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Sissie Men in Pretty Aprons By Bea
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This book contains three novelettes, with one particular thing in common. The male heroes are submissive. In Men In Aprons, A dominant female friend of the wife is highly attracted to the husband... More > and (with his wife's permission) slowly begins to feminize him. In Made in her Own Image a young, unmarried male falls under the spell of a woman who makes it clear that she wants her male partner to be exactly what she wishes. He is so much in love that he doesn't completely grasp what she wishes him to do. before he knows it, he has become completely changed. In "Office Girls" the mother of a spoiled young man helps him to find a job in a small office. At first he is in a male heaven, but a change in management mandates a modification to his male posturing.< Less
After Hours By Lucky Stallion
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Officer Ronnie Blake co-owns Muscle City Fitness, one of the best gyms in the big city. On this night, the studly officer of the law works to build his body before heading out on patrol with his... More > partner Ken. Two of his marine patrons, Nathan and Deshaun, are left alone to continue their training... Note: this story is in widescreen (16:9) ratio. For adults only.< Less
Muscle Monsters By Lucky Stallion
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A 5 story anthology of muscle horror designed to make your legs quiver and your pecs puff out! For adults only.
Glen & Tyler vs. The Gay Kama Sutra By JB Sanders, Michael Broderick
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Glen & Tyler experiment with the Gay Kama Sutra, and the results are ... hot! A work of erotica written by J. B. Sanders (author of Glen & Tyler's Honeymoon Adventure), and illustrated by... More > renown artist Michael Broderick (as seen in Men, Freshmen and Blue magazines, and at his website:< Less
Dominating Aunts By Bea
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This 200 page book contains three novelettes all pertaining to the subjugation of young males by their aunts - or by their aunts and daughters combined.
The Warren # 2 By P.L. Nunn
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Book two of the Warren. A collection of erotic shorts, plus the beginning of a new series called 'The Bar Boy', the tale of a young hitchhiker who gets more than he bargains for.
Neko By P.L. Nunn
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The neko are a cat-lik race that live separate from humans. When Dharsha, a young neko is captured and enslaved he learns just how cruel humanity can be. Sold to a group of brutal woodsmen, who... More > despise his differences, he becomes less than human, an object for them to sate their frustrations and lust. Only when a passing trapper frees him of their cruel ownership, does he discover that not all humans are evil. And in a new land, he discovers as well, that he can find love and clan with the one man who needs him as much as he is needed. Hard-core non-con, fetish and bdsm situations.< Less
Who upholds the sky? First Worldism and gender By Prairie Fire
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This excellent work by Leading Light Commander Prairie Fire takes on a sacred cow of the First World activism: feminism, or, more precisely, bourgeois, liberal, First World feminism. In both its... More > mainstream and “radical” forms, First Worldist feminism is an imperialist ideology. The book breaks new ground to suggest that First World women benefit in important ways from global patriarchy at the expense of Third World women. It debunks the dogma that all women share the same interests as females. Furthermore, the books knocks down both liberal and traditionalist answers the sexual and gender problems facing the world today. Both liberalism and traditionalism are two sides of a reactionary coin. Instead, this work pioneers the important concept of proletarianism, proletarian feminism, Leading Light Communism. This book offers a new foundation to revolutionary gender theory today.< Less
Planchette: A One-Act Play By Carolyn Gage
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During a nor'easter on the New Hampshire coast, in 1879, two thirteen-year-olds share their secrets about trauma they have survived and the deeper secrets about their sexual orientations and gender... More > identities.< Less
The U-haul Diary By K.B. Draper
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What do you get if you add twelve ex-girlfriends, four overly involved friends, glow-in-the-dark body paint, a lesbian nemesis, a stripper pole, a casino surveillance tape, a three legged cat, the... More > restroom at the Astrodome, the restroom at the local lesbian bar, the restroom at the Sheriff’s department, Jesus's gay boyfriend, Bigfoot and a near-death experience with an appropriately attached life changing lesson? The U-haul Diary –aka the comedic story of my unsuccessful dating life. I hope you learn a little, and laugh A LOT!< Less
Together We Can Heal By Bradley Herchelroath
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Decklin Kavanagh is a college freshman, 18, and going to school for psychology. Jameson Knox is also a college freshman, 24, and going to school for drama. There is just one difference between the... More > two. Jameson is gay, but Decklin has yet to come out, until he begins to develop feelings for his roommate. Late on night, Decklin's world is shattered like a mirror during a brutal sexual assault. From this, the two boys realize that they have more in common than they realized. Feeling desperate to save him from further harm, Jameson and Decklin's parents, Meghan and Rich, all offer their support to help him heal. But when the assaulter returns, can Decklin stand back up after being forced down again?< Less
Lilies of the Bowery By Lily R. Mason
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After an arduous voyage from Napoli in the summer of 1914, eighteen-year-old Joan Passerini arrives in New York City with her mother and brother in hopes of building a better life. Finding neither... More > the milk or honey America had promised, Joan is quickly disenchanted with the city; the heat and noise and poverty are oppressive, and her father, who journeyed ahead to find work and accommodations, is nowhere to be found. Tucked into a disorganized laundry, Joan meets an unlikely companion named Paloma Morello, who is as secretive as she is beautiful. As Joan develops an intense attraction to her, she discovers that though things aren't always as they seem, all love is sanctuary.< Less
The MySilentHalf Project By Rae Schneider
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"I'm a pastor. I've read the literature. I'm still in love with a woman." - This is how author Rae Schneider started off her "MySilentHalf" blog (now book) on spirituality,... More > sexuality, and life’s struggles. Rae started the blog to give the “silent” part of her life (her sexuality) a medium to speak. Little did she know her story would echo and mirror the hearts of so many.< Less
Caught Between Worlds By Harrison Pope
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Jake is what the world calls a soul ripper. A genetic mutation that gives him the ultimate power as some say or to him what seems like a curse. After his family is murdered he must go on a quest to... More > avenge their deaths and set things right. He and his boyfriend will go on a quest that will take them through our world and beyond.< Less
Tracey Returns By Yvonne Cruz
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Tracy Returns is the second book of author Yvonne Cruz' Rachel & Eden trilogy. In this publication, Rachel & Eden are confronted by an old flame attempting to woo Eden back with tragic... More > results. Richard ignores Eden's wishes and helps Ro seek revenge on the man responsible for Stevie's death.< Less
Off the Rocks, Volume 18 By NewTown Writers
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Volume 18 in NewTown Writers' annual anthology series dedicated to showcasing the creative endeavors of the GLBT community. Off the Rocks is the very definition of gay. But, as our contributors will... More > contend, it's a definition that's not so queer-cut: it can change day to day and vary gay to gay. That's why the authors in this anthology want out. (Of the closet, not this collection.) Their stories and characters divine, refine, and define gay: honest and straightforward, visible but not risible, resolute when others are dissolute, and, as always, Glorious, Liberated, Bodacious, and Tenacious.< Less
ImageOutWrite: Personal Pronouns By Image Out
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ImageOut, New York's longest running LGBTQ film and arts festival, presents ImageOutWrite's third volume of contemporary poetry and prose. In Personal Pronouns writers examine the theme of identity... More > and gender.< Less
Queer Astrology Anthology By Ian Waisler, Rhea Wolf
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This anthology contains lectures from the first Queer Astrology Conference held in July 2013 at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. Astrologers, activists, and members of... More > the queer community gathered to discuss the intersection between astrological practice, queer culture, and gender theory. Gathered here are voices bringing these topics into the light. From the Saturn Return of AIDS to the development of an Earth-based eco-sexuality, these members of the astrological community seek to spark dialogue in order to open the door to more awareness in both astrological circles and the world at large. Join our mailing list at< Less
These Inconvenient Fireworks By MD & EDL
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Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry... More > is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.< Less
Me and You and Daisies By Lily R. Mason
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Maybe 'happily ever afters' don't exist. Maybe they're fragmented and sprinkled throughout our lives to remind us to keep moving forward. Maybe, if we look from the right angle and maneuver the... More > pieces just so, they become a masterpiece we keep adding to until the day we die. Sequel to Taking the Long Way< Less
Taking the Long Way By Lily R. Mason
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One woman's journey towards self-acceptance through love, loss, family, friends, and career.
The Rainbow By Evelyn Deshane
Paperback: $25.99
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Bernard and Thomas return to New Jersey to restart their lives together, only to find that there are many more people who await and welcome their arrival. From Vivian and her teenage daughter... More > Cassandra, Bernard’s brother Marc, his wife Alexa, their entourage of children, and the elusive Jasmine, many more faces arrive and disappear as the two artists search for lost time. They struggle with the world and one another, trying to answer the question: how can we be free if we’re all irrevocably linked? Tout ce qui n'est pas donné est perdu. --- This is the sequel to The Dove Keeper and its follow-up The Epilogue. This is a smaller font version. There is also a two-book set, where the font is larger. Both versions (two book and single book) are the same in content of the story The Rainbow. See for more information.< Less
The Dove Keeper By Evelyn Deshane
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Thomas is a seventeen-year-old who doesn't want to grow up and has little aspirations for anything beyond standing outside the local liquor store and getting drunk. But when he meets Bernard, the old... More > and well known fag artist, he is offered something he cannot turn down. -- The Epilogue follows this book, and there is a sequel, The Rainbow, coming soon. Please see for more details.< Less
The Epilogue By Evelyn Deshane
Paperback: $9.99
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Seven years later, Thomas and Bernard are finally reunited in Paris. This is the Epilogue they have waited for, but the dream they have shared comes in many different forms. From New Jersey to Paris,... More > and then back again, their fairy tale ending becomes a reality. -- This is an added section to the first book, The Dove Keeper. It will be followed by a sequel, The Rainbow. Please see for more details.< Less
Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours By Kevin E. Harrigan and Joel K. Preston
Paperback: $37.45
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In the wake of the May 2008 California Supreme Court decision and prior to the shameful results of the November election on Proposiiton 8, Kevin and Joel were married in Sonoma County, California.... More > Together in a committed partnership for more than 21 years, the celebration acknowledged and cemented the commitment they had made long before. Witnessed by 110 family and friends from around the US, the event is documented in this volume, which includes 217 photos and the text of the ceremony, readings, reflections, and toasts.< Less