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Abolish The Drinking Age: The Conservative Case Against Alcohol Regulation By Wayland Ellis
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America's drinking laws contradict everything that America is supposed to be about. America is one of only a few countries with a drinking age as high as 21. Only a handful of other countries have... More > such a high age limit. The drinking age has become a ritual, with twenty-first birthday parties being seen as a rite of passage, an event that marks a person's transition to adulthood. Underage drinking has been a target for draconian government intrusions. SWAT teams raid college campuses, police bust teenage parties, and even people in their 70s can be asked to show their IDs when buying alcohol from some shops and bars. There has never been any intelligent debate about alcohol. There has only been confusion and emotive responses. Once a substance is legal and sold in many shops, it is both futile and highly problematic to attempt to seem tough by saddling the public with licensing laws, age restrictions, and regulations on opening hours and the price of alcohol.< Less
Low Carb: Ketogenic Diet to Overcome Belly Fat, Lose Pounds, and Live Healthy By Brian Adams
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Discover Effective Ways To Lose Weight A diet that will burn your belly fat! Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want to achieve your dream body without having to sacrifice your health? If you... More > answered yes to both, this book is for you! Introducing to you ketogenic diet to help you shed a few pounds! It targets the most challenging parts of our body that stores fat and helps eliminate them in the process! When you partake a low-carb diet it takes you away from any risk of heart disease. It lowers the main fat-carrying particle in our bloodstream called triglycerides, which is the number one source of bad cholesterol. When you download Low Carb: Ketogenic Diet to Overcome Belly Fat, Lose Pounds and Live Healthy, you will be introduced to one of the most effective ways to becoming fit and healthier! Not only that! To help you get started, you will also be presented with different exercises that will help you overcome belly fat! I< Less
Thou Shalt Eat By Ron Young
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For many of us, these are often areas of great interest, but also areas of great informational deficiencies. Food is however, an essential part to life, a basic human need. It surprised me, that... More > everyone eats food, must of us enjoy food, but no one ever seems to truly understand food. I decided to finally write this book, when talking with my godmother about health disparities and nutritional issues with our family. She begged me to share more information with her on how to live a healthier life. It shocked me how enthused she was. I began to wonder, how many people actually want to know about nutrition. It is something that a majority of people desire? Do people care about their health? The more I pondered these questions, the more I realized the answer was yes.< Less
Tibetan Secrets: Natural Cure To Heal Your Body And Increase Metabolism In 5 Simple Steps By Mary Solomon
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LEARN THE TIBETAN SECRETS OF UNLIMITED ENERGY AND RENEWED HEALTH IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS! Discover what Tibetan monks have known for over 2000 years. Five simple steps to the Fountain Of Youth! These... More > simple steps can lead to unlimited energy and restored health. Tibetan monks have held these anti-aging secrets in the Himalayan mountains and have only recently shared them with the Western world. Now their secrets can be yours! You'll Learn... The History Of The Tibetan Rites What Are These Life Changing Steps Why Everyone Should Be Practicing Them The Science Behind The Steps The Sixth Step For The Advanced How To Modify The Steps For Yourself Tibetan Medicine Tibetan View Of Disease Much, much more! Increase Energy and Endurance, Improve Quality Of Sleep And Have Renewed Health In 5 Easy Steps. Purchase Your Copy Today!< Less
30 Day Detox Program By Liz Green
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This book is perfect for anyone interested in starting a healthy lifestyle. Grocery lists, recipes, facts and tips are all included with this book. Readers will be able to enjoy the easy step-by-step... More > program and delicious food options everyday!< Less
The Fast Metabolism Diet Community Guide By The Fast Metabolism Diet Community
eBook (PDF): $8.00
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The Fast Metabolism Diet Community Guide eBook is composed basically with the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED by dieters and THEIR CORRESPONDING ANSWERS. These compiled Q&A is based on our Fast... More > Metabolism Diet Community’s Contact Form and Facebook Page, inbox, and through different sources in the web.< Less
Two Hundred to Grapes Part 2 By Valerie Okleshen
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Need inspiration to lose weight? Share my experience, strength, and hope in my new book Two Hundred to Grapes, Part 2. Different from other weight-loss books of its kind, this novel uses true... More > stories to illustrate practical weight-loss advice. Inside these pages find likeable characters and real-life drama with a focus on healthy living and making better choices. Each chapter covers a different topic and tells a new tale. On this journey I discovered that real change was possible for me; I could become a healthy person. Every woman has to find what works for her. Hopefully my story can be a part of what works for you. For more information, my healthy food blog, and fun pictures visit my website While part of a series, Two Hundred to Grapes, Part 2, is also a stand-alone novel. It can be read and easily understood without reading the original Two Hundred to Grapes first. Say hi on Facebook!< Less
A Vegan Primer By Bruce Henderson D.A., M.A.
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Why avoid meat, fish or dairy products? What benefits might a vegan diet bring? What is the difference between not being sick and enjoying optimal health? Read about outrages of our food industry in... More > the section Food Horror Stories. Discover delicious, nutrition-packed alternative foods that can help you toward a healthier future as well as help our environment. A Vegan Primer explains the basics for getting started as a vegetarian or vegan, offering recipes, diet tips and carefully researched information. This book gives you the tools to take care of your body and by extension to manage stress and improve your mental outlook as well.< Less
10 Super Easy Steps to Your Dream Body 3x By Todor Djordjevic
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This book will show you how to gradually increase your inner-motivation, patience, and discipline to higher levels in order to get the body you have always wanted. You will learn how to step out of... More > your comfort zone and think positively in order to grow leaner and stronger. A progressive daily meal and physical activity plan will help you exercise smarter, eat healthier, and lose weight. Various health and diet tips are provided to help you overcome initial obstacles, and constantly move forward to attain the body of your dreams. Follow these ten simple steps and become a proud owner of the new you. You will be so proud of your body transformation that you might want to implement the same methodology in achieving any other goals.< Less