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8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight and Tone Up Fast - Round 4 By Kelli Segars, Daniel Segars
eBook (PDF): $14.99
(22 Ratings)
Round 4! This 4th edition of the 8 Week Fat Loss Program uses all new workout videos in a detailed, day-by-day plan to change your body quickly. We have included a brand new Guide to Clean Eating... More > Chapter that gives you a general but incredibly effective rundown on how to eat during this program. Note: These programs can be done in any order. Cardio, strength training, HIIT, plyometrics, Pilates, circuit training, stretching, yoga, balance & agility training come together to help you get fit as fast as possible. Many people who complete these programs see weight loss - often 16-24 lbs in just 2 months - reduced body fat, drastic improvements in body tone, endurance, strength, & flexibility gains. Each day you get a Calorie Burn estimate. The vast majority of fitness levels have been able to partake in these programs as you are encouraged to go at your own pace - in this 4th edition, we have also included beginner alternatives in the first 2 weeks. All you need is dumbbells.< Less
Cross Fit: Interval Training for Beginners By Cathy Wilson
eBook (ePub): $3.99
(5 Ratings)
Cross-Fit: Interval Training for Beginners by Award Winning Exercise and Nutrition author Cathy Wilson, introduces the health benefits of finding just a few hours a week to COMMIT to train CrossFit.... More > Benefits Include: *Improving Energy *Fat Loss for Eternity *Strengthening Your Cognitive and Physical Capacity *Preventing Serious Disease, like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Alzheimer's *Fantabulous Overall Quality of Life *Increased Resilience to Body Breakdown *Battle Aging and Win *Stronger Immune System Function *Exciting Interval Training *Decreased Stress *Rock-Your-World Sex Cathy Wilson cleverly uses her newly revised CrossFit guide, to hand you the tools to take action toward optimal health. Making CrossFit workouts something permanent in your life that will forever benefit you positively mentally, physically, and socially. Evolution says your body was designed for intense daily interval training; muscle building, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.< Less
Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis By Sunny Morrow, MEd, BS, DS
eBook (ePub): $18.99
(1 Ratings)
Interstitial Cystitis can be healed. Sunny Morrow, MEd, BS, DS has healed her IC and in this book she shows you how you can do it too. Using natural dietary and lifestyle changes, you can be free... More > of this disabling and debilitating dis-ease!< Less
Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too!: Slim Down and Heal Your Body While Eating Delicious Fats, Carbs and Real Whole Food! By DaNelle Wolford
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too! is a real food manifesto brought down to earth. Even if you have little experience in the kitchen, this book serves up the most important points of real food,... More > leaving you knowledgeable enough to feel confident without being overwhelmed. With easy-to-read charts and lists, Wolford makes it simple to see which foods are good, better, and best. Finally figure out which fruits and vegetables you need to buy organic and which are okay when conventional. Discover the biggest mistake most people make when transitioning to a real food diet and what you should do instead. You’ll be cooking up real food in no time…and losing weight and feeling healthier by the day! You don’t need to be perfect to enjoy effortless weight loss and disease reversal. Find out the secret by downloading this eBook today< Less
Cross Fit for Fat Loss By Scott Hayward
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Cross Fit for Fat loss is the handbook to the wildly popular cross fit style of training for fat loss. Learn everything you need to know in order to lose weight, lose fat and totally get shredded.... More > Cross fit for fat loss is a valuable weapon in the war on fat.< Less
Ubersleep: Nap-Based Sleep Schedules and the Polyphasic Lifestyle - Second Edition By Pure Doxyk
eBook (ePub): $12.95
(2 Ratings)
Polyphasic sleep: Trading the length of one nightly sleep for frequent shorter naps, resulting in less (sometimes much less) sleep-time overall, and many other interesting changes. This is the... More > Second Edition of the UberSleep Book -- the definitive work on polyphasic sleep schedules as a lifestyle, written by one of the first long-term Ubersleepers and a polyphaser of almost a decade. Extensively updated, the Second Edition contains all the original material defining polyphasic sleep schedules and giving detailed advice on adapting to polyphasic sleep, plus many new sections and expansions on the many facets of living on a polyphasic sleep-schedule long-term.< Less
Age Less, Live More By Bernando LaPallo, Bernando LaPallo
eBook (PDF): $12.99
(4 Ratings)
In 1906, at the tender age of five, Bernando LaPallo began to learn the secrets of long life and optimum health from his father, a Brazilian-born doctor and herbalist. He was patiently taught the... More > importance of proper nutrition, the wisdom of movement and exercise, and the profound value of faith. It was the start of a remarkable journey- a life that has spanned 107 years without disease or any of the other afflictions so prevalent in today's aging population. After passing along his father's wisdom to his children and grandchildren, with the same amazing results, Bernando decided that it is time to share his formula for health and longevity with the world; this book is a result of that desire. Join Bernando on an outstanding journey as he opens the doors to a new way of living, unhindered by stress and sickness, and shows how to add not just years to your life, but life to your years!< Less
eBook (PDF): $15.00
Easy and delicious Raw Food recipes by Aris LaTham. The 2004 Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America acclaims: '...the raw food movement owes much to Aris LaTham, a native of Panama, he is... More > considered to be the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine in America. He debut his raw food creations in 1979, when he started Sunfired Food, a live foods company in New York City. In the years since he has trained thousands of raw food chefs and added innumerbale recipes to his repertoire...' Aris LaTham is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Sunfired Food Sciences from the City University of Los Angeles. He has been a vegetarian for 38 years and a living -'raw' foodist for the past 33.< Less
The Hand-Me-Down Cookbook for Clean Eaters: Cleaning up and passing down family recipes for new cooks. By Taryn J. Smith
Paperback: List Price: $21.00 $17.85 | You Save: 15%
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In this busy generation, you may not have taken the time to pass down your family’s recipes to your son or daughter. You may not have even had time to cook much yourself, let alone teach... More > someone else! Or perhaps the family’s recipes aren’t as healthy as what you like to eat. This is where the Hand-Me-Down Cookbook for Clean Eaters comes in. As much as this is a cookbook, it is also a clean eating guide for young people leaving home for the first time. The first few chapters are dedicated to teaching first year college students how to stock their dorm rooms and first kitchens, as well as what to eat in the cafeteria or when eating out with friends. Even if your son or daughter never learned how to cook, this guide will help them avoid the trap of fast food and unhealthy cafeteria cuisine. The goal is to establish good habits that will empower them into adulthood so that they can enjoy long, prosperous lives. And with your help, this cookbook will also help preserve your family’s cooking legacy.< Less
History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 2 Text Only By Patrick Jordan
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 2 Text only by Edgar Crookshank goes into the archives of Edward Jenner and extensive essays of that time to examine the origins of vaccination. ... More > Professor Crookshank was investigating an outbreak of Cow Pox in England nearly 100 years after the disease was said to be eradicated. This is a text only version of this work transcribed by Patrick Jordan, so it contains no editorial commentary. This is an excellent study guide for the scholar or home school curriculum.< Less
History & Pathology of Vaccination, Vol. 1 Textbook By Patrick Jordan
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 Textbook by Edgar Crookshank goes into the archives of Edward Jenner to examine the origins of vaccination. Professor Crookshank was investigating an... More > outbreak of Cow Pox in England nearly 100 years after the disease was said to be eradicated. This is a text only version of this work transcribed by Patrick Jordan, so it contains no editorial commentary. This is an excellent study guide for the scholar or home school curriculum. There are a few original illustrations that depict the genitals of animals, viewer discretion is advised.< Less
RELENTLESS METTLE - My Cancer, My Rules By Stephen Brown
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This collection is the intersection of the author’s experiences living with a chronic form of leukemia, his triathlon and multisport lifestyle, and his overall passion for living life to the... More > fullest. Brown walks his readers through his initial diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy treatments through the years. Also included are chapters as told by Brown's wife and two daughters. In the words of Steve Brown, “I made a very early decision and commitment to live this story quite publicly. I wanted to be a voice and I wanted to lead by example. As a result I have been able to connect with so many fellow cancer warriors and their families. I feel safety in our numbers. And I feel strength in our resolve. I want patients and their families to take comfort in reading these pages and I hope they resonate hope and possibility”. Foreword written by 6-time Ironman World Champion and long time Leukemia & Lymphoma Society supporter Dave Scott.< Less
Get It Done Menu Planner By Lindsey Harwath
Paperback: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The perfect menu planner. 52 weekly undated spreads and shopping lists. Designed specifically for the BeachBody portion control container system but is great for any busy person looking to plan meal... More > ahead of time. Save money by cooking at home and being prepared at the store.< Less
Assaulted; Mass Medication by a Halogen You Never Suspected By Patrick Jordan
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
When on the trail of the toxin called Potassium Iodide, I also fell across a hypnotic substance that is rarely talked about that is in the staples of most modern diets. If you ever wondered why... More > Mankind is sick and sick in the head, then take this book without a grain of salt. Contains harsh language.< Less
Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy! By Edie Summers
Paperback: List Price: $9.99 $8.49 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Over 50 million people worldwide suffer from chronic fatigue. Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy gives you simple coaching tips you can easily use to get more energy today!
The Pill Problem By Ross Pelton
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Pill Problem teaches women how to protect their health from the dangerous side effects of oral contraceptives. Ross Pelton, a professional pharmacist and a certified clinical nutritionist,... More > educates women about why oral contraceptives can cause so many health problems and presents some relatively easy and inexpensive steps that can be taken to minimize their risks. Birth control pills are currently taken by over 12 million women in the United States and over 100 million women worldwide. Unfortunately, most women don’t realize that taking the “pill” substantially increases their risks to many health problems, some of which are potentially very serious. Oral contraceptives increase a woman’s risk of depression, sleep disorders, anemia, low energy, migraine headaches, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, diabetes, a weakened immune system, giving birth to an infant with birth defects, and cancers in the uterus, colon and breast.< Less
Body 4 Believers Instruction Manuel By Greg Locklear
Paperback: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Body 4 Believers is a nutrition program that is specifically designed to remove unwanted fat from the body. We make it a key principle to feed your body all of it's required Macro-nutrients, while... More > removing fat and improving your health. This can be accomplished by combining normal everyday foods in a way that supplies our nutrients yet limits our insulin production.< Less
Exercising the Soul By David-Dorian Ross
Paperback: $5.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
David-Dorian Ross - America's Chi-vangelist - opens the door into the world of an ancient Chinese discipline known as Taijiquan - "The Art of Harmony." Widely known as a form of martial... More > arts, Taiji is also a method of self-development, a step-by-step process for returning to the authentic self, that part of you that some call "the soul."< Less
High Frequency Food By Lee Bracker
Paperback: List Price: $31.25 $26.56 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(3 Ratings)
In depth concepts ranging from food related disease and the idea of conscience raising foods are covered here. High Frequency Food attempts to bridge the spiritual gap often difficult to maintain... More > day by day. The culprit happens to be commercially processed food. You are invited to partake in a new classroom venue unlike any. High Frequency Food surpasses conventional nutritional compilations because contained within are page after page of suppressed and difficult to obtain remedies for every disease known to mankind. This includes alcoholism which is said to have no bio-chemical cure. High Frequency Food proves otherwise. Do you realize that the dietary fat is being bread out of avocados? Some hybrids including Haas contain as little as 1/4th the vitamin E. It takes four avocados to equal a single natural one. This is your tool kit for survival. Your food sovereignty is at risk! Learn to survive it.< Less
The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of By Nick Nilsson
Paperback: $22.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Get 68 of the most unique arm training exercises you've never seen before! You'll find 33 bicep exercises, 30 tricep exercises and 5 forearm exercises.
Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair By Ololade Franklin
Paperback: $15.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair presents a natural method for growing Black and African hair. In this book the author discusses the twelve steps that have helped her to grow longer, healthier... More > hair naturally, without relaxers. The book discusses how to wash, condition, and style natural Black hair to prevent breakage and encourage growth. Also discussed are thermal pressing, hair care tools, and tips for choosing healthy hair care products.< Less
Born Again and Again. Living Through an Organ Transplant By Ed Van Gennip
Paperback: $13.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
A patients look at an organ transplant, from the years preceding, through illness and tests,to the transplant itself, to recover, and life thereafter. Interwoven is an aspect of faith, God's hand,... More > working through all that transpired.< Less
The Cancer Breakthrough By Steve Hickey, Hilary Roberts
Paperback: $9.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
This book describes an orthomolecular approach to cancer therapy. It explains how dietary interventions can control cancer.
The T'ai Chi Companion By David-Dorian Ross
Paperback: $6.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
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Cordially Yours By Teresa Boardwine
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $20.00 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Recipes for Cordials and Elixers. Created by Herbalist Teresa Boardwine.