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In the Wake of Lewis and Clark: From the Mountains to the Sea By C. Mark Smith
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This book is designed to help passengers better understand what the Lewis and Clark expedition experienced during those momentous years of 1804–1806, but also to be able to see through vintage... More > photographs and other images what the members of the Corps of Discovery saw before the rivers were changed forever by hydroelectric dams. It affords an opportunity to travel “in the wake of Lewis and Clark.” Leaving St. Louis on May 14, 1804, with thirty-four soldiers, hired voyagers, and Clark’s slave, York, they traveled through the unexplored territory and beyond it, to the Pacific Ocean. Their exploits come alive today as cruise ships travel their route up and down the Snake and Columbia Rivers.< Less
The Assyrians – From Nineveh to Södertälje By Svante Lundgren
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Assyrians have come a long way from Nineveh to Södertälje – both in space and time. This straightforward book recounts the long, dramatic history of the Assyrians: The ancient... More > Assyrian Empire, how the Assyrians became the first nation to adopt Christianity, how they have been persecuted by the Persians, Arabs, Turks and Kurds, and why they left their homeland of Assyria to settle in Södertälje, Chicago, Gütersloh, Sydney, Enschede and Gothenburg. The book deals with the Assyrian language and self-designation, churches and secular organizations, and also attempts to describe why they are split into different groups with varying views of their identity and history. The book is based on modern, scientific research and provides answers to common questions raised by both Assyrians and non-Assyrians regarding one of Sweden’s largest immigrant groups. This book is in English.< Less
Weird Carson City By Sandie La Nae
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Read about curiosities researched from numerous media sources from the mid-1800s into the 21st Century! Let the mysterious thrill and chill you! Get the scoop on notable Carsonites! Laugh at... More > amusing anecdotes! Researched from Historic-Paranormal author, Sandie La Nae and Nevada Historical Society's 'Special Works" historian, Arline La Ferry. This book is thee third in their popular "Weird" volumes, with several other "Weird" books in progress.< Less
The Ranch Memories of Ruth Platt Pickett By Anola Pickett
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When Mama takes a job keeping house for a ranch owner, Ruth and her sister Maude are finally able to live with their mother. They soon learn that ranch life is filled with equal parts of... More > adventure--and misadventure.< Less
The Ministers of Waxhaw Presbyterian Church By S. David Carriker, D. Min.
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A complete description of the 27 pastors of Waxhaw Presbyterian Church in Waxhaw, NC, including two ministers who went out of the church to preach. The time period includes the full life of the... More > church 1888-2016.< Less
50-Year Commemorative Tiptonian By Janis Thornton
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Commemorative book for the 50-year reunion of the Tipton High School Class of 1966, packed with stories, photos, and memories of the members of the class.
The Legacy of Mount Ida By Don Rittner
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Troy New York’s Mount Ida, now Prospect Park, is a relict of the last glacial episode in North America, and has a unique history of private to public ownership during Troy’s 200 years of... More > existence. Named for its Greek forbearer Mount Ida has a commanding view of the Hudson Valley. Overlooking the flood plain of the Hudson River and with a view of 25 miles on a clear day, Mount Ida was the private repose of some of Troy’s earliest settlers including the Wilson Brothers, Samuel and Ebenezer. Samuel went on to become “Uncle” Sam, the nation’s iconic caricature. This book traces the history of Mount Ida from its geological origins to its present condition with a call to restore the park.< Less
Winston Roots, Vol. 4: Early Pioneers and Settlers of an Alabama County By Winston County Genealogical Society
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Winston Roots, Vol. 4 is the latest installment of an ongoing labor of love for the Winston County Genealogical Society for the preservation of our beloved county. It is our goal and desire to... More > insure Winston's pioneers and settlers are remembered and their stories are recorded for future Winston County citizens.< Less
The Rules of Invasion: Why Europeans Naturally Invaded The New World By Mark Hecht
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It has long been believed that the natural environment shapes people and societies. Hecht, a biogeography lecturer at Mount Royal University in Canada, takes us on a tour to explain why Brexit was... More > predictable, European invasion of the New World was inevitable, and America's future is destined to be limited. History and geopolitics have often be explained through the lens of politics and social theory, but 'The Rules of Invasion' brings a fresh new perspective: if you want to know why something happened in the past or what will happen in the future, look to patterns in the natural environment.< Less
Portraits of Early Sonoma County Settlers By Sonoma County Genealogical Society
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Portraits of Early Sonoma County Settlers is the narrative history of sixteen early settlers in the area which is now Sonoma County, California. A number of these persons arrived before California... More > became a state in 1850. A number of them were lured here by the Gold Rush of 1849. They engaged in wide and diverse activities. Several were directly or indirectly involved in the settlement and development of new towns in the area. Others contributed to the development of agriculture, schools, and religion. Some of them had to deal with the Mexican Government and the ranchos in early Alta California. Overall it gives a good picture of what the area was like as it moved towards and became a part of the United States of America.< Less
Touching Dirt V. 1 By Glenda Garrelts Mattes
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A family history discovering the origins, stories, descendants and siblings of Jans Garrelts and Christina Hagen of Ostfriesland, George Milton of Banffshire, Scotland; Evan Nightingale, Ann Killin,... More > David Williams and Elizabeth Nightingale of Cardiganshire, Wales.< Less
The Jewish Mafia By Carlos Porter, Hervé Ryssen
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FRONT COVER Top: Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, gangster, responsible, as head of “Murder Inc.”, for up to 700 contract killings. Highest-ranking mobster ever to die in the... More > electric chair. Crude; lacks refinement. Bottom: Russian-Jewish “gangster capitalists” Vladimir Gusinsky (left) and Boris Berezovsky (right) drink to the “free market” (an economic fad) after scooping up trillions of dollars worth of natural resources for pennies on the dollar in crooked “privatization” schemes with copious assistance from Chechen gunmen and assassins, destroying the economy of the country, reducing over a hundred million people to abject poverty, with a crash in the birth rate, mass homelessness, hundreds of thousands of suicides, murders, “disappearances” and premature deaths through malnutrition and alcohol poisoning. Much better.< Less
Drumheller Ghost Walk By Lothar Malmberg
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Stories about the Historical, Seedy and Ghostly town of Drumheller.
The Danish West Indies In Black and White By Enrique Corneiro
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The Danish West Indies in Black and White uses 275 black and white postcard images from between 1880 and 1940 to tell the story of the people, places and events that helped to transform the Danish... More > West Indies into the U.S. Virgin Islands.< Less
The History & Material Culture Of The Muscogee Creek In Alabama and Georgia By Lloyd E. Schroder
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In his current work, The History & Material Culture of the Muscogee Creek in Alabama and Georgia, Lloyd has built on earlier studies of the ceramic art of the Upper Creek people along the Alabama... More > and Tallapoosa rivers and their Lower Creek relatives in southern and central Georgia. The study demonstrate the heritage of Creek design and its development through the early 19th century as it adapted during the period of European fur trade and influence. The understanding of Muscogee Creek history and culture is further aided through Lloyd’s study of a Creek home site at the Johnson County Landing in Johnson County, Georgia.< Less
The Conklin Mills and Falls LaFayette, NY By J. Roy Dodge
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The Conklin saw and grist mills and the mill house are gone, reclaimed by forest growth. All that remains is the beautiful Conklin Cascades or Falls. Destined to become a New York State park in... More > 1929 and the second failed attempt by Onondaga County Parks in 1962, "the Beauty Spot of Central New York" remained in the hands of multi-party land ownership. This publication is documentation of the Conklin family millers, their businesses, homes, family members and neighbors of "Marionville", later Berwyn, and contains a multitude of rare photographs of this section of Onondaga County in New York.< Less
Alcoholics Anonymous and the Rockefeller Connection: How John D. Rockefeller Jr. and his Associates Saved AA By Jay D. Moore
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This book straddles the divide between personal story and period history. In his finely researched account, Jay D. Moore follows the life of a driven, genius stock analyst brought to the brink of... More > insanity by alcohol. A second thread traces the story of a physician humbled and bewildered by the same struggle. Finally, the story traverses the path through life of an unimaginably wealthy man, telling how he decides to use his treasure to benefit others. It has been said that there are no new ideas, only history we have not yet learned. No new ideas were brought to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, for everything the co-founders and early members did had been done before. What they managed to change, however, was to stick to their knitting. The facts presented here help separate the truth from legend, as the story of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Rockefeller connection is presented with more depth and analysis than has been brought to the subject before.< Less
Hiram Wilson - His Letters - Original Documents By Daniel Wilson
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This book contains images of the original letters written by Hiram Wilson to his wife and family. It is intended as the 2nd book in this series to compliment the book with the transcriptions of his... More > letters.< Less
Duty Calls at Home: Central Pennsylvania Responds to the Great War, 1914-1918 By Peter Miele et al.
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This collection of essays examines the impact that the United States entry into WWI had on the people and communities of Central Pennsylvania. The authors in this collection explored how the... More > national events precipitated by American entry into the First World War in April 1917 transformed the institutions and day-to-day life of the men, women, and children living in communities in Central Pennsylvania. Some of the topics explored include WWI’s impact on educational institutions (including local universities, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, and private preparatory schools), the National Guard, the Red Cross, Camp Colt in Gettysburg, conservation efforts, and photojournalism. The narratives included connect these topics to life in Adams, Franklin, and Cumberland Counties, as well as more in depth explorations of activities in Harrisburg, Carlisle, and Gettysburg.< Less
The History of the Desloge Family in America By Christopher Desloge
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The Desloge family in America is known as a great industrialist, philanthropic, religious and naturalist family spanning 200 years in America and is one of the oldest French families in Missouri and... More > St. Louis. It has taken the vital force and verve of great families to build great business in America; and build a country of increasing middle-class consumers as well. Tycoons like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim, Gould and Morgan – greats of the gilded age have made a real impression on industry and the increase in the human condition from those industries. Other families have made their mark in much the same way – such as Kellogg and Wrigley. Steel, railroads, finance, cereal, chewing gum. In lead, the name is Desloge. Starting with entrepreneurial zeal by wildcatting in mining in Missouri and also in the California Gold Rush, among these famous names, the Desloge family became - and today represents - industrial and social titans in Missouri and American history.< Less
The Rustics By Claude Newland
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"The Rustics-A Top Secret Air War in Cambodia" is the complete history of the Rustic Forward Air Controllers (1970-1973) and their fight to save Cambodia from the communist NVA and Khmere... More > Rouge insurgents during the Southeast Asia war. Their very existence was a closely held secret during the initial phases of their work, and by the time hostilities were terminated on August 15, 1973, they had flown countless mission hours, controlled thousands of aerial bombardments of the enemy’s forces, endured major threats to their safety, and were hailed as saviors by loyal Cambodian forces. Some died in battle, and many of those who survived have included their personal accounts in the book.< Less
A Walk Into Interesting Times By Anne O'Rourke
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The stories in this book take place from the perspective of a young girl who grew up in Germany during the second world war, as remembered by her older self. Anne O'Rourke lived under the regimes of... More > Hitler and then Stalin before escaping Stalin's rule in East Berlin. She moved with her family as a refugee to West Berlin and finally left Germany altogether to start a new life in Canada. Through the war years, protected as much as possible by her family, she tackled disruptions and disappointments with a child-like resilience that she has never lost.< Less
But for the Grace of God By Peter G. Cranford
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A scholarly yet absorbing history of one of the best, worst, and largest insane asylums in the world.
The "Virginia Creeper": Remembering the Virginia-Carolina Railway By Doug McGuinn
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THE “VIRGINIA CREEPER”: REMEMBERING THE VIRGINIA–CAROLINA RAILWAY is a history of the “Virginia Creeper” train, whose route, in its heyday, ran from Abingdon, Virginia,... More > to Elkland (present-day Todd), North Carolina, a distance of 76.5 miles ( its route was officially known as the Abingdon Branch of the Norfolk & Western Railway). However, in 1933, the 20.5-mile section that stretched from Elkland to West Jefferson, North Carolina, was abandoned. One of the last steam trains in America, the “Virginia Creeper” wasn’t “dieselized” until 1957. Passenger and mail services were discontinued in 1962. The remainder of the route, from Abingdon to West Jefferson, was abandoned in 1977. Now, the Virginia section of the former Virginia–Carolina Railway’s roadbed is the Virginia Creeper Trail, a well-used (and very scenic) hiking/biking/horseback-riding trail.< Less
Green Gold: The Story of the Hassinger Lumber Company of Konnarock, Virginia By Doug McGuinn
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In 1904, when the Hassinger brothers came from the Penn. county of Forest to the Va. county of Washington with the idea of continuing their father’s lumber business, they liked what they saw:... More > thousands of acres of virgin forest. Two years later, they built a sawmill and a town to support its workers, called Konnarock in Washington County. In less than ten years, the Hassinger Lumber Company was employing over 400 workers, had laid down over 75 miles of railroad track, had built 20 logging camps, and was sawing almost 60,000 board feet of lumber per day. Not only did the Hassinger Lumber Company cut timber in Washington County, Virginia, it also did extensive timbering in neighboring Ashe County, North Carolina, and also sawed timber cut in Watauga County, North Carolina, when the Deep Gap Tie and Lumber Company, located in the Watauga County village of Deep Gap, bought the Hassinger Lumber Company’s Shay locomotive No. 3, sending its logs to the Hassinger sawmill in Konnarock.< Less