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Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck By Don C. Warrington and Harry A. Lindahl
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The successor to the classic Pile Buck Sheet Piling Design Manual, this Pile Buck exclusive is the definitive reference for the design of sheet pile walls. It covers every aspect of sheet pile design... More > including the soil mechanics and earth pressure theory involved in sheet pile design, structural considerations, design of both cantilever and anchored walls, earthquake design for sheet pile walls, seepage and hydrostatic loads, anchor systems and tiebacks, cofferdams, corrosion and more. Text includes numerous worked examples and step-by-step solutions featuring various methods of design. Examples include use of Pile Buck's software program SPW911, along with "hand" solutions.< Less
The Boeing 737 Technical Guide By Chris Brady
eBook (ePub): $30.79
An illustrated technical guide to the Boeing 737 aircraft. Containing extensive explanatory notes, facts, tips and points of interest on all aspects of this hugely successful airliner and showing its... More > technical evolution from its early design in the 1960s through to the latest advances in the MAX. The book provides detailed descriptions of systems, internal and external components, their locations and functions, together with pilots' notes a detailed guide to airtesting and technical specifications. It is illustrated with over 500 colour photographs, diagrams and schematics. Chris Brady has written this book after many years developing the highly successful and informative technical website, known throughout the world by pilots, trainers and engineers as the most authoritative open source of information freely available about the 737.< Less
Ece 404: Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits By Gregory M. Wierzba
eBook (PDF): $38.00
Class notes and Lab Manual for Fall 2016 Other related downloadable materials including instructional videos can be found at :
VHDL Coding Standards for DO254 By Diego Pardo Lamas
eBook (PDF): $22.04
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This technical report is based on the author experience along years developing FPGA designs and RTCA DO-254 HW certification, various information found in articles, VHDL guidelines and on the... More > internet. It has been prepared with support from seminars, courses and feedback from the principal manufacturers support. This document can also been seen as a set of guidelines to FPGA design for safety applications. The document also provides hints that should be considered by any FPGA designer. Emphasis has also been placed on Single Event Upset (SEU) hardships. The purpose of these methods is to ensure a high quality of the developed VHDL models, so they can be efficiently used and maintained with a low effort throughout the full life-cycle of the modelled hardware. This guide does not represent an official position for the FAA, EASA or RTCA / Eurocae related committees. It should be discussed with the appropriate certification authority when considering for actual projects.< Less
Chaos Theory Simply Explained (Basic Fractals/Chaos Series) By Peter Kattan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This is a concise article detailing mathematical equations showing when and where chaos occurs in linear algebraic equations and systems of linear simultaneous algebraic equations. The approach used... More > is very simple and easy to understand by students. Instead of using quadratic equations like the logistic equation to study chaos theory, we use simple linear equations for this purpose. The article starts with a single simple linear equation and ends with a system of two simultaneous linear equations. The conditions under which chaos occurs in linear equations are precisely investigated using several examples. The derivation of all necessary equations is shown in great detail. This article is aimed at the novice reader who is just starting his or her study of chaos and chaos theory. The reader is expected to know the basics of algebra at an elementary level.< Less
Schematics 1 (revised) eBook By Ko Tilman
eBook (ePub): $3.97
This is the e-Book version from "Schematics 1" (revised, december 2011). The first issue from this book was in 2008. A beginners book in analog Electronics, ment for my You Tube viewers and... More > everyone interested in electronics. Informative and useful to make a first start in electronics. With many schematics and illustrations. A detailed description about the content can be found on the Lulu website (preview). Text: English. Copyrighted content.< Less
Using Math to Defeat the Enemy: Combat Modeling for Simulation By Jeffrey Strickland
eBook (PDF): $20.00
This book was written for the 2nd Annual Modeling and Simulation Summit, Pre-Conference Focus Day Workshop: Using Math to Defeat the Enemy: Combat Modeling for Simulation (Monday, August 29th... More > 2011). Although mathematics is key to combat model for simulation, this book provides just a cursory survey of mathematical model, and includes heuristics and other algorithms. The book covers behavior models, environmental models, communication models, target detection models, attrition model, entity and aggregate level models, and multi-resolution models. It provides examples of past and current model, simulations, and wargames to stimulate learning and discussion.< Less
Combined Notes By Jon Hurst
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Quick reference, non-normal notes and easyJet operations summary as found at combined for convenience.
Design, Stress Analysis and Metallurgy of Automotive Coil and Leaf Springs; Fundamental Principles and Applications By Yunan Prawoto
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This book is about the design and analysis. While lots of books out there teach short cuts of application without bothering if the readers will have a true knowledge about the subject or not, I... More > choose different path. This book is written with the intention that if the readers follow the discussions, they will understand the fundamental concept of stress analysis, while working with coil and leaf spring is just one of the application of the concept. This approach is used because FEA is essentially a numerical tool for solving differential equations that describe many engineering problems. However, there is a DANGER in using this without proper understanding of the theory behind them. In the past, FEA was taught only to graduate students who would carry out research in that field. Students focus on theoretical aspects of theoretical development and numerical implementation. Nowadays, many universities teach FEA to students at junior level/senior level. Therefore, FEA became notoriously implemented incorrectly.< Less
2016 - IIT Textbook (553 pages) By J Ziegler
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Textbook on the use of Ion Implantation technology in the manufacture of integrated circuits. This is the 22nd Edition of this book.
Post-Tensioned Concrete: Principles and Practice, Third Edition By K. Dirk Bondy, Bryan Allred
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The book combines history with academic notes for use at the university level, presenting design examples from actual jobs with applications and detailing for the practicing engineer. Chapter 1 tells... More > the history of post-tensioned concrete as only Ken Bondy can tell it. Chapters 2-8 are the notes Dirk Bondy uses to teach Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures at UCLA and Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. Chapters 9-13 are design examples that address many of the decisions faced by practicing engineers on typical projects. Chapters 13-14 cover the art of detailing and observing the construction of post-tensioned concrete. This knowledge was obtained over many years of working on our own projects and listening and learning from the the pioneers of post-tensioned concrete. Chapter 15 covers the slab on grade industry, which represents more sales of post-tensioning tendons than all other post-tensioning applications combined. Chapter 16 discusses the challenging application of post-tensioning–external post-tensioning.< Less
CAMWorks Handbook Milling 2016 By Michael Buchli
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About the Book, The CAMWorks Handbook offers concise, step-by-step instructions on creating toolpaths using best in class machining strategies. This book also covers the Technology Data base along... More > with linking the database to SQL. The 14 Lessons illustrate a variety of useful CAMWorks commands. Topics covered include 2.5 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis milling. This book also demonstrates creating geometry from SolidWorks, using commands like Axis, Sketch and Coordinate system features. About CAMWorks, CAMWorks is an intuitive solids based CAM solution that helps manufacturers increase productivity and profitability through best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools that maximize machining efficiencies, and are yet simple to use. CAMWorks helps manufacturers across aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical industries optimize and evolve their CAM automation process.< Less
Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing By Corbett Lunsford
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NOW AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Every performance test for completing a home energy audit. If you're a professional in today's fast-evolving industry of high performance construction and retrofits, then... More > you've probably found yourself wondering a few things: Who can show me how to run that test? How do I get the most out of the equipment I own? Why do the tests work, and how do I explain them? What quality control methods should I use? Which tools will make my job faster and easier? With this guide, experienced and new diagnosticians alike will get step-by-step details on advanced testing, complete with best practices, important concepts and pitfalls, ways to present data to the client, Step-By-Step photographs, and time-saving tips, plus quiz questions for each diagnostic!< Less
This is (not) Rocket Science By Lucio Di Jasio
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How a new generation of microcontrollers featuring core independent peripherals redefined embedded control.
DSP - An Interactive Approach Second Edition By Andreas Spanias
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This book provides a description of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms along with a coverage of compelling modern applications including cellular telephones and MP3 players. Topics covered... More > include filter design, FFT, random signals, adaptive filters, and speech/audio processing. The mathematical underpinnings of DSP are accompanied by qualitative descriptions, solved problems, interactive computer simulations, and Java graphics. The presentation of signal processing concepts is enhanced with object-oriented programming examples supported by the universally accessible Java-DSP (J-DSP) and its mobile versions. The second edition has several new topics including 2-d image filtering, recent speech and audio processing algorithms, and new applications. This new edition has a support web site with code and video clips for J-DSP, iOS, Android and MATLAB. More than 100 new exercises added. The book can be used in an undergraduate or graduate DSP course. ISBN 978-1-4675-9892-7< Less
EnCoding Architecture2013 By Liss C. Werner
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The architect is no longer an organizer of matter and space, but a designer of systems with multi-layered components and complex relationships. [EN]CODING ARCHITECTURE - THE BOOK was put together... More > after an international conference on the autonomy of architecture, code, fabrication, material morphology, robots, machinic desire and computation held at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in February 2013. The event focused on novel developments in architecture and the role of the designer/architect in the age of code, beyond linear communication channels and a clear differentiation of disciplines, which has dominated the profession of architecture since the second industrial revolution. The event brought together rising superstars, experienced researchers and designers to present experimental work, and thoughts, derived through computational thinking and digital making.< Less
Pile Driving by Pile Buck By Pile Buck International
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The definitive reference for driven piles. Nearly six years in the making, Pile Driving by Pile Buck is a comprehensive reference book on the history of pile driving and driven piles, the various... More > types of piles, the equipment used to install them, the design of driven pile foundations, the installation of driven piles and the capacity verification of driven piles. Not just another theoretical exercise, Pile Driving by Pile Buck gives practical procedures and equipment configurations for the successful installation of virtually any driven pile foundations. Included with the text are a wealth of photographs without equal in this type of publication; the photos alone are worth the price of the book, and help bring the reader "on site" to understand the whole process of pile driving--one of the oldest construction techniques known.< Less
A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Second Edition By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade
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With both cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification background, novice and expert verification engineers will find information to ease their adoption of this emerging Accellera standard.
Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems By Edward Ashford Lee, Pravin Varaiya
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Signals convey information. Systems transform signals. This book introduces the mathematical models used to design and understand both. It is intended for students interested in developing a deep... More > understanding of how to digitally create and manipulate signals to measure and control the physical world and to enhance human experience and communication. This book provides an accessible introduction to signals and systems for electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science students, and is based on several years of successful classroom use at the University of California, Berkeley. The material starts with an early introduction to applications, well before students have built up enough theory to fully analyze the applications. This motivates students to learn the theory and allows students to master signals and systems at the sophomore level. The material motivates signals and systems through sound and images, as opposed to circuits, and as such, calculus is the only prerequisite.< Less
Soil Mechanics: NAVFAC DM 7.01 By Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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For over forty years, the NAVFAC DM (Design Manual) 7 Series has been the classic reference on geotechnical engineering. This volume (Soil Mechanics, DM 7.01) is the first volume. It covers many... More > aspects of soil mechanics, including the identification and classification of soil and rock; field exploration, testing and instrumentation; laboratory testing; distribution of stresses; analysis of settlement and volume expansion; seepage and drainage, and; slope stability and protection. Complete with glossary and a foreword by J. Ledlie Klosky.< Less
Soil Mechanics Vol.1 By Pile Buck
Paperback: $39.00
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This excellent handbook combines four technical manuals covering Site Investigations, Laboratory Testing of Soils and basic Soils Engineering applicable to the Planning, Design and Construction of... More > Pile Foundations and other major Civil Structures. Our manual reviews the various methods of conducting site investigations and laboratory and field testing, preliminary to project design. Covering the basics of soils identification procedures and goes on to settlement behavior, seepage, slope stability and other important subjects. Detailing some more difficult technical subjects including seismic activity and vibrations to some of the modern solutions for soils stabilization such as vibro-flotation and cement or chemical grouting methods.< Less
Programming DMAP in MSC.Nastran™ Direct Matrix Abstract Programming By Mark Robinson
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Programming DMAP in MSC.Nastran™ Direct Matrix Abstract Programming will teach you from the ground up how to write programs in the native language of MSC.Nastran™. DMAP is an acronym for... More > Direct Matrix Abstract Program, a symbolic, macro-like programming language used to control the way in which problems are solved in the MSC.Nastran™ finite element solver. You will learn how the solution sequences carry out the series of steps executed when solving a finite element problem. You will learn the language of the MSC.Nastran™ database, as well as carry out customised operations in a matrix toolbox designed for handling huge data structures. You will learn how to manipulate data in OUTPUT2 and OUTPUT4 files as well as discover the NDDL, the Nastran Data Definition Language. Assuming little or no programming experience, the rich features of the DMAP language are illustrated with numerous examples of DMAP code.< Less
Long Term Evolution IN BULLETS By Chris Johnson
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This book provides a comprehensive description of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access network, as specified by 3GPP. The content is aimed towards anyone wishing to learn the basics, or to... More > develop a more thorough understanding. The content is presented in the form of bullet points to keep it concise and to allow rapid access to the key information. Highlights include: - Complete text is presented as bullet points - Can be read with ease and in less time - Illustrations and tables support text - Content includes both introductory and advanced topics - Based upon the release 8, 9 and 10 versions of the 3GPP specifications - Detailed description of air-interface, bit rates and physical channels - Most important messages and signalling procedures explained - Idle mode and physical layer procedures presented - Practical radio network planning subjects addressed - Includes both FDD and TDD variants - LTE Advanced technologies presented - Voice over LTE solutions described< Less
9 E.T.H.E.R. R.E. ENGINEERING By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $9.99
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9 E.T.H.E.R. R.E. Engineering teaches the Science, Technology, and Practical Application of the Ancient Fundamental Element known as "Ether" through a synthesis of African Theology and... More > modern Scientific Theories related to Electricity, Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Electromagnetic Radiation, and Resonant Energy.< Less
Introduction to Low-Power Design in VLSIs By Patrick Lee
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This book discusses one increasingly important issue in the VLSI design: low power. It covers the following topics: (a) basic concepts of low-power design, (b) low-power design methods and... More > applications in industry chips, and (c) commercial CAD tools on low-power design. This book discusses the concepts, a set of known methods, industry cases and CAD tools on the low power design. It is organized in four chapters and a glossary is provided at the end of the book.< Less