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Equine Delicacies The /mlp/ Cookbook By /mlp/
Paperback: $8.00
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Ever want to take the artificial mare juice recipes with you on vacation? Ever have the hunger for one of Glorious Princess Luna’s Glorious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches or Princess... More > Celestia’s Ladylike Ass but don't have internet connection to get the recipes? Well now you can take these and other delicious and completely original /mlp/ recipes with you in the new /mlp/ cookbook "Equine Delicacies".< Less
Paperback: $14.95
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A collection of original and family recipes from Melillo's Italian Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky
The Jewel in the Cabbage By Vimalabandhu
Paperback: $6.83
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The Jewel in the Cabbage: Cooking with Metaphors. A delightful and profound book by Vimalabandhu, long-time Buddhist chef and member of the Triratna Buddhist Order.
The Singing Brook Farm Eating Book By Dorna Caskie
Paperback: $15.00
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"Hastily written, annoyingly annotated, and irreverently presented by Dorna Caskie." A book about family, foolishness, and food.
Strong! By Ronald Pattinson
Paperback: $25.88
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Er, loads of stuff about strong British beer - Barley Wine, Old Ale, er other stuff, too. How many words do I have to fill in here? Right, that's enough off for my tea.
Wonderfully Gluten Free: Looking and Feeling Your Best By Kate Bruzinski
Paperback: $19.99
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Filled with recipes that will leave you wanting more, this gluten free cookbook will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. From the mouthwatering zucchini bread to the decadent cheesecake, you and... More > your loved ones will not be able to put this book down! This cookbook contains recipes for quick breads, muffins, appetizers, scrumptious entrees and sides, and tantalizing desserts. It also contains a section that describes the different types of gluten free flours and information on how to bake with them.< Less
Big Bubba's Cajun And Other Cuisines Cookbook By Susan Martin-Witherspoon
Paperback: $29.99
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This is a cookbook of delicious Cajun recipes, created in the kitchen by Big Bubba.
Recipes Remembered By Deb Simpson
Paperback: $12.95
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Family recipes a collection from current and past generations
Playing With Food By Ann Graeber
Hardcover: $33.70
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A collection of family recipes and recipes collected throught the years. I love food and cooking and hope to share this passion.
Big Bubba's Yummy Cajun Desserts By Susan Martin-Witherspoon
Paperback: $25.52
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This is the second book in a series of Cajun recipes by Big Bubba, published by Susan-Martin Witherspoon. As a young girl gowing up in the swamps of Louisiana her entire family learned how to cook... More > well. Big Bubba was one of the best. Susan Martin-Witherspoon seeks to bring his family cuisine recipes to the world.< Less
Tastes of My Home By Elena Aliyev
Hardcover: $35.99
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The recipes presented in this book are only a small subset of Elena’s “secrets” and reflect a diversity of her tastes. From a variety of starters, this book takes you on a journey... More > through the jungles of salads and appetizers over the oceans of soups and into the land of astonishing entrees, from which it invites you into the dreamland of fancy desserts. This incredible voyage will bring happiness to the hearts and bellies of its lucky “travelers” so gather your loved ones and enjoy your time together around a table full of fantastic food.< Less
Skinny Driven Livin Cookbook Phase One By Tina Herron
Paperback: $9.95
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Skinny Driven Livin's recipes are easy to make, inexpensive, can be cooked in batches, can be frozen, are low in calories and car-bohydrates, and yet they are still flavorful. These recipes can help... More > you get started or stay on your weight loss journey. Even if you are on a low carbohydrate weight program monitored by a doctor, you can still find SDL recipes very helpful. These recipes are written by me, Nurse Tina, co-owner of Skinny Driven Livin. We use these recipes daily.< Less
5 Ingredients or less (Book 2). Easy Cooking with your Thermo Appliance By Lisa Chaffey
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Book 2 for Thermo appliances, such as Thermomix, Thermochef, Bellini and Super Kitchen Machines. This Thermo Cookbook brings you 28 healthy recipes, with 5 ingredients each. Recipes for small meals,... More > main meals and sweet treats. Small Meals: Nutty Snack Beetroot & Feta Dip Smoky Eggplant Dip Miso, Chicken & Corn Soup Peppy Avocado Soup Silverbeet & Bean Soup Pea & Lettuce Soup Home-made Baked Beans Herby Quinoa Salad Chilli Tuna Pilaf Main Meals: Tofu Massaman Curry Capsicum Pesto Fusilli Quinoa & Vegie All-in-one Rosie Red Dahl Fish with a Tangy Crunch Salmon with Fennel & Lemon Soy Chicken Noodles Mediterranean Chicken Casserole Green Chicken Curry Asian Pork Patties Paprika Beef Lamb & Barley Stew Sweet Treats: Frozen Summer Raspberry Choc Chia Pudding Crumbly Pears Passionfruit Butter Cookies Pistachio & Date Logs< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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Learn to easily build earth and simple brick ovens for outdoor bread baking. Detailed step by step instructions accompany the photographs and graphics. No building experience required. When the... More > weather turns really nasty, we'll come indoors and bake in a conventional oven with some simple techniques. Also included are sections on sourdough and no-knead bread baking. From bagels to pita breads to pizzas in your wood-fired oven. It's all here, including historical references that make oven building and bread baking a most enjoyable experience.< Less
A Bachelor's Cookbook - E Book By Shaun Doose
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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This is a cookbook for men who don’t know how to cook and don’t want to know. Cooking takes far too long and makes a big mess that needs cleaning. Unfortunately bachelors still get... More > hungry. This book is for them. It isn’t just a bunch of recipes, its a list on how to make fast, filling food with a minimum of effort. Its also PG-13< Less
Quick Cooking Guide: Easy Recipes By Chef Papa
eBook (ePub): $2.50
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Everyone wants to have delicious dishes, but it is not within the reach of everyone to visit expensive restaurants every day. The dishes which are served at unaffordable prices in such restaurants... More > can easily be cooked by spending only 10% of the price you pay there. So here is the book for you! These easy recipes can be learned very quickly without any special skill. All it needs is a kitchen and cooking gadgets and ingredients. Most of the ingredients in these recipes can be found easily at any grocery store. Enjoy these dishes and add to your skills. Chef Papa< Less
Our Family Cookbook By Lori Duchrow
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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An E-Book version of our family cookbook that you can download.