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The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway in Clifton Forge, Virginia By Thomas W. Dixon Jr.
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This booklet portrays the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway at Clifton Forge, Virginia, a site that became important to the railway early in its history and eventually assumed a position... More > as its second most important facility. In 1889 C&O located important shops and yards at Clifton Forge. The yard was expanded in 1923 and reached the height of its importance to C&O. Converted to diesel work and eventually downsized and the shop eventually closed and the yard was downsized as railroading changed it character in the 1970s-2000 era. Clifton Forge is the embodiment of a prototypical American Railroad town, and retains that flavor even today.< Less
AUSTRALIA YEARS The Life of a Nuclear Migrant By P. Anna Johnson
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With the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union at its height, a young couple migrates from Boston to Australia to escape imminent nuclear war. They are surprised to meet many people... More > in Sydney who had moved from North America and Europe for the same reason. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, had migrated to Australia and New Zealand to find shelter. The Australian press refers to them as "nuclear migrants." AUSTRALIA YEARS reveals a creative young woman's search for a meaningful life in an unfamiliar land. Personal events unfold amidst the beauty of the Australian landscape and the historic backdrop of the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the women's liberation movement.< Less
JOSE RIZAL - l’uomo universale By Leszek Szymanski
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JOSE RIZAL - l’uomo universale. His Life (and political & literary background) Essayistic Biography by Leszek Szymanski, Ph. D. (Dr. Leslie Shyman)
Physics at WVU By Arthur Pavlovic
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A history of the Physics Department at West Virginia University: 1896 - 1990.
LAUSD "Celebrate America's Bicentennial" By William Johnston
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Details the Los Angeles Unified School District Bicentennial Program at the Coliseum on May 29, 1976.
Albemarle Opera House By Lewis P. Bramlett
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Located in the city of Albemarle, North Carolina, the Opera House building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building was built in 1907/08 by local Albemarle contractor Locke... More > Anderson Moody and is currently owned by a descendant of the original owners, F.E. Starnes, D.F. Parker and J.C. Parker. The Opera House held performances from 1908 until roughly 1917. There were vaudeville and theatre performances along with circus acts, speakers, graduation ceremonies and many meetings as well. For a couple of years it was even used as a movie theatre.< Less
Herrin Massacre By Scott Doody
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Twenty three men killed in Williamson County and the streets of Herrin, Illinois over a two day killing spree on June 21st and 22nd, 1922. The largest mass murder of non-union labor in the history of... More > America. The event would become known around the world as The Herrin Massacre. Read about the toughest (deadliest) little city in America and the modern day hunt for the massacre victim's lost graves in the potter's field of the Herrin city cemetery. Written by Scott Doody, this four year adventure uncovers the ugly secret of what happens when a town buries their past so deep, it changes their future.< Less
Diserens Migration From Switzerland to Texas By Larry Wade Bowen
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This is the Diserens family's story before and after the migration from Switzerland to Texas. The migration began when Jean (John)David Diserens at the age of eighteen in the year 1814 decided to... More > immigrate to America. Jean traveled with two cousins who were brothers, and all arrived by ship in New York. The cousins migrated to the Cincinnati area. Jean David migrated to the following areas: Greenville County, South Carolina; Barren, Kentucky; Pike, Illinois; and on to South Texas in a covered wagon. It was a difficult journey as they had twin babies born in 1846. They lived through hard times including the Civil War. This book was intended as a genealogical guide of the author's ancestors< Less
4/503 INF By Dick Childs, Jack Tarr
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The soldiers of the 4/503rd Infantry who served in Vietnam from June 1966-June 1967 have compiled a collection of memories and reflections on their time in Vietnam and life since.
Linthicum Vignettes: Tales of a Linthicum Historian By Oscar 'Skip' Booth
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Local historian Oscar 'Skip' Booth spent his life living, working, advocating for and writing about his hometown of Linthicum, Maryland. His "Vignette" series provided some of the only... More > written histories of the small, unincorporated Baltimore suburb. The history local landmarks like Tauber's, Chuck's Drive-In, BWI Airport, and Bruce's Hardware are carefully detailed here. Skip passed away after a short illness in 2014. His commitment to community lives on in the pages of this book.< Less
Capsize of the San Mateo By Herb Eash
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On February 16, 1983 twenty-three middle school children and nine adults ventured out to sea for an ordinary whale watching adventure. As the San Mateo moved harmlessly through the calm harbor waters... More > of Morro Bay. They reached the harbor entrance then suddenly the ocean became violent tossing the boat about. Then striking it with three 30-60 foot waves crushing the small 42 foot vessel into tiny bits.< Less
Pontiac Convertibles 1953-1967 By Don Narus
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An up-close look at Pontiac Convertibles, 1952-1966. From straight Eights to V-8s. From classic sedate cars to muscle cars. Includes: Chieftain, Star Chief, Bonneville, Catalina, Tempest, Le Mans,... More > GTO,Firebird, Grand Prix. Lots of detail, basic spec's and useful information. Great primer, excellent quick reference. Smart addition to your library. Over 200 large B&W photos.< Less
302nd Quartermaster Railhead Company By Priscilla Graham
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The 302nd Quartermaster Railhead Company is a never before seen pictorial history of the African American men who served their country with great distinction, and made valuable contributions to the... More > war efforts during World War II. Over 2.5 million African American men registered for the draft, and large numbers of African American women volunteered to serve in the Army, Army Air Forces, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.< Less
The Locket By Marcos Ornelas
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World War II, Paris, France. A city full of masked horror. A time where feelings were heightened and forbidden. A young woman is introduced to a forbidden soldier, both unaware love would change... More > them in ways they least expected. A locket given to a young girl tells the story of a family struggling through a malevolent time in history. Will love prevail?< Less
How Did We Get Here? By Otis Brown, Jr.
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At one point in time, we saw much progress for Blacks in America, but today that progress has halted. In book 1 of his 2-book series, Otis Brown, Jr analyzes how the state of Black America has become... More > what it is today. He defines and explains 6 of the most pressing issues seen in America's Black communities and offers solutions to each. Brown gives fresh perspective on improving the lives of America's Black youth and reestablishing the family structure. This powerful book lays the framework for restoring the nation's Black communities to prominence.< Less
Birth of Air Force Satellite Reconnaissance: Facts, Recollections and Reflections By Peter Swan, Cathy Swan, Rick Larned
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This history of SAFSP is dedicated to all those men and women who fought the Cold War, in silence – from above. No organization is better at gathering overhead intelligence than the U.S.... More > National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Today’s NRO grew out of 3 organizations: AF, CIA, and Navy. The AF office for satellite reconnaissance was called the Secretary of Air Force's Office of Special Projects [SAFSP]. This monograph describes the birth of Air Force satellite reconnaissance. When SAFSP was created in response to Presidential recognition of a national imperative, 4 tenets captured the sense of urgency: direct access to national leadership, covert management/operations, highest national priority, and rapid procurement. 
 In addition, 3 management principles led to SAFSP’s success over 30+ years of providing reconnaissance intelligence: strong dedication to mission, empowerment at all levels, and reporting by exception.< Less
Memories of Our Hometown Tarrant, AL USA By Ray Songer
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Growing up in a small suburb town where everyone went to church, school and shopped there brings back many memories. These are recounted in this book with 153 pictures, personal testimonies and... More > history of the high school activities.< Less
Saltcoats: An 18th Century Nantucket Cottage By Kate Stout
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In 2016 Saltcoats, a Nantucket cottage tiny in stature but large in history, celebrates its 270th birthday. James Gardner, a hatter, built the half-house, as it is known in 1746 for his bride Judith... More > Folger. He would be dead of consumption within eighteen months but Judith and her family would continue as stewards of the property for ninety years. Judith would remarry, bear ten children and become a leader in the island’s Quaker Meeting. In recognition of her leadership role in eighteenth century Nantucket as well as the publication of this house history, the Nantucket Preservation Trust awarded Saltcoats a commemorative marker.< Less
MCorquodales of Clarke County Alabama PB By Thomas Merrill
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The story of the McCorquodale family in Clarke County, Alabama. Created for Bart McCorquodale, Christmas 2015
The Hay Line By Dave and Rosanna Drinkhouse
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Easton Pennsylvania was the third city in America to gain an electric trolley service. Dave Drinkhouse has compiled this fascinating compilation of press-clippings, postcards, maps and personal... More > stories to preserve the history of the Hay Line for future generations. He was and is deeply impressed by James W. H. Hay, a personal friend, who shared many fascinating stories and facts about the trolleys.< Less
A Fine Day - The Civil War Diary of Captain Emanuel D. Roath, 107th PA Volunteers, 1864 By John P. Mulcahy
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The 1864 Civil War diary of Captain Emanuel D. Roath of the 107th Pennsylvania Regiment with details of combat actions and life in confederate prisons. A vivid, personal record of his role in the... More > 1864 campaign in Virginia with the Army of the Potomac under General U. S. Grant and his months in southern prisons.< Less
My Family in the News By Anne Carmichael
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A collection of 65 newspaper clippings about the Hitz family from 1929 through 1975. Beginning with our father's first grade report to his Veteran's Day article in 1975. There are car accidents,... More > engagements, speeding tickets, awards, birth announcements and much, much more. All chronicled in this little book about our family. Enjoy!< Less
Soros: Quantum of Chaos By Wayne Madsen
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There are real-life James Bond villains in the world who thrive from constant chaos, social upheaval, and armed conflicts. George Soros's Quantum Fund shares more than a name with Ernst Stavro... More > Blofeld's Quantum operation. In a case of life imitating art, Soros is the perfect James Bond nemesis: powerful, ultra-wealthy, and bent on a world re-engineered according to his own desires.< Less
A Stately and Hard-working People By Belinda Black
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I have traced my roots back to a German progenitor through mostly paternal lineage. The result is this little book about the Black family from 1772 to present day.
A History of Monroe 244 A.F. & A.M. 1866 -2016 150 Years By Robert Mullis
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This is a short book exhibiting the last 150 years of history of Monroe 244 A.F. and A.M.