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Glorious To View By Jane Ball
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The history of Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio. One of the historic Black colleges in the US. Covers from pre-Civil War to the present with many photos.
The Bone Yard By James F. Christ
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On October 12, 2003, five US National Guardsmen working with the Afghan National Army are ambushed at a remote, former Soviet tank park called "The Bone Yard". Outnumber over 10 to 1, they... More > must hold on until help arrives...but when it does, only six soldiers appear. With their commander shot six times but still fighting, the eleven man force must hold out for over an hour, almost out of ammunition, before a Quick Relief Force arrives to assist them.< Less
How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers By Lisa Louise Cooke
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This book gives you a proven newspaper research process, and is stuffed with everything you need for genealogical success: Step-by-Step Instructions, Worksheets and Checklists, Tons of Online... More > Resources and Websites,A Case Study that Puts It All to the Test. "Read it. Study it. Absorb it. But above all, use Lisa Louise Cooke’s new book as the guide and instructional tool that it is meant to be. As a veteran of research and libraries, I found all sorts of nuggets and new resources. Beginners will find an embarrassment of riches, including an impressive appendix with a comprehensive list of online routes to national, international and local newspapers. This is as close as you’ll get to one-stop shopping for learning about historical newspaper research." --Steve Luxenberg, Washington Post associate editor and author of Annie’s Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret< Less
The Profe Files: Social Psychological Perspectives on Power, Pluralism, and Chicano Identity By Albert Ramirez
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A dialogue between two persons, Henry, a college student and Profe, a social psychologist at the University of Colorado. Profe utilizes the experiences of the Chicano students and faculty at the... More > University to demonstrate the impact that these experiences had on his own professional development. As a result of these experiences, Profe begins to explore the issues of power and pluralism.< Less
NAS Fort Lauderdale By Minerva Bloom
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Experience History! Concise reference Booklet for history enthusiasts! Serving as one among 257 air stations during World War II the NAS Fort Lauderdale made a big impact on the South Florida region,... More > and the United States as a whole. Thousands of American and British men who went off to war received their training at NASFL. The radar, gunnery, and parachuting schools rivaled the best in the United States. Most importantly, was the use of the base for training pilots and air crews on the Grumman Avenger TBF/TBM torpedo bomber, which was the largest single engine plane used during the war. The Naval Air Station found its fame with the disappearance of Flight 19 - The Lost Squadron which flew out of the base on December 5th, 1945 to vanish into the Bermuda Triangle. To this date, Flight 19 remains one of the great aviation mysteries. Also in the summer of 1943, a 19 year old future US President George H.W. Bush lived at the base as a young Ensign to train as a torpedo/bomber pilot.< Less
Death Embraced: New Orleans Tombs and Burial Customs, Behind the Scenes Accounts of Decay, Love and Tradition By Mary LaCoste
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Death Embraced is like no other book you have ever read. Fascinating and entertaining, it leads readers to ponder issues that should not be avoided. Some may want to use it as a guide to visiting New... More > Orleans graveyards . . . or as a guide to life. “An amazing book by an even more amazing writer, historian and educator with vast knowledge of the Crescent City’s history and an intimate understanding of many of the Big Easy’s lesser-known cultural traditions and customs. A must-read for anyone who is serious about learning the true history of New Orleans. I dare you to try to put it down after reading its first few pages.” -Edmund W. Lewis, Editor,The Louisiana Weekly “A gem of a book, full of little things you didn’t know you wanted to know. With subtitle wit and serious depth of knowledge, Mary LaCoste shares the down and dirty of one of New Orleans most mysterious institutions.” -Liz Scott, New Orleans Magazine< Less
A Good Life in Hell By Ai Tatebayashi
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A GOOD LIFE IN HELL tells the life stories of Sumiteru Taniguchi, a Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor, and his wife Eiko. Their shared history offers both a stark look at the horrific legacy of nuclear... More > weapons, as well as a tale of inspiration for all those facing challenges as they pursue meaning and happiness in their own lives. The book contains important lessons about the past, but it is even more about living in the present. Exploring daily rituals in the Taniguchi home as Sumiteru and Eiko enter their 80s, a reader must reflect on how today’s decisions can affect our collective and personal futures. This fully illustrated picture book comes alive through the imaginative and moving drawings of award-winning illustrator Ai Tatebayashi, a native of Japan. Ai crafted the story with support from American cowriter Justin Neely, an artist, editor and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. A GOOD LIFE IN HELL is intended both for teens and adults who are concerned about the world: past, present and future.< Less
MYRTLE, MISSISSIPPI Growing Up in a Small Town During the Depression By Murray Coffey
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Here is the story of what life was like for a boy growing up in a small southern town during the years of the Great Depression, then continuing on to service in World War II, getting an education,... More > and building a career. It’s no different that what many young men born at this time did. Between the financial struggles of the Depression years culminating with our entry into World War II, this was a difficult time in America’s history. There were many hardships, but there was fun too. Along the way are stories about country life, farm chores and colorful local residents and relatives.< Less
Ceding Contempt: Minnesota’s Most Significant Historical Event By Colin Mustful
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In Minnesota’s fading frontier the once vibrant Dakota Indians were compelled and coerced to cede their bountiful homeland to those opportunists that would usher in a new era. In 1851, the... More > Dakota Indians signed the Treaties of Traverse des Sioux and Mendota, selling their lands west of the Mississippi River. Frank Blackwell Mayer, a young artist from Baltimore, traveled to Minnesota to witness the negotiations between the Dakota Indians and the United States Government. Mayer captured images of the Dakota Indians and the fleeting frontier through a variety of Illustrations. But he also found more. He found a beautiful land and a burgeoning, multicultural society who sought a prosperous future. He also discovered the unique and extraordinary nature of the Dakota nation.< Less
Engraved By Tammy Schane
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Meanings behind nineteenth-century tombstone symbols and photographs of symbols from cemeteries in Pennsylvania.
The Jewish Mafia By Carlos Porter, Hervé Ryssen
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FRONT COVER Top: Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, gangster, responsible, as head of “Murder Inc.”, for up to 700 contract killings. Highest-ranking mobster ever to die in the... More > electric chair. Crude; lacks refinement. Bottom: Russian-Jewish “gangster capitalists” Vladimir Gusinsky (left) and Boris Berezovsky (right) drink to the “free market” (an economic fad) after scooping up trillions of dollars worth of natural resources for pennies on the dollar in crooked “privatization” schemes with copious assistance from Chechen gunmen and assassins, destroying the economy of the country, reducing over a hundred million people to abject poverty, with a crash in the birth rate, mass homelessness, hundreds of thousands of suicides, murders, “disappearances” and premature deaths through malnutrition and alcohol poisoning. Much better.< Less
We Who Were There: A Collection of Macon County World War II Stories By Patrick C. Sullivan
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From 2012-2014, local historian Patrick Sullivan collected the stories of World War II veterans currently living in Macon County, Illinois. Those stories, told in the veterans’ own words, are... More > presented here. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to preserving the Macon County World War II Memorial.< Less
The Innovator Versus the Collective By Brian Phillips
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Fundamentally, history is the consequence of ideas. Every movement, revolution, war, and era is ultimately defined and motivated by a guiding ideology. In this book, we will examine the ideas that... More > have shaped (or are shaping) government policies toward numerous industries. We will examine mature industries and newer industries. In examining mature industries, we can trace the long-term consequences of government policies. We can see the cause and the effect. We can see which policies resulted in innovation and progress, and which did not. In identifying the results of past policies, we can predict the future consequences of today’s policy debates. Virtually everyone claims to support innovation and progress. But claiming such support and advocating policies that make innovation possible are not the same thing. We cannot discern the difference merely on the basis of claims and professed intentions. We must look at the principles—the fundamental ideas—being advocated.< Less
The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology By Thomas Sheridan
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The Druid Code sets out to examine the wider concept of magic and mythology being utilised as an early form of social psychoanalysis by the druids, and how magic theory developed from this. How this... More > evolution of ritual magic, eventually made its way into Folklore, Witchcraft and Freemasonry. From the proto-shamanic world of the megalith builders, to lost civilisations of the Atlantic fringe, along with the continual changes and challenges to the human experience in the face of traumatic cultural upheaval, the druids, along with their legacy, have played a far more influential role than has been previously acknowledged. The Druid Code utilises mythology connected to sacred sites. Developing a bidirectional conduit back through time, to reveal what took place in 2500BC. A shift in human consciousness that was to make humans what we are today. From Atlantis to Alchemy, you will never see history in the same way ever again. Comprehensively Illustrated - 282 Pages< Less
Letters to The Wall: Memorial Day Events 2015 & 2016 By Veterans For Peace
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The letters included in this collection were written by people who were directly impacted by the American War in Vietnam -- combat veterans, nurses, loved ones of veterans, anti-war resistors,... More > veterans' family members, and fellow soldiers. For the past two Memorial Days they were delivered to The Wall in Washington, DC by members of Veterans For Peace as part of our Full Disclosure Project. We want their voices to be heard as our country embarks on a decade-long series of fifty year commemorations of that war. We will deliver letters to The Wall for the next ten years on Memorial Day. If you want to write a letter, please contact Veterans For Peace.< Less
Know Your Soul By Robert A. Brown
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Know Your Soul: The Music of a Lifetime, is just that, the “music of my life”. This book is about the intersection of Black music and Black culture from 1960 to 1990, my musical sweet... More > spot. The book will reflect how cultural markers that I lived through, such as Gospel, Civil Rights, War/Protest, Black Pride, Soul Train, Motown and Black Movies were the catalyst for the creation of some of the greatest music of the last century. You will be connected with musical memories, educated on that link of R&B with Black culture and presented with questions on each subject area. Want to know "How Deep is Your Soul", take our music challenge and find out. Join us for Classic Soul fun and knowledge< Less
Outlaws, Rebels, & Vixens: Motion Picture Censorship in Milwaukee, 1914-1971 By Matthew J. Prigge
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For nearly 60 years, the Milwaukee Motion Picture Commission (MMPC) had the last word on what was suitable for exhibition at local movie theaters. Born of the high ideals of the Progressive Era, the... More > MMPC evolved into one of the nation's strictest censor boards, and kept hundreds of scenes and films from playing in Milwaukee that ran elsewhere with little to no interference. From the bawdy antics of silent-era comedians to the unabashed sexuality of 1960s, the MMPC saw itself as a defender of Milwaukee's morality throughout a half-century of great change and tumult. As the first-ever book-length examination of a local film censor board, Outlaws, Rebels, & Vixens tells the long-forgotten story of the battle for Milwaukee's cinematic soul. Includes a full index of all films either censored or banned by the MMPC.< Less
BeeWeather From Maine By Elizabeth Weatherbee Kelly
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BeeWeather from Maine is a collection of writings and newspaper columns written during the 1980s and 1990's, published by The Lincoln News. Many of the poems, historical data, and “Remember... More > Whens” were submitted by local or former residents of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Many of the articles portray life in rural Maine during the 20th century when the early settlers were farmers, lumbermen, or fishermen, who laid the foundations of our grand State of Maine.< Less
The Assyrians – From Nineveh to Södertälje By Svante Lundgren
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Assyrians have come a long way from Nineveh to Södertälje – both in space and time. This straightforward book recounts the long, dramatic history of the Assyrians: The ancient... More > Assyrian Empire, how the Assyrians became the first nation to adopt Christianity, how they have been persecuted by the Persians, Arabs, Turks and Kurds, and why they left their homeland of Assyria to settle in Södertälje, Chicago, Gütersloh, Sydney, Enschede and Gothenburg. The book deals with the Assyrian language and self-designation, churches and secular organizations, and also attempts to describe why they are split into different groups with varying views of their identity and history. The book is based on modern, scientific research and provides answers to common questions raised by both Assyrians and non-Assyrians regarding one of Sweden’s largest immigrant groups. This book is in English.< Less
The 10 Second Kill Zone By The Lone Wolf
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We wish we could arbitrarily accept the findings of the Warren Commission. We wish we could accept the fact the Lee Harvey Oswald, barely a marksman could make a once in a lifetime shot utilizing... More > archaic weaponry at that… but there are just too many questions, too man loose ends. Oswald, who along with Jack Ruby was allegedly on the American intelligence community’s payroll, seemed to be more a patsy then a reliable assassin. What of the mafia angle? What of the alleged cooperation between the mafia and all levels of Texas government officials, from the Vice President, to the Governor of Texas, to the Mayor of Dallas as well as its Chief of Police. How did they arrange an open air procession in a state that Kennedy did not carry, well know for its dislike of him? Why did Jackie Kennedy shout at Linden B. Johnson, “You killed Jack!”? We don’t know… However there is one thing we do know. It was a 10 second kill zone which involved 12 bullets.< Less
The Vermont Ghost Experience By Joseph A Citro, Robert Waldo Brunelle JR
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True ghost stories from the hills of Vermont, researched and retold by renowned Vermont folklorist and author Joseph A. Citro, illustrated by Vermont artist and cartoonist Robert Waldo Brunelle JR.
A Collection of Writings on Assyrians By David Perley
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This book collects the writings of the prominent author, the late David Barsum Perley (1901–1979), who devoted his life to the Assyrian cause. He continuously supported and fought for the... More > rights of the Assyrians. Through his numerous writings, he gave a voice to the situation of Assyrians in their countries of origin in the Middle East. He also vehemently supported the historical Assyrian name, the Assyrian identity and the history of the Assyrians.< Less
The Best of Reclaiming Kin: Helpful Tips On Researching Your Roots By Robyn Smith
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This book is a compilation of blog posts from my popular genealogy blog, "Reclaiming Kin." My blog is primarily a teaching blog, and I aim to use my own research as a tool to discuss how to... More > evaluate evidence and how to use the records. I discuss family history research in a fun and engaging way, with a special emphasis on African-American families and the challenges of slave research.< Less
Madame Secretary By Raúl Eduardo Chao
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This book presents 40 reasons why Hillary Clinton should not be elected to the presidency of the United States in 2016. All historical references and arguments are taken from prestigious magazines... More > and newspapers like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The author contends that the only path for Hillary's road to the White House is to destroy her adversary, much like Barrack Obama did against Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. No candidate to the presidence of the US has ever had so many scandals, lies and conflicts of interest than Hillary Clinton. If she reaches the presidency, her appointments to the Supreme Court will affect the growth and constitutional order in the US for several generations into the future. America should not go back to the corruption and crony capitalism of the 1990s. She should be stopped while there is time. Not voting in 2016 will get Americans a Supreme Court that will forever distort and destroy the legacy of our founding fathers.< Less
That’s Going to Leave a Marker... Historical Markers in Chester County & Just Beyond its Borders By Keith S. Smith
Paperback: $22.00
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Almost a picture on every page, that just about tell the story for me. Have you ever wondered why markers exist? This book takes a look at some of the markers in Chester County, Pennsylvania and... More > others just beyond its borders in Delaware County, PA and New Castle County, Delaware. I add my opinion in some cases and attempt humor in others.< Less