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UMass Dartmouth Engaged Scholarship Collection By Matthew Roy, Divina Grossman
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A collection of scholarly articles written by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth faculty and staff regarding engaged scholarship and/or service-learning.
Finding Meaning with Mandalas-A Therapist's Guide to Creating Mandalas with Children By Tracy Turner-Bumberry LPC, RPT-S
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This book will give therapists valuable insight into the history and meaning of mandalas. Fifty mandala interventions are included with clear directions as well as guidelines on how to introduce,... More > create and process a mandala creation with clients. Mandalas are fun and meaningful interventions for clients of all ages! This book will be a valuable addition to therapists who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their therapy practice.< Less
College Algebra, 3rd Edition By Carl Stitz, Jeff Zeager
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This is Chapters 1-9 of Precalculus, 3rd edition, by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager.
From the Ground Up: A Guide to Good Writing By Robynne Graffam
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Written by a veteran English teacher, this classroom-tested book offers a concise guide to academic and creative writing, including analytical essays, comparison essays, fiction and poetry writing,... More > among others. Suitable for high school and college students as a textbook or handy reference guide. Includes a section on writing-related websites. Robynne Graffam has been teaching college preparatory English and Creative Writing for eighteen years, and she currently directs the Writing Center at Germantown Academy. She earned her B.A. in English from the University of Virginia and an M.A. in Education from New York University, and she has attended the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, the Napa Valley Writers Conference, the AWP Conference and many other professional writing programs. Her fiction has appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, and she also writes screenplays and non-fiction.< Less
B.R.A.I.N. Power:Brain Energizers and Movement By Gail Ward
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The process of teaching and learning involves sending and receiving information. Naturally, we are not computers that can just download data. We need to incorporate movement that has been... More > scientifically proven to make the recipient more receptive. This book is a practical guide that shows how to make children more receptive in the classroom.< Less
The Mathematics of Money, 3rd Edition By T.J. Biehler
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The third edition of this college-level business math book, revised and updated in 2013, originally published in 2007.
Nature of Science Manual By Jesse Bates, Philip Althage
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The Nature of Science manual is an introductory science curriculum for middle school students receiving a classical, liberal arts education. The course is crafted to form in students a disposition of... More > receptivity towards the natural world and a holistic vision of the study of nature. The course emphasizes deep, careful reflection on in-class observations, experiments, and the students' ordinary experiences. In addition, it includes carefully selected original readings from the history of science which provide a theoretical foundation for thinking about the natural world and serve as models for scientific inquiry. To engage the question of the nature of science, students are exposed to the range of natural beings and concepts which are considered in science, and they are challenged to consider what it means to have scientific knowledge of natural beings. The curriculum has four parts: an introduction to nature and science, and subsequent introductions to biology, chemistry, and physics.< Less
Glue Language 2.0 By Jenwei Kuo
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Glue Language is as critically important as the textbook for teaching a second language. The elements in Glue Language (“glue drops”) are the supportive filler words, phrases, and... More > sentences required to “glue” the main teaching topics together in target language during a textbook lesson. These glue drops are essential in an immersion class, exposing students to vital words, phrases, and sentences far before they are addressed in a textbook. Glue Language thus supplies the “missing link” in second language learning and teaching. Additionally, the students are also enabled to assume the teacher’s role in teaching the Glue Language. Moreover, the scope of Student-Centered Learning may further be extended into textbook learning. Thus, Glue Language is the enabling tool for creating an immersion environment and for developing a winning Student-Centered immersion curriculum.< Less
Capitular Development Course (GGC Edition) By Piers Vaughan
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The Capitular Development Course for General Grand Chapter is now available. It is designed to educate Royal Arch Masons, in particular those who are members of the American or York Rite practiced in... More > the United States and a number of other countries around the world. While the book may certainly be read on its own, having a copy of the Holy Bible to hand would assist in understanding much of the symbolism. This book is also intended to be used as a part of a course, run by a Facilitator, when a copy of the State Capitular Rituals should be used to accompany this course. Upon completion of the course, the Companion may consider himself both well versed in the message and symbolism of the Capitular Degrees, and qualified to pursue his own further education. To this end, a number of books and courses recommended for further study are given at the end of this book.< Less
Smooth Transitions: A Career/Education and Life Skills Planner By David Vandy, Myra Vandy
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Imagine you are living the life you really want to live. In just a few hours, you can build a framework, creating your plan for your future. SMOOTH TRANSITIONS IS Your all in one tool to get you... More > from where you are to where you really want to be. • Clear and concise • Easy to use • Comprehensive yet personal • Flexible SMOOTH TRANSITIONS Will help you: • To get started! • Create your path to your Future • Set goals for yourself • Make realistic plans to help you reach your goals • Acquire the skills to prepare for life on your own • Experiment with several career options before making a commitment • Save and manage your money • Build your resume • Become the decision maker in your life • Create the life you really want to have!< Less
Archives for Congregations: A Practical Guide to Developing a Church Archives Second Edition By National Episcopal Historians and Archivists
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A practical guide to developing a church archives. The purpose of the booklet is to help motivated lay people and clergy in the Episcopal Church to identify, preserve and make available their... More > congregation's historical records and materials.< Less
Quantitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: A School Administrator's Guide By Gerard Babo, Leonard H. Elovitz
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Using Microsoft Excel for those who work in our nation’s schools - superintendents, principals, curriculum coordinators, teachers, etc., are inundated with a multitude of data from a number of... More > different sources each and every day of the school year. Having taught computer applications and educational research to aspiring school leaders for a number of years, we have found that the old adage “learning by doing” is the best way to learn this material. Many action research projects require the collection, tabulation, and analysis of data. Assisting the school administrators with these tasks is primarily what this book is about. Researchers utilize powerful tools such as SPSS to assist them in these tasks. However, we have found that such programs are not readily available to the school administrator and, even if they are, the skills to effectively utilize them have not been mastered. Therefore, we have based this book on the utilization of the much more familiar application, Microsoft Excel.< Less
A Rolling Die Gathers No Data By Eric Kamischke
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This book is a collection of motivational labs for students studying statistics. These 21 individual and small group activities explore concepts in statistics. Each lab includes teacher notes... More > providing model solutions and tips for assigning. The labs are indexed by topics covered and equipment needs.< Less
Fledglings Writing Anthology By June 2015
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Anthology of first grade through fifth grade elementary student writing.
Mission Zero Corridor Blueprints [Executive Summary] By Georgia Tech School of Architecture and Georgia Conservancy
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Highways everywhere connect our communities but also create critical divides. This pervasive infrastructure is continuously maintained, rebuilt and expanded, yet thoughtful dialogue on highway... More > impacts and detriments have not been addressed. This Mission Zero® Corridor Blueprints project examines possible reinvention for the future of highways to have only positive impacts on our communities and our environments. The Georgia Conservancy’s Blueprints for Successful Communities program, in partnership with graduate students from the College of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology and urban designers from Perkins+Will, examined the potential that may exist to transform highway corridors to roadways that have far less degrading environmental impacts.< Less
My Tru-Sense By Patricia Lee
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In Patricia’s TRU-SENSE one finds a mine of golden nuggets coming from a heart that’s True to itself. Expressions long hidden in these nuggets of TRU-SENSE are the embodiment of... More > intrinsic revelations, simplified fresh thoughts germinating and resurrecting; and giving new life to ancient wisdom and contemporary ideas of genius. Genius made manifest from a Spiritual source of deep introspection and self-discovery. TRU-SENSE is a long-silent volcano, pregnant with creativity, now awakening and erupting into a literary style of enlightenment that’s creating a totally new genre of prose and poetry. Read TRU-SENSE. It is precise. It is concise. It is exacting. It is original. It is learning. And it teaches. TRU-SENSE makes sense! Dr. Isaac Richmond, National Director, Commission on Religion and Racism (CORR) Publisher/Editor, African-American Voice Journal< Less
OSA14/15 2nd Edition By Oakland School for the Arts
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Oakland School for the Arts 2014-2015 Yearbook created by the student designers in the School of Digital Media.
Where I'm From: An Anthology of Poems By S Markey
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When seventh graders reflect on the important people and events in their lives, something quite magical happens.
Anthology 2015 By Louise Bauso
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An annual writing anthology by the ESL students of Cobble Hill High School in Brooklyn, New York.
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A collections of articles relative to President Obama's Administration
NYC: A City That Stays Up Way Past it's Bedtime By 6th graders NEST+M
Paperback: $13.00
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In this book, student authors share some of their favorite spaces and places in the city that never sleeps, NYC. These experienced New Yorkers offer readers their opinions and perspectives of where... More > to find a delicious bite to eat, the best places for entertainment, culture and so much more. While NYC is one of the largest cities in the world, these authors will help guide to hidden gems you can't find in any ordinary guidebook.< Less
Let's Share Our Ideas About Educational Leadership By Louis Wildman
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I begin all of the courses I teach by setting forth my basic beliefs about educational leadership, so that my students will understand my perspective. Educators have an ethical obligation to make... More > their position known so that students can agree or disagree. The problem with doing this is that students may get the idea that they should adopt their instructor’s beliefs to pass. But I quickly try to assure students that while I want them to understand my perspective, I also want them to develop their own beliefs after considering alternatives. Likewise, I hope you will use this book to re-consider and then share your ideas about educational leadership.< Less
University of Northern Colorado Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016 By SmartCatalog
Paperback: $14.95
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This is the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog for the University of Northern Colorado.
They Told Us We Could Write Anything By 8th Grade Class NEST +m
Paperback: $17.99
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An anthology of writing by the 8th grade class of 2015 at NEST+m.
AWS Yearbook 2014-2015 By shannon hollingsworth
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Austin Waldorf Yearbook 2014-2015. Our school yearbook will be available for purchase at