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A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Second Edition By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade
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With both cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification background, novice and expert verification engineers will find information to ease their adoption of this emerging Accellera standard.
Fluid Power System Dynamics By William Durfee, Zongxuan Sun, James Van de Ven
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A brief introduction to fluid power, with an emphasis on components and systems, including mathematical modeling.
DRSSTC : Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil By Daniel McCauley
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DRSSTC : A Modern Day Tesla Coil (B&W VERSION) is the complete guide to designing and building one of the most exciting Tesla coil topologies to date, the Double Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil... More > or DRSSTC. This text provides both the electrical and mechanical design of several DRSSTC systems capable of producing output arcs up to 7ft in length using only solid state components. Information is presented as electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, parts lists with complete vendor information, PSPICE simulations, experimental test data, test and operational procedures, and over 200 photographs, drawings, and charts. Both First Generation and the more advanced Second Generation DRSSTC systems utilizing primary feedback are documented in complete detail. Finally, a section devoted entirely to the DRSSTC in action features 18 full-page photographs of the system producing huge high voltage arcs.< Less
Modern Jet Transport Performance By James Lewis
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This is the supplemental text for AS-310; it is a text that relies on previous experience in math and physics. Published for in-house use at ERAU.
Computational Geometric Mechanics and Control of Rigid Bodies By Taeyoung Lee
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This dissertation studies the dynamics and optimal control of rigid bodies from two complementary perspectives, by providing theoretical analyses that respect the fundamental geometric... More > characteristics of rigid body dynamics and by developing computational algorithms that preserve those geometric features. This dissertation is focused on developing analytical theory and computational algorithms that are intrinsic and applicable to a wide class of multibody systems. < Less
Rocket Science ? By Norm Walker
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Description and chronology of an engineering career during the early days of the space program. Design of separation system on Saturn V.
Properties of Petroleum Fluids By William McCain
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The naturally occuring deposits which the petroleum engineer encounters in his work are called petroleum fluids, this book studies the most important properties of these fluids with experimental... More > studies.< Less
Numerical Methods with Applications: Customized for Mechanical Engineering of University of South Florida (USF) By Autar Kaw, Egwu Kalu
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This book entitled Numerical Methods with Applications: Customized for MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STUDENTS AT UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA is written primarily for mechanical engineering undergraduates... More > taking a course in Numerical Methods at USF. We can build a customized book for your university also. Contact the author at The textbook offers a unique treatise to numerical methods which is based on a holistic approach and short chapters. Features include: 1) Examples of real-life applications. 2) Each chapter is followed by multiple-choice questions. 3) Supplemental material such as primers on differential and integral calculus, and ordinary differential equations are available on the web. 4) The book has a state-of-art dedicated open courseware with YouTube lectures, extra examples, PPTs, worksheets in MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Maple and MathCAD, anecdotes, eBooks, and blogs. To access the website, go to< Less
FE Practice Test With Complete Solutions By Autar Kaw et al.
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In Fall 2003, five teachers in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida contributed questions for a Fundamentals of Engineering Question of the Day website... More > ( On this website, everyday a question posed with multiple choices is selected randomly from a pool of questions. The user gets the feedback about the choice he/she makes, and can seek a hint to answer the question. Over the years, we have received queries from our website visitors if we could provide them with the complete solutions to all the questions in the test bank. We are now presenting this information to you at a nominal charge as a soft-cover book. The book is divided into sections that have been established for the Fundamental of Engineering (General Engineering) examination by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES).< Less
Introductory Mechanical Design Tools By William Singhose, Jeff Donnell
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This book describes basic tools for performing mechanical design.
QCAD - An Introduction to Computer-Aided Design By Andrew Mustun
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QCAD is a professional CAD system that is both very affordable and also easy to learn. This book will teach you how to use QCAD and introduce you to the basic concepts of technical drafting and CAD... More > in general. No technical background or education is required to follow and understand the many examples and detailed step by step instructions in this book.< Less
Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck By Don C. Warrington and Harry A. Lindahl
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The successor to the classic Pile Buck Sheet Piling Design Manual, this Pile Buck exclusive is the definitive reference for the design of sheet pile walls. It covers every aspect of sheet pile design... More > including the soil mechanics and earth pressure theory involved in sheet pile design, structural considerations, design of both cantilever and anchored walls, earthquake design for sheet pile walls, seepage and hydrostatic loads, anchor systems and tiebacks, cofferdams, corrosion and more. Text includes numerous worked examples and step-by-step solutions featuring various methods of design. Examples include use of Pile Buck's software program SPW911, along with "hand" solutions.< Less
Practical Design of Optical Thin Films, Fourth Edition By Ronald R. Willey
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This book deals with the basic fundamentals, understanding, and design of optical thin films, or interference coatings for practical production. It focuses on one of the main subjects that is... More > critical to meeting the practical challenges of producing optical coatings. This is the design of coatings, an understanding of which allows the practitioner to know the possibilities and limitations involved in reducing, enhancing, or otherwise controlling the reflection, transmission, and absorption of light (visible or otherwise). This Fourth Edition now includes measurement of index, thickness, and color; the determination of tooling factors; and the programming of Macros, Workbooks, and FilmStar Basic.< Less
Fundamentals Of Rockets and Missiles By Edward Keith
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This book covers the subject of modern rockets, including the supporting disciplines needed to conduct a successful project. The book is academic in presenting the basic principles of modern rocket... More > systems.< Less
Designing High-Fidelity Valve Preamps By Merlin Blencowe
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Designing High-Fidelity Tube Preamps is a comprehensive guide to the design of small-signal, tube-based amplifiers. This book examines in unprecidented detail the inner workings and practical design... More > of small signal stages, volume and tone controls, RIAA equalisation, power supplies and more. Aimed at intermediate to advanced-level hobbyists and professionals it teaches the principles of low-noise, low-distortion tube design, through easy-to-read explanations and minimal math. With over 400 diagrams and figures, and hundreds of real measurements of real circuits, it asserts itself as an essential handbook for any tube amp enthusiast.< Less
A Practical Approach to Environmental Compliance By Norman Wei
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This is a book on how to stay in compliance with environmental regulations. The book addresses the 5 major skills that an effective environmental manager should have. These are knowledge about... More > regulations, ability to work with agencies, ability to select the right consultants, communication skills and understanding of how government enforces environmental laws. The book is based on the author's 40-plus years of experience as a corporate environmental manager, trainer and consultant. There are lots of PRACTICAL hands-on examples of what works and what doesn't work.< Less
The Origins of SIx Sigma By John Forsberg
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The Originator and Father of “Six Sigma”, Bill Smith (1929 – 1993) first shared notes discussing the reliability of products in two internal to Motorola papers in 1984. The first,... More > from mid 1984, really notes copied and distributed, was called “Early Life Failures in Electronic Equipment”.< Less
The World's Oldest Subway | The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel | Museum Plan By Bob Diamond
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The history of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. The world's oldest subway built in 1844 by the Long Island Rail Road. Sealed in 1861, with a circa 1830's steam locomotive left buried behind a wall. Said... More > to contain the lost diary pages of John Wiles Booth, assassin of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, exposing an over 150 year old conspiracy. Plan for the reuse of the Tunnel as an historic attraction, possibly featuring streaming full immersion 3-D holographic video, more.< Less
Crystal nonlinear optics with SNLO examples By Arlee Smith
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A comprehensive advanced textbook/reference book on nonlinear optics in crystals. Topics include single pass frequency mixing including dispersion and diffraction as well as cavity based devices such... More > as optical parametric oscillators and resonant sum frequency generators. Numerous examples based on SNLO software are provided to illustrate practical device designs.< Less
Applications of the Reflexive Game Theory: Advanced Topics By Sergey Tarasenko
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This book introduces advanced topics of the Reflexive Game Theory (RGT). The book consists of two parts. Part I introduces fundamentals of the RGT including formalism of the RGT, Forward Task and... More > Inverse Task of the RGT. Part II illustrates advanced topics of the RGT. A word "advanced" implies here that the RGT is fused with numerous auxiliary methods to achieve particular practical goals. The first topic is an extension of the RGT for the case of mixed groups of humans and robots. The second topic is the Multi-Stage Decision Making. The third topic is Emotional Reflexive Games born as a fusion of the RGT with Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance (PAD) model. The fourth topic is focused on the issue of establishing an exemplar communication system for autonomous units to enable them to create groups and influence on each others. The final topic is dedicated to the matter of social dynamics. The group dynamics is analyzed by means of Reflexive Markov Process with transition probabilities derived from the RGT inference.< Less
Proposal to Administer a Spectrum Access System By Key Bridge LLC
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Key Bridge proposal to administer a spectrum access system int he 3.5 GHz band. Submitted to the U.S. FCC, May 2016.
Proposal to Administer a Environmental Sensing Capability By Key Bridge LLC
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Key Bridge proposal to administer a environmental sensing capability. Submitted to the U.S. FCC, May 2016.
Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Prospectus By Bob Diamond
Paperback: $20.95
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Business prospectus for reopening the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel
Modern Jet Transport Performance By James Lewis
eBook (PDF): $25.33
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This is the supplemental text for AS-310; it is a text that relies on previous experience in math and physics. Published for in-house use at ERAU.
eBook (PDF): $5.60
The purpose of this book is to help to spread TensorFlow knowledge among engineers who want to expand their wisdom in the exciting world of Machine Learning. We believe that anyone with an... More > engineering background might require from now on Deep Learning, and Machine Learning in general, to apply it in their work. As the title indicates, it is a first contact with TensorFlow in order to get started with Deep Learning programming. The book has a practical nature, and therefore it reduces the theoretical part as much as possible, assuming that the reader has some basic understanding about Machine Learning.< Less