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Stew Smith's Fitness Series - The 45 Day Fitness Plan for Beginners PLUS 45 Days more... By Stew Smith
Paperback: $7.06
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This 45 Day Plan has been a best selling ebook of Stew Smith since 2000. You cannot argue with results - when person after person loses 20+ lbs in 45 days and does so in a healthy manner - IT WORKS.... More > This is a starting plan for folks who need to exercise and have either never done so or have not been active in years or decades. This is the plan to get you moving in as little effort as 20 minutes a day. Eating and drinking water tips also included to help you with both sides of the weight loss equation.< Less
Monty Waldin's Biodynamic Wine-Growing: Theory & Practice By Monty Waldin
Paperback: $31.77
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A comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of biodynamic wine and wine-growing
Historia, Seguridad, y Orientación Movilidad, Estabilidad, Flexibilidad y Fuerza By PoleMoves Translated by Diana Pardo
Paperback: $10.00
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Poledance manual for the Beginning to Intermediate Instructor.
Cancer: Its Cause And Treatment Without Operation Robert Bell M.D. By Carmi Hazen
Paperback: $24.95
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Cancer is a metabolic dietary disorder which is caused by contaminated body fluids. Dr. Bell describes the process of how cancer develops and his methods for curing the disease using dietary and... More > hygienic methods along with supportive enzymes and his own form of mild chemotherapy. Surgical removal of tumors he declared to be not only unnecessary but such action would aggravate the disease. The original work was published at the turn of the last century, long before medicine became influenced by money. Carmi Hazen follows up this masterpiece with a treatise on how the Cancer Industry operates in the Millennium. Cancer is curable when discovered early and steps are taken to restore normal metabolism. Tumors will dissolve on their own making surgical operations unnecessary. This amazing work from the era of the Titanic will alter the misconceptions we all have about this horrific disease. No one needs to die from cancer The condition is entirely curable by using common sense and by following the laws of Nature.< Less
Eat Carbohydrates: Get Thin (And Healthy) By Dr Magda Robinson, BM
Paperback: $18.29
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Dr Magda Robinson, BM is a London-based medical doctor who specialises in obesity management and using nutrition to prevent common Western diseases. She looks at high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets... More > to see if they are effective and safe. Evidence is presented that they are no more effective than weight loss diets with normal levels of protein and carbohydrate, and that they are associated with increased risks of disease and mortality. An alternative diet in included which leads to successful weight loss and multiple health benefits.< Less
Crossfit Bezel - Metcon5 Training Journal By Training Log5
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Custom Crossfit Training Log for Crossfit Bezel. Get one for your box at
Emotional Release and Recovery: Using Essential Oils By Dr. Debbie McFarland, DC., DiplMedAc
Paperback: $20.58
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Integrating the use of essential oils, prayer and acupuncture principals this unique book gives you the tools that may help in releasing deep rooted emotional trauma. The emotional properties of the... More > oils are discussed as well as how to apply in a variety of ways. Address possible spiritual overlays as well as hormonal pathways that may be affecting mood.< Less
How to Talk to Your Aspie By Amanda J Harrington
Paperback: $19.22
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Faced with the real world, lots of aspies freeze and need to give themselves a push to carry on into the maelstrom. It is hard out there. The world is filled with a myriad of aggravating events which... More > impact on the aspie psyche and leave us reeling as if in pain. On top of all this, we are expected to communicate too. I often think that communicating with other people is like trying to talk in the middle of a thunder storm or while being chased by wild, hungry animals: the other person doesn’t see the storm or the pursuit, they only see you, stood like a great wedge of cheese, staring at them with your face fixed in confused thought. They wonder why you don’t speak, they ask if anything is wrong and then they leave. This book is titled, ‘How to Talk to Your Aspie’ but much of it is written from the aspie viewpoint. Family, friends, best beloveds, have a look at the world from an aspie point of view and see how creative, frightening, annoying and enlightening it can be.< Less
A Life-Changing Diet By Ellen van Schie
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $22.49 You Save: 10%
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A book about a life changing diet that not only helps you lose weight, but also gets you in shape, helps you gain confidence, helps you gain strength, helps you find your inner self, helps you find... More > your core, all in all helps you to live a healthy, natural life. Who doesn't want that?! Do you want to feel and look great and achieve this in a natural fashion? If your answer is yes, this is your diet, your way of living!< Less
The Obesity Myth You're Not Overweight, You're Overwaste By Aaron K. Mottley
eBook (PDF): $10.99
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Gives great insight into the use of natural principles of the use of the breath, nutrition, and movement to supercharge the body's natural waste removal system to rid the body of waste, toxins and... More > excess weight. Thereby limiting the possibility of disease.< Less
Aspirational Standards of Developmental Disabilities Nursing Practice By Mary Alice Willis
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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The Aspirational Standards of Practice for Developmental Disabilities Nursing. Updated for 2008.
Sharing Wellness Info: Ready for Health Emergencies By Gail Coffey
eBook (PDF): $6.50
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This is a book designed to help you have the information you need ready when emergencies occur. It will help Emergency Medical Technicians help you if for some reason you are unable to communicate... More > your medical history, insurance information, and type of care you desire. Complete the forms today!< Less
In Search of Authenticity By Raymond Towers
eBook (PDF): $10.66
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Raymond Towers has dedicated is adult life to the study of martial arts under the tutelage of some of the most renowned teachers in the world today. He dedicates this book to all his teachers and... More > students who have for the last forty five years taught him so much about martial arts and himself. As the title suggests this small book is a meditation, a product of deep thought and reflection. True authenticity, the true self; yielding is complete, the ego is quieted, the monkey mind still, the order and wisdom of nature is a given. One stands humbly upon the path, feeling if only for an instant the peace of not seeking and the gentle embrace of health and wholeness.< Less
Mixed Up By Najah Face
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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A book of recipes for better hair care specifially geared for women with tightly curled hair.
Mouth Ulcers? Top Dentist Shows How to Get Rid for Good! Simple Home Remedies that Work Fast! By Dr Anand Marya
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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Top Dentist Dr Marya not only tells you how and why you keep getting them, he walks you through some simple yet highly effective home remedies that will get rid of those painful mouth ulcers... More > quickly! FREE: All buyers get a bonus eBook By Dr Marya entitled “Dentists Recommended Tooth Whitening Tips” If you like the sound of teeth whitening check one that dentists do approve;< Less
How to Transform Your Physique - A Simplified Bodyfat Reduction Program for Everyone! By Bill Piche
eBook (ePub): $11.95
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How to Transform Your Physique - A Simplified Bodyfat Reduction Program for Everyone!
Heal Yourself: The 7 Steps To Innate Healing By Stephen Stokes
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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Non drug, non surgical approach to healing. Dr. Stokes offers 7 steps that will help your body heal regardless of your diagnosis.
Destination Eden - Ebook By Mango Wodzak
eBook (PDF): $13.37
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Going far beyond the realms of diet, this book explains the little understood concept of fruitarianism, and why there is an ever increasing need for humankind to better understand fruit and the... More > unique role it can play in positively shaping the future. Fruit is the only food which has the potential to be fully compatible with the "Golden Rule" - The philosophy of treating all life with the respect it duly deserves. This tome explains why this is so, and how through embracing it as our one true food, we can transform the world into the paradise it was always meant to be.< Less
Phoenix In Graceful Clouds of Blessing By Joe Lok
eBook (ePub): $36.99
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A heritage from ancient time based on profound theories on human nature practiced by Taoists to endure health holistically. The practice is based on the concept of enhancing the internal flow of... More > natural energy bestowed to the human body. In order to strengthen the functioning of the organs, positive energy is gathered and built up to patch the losses caused by negative detriment in life. Exercising through tai chi like motions, the energy is directed through the channels in the human body to regulate the flows of energy in the meridians in respect to each of the organs. The upgrading of the organ functions improves immunity and resists illness, revitalizes the body’s rejuvenation abilities, eases pain at the joints and nerves, tranquilizes the mind and relieves stress. The practice is simple and easy to learn with precise explanation and orthodox method for a thorough understanding of the system. The learning is momentary, the benefits last a life time.< Less
The Lightforce Lemon Cleanse By Graham Jevon
eBook (ePub): $13.99
Download immediately. would love you to know that; Weightloss, glowing skin, shining eyes, regular bowel movements, instant energy with no crash, mental clarity, hormone balance, cellulite removal,... More > authentic genetic expression, eczema removal, acne removal, electrolyte balance for hydration, feelings of wellbeing and strengthening of hair, skin and nails. Is a definite possibility in less than 30 days! If you would love to feel amazing, feel lighter and look fantastic then this book is a certain YES! For you..< Less