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The Mathematics of Money, 3rd Edition By T.J. Biehler
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The third edition of this college-level business math book, revised and updated in 2013, originally published in 2007. NOTE: This is the THIRD EDITION of this book. The 2nd edition is still... More > in print. Before ordering MAKE SURE THAT THIS IS THE CORRECT EDITION being used at your college!< Less
The A to Z of Adolescent Health By Leader Biology
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The purpose of this book is for children, teens and adults alike to gain a deeper and broader understanding of adolescent health. All of the terms in this book have been used to describe factors of... More > adolescent health, in hopes that they will be taken into serious consideration to prevent disease. Today, all adolescents are at high risk for many diseases and physical disorders because of the current state of their health and physical education in schools. Developing understanding and respect for these terms is one way that we did background research for the experiments we’ve conducted. This research has helped us come to powerful conclusions about the future relationship between adolescents, activity levels, physical education and disorder related risks.< Less
The Paradox of Peace and Power By Peg Syverson
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This book is a collection of chapters on the topic of Nonviolence, written by college students at the University of Texas in 2014. Topics include sports, Vietnam war, Civil Rights, comics, the... More > justice system, bullying, music, farming, psychology, religion, culture, self-improvement, and video games. Profits from the sale of this book will go to benefit SafePlace, an Austin non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.< Less
BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM Collection One Books 1-4 By Richard L. Newell
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Experience this Unique and Humorous mode of systematically reinforced learning. Increase Your Mental Powers and Enhance your English Language Skills. Accelerate Your Comprehension. Achieve Empowered... More > Conclusions, Judgments, and Insights. Develop the Higher Faculties of Your Mind: Intuition provides instant access to information and knowledge through the vibrations you receive from sources throughout the universe. Imagination becomes better developed allowing you to form amazing mental pictures from which ideas are born and incubated. Memory Enhancement optimizes the operation of storing information for your instant recall. Reason and Logic help you carefully choose your thoughts and develop new ideas. Perception enhances your awareness, discernment, vision, and understanding. Clairvoyance expands your awareness, enabling you to more clearly envision things, which your eyes alone cannot see. Create New Points of View and a New Way of Perceiving Your Universe.< Less
Soo Bahk Do Reflections By Tim Bennett
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Blog entrees chosen from the past few years in relation to the instruction of Black Belt candidates at Miramar Martial Arts Academy and the philosophy contained in this quest.
The Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control By Robert Schramm
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Earning Instructional Control (compliance) with challenging learners is paramount to optimal teaching outcomes in any behavior or learning program. Based on the Principles of Behavior, The 7 Steps... More > to Earning Instructional Control procedure that is outlined in this 180 page manual is our preferred approach to creating motivated learners in the home, school and clinic settings. So whether you are a parent, teacher or seasoned behavior analyst, this book is a "must have," must read" and "must share" with your entire team.< Less
Global Consulting Corporation: An Accounting Information Systems Practice Case By Robert Hurt
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Global Consulting Corporation incorporates many topics commonly covered in AIS courses: transaction processing, internal control, database design, systems documentation and many others. The print... More > portion comprises four sections: company description, AIS concepts review, transaction data and assignment questions. Actual business documents (purchase orders, invoices and the like) are available free through my AIS blog. The case can be used with any AIS textbook, including my own.< Less
Elementary School Test Materials 2013-2014 By Tim Sanders
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This book contains one year of elementary school tests and answer keys: 4 qualifying-level test sets, one state-level test set, and one championship-level test set. Each test set... More > contains a Sprint, Target, Team, and Number Sense test.< Less
World Religions: A Workbook By Dale Tuggy
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This workbook is for the course INDS 120 World Religions, taught by Dr. Dale Tuggy at the State University of New York at Fredonia. It is designed to be used with the screencast lectures at... More > Students enrolled in the course have free access to the pdfs on the course website, which can be printed. This printed workbook is optional for the course, but is recommended, since it is more convenient and nicer to work with than printed out sheets. It contains many color maps, charts, and photographs.< Less
Airline Transport Pilot: Complete Note Collection (Exclusive Edition) By Carsten Borgen
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As a professional pilot it is crucial to keep your knowledge sharp, but going through all the ATPL subject publications again and again, would be an endless task. This book is written as a quick... More > reference guide to pilots and aviation enthusiasts, in an effort to simplify the process of staying current and revising the theory you have already learned and possibly add to that knowledge. As you go through the book, whether it is simply to refresh a single or specific subject or it is to review the entire ATPL syllabus, you will find the book structured to give you maximum information using as few words as possible. The book is based on EASA ATPL theory and all information is purely factual. It is an interpretation of the subject matters researched from multiple ATPL publications and it combines it with personal experience and inputs from aviation professionals. Within a couple of hours a complete subject matter can be covered.< Less
The Security Concerns of The Baltic States as NATO Allies (Enlarged Edition) By James S. Corum, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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If the United States is likely to fight in a coalition with small allies in the future, then it is useful to understand the experience, capabilities, and perspectives of those allies. Since regaining... More > independence in 1991, the countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have been very active in supporting NATO and U.S. military operations abroad. It is notable that the three Baltic countries have also used the deployment of a significant part of their forces in the last decade as a major part of their program to carry out a major force transformation.< Less
Fundamentals of Mathematics By Denny Burzynski, Wade Ellis
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Fundamentals of Mathematics is a work text that covers the traditional study in a modern pre-algebra course, as well as the topics of estimation, elementary analytic geometry, and introductory... More > algebra.< Less
College Trigonometry, 3rd Corrected Edition By Carl Stitz
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This is the corrected 3rd edition of Stitz and Zeager's College Trigonometry Textbook, July 4th 2013.
Linear Drumming By Mike Johnston
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This book is a collection of my favorite linear patterns. It covers three different subdivisions and uses them as fills and grooves. Each page is built around a simple system. I really hope this book... More > helps you as much as writing it has helped me :) Mike Johnston< Less
TEFL Certification Course Book By INTESOL Worldwide, International TEFL Academy
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TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or simply, English language instruction for non-native speakers. Also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)... More > or English Language Teaching (ELT), the field of TEFL/TESOL is one of the fastest growing educational fields in the world, presenting thousands of excellent professional opportunities in all corners of the globe to native and fluent English speakers who achieve their TEFL/TESOL certification.< Less
Processing Skills Development Workbook By Lynn Finton
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This Processing Skills Development workbook provides an introduction to the cognitive processing skills that are components of the complex process of interpretation. One’s ability to process... More > information for an interpretation are enhanced through the practice of isolated mental activities that are combined in the act of interpretation. The pre-interpreting exercises and activities in this workbook will lay the foundation for translation and interpretation between American Sign Language and English.< Less
Primary Language Lessons By Emma Serl
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Primary Language Lessons is a a beginning guide to grammar and usage for the early elementary student. Within these pages you will find stories, poems, and pictures of fine art. Each lesson... More > introduces principles of grammar and word use through question and answer, composition, memorization, oral presentation, and dictation. Serl recommended that Primary Language Lessons be used for the second half of grade 2 and grade 3, or ages 6 through 8. One of Primary Language Lessons’ outstanding characteristics is the use of high quality literature and art to teach language and grammar. Serl’s use of this method parallels the work of British educational reformer Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) who advocated the use of high-quality literature as a pathway to learning. Miss Mason taught that children relish well-written, well-told books and model them in their speech and writing. By following this example, our children’s teachers are great authors and artists rather than dry textbooks. What could be better?< Less
Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences By Joseph Mbele
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This book discusses differences between African and American culture, to help prevent cultural miscommunications which might poison or ruin relationships between Africans and Americans. I am lucky to... More > have lived in both Africa and America, and I feel priviledged and obliged to share my views and experiences with others.< Less
Primer - Winter By Kathy Weitz
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Michigan History: Exploring Our Heritage By Jonathan Miller
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Filled with interesting facts, and memorable stories, this Michigan History workbook is designed to fulfill state history requirements for junior high or high school. Especially compliant with the... More > A.C.E curriculum, it covers such key elements as government, geography, economics, and of course, lots of history. Hailed as interesting and fun by Christian schools throughout Michigan, this is one course your student will not only learn from, but enjoy! Details: 1/2 year course, divided into six units, assessment via six unit tests (included).< Less
What Do You Mean and How Do You Know? By Nicholas Johnson
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We are the only species able to talk ourselves into difficulties that would not otherwise exist, from divorce to war. Here's a book full of practical suggestions on how to use our language to improve... More > our lives.< Less
Personal Protection Handgun Training By H. Krister Donred
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This is a handgun training handbook for personal protection specialists and close protection personnel. Personal Protection Handgun Training will give you guidance on how you can make use of your... More > time at the range and see greater improvement in your performance. It is about practicing, training effectively, and not wasting more money on ammunition. This book will give you examples of practical training with your handgun, and it will help you become a better personal protection handgun handler. This book printed in a format so that you can easily take it with you to the range. The drills also include tables for recording your practice results.< Less
Granddad's Money Camp By George Meyers
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Learner-centered, multi-generational training tool for grandparents, parents and mentors to train young people in principles for managing money and making wise life choices.
577 Serbian Verbs By Jonathan Mennuti
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577 Serbian verbs, mostly declined. Compiled by FSI students and edited by FSI instructor.
OnTrack Reading Advanced Code Workbook By Rodney Everson
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This is the phonics workbook described on the OnTrack Reading website ( that is used when teaching the Advanced Code. Instructions for using this workbook can be purchased... More > here at as either print book or an e-book. Together, the instructions and the workbook constitute a complete advanced code phonics program at an exceptionally low price. The OnTrack Reading phonics curriculum will build blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation skills while teaching all of the common spellings of English sounds and their overlap options. In addition, the curriculum teaches how to methodically decode 2, 3 and 4 syllable words chunk by chunk using a method so easy to implement that it encourages students to quit guessing at unfamiliar words. The workbook has been extensively field tested by the author and the instructions are comprehensive.< Less