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Latin Via Proverbs By Laura Gibbs
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Latin Via Proverbs: 4000 Proverbs, Mottoes and Sayings for Students of Latin is a collection of 4000 Latin proverbs organized by grammatical categories. It can be used as a supplement for any... More > first-year Latin textbook or as a systematic grammar review for intermediate Latin students. Find out more by visiting the Latin Via Proverbs wiki website at, where you will find a search engine plus study guides with English translations, audio and other learning materials to help you make the most of this book.< Less
Sett i gang I: Textbook (color) By Kari Lie, Nancy Aarsvold
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Sett i gang I consists of 15 chapters organized around five main themes. The textbook is 229 pages and suitable for the first semester of a university course or during the first year of a community... More > education class.< Less
STRATEGOS Leadership Essentials By Anya Miller Hall
Paperback: $25.00
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What is a leader? How does one gain the ability to lead? What makes others follow you? What type of character should a leader possess? These questions and much more are answered in this manual... More > which teaches those things which are absolutely necessary for a leader and does so from a Godly perspective.< Less
Fundamental Keys Piano Method By Rachel Jimenez
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Fundamental Keys is a comprehensive system I have developed for anyone seeking clear and simple instruction covering the basics of piano playing and music reading. It is a classical piano method... More > designed for any child or adult beginner who is ready to enthusiastically pursue the unique rewards and challenges offered by the piano. Although I recommend that everyone try to find a good teacher to work with, you can use Fundamental Keys on your own if you are an adult and want to teach yourself some basics before taking the step of finding your first teacher. Whether you are a piano teacher, a student with a teacher, or an adult looking to try teaching yourself, please consider using Fundamental Keys. Visit FUNDAMENTALKEYS.COM for comprehensive information, demo videos, and a full-text preview.< Less
Calculating Basic Statistical Procedures in SPSS: A Self-Help and Practical Guide to Preparing Theses, Dissertations, and Manuscripts By Ana Rojas-LeBouef, John R. Slate
Paperback: $25.00
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How To Book for calculating statistics in SPSS written for graduate students and faculty
Homework for Math-075 DVC By Cheryl Wilcox
Paperback: $9.64
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Homework problems from Lessons 1-44 of Free Pre-Algebra by Cheryl Wilcox, for Math-075 at Diablo Valley College
Presenting and Communicating Your Statistical Findings: Model Writeups By John R. Slate, Ana Rojas-LeBouef
Paperback: $25.00
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This book show graduate students and faculty how to "write-up" statistical analyses.
The Parallax II: Future Sequence By Paul Waggoner
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Guitar Tablatures for the album The Parallax II: Future Sequence by Between the Buried and Me
The Transforming System: A Practical Handbook for Understanding the Changes in California Community Mental Health By California Division American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
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The Transforming System: A Practical Handbook for Understanding the Changes in California Community Mental Health focuses on the Recovery Orientation to mental wellness that is the gold standard for... More > healthcare in California and the United States. The Handbook is a comprehensive and practical resource that can be utilized by educators and supervisors to address the evolving changes in healthcare delivery systems. Contents of the text are the product of a collaborative effort including contributions by clinicians, managers, educators, employers and consumers across the state of California. Discussion questions following each section provide useful guidelines for educators who are preparing classroom assignments. Beyond the classroom, this book is designed to be relevant and practical for students preparing for placement as well as for agency employees at all levels who wish to update their knowledge and practical application skills related to the changing systems of care.< Less
Physics of Light and Optics By Michael Ware, Justin Peatross
Paperback: $13.72
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Physics of Light and Optics is an advanced undergraduate optics textbook suitable for a Junior or Senior physics undergraduate.
Appraisal Resource Guide By International Society of Appraisers
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Illustrations and Supporting Material Used in the ISA Core Course in Appraisal Studies
On Kitsch By Odd Nerdrum et al.
Paperback: $19.00
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Since its beginning, kitsch has been viewed as poor art, failing to achieve the transcendental, acquired by Fine art. In his own retrospective show at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in... More > Oslo, Odd Nerdrum announced himself as a kitsch painter – proposing a new understanding of kitsch. “On Kitsch” contains essays and speeches by Odd Nerdrum and others, concerning the origin of “art” and “kitsch” and how these definitions developed. The book will give insight to why the art world is where it is today, and why Nerdrum felt he could no longer be a representative of the word “art” and its values.< Less
The Government is Not a Village By Sharon Sarles
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Continues the dialog on early education policy started by Hillary Clinton. The statistics are much worse now. More children need care and academic achievement is worse. Government intervention has... More > not been successful. Robust scientific evidence, however, shows that the religiously affiliated schools outperform -- because they aim at character formation. Better policy would then 1) promote church affiliated education and 2) institute character training in the existing government schools and 3) not persist in increasing failed government policies and control. Addresses mis-understandings and offers some examples of success.< Less
ACUA Underwater Archaeology Proceedings 2014 By Advisory Council for Underwater Archaeology
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2014 ACUA Underwater Archaeology Proceedings Edited by: Charles Dagneau and Karolyn Gauvin
HaOf LeMinahu-The Persian Traditions of Kosher Birds By Chaim Loike
Hardcover: $75.00
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A guide to the identification of kosher birds according to the Persian tradition.
And It Came to Pass By Anya Miller Hall
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"And It Came to Pass" is a book that helps to educate and equip those called to the ascension gift of Prophet as well as those who are prophetic people. Learn prophetic distinctions,... More > prophetic order as well as WHAT A PROPHET IS, PROPHETIC DIMENSIONS, FORMS OF PROPHECY and much much more!< Less
Clean Energy: Hydrogen/Fuel Cells Laboratory Manual By Thomas D. Allston et al.
Paperback: $25.00
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The Clean Energy: Hydrogen/ Fuel Cells Laboratory Manual introduces the science of hydrogen technology and fuel cells, and provides hands-on experience in hydrogen systems, instrumentation assembly,... More > measuring the amount of hydrogen generated, and construction of fuel cells.< Less
Duct Tape Is Not A Behavioral Intervention: The Sequel By Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D.
Paperback: $20.00
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This book is used with a training from Behavior Doctor Seminars. It is the Sequel to Duct Tape is Not a Behavioral Intervention. It focuses on three strands of behavioral intervention and how to... More > eradicate behavioral issues in the classroom.< Less
Elementary School Test - 11420 (2014 In-School Test) By Tim Sanders
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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This pdf contains one set of elementary school tests and answer keys: Number Sense, Sprint, Target, and Team rounds.
Workbook - ELTL Level 4 PDF By Kathy Jo DeVore
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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This 340 page workbook contains all of the exercises and copywork from English Lessons Through Literature Level 4. The PDF contains the workbook in five different handwriting fonts: vertical cursive,... More > slant cursive, basic italic, cursive italic, and manuscript.< Less
Introductory Chemistry Online By Paul Young
eBook (PDF): $19.99
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Introductory Chemistry Online is a textbook designed for: i) First year, college-level Introductory Chemistry; ii) a Supplemental text in a quality High School AP Chemistry program; ... More > iii) a text for personal or structured review of the basics of Chemistry... this is especially useful in providing yourself a solid background before entering college or taking college placement exams. The text is FULLY Integrated with the website, allowing direct access to: Tutorials, "Flipped" Microtutorial content, Lecture Slides and more! Instructors can download a set of fully editable PowerPoint slides for classroom use... contact< Less