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The Founding Families of Craftsbury, Vermont By Betty Post
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The relationships among the founding families of a small town in Vermont.
Courage and Compassion By Judith Chalmers
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On September 12th 2001 Judith Chalmers joined the thousands of volunteers in Manhattan working night and day to support the rescue and relief operation after the attack on the Twin Towers. In this... More > moving and beautifully illustrated book, Judith captures the spirit of those challenging and dreadful times. This volume contains unique copies of letters sent by children all over USA to encourage and sustain those striving to bring order out of chaos in the grim aftermath of 9/11 at Ground Zero.< Less
Slave Wives of Nehalem By Garry Gitzen
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Indian Stories from Nehalem Valley, Oregon. Originally published in 1933.
Intelligence Thoughts: Afghanistan and Iran By Howard P. Hart
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Howard P. Hart, retired CIA Clandestine Services Officer, addresses the issues of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan from May 2009 to May 2010 from an intelligence perspective. This selection of his... More > thoughts and comments appeared on his blog, Intelligence Thoughts.< Less
Life Along the Middle Broad River By Patti Evans-Shumate & Rebecca Bruce
Paperback: $5.59
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A story of the families that and settlements that occupied the area now known as the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area near Toccoa GA, before it was 'purchased' by the US government in the 1930's.
San Benito Lodge By Joseph Felice
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140th Anniversary of San Benito Lodge. The San Benito Lodge No. 211, a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, that sits as the cornerstone of Hollister, reminds us of the past and the time when a new... More > community was born.< Less
Charles E. Taylor, 1868-1956: The Wright Brothers Mechanician By Howard DuFour, Peter Unitt
Paperback: $30.00
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This biography details the life of the unsung hero who built the engine powering the Wright brothers' successful 1903 Flyer. His lifetime spanned the advent of 2,800 horsepower radials, rocket and... More > jet engines, two World Wars, and supersonic flight.< Less
American POW Stories By Scheer Sengupta
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POW Stories is a collection of remarkable stories told by men who were once POWs in Germany. Some were in the US Army, others in the United States Army Air Force. This latest revision has real-life... More > stories by Fred Scheer, James Golden, Les Schrenk and many others. All were POWs in Germany during WWII. Jim was a Mustang pilot who was the last Allied pilot shot down on D-Day. Fred escaped twice and was recaptured. He made it out for good on his third escape. And Les survived the brutal German Death March. POW Stories includes many other exhilarating, astonishing and poignant real stories. 35 photos and maps.< Less
Seven Generations - Ancestors of the Present Day Lumbee By Kelvin Ray Oxendine
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Discover "Who's Your People" with this collection of historic photographs featuring the ancestors of the present-day members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. A perfect tool for the... More > Lumbee and Tuscarora Indians of Robeson County to learn about their ancestors.< Less
Hiram Wilson - His life and letters written during the Civil War - r2 By Daniel Wilson
Paperback: $5.73
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Hiram Wilson of the 93rd NY Volunteers in the Civil War wrote 83 letters home to his wife and family. The letters were saved and are now the basis for this book. In addition, researchers found out... More > much more about Hiram, including his relationship to Sol and Ann Northup of "Twelve Years a Slave" - an immensely personal account of this man's service in the war, and love to his family and country.< Less
Monastery Prisons By Daniel H. Shubin
Paperback: $16.00
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Little is known regarding prisons located inside Russian Orthodox monasteries for the incarceration and persecution of religious dissenters and sectarians, political activists, and criminals. This... More > book focuses on the history of such prisons and the lives of the inmates subject to monastery incarceration by Imperial Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. The period covered begins 1441, and ends 1905. Likewise included are the women incarcerated in convents over the same period. This is a part of history that is unknown to the non-Russian speaking world, and which the author hopes to unveil. This book deals with the fate of those known as monastery prisoners, those individuals having the misfortune due to violations against Orthodoxy, or against Imperial Russia, to be incarcerated in a monastery prison. Daniel H Shubin has written several books on history, philosophy and religion of Russia.< Less
DATSUN 240Z Engineering Development By Hitoshi Uemura
Paperback: $12.95
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Mr. Hitoshi Uemura, Principle Design Engineer for Nissan Motors, Vehicle Development Department, tells how the Engineering Development of one of the worlds best Sports Cars was carried out between... More > 1966 and 1969. Because several books have been published most Datsun 240Z enthusiasts are well aware of how the Styling and Marketing Departments brought the Z Car to market. However not many people have been able to see behind the scenes - into the Engineering Development that really brought the Z Car to life. In this book you will see how and why many of the Engineering Design Alternatives and Decisions were arrived at over the course of the development process. You will also get to know more of the key people involved. In the end it is hoped that you will have an even greater appreciation for what talent and effort went into the making of the Datsun 240Z.< Less
The Assyrians – From Nineveh to Södertälje By Svante Lundgren
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Assyrians have come a long way from Nineveh to Södertälje – both in space and time. This straightforward book recounts the long, dramatic history of the Assyrians: The ancient... More > Assyrian Empire, how the Assyrians became the first nation to adopt Christianity, how they have been persecuted by the Persians, Arabs, Turks and Kurds, and why they left their homeland of Assyria to settle in Södertälje, Chicago, Gütersloh, Sydney, Enschede and Gothenburg. The book deals with the Assyrian language and self-designation, churches and secular organizations, and also attempts to describe why they are split into different groups with varying views of their identity and history. The book is based on modern, scientific research and provides answers to common questions raised by both Assyrians and non-Assyrians regarding one of Sweden’s largest immigrant groups. This book is in English.< Less
Memories of Harriet Tubman By Jean James
Paperback: $31.60
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This is a collection of pictures from years that Tubman was open. It closed with the end of segregation in Howard County,Maryland.
Chrysler Hardtops 1950-1965 By Don Narus
Paperback: $22.95
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Covers Chrysler Hardtops 1950-1965 all models, Windsor, New Yorker, Newport, Saratoga, 300 letter series, Nassau, St.Regis, Southampton. Includes Concept cars and Imperial. Over 200 large detailed... More > B&W photos. Makes for a useful primer and quick reference guide. 8-1/2 x 11, soft cover.< Less
The Bad War: The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2 By M S King
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BANNED BY AMAZON! 316 pages / 600 images / 8.5 x 11 After two years of strong sales, Amazon finally caved into pressure and BANNED this book. Why? During the decades which have passed since the... More > end of the grand history-altering event known as World War II (aka “The Good War”), only one narrative of the conflict has been heard. It is a story which has been scripted by the victors and POUNDED into the minds of subsequent generations. Every medium of indoctrination has been harnessed to this end. You know the lyrics: “Germany, Italy & Japan tried to enslave the planet. The “good guys” of the “world community” banded together and saved the world.” Because the moronic mantra is never questioned, the public mind quite assumes it to be an indisputable truth, on par with 2 + 2 = 4. That's difference between mythology and an ordinary lie. Can you handle the truth that "they" don't want you to know about?< Less
50 Reasons: Copernicus Or The Bible By F. E. Pasche
Paperback: $20.00
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The modern reproduction of 50 Reasons: Copernicus Versus the Bible first published in 1915 by F.E. Pasche. Similar to William Carpenter's 100 Proofs the Earth Is Not A Globe, the author presents 50... More > practical observable reasons for doubting the premise of the Darwinian heliocentric worldview, perpetuated and propagated as truth for now over half a millennia. "The author of this booklet has risked a tilt with Science. That is a venturesome undertaking in these days of ours where Science reigns supreme, a veritable goddess before whom millions of faithful worshippers bow their heads in childlike trust. Whoever dares to touch this beloved and admired idol with an unfriendly hand, with the nefarious purpose of exhibiting its brazen worthlessness, must expect to be caught up in the vortex of a crushing whirlwind of fanatical vituperation. For Science with its high priests and devotees is intolerant to the last degree."< Less
Harriet Tubman High School Through the Years Part Two By Jean Smith James
Paperback: $28.70
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Part two of the journey through yearbooks of Tubmanites in Howard County,Maryland
Harriet Tubman High School Through the Years Part One By Jean Smith James
Paperback: $21.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Part one of The complete history in yearbooks of the journey of Tubman students
Assyria and the Paris Peace Conference By Abraham K. Yoosuf
Paperback: $29.99
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This book collects the known writings of the late Dr. Abraham K. Yoosuf (1866–1924). Despite his short lifetime (58 years), Dr. Yoosuf managed to accomplish many things. He is best known for... More > his work as Assyrian delegate at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919–1920, where he fought for the rights of the Assyrians and their right to self-determination of Assyria.< Less
Juggling, The Past and Future By Karl-Heinz Ziethen
Hardcover: $197.00
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Karl-Heinz Ziethen’s long awaited book "Juggling - The Past and Future" is a new, extended edition of his previous double volume masterpiece "4,000 Years of Juggling ".... More > This book reveals the intricacies hidden inside the entire history of juggling with startling detail. Beginning with the earliest traces of the genre in the ancient Egyptian tombs at Beni Hasan (1994 B.C.E.), and stretching all the way to modern artists and current innovations, this is the most complete work ever published on the subject to date. Spread across 589 pages, there are 1063 archival photos, drawing directly from the author’s personal collection. The Berlin native Karl-Heinz Ziethen has been an avid juggling enthusiast, historian, and author. His 13 prior publications about juggling have brought him global fame and respect as the world's foremost juggling historian. ISBN number of this book is 978-90-821676-4-1< Less
The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker By Augin Kurt Haninke
Paperback: $24.99
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The Heirs of Patriarch Shaker concerns Assyrian prelates who have opposed and damaged the Assyrian national identity over the last hundred years. The author has examined rare documents and presents... More > a unique study, focusing on four Syrian Orthodox patriarchs. The book starts with Patriarch Elias III Shaker, known as the Church leader who renounced any minority rights for his community. In contrast to these religious leaders, we find the struggle of the secular Assyrian national movement, which endeavored to unite its divided nation in order to save it from assimilation and annihilation. The successor of Patriarch Shaker, Afrem I Barsom, became an enemy of Assyrian intellectuals and patriots such as Farid Elias Nozha and Hanna Abdelke. Today, Assyrian ecclesiastical leaders still interfere in politics, thus making it difficult for secular Assyrian political parties to operate effectively. Augin Kurt Haninke is an Assyrian journalist and author.< Less
Calvary United Methodist Church 100th Year Anniversary By Gary Dyson
Paperback: $10.00
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The purpose of this book has been to provide a history of what has now become known as Calvary United Methodist Church (CUMC) in Mount Airy, Maryland. That is, this history attempts to remember the... More > history of CUMC from its origins within the town limits of Mount Airy. Methodists in Mount Airy did go to church before an actual church building was ever constructed here; they just had to walk, ride, or take a carriage a few miles west to Prospect Chapel for worship. You’ll also find some history about Trinity Methodist Episcopal, South, which in 1940 merged with Calvary Methodist Episcopal to become Calvary Methodist Church after these two denominations (along with the Methodist Protestant Church) came together in 1939. This project has been timed to commemorate in particular the dedication of the building and first services at what we know today as Calvary United Methodist Church on South Main Street.< Less
A Working Man By Arthur nichols
Hardcover: $16.83
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Life of an American working man from WWI to 1941. Machinist, warrant officer, salesman, speakeasies, in NOLA and Boston area
Independent Sports Cars By Don Narus
Paperback: $18.95
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Covers AMX, Avanti, Crosley Hot Shot, Kaiser Darrin, DeLorean DMC, Hudson Italia, AMC Javelin, Nash-Healey and Packard and Studebaker Hawk. Excellant primer and reference Gudie. Over 150 Large... More > B&W photos. Details and basic specs. Historic text.< Less