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The Gluten Plan By Michaela Rose
Paperback: $90.05
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Do you have a gluten related disorder? Are you coeliac but not healing? Coeliac Disease is just one type of gluten illness and most have non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. This book will take you... More > through how to test - properly - for gluten illness, how to determine your own healing diet and gives specific, detailed grain and dairy free protocols for healing. For more information on gluten related disorders generally, the three key steps to healing and more on the plan itself, see my specialist site at You can also get an immediate download of the Plan if you prefer there. Based on 20+ years as a clinical nutritionist and sufferer specialising in allergy and intolerance, and latterly in gluten related disorders. Tip: For links etc, the most up to date digital copy of the book is on the Facebook Gluten Planners group for free in Files when you join. I'm nice like that ...< Less
Krislyn's Deliciously Healthy Recipes By Krislyn Miyagawa
Paperback: $22.99
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Krislyn’s Deliciously Healthy Recipes brings to you over 30 clean eating recipes to help reach your fitness goal, including appetizers, entrees, desserts, snacks, and drinks. These easy how... More > to’s will have you cooking and looking like a pro in no time!< Less
Foodie wanna be By David Kopp, Sing Yee Kopp Lim
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You see, food is everything. We live a life of being someone who thinks about food every single time. We actually live to eat, not eat to live! Shall you be on the same page? Very well then! We aim... More > to choose recipes which are healthy, fast and easy to prepare. Right in this order. Nowadays we know that there is nothing wrong with vegetarian diet and that too many fried food can raise our cholesterol levels and increase our risk of having a heart attack. We've never been so well informed in fact there are so much information out there that it is very easy to become completely overwhelmed and unable to distinguish between ideas that turns out to be fancy at times and those solid practical ideas. We think it is good to mention that this publication was not prepared with cooperation with nutrition specialist so all ideas and thoughts in this book are ours and as such subjective, you shouldn't simply follow them especially if you are allergic to some specific food or suffering some medical problem.< Less
The Oil-Change Diet By Emile M. Lores Jr., Ph.D.
Paperback: $9.99
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This is a diet health cookbook that helps readers improve their health by teaching them how to maintain a balance in omega-6 and omega-3 lipids. This diet can help reduce arthritis, heart disease,... More > Alzheimer's, cancer, asthma, blood pressure, and depression. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The information can be helpful to people on Paleo, diabetic, vegan diets as well.< Less
Medicine in Your Spice Rack By Lori M. Cameron, MH
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We have become a “Genie in the Bottle Society.” Buy a bottle of chemical pills, supplements, powders, or liquids and it solves everything! The myth of “pill-popping for... More > everything” is being busted by bright minds who recognize abundant health does not work that way. Spices are medicines and this is just one of hundreds of safe home use remedies that can improve your health. Lets spice up our lives, using ancient wisdom that is inexpensive and tastes good! This keepsake book contains ancient wisdom, unique medicinal spice formulas, scientific reasoning, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient information, and well-researched growing instructions for each spice. Thought-provoking quotes and incredible artwork are also part of this personalized healing manual. The quick and easy reference nature of this book offers relief to yourself, and loved ones, with plant medicinals sitting right in your spice rack or garden. Self reliance and simple "self-care" in the comfort of your own home is what this book is all about.< Less
Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing By Joe Lok
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A heritage from ancient time based on profound theories on human nature practiced by Taoists to endure health holistically. The practice is based on the concept of enhancing the internal flow of... More > natural energy bestowed to the human body. In order to strengthen the functioning of the organs, positive energy is gathered and built up to patch the losses caused by negative detriment in life. Exercising through tai chi like motions, the energy is directed through the channels in the human body to regulate the flows of energy in the meridians in respect to each of the organs. The upgrading of the organ functions improves immunity and resists illness, revitalizes the body’s rejuvenation abilities, eases pain at the joints and nerves, tranquilizes the mind and relieves stress. The practice is simple and easy to learn with precise explanation and orthodox method for a thorough understanding of the system. The learning is momentary, the benefits last a life time.< Less
Warning Contents Under Pressure May Change By Curtis Taylor
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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"Warning! Contents Under Pressure May Change" is your guide to losing weight and keeping it off forever! This is perfect reading for those new to exercise. Although chocked full of great... More > information, Curtis Taylor manages to keep the guide short and to the point. Unlike many weight-loss coaches/experts, Taylor can empathize with the extremely obese. He lost over 170lbs using the information he shares in this guide! You'll learn how to: develop a successful weight-loss game plan, common exercise myths, the honest truth about supplements and he even throws in a few basic workout routines. After reading, you'll be motivated to start down the road to building a better you!< Less
Seasonal Juicing By Claire Ragozzino
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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The Vidya Guide to Seasonal Juicing is a holistic approach to daily juicing that utilizes seasonal produce and the wisdom of Ayurveda to create nourishing juices, tonics and elixirs designed for... More > balanced health and wellness. In this spring guide you'll find 25 delicious recipes that feature spring's detoxifying herbs, refreshing citrus, and bitter greens that promote natural cleansing and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. You'll also find inside a comprehensive guide to the different juice machines on the market, a breakdown of the early and late spring juicing produce in season, and a chart of dosha-balancing herbs to boost your juice creations.< Less