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Freemasons: Tales From the Craft By Steven L. Harrison
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Freemasonry... "a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols;" and seen by many outside the fraternity to be shielded in mystery and intrigue. Members... More > have been presidents and kings, the famous and infamous, men, and yes, even a few women. Like everyone, they all have stories. Some have lived their lives in the relative obscurity of the workaday world. Others have, in a very real sense, saved the world. In the spectrum in between are a host of experiences and facts reminiscent of the Believe It Or Not series. Inside the covers of this volume you'll learn about the interesting, the unusual and even the strange events that have surrounded Freemasons' lives. Find out: Freemasons: their stories are interesting, sometimes unbelievable, sometimes a little weird, but never dull. Get the full picture in this trip through the tales from the craft.< Less
Fayette County Medicine: A History of Quality Health Care in Rural Alabama By Harold Reed
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When B. W. McNease arrived in Fayette on June 24, 1926, he was soon called the Fayette's father of modern medicine. As he began his private practice, he made significant improvements in the quality... More > of health care available at that time. Later, the addition of the McNease-Robertson-Hodo clinic-hospital expanded and improved greatly health care services in Fayette County. Fayette has always had exceptional, very passionate health care professionals who were dedicated to their professions, and, due to their commitment, Fayette has had constant growth in facilities and improvement of health care services.< Less
Reports to the Homefront By Regina Daly
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This booklet is a condensed version of a weekly column printed in the Catskill Daily Mail and The Windham Journal. Its purpose is to tell the story of what citizens like you were reading in local... More > papers during those trying times from January 1864 - April 1865 of the American Civil War.< Less
O Generous Southern Hospitality By John P. Gurnish
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History of Franklin S. Case , officer in the 2nd Ohio Cavalry during the Civil War. Surviving five different Confederate prisons with excerpts from his diary.
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History book covering Skiatook and the surrounding area. Includes hundreds of pictures and detailed family, church and business histories found nowhere else. Published by the Skiatook Museum.
We Are The Dorés By Ronald Dore
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Henry and Mathelia Dore' family stories and history from the perspective of their children
A Missing Genocide and the Demonization of its Heroes By Tom Swanky
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Based in part on its University of Victoria originated website “Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War,” the Great Unsolved Mysteries project won the 2008 Governor General's Award for... More > popularizing Canadian history and a MERLOT award from the California State University project on Multimedia Education Resources for Learning and Online Teaching. It is disappointing, then, to find that “Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War” makes no attempt at balance, objectivity or accuracy. Instead, it flagrantly disrespects the Tsilhqot'in perspective and buries its few Tsilhqot'in selections under a disproportionate barrage of unimportant detail. Just as astounding, as this Review documents at length, the website disregards any standard of care for accuracy from even the written record. Does the acclaim given this flawed production reflect a willingness of academics to abandon all discipline on the Internet, or does it reflect an anti-­indigenous colonial legacy still alive and well at Canadian universities?< Less
Chilton's Challenge PLAYBILL By Susan Scott Battles Brown, M.F.A., James B. Battles, Ph.D.
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Chilton’s Challenge tells the story of one of the Mayflower passenger James Chilton and his daughter Mary Chilton who arrived in America in 1620 to established Plymouth Colony Challenge is in... More > two parts with James Chilton telling how he came to the shores of Cape Cod. The challenge of his life represents that of many of our pilgrim fathers and explains how and why he left the comfort of his home in Leiden in the Netherlands for the wilderness that was America. Giving a voice to James’ story is a way to make him come alive again.< Less
Republic in Black & White By Sandra Sweetman
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People and places in Republic, Washington. A photographic record of the years 2011 and 2012.
The Wreck of the Washoe By Nancy Weaver Teichert
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The wreck of the steamer Washoe was the worst maritime disaster on the Sacramento River. The dreadful catastrophe occurred on the evening of September 5th, 1864. The scene of the wreck was horrific,... More > littered with the dead, injured and dying. The citizens of Sacramento were ill prepared for the deluge of wounded who arrived in their city during the pre-dawn hours of September 6th. The community faced the horror of the disaster with strength, charity and perseverance as told in this gripping true story of a 19th century tragedy on the Sacramento River.< Less
Prophet Noble Drew Ali: Saviour of Humanity By Azeem Hopkins-Bey
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Prophet Noble Drew Ali: Saviour of Humanity is the first book about the life of Noble Drew Ali written from an insider of the Moorish movement, providing documentation not yet seen by the public eye.... More > This is arguably the greatest and most comprehensive work on the founder of the Moorish movement in America. The author meticulously and responsibly immerses the reader into the life and labor of the Moorish American Prophet, giving an accurate, detailed, and intimate view of the scope and breadth of his work. The book is a treasure for Moorish Americans and researchers alike.< Less
The Book of Iowa Films By Marty Knepper, John Lawrence
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This is the first comprehensive history of films made in or about Iowa. It reflects some twenty years of collecting, lecturing, and talking with some of Iowa's current generation of independent... More > filmmakers. It covers the span from 1918 to 2013 and gives important background information on dozens of high profile films such as the STATE FAIR films of 1933 and 1945, THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, FIELD OF DREAMS, and many others. It is designed as a companion for the State Historical Society's blockbuster "Hollywood in the Heartland" exhibition in Des Moines that is scheduled to run at least through 2016. The book has an interpretive essay covering the entire history as well as paragraph length descriptions of each film. A user-friendly feature is the Index of Films, which makes it easy to locate discussions of individual films. Marty Knepper is a featured commentator on video screens in the "Hollywood in the Heartland" exhibition.< Less
Shawmut Alabama: My Hometown By James Grover Leak
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"Shawmut Alabama: My Hometown" (over 600 pages) is the 4th in a series about the mill villages that are now incorporated as Valley, Alabama. Each of these towns grew up around one of the... More > textile mills of the West Point Manufacturing Company. Previously published books (available through LuLu) include "RiverView Alabama: My Hometown", "Fairfax Alabama: My Hometown" "Langdale Alabama: My Hometown" and now "Shawmut Alabama: My Hometown.< Less
Ravenna, Kentucky - Volume One By Jerry G. Rose
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History of Ravenna, Kentucky and Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Ravenna, Kentucky - Volume Two By Jerry G. Rose
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History of Ravenna, Kentucky and Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Common Sense: A Book for Conservatives & Liberals & Moderates to Unite for an Even Better America By an Oregonian physician
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There's an international rating of countries by how corrupt they are, called the Corruptions Perceptions Index—from least corrupt at #1 to most corrupt at #175. The USA is #19 from least... More > corrupt—tied with Uruguay. Not bad maybe, but we can do better. The reason we're not higher is how much special interests control our government. This book suggests some reforms to discuss and consider to end corruption, such as proportional representation, public campaign financing, term limits, ranked-choice and “none of the above” voting, and combining these with a long-term federal balanced budget and just and fair and simple taxation. Many of these require Constitutional Amendments. But Congress proposes Amendments, and the incumbents in Congress are unlikely to propose these reforms, because they would change how the people in Congress become incumbents in the first place. However, our Founding Framers gave us a solution for just this problem: the states calling an Article V Convention to Propose Amendments.< Less
The Long Road to Freedom: The Story of the Enslaved Polley Children By James L. Hale
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The intriguing story of the Polley family. After being emancipated, Douglas and Peyton Polley worked tirelessly to purchase their families freedom. They moved to the free state of Ohio, the promised... More > land; only to be kidnapped and resold into bondage. Thus started the saga of the longest running slave trial in United States history.< Less
Swagger Nation: Sports, Politics, Mind Control, Conspiracy Theories, Racism, DNA Manipulation, Government Takeover & Survival Tactics By Damon J. Smith
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Swagger Nation highlights the hypocrisy in pop culture, the political power structure, the benefits of privilege, the underlying agenda behind the mega dollar sports world, and a society that claims... More > to be past systematic racism. Swagger Nation will jump start your mind if you've been asleep, and validate all you've known if you've felt like an alien in this new world we live in. Break the hypnotic trance and mind control that is so common in this world. Swagger Nation arrives just as we are facing political lies, mind control by way of TV and mind altering foods and a Government Takeover that is happening in clear view for all to see.< Less
Old Scarborough Photo Archive By Joshua Fawcett
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My name is Joshua Fawcett, I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 4. I have always had a keen interest in the local history of my hometown of Scarborough. I hope... More > you enjoy looking at the photos and information in my book as much as I have enjoyed producing it.< Less
The Hampden Railroad -- The Greatest Railroad that Never Ran By Philip E Johnson
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In the early 1980’s, I discovered a bridge on the Central Mass branch in Bondsville. This began my investigation as to why the bridge was there, and what ran underneath. This discovery led me... More > to a railroad lost in the woods, with little written history. I also found a carved stone marker with B82 telling all that Boston is 82 miles from that point on the Hampden. This is the Hampden Railroad’s story. Trains were the major modern means of transportation in the 1910’s. Three men decided to make money in the towns between East Springfield and Palmer, Massachusetts. J.P. Morgan of New York decided to make money by lending money to the venture, Charles Mellen of New Haven, Connecticut wanted to make money by connecting his railroads to the Hampden. In addition, Ralph Gillett of Westfield, Massachusetts wanted to make money by using his company the Woronoco Construction Company to build the fourteen-mile Hampden Railroad at a cost of $4 million.< Less
The Bluffton Expedition: The Burning of Bluffton, South Carolina, During the Civil War By Jeff Fulgham
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JUNE 4, 1863... As the sun began to set below the horizon across the May River estuary, smoke clouds still billowed from the burning homes and buildings of the town; when it rose on the morning of... More > June 5, it was evident that Bluffton's antebellum way of life had vanished forever. Perhaps in an omen of what was to come for the South, the burning of Bluffton, South Carolina, in 1863 was a prelude to the farewell of the Southern plantation era and of the institution of slavery. In the years leading up to the Civil War, Bluffton had gained national prominence as a hotbed of secessionist activity. The Bluffton Movement was sparked during a fiery political gathering held under a sprawling and magnificent live oak now referred to as the Secession Oak. The movement generated a dangerous whirlwind of political rhetoric that only war and devastation would silence. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeff Fulgham has served in operations Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.< Less
Atlanta History for Cocktail Parties By James Ottley
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A synopsis of some of the more unique, interesting and humorous events and facts from Volume I of Franklin Garrett's comprehensive history of Atlanta, Atlanta and Its Environs. Atlanta History for... More > Cocktail Parties hopes to engender an interest in Mr. Garrett's work by appealing to those with perhaps a more casual interest in Atlanta history. Atlanta History for Cocktail Parties is a great resource for those with an interest in Atlanta History who could, from time to time, benefit from a few talking points while waiting in line at the cash bar.< Less
American Cultures: Readings in Social and Cultural History By Al Smith
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This social & cultural history anthology is linked to an introductory body of theory on social and cultural methodology. It is a course text or an adjunct text for community college level... More > investigation on how culture and society interact to form North American history. It is also a foundation for discourse on social justice, activism, and human rights.< Less
The Ideal Suburb: Haddon Heights Remembered By Jodi Clark, Jack Witzig
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Memories and history of the development of Haddon Heights, New Jersey focusing on 1900-1940, and including the town's 2004 centennial celebration. Over 250 photographs of residents, businesses, and... More > organizations bring the town's history to life. Fully indexed.< Less
Disease, Starvation & Death: Personal Accounts of Camp Lawton By William Giles
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Camp Lawton was the largest prisoner of war camp constructed during the American Civil War. Built to replace Andersonville, at 42 acres it was almost twice the size of that more notorious prison.... More > Confederate plans called for Camp Lawton to house up to 40,000 Union prisoners. Only just over 10,000 prisoners were captive there when Sherman’s March to the Sea forced its evacuation. This book is the only work ever published which focuses entirely on Camp Lawton. It contains over a dozen eyewitness accounts, most of them long out of print, by Union soldiers held prisoner there. It also includes a short overview of the history of Camp Lawton and the “Roll of Honor”, “names of the soldiers removed from Lawton National Cemetery to Beaufort National Cemetery.” Camp Lawton is now on the site of Magnolia Springs State Park, where the editor is employed. For more information on Camp Lawton or Magnolia Springs State Park please visit or call 478-982-1660.< Less