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Fabris By Tom Leoni
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Salvator Fabris (1544-1618) was one of the most influential masters of the Italian rapier. His long career culminated with his employment as royal fencing master at the court of the king of Denmark,... More > Christian IV. It was the king himself who also sponsored the printing of his treatise Lo schermo, overo scienza d’arme (on fencing, or knowledge of arms), a lavishly-illustrated manual on the theory and practice of the Italian rapier first published in Copenhagen in 1606. Apart from explaining rapier alone, rapier and dagger and rapier and cape in painstaking detail, the treatise became the basis for a northern German fencing tradition that is documentable until well into the 1800’s. Admired by his contemporaries and celebrated by later fencing masters as “a name of the greatest reputation in our profession,” Fabris has also become a household name in the modern revival of historical martial arts. This book is a fully illustrated reprint of Tom Leoni’s English translation, originally published in 2005.< Less
Texans Always Move Them: By Jeffrey Dixon Murrah
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A history of Texas filled with colorful anecdotes and quotes from famous Texans. It includes expanded coverage of topics most frequently searched for from pre-history through the 21st century noting... More > important Texans and their accomplishments. Besides covering political and military events, this volume also covers Texas art, religion, music and writers. The comprehensive inclusion of these varied disciplines makes this a history book that covers just about every major aspect of how Texans and their State have influenced the world. This volume is sure to provide hours of enjoyable reading and thought provoking conversation.< Less
Claimed by the Sea - Long Island Shipwrecks By Adam Grohman
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Claimed by the Sea - Long Island Shipwrecks - provides an intimate look at eleven shipwrecks and maritime disasters that occurred in the waters of New York and Long Island. Diver, researcher and... More > author Adam Grohman dives into the archives to explore the histories of various wrecks including the Savannah, Lexington, U.S.S. Ohio, Circassian, Seawanhaka, Oregon, Louis V. Place, General Slocum, U.S.S. San Diego, Andrea Doria, and the Gwendoline Steers. The chapters provide an in depth history of the vessel, the circumstances surrounding their eventual demise, and subsequent exploration by divers and explorers. Claimed by the Sea is heavily illustrated and contains extensive footnotes, source listings and several appendices including a glossary of nautical and diving terminology. Claimed by the Sea is an excellent opportunity for armchair historians and seasoned underwater explorers to dip beneath the waves of history to explore the tragedy and triumph of man versus the sea.< Less
Last Of The Mill Creeks and Early Life In Northern California By Simeon Moak
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This book is a scanned reproduction of Sim Moak's original book published in 1923. In it, he provides an account of pioneer life in Northern California, with stories of Indian conflicts, anti-Chinese... More > activities, stagecoach robberies and lynchings. Included is a brief history of the Moak family in Northern California from 1853 to 1928.< Less
Tracking the Storm: Uncovering the Pattern to Great Crisis By Carl E. Creasman Jr.
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Tracking the Storm provides powerful clues about what is coming, rapidly, to the United States. There is little doubt that a storm is approaching the country, the outer edges of the winds already... More > swirling around us. What does that portend for the nation? Through the clues of history, we can find direction and steps to undertake in preparation. Many believe there won't be a storm, or maybe that the worst is over. With history as a guide, Carl E Creasman Jr demonstrates that we haven’t yet even reached the Great Crisis. Gripping and “a scary yet necessary read,” Tracking the Storm moves through the past 400 years of Anglo-American history to illustrate the various clues provided that show the steps to the coming crisis. Carl E Creasman Jr tells the story of political instability, economic distress, rapid technological changes and a growing philosophical divide that challenged previous generations. At the end of each Great Crisis, the nation had been radically changed.< Less
Out of the Trenches - A Soldier's Diary By Lana Lease-Johnston
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A day by day account of my grandfather's life while he was deployed in Europe during World War I, as documented in his daily journal.
Old Scarborough Photo Archive By Joshua Fawcett
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My name is Joshua Fawcett, I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 4. I have always had a keen interest in the local history of my hometown of Scarborough. I hope... More > you enjoy looking at the photos and information in my book as much as I have enjoyed producing it.< Less
Freemasons: Tales From the Craft By Steven L. Harrison
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Freemasonry... "a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols;" and seen by many outside the fraternity to be shielded in mystery and intrigue. Members... More > have been presidents and kings, the famous and infamous, men, and yes, even a few women. Like everyone, they all have stories. Some have lived their lives in the relative obscurity of the workaday world. Others have, in a very real sense, saved the world. In the spectrum in between are a host of experiences and facts reminiscent of the Believe It Or Not series. Inside the covers of this volume you'll learn about the interesting, the unusual and even the strange events that have surrounded Freemasons' lives. Find out: Freemasons: their stories are interesting, sometimes unbelievable, sometimes a little weird, but never dull. Get the full picture in this trip through the tales from the craft.< Less
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This collection of letters were mailed home (Greenville, Ohio) from my grandfather to his brother on the farm from 1917 to 1919. My grandfather served in the US Infantry in the trenches in Europe... More > during World War 1. He was wounded and attacked with gas during his military service. These letters help us to remember the horrific conditions in the trenches and the daily barrages of overhead attack and ground attack that our US troops endured. My grandfather says many times in his letters that he never held onto much hope that he would ever return to the USA again. Although he was able to physically return to the USA, his life was shortened due to his military service.< Less
A Coward's Solace By Cygnet Brown
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A Coward’s Solace is a Historical Christian Romance set at Valley Forge in 1777-1778. A stranger comes into the cabin where Martha Dawson and Phillip and Elizabeth McCray live. This stranger... More > goes by the name Head of Stone and was raised by the Lenape since he was a child. He is on a mission to avenge the death of his Lenape wife-Moshanna. In a twist of fate, new information about Head of Stone’s past comes out and Head of Stone decides to stay with the McCray household for a while. While Head of Stone is there, the ragtag, nearly frozen Continental Army stumbles into the nearby fields and are near starvation. To the north a political power struggle threatens to replace their commanding officer because many think that he is a coward. He has not won a campaign the entire summer of 1777. Hope for their cause is at an all-time low. Something happens on a cold day in February 1778 that changes everything for Head of Stone and this commanding officer, and their lives will never be the same again.< Less
American Hero By Stuart Matranga
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AMERICAN HERO is the history of America like you’ve never learned it before! From First Contact in 1492 to the expansion of the 1890s, this is a comprehensive guide to the founding of the... More > United States. The narrator is an immortal teenager who stands witness to the events that shaped the American Ideal. Unlike most histories, this account includes the voices--their actual words--of those often left out of the story; women, Native Americans, Africans, and other immigrants, as well as fan favorites such as Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, and Teddy Roosevelt. This workbook edition includes thirty short chapters with sections for further research.< Less
The Conklin Mills and Falls LaFayette, NY By J. Roy Dodge
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The Conklin saw and grist mills and the mill house are gone, reclaimed by forest growth. All that remains is the beautiful Conklin Cascades or Falls. Destined to become a New York State park in... More > 1929 and the second failed attempt by Onondaga County Parks in 1962, "the Beauty Spot of Central New York" remained in the hands of multi-party land ownership. This publication is documentation of the Conklin family millers, their businesses, homes, family members and neighbors of "Marionville", later Berwyn, and contains a multitude of rare photographs of this section of Onondaga County in New York.< Less
From Paderewski to Penderecki: The Polish Musician in Philadelphia By Paul Krzywicki
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Extraordinary stories and accomplishments of 170 Polish musicians whose presence in Philadelphia influenced music in America. Paul Krzywicki, a native of Philadelphia, was a member of the... More > Philadelphia Orchestra for thirty-three years, performing in over four thousand concerts, more than 60 recordings and presenting master classes throughout the world. He is currently on the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music. A full biography is in Part I.< Less
Tangled Threads By Dean Johnstone
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This is a 250 page book featuring photos from the Golden Age of Postcards. These photos are from the collection of Dean Johnstone and show a glimpse of the Port Lavaca, Texas area in the years 1904... More > to 1914.< Less
Building the B.M.T.: 36th Street to Ninth Avenue By James Poulos
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This is the story of the construction of one section of the New York subway along 38th Street in Brooklyn from Fourth Avenue to Ninth Avenue. From 1914 to 1915 the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company... More > (BRT), later to become the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corp (BMT), documented the construction progress in a series of photographs. These never before seen pictures as well as excerpts from the Public Service Commission reports tell the story of this short but interesting line.< Less
Seven Mountains To Aratta By B.J. Corbin
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Seven Mountains to Aratta by B.J. Corbin provides evidence that supports Alvand Mountain in Iran as the possible landing site for Noah’s Ark. According to Corbin, Alvand mountain meets the... More > criteria for both the Biblical mountains of Ararat and the mythological Aratta mentioned in Sumerian texts. B.J. Corbin has over 30 years experience searching for Noah’s Ark and has participated in four expeditions to Mount Ararat in Turkey. He is also the primary author of the book The Explorers of Ararat.< Less
North Chatham color By Richard dorsey
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Changes in a Columbia County, NY town over two hundred years with pictures and maps.
Cleared Hot Book Three By FAC ASSOCIATION, Inc.
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This book contains real-life stories submitted by USAF and allied pilots who participated in the Vietnam war as Forward Air Controllers, those who flew with them, those who supported them on the... More > ground, and, in some cases, those on the ground whom they supported. These brave pilots flew small, slow aircraft at low altitudes searching for the enemy and then directed pilots flying ground-attack aircraft onto those targets. Many did not return. They gave all. This book is dedicated to them.< Less
Brooklyn Manhattan Transit: A History as Seen Through the Company's Maps, Guides and Other Documents 1923-1939 By James Poulos
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A history of the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corporation from 1923-1939 as seen through original source documents such as maps, guides and brochures. Includes full color images of every map and... More > service guide issued by the company as well as brochures for all of the experimental cars in its roster. Finally, it includes a map of the BMT trolley and bus routes as well as the service guide the BMT issued for its bus services. The section on trolleys also includes excerpts from the BMT Monthly describing the PCC car. A must-have for anyone interested in the history of the New York Subway System. This book expands upon the first edition, adding information about the subway cars and trolley routes.< Less
Apocalypse of Magdalene and Judas: Everything Church Does Not Want You To Know By Igor Kryan
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Nearly everything we know about the life of Jesus Christ comes from the four Gospels of John, Matthew, Mark and Luke. But just how accurate are these sacred texts, translated several times over and... More > rewritten by Popes, Bishops and Kings? This Gospel is written to establish true historical facts of the Greatest Story of all. It is here not to mock or diminish Jesus, contrary, it shows fact by fact how a mortal man became God worshiped by billions and forever changed our reality. And how this reality was distorted again by all mighty Church and World Elite forcing you to worship Satan everyday without you even realizing it.< Less
Schuften mit den Besiegten: Toiling with the Defeated By Erhard Böttcher, Joachim Reppmann, John D. Barbour
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This book publishes the US diaries of Ian and Deane Barbour, Northfield, MN, who in 1948 participated in summer work camps in Münster and Hamburg. The young couple worked with American, Dutch,... More > and German students to clear rubble from bombed buildings. These Christian groups also sought understanding and reconciliation between former enemies, and experienced moments of great honesty and emotional depth. Toiling with the Defeated (Schuften mit den Besiegten) includes photographs, documents that explain the background of the church work camps. Later, Dr. Ian G. Barbour became famous with his publications about the dialogue of religion and science. In Germany and Europe that summer there were 150 work camps with thousands of student volunteers from many countries. Extensive research about the work camps of 1948 was not successful. We hope that this publication encourages further engagement with these early friendship initiatives. Perhaps descendants of the participants (see appendix 1) own more documents.< Less
Stoltenberg Yearbook 2016 By Joachim Reppmann
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Forty-Eighters, as democratic revolutionaries from the 1848 Revolution in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany, in the USA.
Plymouth Colony Records, Deeds, &c. vol. II, 1651-1668 By Jeremy Bangs
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The book publishes complete transcriptions of Plymouth Colony Records, manuscript Deeds and correspondence recorded by the colony court in the years 1651-1668. This volume continues the series... More > published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1855-1861.< Less
First State Bank 1959 Port Lavaca By Dean Johnstone
Paperback: $16.50
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A historical reprint of a booklet produced in 1959 by The First State Bank of Port Lavaca, Texas (Restored by R. Dean Johnstone and Associates)
The Armenians and the Okhrana, 1907-1915 By Vartkes Yeghiayan
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Though much has been written about the origins and functions of the Okhrana, how exactly did the Russian security services operate? Who belonged to the organization and who were their quarries? With... More > the publication of this volume, Vartkes Yeghiayan provides readers with a glimpse of the apparatus at work. Comprised of more than fifty documents from the Russian archives, the collection he has assembled here finds the imperial security organs in their prime and caught in a struggle that pitted them against the empire’s ethnic Armenian subjects, who, though having lived peacefully under Russian rule for a century, found themselves at odds with its domestic policies. The documents reveal not only the work of the Russian law enforcement and legal bodies, but also the tactics employed by their adversaries. It provides a vivid palette on law, politics, revolution and the dynamic environment Russia, Europe, the Middle East and the Armenians occupied in the years leading up to World War I.< Less