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Lesson Plans for Helicopter Flight Instructors By D Lloyd Payne
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‘Lesson Plans for Helicopter Flight Instructors’ is a compilation of lesson plans covering the most popular topics for today’s helicopter ground lessons. A much needed resource... More > specifically designed to cater for helicopter CFI’s and CFII’s, these lesson plans illustrate how the whiteboard should look and leave the student with comprehensive and intelligible plans from which to revise. The author has a passion for helicopters and has given instruction in Bell, Schweizer and Robinson helicopters. He decided to create these lesson plans after becoming frustrated with the traditional “words only” plans, geared around the fixed wing community. Each lesson plan conforms to FAA standards and includes timings, definitions and objectives for every subject.< Less
Quick guide to Safety Management based on EN50126 / IEC 62278 By Troels Winther
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EN50126 and IEC 62278 are identical Railway standards. This guide interprets the standards in an operational way. The customers say: --- I really appreciate the approach and interpretation,... More > Emmanuel Charbouillot, France --- We have found it very useful, Jorge Sevillano Fernández, Spain --- I find the articles very easy to follow, Vladimir Vojinovic, Serbia --- The guide make me confident that we will be able to adapt the mandatory documents of the EN50126 to our needs, Stefan Mairhofer, Germany, --- I have done plenty of railways signalling projects in the past years. I have very much appreciated the Guide, Arnaldo Ninotti, Italy --- I like the Guide very much! I did learn something, Hongfu Huang, China.< Less
Oil and Gas Productions Handbook By Havard Devold
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This handbook is has been compiled to give readers with an interested in the oil and gas production industry an overview of the main processes and equipment. When I started to search for a suitable... More > introduction to be used for new engineers, I discovered that much of this equipment is described in standards, equipment manuals and project documentation. But little material was found to quickly give the reader an overview of the entire upstream area, while still preserving enough detail to let the engineer get an appreciation of the main characteristics and design issues.< Less
757/767 The Mysteries Revealed By Tom Gooch
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Finally, It's Here !!! The Book that explains What and Why about both, the Boeing 757 and 767. Simple explanations and easy-to-understand graphics show you; A) what you need to know to understand... More > these airplanes and, B) some of the stuff you've always wondered about. Whether you're getting ready for a Transition Oral, your 4th PC, or are just curious about "glass" airplanes, this study guide will provide an operational understanding of the logic of these airplanes. All totaled, the study guide is only 108 pages long (or more preferably, short) and includes a very complete chapter of Oral Questions and Answers. Tom Gooch < Less
Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging By Dwight Nishimura
Paperback: $35.00
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This book presents the basic principles of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), focusing on image formation, image content, and performance considerations. Emphasis is on the signal processing elements... More > of MRI, particularly the Fourier transform relationships. Although developed as a teaching text for an electrical engineering course at Stanford University, the material should be accessible to those from other technical fields. The primary chapters (Chapters 1-7) cover the foundational material while the latter chapters (Chapters 8-11) provide brief overviews of extensions and selected topics. Also available in hardcover.< Less
NI TestStand Advanced Architecture Series By Santiago Delgado
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With over a decade in the marketplace, NI TestStand, National Instruments' test management software, has created a strong community of developers and partner companies. The NI TestStand Advanced... More > Architecture Series covers development best practices targeted at advanced NI TestStand developers. The series' authors are NI TestStand architects and developers who provide insightful content that goes beyond basic documentation by offering best practices for large and complex projects.< Less
Long Term Evolution IN BULLETS By Chris Johnson
Paperback: $146.03
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This book provides a comprehensive description of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio access network, as specified by 3GPP. The content is aimed towards anyone wishing to learn the basics, or to... More > develop a more thorough understanding. The content is presented in the form of bullet points to keep it concise and to allow rapid access to the key information. Highlights include: - Complete text is presented as bullet points - Can be read with ease and in less time - Illustrations and tables support text - Content includes both introductory and advanced topics - Based upon the release 8, 9 and 10 versions of the 3GPP specifications - Detailed description of air-interface, bit rates and physical channels - Most important messages and signalling procedures explained - Idle mode and physical layer procedures presented - Practical radio network planning subjects addressed - Includes both FDD and TDD variants - LTE Advanced technologies presented - Voice over LTE solutions described< Less
Introductory Mechanical Design Tools By William Singhose, Jeff Donnell
Paperback: $36.60
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This book describes basic tools for performing mechanical design.
A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Second Edition By Sharon Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade
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With both cookbook-style examples and in-depth verification background, novice and expert verification engineers will find information to ease their adoption of this emerging Accellera standard.
Principles of Turf Equipment Management By IGCEMA Certificate
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Study materials for the IGCEMA Technician certificate program. This Hard Cover book contains the same materials as the individual study guides in one cost saving book. Includes Hydraulics, Electrical... More > Systems, Internal Combustion Engines, Drivelines, Sprayers and Cutting Units. This sale price represents a 10% discount over the list price of the 6 books when purchased separately< Less
Design and Analysis of Floating Structures By John Halkyard
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A discussion of the design of floating structures with emphasis on oil & gas applications.
Sheet Pile Design by Pile Buck By Don C. Warrington and Harry A. Lindahl
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The successor to the classic Pile Buck Sheet Piling Design Manual, this Pile Buck exclusive is the definitive reference for the design of sheet pile walls. It covers every aspect of sheet pile design... More > including the soil mechanics and earth pressure theory involved in sheet pile design, structural considerations, design of both cantilever and anchored walls, earthquake design for sheet pile walls, seepage and hydrostatic loads, anchor systems and tiebacks, cofferdams, corrosion and more. Text includes numerous worked examples and step-by-step solutions featuring various methods of design. Examples include use of Pile Buck's software program SPW911, along with "hand" solutions.< Less
Pile Driving by Pile Buck By Pile Buck International
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The definitive reference for driven piles. Nearly six years in the making, Pile Driving by Pile Buck is a comprehensive reference book on the history of pile driving and driven piles, the various... More > types of piles, the equipment used to install them, the design of driven pile foundations, the installation of driven piles and the capacity verification of driven piles. Not just another theoretical exercise, Pile Driving by Pile Buck gives practical procedures and equipment configurations for the successful installation of virtually any driven pile foundations. Included with the text are a wealth of photographs without equal in this type of publication; the photos alone are worth the price of the book, and help bring the reader "on site" to understand the whole process of pile driving--one of the oldest construction techniques known.< Less
Survivor By Charles Vyse
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This is a Workshop Guide for the small chassis Rolls-Royce. The book is intended to help the average owner gain a deeper understanding of the car. It includes 100 workshop photographs &... More > illustrations, designed to help the owner maintain their own car in first class mechanical condition. Included is data and servicing information, updated to take advantage of the availability of modern high tech oils and materials. Plus many 'Useful Contacts' and sources of supply. At the same time, the book is also the fascinating story of an early 20/25 Thrupp & Maberly tourer. It chronicles the Derby birth, the social history, the mechanical puzzles and the solutions found, in bringing this 1929 20/25 back to top class condition. “The quality will remain, long after the price is forgotten”, Henry Royce once sagely observed. How right he was.< Less
Lecture Notes on Ordinary Differential Equations By P. K. Subramanian, Melisa Hendrata
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These notes are based on lectures given by the first author to students in the course on elementary differential equations over many years, and have been extensively class tested. They can be used as... More > a stand alone text or as supplement to a standard text. Our aim is to make the subject more interesting by avoiding the usual labor intensive methods in favor of more powerful and elegant methods such as the well known operator methods, rarely described in standard texts. Another example is the use of Leibniz's theorem in power series solutions. We include many applications and plenty of exercises.< Less
I do like CFD, VOL.1, Second Edition By Katate Masatsuka
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This is a unique and highly technical book on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The first half talks about mathematical foundations and governing equations ranging from simple model equations... More > (advection/diffusion, Euler-Tricomi, Cauchy-Riemann, Burgers, etc.) used for algorithm development to the incompressible/compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations in various forms with complete Jacobians and eigen-structures in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. The other half talks about general methods for deriving exact solutions (separation of variables, transformation, superposition, etc.) and numerous exact solutions that can be readily used for accuracy verification of a CFD code (Ringleb's flow, Fraenkel's flow, boundary layer, viscous shock structure, etc.). This book can be a very useful resource for students studying basics of CFD as well as researchers/practitioners in CFD. - PDF version is available at [Note: PDF does not contain some contents of the Printed version.]< Less
Introduction to Linear Algebra for Structural Engineers By Robert Asaro
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A general text on linear algebra for engineering students. The book is based on modern mathematical methods and has several focus areas including the theory of finite deformation and structural... More > dynamics.< Less
Practical Design of Optical Thin Films, Fourth Edition By Ronald R. Willey
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This book deals with the basic fundamentals, understanding, and design of optical thin films, or interference coatings for practical production. It focuses on one of the main subjects that is... More > critical to meeting the practical challenges of producing optical coatings. This is the design of coatings, an understanding of which allows the practitioner to know the possibilities and limitations involved in reducing, enhancing, or otherwise controlling the reflection, transmission, and absorption of light (visible or otherwise). This Fourth Edition now includes measurement of index, thickness, and color; the determination of tooling factors; and the programming of Macros, Workbooks, and FilmStar Basic.< Less
Essential Differential Equations By Joseph Previte
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This book is designed to be an affordable, yet complete differential equations textbook. The topics include analytic and numerical solutions of first order ODE with applications. Second Order Linear... More > ODE with an emphasis on the spring/mass system, LRC circuits and resonance. Additional topics include higher order ODE, series solutions, and the Laplace transform and applications. Fourier series and partial differential equations.< Less
Aircraft Wiring Guide By Marc Ausman
Paperback: $30.00
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The practical guide to planning, wiring, and enjoying the electrical system in your experimental aircraft.
STEM Navigators: Pathways to Achievement in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics By Anderson D. Prewitt et al.
Paperback: List Price: $25.00 $22.50 | You Save: 10%
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So many people discuss the importance of educating our nation and our students getting degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM), but it is often difficult to successfully... More > guide students through the educational landscape. This results in low retention rates, poor academic outcomes, and an increase in the difficulty of recruiting students into technology related careers. What's needed are real world examples of trailblazers who carved out their own path to success in STEM and are willing to guide others in successfully reaching their educational destinations. What's needed are STEM Navigators. STEM Navigators is a compilation of real life STEM success stories from people who have not only been wildly successful in pursuing and obtaining their own Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degrees, but they have all worked to teach, mentor, and research ways to guide others effectively through obtaining a STEM education.< Less
This is (not) Rocket Science By Lucio Di Jasio
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How a new generation of microcontrollers featuring core independent peripherals redefined embedded control.
Power IC Design - From the Ground up By Gabriel Alfonso Rincón-Mora
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This slide book introduces the demands of emerging high-performance power-management ICs and discusses up-to-date circuit-design techniques aimed at addressing them, especially within the context of... More > portable microelectronics. The material starts with a top-down design perspective, much like in an industry setting, and discusses the system "from the ground up" (from basic analog IC concepts and voltage references to low-dropout regulators and switched-inductor supplies) with an educational mindset, rigorously surveying, analyzing, and evaluating basic concepts and the state of the art. The driving objective of the book is to enable the reader to model, analyze, and design power-conditioning ICs using bipolar and CMOS transistors. The material places emphasis on basic understanding and critical thinking, that is, on intuitive grasp of concepts, which is the foundation for innovative IC design.< Less
Reborn By Charles Vyse
Paperback: $22.97
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Similar in format to ‘Survivor’, this book is a Workshop Guide for the Rolls-Royce 25/30 model. It covers the gestation of this fine car, as well as the history of the Barker bodied... More > Sports Saloon that the book is based on. Plus practical advice regarding repair, maintenance & servicing together with over 100 practical photographs and drawings.< Less
The Ignition Switch from Hell By Lawrence P. Sullivan
Paperback: $32.95
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In 2014, automakers in the United States more than doubled their previous all-time record for automotive safety recalls. The most prominent recall was for a defective ignition switch in General... More > Motors vehicles that caused cars to stall and airbags to fail in a crash, prompting a legal, financial and public relations nightmare for the company. "The Ignition Switch from Hell" examines the engineering, managerial and supplier relations problems that led to the defective part. The book provides suggestions on how GM management can improve vehicle quality assurance, including case studies of quality assurance systems from Japanese suppliers.< Less