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The Dove Keeper. By emily james ray
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Thomas is a seventeen-year-old who doesn't want to grow up and has little aspirations for anything beyond standing outside the local liquor store and getting drunk. But when he meets Bernard, the... More > old, aging, and well known fag artist, he is offered something he cannot turn down. < Less
13 Propositions for Rewiring the Lesbian Brain By Carolyn Gage
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A 36-page "electrician's manual" for rethinking basic concepts about relationships.
That's what brothers do By Derekica Snake
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To save his family, he sold his innocence. To save his sisters, he sold his body. To save his love, he sold his soul. Why? That's what brothers do... 2009 Rainbow Award Winner - 3rd place in... More > Contemporary Novel category< Less
Natural Transitioning: an FTM alternative By Tristan Skye, Sicily Skye
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Natural Transitioning™ was founded by Tristan and Sicily Skye and is what they label the process of transitioning from female to male (FTM) by raising the testosterone levels your body... More > naturally produces, without injecting testosterone or other methods. This book contains years of research on the 3-step NT plan: supplements, diet and weight training. Whether your a pre-T trans guy or simply looking for an alternative, this is the book for you!< Less
The Moment By T.C. Anderson
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A coming of age story. Mia thinks that she has everything, until she meets Jessie. Nothing will be the same.
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THE URBAN TERROR AND THE KIN MATING MEN (SHOWERING IN HOT HOWLS) chronicles three urban tales in one collection,one story involving a young man who deals with modern pressures involving his... More > family,but with a supernatural twist.And another story involving a handsome young man who reconnects with his handsome long lost father to find out more about his inherited ever growing somewhat werewolf like supernatural changes within his body,changes that draw him and his father closer together.The last story chronicling the life of a handsome man and his girlfriend and her two children,especially his girlfriends equally handsome son,who he developes a complex and unconventional male to male bond with. Warning:Strong sexual content and nudity,language and mild violence.< Less
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THE WHITE WOLF DADDY (BLOOD BATH) chronicles the life of a handsome caucasian german descent man named Tobias,who becomes attached to an equally handsome african american man named Jomonte who he's... More > took into his care since childhood. But both Tobias and Jomonte share a secret supernatural past and future that's full of mythological beings unknown to the human eyes,Tobias having close and personal relations and likeness to some of those mythological beings himself. Warning:Strong sexual content and nudity,some extreme violence.< Less
Cruising the Deuce By Allen Windsor
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Used as a prop in a John Waters movie; is sociological to some, pornographic to others; titillating to all; documented study of movie theaters and grinder houses in Times Square, New York City, 1940s... More > to 1980s;< Less
Drama By Jaden Kelley
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Jaden is the typical stud who is looking for that perfect love after having had broken up with her long time girlfriend Cheryl. Thinking that moving to a new city, at the urging of her best friend... More > and confidant Tank will clear her head, it seems things just keep getting worse. Then she is introduced to Sasha, the woman Jaden feels was made especially for her. However, things never go as planned as she gets caught up in Tank’s infidelities as well as her own guilt from one night of passion. One thing is for sure, the more Jaden tries to avoid it, the DRAMA seems to never end.< Less
A Stroke At Midnight: Volume 2 By Johnny Miles
eBook (PDF): $6.95
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Carlo, about a Puerto Rican "Dad" who teaches a Dominican "Son" that Latin-on-Latin can be explosive. See what happens in The Itch, when a top stud suddenly finds himself with an... More > itch that only another top bull can satisfy.In Worth The Wait, we discover that sometimes, the one we lust after the most, truly is worth waiting for!If you're into size, then you'll understand there are times a man's just got to sacrifice looks for Beercan Meat.In The Seduction of Frankie Muller, a grown man finds out the meaning of obsession when he becomes infatuated with his newspaper delivery boy.Pigg is an excerpt from a work-in-progress about a horny Southern Boy who heads for the Big City in search of more sex than he ever bargained for.And in The Messenger, a corporate executive learns that the "Boss" is sometimes the one who has the biggest piece!< Less
A Stroke At Midnight By Johnny Miles
eBook (PDF): $9.95
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A Stroke At Midnight is a collection of erotic stories sure to arouse gay and bisexual male readers! See what happens when more than caffeine is brought to you by a hot Spanish stud in The Coffee... More > Cart. A man comes home after an unsuccessful prowl to satisfy himself with Baby Doll. A young man finds that you CAN mix your tighty whities with colored clothes in Laundry Room Action. A young man plays hookey on a summer day and meets a humpy Puerto Rican bicyclist with a long kick stand when he goes for A Walk In The Park. On a hot, summer night, taking a ride on the train can lead to exotic adventures in Subway Pick-Up. Think of the experiences you could have had in school if you'd only stopped to read The Writing On The Wall. A high school graduate discovers he has voyeuristic intentions in The Donatellos.< Less
Glen & Tyler's Erotic Tales: Just Married By J.B. Sanders, M. Broderick
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A work of erotica written by J. B. Sanders (author of Glen & Tyler's Honeymoon Adventure), and illustrated by renown artist Michael Broderick (as seen in Men, Freshmen and Blue magazines, and his... More > website: Glen & Tyler just got married, and are pretty new to this guy-on-guy sex stuff. Watch as they explore all sorts of new horizons in this color illustrated novella.< Less
Glen & Tyler vs. The Gay Kama Sutra By JB Sanders, Michael Broderick
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Glen & Tyler experiment with the Gay Kama Sutra, and the results are ... hot! A work of erotica written by J. B. Sanders (author of Glen & Tyler's Honeymoon Adventure), and illustrated by... More > renown artist Michael Broderick (as seen in Men, Freshmen and Blue magazines, and at his website:< Less
Meat Sixteen Digital Edition By Adrian Lourie
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meat sixteen was published as a print zine in March 2015. This edition contains the complete 48 page print version in digital format. This issue contains a photo series and interview with our cover... More > star Christopher Camplin, meat boy Fred taking the meat Q&A, American photographer Doug Paul Chase peering through windows and a ton of hot blokes.< Less