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Khnum-Ptah to Computer: The African Initialization of Computer Science By African Creation Energy
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"Khnum-Ptah to Computer" presents a comparative analysis between a variety of concepts, customs, cosmologies, and practices found in African Cultures to topics related to the field of... More > Computer Science. The African origin of Binary Code, Logic, Computers, Programming, Robotics, Cyborgs, Androids, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Transhumanism are examined using Sound Right Reason to show a relationship between two dichotomies that have more in common than what meets the eye< Less
Taming Apache OpenOffice: Getting Started By Jean Hollis Weber
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Apache OpenOffice is a freely-available, full-featured office suite that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. This book is for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly with Apache... More > 3.4. It introduces Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector drawings), Math (equation editor) and Base (database), as well as common features including styles, templates, printing, a gallery of graphics, and macros.< Less
A Byte of Python By Swaroop C H
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'A Byte of Python' is a book on programming using the Python language. It serves as a tutorial or guide to the Python language for a beginner audience. If all you know about computers is how to save... More > text files, then this is the book for you.< Less
Software Student's Handbook By Thomas Ledger
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A modern textbook written for Year 11-12 students of Software Design & Development. This textbook examines contemporary software issues, trends, and developments. Content is written to engage... More > students using real-world examples, to demonstrate the practical relevance of software processes and principles, and to engage talented and interested students with challenging and thought-provoking questions. Special focus is given to programming, with the book written for the beginner to the experienced. This tested and tried textbook has been altered according to advice from teachers and students alike. All questions are given a mark value and asked consistent with the HSC examination style, using Board of Studies terminology. This book is guaranteed to provide an interesting and in-depth examination of the HSC Software Design & Development Syllabus. Student or teacher alike, you won't regret purchasing this book! - Thomas S. Ledger, Author Questions or comments, please contact SSHBtextbook at gmail dot com.< Less
5-Axis Porting (color) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $23.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM 5-Axis Porting option. The Porting module presents a special-purpose interface specifically to create 5-axis toolpath for port-type... More > geometries, such as conduits (“tunnels”) that connect apertures of different shapes to one another, blending/morphing from one shape to another. Recommended prior reading: Mill; Getting Started; and either 2.5D Solids or SolidSurfacer. Release Date: January 2014, for GibbsCAM 2014, v10.7.< Less
5-Axis-MultiBlade (color) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $26.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM 5-Axis-MultiBlade option. MultiBlade is the preferred solution for machining impellers, blisks (bladed disks), and the like — parts... More > that compress or transport fluids. Recommended prior reading: 5-Axis. First released: March 2012; last revised January 2014, for GibbsCAM 2014, v10.7< Less
Wire-EDM (black & white) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $14.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM Wire-EDM option. Wire EDM is a process by which stock is cut by the means of a gap being burned through the material by the heat produced... More > by electrical sparks between the stock and a wire. Last major update: February 2009, for GibbsCAM 2009, v9.0; last revised June 2012, for GibbsCAM 2012+, v10.3< Less
5-Axis (black & white) By Gibbs and Associates
Paperback: $24.95
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This manual discusses the use and interface of the GibbsCAM 5-Axis option. The 5-Axis module is used to easily create almost any type of 5-axis toolpath. 5-Axis lets you intelligently tilt the tool... More > axis with numerous tilting strategies. Recommended prior reading:Getting Started; and either 2.5D Solids or SolidSurfacer Release Date: July 2011 Last revised January 2014, for GibbsCAM 2014, v10.7< Less
Getting Started with LibreOffice 4.2 By LibreOffice Documentation Team
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LibreOffice is a freely-available, full-featured office suite that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers. This book is for anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly with LibreOffice 4.2.... More > It introduces Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector drawings), Math (equation editor), and Base (database). This book was written by volunteers from the LibreOffice community. Profits from the sale of this book will be used to benefit the community.< Less
Book of Vaadin: Volume 2 By Marko Grönroos
Paperback: $29.95
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Vaadin is a unique server-driven web application framework that allows you to program on the server-side in Java. If you need new components, you can continue with Java on the client-side with Google... More > Web Toolkit. It runs in the browser without any plugins. The Book of Vaadin gives you an overview of web application development with Vaadin and covers all the core features and components with clear explanations and code examples.< Less
2016 Computer Security Procedures By Xavier Hollenbeck
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2016 Computer Security Procedures documents the latest in computer and network security procedures.
The Java Garbage Collection Mini-Book By Charles Humble
Paperback: $30.00
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The Java Garbage Collection Mini-book provides a concise, accessible guide for Java architects and senior developers who want to understand what garbage collection is, how it works, and how it... More > impacts the execution of their programs. This book dives right into the details. Starting with an examination of the Java heap and pointers, safe-points, and generational collection, the book then explores each collector in turn, describing its memory structure, the basics of the algorithm, and its performance characteristics. The collectors covered are: 1. Serial, Parallel, CMS and G1 from the OpenJDK distributions 2. Balanced and Metronome from IBM 3. C4 from Azul Systems 4. Red Hat’s forthcoming Shenandoah Later sections look at tuning, logging, and some programming techniques to produce less garbage.< Less
Advanced MVVM By Josh Smith
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This book is for WPF and Silverlight developers looking to take their Model-View-ViewModel skills to the next level. It reviews how the MVVM design pattern was used to create a fun and addictive game... More > that provides an elegant user experience. Read this book to gain insights from Josh Smith, an industry recognized expert in WPF, Silverlight, and MVVM, on how to properly design complex View and ViewModel architectures. Learn how to support unlimited undo, coordinate animated transitions, control modal dialog boxes from a ViewModel, and much more.< Less
Hacking Hot Potatoes: The Cookbook By Stan Bogdanov
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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This book is dedicated to extending the capabilities of a powerful suite of Web authoring tools – Hot Potatoes, by Half-Baked Software Inc. and the University of Victoria Humanities Computing... More > and Media Centre. It is intended to help you make the best use of the Hot Potatoes suite so that you maximize the learning opportunities for your students. Hot Potatoes has been popular with teachers for years. Exercises created with Hot Potatoes are intended as self-exploratory learning activities where learners get feedback on wrong answers, and they can have multiple attempts at finding the right answer to each question. The recipes you will find in this book are both simple tricks and more complex code implementations to bring more interactivity into the exercises created with Hot Potatoes as well as using Hot Potatoes in Moodle.< Less
Mura CMS Front-End Developer's Guide By Blue River
eBook (PDF): $9.99
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The Mura CMS Front-End Developer's Guide is a comprehensive overview of developing sites and themes in Mura CMS.
The Core Of Hacking By Rahul Dwivedi
eBook (PDF): $29.00
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How to Become an Ethical Hacker & What will You get from This Book ?Hack any web mail accounts Yahoomail, Gmail. Hotmail, Rediffmail Hack Windows Administrator Password Hack face book... More > account Learn how Phishing is done Hack & Crack Wi-Fi (WLAN) Secured Network Purchase any item through web based marketing site in just 1 USD Crack any password of Ms office files & WinZip files Make and spread viruses like Trojan, worms etc. Hack passwords with Social Engineering Search the origin of the incoming mail (IP Address & Location) Trace the email you sent to someone (when and where it was read) View the secret web cams installed for security purpose Monitor your children, spouse & employees, what they do on internet in your absence Find who is invisible on Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk. Learn How to hack others network Learn How to secure your network, system and data Learn how to hack mobile blue tooth And many more things you wish to get...........< Less
Myheritage Quick Guide: Genealogy and Family History Website Help By Lisa Louise Cooke
eBook (PDF): $4.95
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Reg. Price: $5.95. SALE PRICE $4.95. is one of the world’s leading online family history networks. Millions of people worldwide use it to connect with living relatives, calendar... More > events, share photos and stories, create a family tree, and search for relatives in billions of historical records and millions of family trees.It's also a great place to collaborate with others researching the same families. This guide will help you use to its full potential! you'll learn how to create a family website on MyHeritage, build your family tree, research records and other's trees, get the most from the built in search tools, quickly navigate the website, and choose the best membership plan (free or paid) for your needs.< Less
Controller Area Network Prototyping With Arduino By Wilfried Voss
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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While the Arduino is not widely considered an industrial-strength solution, it provides, due to its low price and ease of programming, the perfect prototyping platform for all kinds of Controller... More > Area Network (CAN) applications. This book, written by a leading expert on CAN technologies, guides the reader through the process of acquiring all necessary hardware and software components, the implementation of the CAN driver, and the implementation of programs (Arduino Sketches) to read, send, process, and display data from and to a CAN network. The collection of programming examples cumulates into a full-fledged USB-to-CAN Gateway communicating with a Windows/Linux PC. This book will enable you to achieve CAN functionality literally within only a few hours.< Less
Fedora Linux Servers With Systemd By Richard Petersen
eBook (ePub): $19.00
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This book is designed as a server reference for Fedora Linux with systemd. This second printing covers Fedora Linux 21. Administration tools are covered as well as the underlying configuration files... More > and system implementations. The emphasis is on what administrators will need to know to perform key networking and server tasks. Topics covered include the systemd service manager, the systemd service and target files for each server, the firewalld firewall. Key servers are examined, including Web, FTP, CUPS printing, NFS, and Samba (Windows shares). Network support servers and applications covered include the Squid proxy server, the Domain Name System server, and DHCP.< Less
Cracking Java Interviews - Core Java 8, Hibernate and Spring Question Bank By Munish Chandel
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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This eBook tries to fill in the knowledge gaps for experienced Java developers preparing for Job in investment banks, product companies, or consulting companies. Topics covered includes Basic... More > Concepts Core Java 8 Concurrency Problems Algorithms & Data structures Questions on Spring & Hibernate< Less
The Genealogist's Google Toolbox Second Edition By Lisa Louise Cooke
eBook (PDF): $14.95
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The completely updated second addition of the genealogy national bestseller! In The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, renowned genealogist Lisa Louise Cooke helps you stuff your genealogy toolbox... More > with FREE state-of-the-art Internet tools that are built to search, translate, message, and span the globe. You’ll travel outside the genealogy community and straight to the folks who dominate the online world: Google. A lot has changed since the first edition was published in 2011, and it's all documented step-by-step. This edition includes Google Search including a new chapter on searching for common surnames! Expanded chapters on Gmail, Google Books, YouTube, plus Google Translate, and Google Earth, and Google Alerts. Brand new chapters on Google Scholar and Google Patents! Pages: 203 with illustrations Lisa Louise Cooke is CEO of Genealogy Gems, and the producer and host of the #1 online family history audio show The Genealogy Gems Podcast.< Less