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Launch and Flight in Space without Rockets (v.2) By Alexander Bolonkin
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Author has published the series of new methods which promise to revolutionize space launching and flight. These include the cable accelerator, circle launcher and space keeper, space elevator... More > transport system, space towers, kinetic towers, the gas-tube method, sling rotary method, asteroid employment, electromagnetic accelerator, tether system, Sun and magnetic sails, solar wind sail, radioisotope sail, electrostatic space sail, laser beam, kinetic anti-gravitator (repulsitor), Earth–Moon or Earth–Mars non-rocket transport system, multi-reflective beam propulsion system, electrostatic levitation, etc. There are new ideas in aviation which can be useful for flights in planet atmosphere. Some of these have the potential to decrease launch costs thousands of times, other allow the speed and direction of space apparatus to be changed without the spending of fuel.< Less
Femtotechnologies and Innovative Projects By Alexander Bolonkin
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New macro-projects, concepts, ideas, methods, and innovations are explored here, but hardly developed. There remain many problems that must be researched, modeled, and tested before these summarized... More > research ideas can be practically designed, built, and utilized—that is, fully developed and utilized. Most ideas in our book are described in the following way: 1) Description of current state in a given field of endeavor. A brief explanation of the idea researched, including its advantages and short comings; 2) Then methods, estimation and computations of the main system parameters are listed, and 3) A brief description of possible applications—candidate macro-projects, including estimations of the main physical parameters of such economic developmental undertakings. The first and third parts are in a popular form accessible to the wider reading public, the second part of this book will require some mathematical and scientific knowledge, such as may be found amongst technical school graduate students.< Less
Untitled Utopian Telephone Chain Book By NUPoD 2017
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Collaboratively written in Google Docs by NUPoD17, with a simple set of rules: the first image and caption was selected in class, each successive image is found by successive individuals using Google... More > Image search given the string of text on the preceding page. The selector of the following image invents the caption for that image. This is a slow-pace, creatively construed and collectively compiled hallucination of possible Utopias.< Less