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SRIM - The Stopping and Range of Ions in Matter By James Ziegler
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This is a textbook the gives the background of the stopping and range of ions in matter ( It is written to be the prime resource for those who use SRIM in scientific work.
Ion Implantation - Science and Technology (2012) By James Ziegler
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An updated Textbook about Ion Implantation in the Semiconductor Industry (Click on "Preview" below for extended details). The textbook covers both traditional ion implantation and also the... More > current science problems and applications in CMOS technology. The chapters of the book include: -History of Integrated Circuits & Ion Implantation -Ion Implantation and Current and Future CMOS ICs -Shallow Junctions – Problems and Solutions -Current Trends in Ion Implanters -Metrology of Ion Implantation -Radiation Damage of Silicon -Annealing of Radiation Damage in Silicon -SOI Wafers – Current & Future Directions -Development of Cluster Beam Technology -Ion Implanter Concepts -Source Physics and Maintenance -End Station Problems – Dosimetry, Contamination, Charging and Cooling -Safety in Ion Implantation -New Directions in Ion Implantation & Plasma Doping -Shallow Junctions (Cluster beams, TED Inhibitors, SOI) -Non-Silicon Semiconductors with SOI Wafers< Less
HERU-COPTERS: African Aeronautical Ascension By African Creation Energy
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"HERU-COPTERS: African Aeronautical Ascension" presents a comparative analysis between concepts, customs, cosmologies, and practices found in African cultures to topics related to Aviation,... More > Aeronautics, Aerodynamics, Aircraft, Avionics, and Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering.< Less
Space Adjacency Analysis By Edward T. White
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One of our major responsibilities as architects is to design buildings that support the activities of the users of the facilities. Our building designs should positively reinforce and facilitate the... More > performance of the operations that they house. A facility should go beyond simply containing activities and should actually contribute to the productivity of our client's organization. This book describes the process and techniques of visualizing program information for architectural design in the dual sense of converting the information into graphic images and seeing or understanding the information better. The central thesis is that our ability to draw needs, requirements, and early design concepts is just as important as our ability to draw final building design solutions and that, in fact, our diagramming skills profoundly influence the quality of our building designs.< Less
Hydraulic Fluid Power - A Historical Timeline By Steve Skinner
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A light-hearted ramble through the history of hydraulic fluid power from its birth at the end of the 18th century up to the modern day. The book includes numerous illustrations, including the first... More > hydraulic excavator and the virtual reality ship which could accommodate 700 passengers.< Less
Cessna 172 Training Manual By Danielle Bruckert, Oleg Roud
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A training and reference guidebook for the Cessna 172. A companion to the pilot's operating handbook, expanding on the information provided, explaining in depth the technical information and... More > operating procedures and providing tips to improve airmanship. Great for support to structured practical flight training on the aircraft or as a reference manual for pilots who already fly the aircraft. Compiled from manufacturers' maintenance manuals, a range of Cessna 172 Pilot Operating Handbooks from various models, and the authors' personal experience as flight instructors and charter pilots on the C172. The explanations are straight forward and easy to understand with photographs, diagrams, and schematics. The flight operations section includes standard practices for normal, abnormal and emergency flight operations, including performance planning, and sample calculations.< Less
The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing By Chris Werstiuk
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This package provides an overview of End-to-End testing and answers the most common questions a relay tester should ask before performing their first End-to-End test. A basic introduction of this... More > test technique is followed by a step-by-step procedure for performing a successful end-to-end test. This package also includes an overview of the most common communication-assisted protection schemes to help the reader understand how these schemes operate. Go to for more information. This paper will NOT be part of the final Relay Testing Handbook.< Less
The Relay Testing Handbook: Principles and Practice By Chris Werstiuk
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This hardback book includes most of the volumes in the The Relay Testing Handbook series and includes: Electrical fundamentals; Relay testing fundamentals; How to translate digital logic used by... More > relay manufacturers into familiar concepts; and Best practices for creating and implementing test plans. Entire chapters are dedicated to the most commonly used protective elements including: Overvoltage, undervoltage, and frequency (59/27/81); Time, instantaneous, and directional overcurrent (51/50/67); Simple and transformer differential (87) testing with three or six current channels; and Line distance (21) testing using realistic test plans to minimize setting changes. Each protective element chapter includes: A description of operation written for a relay tester, not for a design engineer; Step-by-step test techniques that maximize your effectiveness and efficiency; Realistic examples from various relay manufacturers and models. Go to for more information.< Less
Introduction to Embedded Systems - A Cyber Physical Systems Approach - Edition 1.5 By Edward Ashford Lee, Sanjit Arunkumar Seshia
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This book strives to identify and introduce the durable intellectual ideas of embedded systems as a technology and as a subject of study. The emphasis is on modeling, design, and analysis of... More > cyber-physical systems, which integrate computing, networking, and physical processes.< Less
Operations Research using Open-Source Tools By Jeffrey Strickland
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Operations Research using open-source tools is a book that is affordable to everyone and uses tools that do not cost you anything. For less than $50, you can begin to learn and apply operations... More > research, which includes analytics, predictive modeling, mathematical optimization and simulation. Plus there are ample examples and exercise incorporating the use of SCILAB, LPSolve and R. In fact, all the graphs and plot in the book were generated with SCILAB and R. Code is provided for every example and solutions are available at the authors website. The book covers the typical topics in a one or two semester upper division undergrad program or can be used in a graduate level course.< Less
Bicycle accessories and repair supplies : bicycles, motorcycle accessories, motor accessories : [catalogue (1918) By delta sell
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Bicycle accessories and repair supplies : bicycles, motorcycle accessories, motor accessories : [catalogue (1918)
VHDL Coding Standards for DO254 By Diego Pardo Lamas
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This technical report is the first draft based on the author experience along years developing FPGA designs and RTCA DO-254 HW certification, various information found in articles, VHDL guidelines... More > and on the internet. It has been prepared with support from seminars, courses and feedback from the principal manufacturers support. This document can also been seen as a set of guidelines to FPGA design for safety applications. The document also provides hints that should be considered by any FPGA designer. Emphasis has also been placed on Single Event Upset (SEU) hardships. The purpose of these methods is to ensure a high quality of the developed VHDL models, so they can be efficiently used and maintained with a low effort throughout the full life-cycle of the modelled hardware. This guide does not represent an official position for the FAA, EASA or RTCA / Eurocae related committees. It should be discussed with the appropriate certification authority when considering for actual projects.< Less
Advances in Minerals and Materials Engineering By Jose A. Delgadillo
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In this book the papers accepted for the International Minerals Engineering congress 2014 (IMEC 2014) held in San Luis Potosi, Mexico from 21th to 24th September 2014 are presented. Well recognized... More > experts from all over the world showed the state of the art in Minerals and Materials Engineering fields.< Less