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From Baylor to Baylor By William B. Poucher, Miguel A. Revilla
eBook (PDF): $10.70
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From Baylor to Baylor preserves the legacy of the ACM-ICPC World Finals. The book contains all the problems used during the 1991 to 2006 competitions, carefully typesetted and formatted to the... More > highest standard. Also, almost 100 figures have been completely redrawn to improve their printed quality. Prefaced by William B. Poucher from Baylor University (Texas) and coordinated by Miguel A. Revilla from Universidad de Valladolid (Spain), this work is the definitive guide to 16 years of history of the International Collegiate Programming Contest, published thanks to the collaboration of the Competitive Learning Institute and the Competitive Infrastructure Initiative. This book is tribute to all the staff, contestants, judges and volunteers that made it possible.< Less
Start a TV Station:Learn How to Start Satellite,Cable, Analog and Digital Broadcast TV Channel, and Internet TV. Also a Special Section on “How to Start a TV Show” By Brock Fisher
eBook (PDF): $47.99
Want to Start a TV Station or TV Show? Are you wondering what is your first step? Well we have put it all together for you in a book so you can get the information you need to begin. Want to start a... More > TV station but you have allot of unaswered questions? How much does it cost? What type of equipment do I need? How much does the equipment cost? How is the equipment set up? What things do I need to know before I begin? This is probably the first book ever written on how to start your own TV station. This book is to the point, and the author does not waste time on worthless information. If you are looking to start your own TV station, this is by far your best resource for beginner information. This book concentrates on several aspects of starting a TV channel and includes information on Internet, Cable TV, Satellite, and Analog and Digital Broadcast TV. If you want to own your own TV station, then don’t let this opportunity pass you by.< Less
VHDL Coding Standards for DO254 By Diego Pardo Lamas
eBook (PDF): $22.04
This technical report is based on the author experience along years developing FPGA designs and RTCA DO-254 HW certification, various information found in articles, VHDL guidelines and on the... More > internet. It has been prepared with support from seminars, courses and feedback from the principal manufacturers support. This document can also been seen as a set of guidelines to FPGA design for safety applications. The document also provides hints that should be considered by any FPGA designer. Emphasis has also been placed on Single Event Upset (SEU) hardships. The purpose of these methods is to ensure a high quality of the developed VHDL models, so they can be efficiently used and maintained with a low effort throughout the full life-cycle of the modelled hardware. This guide does not represent an official position for the FAA, EASA or RTCA / Eurocae related committees. It should be discussed with the appropriate certification authority when considering for actual projects.< Less
An Idiot's Guide to the PID Algorithm By Finn Peacock
Paperback: $29.99
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This guide to the PID algorithm and the mathematical concepts that underpin it - is written so that anyone can get an intuitive understanding of how the algorithm works and why. This crash course... More > uses the analogy of a car on a freeway changing lanes to represent the process under control and walks you through easy to visualize "thought experiments" to cement the concepts in your mind. If Integrals, Differentials and the inner working of the PID algorithm are a mystery to you - this "Idiot's Guide" will give you the A-HA! moment as everything finally makes sense.< Less
RioBotz Combot Tutorial 2.1 BW By Marco Antonio Meggiolaro
Paperback: $10.23
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Comprehensive tutorial about building combat robots and competing with them.
Signal Processing Techniques for Software Radios, 2nd edition By Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny
Hardcover: $55.00
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This book puts together a collection of signal processing algorithms, filter design methods, and signal processing techniques (tricks) to provide the practicing engineers with the tools necessary for... More > efficient implementation of software defined radios. To demonstrate the implementation of various algorithms on a software radio platform and also to demonstrate their performance, MATLAB scripts (programs) are presented throughout the book. Features include: Digital filter and pulse shape designs; A comprehensive review of multirate signal processing techniques; A review of adaptive filters and techniques; A comprehensive review of phase-locked loops and their application to carrier and timing recovery; A practical introduction to channel equalization techniques; MATLAB codes; A wide range of the end of the chapter problems; A comprehensive project; A comprehensive treatment of OFDM, including tips for implementations; A novel introduction for filter bank multicarrier communications.< Less
Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Earth Structures: NAVFAC DM 7 By Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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For nearly forty years, the NAVFAC DM (Design Manual) 7 Series has been the classic reference on geotechnical engineering. The end product of nearly forty years of research and practice, it contains... More > a wealth of information, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. Many of its charts and tables are still reproduced in text and reference books. This book is a scanned facsimile of the first two (and most important) volumes of the DM 7 series: Soil Mechanics (DM 7.01) and Foundations and Earth Structures (DM 7.02.) Packaged in an attractive and handy format, the book is ideal for reference. With a foreword by J. Ledlie Klosky.< Less
Morris Commercial Patents By Norman Painting
Paperback: $13.22
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All the patents granted to Morris Commercial Cars Ltd. illustrated and described by the author.
Long Term Evolution IN BULLETS By Chris Johnson
Paperback: $146.03
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This book provides a comprehensive description of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access network, as specified by 3GPP. The content is aimed towards anyone wishing to learn the basics, or to... More > develop a more thorough understanding. The content is presented in the form of bullet points to keep it concise and to allow rapid access to the key information. Highlights include: - Complete text is presented as bullet points - Can be read with ease and in less time - Illustrations and tables support text - Content includes both introductory and advanced topics - Based upon the release 8, 9 and 10 versions of the 3GPP specifications - Detailed description of air-interface, bit rates and physical channels - Most important messages and signalling procedures explained - Idle mode and physical layer procedures presented - Practical radio network planning subjects addressed - Includes both FDD and TDD variants - LTE Advanced technologies presented - Voice over LTE solutions described< Less
'Buy BRITISH and be PROUD of it': The history of MORRIS COMMERCIAL CARS Ltd. By Norman Painting
Paperback: $19.06
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British commercial vehicle enthusiasts tend to concentrate their interests on the old “heavies”, like AEC, Foden, Albion, ERF, Leyland or Thornycroft, but Morris Commercial in the light... More > to mid-range of the commercial vehicle market, produced more vehicles from their works, which were the largest dedicated commercial vehicle works in Britain at one time, than the combined output of some of these “heavies” put together... As an apprentice at Morris Commercial’s Adderley Park works I was never told anything about the fascinating range of vehicles produced by the company in the past, apart from conversations with some of the “old-hands” when the name Soho, or Foundry Lane occasionally cropped up... With these opening introductory words the author takes us into a part of British engineering history in a book which is a treasure trove of unique photographs and technical drawings with nearly every page offering multiple photographs and drawings along with the accompanying text.< Less
HERBERT AUSTIN His Wolseley Years By Norman Painting, John Brindley
Paperback: $12.83
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This book, effectively, rewrites the early years of Wolseley history. Written from previously unresearched Company records it dispels some of the myths, misconceptions and hearsay which had formed... More > the “established history” of the Company for over 100 years and places on record the overwhelming contribution Herbert Austin made while managing the Wolseley Company. HERBERT AUSTIN: Racing Car Driver Engineer Mechanic Machinist Designer Manager< Less
LNG terminals design and operation By Lucjan Gucma
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This book, dealing with issues of LNG terminal designing and operations, seeks and proposes solutions putting navigational safety first. Using tools of marine traffic engineering, the authors have... More > developed two main methods: 1) Navigational safety and risk assessment for LNG carriers manoeuvring in restricted waters, simulations aiming at the determination of navigational safety in various manoeuvring areas, identification of LNG terminal location in a pre-selected region using risk theories. 2) Parameter optimization of LNG terminal approach channels and harbour basins, determination of LNG cargo berth parameters meeting safety criteria for berthing and lying alongside.< Less
UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manual Volume VIII: Permanent Magnet Power Systems By Luke Fortune
Paperback: $69.95
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Generation of electricity happens by well defined rules of electromagnetism; but have we been dogmatized regarding these rules? Whether one chooses to use the words: Self-running, ... More > Self-starting, Self-powered, Over-unity, or Perpetual motion, We are told the end goal is the same: One cannot have a power system that appears to defy the second law of thermodynamics. But what if our understanding of the rules of electromagnism are flawed? In these pages are found power systems that defy the conventional teachings. It is not as unbelievable: as it may seem; The Second Law of thermodynamics only applies to closed systems. These blueprints show government certified power systems that fit the mold, and those that break it.< Less
Pile Driving by Pile Buck By Pile Buck International
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The definitive reference for driven piles. Nearly six years in the making, Pile Driving by Pile Buck is a comprehensive reference book on the history of pile driving and driven piles, the various... More > types of piles, the equipment used to install them, the design of driven pile foundations, the installation of driven piles and the capacity verification of driven piles. Not just another theoretical exercise, Pile Driving by Pile Buck gives practical procedures and equipment configurations for the successful installation of virtually any driven pile foundations. Included with the text are a wealth of photographs without equal in this type of publication; the photos alone are worth the price of the book, and help bring the reader "on site" to understand the whole process of pile driving--one of the oldest construction techniques known.< Less
Candelas Lumens and Lux By Owen Ransen
Paperback: $19.99
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This book is a brief introduction to the ideas, concepts and mathematics used in lighting and illumination technology. Contents: 1. Candelas, Lumens and Lux. 2. Luminance. 3. Understanding... More > Photometry Diagrams. 4. Internal Lighting. 5. Glare. 6. Roadway Lighting. 7. Light sources and efficiency.< Less
Practical Design of Optical Thin Films, Fourth Edition By Ronald R. Willey
Hardcover: $120.00
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This book deals with the basic fundamentals, understanding, and design of optical thin films, or interference coatings for practical production. It focuses on one of the main subjects that is... More > critical to meeting the practical challenges of producing optical coatings. This is the design of coatings, an understanding of which allows the practitioner to know the possibilities and limitations involved in reducing, enhancing, or otherwise controlling the reflection, transmission, and absorption of light (visible or otherwise). This Fourth Edition now includes measurement of index, thickness, and color; the determination of tooling factors; and the programming of Macros, Workbooks, and FilmStar Basic.< Less
The Building of a Dream Journal of the Molly B Volume IV By Tom Schmidt
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the fourth volume in a series of journals detailing my experiences building a 43 Foot Trawler in the backyard. This is my personal journal of the trials and tribulations I encountered during... More > the construction of the Molly B. It was my dream to own a boat my wife and I could live aboard and these journals explain how I went about accomplishing that dream. It wasn't an easy task and it took me almost 12 years to complete my project but I did finally complete and launch the Molly B and now we are living our dream on the water.< Less
The Basics - The UFO How-To Sampler By Luke Fortune
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book was written in response to the number of requests to simplify the science of “Black project” aerospace technology often called the UFO phenomenon. This introductory book breaks... More > down the science of the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals into an easily comprehensible reading, with single examples of the various methodologies, simplified explanations, and a section addressing the most commonly asked questions. Whereas the other books in the UFO How-To Aerospace Technical Manuals are in depth encyclopedias on their given Title topics, "The Basics" gives a concise, direct view with a "sampler plate" approach, touching on the major technologies in propulsion and power systems that operate craft that possess almost supernatural abilities. That glowing ball of light you saw? That propulsion system is in here. The glowing craft streaking across the sky at thousands of miles per hour making hairpin maneuvers--that propulsion system is in here. Plasma thrusters, fusion technology--it's in here.< Less
Practical Production of Optical Thin Films, Third Edition By Rononal R. Willey
Hardcover: $140.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book deals with the typical equipment, materials, processes, monitoring, and control used in the practical fabrication/production of optical thin films. It focuses on the practical elements... More > needed to actually produce optical coatings.< Less
WOLSELEY SPECIAL PRODUCTS 1901-1926 By Norman Painting
Paperback: $13.19
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Founded in 1901 by Vickers Sons & Maxim Ltd., as a motor car and machine tool manufacturer, Wolseley were making narrow gauge mining locomotives and submarine engines by 1902. The company's cars... More > were renowned for their quality and durability and their innovative designers and skilled workforce were to be employed producing a much wider range of products such as, aero engines, lighting sets, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, marine engines and airship machinery. More specialised products included the first purpose designed motorised sleighs for exploring Antarctica, used by Scott's ill-fated expedition in 1912 and, almost stranger than fiction, a 2 wheeled gyroscopically controlled car to the design of a Russian inventor. These diverse products, and others, are described and generously illustrated in this book with more than 250 photographs and drawings.< Less
Paperback: $5.87
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Introduced in May 1926, the ‘D’ type was the second model to use the company’s new 15.9hp 2,513cc 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed gearbox made ‘in-house’ and was initially... More > only available on a 10ft 2ins (swb) wheelbase chassis frame with 36ins bogie centres (distance between the rear axle centre lines). The overall length of the chassis was 15ft 4ins and overall width of the vehicle 6ft 0in, the height of the chassis frame being 2ft 3ins and the minimum ground clearance 10ins, giving a very compact and manoeuvrable vehicle with the capability of carrying a 30cwt load over virtually any type of terrain. A long wheelbase model soon followed with a 12ft 0in (lwb) wheelbase and with 40ins bogie centres as standard (which became optional on the short wheelbase model) and rated at 2 tons and a forward control version of the short wheelbase model was also introduced, but never achieved the popularity of the normal control models.< Less
Engineering Applications of GIS - Lab Manual By Daniel P Ames
Paperback: $50.00
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This is the laboratory manual is for the Brigham Young University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering class on Engineering Applications of GIS (CE EN 414). The twelve laboratory... More > exercises in this manual are based on civil & environmental engineering themes and make extensive use of raster data, ArcGIS Model Builder, and Python Scripting. The exercises have been designed for junior and senior university students have completed some type of introduction to GIS. The exercises have been designed so that they can be completed separately and in any order. However, the exercises have been placed in their order because of the skills that one can build from exercise to exercise.< Less
Paperback: $14.29
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The ‘C’ type range was introduced in March 1933 and it soon supplanted other models made by the company, within the weight range covered by the new models. This book is a compilation of... More > drawings and information taken from parts lists, handbooks and other company literature. Wherever possible, modifications carried out to the ‘C’ type civilian range have been traced and details included with the chassis number change points. This information, together with production data also included in this book will enable vehicle owners to more accurately date the build of their vehicles and discover how original they are. Unlike civilian ‘C’ types, military vehicle parts lists were usually only published for individual contracts, so it has not been possible to trace modifications made to these models during their production lives. Whilst not fully comprehensive, the book contains information about Morris Commercial ‘C’ type vehicles which cannot be found anywhere else in one publication.< Less
Guitar Amplifier Overdrive By Ulrich Neumann, Malcolm Irving
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Analysis of how tube guitar amplifiers produce their overdrive tones. A visual tour of common tube circuit behaviors. Explanations and illustrations of nonlinear and time-varying circuit behaviors... More > and their impacts on tone.< Less
Via Ad Astra - Vol 1 / No 1 By ISEC
Paperback: $11.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Via Ad Astra is a magazine devoted solely to the Space Elevator and will contain articles of a technical, legal, artistic or fictional nature relating to the development and operation of a space... More > elevator.< Less