration. For a complete end user guide, please see Look Smarter Than You Are with Smart View and Essbase 11.< Less
Computer-Aided Reasoning: An Approach By Matt Kaufmann, Panagiotis Manolios, J Moore
Paperback: $22.12
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Computer-Aided Reasoning: An Approach is a textbook introduction to computer-aided reasoning. It can be used in graduate and undergraduate courses on software engineering or formal methods. It is... More > also suitable in conjunction with other books in courses on hardware design, discrete mathematics, and theory. It is also appropriate as a reference for business and industry. In this book we present: * A practical functional programming language closely related to Common Lisp; * A formal logic in which defined functions correspond to axioms; * The computer-aided reasoning system ACL2, which includes mechanical support for the proof process. ACL2 is part of the Boyer-Moore family of theorem provers, for which its authors have received the 2005 ACM Software System Award. ACL2 has been successfully applied to projects of commercial interest, including hardware and software verification. Approximately 140 exercises are distributed throughout the book.< Less
Using the FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel - a Practical Guide - PIC32 Edition By Richard Barry
Paperback: $66.65
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This is a concise, step by step, 'hands on' tutorial guide that describes both general multitasking concepts and FreeRTOS specifics. It presents and explains numerous examples that are written using... More > the FreeRTOS API. The PIC32 edition includes eighteen examples written specifically for the PIC32 using the free MPLAB C Compiler for PIC32 MCUs and the free MPLAB IDE. The projects target the low cost PIC32 USB Starter Kit II (Microchip part number DM320003-2) development board with a PIC32MX795F512L-80I/PT microcontroller (80 MHz, 512K Flash, 128K RAM, USB Host/Device/OTG, Dual CAN, and more). Note - This book is a step by step 'hands on' guide. It does not contain a complete API reference. An API reference manual is available in pdf format from< Less
The Complete Friday Q&A: Volume I By Mike Ash
Paperback: $50.00
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The Complete Friday Q&A is a collection of articles on advanced topics in Mac OS X and iOS programming. With articles on memory management, performance tuning, Objective-C, system internals, and... More > more, this book is your gateway to becoming fluent in complicated, obscure, and arcane corners of Mac and iOS programming.< Less
PGF User Guide Vol 1 By Till Tantau
Paperback: $24.09
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This is the user manual for the TikZ/PGF package for LaTeX, by Till Tantau, reformatted from the original format to a book format. Volume 1 contains the main tutorial and core reference manual. This... More > book production is made under the terms of the Gnu Free Documentation License, and is not sponsored by the author.< Less
The Official Unofficial Guide to Using Legacy Family Tree By Geoffrey D. Rasmussen
Paperback: $19.95
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Thousands of Legacy Family Tree users have relied on our Legacy News blog to bring them the latest genealogy news, Legacy tricks, and technology tips. In fact, many of you have been begging us to... More > compile, categorize, and index the past six years of articles so you can have a complete guide in one place. Your wait is over. You now have The Official Unofficial Guide to Using Legacy Family Tree: Plus Research Advice, News, Views, and Technology Tips at your fingertips. There are some books that are meant for the coffee table, but this book belongs with you at your computer.< Less
How I taught Katy Perry (and others) to program in Java By John Smiley
Paperback: $29.99
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An Introductory text on Java using the freely downloadable JDK (Java Development Kit). The easiest technical book you'll ever read. Open it up and see for yourself. Join Professor Smiley's Java... More > class as he teaches essential skills in programming, coding and more. Using a student-instructor conversational format, this book starts at the very beginning with crucial programming fundamentals. You'll quickly learn how to identify customer needs so you can create an application that achieves programming objectives---just like experienced programmers. By identifying clear client goals, you'll learn important programming basics---like how computers view input and execute output based on the information they are given---then use those skills to develop real-world applications. Participate in this one-of-a-kind classroom experience and see why Professor Smiley is renowned for making learning fun and easy.< Less
The PEBL Manual By Shane T. Mueller
Paperback: $19.99
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Printed manual for PEBL, the Psychological Experiment Building Language, Version 0.13.
Social Media: The New Revolution in Communication By Barbara Magalnick
Paperback: $13.75
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As a freelance editor for over twenty-five years, Barbara Magalnick realizes how important social media is for the freelancer. This introduction to social media offers freelancers, particularly those... More > in the publishing world, all the information they need to get involved in the social media revolution. There is a rundown on the social media scene, how it works, and, most of all, how to get into it and use it successfully to advance a freelance editorial career. Ms. Magalnick also discusses how you can protect yourself online and avoid the typical problems associated with privacy: spammers, scammers, and discussion groups. Full chapters are devoted to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. An important addition for the bookshelf of today's publishing professional.< Less
DTFA v4.0 By Grant Adams
Paperback: $29.97
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The Digital Tools for Architects Handbook outlines ways to harness the power of computers and digital creation in the world of architecture. This handbook is a quick reference to the digital tools... More > that will help you showcase your ideas – your designs. While it is quite impossible to cover every software program, every piece of hardware, and everything digital in between, this handbook attempts to expose the highlights of digital design through a series of easy to follow tutorials. It is a working book as well as a reference book. To get the most from this handbook, you must engage each of the tutorials and understand the techniques they highlight. For additional practice or to view demonstration videos, follow along with the Digital Tools for Architects course available at< Less
Functioning with Excel By Mark Laurent
Paperback: $36.95
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This manual is meant to explain usage of functions that are available in Excel. Examples are provided as I have worked through the functions with multiple efforts to understand the operation of the... More > function. A function that sums values is easily understood, if explained adequately with examples of how to do correctly. A function that predicts the present value of a Bond or the balance on a loan is not so easily understood. Examining the HELP provided in Excel often did not provide the insight needed to understand the Function. Searching on the Internet often only provided the same text with the same examples. Many of the functions I have provided multiple instances using different values for the variables included in the function. The key to understanding the operation of a function is to understand the variables associated with the function.< Less