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Recipes From My Family To Yours By Judith Hennekens Kletzien
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This is the first edition of my cookbook, Recipes From My Family to Yours. If you like game and fish recipes, I believe you will enjoy this book. The recipes are easy and tasty. A first time cook can... More > prepare many of them without getting frustrated or over whelmed with the process.< Less
Baba's Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes & Traditions, 2nd Edition By Lisa A. Alzo
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This book is a collection of Slovak and Rusyn recipes and traditions passed down through the generations.
Victoria's Cookbook By S. Hendow
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This book is a collection of Victoria's recipes. Born in Iraq, and lived in Basra for over fifty years, Victoria was renowned for her cooking. The author, spent months with his mother, Victoria,... More > photographing every step and capturing every detail. This cookbook range from simple everyday meals such as mezza and kabab, to the more exotic dishes like dolma, kibbi and biryani. These dishes, passed down from generation to generation, truly mirror the diversity of the cultures of Iraq and the Middle East. Inspired by her travels to neighboring countries, before finally settling in California, Victoria brought to her table a delicious range of ingredients and recipes that evoke the culture and cuisine of the countries she visited and the people she met.. Peppered with Arabic quotes, phrases, and fables this beautifully illustrated book captures the essence of the Arabic culture, the diversity of its food, and the passion of the woman who devoted her life paying tribute to it – Nana Victoria.< Less
A Collection of Recipes and Memories from Mickelberry's Log Cabin Restaurant By Gina Adler Wilcox
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Original recipes and memorabilia from the famous Mickelberry's Chicago restaurant, circa 1933 - 1967.
Mangia Salsiccia! By Ernie Ricci
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Mangia Salsiccia! Cooking with Sausage is a collection of recipes for sausage lovers by award-winning third generation sausage-maker Ernie Ricci. This book is dedicated to the memory of KDKA radio... More > personality John Cigna with all proceeds benefiting his favorite charity, The Little Sisters of the Poor.< Less
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India is a vast country with many States or regions. Each region has its own regional cuisine with different flavours. These cuisines are basically based on the availability of seasonal produce,... More > local spices, herbs, vegetables and livestock. This book is an overall glimpse into the authentic main course delicacies (both veg. and non-veg.)from each region. It contains 100 easy to follow recipes from 20 States/regions of India.To name a few, try out Mutton Yakhni from the State of Kashmir, Safed Maans from Rajasthan, Aloo Posto and Fish Kalia from West Bengal, Tawa Paneer from Punjab, Mutton Dum Biryani from Andhra Pradesh, Chicken Chettinad from Tamilnadu and many more from the States of Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Goa, Gujerat, Orissa, Sikkim, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc. To all those interested in Indian regional cuisine, this book is an invaluable guide to help you through the preparation of these regional delicacies. So come, lets enjoy the thrill of relishing these wonderful flavours.< Less
A Maple Spring Sugar Season in Northern Michigan By Scott Rozanski
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After a long cold winter, which is common across northern Michigan, spring is a welcome time of year. Spring is a transition period, from months of snowblowing the driveway and blinding lake effect... More > snow off Lake Michigan, to warmer days and melting snow. It is a time to get outdoors, smell the fresh cool snow melt air and soak up the sun. Most importantly, it is a time to begin making maple syrup. We have been making our own maple syrup in the forests of northern Michigan since 2001. During our first maple syrup season, our children were young, Tyler was 7 and Abbey was 5. My wife and I home schooled our children and making syrup was part of their education. Our children are much older now. Their lives have become busier as you would expect, but we still enjoy making maple syrup. I hope you enjoy spending some time with us during our Maple Syrup Spring In Northern Michigan.< Less
Coffee Taster's Compendium: An Insider's Guide to Tasting, Evaluating, and Enjoying Coffee By Andrew Russo
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The Coffee Taster’s Compendium is your guide for tasting and enjoying coffee. Contained within this work is the knowledge of a coffee professional that is clear, concise, and easy to reference.... More > It will act as a trusted guide on your journey to enjoy and master the experiences specialty coffee provides.< Less
Well, Butter My Butt & Call Me A Biscuit By Lori Plegge
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This cookbook has 6 generations of good ole southern family recipes as well as some fun ones. There are around 600 recipes in this book. You will find anything from purple hull peas to jalapeno... More > cornbread, chocolate pie to frog legs, Dutch oven recipes to gifts in a jar, roadkill to potato soup. There is such a wide variety, you’ve got a lot recipes to choose from. I wrote this cookbook to share with others the delicious foods we grew up on and have passed on to our children. These recipes bring back childhood memories when our families would get together and have home cooked meals. Now a days, people don’t want to cook from scratch because it is so much easier to just go out and get fast food. I miss the days of home cooked meals. I hope these meals put a smile on your face, bring back some childhood memories, and will allow your families to spend some quality time together. Enjoy!!!< Less
Elemental Mixology By Andrew Willett
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The Elemental Mixology book is over 600 pages long. In addition to thousands of historic, classic and recent drinks, there are numerous explorations of the history of the drinks, mixological history... More > and best practices, liquor and ingredient selection, and which tools and glassware are most advantageous. The drink recipes themselves are presented by genre and sub-genre, rather than the typical, debased, post-prohibition practice of just giving all types of drinks in an unenlightened alphabetical list. By returning to the tradition of understanding drinks by types, the Elemental Mixology book is the only book available that lets the reader look up drinks even if not knowing their name – or even knowing for sure whether they even exist. Drinks can be browsed by genre, sub-genre, degree of fanciness and by base alcohol. Specific drinks can be looked up alphabetically using the extensive index.< Less
Grandma's Recipes By Jim Baker
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A collection of recipes accumulated from over the years from family and friends. The recipes are in four sections; Main Dishes, Breads, Salads and Deserts. Please enjoy.
Gluten Free Delights Cookbook By Georgina Jones
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The only way to eat healthy and gluten free. Delicious meals along with delightful side dishes to maintain your wheat tolerance.
A Nourished Holiday By Christine Hamel
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A Nourished Holiday is my mini collection of healthy, seasonal recipes that will help you and your family to feast peacefully this year!
A Taste of The Hill By Sheila Stachofsky
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A compilation of favorite recipes used at His Hill Bible School and Ranch Camp. Includes the all-time most requested recipe, Baked Oatmeal. Print copies are also available - contact Sheila on... More > facebook, or His Hill.< Less
Recipies From Barbie's 1965 Easy As Pie Cookbook By Barbie Roberts
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Barbie® Learns To Cook! #1634 1965. Recipies from the Original Cookbook! This ebook includes the recipies for Easiest Lemonade, Garden Salad, Hamburger Stew, Ken Doll's Favorite Fudge and lots of... More > other great recipies straight from the Kitchen of the one and only Barbie Doll.< Less
Victoria's Cookbook eBook By S. Hendow
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From Nana Victoria's Cookbook. First Edition.
One Pot Chef Dinner Winner By David Chilcott
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"YouTube Next Chef" David Chilcott aka The One Pot Chef returns with a brand new cookbook, this time tackling the eternal question, "What's for dinner?" Featuring recipes based... More > on the internationally acclaimed web series "The One Pot Chef Show" (as seen on YouTube) covering light meals, quick snacks, slow cooking recipes and stunning main dishes that can be made with a minimum of fuss using basic ingredients and equipment. Also included is a handy measurement and temperature conversion chart, so anyone in the world can use this cookbook. Whether you are new to cooking, a seasoned amateur or world class chef, this book has something for everyone. You'll never be stuck trying to figure out what to make for dinner again!< Less
A Taste of Syria By Philip M. Kayal, Virginia Jerro Gerbino
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A Taste of Syria is a collection of treasured family recipes that were brought to this country by the authors’ grandparents, immigrants from Aleppo, Syria. parents, Helen Kassar Jerro and... More > Alice Kassar Kayal, led to this cookbook. The Kassars are known for their culinary skills and commitment to preserving the integrity of Syrian cuisine. All these family recipes are reproductions of meals prepared similarly in Syria today. While some items (like hummus) are common throughout the Middle East, the tastes of Aleppo are unique in their particular mixture of spices and textures. It is also a particularly healthful cuisine, with many vegetarian recipes reflecting the sophistication of that city. Complete with indices in English and Arabic, A Taste of Syria opens with an introduction to Syria and Aleppian cuisine, a glossary of terms, and a guide to Syrian food preparation.< Less
Manu's Christmas Menus - 20 Original Recipes for an Italian Inspired Holiday Season By Manuela Zangara
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20 original recipes for an Italian inspired Holiday season organised in 4 different menus. Each recipe comes with step by step pictures to help you cook delicious Italian food and surprise your loved... More > ones this Christmas. From the author and creator of - the home of authentic Italian cuisine.< Less
The Nourishfull Kitchen By Maddy Bellcroft
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A wonderful journey into whole food cooking, recipes are animal product free, healthy, easy and totally delicious. Learn from whole food chef and culinary educator Maddy Bellcroft as she explores a... More > world or unprocessed and unrefined ingredients.< Less