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Essentials of Quranic Arabic: Volume 1 By Masood Ranginwala
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This 2-Volume Book Series is an attempt to guide those who want to understand the language of the Qur'an and read it with comprehension. This first volume guides the student in a step-wise... More > progression to learn the fundamentals of Qur'anic grammar. The methodology of this book is different from others in that conversational Arabic and non-Qur'anic vocabulary are not emphasized. Instead, there is a keen focus on mastering key grammar principles alongside "high-yield" Qur'anic vocabulary. Numerous examples are used from the Qur'an. This textbook (Volume 1) is also being used by Islamic Online University for its Diploma Course Series "Introduction to Quranic Arabic". Altogether, this will Insha Allah enable them to better understand and experience the Lofty and Majestic Words of Allah Almighty.< Less
Utah Law Principles and Practices By Paul Naylor, Daniel Naylor
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Utah Real Estate Law Principles and Practices is a textbook designed to give an entry level overview, and understanding of Utah laws and rules as they pertain to the practice of real estate. It is... More > an invaluable reference for new agents and for brokers that want to understand the laws and rules provided by Utah state, and the Division of Real Estate to protect the public in real estate transactions.< Less
Huskies By Tanner Beard
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Tanner Beard showcases the beauty and versatility of one of our world's most intriguing animals--the Husky. From their roots long ago to the present day, learn what makes this beloved breed tick!
The Book Monsters Club Vol.55 By Anne Kim
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The Book Monsters Club is a unique tool that can make a difference in your child’s learning. Inside this book, you will find activities designed to help your child to master essential skills... More > that are critical for success in school.< Less
Reviving Horace: Readings for the Soul of Teaching By Todd R. Nelson
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Watching and listening are the greatest of the teaching skills—the most difficult to master truly, the most demanding to sustain over time. As a parent, you have a child or two to deal... More > with—but as a teacher you have 15 or 18 at once. By and large, children go about as far as the adults in their lives invite them to go, and truth to tell, most children are not invited to go very far. They are not invited to be curious, to be informed, to discriminate—except in the best of homes and in the best of schools. —Jonathan Slater< Less
The Work Ethic: Must It or Should It Return to America By Robert Sterling Howe Ph.D
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This book is an in depth discussion of the importance of the work ethic in our country. The author gives a number of positive examples of this effective use of this concept in the United States and... More > though out the economic world. Discussion is developed about how the work ethic can be most effectively created and used both here and abroad.< Less
New Auburn Media Manual By Auburn Seminary
Paperback: $13.75
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The accompanying manual for the Auburn Media Training Program.
Better Behavior - Positively!: Brain-Based Strategies and Solutions By Dr. Meredith White-McMahon, Dr. Paul W. Baker
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Relate Well…React Less! All young people have an innate need to feel Safe, Significant, Respected and Related! In Better Behavior- Positively!, authors White-McMahon and Baker introduce an... More > innovative model of care known as the NeuroRelational Framework that harnesses the power of relationships and brain-based supports to promote healthy transformation. They explore how supportive intervention need not be complex nor require significant amounts of training to be effective. Unique to this comprehensive framework are a set of innovative, trauma-informed approaches that offer tremendous hope to behaviorally challenged young people. The book provides, clear, concise information grounded in research that demonstrates how brain development is impacted by experience and provides practical strategies of support that can be used by any caring adult. The authors explore the connection of how behavior develops into a way of responding to the people and environments within their life.< Less
Taking the Mystery Out of South Carolina School Finance By Henry Tran
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Taking the Mystery Out of South Carolina School Finance is an excellent resource for graduate students studying educational leadership and school finance as well as policy makers such as local school... More > board members.< Less
EagleRidge High School Student Planner 2016-2017 By EagleRidge High School
Paperback: $2.31
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EagleRidge High School Student Planner 2016 - 2017 is designed to help students in an 4 Block per day A & B schedule keep tract of assignments and weekly progress.
rSAT / ACT Guide (8.1.16) By mindfish
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Learn everything you need to know to succeed on the SAT and ACT tests! The Mindfish Guide has recently be updated as a comprehensive resource for the "New" SAT.
Liberating Genius By Angela Maiers, Mark Moran
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Imagine a classroom where passion-driven genius work is not extracurricular, but is a part of the routine. Students are invited and expected to collaborate to support each other’s genius; to... More > experiment with ideas, discover new possibilities and make epic things happen. Genius Hour is a nearly unprecedented opportunity for teachers to guide students in how to be effective learners and citizens, by helping them connect what they do in school to the broader community. It's our job to nurture our geniuses so they can change the world. Join us today to unlock a world of genuine curiosity and wonder.< Less
2015 Fall Conference Paper Proceedings By ACSA Press
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With a focus on the architectural object, this conference aims for submissions that offer material for debate through both papers as well as projects. We will attempt to include as many project... More > sessions pertaining to design and architectural objects as paper sessions. The conference invites session topics that will, in fact, debate the relevance of autonomous production of form vs. contingencies that inform a ‘project’. The goal of the conference is to use a debate-style, cross-examination to find the potential of a new architectural object that can be informed by the tension between opposing views and changing realities that offer new, dynamic conditions.< Less
Scholastic Journalism Leadership Second Edition By Tom Gayda
Paperback: $15.99
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An updated resource for high school editors. Tips, suggestions and more for being an outstanding leader.
Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: A School Administrator's Guide: The Mac Edition By Leonard H. Elovitz, Gerard Babo
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This book serves as a sort of quantitative analysis menu for assisting the typical educator in making sense of the data he/she is pummeled with daily, weekly, and monthly. Much of that data can... More > actually help make teaching and learning easier and more meaningful if used in the correct manner and understood in the proper context, which we hope we have provided for here.< Less
College Admissions Decoded 2nd Edition By Steve Dorfman
Paperback: $19.95
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A practical guide to college admissions for parents and students.
The Transforming System: A Practical Handbook for Understanding the Changes in California Community Mental Health By California Division American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
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The Transforming System: A Practical Handbook for Understanding the Changes in California Community Mental Health focuses on the Recovery Orientation to mental wellness that is the gold standard for... More > healthcare in California and the United States. The Handbook is a comprehensive and practical resource that can be utilized by educators and supervisors to address the evolving changes in healthcare delivery systems. Contents of the text are the product of a collaborative effort including contributions by clinicians, managers, educators, employers and consumers across the state of California. Discussion questions following each section provide useful guidelines for educators who are preparing classroom assignments. Beyond the classroom, this book is designed to be relevant and practical for students preparing for placement as well as for agency employees at all levels who wish to update their knowledge and practical application skills related to the changing systems of care.< Less
Effectiveness in Writing By Natascha Gast, Susan Lowman-Thomas, Helen Beth Driver
Paperback: $4.57
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This book teaches students how to evaluate and write argumentative essays while developing and strengthening knowledge of research and citation.
Dina Manzo's Dinner Party Course Paperback By Cho Phillips
Paperback: $69.95
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Welcome to Dina Manzo's It's My Party & I'll Plan If I Want To. This course was inspired to empower the desire to celebrate life's milestones while creating memories to last a lifetime with... More > family and friends.< Less
College Algebra, 3rd Corrected Edition By Carl Stitz
Paperback: $12.61
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This is the corrected 3rd edition of Stitz and Zeager's College Algebra Textbook, July 4th 2013.
Capitular Development Course By Piers Vaughan
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The Capitular Development Course is designed to educate Royal Arch Masons, in particular those who are members of the American or York Rite practiced in the United States and a number of other... More > countries around the world. While the book may certainly be read on its own, having a copy of the Holy Bible to hand would assist in understanding much of the symbolism. This book is also intended to be used as a part of a course, run by a Facilitator, when a copy of the State Capitular Rituals should be used to accompany this course. Upon completion of the course, the Companion may consider himself both well versed in the messages and symbolism of the Capitular Degrees, and qualified to pursue his own further education. To this end, a number of books and courses recommended for further study are given at the end of this book.< Less
Classically Speaking By Patricia Fletcher
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Classically Speaking offers an approach for actors who wish to learn Neutral American Speech, and develop the skills necessary to adjust their speech to the particular demands of a wider range of... More > characters and texts. The extensive Neutral American section could serve English speakers from countries other than the US, including those from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and Great Britain, as well as advanced speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL) from around the globe. Classical American, Mid-Atlantic and Standard British dialects are also covered. An audio download link to more than 300 sound demonstrations and a dozen monologues recorded by professional actors is also included.< Less
Prealgebra Textbook By College of the Redwoods Department of Mathematics
Paperback: $20.00
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This is a prealgebra textbook, used by the Department of Mathematics at College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California, in their Math 376 course. Errata and Individual chapter and solutions are... More > available at:< Less
Trigonometry, 3rd Edition By Carl Stitz, Jeff Zeager
Paperback: $10.63
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This is Chapters 10 and 11 of Precalculus, 3rd Edition, by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager.
What Now, Coach? - An Unofficial Guide to Coaching Odyssey of the Mind Teams By Victor Miller
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What Now, Coach? is must read for anyone coaching an Odyssey of the Mind team. See what a World Champion coach says about: Picking a Team, Selecting a Problem, Writing Skits, Making... More > Costumes, Balsa Structures, Crafting Props & Scenery, Vehicles & Machines, Mastering Spontaneous, Tools & Materials, Habits of Top Teams, The Style Category, Increasing Productivity, Impressing the Judges, Avoiding O.A., Raising Your Scores, Lowering Stress, Learning More, and Having More Fun. All of these topics and more are covered in great detail by a long time Odyssey coach and judge who has worked in all of the problems and coached his teams to two Odyssey world championships.< Less