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IEA EBC Annex 60: New Generation Computing Tools for Building and Community Energy Systems By Michael Wetter & Christoph van Treeck
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IEA EBC Annex 60 developed new generation computational tools for the design and operation of building and community energy systems. This final report summarizes the development of Modelica models,... More > approaches and tools for co-simulation based on the Functional Mockup Interface standard, Building Information Modeling technologies based on the Industry Foundation Classes, as well as tools for workflow automation that have been developed in Annex 60. The report also demonstrates how these technologies have been used in applications such as rapid virtual prototyping, design of local and supervisory control algorithms, and deployment of models in support of commissioning and operation. The target audience is the building energy research community, design firms and energy service companies, equipment and tool manufacturers, as well as students in building energy.< Less
I do like CFD, VOL.1, Second Edition By Katate Masatsuka
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Version 2.5 (Sep. 2017): This is a unique and highly technical book on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The first half talks about mathematical foundations and governing equations ranging from... More > simple model equations (advection/diffusion, Euler-Tricomi, Cauchy-Riemann, Burgers, etc.) used for algorithm development to the incompressible/compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations in various forms with complete Jacobians and eigen-structures in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. The other half talks about general methods for deriving exact solutions (separation of variables, transformation, superposition, etc.) and numerous exact solutions that can be readily used for accuracy verification of a CFD code (Ringleb's flow, Fraenkel's flow, boundary layer, viscous shock structure, etc.). This book can be a very useful resource for students studying basics of CFD as well as researchers/practitioners in CFD. - PDF version is available at [Note: PDF does not contain some contents of the Printed version.]< Less
Analog IC Design - An Intuitive Approach By Gabriel Alfonso Rincón-Mora, Ph.D.
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This slide book presents, discusses, and shows how to understand, develop, and use semiconductor devices to design analog integrated circuits (ICs). The underlying objective is to explain and... More > illustrate how to model, analyze, and design analog ICs using bipolar and MOS technologies. The material places emphasis on basic understanding and critical thinking, in other words, on intuitive grasp of how semiconductor devices work individually and collectively in microelectronic circuits. Ultimately, the material seeks to furnish the reader with a physical and intuitive view of solid-state circuits that transcends rigorous mathematical and algebraic formulations to empower the reader with the tools necessary to design innovative and complex ICs.< Less
4th Dimension Magazine. February 2018 B&W By Maximillien de Lafayette
Paperback: $12.50
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4th Dimension Magazine. February 2018 in B&W. Published monthly by Times Square Press and Maximillien de Lafayette, New York. Also available in IDeluxe Editionn full colors printed on glossy... More > heavy stock paper, size: 8”50 by 11”. On the cover: Arab cinema superstar Raghda. Content: Raghda, from diva to national hero. The world’s 50 most interesting and delightful people you wish you could meet one day. Fake “followers” and “likes” on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Would you be shocked to learn that half of Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga’s fans are fake? The Doomsday: The 2 million Americans and 25 Arabs who were chosen to be saved at the doomsday by the United States secret government. Interviews with America’s stars and legends. The deceptive foreign policies of the West. What would happen if America overthrows President Bashar Al Assad?. A new geo-political map for Lebanon and Syria? How rich are evangelists today?.< Less
thin plates By WATCHTOWER
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Presenting recent principles of thin plate and shell theories, this book emphasizes novel analytical and numerical methods for solving linear and nonlinear plate and shell dilemmas, new theories for... More > the design and analysis of thin plate-shell structures, and real-world numerical solutions, mechanics, and plate and shell models for engineering applications. It includes computer processes for finite difference, finite element, boundary element, and boundary collocation methods as well as other variational and numerical methods. It also contains end-of-chapter examples and problem/solution sets, a catalog of solutions for cylindrical and spherical shells, and tables of the most commonly used plates and shells.< Less
Mechanical Vibrations By Bob Williams
eBook (PDF): $25.00
This textbook is intended for a one-semester course in Mechanical Vibrations for any Mechanical Engineering curriculum. Covered are the modeling and solution of 1-dof linear first- and second-order... More > vibrational systems. Free and forced, undamped and damped systems are covered. Also covered are simple harmonic motion, phasors, logarithmic decrement, vibrational resonance, transmissibility, state-space methods, and general forcing functions. There is an introduction to the modeling and solutions of multi-dof vibrational systems. Throughout there is an emphasis on numerical examples and alternate solution approaches. MATLAB Software is used as a tool for vibrational motion solutions, plots, and animations throughout.< Less
Post-Tensioned Concrete: Principles and Practice, Third Edition By K. Dirk Bondy & Bryan Allred
eBook (PDF): $79.99
The book is a combination of history, academic notes intended for use at the university level, design examples straight from actual jobs that we have designed and practical applications and detailing... More > intended for the practicing engineer. Chapter 1 describes the history of post-tensioned concrete in the United States as only Ken Bondy can tell it. Chapters 2 through 8 are currently the notes that Dirk Bondy uses to teach Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures at UCLA and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Chapters 9 through 13 are practical design examples in which we attempt to address many of the decisions faced by practicing engineers on typical projects including proper computer analysis and modeling techniques. Chapters 13 and 14 contain the true art of detailing and observing the construction of post-tensioned concrete. This knowledge was obtained over many years of working on our own projects and from listening and learning from the men who were the pioneers of post-tensioned concrete.< Less
Home Heat and Cooling Experiments By David Mundy
eBook (PDF): $1.99
This book contains many years of experiments I attempted to cool or heat my house for zero dollars. I accomplished some good results in the process. This book represents about ten years of many... More > experiments and building things. I want my ideas known and shared with anyone interested, because most experimenters are unaware of some of the ideas presented in this book. I hope the reader can learn from my hard work, and continue the work I started.< Less
Along-hole Depth By Harald Bolt
eBook (PDF): $55.95
Along-hole depth is the most fundamental subsurface measurement made in wellbores. Along-hole Depth provides background and theory, practical hints and step-by-step guides for this measurement used... More > in oil & gas and geothermal wells. Topics include depth determination methods, wireline and driller’s depth measurements, calibration, corrections, uncertainty determination and practical steps to providing consistent and auditable along-hole measurements. It includes insights into the differences between measurements and what can be done to explain and mitigate these. It also looks at the expected impact of API RP-78. Along-hole Depth is for drillers, wireline and LWD engineers, slickline operators and mud loggers as well as geologists, reservoir engineers, geomodellers, formation evaluation specialists, petrophysicists, core analysts, cased hole service providers, production specialists, well data QA-QC personnel, students: basically anyone who deals with subsurface data and services.< Less