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LIGHT-Introduction to Optics and Photonics (paperback) By Judith Donnelly, Nicholas Massa
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This is the spiral bound full-color soft cover version of LIGHT, an introduction to optical and photonics technology at the algebra/trig level. 15 chapters, 371 pages. January 2010 revision includes... More > an extensive Glossary.< Less
Programming DMAP in MSC.Nastran™ Direct Matrix Abstract Programming By Mark Robinson
Paperback: $82.96
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Programming DMAP in MSC.Nastran™ Direct Matrix Abstract Programming will teach you from the ground up how to write programs in the native language of MSC.Nastran™. DMAP is an acronym for... More > Direct Matrix Abstract Program, a symbolic, macro-like programming language used to control the way in which problems are solved in the MSC.Nastran™ finite element solver. You will learn how the solution sequences carry out the series of steps executed when solving a finite element problem. You will learn the language of the MSC.Nastran™ database, as well as carry out customised operations in a matrix toolbox designed for handling huge data structures. You will learn how to manipulate data in OUTPUT2 and OUTPUT4 files as well as discover the NDDL, the Nastran Data Definition Language. Assuming little or no programming experience, the rich features of the DMAP language are illustrated with numerous examples of DMAP code.< Less
Supreme Mathematic African Ma'at Magic By African Creation Energy
Paperback: $15.00
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The purpose of the book entitled “Supreme Mathematic, African Ma’at Magic” is to show that Mathematics is of African origin; To show relationships between African and Modern... More > mathematical objects, terms, and concepts; To show how African Mathematical methods can be used to solve certain problems not easily solved by modern mathematical methods; and To Show the Importance that Ancient Africans placed on Mathematics to solve problems, establish Truth and Order (Ma’at), and Apply knowledge to create Systems and Technologies needed for survival and well-being. This book is an introductory educational tool for a long term goal and mission of growing, cultivating, nurturing, and promoting African Creativity, and Ingenuity to develop, engineer, innovate, invent, and create any structures, devices, or systems needed. The importance of Mathematics is emphasized in this book to provide Motivation, inspiration, and Insight into the relationship between Ancient African and Modern Mathematics.< Less
FHWA Soils and Foundations Reference Manual Volume I By Federal Highway Administration
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This course manual is intended for design and construction professionals involved with the selection, design and construction of geotechnical features for surface transportation facilities. The... More > manual is geared towards practitioners who routinely deal with soils and foundations issues but who may have little theoretical background in soil mechanics or foundation engineering. The manual’s content follows a project-oriented approach where the geotechnical aspects of a project are traced from preparation of the boring request through design computation of settlement, allowable footing pressure, etc., to the construction of approach embankments and foundations. A complete example bridge project is included.< Less
Coupé Fiat 1994-2000 By Joe Knight, Neil Barnes
Paperback: $29.56
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An owner's guide for the Coupé Fiat - clear illustrations and text showing how to strip and repair all the major mechanical assemblies, along with an extensive guide to common problems and... More > their resolution. Covers all two-litre versions (and generally also applicable to 1.8 litre European versions).< Less
A Kinematics and Kinetics Primer By John E. Hurtado
Hardcover: $29.48
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A complete set of lecture notes for a one-semester, junior-level dynamics course. Broadly speaking, the content covers point mass dynamics, rigid body dynamics, gyroscopic motions, introductory... More > structural dynamics, Galerkin's approximation to flexible body modeling, and an introduction to Lagrangian dynamics. The material is presented in a novel and unique 1-page, 1-topic format. The principles are presented in a rigorous manner and careful attention is paid to establish a consistent and unambiguous notation.< Less
Rubidium Frequency Standard Primer By William Riley
Paperback: $25.00
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This primer covers the basic physics and design of rubidium gas cell atomic frequency standards.
Modeling and Solving Linear Programming with R By Vicenc Fernandez, Jose M Sallan, Oriol Lordan
Paperback: $10.81
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Linear programming is one of the most extensively used techniques in the toolbox of quantitative methods of optimization. One of the reasons of the popularity of linear programming is that it allows... More > to model a large variety of situations with a simple framework. Furthermore, a linear program is relatively easy to solve and it allows to solve most linear programs efficiently, and the Karmarkar interior-point method allows a more efficient solving of some kinds of linear programming. The power of linear programming is greatly enhanced when came the opportunity of solving integer and mixed integer linear programming. In this book we provide a brief introduction to linear programming with a set of exercises that introduce some applications of linear programming. We also provide an introduction to solve linear programming in R. For each problem a possible solution through linear programming is introduced, together with the code to solve it in R and its numerical solution.< Less
Guitar Amplifier Overdrive By Ulrich Neumann, Malcolm Irving
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Analysis of how tube guitar amplifiers produce their overdrive tones. A visual tour of common tube circuit behaviors. Explanations and illustrations of nonlinear and time-varying circuit behaviors... More > and their impacts on tone.< Less
Vector Calculus By Michael Corral
Paperback: $4.70
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This book covers calculus in two and three variables. It is suitable for a one-semester course, normally known as “Vector Calculus”, “Multivariable Calculus”.
Designing High-Fidelity Valve Preamps By Merlin Blencowe
Hardcover: $39.66
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Designing High-Fidelity Tube Preamps is a comprehensive guide to the design of small-signal, tube-based amplifiers. This book examines in unprecidented detail the inner workings and practical design... More > of small signal stages, volume and tone controls, RIAA equalisation, power supplies and more. Aimed at intermediate to advanced-level hobbyists and professionals it teaches the principles of low-noise, low-distortion tube design, through easy-to-read explanations and minimal math. With over 400 diagrams and figures, and hundreds of real measurements of real circuits, it asserts itself as an essential handbook for any tube amp enthusiast.< Less
Elements of Spacecraft Control By John E Hurtado
Hardcover: $26.64
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A complete set of lecture notes for a one-semester, graduate-level course in control for spacecraft models. Topics include a review of rigid body mechanics; review of stabilty concepts and Lyapunov... More > analysis; Lyapunov control methodology; methods for rigid body regulation involving quaternions and other Euler-parameter types of attitude variables; basics of reference motion tracking and reference motion trajectories for rotational motion; reference motion tracking without rate information; adaptive control for rigid body rotational motion; gyrostat models and control for nutation damping & flat-spin recovery; models for single gimbal control moment gyros; velocity- and acceleration-based steering laws; and feedback control singularities and null motion feedback control.< Less
Crystal nonlinear optics with SNLO examples By Arlee Smith
Hardcover: $150.00
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A comprehensive advanced textbook/reference book on nonlinear optics in crystals. Topics include single pass frequency mixing including dispersion and diffraction as well as cavity based devices such... More > as optical parametric oscillators and resonant sum frequency generators. Numerous examples based on SNLO software are provided to illustrate practical device designs.< Less
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas, vol.1, hardcover By Sophocles Orfanidis
Hardcover: $35.00
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This book provides a broad and applications-oriented introduction to electromagnetic waves and antennas, with MATLAB examples. The printed version of the book has been split into two volumes,... More > each with its own index, but with the list of references and appendices included only in volume two. The contents of the two volumes are as follows: Vol.1-Waves: Propagation, reflection, and transmission of plane waves, analysis and design of multilayer films. Waveguiding systems, including metallic, dielectric, and plasmonic surface waveguides, transmission lines, impedance matching, S-parameters. Vol.2-Antennas: Radiation fields, linear and aperture antennas, diffraction theory, plane-wave spectrum, Fourier optics, superdirectivity and superresolution concepts, antenna array design, numerical methods for linear antennas, and coupled antennas.< Less
Kinematic and Kinetic Principles By John E. Hurtado
Hardcover: $31.60
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A complete set of lecture notes for a one-semester, graduate-level dynamics course. Topics include vector and tensor kinematic principles; point mass kinematics; Newton's principles for a point... More > mass; rigid body attitude and kinematics; rigid body dynamics; constant mass continuous systems; analytical kinematics; analytical dynamics; and dynamic modeling of continuous systems. The notes are presented in a novel and unique 1-page, 1-topic format. Many key principles are developed in a new and rigorous way, and careful attention is paid to establish a consistent and unambiguous notation.< Less
13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone - Volume I By John Hughes, Torsten Howind
Paperback: $25.85
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Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone
13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone - Volume II By John Hughes, Torsten Howind
Paperback: $25.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, Vol II
QCAD - An Introduction to Computer-Aided Design By Andrew Mustun
Paperback: $39.63
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QCAD is a professional CAD system that is both very affordable and also easy to learn. This book will teach you how to use QCAD and introduce you to the basic concepts of technical drafting and CAD... More > in general. No technical background or education is required to follow and understand the many examples and detailed step by step instructions in this book.< Less
The History of Masonry Mortar in America 1720-1995 By John Speweik
eBook (PDF): $6.00
History of Masonry Mortar in America 1720-1995 documents the last 275 years of the evolution of ingredients. The book assists architects and builders in modern times to match mortar formulations when... More > they are engaged in work that requires authentic replication of original material for the restoration of historic masonry buildings. This edition features the history of natural cement, ca. 1820s; historic Portland cement, ca. 1870s; and the beginning of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) in 1902 and the resistance to its formation. Information on the new ASTM C1713-10 Standard Specification for Mortars for the Repair of Historic Masonry is also included at the back of the book.< Less
eBook (PDF): $15.00
A must have to any Hi End tube amp designer. It covers all the ins and out of the tube circuits that make a real good tube audio amp. Having this 214 heavy loaded book on the shelf is a must. This... More > is a republish project , this book was first published at 1952. The principles desribed in it will lead the way to these days designers and technitions. Enjoy Ben Aharon< Less
Lesson Plans for Helicopter Flight Instructors By D Lloyd Payne
eBook (PDF): $56.25
‘Lesson Plans for Helicopter Flight Instructors’ is a compilation of lesson plans covering the most popular topics for today’s helicopter ground lessons. A much needed resource... More > specifically designed to cater for helicopter CFI’s and CFII’s, these lesson plans illustrate how the whiteboard should look and leave the student with comprehensive and intelligible plans from which to revise. The author has a passion for helicopters and has given instruction in Bell, Schweizer and Robinson helicopters. He decided to create these lesson plans after becoming frustrated with the traditional “words only” plans, geared around the fixed wing community. Each lesson plan conforms to FAA standards and includes timings, definitions and objectives for every subject.< Less
Linear Programming for Beginners By Doris Lloyd Grosh
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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This book fills a gap in the linear programming literature, by explaining the steps that are illustrated but not always fully explained in every elementary operations book — the steps that lead... More > from the elementary and intuitive graphical method of solution to the more advanced simplex tableau method. Most of the world, even those technically trained, can get along very well by seeing a few illustrations of simple linear programming problems solved graphically, followed by instruction in the use of computer software for solving real-world problems. But there needs to be a coterie of initiates who understand the process well enough to explain it to others, to know what the pitfalls, ramifications and special cases are, and to provide further developments. I have used an informal narrative style with a number of worked out examples and detailed explanations, to put the topic within reach.< Less
737 Performance Reference Handbook - FAA Edition By Maurits Hulshof
eBook (ePub): $19.99
NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS iPAD APP (continuously updated). CHECK THE APPSTORE!. The book (edition 2014) is NOT being updated! This handbook explains large twin aircraft (class A) performance rules (FAA)... More > in general and for the Boeing 737 in special. It contains lots of colourful pictures and operational information for the airline pilot. "An excellent book which finally simplifies and brings together aircraft performance information." "It is the best performance book I ever held in my hands. Just brilliant!" "This book makes 737 performance transparant and understandable." "A must for every 737 pilot!"< Less
5-8 Watt audio amplifier with unique tone control By Ko Tilman
eBook (PDF): $3.86
In this booklet (24 pages) a simple audio amplfier is published with easy to find electronic components. The amplifier has a unique tone and volume control, made with 3 potentiometers. With these 3... More > controls you can set the sound character and volume for different situations: e.g. lounge, guitar,pop music or african music, new age music, etc in certain (living) rooms. The control unit is also suitable to play music on very low audio levels with presence and quality in living rooms, restaurants, etc.< Less
Ece 402: Applications of Analog Integrated Circuits By Gregory M. Wierzba
eBook (PDF): $38.00
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